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									       Essay Four – Research Based Argument (25% of your final average)

Assignment Requirements
   -     Typed annotated bibliography (counts as quiz 5)
   -     Complete thesis statement with developed, sketch outline
   -     Rough draft
   -     Peer revision
   -     Final essay

Essay Requirements
■ Essay should be a minimum of four pages
■ Essay should include citations and quotations from at least three outside
■ Use of online sources should be followed with discretion. Seeing as anyone
anywhere can set up a website about anything, be sure to scrutinize the
credibility of your source. The best sites usually end in .gov; .org; or .edu. The
purpose of your annotated bibliography is so that you, as well as I, can assess
the validity and credibility of your source.
■ Essay should follow MLA format for citations and include a Works Cited page
■ Do NOT write in first or second person (NO I, me, my, mine, you, your, you’re)
■ Essay should contain a strong thesis statement that is supported with a logical

You may choose a topic that interests you for this essay. Be sure the topic is
appropriate for the length and scope of the essay. Be sure the topic lends itself to

To help you in planning, begin by considering
   - Your audience
   - What the opposition would argue?
   - What your call to action is? What should readers feel compelled to do
      after reading your essay?

■ MLA guidelines are located in your Models book starting on page 577 and in
your WHH under the MLA tab. You may find it helpful to also review the
Research tab in your WHH.

Suggested research-based argument essay questions:
  - Should a Fair Tax system become the law of the land?
  - Should restaurants be required to post their nutritional content?
  - Should marijuana be legalized for medicinal use?
   -    Should public schools provide funding to provide a computer for every
    - Should parents be charged with child abuse if their children are profoundly
These are ideas. You are encouraged to go beyond this. Select a topic that
interests you, and select something you would like to know more about it as you
will use outside research.

Here are a few sites to further help your topic search:
                  Rubric for Research Based Argument Essay

Format –5 points
   - The essay is written in 12 point, Times New Roman Font
   - The essay is double-spaced with proper indentation
   - The essay includes headers identifying – student’s name, course name,
     instructor’s name, date
   - A title is included

Content – 70 points
  - The essay includes a clear and precise thesis that takes a clear stance on an
      argument (10)
  - The essay’s body paragraphs support the ideas presented in the thesis, using a
      combination of points of the student author’s argument, cited research
      information to support the argument, and the student author’s analysis of the
      research (20 points)
  - The essay is organized in a logical way (10 points)
  - The essay includes an appropriate and consistent tone and point of view (10)
  - The essay sums up main ideas in the closing paragraph (10 points)
  - A Works Cited page reflects all sources cited internally (10 points)

Grammar and Mechanics – 25 points
   - The writer has used appropriate grammar and spell check
   - The write shows command of Standard American English (exceptions would be if
     unique dialogue is included for effect) adhering to rules regarding parts of speech,
     sentence structure, punctuation, subject/verb agreement, tense)

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