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					         2      Second Grade       2011     ®








Arts & Crafts

                                    ®   A
        N       Nursery
    Language    Two-Year-Olds                  Three -Year-Olds              Language development and
        Arts    Language development and Recognition of name, sound,          listening skills that include
                 listening skills that include  and picture for short vowels color words, shapes, animals,
                 color words, shapes,           and consonants                transportation, countries,
                 animals, transportation,      Formation of vowels and        community helpers, health,
                 countries, community           consonants in upper and       safety, manners, science
                 helpers, health, safety,       lower case
                 manners, science

    Numbers     Simple counting 1–25           Simple counting 1–30
                Number concepts 1–10           Number concepts 1–15

        Bible   Hymns /choruses                Lessons such as Creation, Noah, Boy Samuel, Daniel,
                Memory verses                   Boyhood of Jesus, Zacchaeus, Good Samaritan

       Music    Traditional and                Colors, shapes, following directions,
Arts & Crafts    fun songs                      eye-hand coordination

    K4          Four-Year-Old Kindergarten
   Language     Phonics and Reading            Cursive Writing                 Language
       Arts     Recognition of name, sound,    Formation of letters, blends,   Language development and
                 and picture of long and        and words                       listening skills that include
                 short vowels and consonants   Writing of first name            color words, shapes, animals,
                Sounding of blends and one-    Poetry                           transportation, countries,
                 and two-vowel words           Twenty-eight poems and           community helpers, health,
                Reading of sentences and        finger plays committed to       safety, manners, science
                 stories with one- and two-     memory
                 vowel words

    Numbers     Number recognition and        Numbers largest and smallest 1–20
                 counting 1–100               Addition facts 1 + 1 5 + 1
                Number concepts 1–20                           2+1 6+1
                Numbers before and after 1–20                  3+1 7+1
                                                               4+1 8+1

        Bible   Lessons such as Creation, Noah, Boy Samuel, Daniel, Boyhood of Jesus, Zacchaeus,
                 Good Samaritan (includes memory verses and hymns /choruses)

       Music    Traditional and                Development of motor skills in drawing,
Arts & Crafts    fun songs                      coloring, cutting, and gluing
     K5         Five-Year-Old Kindergarten                                                                   ®

    Language    Phonics and Reading            Reading of sentences and        Language
        Arts    Recognition of name, sound,     stories from twelve books      Recognition of sentences by
                 and picture of long and        containing one- and two-        capital letters and periods
                 short vowels and consonants    vowel words and special        Poetry
                Sounding of blends, one-        sounds                         Thirteen poems committed to
                 and two-vowel words, and      Cursive Writing                  memory
                 words with special sounds     Letters, blends, words, and
                Beginning phonics rules and     sentences
                 special sounds                Name

    Numbers     Number recognition, count-     Counting and writing by         Telling time
                 ing, and writing 1–100         fives to 100                   Using the calendar
                Number concepts 1–100          Counting and writing by         Days of the week
                Numbers before and              twos to 100                    Addition facts through 10
                 after 1–100                   Number sequences by ones        One-step story problems in
                Numbers largest and            Using number words 1–10          addition
                 smallest 1–100                 and first–tenth                Beginning subtraction
                Counting and writing by        Value of coins and
                 tens to 100                    dollar bill

      Science   Plants                       Health and Human Biology          Earth and Space
                 God’s Plan for Seeds         God’s Plan for Me                 God’s Plan for Weather
                Animals                                                         God’s Plan for Seasons
                 God’s Plan for Animals
                 God’s Plan for the Seashore

       Social   Community Helpers              Children of the World
      Studies                                  America: Our Great Country (map studies,
                                                famous Americans and places)

        Bible   Hymns /choruses                Bible doctrine
                Memory verses                  Lessons such as Salvation Series,
                                                Genesis, Life of Christ

       Music    Traditional, patriotic,        Basic art concepts and further develop-
Arts & Crafts    fun songs                      ment of coordination/motor skills

                                                                                                    ®    1
           1     First Grade
    Language     Phonics and Reading                  Spelling and Poetry                 Words using suffixes, prefixes, syl-
        Arts     Review of vowels, consonants,        Weekly phonics-based word list        lables, compound words, rhyming
                   blends, one- and two-vowel         Weekly test with phonics              words, opposite words, same
                   words, consonant blends            Reinforcement activities              meaning words, and contractions
                 Recognition and use of all phonics   Eight poems committed to            Alphabetizing of words
                   special sounds in reading            memory                            Writing complete sentences and
                 Spelling rules: doubling                                                   short stories
                   consonants, dropping                                                   Creative writing
                                                      Capitalization of first word in a
                   silent e, changing y to i
                                                       sentence, proper names, days of
                 Oral reading
                                                       the week, and months of the year
                 Cursive Writing                      Correct punctuation at the ends
                 Review of letter formation             of sentences
                 Daily seatwork practice in all       Recognition of complete sentences
                  academic areas

     History     This Is My America                   My America Grows                    This Is My World
         and      My America’s Flag                   My America Talks                     Mexico, Peru, Virgin Islands,
   Geography      My America’s Freedoms               My America Travels                      Puerto Rico, Bahamas, England,
                  Symbols of My America               My America Is Beautiful                 the Netherlands, Norway,
                  Great People of America             My America Sings                        France, Germany, Switzerland,
                                                                                              Italy, Israel, Egypt, Kenya,
                                                                                              India, China, Australia, Guam,
                                                                                              American Samoa

      Science    Health and Human Biology             Animals                             Plants
                  Discovering Myself                   Discovering Animals                 Discovering Plants
                 Energy                                Discovering Insects                Seasons
                  Discovering My Toys                                                      Discovering Seasons

