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Website Promotion widened so important, because it brings visitors just as hard (even harder)
than making the website itself. If you just managed to build a website, it is only the first step of
the process of web development. Because the success or failure of the primary indicators of a
site viewed from the large number of potential visitors who come. In this case, even if you have
a website with a fancy design and the advanced scripting technologies, not yet can be said to
succeed if it has a small number of visitors.

Many entrepreneurs who feel disappointed for having spent a lot of cost to make the company
website, but did not bring the expected results. Sales of products and services company could
not increase as expected. All this happened because they were paying less attention to the
campaign website, which is actually the most expensive part of the process of web
development. In this case the many ways you can do to promote the website. However, this
tutorial will focus discussion on the use of special search engines and directories with different

Search Engine versus Directory

Before taking any action is better if you know what search engines, how they work, and what is
the difference between search engines and directories. First identify the enemy you will
encounter on the battlefield, if you want to survive of course:) Search engine is a database
system designed to index internet addresses (URL, FTP, usenet, etc.). To carry out this task,
search engines have a special program that is usually called a spider, bot, or crawler. By the
time you register a Web address (URL), the search engine spiders will receive and analyze the
URL. With processes and procedures are completely automated, this spider web will decide
whether you submitted acceptable or not. If feasible, the spider will add the URL address into
their database systems. Ranking-was soon established with the algorithm and the way each
one. If not feasible, you are forced to be patient and repeat the registration with a particular
period. So we reject all search engines, must have a program called Spider. And this is exactly
what the program determines whether the web site can be accepted or not. Examples of some
well-known search engines are: AltaVista, Google, Lycos, Northern Light, HotBot, and still more
Unlike the directory to index web pages manually. The manual is meant is they use ordinary
people to analyze every web page entry. Do not use spiders or crawlers as well as search
engines. Advantages compared to the search engine directory is to provide more relevant
search results with a relatively better quality. But since all the processes done manually using
human editors, the number of databases owned usually much smaller than the search engines.
That is why today many companies that manage the directory to apply multiple systems, ie
using the directory + search engine. A concrete example is the Yahoo that Google took as its
default search engine. Examples of some well-known in addition to Yahoo's directory is
the Open Directory Project, LookSmart, and NBCi. Ok, now you already know at a glance the
difference between search engines and directories. The next part tutorial will explain how to
optimize your web page (in terms of HTML), before it registered with search engines. It would
be good if you already know or never learn the HTML language, because that will be discussed
in this tutorial a lot to do with technical writing HTML. For those who have never learned HTML,
I suggest you to read the tutorial first. No need in detail, just the basics alone.

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