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									                            Occupational Science &
                             Occupational Therapy
         USC Division of Occupational Science and Occupational Therapy at the School of Dentistry
                                               Volume 2, 2008

USC OS/OT Is Awarded Grant to Study Lifestyle Redesign®
     Intervention for People with Spinal Cord Injury

A         s discovered by a team of
          researchers led by USC OS/
          OT in a 3-year, NIDRR-
funded qualitative study, “Daily
                                         designed to help study participants
                                         learn to take a variety of health-
                                         promoting measures to prevent
                                         pressure ulcer formation. The team
                                                                                    first PUPS research.

                                                                                 Goals of the RCT will be to measure
                                                                                 the intervention’s ability to reduce
Living Context and Pressure Sores in     used this approach in a small pilot     incidence of Stage 3 and 4 pressure
Consumers with SCI,” the ordinary        study last year and found it to be      ulcers; assess cost-effectiveness and
daily experiences of people with         feasible for further testing. This pilotpotential cost savings of the
spinal cord injury (SCI) can present     study, along with the original          intervention; examine the effects of
challenges that make maintaining         qualitative investigation (which was    the intervention on participants’
good health precarious. Of particular    nicknamed “PUPS,” an acronym for        quality of life, and model the process
concern is the susceptibility people     “Pressure Ulcer Prevention Study”)      mechanisms that mediate effects. A
with SCI have to developing pressure     and principles identified in the        total of 160 ethnically diverse men
ulcers. A constellation of factors,      Division’s two Well Elderly Studies,    and women, including both English
including injury, unrelieved pressure,   led researchers to develop the larger   and Spanish speakers, will be
limited sensation, shearing, friction,   RCT now being launched.                 recruited and randomly assigned to
skin that is compromised, nutrition,                                             either a 12-month LR intervention or
moisture and substance use, can all      “The new PUPS grant is a terrific       a standard care control group. The
lead to the formation of pernicious      achievement,” declared Dr. Clark.       intervention will consist of in-home
pressure ulcers. Difficult to treat,     “It indicates that our years of         visits and phone calls to help each
pressure ulcers can penetrate            investment in studying the life         client create a personalized plan for
otherwise healthy tissue, creating       circumstances in people with SCI that pressure ulcer prevention. Tools
gaping craters that can go bone-deep,    contribute to recurrent pressure ulcers used with consumers will include
give rise to systemic infections and     has had a huge payoff. This trial has www.PressureUlcerPrevention.com,
even result in death. Treatment can      the potential to show that the          the interactive consumer self-
consist of surgery and/or months of      Lifestyle Redesign® intervention we education website created as a
bedrest, causing serious disruptions     have tailored based on this earlier     product of the first PUPS.
in the life of the person with SCI and   work can cost-effectively protect
limiting participation in desired        countless consumers from life-          “The acquisition of this grant bolsters
activities. However, preventive          threatening ulcers. And it may lead     the presence of our Division in the
interventions that address the issue     to more OTs being funded out in the     rehabilitation science community,”
have received very little attention.     community to help them.”                Dr. Clark added. “It also contributes
                                                                                 to our reputation of excellence in
To address this gap, investigators       Joining Dr. Clark as co-investigators   conducting randomized clinical trials
from USC OS/OT and Rancho Los            in the study, which officially started  and cost-effectiveness studies.”
Amigos National Rehabilitation           on September 1st, will be Stanley                  Inside This Issue
Center will once again collaborate       Azen, Ph.D., Erna Blanche, Ph.D.,       Message from the Chair            2
under the leadership of Principal        OTR/L, FAOTA, Michael Carlson,          New Early Intervention Grant 3
Investigator Florence Clark, Ph.D.,      Ph.D. and Joel Hay, Ph.D. from          Distance Learning for OTD         3
OTR/L, FAOTA to study pressure           USC; Salah Rubayi, M.D. and             Fulbright for Faculty Member 4
ulcer risk for people with SCI. In the   Michael Scott, M.D. from Rancho
                                                                                 Honor Roll of Donors              6
new 5-year study, to be funded by an     Los Amigos; Barbara Bates-Jensen,
NIH R01 grant totalling $2,882,372,      Ph.D., RN from UCLA; and Jennifer New Faculty Members, Posts 8
a randomized controlled trial (RCT)      Unger, Ph.D. of Claremont Graduate Animal-Assisted Therapy               11
will be conducted of a Lifestyle         University. Drs. Carlson, Rubayi and International Visits, Visitors      14
Redesign® (LR) intervention              Scott were also investigators in the    New and Half Century Alums 16
Message from the Associate Dean and Chair
I     really think AOTA’s new brand “Living Life to Its Fullest” is terrific. As AOTA President Penelope Moyers Cleveland
     explained, this identity should enable us to knock on big doors and make sure they open. She described that when OT
     practitioners say the impossible is possible, we are living life to its fullest; when we work with a
person with mental illness to set meaningful occupational goals, thought to be beyond reach, we are
helping that person live life to its fullest; and when we help a wounded soldier learn to regain balance
and vision and perception, we are helping her live life to its fullest. The Vision statement is a tool that
will, as President Moyers Cleveland described, enable us to knock on big doors. But how many of us
really feel prepared to do so and have the confidence to persist when that door does not open easily?