     Health,     Health                               Safety                              Manners
     Safety,      Eating good foods                    At home and away from home          At home, school, church, public
    Manners       Exercising                           On streets, playgrounds, water
                  Care of body, clothes, home

  Arithmetic     Number recognition, counting,        Subtraction facts through 13        Place value in ones, tens, and
                  and writing 1–1,000                   and two-digit subtraction           hundreds
                 Greatest and least                   Story problems                      Unit fractions
                 Counting and writing by tens,        Numbers before and after by         Reading a thermometer
                  fives, twos, and threes               ones, twos, tens                  Using a ruler
                 Number sequences                     Between numbers                     Multiple combinations
                 Ordinal numbers                      Counting and combining coins        Concept of multiplication
                 Addition facts through 13 and        Telling time to the nearest five    Calendars
                  three-digit addition with             minutes                           Reading pictographs and bar graphs
                  carrying                            Recognizing odd and even numbers    Developing listening skills
                                                      English and some metric measures    Roman numerals

         Bible   Lessons such as Salvation Series, Genesis, Life of Christ, Paul
                   (includes memory verses, hymns /choruses, and Bible doctrine)

       Music     Traditional, patriotic, fun songs    Development of art techniques in
Arts & Crafts                                          multiple types of media

         2      Second Grade                                                                                                   ®

    Language    Phonics and Reading                    Spelling and Poetry                  Complete sentences, questions, and
        Arts    Review of vowels, consonants,          Weekly phonics-based word list         exclamations
                  blends, one- and two-vowel           Vocabulary words and definitions     Words using suffixes, prefixes,
                  words, consonant blends                second semester                      abbreviations, compound words,
                Recognition and use of all phonics     Weekly test                            rhyming words, opposite words,
                  special sounds in reading            Reinforcement activities               same-meaning words, singular and
                Spelling rules: doubling consonants,   Spelling glossary                      plural words, singular possessive
                  dropping silent e, changing y to i   Seven poems committed to               words, and contractions
                Oral reading                             memory                             Alphabetizing words and other
                                                                                              dictionary skills
                Cursive Writing                        Language                             Word usage rules
                Review of letter formation             Capitalization of first word in      Writing of complete sentences,
                Guided creative writing                 a sentence, days of the week,         questions, exclamations, and short
                Creative writing journal                months of the year, special           stories
                Daily seatwork practice in all          holidays, people, and places        Writing letters and thank-you notes
                 academic areas                        Correct punctuation at the ends      Creative writing
                                                        of sentences

     History    America, Our Home                      The People Who Built America         Tomorrow’s America
         and     Our Flag                               The Separatists
   Geography     Our Patriotic Holidays                 America’s Indians
                 Our Songs                              The Colonists
                                                        America’s Pioneers
                                                        America’s Cowboys
                                                        The New Americans
      Science   Plants                                 Earth and Space                      Energy
                 Enjoying the Plant World               Enjoying our Earth and Sky           Enjoying the Air Around Us
                Animals                                Matter                                Enjoying Things That Move
                 Enjoying the Animal World              Enjoying the Air Around Us          Conservation
                Health and Human Biology                                                     Enjoying Things That Work
                 Enjoying Myself and Others                                                     Together

     Health,    Health                                 Safety                               Manners
     Safety,     Posture                                At home and away from home           Politeness
    Manners      Nutrition                              On streets                           Kindness
                 Exercise                               Around water                         Cheerfulness
                 Rest                                   During bad weather                   Respect
                 Cleanliness                                                                 Thoughtfulness
                 Diseases                                                                    Thankfulness
                                                                                             Table and telephone manners

  Arithmetic    Number recognition, counting,          Multiplication facts 0–5             Drawing and measuring lines to
                  and writing 1–10,000 and             Division facts 1–5                     one-half inch
                  beyond                               Story problems                       Developing listening skills
                Numbers greatest and least             Multiple combinations                Calendars
                  1–1,000                              Estimation                           Place value to thousands
                Counting and writing to hundred        Rounding                             Unit fractions
                  thousands, threes to 36, fours       Numbers before and after by          Making change
                  to 48                                  ones, twos, threes, fours,         Reading a thermometer
                Ordinal numbers                          fives, and tens                    Reading pictographs, bar graphs,
                Addition facts through 18,             Counting and combining coins           and line graphs
                  column addition, four-digit            and bills                          Roman numerals
                  addition with carrying               Telling time to the nearest minute
                Subtraction facts through 18,          English and some metric measures
                  four-digit subtraction with

        Bible   Lessons such as Salvation Series, Life of Moses, Tabernacle, Joshua, Judges, Ruth, Jonah
                  (includes memory verses, hymns /choruses, and Bible doctrine)

       Music    Traditional, patriotic,                Development of art techniques in
Arts & Crafts     fun songs                             multiple types of media
                                                                                                                     ®    3
           3     Third Grade
    Language     Phonics and Reading                    Spelling and Poetry                 Grammar
        Arts     Review of all phonics rules            Weekly word list with vocabulary     Punctuation and capitalization rules
                 Oral reading                           Sentence dictation using spelling    Recognition of simple nouns,
                 Reading comprehension                    words                                subjects, verbs, adjectives
                                                        Reinforcement activities             Word usage
                 Cursive Writing                        Eight poems committed to memory Forming plurals and common
                 Cursive writing formation
                    ⁄4-space high                       Language                               contractions
                 Creative writing                       Writing Process                      Recognition of antonyms,
                                                         Complete sentences                    homonyms, synonyms
                                                         Creative writing, friendly letters  Dictionary skills

