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Singular and plural nouns exercises by fdh56iuoui

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									                    IES Libertas. Torrevieja. Departamento de Inglés

                            singular and plural nouns
1. Write the plural of these nouns:

       •   book                              •   computer        •     carpet
       •   rubber                            •   table           •     toy
       •   pen                               •   chair           •     cooker
       •   pencil                            •   shirt           •     bird

2. Write the plural of these nouns:

       •   dish                              •   brush           •     country
       •   baby                              •   life            •     nanny
       •   class                             •   mouse           •     knife
       •   box                               •   address         •     tooth
       •   lady                              •   witch
       •   match                             •   bus

3. Make these sentences plural:
   a. My friend is studying. My friends are studying.
   b. There is one box under the table.
   c. The child plays videogames.
   d. There is a big bus in the street.
   e. Take an orange!
   f. She drives her car.
   g. Give me one blue card.
4. Make these sentences singular.
   a. The babies are crying. The baby is crying.
   b. Those men drive new cars.
   c. There are some chairs in the office.
   d. Can you see any mice on the floor?
   e. I have three apples in my hands.
   f. They are lawyers.
   g. Can you see any witches in the picture?

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