I believe that to build an army of big door openers, we need to prepare our students for power. Friedrich Nietzsche wrote,
“There is nothing very odd about lambs disliking birds of prey, but this is no reason for holding it against large birds of prey
that they carry off lambs.” In a power structure, this happens when a person at the top of organizational charts compromises
the quality of the services OT practitioners provide to eke out a better bottom line. This happens when the intellectual
property or creative ideas of OT practitioners are used by other professionals without acknowledging the originator. This
happens when OT practitioners innovate in the workplace but others from more powerful professions take the credit. We
want the graduates of our program to be neither birds of prey nor lambs.

At USC, we will now be putting more emphasis on preparing our graduates for power. First, we will make them comfortable
with the idea that power is something each of us needs to cultivate. As I have traveled the country giving Centennial Vision
talks, I have noticed that many of us are uncomfortable with the inclusion of the word “power” in the Centennial Vision
statement. This may be because the notion of overtly setting out to access and wield power may not fit certain feminine views
of self, and so much of our workforce is made up of women. But the word “powerful” can be thought of in gender-neutral
ways. We can think of it as simply the ability to accomplish our aims, to exercise our natural talents and to flourish. Mary
Cantwell wrote, “[Feeling] entitled to power…when it comes to getting it, is tantamount to being halfway home. Talent,
energy and self-discipline and, oh yeah, good luck take one the rest of the way. Still, there’s no taking the first step without a
sense of self-worth.” We want to instill in our graduates a mental model of themselves and of their profession as powerful. I
believe our students will become comfortable with this idea when they develop an in-depth understanding that having power
can be a wonderful gift and is in and of itself a neutral attribute. What is important is whether it is misused or used in the
service of the public good. At the end of the day, it is how it is used that colors power’s ethical complexion.

We will be teaching our students about how to capture sources of power. We will emphasize that knowledge and competency
pave the way for autonomy and power in the health care arena. We will arm our students with an outstanding preparation in
the science that justifies OT interventions and in the evidence that can be used to defend our scope of practice. Beyond this,
we will train our students in how such information can be used to increase their power. We will inculcate in our students the
habit of analyzing where they are situated in organizational power structures in the arenas in which they find themselves.
They will be encouraged to ask as they seek jobs where their position is on organizational charts, how much power the OT
leadership has in the organization, how much access OT practitioners have to resources, information and support, and whether
they will be able to use best practice approaches freely and have power to function with ethical integrity and independence.

This doesn’t mean we would encourage them to refrain from accepting employment where accessing power is challenging.
Asking these questions means entering a situation prepared. We will show that hardy individuals have proven able to be both
ethically pure and effective. We will prepare our students in strategies to work between the cracks to create dramatic shifts in
who has power in the workplace. We will groom our graduates in qualities that research indicates underlie hardiness: self-
determination, self-efficacy, persistence and self-confidence. We will let them know power can be set up in organizational
structures, but also in the many contexts of everyday life. We will instill the view that future power as a clinician, scientist,
educator or even politician depends on powerful state, national and international professional societies and organizations.
Without their advocacy, their advancement of science and knowledge, and the leadership training they do, professions wither
and eventually no longer exist. So this year we hope to achieve the Gold Level in student AOTA and OTAC membership.