     History     Continents and oceans of                Squanto                              Clara Barton
         and       the world                             William Penn                         U. S. Grant
   Geography     Study of world geography                Ben Franklin                         Louisa May Alcott
                 States of the United States             George Washington                    Booker T. Washington
                 Study of our American heritage          Thomas Jefferson                     George Washington Carver
                    through the lives of great people    Daniel Boone                         Laura Ingalls Wilder
                   Columbus                              Noah Webster                         Billy Sunday
                   John Smith                            John Greenleaf Whittier              Martin Luther King, Jr.
                   Pocahontas                            Robert E. Lee
                   Miles Standish                        Abraham Lincoln

      Science    Plants                                 Health and Human Biology            Conservation
                  Exploring the Plant World              Wonderfully Made                    Exploring the Desert, the Ocean,
                 Animals                                Earth and Space                        the Pond, the Forest, the
                  Exploring the World of                 Exploring the Ocean                   Farmer’s Field
                     Vertebrates                         Exploring the Weather
                  Exploring the World of

     Health,     Health                                 Safety                              Manners
     Safety,      Posture, Exercise                      Fire, Water safety                  Hospitality
    Manners       Nutrition, Diet                        Home, Play safety                   Proper introductions
                  Cleanliness                            Street safety                       Telephone manners
                  Fighting disease                       First aid                           Courtesy and respect

  Arithmetic     Recognition of the place value of      Division tables 1–12 and            Recognizing and working with
                   numbers                                working and checking a division     greater than (>) and less than (<)
                 Addition facts and checking addi-        problem                           Counting money and solving money
                   tion problems with carrying          Terminology for four processes        problems using the decimal point
                 Subtraction facts and checking         English and metric measures           correctly
                   subtraction problems with            Telling time                        Solving problems containing paren-
                   borrowing                            Roman numerals 1–1,000                theses
                 Multiplication tables 0–12             Using a ruler                       Fraction terminology and basic
                   and multiplication problems          Solving story problems with up to     understanding of fractions
                   with carrying                          four steps                        Averaging numbers
                 How to show a multiplication           Recognizing and solving             Reading a thermometer
                   fact six ways                          number sentences                  Recognizing geometric shapes
                                                        Converting measures and solving     Finding the unknown number in
                                                          measurement equations               an equation

         Bible   Lessons such as Salvation Series, Parables, Samuel, David, Elijah, Elisha, Daniel, Ezra / Nehemiah, Esther
                   (includes memory verses, hymns /choruses, and Bible doctrine)

       Music     Music Theory/Flutophone                Development of art techniques
Arts & Crafts    Traditional, patriotic, fun songs       in multiple types of media

         4      Fourth Grade                                                                                                 ®

    Language    Reading and Literature              Language                             Grammar
        Arts    Oral reading                        Writing Process                       Sentence structure, Kinds of sen-
                Reading comprehension                Letters— friendly, post cards,         tences, Punctuation,
                Speed reading                          thank-you notes                      Capitalization facts,
                Vocabulary building                  Gathering information                  Abbreviations, Possessive words
                                                     Writing with details                 Recognizing and using all eight
                                                     Writing an encyclopedia report         parts of speech
                Review of cursive writing forma-
                                                                                          Diagraming verbs, nouns,
                  tion through skill practice, word Writing book reports
                                                                                            pronouns, adjectives, adverbs
                  games, original composition, and Creative writing
                                                     Dictionary skills                    Correctly using troublesome words
                  sentence dictation
                Spelling, Vocabulary, and Poetry
                Weekly word lists with challenging
                  words and vocabulary
                Reinforcement activities
                Six poems committed to memory

     History    Map study                            The Middle and Southern Colonies    The Civil War
         and    State history for six weeks          A Picture of Colonial Life          New Frontiers
   Geography    Eight documents memorized            The Great Awakening                 An Age of Progress
                The Years of Discovery               The French and Indian War           Beyond Our Boundaries
                The Years of Exploration             The American War for                The World Wars
                The First Americans                    Independence                      Time for Freedom and
                The English Come to America          Building a New Nation                 Responsibility
                The New England Colonies             Our Nation Grows

      Science   Plants                               Matter                              Earth and Space
                 Plants: Provision for Man            Matter: Water, Air, and Weather     Geology: Planet Earth
                    and Beast                        Energy                               Oceanography: Wonders of
                Animals                               Energy: Sound and Hearing              the Sea
                 Insects: Miniature Marvels of                                            Astronomy: Consider the Heavens
                 Birds: Winged Wonders

      Health    Physical Fitness                     Personal Hygiene                    Interpersonal Relationships
                 Your Body Framework                  A Winning Smile                      A Healthier You
                 The Muscle Builder                   Your Body’s Cover
                 Your Breathing Machine               Keys to Good Grooming

  Arithmetic    Place value of whole numbers and     Roman numerals                      Solving equations using addition
                  decimals                           Addition, subtraction, and multi-     and subtraction axioms
                Mastery of fundamental                 plication involving fractions     Graphs and scale drawing
                  operations                         Estimation                          Basic geometric shapes
                Story problems                       Averaging                           Perimeter and area
                Estimating answers                   Factoring                           Using an English and metric ruler
                English and metric measures          Divisibility rules                  Time lapse
                Converting measures within the       Introduction to decimals
                  same system and solving meas-      Making change
                  urement equations                  Reading a thermometer

        Bible   Lessons such as Salvation Series, Genesis, Life of Christ, Paul
                  (includes memory verses, hymns /choruses, and Bible doctrine)

