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					            Group Definition Essay Project (12.5% of your final average)

Basic Requirements
■ Essay must be…
      - a minimum of two pages in length or 4-5 paragraphs
      - typed in proper format – 12 point Times New Roman
      - contain a thesis statement defining your term and paragraphs that provide one
      extended example of the definition or several smaller examples

■ Visual can be…
       - Developed in ToonDo (, Animoto ( or Glogster

■ All groups must correspond in the designated “Discussion Board” and “Collaboration”
group set up in Bb. A group work log must be submitted and include what everyone
contributed to the project.


“Workaholic,” “Alcoholic,” “Hippie Freak,” “Jesus Freak.” We all come up with
names and stereotypes of groups of people in the world in which we live. Your
goal, as a group is to identify a social stereotype and define it. You can be
compelling. You can be humorous. You are to develop your extended definition
essay in a two page paper. It is to incorporate the viewpoints of all your group

Naturally, there may be some sensitivity in discussing social stereotypes. Part of
the objective of this assignment is to have an open dialogue about different social
groups. Your group will be required to discuss your project and pass along ideas
for the paper in your designated “Discussion Board” and “Collaboration” group
board in Blackboard. You must also keep a work log and hand it in with the
essay and visual.

In addition, you are to create a group visual that displays the ideas from your paper.
You can create either a Toon-Do (an online comic), an animoto (an online visual
presentation), or a glogster (an online visual poster). Please have someone from the
group message me the URL for the project on or before the due date.

       To review, what you must turn in to me is the following –
       - One group essay 70/100 pts.
       - One group visual 20/100 pts.
       - One group work log 5/100 pts.
       - Evidence of correspondence in the discussion board and the correspondence
           page for your group 5/100 pts.

■ Be sure you begin with a compelling opening that draws in your readers and
introduces them to your ideas that you will discuss.
■ End by summing up your ideas and giving your readers something to think about
■ Begin corresponding with group members right away. The body of the essay should
include a collaboration of viewpoints.
■ Everything should flow together. Include sentence and paragraph transitions.
Organize your thoughts accordingly.

                                  Rubric for Project

Essay component 70 points total

Format – 5 points
   - The essay is written in 12 point, Times New Roman Font
   - The essay is double-spaced with proper indentation
   - The essay includes headers identifying – the group name, course name,
      instructor’s name, date
   - A title is included

Content – 50 points
  - The essay includes a focused thesis centered around a single term to define (10
  - The thesis is developed in fluid and coherent paragraphs (10 points)
  - Thoughtful examples are given to clarify the term throughout the body of the
      essay (10 points)
  - The essay includes an appropriate and consistent point of view (10 points )
  - The essay includes a strong closing that sums up the main ideas (10 points)

Grammar and Mechanics – 15 points
   - The writer has used appropriate grammar and spell check
   - The write shows command of Standard American English (exceptions would be if
     unique dialogue is included for effect) adhering to rules regarding parts of
     speech, sentence structure, punctuation, subject/verb agreement, tense)

Visual Component 20 points total

The visual accurately reflects the viewpoints expressed in the paper (5 points).
The visual is aesthetically appealing (5 points).
The visual displays unique creativity (5 points).
The written parts of the visual show command of Standard American English (5 points).

Group Collaboration 10 points total

Participation is evident in the group discussion board and correspondence page.
The group log is created in either Excel or Word and includes what each individual group
member did to contribute as well as highlight group meeting times.

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