2nd Asian Motor Insurance and Claims Management Conference by cuiliqing


									      2nd Asian Motor Insurance and Claims
      Management Conference
      24-26 July 2011, Hilton Colombo, Sri Lanka

      Theme: “The Real Challenge of Making Motor Insurance Profitable:
      Price, Selectivity or Claims Control? ”

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                                             24 Jun 2011
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Celebrating 20 years of serving the insurance industry in Asia

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            2nd Asian Motor Insurance and Claims Management Conference
                                      24-26 July 2011, Hilton Colombo, Sri Lanka

         here are over 600 million cars and 200 million
                                                                     Who Should Attend
         motorcycles registered worldwide and the numbers
         are growing. In many Asian countries, the motor              •	 Claims Managers & Senior Executives
                                                                         of Insurance and Reinsurance
insurance market is extremely dynamic and sometimes a major              Companies
political issue as insurers are forced to raise rates given the
                                                                      •	 Underwriters Dealing with Motor
higher frequency of accidents and the runaway cost of repair             Lines of Business
and increasing court awards for third party damages and               •	 Agents and Brokers
personal injuries. Hence, motor insurers in Asia are in a fix:
                                                                      •	 Management Consultants
how to be able to serve the increasing demands for cover at
                                                                      •	 IT Service Providers
affordable prices while trying to maintain underwriting surplus.
                                                                      •	 Lawyers
  Motor insurance is a bread and butter issue, yet it is fraught
with challenges. Despite being a necessity with minimum               •	 Loss Adjusters