We want to develop in students the belief that an OT degree is as good as, or perhaps better than, a law degree to prepare for
public service, because OT practitioners possess detailed, empathetic understanding of human suffering and resilience. These
are qualities every politician should possess. I hope to see more of our graduates in public service
and on political trajectories; their commitment to the public good affords a special kind of power.
As Mohandas K. Gandhi wrote, “Power that comes from service faithfully rendered ennobles.”
   Page 2                                                                         Occupational Science & Occupational Therapy
USC OS/OT Awarded OSEP Early Intervention Grant
A          new grant in the amount of
          $800,000 has been awarded
          to researchers in the USC
Division of OS/OT by the Office of
                                           young children who are eligible for
                                           early intervention services. These
                                           hands-on, practical experiences will be
                                           supplemented with classroom
                                                                                      of TOTS will be Associate Professor
                                                                                      Ann Neville-Jan, Ph.D., OTR/L,
                                                                                      FAOTA, Assistant Chair of the
                                                                                      Division of OS/OT. Dr. Neville-Jan
Special Education Programs (OSEP),         learning, as students will take elective   helped write the grant proposal and
an agency of the U.S. Department of        courses in school-based OT practice        will serve as a grant advisor on issues
Education. The grant, which will run       focusing on early intervention,            related to cultural and disability
from 2008 to 2013, is titled “Training     preschool and early elementary             studies, her area of specialty.
Occupational Therapy Specialists” (or      interventions. In addition to the
TOTS) and will be used to prepare          fieldwork mentoring, TOTS trainees         “The TOTS grant is different than past
entry-level OTs in the Division’s          will receive a $10,000 scholarship to      school-based grants USC has had
Master’s degree program to work in         support their participation. The first     through the U.S. Department of
typical early intervention settings        cohort will enter the project in the       Education in that this topic is to train
including homes, day care centers, pre     2009-2010 academic year.                   Master’s entry level OTs to work in
-schools and kindergartens. The                                                       early intervention settings with
students participating in TOTS will        Project Director for TOTS will be          children between the ages of birth to 5
acquire skills to provide services to      Diane Hammon Kellegrew, Ph.D.,             years of age,” explained Dr.
children from birth to 5 years of age      OTR/L, an Associate Professor of           Kellegrew. “This grant complements
who have disabilities or are at risk for   Clinical Occupational Therapy in the       the other USC training grants focused
disability.                                USC Division of OS/OT. She is a            on services for children in schools.
                                           widely known expert in early               With this training grant, USC OT
The new grant, the type of which is for    intervention who has been serving as       students will now have the opportunity
related service personnel preparation,     Director of the USC School-Based           for comprehensive training in working
will provide an apprenticeship model       Occupational Therapy Project.              with children with disabilities across
approach. Each year, the TOTS              Working with her will be Jean              the age spectrum covered under IDEA,
project will assign 15 selected USC        Pacifico-Banta, OTD, OTR/L, who            from birth to 22 years of age. Our
OS/OT students in the second year of       will serve as Project Coordinator and      early intervention community partners
their MA-II program to a part-time         assist with field site logistics.          are thrilled to be a part of this unique
fieldwork site. The students will be       Additionally, Dr. Pacifico-Banta           project, as training for this age
mentored by a clinical instructor in       continues to work with Dr. Kellegrew       population is rarely available for entry
working with infants, toddlers and         on the School-Based Grant. Also part       level OT students.”

