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Tata- AIG General Insurance Co. has launched additional benefits along with
your motor insurance policy which shall entitle you to be a part of our loyalty
Club categorized into Silver, Gold, Pearl, Titanium or Platinum Plan based on
the coverage you choose

SILVER PLAN: Repair of Glass/Plastic/Rubber Parts
In Silver Club we have upgraded your current policy features without any
additional cost. As a Silver Club member, your NCB is safeguarded for the next
year if anytime during the year you register a claim for Repair of glass, fiber,
plastic and rubber parts.

You also have a choice to upgrade your account to Gold or Platinum club
membership at a very minimal rate with some fantastic additional benefits.

GOLD PLAN: (SILVER PLAN + Loss of Personal belongings + Emergency
Transport & Hotel Expenses + Key Replacement)

At a nominal cost of Rs 440 + Service Tax/ 1240 + Service Tax (depending
upon the car segment) you can now enjoy our Gold Club benefits like:

1. Loss of personal belongings: Under Loss of Personal Belongings, at the time
of intimation of the primary claim of your motor insurance, if there is a
damage / loss of any of your personal belongings like laptop and other baggage,
you can additionally claim for up to (Rs. 10,000 in case of all other segment
and Rs. 50,000 In case of high end)

2. Emergency hotel & transportation: Emergency hotel & transportation is
another exciting benefit under which you are reimbursed the cost of overnight
stay and taxi charges for returning back to the place of residence or the
nearest city incase unfortunately your car meets with an accident and it cannot
be driven, this benefit will be of great use

3. Key replacement: It covers cost up to Rs 25000 to replace vehicle keys if
the same are lost/stolen.

No-Claim Bonus Protection: If Insured is enjoying a NCB of >= 25%
This benefit allows you to keep your existing NCB of ____% intact for the next
year even if you would have claimed during the policy period, but this offer is
valid for a single claim only
PLATINUM PLAN: (SILVER + GOLD PLAN + Depreciation + Daily Allowance +
Return to Invoice)

(Insured is first registered owner and vehicle age should not be more than 3

1. Depreciation Reimbursement: offers full claim on the value of parts
replaced without any deduction for depreciation. For e.g. when you intimate a
claim, for rubber / nylon / plastic parts we depreciate 50%. However, under
this benefit there will be no depreciation deduction, the entire claim will be
settled except the compulsory and the voluntary deductibles

2. Return of Invoice: Incase of total theft / loss, Return of Invoice will
additionally entitle you to claim the difference between the purchase price of
the vehicle as mentioned in the sale invoice or the current replacement price
of new vehicle, whichever is less and also the registration fees plus road tax
which were incurred by you at the time of buying the vehicle

3. Daily allowance: The other benefit which comes along with this is the Daily
allowance benefit, under which we will pay you a daily allowance of (As per car
segment) starting from the next day of the accident day for a maximum of up
to10 days incase of a normal claim & 15 days incase of theft / total loss claim
to help you meet the cost of hired transport while vehicle is under repair in
consequence of a valid claim.

PEARL PLAN: (GOLD PLAN + Depreciation)

TITANIUM PLAN: (GOLD PLAN + Depreciation + Daily Allowance)

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