       Music    Music Theory/Flutophone              Basic drawing and painting
Arts & Crafts   Traditional, patriotic, fun songs      techniques, color concepts, and

                                                                                                                   ®   5
          5      Fifth Grade
    Language     Reading and Literature              Spelling, Vocabulary, and PoetryMaking an outline
        Arts     Oral reading                                                        Writing a library research paper
                                                     Weekly word lists on various cate-
                 Reading comprehension                 gories and vocabulary study   Writing book reports
                 Speed reading                       Six poems committed to memory   Creative writing
                 Vocabulary building                                                Grammar
                 Penmanship                                                          Punctuation, capitalization,
                                                     Writing Process                   and quotation facts
                 Review of cursive writing            Sentences and sentence parts
                   formation through skill                                           Recognizing and diagraming all
                                                      Synonyms, antonyms, homonyms     eight parts of speech
                   practice, word exercises, original Dictionary, thesaurus skills
                   composition, and sentence                                         Recognizing and diagraming
                                                      Letters—friendly, post cards,    complements
                   dictation                            thank-you notes              Word usage

     History     Eight documents reviewed            Middle East Today                    Rome: Ruler of the Ancient World
         and     Geography facts: terms, rivers,     Countries of Central and             Christianity: The Greatest Force
   Geography       capitals, mountains, climate,       Southern Asia                        in History
                   deserts                           Countries of the Far East            England and the British Isles
                 Introduction to History and         Egypt: The Gift of the Nile          Other Countries of Western Europe
                   Geography                         Africa Long Ago                      Countries of Eastern Europe
                 Fertile Crescent: Cradle of Civi-   Africa in Modern Times               “Land Down Under” and Beyond
                   lization                          Ancient Greece: Home of Beauty
                 Ancient Middle East

      Science    Animals                              Engines: steam, internal            Earth and Space
                  Amazing Mammals                       combustion, jet propulsion,        Geology: Treasures of the Earth
                  A Variety of Vertebrates              rocket engines                     Oceanography: The Living Sea
                 Energy                               Light                                Astronomy: The Eight Planets,
                  Force and motion                   Matter                                   Stars, Moon, Sun
                  Electricity and magnetism           Water, Air, Weather                  Conservation: Preserving the Sea

      Health     Circulatory System              Raising Your Rate of Metabolism Interpersonal Relationships
                  Life in the Blood              Aerobic Endurance                   Social Acceptance, Mental Aware-
                  Your Hardy Heart               Muscular Strength and Flexibility     ness, Spiritual Warfare
                  Pathways through Your Body    Digestive System
                 Nutrition and Physical Fitness  Digestion Begins in the Mouth
                  A Balanced Diet                Through the Esophagus, Stomach,
                  Daily Food Guide                  Small Intestine, Liver, Pancreas
                  Maintaining Your Proper Weight Absorbing Digested Foods

  Arithmetic     Place value of whole numbers        Converting measures within           Reading a thermometer
                   and decimals                        the same system and solving        Negative temperature
                 Mastery of fundamental operations     measurement equations              Converting from a Celsius scale to a
                 Story problems                      Addition, subtraction, multiplica-     Fahrenheit scale and from a Fahr-
                 Problem-solving strategies            tion, and division involving         enheit scale to a Celsius scale
                 Roman numerals                        fractions                          Solving algebraic equations
                 Measuring to the eighth inch        Finding parts of a whole             Graphs and scale drawings
                 Calculating time                    Factoring                            Graphing ordered pairs
                 Making change                       Divisibility rules                   Reading schedules and charts
                 Rounding off whole numbers,         Probability                          Basic geometric shapes
                   money, decimals, and mixed        Addition, subtraction, multiplica-   Perimeter and area
                   numbers                             tion, and division involving       Squares and square roots
                 English and metric measures           decimals                           Estimation
                                                     Introduction to percents

         Bible   Lessons such as Salvation Series, Life of Moses, Tabernacle, Joshua, Judges, Ruth, Jonah, Samuel, David
                   (includes memory verses, hymns /choruses, and Bible doctrine)

       Music     Traditional, patriotic, fun songs   Basic drawing and painting techniques,
Arts & Crafts                                          color concepts, and perspective

         6      Sixth Grade                                                                                                      ®

    Language    Reading and Literature               Spelling, Vocabulary, and Poetry        Sentences and sentence parts
        Arts    Oral reading                         Weekly word lists by prefixes,          Fragments, run-ons
                Reading comprehension                  suffixes, and root words              Library skills
                Speed reading                        Vocabulary study from the word          Student Writers’ Handbook
                Vocabulary building                    lists                                Grammar
                                                     Eight poems committed to                Punctuation and capitalization
                Penmanship                             memory
                Review of cursive writing                                                      rules
                  formation                          Language                                Recognizing, diagraming, using
                Practice penmanship through          Writing Process                           all eight parts of speech
                  creative writing and word           Writing paragraphs, poetry,            Word usage
                  exercises                               outlines, library research paper,
                                                          narration, journal, book reports,
                                                          letters, creative writing

     History    Advanced map studies                 North America: Canada, United        United States History: The Colonial
         and    Geography facts, including             States, Mexico and Central          Heritage, New World's First
   Geography      the 50 states                        America                             Republic, U.S. in the Twentieth
                Eight documents reviewed             South America: Continent of           Century
                                                       Natural Resources, Nations of
                                                       South America

      Science   Plants                               Earth and Space                      Chemistry
                 Plentiful Plants                     Our Fascinating Earth                Matter and Chemistry (atoms,
                Animals                               God’s Great Universe                   elements, and compounds)
                 Observing Invertebrates              Exploring Space