OTD Program Update
O        ne of the top trends in
         education today is distance
         learning. Offering flexibility
of time and place, as well as enabling
                                           videoconferencing without entering
                                           the actual classroom in the Center for
                                           Occupation and Lifestyle Redesign.
                                           All students submit papers to the co-
                                                                                      online, and which hardware and
                                                                                      software will work best,” said Susan
                                                                                      Leech, Ed.D., OTR/L, co-instructor of
                                                                                      OT650 (with Erna Blanche, Ph.D.,
students with sociopsychological or        instructors electronically and take part   OTR/L, FAOTA). “We’ll use faculty
physical challenges to participate in      in a virtual discussion that takes place   input and interviews with a sample of
group learning activities from any         throughout the week by posting             all students for that decision.”
suitable environment with Internet         comments about readings on the
access, distance learning can be seen      Blackboard website. Blackboard,            “We look forward to making this state-
as a form of student-centered universal    which has been used extensively            of-the-art educational program
design. With this in mind, a key           throughout USC for several years, is       available to distance learning
course in the USC OTD curriculum,          an online learning management system       students,” observed Florence Clark,
OT650, is being offered in a distance      that includes functions for posting        Ph.D., OTR/L, FAOTA. “The
learning format as a “blended” course      documents and comments to boards as        launching of this course is a first step
to study the feasibility of putting more   well as checking on class assignments,     for the Division in being responsive to
OS/OT courses online in the future.        grades and downloading documents           the expressed needs of OT
                                           such as handouts or a syllabus.            practitioners throughout the nation and
The “blended” format allows the two                                                   the world who want to take courses
students in the pilot program to           “We will conduct a careful evaluative      through our Division but are unable to
“attend” lectures and discussions via      process to select courses to be offered    travel to the USC campus.”
Volume 2, 2008                                                                                                       Page 3
OS/OT Faculty Member Named Fulbright Scholar
I    n a time when it seems that
     tensions exist between countries
     across the globe because of
perceived cultural, political and
                                            Since that time, she has collaborated
                                            with faculty of the School of
                                            Occupational Therapy to create the
                                            first academic program in Latin
                                                                                        in community-based practice and will
                                                                                        help me pave the road for transcultural
                                                                                        collaboration in research in OS and
                                                                                        OT,” explained Dr. Blanche. “The
economic differences, it’s more             America to focus on occupational            long-standing reputation of the
important than ever to build                science. Her time in Chile as a             University of Chile and its affiliated
understanding between nations at the        Fulbright Scholar will allow Dr.            clinical programs’ tradition in
grassroots level. It was with this goal     Blanche to mentor Chilean OTs whom          community practice provides me an
of supporting communication between         she first taught in short courses 2 years   excellent opportunity to meet my goal
cultures in order to “increase mutual       ago, offering more instruction,             for skill-building.
understanding between the people of         collaborating on academic endeavors
the United States and the people of         and advising students on their projects.    “I also want to use my time there to
other countries” that the Fulbright         Dr. Blanche is uniquely qualified to        explore the Chilean tradition of mental
Program was established in 1946.            take on this role, as she is widely         health practice in the community,
“Fulbrighters” are the approximately        published in both English and Spanish       specifically to examine programs that
105,400 Americans and 174,100               and has taught occupational science         address contemporary lifestyle issues
citizens of 155 other countries who are     for many years in both languages.           such as obesity that are conceptualized
chosen for academic or professional                                                     differently than in the U.S.,” she
excellence as well as for leadership        While in Chile, Dr. Blanche plans to        added. “I am interested in
potential. These grant recipients spend     teach a course on applying                  understanding with greater depth how
extended periods in host countries to       occupational science to practice. This      such programs are seen in Chile. I
observe each others’ political,             concept will be familiar to many USC        think this offers a rich possibility for
economic, educational and cultural          OTD students because it is similar to       the exchange of information.”
institutions, to exchange ideas and to      content explored in OT650,
engage in cooperative ventures              Development of Adaptive Skills, one         Fulbrighters are strongly encouraged
designed to benefit people worldwide.       of the required courses in the OTD          to view their scholarship as a lifelong
                                            program (see related story, page 3).        commitment, in that they can speak
Among the scholars recognized by the        Dr. Blanche will also conduct a course      and write about their Fulbright
Fulbright Program for the 2008-2009         focusing on sensory integration and         experience and support the program
fiscal year is USC OS/OT Associate          interventions for children with autism      through alumni activities, hosting
Professor of Clinical Occupational          spectrum disorder (ASD). This will be       visiting Fulbrighters and serving on
Therapy Erna Blanche, Ph.D., OTR/L,         especially important to the Chilean         selection committees. Dr. Blanche
FAOTA. A specialist in occupational         practitioners, as children with ASD are     intends to follow up by developing
science and pediatric OT and                typically diagnosed much later in life      research collaborations with Chilean
Coordinator of USC’s OTD Program,           in Chile than are children in the U.S.      professionals and creating a model of
Dr. Blanche, a native of Chile, became      Introducing awareness and diagnostic        international community-based
one of 1,100 scholars in the Fulbright      tools that can increase the early           practice upon her return to USC.
U.S. Scholar Program (one of 14             identification of ASD will help these
Fulbright categories) for her project to    children to begin receiving services        Named for Senator J. William
develop a Master’s program in               earlier, thus potentially improving         Fulbright, who introduced legislation
occupational science at the University      their outcomes. Another goal for Dr.        that created the organization, the
of Chile in Santiago. She will go to        Blanche will be to work with Chilean        Fulbright Program is sponsored by the
Santiago as a Fulbright Scholar from        faculty members to implement diverse        Bureau of Educational and Cultural
April to June, 2009. “I feel that this is   teaching skills and methods that can be     Affairs in the U.S. Department of
a great opportunity for me to develop a     used in research projects. Through          State. Funding comes from the U.S.
longtime dream of contributing to and       this exchange of ideas, Dr. Blanche         Congress ($184.6 million in 2006) and
advancing the study of occupational         hopes to support the Latin American         contributions from binational
science in Latin America,” Dr.              educators in becoming equal partners        commissions and foreign foundations
Blanche described of her grant.             in theoretical and scientific dialogues     ($50.4 million in 2006). The Fulbright
                                            with other scholars worldwide.              U.S. Scholar Program is administered
Dr. Blanche’s affiliation with the                                                      by the Council for International
University of Chile began in 2002,          “I expect that the opportunity to           Exchange of Scholars (CIES). For
when she was approached to help             remain in Chile for an extended period      more information on the Fulbright
develop a Master’s program in OT.           of time will allow me to develop skills     Program, go to http://www.cies.org.
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Page 6                                                                      Occupational Science & Occupational Therapy
Fieldwork Update
U         SC OS/OT welcomes Leo
          Lee, OTD, OTR/L, Adjunct
          Assistant Professor and
Assistant Fieldwork Coordinator (see

                                          The international fieldwork program
                                          continues to grow. Renee McDannel,
                                                                                in Hong Kong in Summer 2008.
                                                                                Cheryl Li traveled to Hong Kong for a
                                                                                Level I fieldwork placement in Spring
                                                                                2008. We look forward to facilitating
related story, page 8). Dr. Lee has       Ph.D., OTR/L of Fundatia Broken       the clinical training of the first Hong
clinical and administrative experience    Heart in Romania, Bonnie Nakasuji,    Kong Polytechnic University student
in practice areas including geriatrics,   OTD, OTR/L and Tiffany Fu, MA,        here in the U.S. in Winter 2009. Level
home health and mental health. He         OTR/L of Mephibosheth Training        I fieldwork opportunities are again
will coordinate the Level I fieldwork     Center in Ghana, and Dr. Taguchi-     being offered for Spring 2009 in
program. The fieldwork coordination       Meyer, Academic Coordinator of        Ghana and Romania. Collaboration
team, including Jaynee Taguchi-           Fieldwork Education at USC,           with Jean Pacifico-Banta, OTD, OTR/
Meyer, OTD, OTR/L, Dr. Lee, Karen         collaborated to present a 3-hour      L and Diane Kellegrew, Ph.D., OTR/L
Park, MA, OTR/L, and Robin Turner,        workshop about international          on the School-Based Training Grant
Fieldwork Assistant, will busily          fieldwork opportunities for USC OS/   continues with expansion of school-
handle approximately 475 Level I          OT students at the AOTA Conference    based and other Level II part-time
fieldwork and Level II fieldwork          in Long Beach, CA in April 2008.      fieldwork opportunities for students.
assignments for the 2008-2009
academic year. We highly value and        Hong Kong Polytechnic University      We look forward to a highly
thank our very loyal local, national,     facilitated USC OS/OT student Adley   productive and well-coordinated
and international fieldwork               Chan’s Level II fieldwork placement   fieldwork placement year.