compulsory cover laws in place in all the markets, the volume         •	 Claims Assessors
of business cannot sustain the losses that go with it. Worse,         •	 Fleet Managers of MNCs
price war in motor remains unabated and is getting worse,             •	 Risk Managers
negatively impinging on motor insurers’ bottom line.                  •	 Automobile Associations and
  Following the success of the first Asian Motor Insurance               Workshops
Conference, by popular demand, Asia Insurance Review                  •	 Consumer Bodies
is hosting the 2nd Asian Motor Insurance and Claims                   •	 Regulators
Management Conference with the theme: “The Real Challenge             •	 Transport Authorities
of Making Motor Insurance Profitable: Price, Selectivity or
Claims Control?” to review progress of the various motor
insurance markets in tackling the challenge of profitability,        Key Topics
pricing and claims control. The two-day conference will               4 Gearing Up for Profit - New Ways to
address critical issues of priority to underwriters including           Price for Profit in Motor Insurance
safety and design control in car manufacturing; medical and           4 Creating a Winning Proposition:
health concerns relating to whiplash and other runaway                  Product Innovation and Diversity to
                                                                        Accommodate to Customers’ Needs
liability awards; loss prevention ; claims management ;
marketing dynamics and innovation in new motor insurance              4 Special Highlight on Motor Insurance in
                                                                        Sri Lanka
products as well as the right to select risks to be covered even
                                                                      4 Motor Claims Today and Tomorrow –
under compulsory programmes. The conference will also look              Issues that are Reshaping the Industry
at finding sustainable solutions for a healthy motor insurance
                                                                      4 Best Practices for Claims Excellence:
industry from regulatory and underwriting perspectives in               Setting World Class Standards for Motor
both emerging and sophisticated markets; competition and                Claims in Asia
the right strategies to grow the business intelligently as well as    4 How to Successfully Identify and Prevent
draw from successful case studies around Asia and the world             Motor Fraud
to show that there are real opportunities to be a sterling            4 Effective Claims Management
                                                                        Framework to Establish Competitive
motor insurer.
   Two Special Focus Panels:                                          4 Reducing Fraud Costs by Intelligence
                                                                        Sharing and Knowledge of Emerging
   •	 Achieving	Substantial	and	Sustainable	Bottom	Line	
                                                                        Trends – A Practical Approach
   •	 Rising	Third	Party	Claims	Trends	
                      2nd Asian Motor Insurance and Claims Management Conference
                                          24-26 July 2011, Hilton Colombo, Sri Lanka
                   Day One: Sunday, 24 July 2011                                 Day Three: Tuesday, 26 July 2011
 5.30 pm    Early Registration                                                 Claims Management & Fraud Issues
 6.30 pm    Welcome Cocktail Hosted by the                                 9.00 am      Special Address: Gearing Up for Profit -
-8.00 pm    Insurance Association of Sri Lanka                                          New Ways to Price for Profit in Motor
                Day Two: Monday, 25 July 2011                                           Insurance
               The Dynamics of Motor Insurance                                          Dr Dirk Schmidt-Gallas, Partner and
                                                                                        Global Head of Insurance, Simon-Kucher &
 8.00 am     Registration & Coffee                                                      Partners, Germany
 9.00 am     Opening Address by Chairman of Conference                                    Claims Management Excellence
             Jimmy John, Representative for South Asia,
             Asia Insurance Review                                           9.30 am Motor Claims Today and Tomorrow –
                                                                                        Issues that are Reshaping the Industry
  9.10 am    Welcome Address                                                            Paul R. Wilson, Regional Vice President,
             Ramal Jasinghe, President, Insurance Association of                        Personal Lines Claims, Chartis Asia Pacific
             Sri Lanka                                                                  Pte Ltd, Singapore
  9.30 am Official Keynote Address: Overview and Analysis                  10.00 am Best Practices for Claims Excellence: Setting
             of Motor Insurance Trends in Sri Lanka: The                                World Class Standards for Motor Claims in
             Regulatory View                                                            Asia
             Indrani Sugathadasa, Chairperson,                                          Ramnath Balasubramanian, Associate
             Insurance Board of Sri Lanka                                               Partner, McKinsey & Company, India
10.00 am Industry Keynote Address: Tackling Auto Theft -                   10.30 am Tea Break
             Global Trends and Challenges                                                How to Successfully Identify and
             Mark Bennedick, Branch President (Australasian),                                   Prevent Motor Fraud
             International Association of Auto Theft
             Investigators                                                  11.00 am Collaboration with Workshops and
                                                                                        Other Parties Involved in Motor Claims
10.30 am     Tea Break                                                                  to Shorten Claims Cycle and Reduce
                  Making Motor Insurance Profitable                                     Fraudulent Claims
10.50 am Price Management: Pricing as the Most Important                                David Picking, Technical Director – Motor,
             Profit Driver                                                              Crawford & Company (Asia Pacific)
             Charanjot Singh Nanda, Central Council Member,                             Management Services Pte Ltd, Singapore
             Institute of Chartered Accountants of India                    11.30 am Reducing Fraud Costs by Intelligence
 11.15 am    Power of Predictive Modelling - Staying Ahead of                           Sharing and Knowledge of Emerging
             the Industry                                                               Trends – A Practical Approach
             Jim Qin, Director of General Insurance, S.E.A.,                            Thinesh Subramaniam, Head, Claims
             Towers Watson, Singapore                                                   Intelligence Unit, Kurnia Insurans
                                                                                        (Malaysia) Berhad
11.40 am     Challenges in Motor Underwriting- The Way Ahead
             for the Indian Market for sustainable Growth                  12.00 nn     Lunch
             Y R C Bharadwaj, Chartered Insurer, India                              Effective Claims Management Framework
12.05 pm Innovations in Auto Insurance Offering                                            to Establish Competitive Edge
             Kamal Chhabra, Executive Vice President &                       1.30 pm Motor Insurance Claims - Ombudsman’s
             Head, Bancassurance, Oman Insurance Company,                               View Point
             United Arab Emirates                                                       Dr Wickrema Weerasooria,
12.30 pm Lunch                                                                          Insurance Ombudsman Sri Lanka,
                                                                                        Office of the Insurance Ombudsman
          Special Highlight on Motor Insurance in Sri Lanka
                                                                            2.00 pm Successful Claims Management Strategies
  1.45 pm Innovation Driven, Vibrant Sri Lankan Motor                                   to Effectively Shorten Claims Cycles
             Insurance Market                                                           Dayalanie Abeygunawardena, General
             Jagath Alwis, Director (Technical),                                        Manager - Insurance, Janashakthi Insurance
             Ceylinco Insurance PLC, Sri Lanka                                          PLC, Sri Lanka
 2.10 pm Creating a Winning Proposition: Product                            2.30 pm Resolving Disputed Liabilities in Motor
             Innovation and Diversity to Accommodate                                    Claims: Litigate or Settle
             Customers’ Needs                                                           Alan Ho Shao Yan, Head, Legal & Regulatory
             Dharshana Amarasiynghe, Assistant General                                  Liaison, Kurnia Insurans (Malaysia) Berhad
             Manager – Marketing, Union Assurance PLC,
             Sri Lanka                                                       3.00 pm Tea Break
 2.35 pm War on the Road: Motor Accidents and Road                             Special Panel Two: Rising Third Party Claims Trends
             Traffic Injuries in Sri Lanka                                   3.30 pm •	How	Insurance	Companies	Can	Proactively	
             Dr Anil Jasinghe, Director,                                                  Manage Third Party Claims
             Colombo South Teaching Hospital                                            •	Is	the	Industry	Equipped	to	Deal	With	
  3.00 pm Tea Break                                                                       Problems that Could Arise from Personal
                          Special Panel One:                                              Injury	Reforms
         Achieving Substantial and Sustainable Bottom Line                              •	Tackling	the	Rising	Cost	of	Personal	Injury	
  3.30 pm Panelists will share their market experience in finding                       •	Standardizing	Injury	Claims:	Changes	in	Civil	
             sustainable solutions for a healthy motor insurance                          Laws	to	Regulate	Third	Party	Injury	Claims
             industry; cost discipline as a crucial part of the industry                •	Personal	Injury	and	Rehabilitation:	Is	
             and managing pricing challenge to boost bottom line                          Rehabilitation a Necessary Cost
             and growth; the key challenges; what is being done                         •	Challenges	of	Coping	with	Runaway	Liability	
             to face the challenges; who is doing what – regulators,                      Awards
             industry as a whole; to what extent are the solutions
             succeeding; and what more can be done to face the                          Panel Chairman:
             future.                                                                    Sivam Subramaniam, Editor In Chief, Asia
                                                                                        Insurance Review & Middle East Insurance
             Panel Chairman:                                                            Review
             Manjula de Silva, Managing Director,
             HNB Assurance PLC, Sri Lanka                                               Panelists:
                                                                                        Mark Strang, Business Development
             Panelists:                                                                 Manager, Insurance Services Office (ISO),
             Jagath Alwis, Director (Technical), Ceylinco                               United Kingdom
             Insurance PLC, Sri Lanka                                                   Dr Wickrema Weerasooria, Insurance
             Jim Qin, Director of General Insurance, S.E.A.,                            Ombudsman Sri Lanka, Office of the
             Towers Watson, Singapore                                                   Insurance Ombudsman
             Vijay Kumar, President – Motor Insurance, Bajaj
             Allianz General Insurance Co Ltd, India                       4.30 pm    Close of Conference
                                                                                                      Speakers may be subject to change
4.30pm      Close of Day One
               2nd Asian Motor Insurance and Claims Management Conference
                                                 24-26 July 2011, Hilton Colombo, Sri Lanka
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