      Health    Safety and First Aid                 Growth and Fitness                   A Healthy Mind and Body
                 Safety First                         Your Changing Body                  Your Body’s Defenses
                 First Steps of First Aid             An Active Lifestyle                 Lymphatic System
                                                     Anatomy                              Your Communication System
                                                      Endocrine System                    Nervous System
                                                      Respiratory System                  Skin
                                                      Muscular System                     Drugs—Use and Abuse
                                                      Skeletal System                     A Healthy Spirit

  Arithmetic    Place value of whole numbers and     Adding, subtracting, and          Perimeter, area, and circumference
                  decimals                             multiplying measures            Bisecting angles
                Maintaining skills in fundamental    Prime factoring                   Reading thermometers
                  operations                         Fundamental operations involving  Converting Celsius to Fahrenheit
                Story problems/Problem-solving         fractions and decimals            and Fahrenheit to Celsius
                  strategies                         Estimation                        Equation solving/Introduction to
                Roman numerals                       Ratios and proportion               basic algebra
                Rounding off                         Percent                           Latitude, longitude, and time
                English and metric measures          Probability                         zones
                Converting measures within the       Graphs and scale drawing/         Banking, finding interest, and
                  same system and solving meas-        Introduction to statistics        installment buying
                  urement equations                  Basic geometric shapes           Reading electric and gas meters

        Bible   Lessons such as Salvation Series, Life of Christ, Parables, Elijah, Elisha, Daniel, Esther, Ezra /Nehemiah
                  (includes memory verses, hymns /choruses, and Bible doctrine)

       Music    Traditional, patriotic, fun songs    Further development of perspective, introduction to
Arts & Crafts                                          composition, study of accomplished artists

                                                                                                                     ®       7
         7      Seventh Grade
   Language     Grammar                                Composition                       Vocabulary, Spelling, Poetry
       Arts     Capitalization rules                   The writing process               Vocabulary lessons
                Punctuation rules                      Outlining                         Weekly spelling lessons
                Kinds of sentences and                 The library                       Eight poems memorized
                  diagraming                           Summaries
                                                       Book reports                      Literature
                Eight parts of speech and their uses                                     Reading for enjoyment stories and
                Diagraming eight parts of speech       Research paper
                                                       Writing style                       poems by such authors as Frost,
                Sentence structure                                                         Dickinson, Kipling, Bunyan,
                                                       Letter writing
                                                                                           Alcott, Luther, Dickens, Defoe

    History     The Beginning                          From Empire to Feudalism          The New World of Classics
        and     From Sumer to Canaan                   An Age of Darkness                The British Empire
  Geography     Down to Egypt                          The Protestant Reformation        World War I and the Rise of
                Israel and Its Land                    Post-Reformation Europe             Communism
                According to His Will                  The English Nation                Before and During World War II
                Greece: A Drama in Two Acts            An Age of Exploration             The Cold War Era
                Rome before Christ                     The United States                 Dawning of a New Millennium
                Rome after Christ                      France in the Modern Age          Toward Globalism
                Early Church History                   Science & Industry in the         Eastern Hemisphere Geography
                Islam versus Christendom                  Modern Age                     Parliamentary Procedure
                                                                                         Current events

    Science     Invitation to Science                  Creation and Science              Insects and Other Arthropods
        and     Plants: Provision for Life             The Science of Classification     Forestry: Generous Giants
    Health      Your Wonderful Body                    Mammals                           Ecology: Harmony in God’s
                A Healthy Life                         Birds                               Creation
                                                       Fish, Reptiles, and Amphibians

        Sex     Morality
  Education     Dating and marriage
   from the     Sins such as adultery, fornication,
      Bible       and homosexuality

Mathematics     Maintaining skills in fundamental      Personal finances                 Negative numbers
                  operations (see grades 4–6)          Metric system                     Powers and roots
                Fractions and decimals                 Probability                       Time zones, latitude, and longitude
                Factoring                              Basic geometric concepts          Introduction to plane and solid
                Problem-solving strategies             Development and use of formulas     geometry
                Factorial                              Reading and constructing graphs   Pythagorean rule
                Ratio and proportion                   Introduction to statistics        Sine, cosine, tangent
                Application of percent                 Introduction to algebra

        Bible   Lessons/Map Journeys: Exodus, Life of Christ
                  (includes memory verses and hymns)

        8     Eighth Grade                                                                                                     ®

   Language   Grammar                                Composition                          Vocabulary, Spelling, Poetry
       Arts   Capitalization rules                   Manuscript form                      Vocabulary lessons
              Punctuation rules                      The writing process                  Weekly spelling lessons
              Kinds of sentences and diagraming      The library                          Nine poems memorized
              Eight parts of speech and their uses   Outlining
              Diagraming eight parts of speech       Summaries
                                                                                          Reading for enjoyment stories and
              Sentence structure                     Book reports
                                                                                            poems by such authors as Stuart,
                                                                                            Whittier, Longfellow, Frost, Haw-
                                                                                            thorne, Sandburg
                                                     Research paper
                                                     Writing style

    History   A New World to Explore                 The Second Great Awakening           A World at War
              The First English Colonies               and Its Impact                     Time for Freedom and
              New Colonies                           Education and Culture                  Responsibility
              Life in Colonial America               The Promise of the West              Troubled Times for America
              Preparation for Independence           The Civil War and                    Which Way, America?
              Home of the Brave                        Reconstruction                     A New Millennium
              Land of the Free                       The Age of Industry                  Western Hemisphere Geography
              From the Appalachians to               The Gilded Age                       Current events
                the Rockies                          Growing into Greatness               National, State, and Local
              The Jacksonian Era                     Into the Twentieth Century             Government
              The Blessings of Technology            The Rise of Big Government