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Volume 2, 2008                                                                                                Page 7
USC OS/OT Welcomes New Faculty, New Posts

T       he 2008-2009 academic year
        finds a number of new faculty
        members joining the USC
Division of Occupational Science and
                                            research funding that they have
                                            achieved. USC and the Division of
                                            Occupational Science and
                                            Occupational Therapy are recognized
                                                                                      half her week at the University Park
                                                                                      Campus in the Student Union building,
                                                                                      where the USC Disability Services and
                                                                                      Programs office has contracted for OT
Occupational Therapy, as well as new        as global leaders. I highly value the     and LR services for students who are
duties for current Assistant Professor      opportunity to collaborate with the       registered with a disability. She
Julie McLaughlin-Gray. In                   faculty and continue to grow and          teaches an OT500 course, Optimal
welcoming these scholars, Division          expand my knowledge and skills. I’ve      Living with Multiple Sclerosis,
Associate Dean, Chair and Professor         heard wonderful things about the high     guiding students in running weekly
Florence Clark, Ph.D., OTR/L,               quality of the student body in the        groups for health care consumers with
FAOTA, commented, “It is so exciting        Division, many of whom have become        MS in conjunction with the National
to see so many new faculty in our           leaders within the field. I am excited    Multiple Sclerosis Society and the
ranks this year. Each one brings a          to teach and mentor within this           USC Division of Biokinesiology and
special set of skills and knowledge to      exceptionally strong program.”            Physical Therapy (see Fall 2006
strengthen the capacity of our program                                                newsletter). Additionally, Dr.
to prepare our graduates with the           At the USC Occupational Therapy           McNulty offers LR services to USC
expertise they need in the diverse          Faculty Practice (OTFP), Camille          students through the OTFP’s ongoing
areas of practice and research.”            Dieterle, OTD, OTR/L assumes the          Lifestyle Redesign® for the College
                                            position of Director, as well as          Student program, which was the
USC OS/OT is very proud to                  Assistant Professor of Clinical           subject of her OTD project. The
announce that Sharon A. Cermak,             Occupational Therapy in the Division      program was recently profiled online
Ed.D., OTR, FAOTA, an                       of OS/OT, where she will teach            by USC News (http://www.usc.edu/
internationally renowned expert in          OT583, Lifestyle Redesign®, in the        uscnews/stories/15608.html).
sensory integration and health              Spring. Dr. Dieterle was a resident at
promotion for individuals with              the OTFP as an OTD student; her           “When I finished my work on the Well
disabilities, will be joining the faculty   OTD project used Lifestyle                Elderly Study II, I knew that I wanted
as a full Professor. Dr. Cermak has         Redesign® (LR) principles to train        to continue to work in LR and stay
been a long-time faculty member of          members of the USC community to           connected with USC, so I entered the
Boston University as well as having an      create a more environmentally-            OTD program trying to find a new
appointment in the Leadership and           friendly, “green” way of living (see      population to work with,” Dr.
Education in Neurodevelopmental             Spring 2008 newsletter). In her new       McNulty remarked. “College students
Disabilities (LEND) program at the E.       position, she oversees the staff of the   turned out to be the perfect match.
K. Shriver Center of the University of      OTFP as well as supervising the           Not only do I get to incorporate my
Massachusetts and a visiting                fieldwork and residencies of students     love for OT and LR specifically, but
fellowship at Hebrew University in          including three USC OTD candidates        also my experience and passion for
Israel. Dr. Cermak is widely                who are creating LR interventions for     mental health. It is so great to be a
published and has been honored with a       the needs of specific populations.        part of the USC family, especially the
number of lectureships, fellowships                                                   OT family. I love being connected to
and awards. She is involved in NIH-         “I’m very excited to be taking on these   such great mentors and mavericks in
funded research at LEND and is              roles here at USC,” Dr. Dieterle          the field. After working on campus
Principal Investigator of an NIH R21        stated. “My OT passion is Lifestyle       with the students, I now have a
grant studying physical fitness and         Redesign® and I’m looking forward to      heightened Trojan pride and pride in
obesity in children with coordination       continuing our great LR programs at       the students that I work with who
disorders and co-investigator of the        the Faculty Practice, growing the         continue to amaze me. It’s great to be
NIH R21 grant, “Diet, Activity and          practice to reach more clients and        back at USC, but in a way I guess I
Obesity in Children with Autism.”           develop new Lifestyle Redesign®           never left!”
                                            programming, and passing on this
