Roma takes responsible service of alcohol seriously

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					                              Roma takes responsible service of alcohol seriously
                              The Australian Education and Rehabilitation Foundation released       The year 12 students were provided with information and facts
                              a study in August stating that the annual cost of excessive alcohol   to ensure they understand that with the right to consume alcohol
                              consumption in Australia is $36 billion, along with a massive         comes responsibility to self, hospitality staff and the public. They
                              human toll. The study stated that in any year 70,000 Australians      were briefed on the laws governing the sale and consumption of
                              are the target of alcohol-related assault, 24,000 of these would      alcohol and were made aware of the penalties involved when laws
                              be adult victims of domestic violence. There would also be            are breached. Students were shown what a standard drink was
                              20,000 children across Australia who would become victims of          and discussed binge drinking and drink spiking. Alcohol related
                              substantiated alcohol-related child abuse.                            road safety was also an important issue discussed on the day.
                              There are a number of very proactive organisations working hard       For further information about the Good Sports Program please
                              in the Roma region to ensure this community is safer than most        contact Justine Miller on 0400726652 or for information about the
                              and that alcohol can be consumed responsibly and not lead to          Roma Liquor Industry Action Group please call Jo Woodburn at
                              antisocial and illegal behaviour.                                     the Roma Police Station on 46229333.
                              Good Sports Regional Manager Lachlan Sherrington hosted
                              a Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) Course at the Roma
                              Turf Club where approximately 15 people were provided with
                              the knowledge and information to safely serve alcohol. Lachlan
                              said “This is the third RSA Course I have conducted in Roma
                              this year and we always get around 15 people participating. Most
                              of our participants are from local Good Sports Clubs as they are

                              committed to helping build strong, safe communities”.
                              On 14th October the Queensland Police Service and Roma Liquor
                              Industry Action Group hosted a year 12 Think the Drink Pub
                              Crawl for the second year. Crime Prevention Officer (Roma)
                              Jo Woodburn said “The purpose of the Think the Drink Day is
                              to educate students to drink responsibly and thereby minimise
                              making split second poor decisions which can have life changing
                              consequences. The day has been well supported by the two local
                              high schools with all year 12 students participating”.
                                                                                                    Year 12 St John’s students Dan McKee and Samantha Schefe who participated in the
                                                                                                    Think the Drink Day with guest speakers Aaron Lippert, Operations Manager Roma
                                                                                                    Security, Lachlan Sherrington, Good Sports Program and John Cattanach, Empire Hotel
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03 NOvEMBER, 2010

                                                                                                    Lachlan Sherrington with some of the participants of the RSA Course recently held in

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