    Science   Consider the Heavens                   Fluids in Motion                     Science vs. Evolution
              Man and the Universe                   Heat Molecules in Motion             Magnets and Magnetism
              Solid Matter in Motion                 Birds: Efficiency in Motion          Electrons and Electricity

     Health   Physical Fitness: The Active Life  Safety First: Then Basic Aid             Sex Education from the Bible
              Good Nutrition: Eating for Energy Spiritual Growth: A Personal                (see seventh grade)
              Disease: Today’s Battle against It   Challenge

Mathematics   Pre-Algebra                            Multiplying and dividing             Banking
              Maintaining skills in fundamental        polynomials by monomials           Stocks and bonds
                operations (see grades 4–7)          Multiplying polynomials by           Insurance
              Principles of mathematics                polynomials                        Basic plane and solid geometric
              English and metric measures            Problem-solving strategies             concepts
              Basic algebraic concepts               Word problems solved algebraically   Properties of geometric figures
              Signed numbers                         Reading and constructing graphs      Constructing geometric figures
              Powers and roots                       Graphical scale drawings             Perimeter, area, surface area, and
              Like and unlike terms                  Statistics and probability             volume
              Multiplying and dividing               Business math                        Pythagorean rule
                monomials                            Earning income                       Sine, cosine, and tangent
                                                                                          Scientific notation

      Bible   Lessons/ Map Journeys: Journeys of Paul, Joshua, Judges
                (includes memory verses and hymns)

                                                                                                                      ®   9
          9      Ninth Grade
   Language      Grammar                                Outlining                          Literature
       Arts      Capitalization rules                   Book reports                       Classics on the following themes:
                 Punctuation rules                      Summaries                            truth and wisdom, courage,
                 Kinds of sentences and diagraming      Descriptions                         humility, justice, temperance,
                 Eight parts of speech and their uses   Research paper                       beauty, joy and peace, faith and
                 Diagraming eight parts of speech       Writing letters                      hope, love, and time and eternity
                 Sentence structure                     Improving writing style            Reading for enjoyment stories and
                                                                                             poems by such authors as Hale,
                 Composition                            Vocabulary, Spelling, Poetry
                                                                                             Tolstoy, O. Henry. Hawthorne,
                 Manuscript form                        Vocabulary lessons
                                                                                             Alcott, à Kempis, Longfellow,
                 Writing process                        Weekly spelling lessons
                 The library                            Ten poems memorized

  Geography      World Geography                    Central Europe, the Low Coun-            Middle America
                 Introduction to Geography          tries, the British Isles, Scandina-    South America: Andean Countries,
                 Asia: The Middle East, Central and via, Russia and Eastern Europe           Brazil and the Guianas, Southern
                   Southern Asia, The Far East     Australia, the Pacific Islands, and       Mid-Latitude Countries
                 Africa: Northern Africa, Tropical  Antarctica                             Current events
                   Africa, Southern Africa         North America: Canada, the
                 Europe: Mediterranean Europe,      United States, Mexico and

    Science      Meteorology and Oceanography           Geology                            Physics
                  The Atmosphere                         Foundations of Geology             Mechanics: Physics of Motion
                  Earth’s Weather                        Rocks and Minerals                 Waves and Sound
                  A Survey of the Seas                   Weathering and Erosion             Light and Color
                 Chemistry                               Interpreting the Fossil Record     Electrostatics and Magnetism
                  Foundations of Chemistry                                                  Electricity
                  Molecules and Chemistry                                                   Electronics
                  Chemistry in Action

     Health      Nutrition and exercise                 Personal safety                    Drug abuse
                 Personal hygiene                       First aid                          Right relationships
                 Body systems                           Disease prevention                 Spiritual growth
                 Mental health

Mathematics      Algebra I (traditional approach)       Positive and negative numbers      Linear systems of equations
                 Linear equations in one variable       Fundamental operations             Powers and roots
                 Algebraic numbers                      Special products and factoring     Exponents and radicals
                 Graphs                                 Fractions                          Quadratic equations
                 Formulas                               Ratio, proportion, and variation   Numerical trigonometry

         Bible   Study series: Kings of Israel: United Kingdom, Israel’s Divided Kingdom
                   (includes memory verses and hymns)

     10        Tenth Grade                                                                                                    ®

   Language    Grammar                               Vocabulary, Spelling, Poetry          and rhythm; emotion; fixed form,
       Arts    Capitalization and punctuation        Vocabulary lessons                    continuous form, and free verse
                rules, kinds of sentences and        Weekly spelling lessons               poetry; paradox; setting; point of
                diagraming, eight parts of speech    Ten poems memorized                   view; tone
                and their uses, diagraming eight                                          Major works in historical order
                                                   World Literature
                parts of speech, sentence struc-   Classics by such authors as Dickens,   Authors such as Homer, Aesop,
                ture, dictionary skills, usage and   Browning, Millay, Holmes, Poe,        Virgil, Foxe, Huss, Luther, Milton,
                diction                              Doyle, Yeats, Tolstoy, Herbert        Bunyan, Newton, Machen
               Composition                         Introduction to art appreciation       Complete novel: Silas Marner
               Paragraphs, exposition, the library Introduction to literary terms and     Complete play: Julius Caesar
                 and research paper, outlining,      forms: short story; narrative
                 improving writing style, book       poetry; plot; imagery and
                 reviews, précis, character sketch   figurative language; theme; rhyme
                 and type sketch