“I am delighted to be joining the           treatment process to our future OTs.”     Joining USC OS/OT as Level I
faculty of the Division of                                                            Fieldwork Education Coordinator is
Occupational Science and                    Joining Dr. Dieterle at the OTFP is       Jeng-Ru (Leo) Lee, OTD, OTR/L
Occupational Therapy,” Dr. Cermak           Karen McNulty, OTD, OTR/L, who            (see related story, page 7). Dr. Lee has
explained. “I am impressed with the         is an Assistant Professor of Clinical     an extensive background in physical
high quality of the faculty, their          Occupational Therapy. Dr. McNulty         disabilities and home health
leadership in the profession, and the       works half her week at the OTFP and       interventions, both in the U.S. and his
 Page 8                                                                         Occupational Science & Occupational Therapy
native Taiwan. He is currently            “I am very proud to be a part of the       year. He is teaching a course in the
researching “Partnership and Aging        Division’s effort to use innovation to     Division on Sports and Ethics, and has
among Gay Male Couples.”                  show leadership by building an             been researching several topics in
                                          exemplary online presence for the          occupational science.
“I am delighted to be a part of the OS/   future,” noted Dr. Leech. “The many
OT Division and the Fieldwork team,”      resources in both faculty and on           “I’m excited about this opportunity.”
Dr. Lee enthused. “The Division is a      campus are excellent for implementing      Dr. Morgan stated. “Part of my
workplace filled with intellectual        technology in the USC OS/OT                excitement is what an academically
stimulations and challenges. I like it!   program.”                                  vibrant Division it is and the promise
I want to express my deep                                                            of future intellectual growth. We’re
appreciation for the welcome I have       Samia Rafeedie, OTD, OTR/L, who            completing a major curriculum
received from all of the faculty and      earned her MA and OTD at USC OS/           initiative for the Ph.D. program and
staff. I admire their energy,             OT, is now an Assistant Professor of       we’re working on OS core classes,
dedication, and intelligence. I am        Clinical Occupational Therapy. She is      new research methodology courses and
looking forward to working with           teaching OT452, OT Theory and              on research practicums. We’re
Jaynee, Robin and students to cultivate   Practice in Physical Dysfunction, this     looking to expand our elective
an innovative and mindful fieldwork       semester, and will teach OT468,            offerings at the Ph.D. level to take
learning experience.”                     Advanced Occupational Therapy —            advantage of the very talented and
                                          Aging (Gerontology), in the Spring.        capable faculty we have in the
Assistant Professor of Clinical           Along with her academic duties, she is     Division.”
Occupational Therapy Susan W.             working with Kathleen Gross, MA,
Leech, Ed.D., OTR/L, ATP, RAS,            OTR/L, Director of Occupational            Assistant Professor of Clinical
brings a diverse background in            Therapy, to streamline OT evaluations      Occupational Therapy Julie
occupational therapy and technology       and paperwork, design competencies         McLaughlin-Gray, Ph.D., OTR/L,
to her new position. With her             for OT staff and update educational        has been named Coordinator of the
doctorate in Educational Technology,      materials for patients at USC              Professional Program. Currently, she
Dr. Leech is helping to head up USC       University Hospital. In addition, Dr.      teaches the Kinesiology course for
OS/OT’s entrance into the area of         Rafeedie is mentoring OTD students.        juniors, and the Clinical Pathways
distance learning (see related story,                                                course, Enhancing Motor Control for
page 3). She is co-instructor this        “I am thrilled to be back at USC, as I     Occupation, which is held at Rancho
semester of OT650, Development of         embraced my education here while I         Los Amigos and includes student
Adaptive Skills, and will co-instruct     was a student and learned how much I       participation in providing outpatient
OT655, Work and Leisure, in the           loved being in the classroom through       treatments for individuals recovering
Spring; these two required courses in     my TA experiences with Julie Gray          from strokes or brain injuries.
the OTD program are being offered         and while I taught part-time at Ohio
online as part of a pilot study of the    State University, as well as Towson        “I am very honored to take on the role
optimal methods for offering USC OS/      University in Maryland,” enthused Dr.      of Coordinator of the Professional
OT courses for students unable to         Rafeedie. “USC OS/OT is an amazing         Program,” Dr. Gray noted. “Although I
come to campus. In addition, she will     faculty to be a part of and the students   have taught in the Division for several
be teaching Pathways courses in           are always the best at USC!”               years, I know the position will provide
assistive technology and developing a                                                me with new challenges that I
course in universal design, one of her    Named as Director of the Ph.D.             welcome as opportunities for personal
specialties. Dr. Leech has been both a    Program is Professor William               and professional growth. I am pleased
classroom and online instructor, as       Morgan, Ph.D. A specialist in the          to be working with an excellent group
well as a practicing pediatric OT in      philosophy of sport, Dr. Morgan            of faculty, including some exceptional
Texas and California.                     joined the USC OS/OT faculty last          new faculty.”

