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					The doctoral faculty shortage: the
view from AACSB

                   Stephen Watson
                  AACSB International

   What is AACSB?
   The shortage in doctorally qualified faculty
   The AACSB Bridge programme
   Other consequences and possible outcomes
   AACSB on the Impact of Research
What is AACSB?

   Established in 1916 by 17 leading US business schools
   Decision to go international in 1996
   Now has 555 accredited members (38 in Europe) and a further
    542 Member schools (130 in Europe)
   Work for member schools:
    –   Conferences and seminars
    –   Publications: BizEd; reports
    –   Database on business schools
    –   Advocacy
    –   Affinity Groups
    –   Website: choosing a business school; job vacancies etc
The shortage in doctorally qualified
faculty members

   August 2002: AACSB report
    –   critical shortfall in supply of faculty with doctoral
        degrees in business studies
    –   Caused by
            increased demand for business studies,
            decreased production of PhDs,
            imminent retirements
The shortage in doctorally qualified
faculty members

   August 2003: Doctoral Faculty Commission
    –   Forecast US shortage of over 1,000 by 2008 and nearly
        2,500 by 2013
    –   Reaffirmed the importance of faculty trained in business
        research to staff business schools:
            production of knowledge,
            scholars who know the latest thinking in their subject
    –   Recommended:
            Bridge programmes to retrain non-business PhDs
            Growth in professional doctorates
            Use more professionally qualified faculty
            Advocate for State funds to support PhD programmes
            Encourage the ranking of research, like the RAE
The AACSB Bridge programme

   AACSB has encouraged some AACSB schools to establish
    Bridge Programmes – to retrain PhDs in other disciplines
   Courses established at:
    –   Grenoble Ecole de Management (not yet started)
    –   University of Florida
    –   University of Toledo
    –   Tulane University
    –   Virginia Polytechnic Institute
   Content – research methods; content seminars
   Length – about 200 contact hours
   Costs – about $40,000
The AACSB Bridge programme

   AACSB will consider graduates of these
    programmes to be academically qualified
   Early days – current enrolments are 61
Other consequences and possible

   Fewer faculty → lower staff/student contact
   Division of the academic labour process –
    e.g. OU model
AACSB on the Impact of Research

   Large volume of business research
    –   > 15,000 articles per year in English?
    –   25,000 faculty in AACSB accredited schools
    –   Huge increase since the criticisms of 50 years ago
   Recent criticisms of business schools concerning
    –   valuing research more than teaching
    –   producing research that is narrow, irrelevant and impractical
Recommendations for AACSB

   Extend AACSB accreditation guidelines to require schools to
     demonstrate the impact of research
   – who are the expected beneficiaries of research?
   – what is the evidence that the benefit has been achieved?

Measuring impact
   –   Might be difficult in many instances (long delay until impact
       achieved; impact may be difficult to prove etc.)
   –   Increased load in the accreditation process
   –   Needs political acceptance
   –   Could improve the actual impact
Recommendations for AACSB

Recommendation 2
  AACSB should encourage greater diversity in
    mission in business schools
  – Not just to achieve papers in “top” journals
  – Encouraging faculty models that reward faculty
    research measured by different criteria of impact
Recommendations for AACSB

Recommendation 3
  AACSB should support research into the linkage
  between scholarly inquiry and good education
   –   The results of this research might show AACSB how to
       evaluate the effect of research on teaching and in due
       course change its standards to reflect this
   –   This process in executive education is also important and
       should be introduced into AACSB’s evaluation process
Recommendations for AACSB

Recommendation 4
AACSB should develop an awards program to
 recognize faculty who produce high impact
Recommendations for AACSB

Recommendation 5
 AACSB should develop ways to strengthen
 interaction between academics and
 practicing managers
Recommendations for AACSB

Recommendation 6
 AACSB should study the market in academic
 journals in business and make
 recommendations to publishers on how they
 might support the promotion of the impact of
Recommendations for AACSB

Recommendation 7
 AACSB should identify and disseminate
 information about best practices for creating
 linkages between academic research and

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