      World    Asia and Africa: The Beginnings       The Middle Ages: From the             The Victorian Era
     History      of Civilization                      Ancient to the Modern               Unbelief and Revolution in
         and    Foundations                           The Dark Ages                           19th Century Europe
    Cultures    Sumer                                 Medieval Culture                    The Twentieth Century
                Middle East                           The Rise of Modern Nations           World War I
                Other Asian Cultures                 The Reformation Era                   Rise of Communism
                Egypt                                 The Protestant Reformation           20th-Century Liberalism
                Other African Cultures                Post-Reformation Europe              World War II
               Europe: Beginnings of Western          Post-Reformation Science and         The Cold War Era
                  Civilization                           Culture                           The Rise of Globalism
                Greece                               The Age of Ideas                      Current events
                Rome                                  France
                Early Church History                  England and America
                The Byzantine Empire                  The Age of Industry

    Biology    Botany                             Integumentary, Excretory, and            Reptiles and Amphibians
                Flowering Seed Plants                 Endocrine Systems                    Fish
                Structure and Function of Leaves Disease and the Body’s Immune             Arthropods
                Flowers, Fruits, and Seeds            System                               Variety in the World of
                Stems and Roots                  Life Sciences                                Invertebrates
                Variety in Plant World            Natural History and Scientific          Cellular and Molecular Biology
               Human Anatomy and Physiology           Investigation                        Cytology
                Fearfully and Wonderfully Made    Evolution: A Retreat from                Heredity
                Bones and Muscles                     Science                              DNA
                Nervous System                    Introduction to Ecology                  Laboratory work: dissections,
                Nutrition and Digestion          Zoology                                      microscopy, field studies,
                Circulation and Respiration       Mammals                                     nutrition, cellular biology,
                                                  Birds                                       genetics

Mathematics    Algebra II (traditional approach)     Functions                            Logarithmic functions,
               Factoring                             Systems of equations                   exponential functions,
               Fractions                             Powers and roots                       and graphing rational functions
               Linear equations in one variable      Exponents, radicals, and             Numerical trigonometry
               Coordinate geometry                     imaginary numbers                  Statistics and probability
               Variation and dependence              Quadratic and higher equations

 Consumer      Buying a Car, Travel, Income,           Clothing, Leisure Activities,        Banking Investments,
Mathematics     Budgeting, Housing, Food,              Federal Taxes and Records,           The Small Business

Keyboarding    Basic Key Introduction                Business Letters with Special        Professional Tables
               Special Symbols and Numbers             Features                           Document Formatting
               Introduction to Business              Letter Styles and Unbound
                 Documents                             Reports

      Bible    Study series: Bible Doctrines
                 (includes memory verses and hymns)
                                                                                                                    ®   11
      11         Eleventh Grade
   Language      Grammar                               Vocabulary, Spelling                  Authors such as Melville, Long-
       Arts      Review of grammar, the                Vocabulary lessons                      fellow, Whittier, Dickinson,
                   sentence, and mechanics             Weekly spelling lessons                 Sandburg, Frost, Bryant
                 Dictionary skills                                                           Selections from Moby Dick,
                                                       American Literature
                 Diction and usage                                                             Ben-Hur, Song of Hiawatha,
                                                       Highlights of American literature
                 Library skills                                                                Courtship of Miles Standish
                                                       Short story
                                                                                             Complete novel: The Scarlet Letter
                 Composition                           The first books, poets, historians,
                 Writing process, paragraphs, book       personal narrators
                  reviews, outline, character sketch Introduction to American art
                  and analysis, essays, paraphrases, Writers and works of the nine-
                  précis, research paper, exposition,    teenth and twentieth centuries
                  classification, extended definition,
                  letter and résumé

U.S. History     Discovery and Exploration             Revival and Missions                  The Progressive Era
                 The Thirteen Original Colonies        Education and Technology              World War I
                 Life in Colonial America              Expansion to the Pacific              The Twenties
                 Preparation for Independence          Slavery and Secession                 Depression and the New Deal
                 Conflict with England                 The Civil War                         World War II
                 The War for Independence              Reconstruction                        Years of Strength and Stability
                 The Critical Period and the           A Nation on the Move                  Troubled Times
                   Constitution                        The Triumph of Free Enterprise        The Reagan Era and the 1990s
                 The Federalist Era                    Life in the Gilded Age                America Enters the New Millen-
                 The Age of Jefferson                  Politics in the Age of Industry         nium 2000–Present
                 The Nationalist Era                   Expanding World Influence             Current events
                 The Age of Jackson

  Chemistry      Chemistry: An Introduction            Periodic Table                        Chemical Equilibrium
                 Matter: The Substance of Chemistry    Chemical Bond and Intermolecular      Acids, Bases, and Salts
                 Stoichiometry: Elements and Com-        Forces                              Oxidation-Reduction Reactions
                   pounds                              Selected Nonmetals and Their            and Electrochemistry
                 Stoichiometry: Chemical Reactions       Compounds                           Nuclear Chemistry
                 Gases                                 Selected Metals and Semimetals        Organic Chemistry
                 Chemical Thermodynamics               Solutions and Colloids                Weekly laboratory studies
                 Light, Electrons, and Atomic          Chemical Kinetics

Mathematics      Plane Geometry                        Circle                                Regular polygons and circles
                  (traditional approach)               Proportions                           Solutions of right triangles by
                 Formal arrangement of a proof         Similar polygons                        means of ratios
                 Rectilinear figures                   Surface polygons

   Business      Personal finances                     Metric-English conversions            Banking
Mathematics      Bookkeeping and accounting            Investments                           The small business
                 Business formulas                     Taxes