Slavkin to Step Down as Dean of School of Dentistry
A        fter serving with great          Following a 1-year sabbatical, Dr.         his tenure, Dr. Slavkin led SOD to
         distinction since 2000, Harold   Slavkin will return to the SOD in 2010     become aligned with the Divisions of
         C. Slavkin has announced his     as a faculty member. Dr. Slavkin has       Occupational Science and
intentions to leave his post as Dean of   stated that he wishes to have more         Occupational Therapy and of
the USC School of Dentistry (SOD)         time to spend with his wife Lois, their    Biokinesiology and Physical Therapy.
and holder of the G. Donald and           four children and eight grandchildren.     A search will begin shortly for a new
Marian James Montgomery Dean’s                                                       Dean of the SOD, it was announced by
Chair in Dentistry at the end of 2008.    Among his many achievements during         the USC Office of the Provost.

Volume 2, 2008                                                                                                     Page 9
Alums Get Increased Library, Research Database Access

I    n keeping with the university’s
     lifelong-learning commitment to
     the Trojan Family, the USC
Alumni Association and campus
                                           the Los Angeles Times and New York
                                           Times) – and download full-text
                                           articles without charge.
                                                                                      alumni enjoy research assistance from
                                                                                      USC librarians – both in-person and
                                                                                      on the Internet – and access to rare
                                                                                      items in the university’s special
libraries are working together to          Your USC alumni membership card            collections, among other resources
promote essential library services that    gives you free access to research          available across the USC Libraries.
encourage continuing study and             libraries on the Health Sciences and
discovery and provide alumni another       University Park Campuses. Simply           Alumni can obtain their free
way to stay connected to campus life.      bring your card to any USC Libraries       membership and begin using ProQuest
With these goals in mind, the USC          circulation desk to access a wealth of     Reference Library at http://
Libraries-Alumni Association               resources and services. You can also       alumni.usc.edu. A link to log in to
partnership has acquired an expanded       access thousands of periodicals from       ProQuest is on the USC Alumni
license for the ProQuest Reference         home for free by logging onto the          Association home page.
Library, one of the libraries’ most        ProQuest database.
heavily used online research
databases. Alumni can now search           Earlier this year, the USC
more than 4,000 periodicals –              Libraries also increased the
consumer magazines, academic               number of books alumni can
journals, and newspapers (including        borrow. In addition, Trojan

New Grad Wins Award for Pediatric OT Website

A        vital Shuster earned her MA
         from USC OS/OT in 2008.
         Even before she graduated, she
was honored at the 2008 AOTA
                                           where I could enter what I want to
                                           work on and what materials I have
                                           available, and then it would return a
                                           list of suggested activities fitting my
                                                                                      created a Facebook application (http://
                                                                                      otplanner/) which provides the same
                                                                                      functionality as the OTPlan website
Conference in Long Beach with First        needs. I asked my husband (a               itself but as part of Facebook.
Prize in the Student category of the       software engineer and USC grad
34th Annual Maddak Awards                  student) if something like this were       Q: What was your experience of
Competition for Product Design.            possible, and within a few days we         participating in the Maddak Awards?
Sponsored by Maddak, Inc., a               had a working prototype.                   AS: While presenting OTPlan in front
designer and manufacturer of assistive                                                of the Maddak Award panel of judges
devices for daily living activities, the   Q: How is the website used?                [who are selected by AOTA], I noticed
awards recognize creative innovations      AS: We wanted to create a website          a lot of interest in the website. Some
for rehabilitation and supporting          that would be easy to understand and       judges referred to our site as “the
healthful activities. Ms. Shuster’s        use. OTPlan is aimed at pediatric OTs      Google for OTs.” When I was
prize was for developing OTPlan, a         and has grown to be an activity idea       announced as the winner, I was excited
website that assists OT practitioners,     and treatment plan search engine. The      and honored. I was especially touched
teachers and families to help identify     site matches the skills you want to        when fellow OTs approached me and
activities for children that will use      work on with the materials you have        said they’ve used the website and it
available resources to work on             to a detailed treatment activity. Each     helped them find new activity ideas.
improving the targeted skill.              activity the site suggests explains the    Today, I even refer teachers and
                                           purpose, materials needed, process,        parents to the website when they are in
Q: What was your motivation for            rating for the activity, and comments      need of creative ideas that are easy to
creating OTPlan.com?                       by our users. The OTPlan search            implement in the classroom and at
AS: I came up with the idea for the        engine uses the ranking by users and       home. We’re getting a lot of positive
website during my Level II fieldwork       other factors in determining the order     feedback from all of our users and I’d
at the Irvine Unified School District      of the activity ideas presented to you.    like to invite everyone to
[where I am now employed]. I used to       You can start by selecting the skill you   enjoy OTPlan.
spend hours searching for and coming       want to target, or selecting the
up with evidence-based home                materials your client has available.       For more information, go to
programs and thought it might be a         Fellow therapists can add comments         www.OTPlan.com, or e-mail Ms.
good idea if there were a website          or their own activity ideas. We also       Shuster at avital@otplan.com.