  Document       Employment Documents                  The Itinerary and Agenda              Business Document Production
  Processing     MLA Style Reports                      Letter with Tables

  Spanish 1      Pronunciation                        Vocabulary                              Application
      or         Word formation                        School, Clothes, Family, Home,          Conversation, Reading,
   French 1      Verse memorization as a                  Food, Creation, Vacation               Interview, Report, Letter,
                   witnessing tool                                                               Oral translation

         Bible   Study series: Life Management, Jesus and His Followers (Gospels)
                   (includes memory verses and hymns)
     12       Twelfth Grade                                                                                                               ®

   Language   Grammar                                     vocation project, book reviews,        Writers and works from the Eighteenth
       Arts   Review of grammar, the sentence, and        and extemporaneous writing               Century, Romantic Period, Victorian
                mechanics                                                                          Age, and Twentieth Century
              Dictionary skills                                                                  Authors such as Wordsworth, Scott,
                                                        Vocabulary lessons
              Diction and usage                                                                    Coleridge, Burns, Tennyson
              Research skills                           English Literature                       Condensed novel: Robinson Crusoe
                                                        Writers and works from the following       (includes conversion experience)
              Composition                                 periods: Anglo-Saxon, Medieval,        Complete play: Macbeth
              Paragraph, theme, outline, narra-           Elizabethan, and Puritan               Complete novel: The Pilgrim’s Progress
                tive, poetry, extended definition,      Selections from Beowulf, Canterbury      Ten poems memorized
                essay, description, character sketch,     Tales, and Paradise Lost
                                                                                               Our Federal Republic
Government    Foundations of the American Republic        The Legislative Branch: Congress
                America: A Unique Nation                  The Executive Branch: The Presidency
                Government under God                        and the Bureaucracy                 State Government
                The Shaping of the American Republic      The Judicial Branch: The Supreme      Local Government
              Our Constitutional Republic                   Court                               American Democracy in Action
                The Constitution                          The Bill of Rights                    Current events

 Economics    Everybody’s Economics                     Efficiency of Production                 Problems with the Command Economy
              Economists and Economic Laws              Why Everybody Needs to Save              A Look at the Global Economy
              Factors of Production                     What Money Is Good For                   A Cheerful View of Our Economic
              Laws of Supply and Demand                 Government and the Economy                 Future
              Productive Market Economy                 Successes and Difficulties in the Market
              Good That Competition Does                  Economy

    Physics   Basic Concepts                             Machines, Energy and Momentum, Electricity and Magnetism
               Matter and Energy, Mathematics of         Rotary Motion, Gravitation         Electrostatics, Magnetism, Current
                   Physics                          Thermodynamics                             Generation, Ohm’s Law, Load
              Three States of Matter                  Heat, Laws of Thermodynamics             Characteristics, Electrical Devices
               Liquid, Gaseous, Solid               Wave Phenomena                         Modern Physics
              Mechanics                               Waves, Sounds, Music                  Quantum Theory, Special Relativity,
               Velocity and Acceleration, Forces in Light                                   Light in Modern Technology
                   Nature, Concurrent Forces, Motion Nature of Light, Reflection of Light,
                   in Two Dimensions, Work and           Refraction of Light, Wave Optics

Mathematics   Precalculus with Trigonometry and         Solving Oblique Triangles                Planes and Surfaces in Three Dimensions
              Analytical Geometry                       Complex Numbers and De Moivre’s          Polar Coordinates
              Trigonometry Applied to Right Triangles     Theorem                                Equations Representing Empirical Data
              Angles on the Cartesian Plane             Intercepts, Symmetry, and Domain         The First Derivative
              Trigonometric Functions of Any Angle      Point of Intersection of Graphs          Acceleration and the Second Derivative
              Graphing the Trigonometric Functions      Parametric Equations                     Application of the 1st and 2nd Derivative
              Trigonometric Identities and Formulas     Distance, Slope, and the Straight Line   The Integral (Anti-Derivative)
              Trigonometric Equations and Inverse       The Conic Sections
                Trigonometric Functions

     Speech   Everyday Speech                           Interpretation                            Interpreting Declamations and Poetry
               The Place of Speech in Society             Talking with the Body                   Storytelling
               Everyday Conversation                      Interpreting Monologues                 Extemporaneous Devotionals
               Special Types of Conversation              Reading with Meaning
               Group Discussion                           Our American Pronunciation
               Parliamentary Procedure                    Listening

    Family/   Introduction                           Serving                                     Dinner
  Consumer      Kitchen and Food Safety                Table Setting, Meal Service, and           Meat, Poultry, and Fish
                Basic Techniques and Equipment            Etiquette                               Appetizers and Desserts
   Sciences   Healthy Habits                           Successful Entertaining                   Laboratory Work: Cookies, Nutrition,
                Nutrition                            Lunch                                          Breakfast, Muffins, Yeast Bread,
                Consumer Education                     Adding Flavor                                Pasta, Cheese Sauce, Vegetables,
              Breakfast                                Produce                                      Salad, Lunch, Supper, Pudding, Cake
                Milk and Beverages                     Lunch Time Favorites                         Reception, Pie Crust, Dinner Party
                Grains, Breads, and Food Preparation

  Spanish 1   Grammar                                   Stories from the life of Christ          Composition
      or      Conversations                               (a witnessing tool)                    Interviews
   French 1   Cultural readings                         Vocabulary

      Bible   Study series: Genesis—First Things, Revelation and Church History (includes memory verses and hymns)                13
            1     First Grade






Arts & Crafts
                                            11/10 LK

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