 Page 10                                                                        Occupational Science & Occupational Therapy
OS/OT Faculty Member Earns Zumberge Fund Award
R        esearch Assistant Professor
         Olga Solomon, Ph.D., an
         interdisciplinary researcher in
the Division of OS/OT, was playing
                                               for newer faculty members, with a
                                               2008-2009 Individual Award of
                                               $22,943. As part of her study, entitled
                                               “Animal-Assisted Therapy as Socially
                                                                                              Solomon shared. “I look forward to
                                                                                              conducting in-depth analysis of my
                                                                                              pilot data to better explore the effects
                                                                                              of therapy dogs on engagement of
fetch with her border collie in the park       Assistive Technology: Implications             children with autism in everyday life.
a few years ago when the dog                   for Autism,” Dr. Solomon has taped             I’m also excited because the results of
instinctively brought the Frisbee to a         over 65 hours of sessions since 2003           the Zumberge-supported project will
young girl. The child picked up the            with 5 children with autism, ranging in        serve as a foundation for a larger study
disc and tossed it, a seemingly typical        age from 3 to 14, as they play with the        in the future.”
reaction for a child. But, as the girl’s       dogs and engage in social interactions
father tearfully explained to Dr.              with their families and others in their        Florence Clark, Ph.D., OTR/L,
Solomon, the youngster had autism              typical environments. Dr. Solomon              FAOTA, stated, “I want to express my
and usually did not interact playfully.        hopes to articulate what is happening          wholehearted congratulations to Dr.
This moving event stimulated Dr.               in these interactions. One finding has         Solomon for earning a Zumberge
Solomon to explore how therapy dogs            been identifying what she has defined          Award. She works tirelessly to
might serve as predictable, reliable           as “autistic socialty,” a systematically       achieve her goals and to pursue her
social partners for children and others        observable phenomenon that she and             passion for research, a quality that is
with autism who could benefit from             USC Professor Elinor Ochs, Ph.D.,              rare and essential for those who wish
practicing social behaviors that they          reported at the OS/OT Division’s 20th          to become career scientists. Dr.
had not developed earlier in life.             Occupational Science Symposium (see            Solomon’s work in conjunction with
                                               Spring 2008 newsletter).                       this grant will formally situate animal-
Dr. Solomon’s investigations have                                                             assisted therapy as an important
been recognized by USC’s James H.              “Receiving the Zumberge Award was              component of the Division’s research
Zumberge Research and Innovation               a great honor, and it allows me to take        portfolio. It is splendid that we will be
Fund, a university-wide research grant         my research on animal-assisted                 branching out in this new, exciting,
support mechanism geared particularly          therapy for autism a step further,” Dr.        and innovative research direction.”

Annual “Tea with a Scholar” Examines Spirituality
   by Heather J. Kitching, MA ’02, OTR/L      therapy history and theory, aging,               refreshing and stimulating. Dr.

T       he USC Center for Occupation
        and Lifestyle
        Redesign was once
again the location for the
                                              spirituality and occupational science.
                                                     Dr. Billock has been an OT in
                                                     physical disabilities at
                                                     Huntington Memorial Hospital
                                                                                               Billock’s concluding remarks included
                                                                                               her recommendation to be client-
                                                                                               centered and occupation-centered as a
                                                                                               means of most effectively facilitating
7th Annual Afternoon Tea                             and authored the chapter                  a client’s perceptions of spirituality in
with a Scholar on Sunday,                            “Spirituality, Occupation, and            the context of our services, and that
September 7, 2008,                                   Occupational Therapy” in the              clients be referred to chaplains or
sponsored by OTAC                                    11th edition of Willard &                                     other spiritual guides
Region Two. This year’s                              Spackman’s Occupational                                       if they wish to make
Tea featured USC          MA-II student Mari Kasamoto Therapy.                                                     a more in-depth
alumna Christy             prepares cranberry chicken                                                              exploration of this
Billock, Ph.D., OTR/ salad sandwiches for the Tea In her talk, Dr. Billock                                         area.
L, whose presentation was titled              challenged her audience to
“Delving into the Center: Spirituality,       reflect on the history of                                                The spirit of the
Occupation and Occupational                   occupational therapy and Esther Huecker, MA ’93, Ph.D. ’05, and Tea is to bring
Therapy.” Dr. Billock has been a              the overt presence (or          Heather Javaherian chat with scholar seasoned
                                                                                Christy Billock, MA ’98, Ph.D. ’03
faculty member at Loma Linda                  absence) of spirituality as                                              scholars, master
University in the School of Allied            a central concept for intervention with          clinicians, professional leaders and
Health Professions for 8 years, where         clients. She provided a summary of               students together to share ideas and
she teaches coursework in both the            her own dissertation research                    strengthen the profession. The event
Masters’ and Doctor of Occupational           exploring the relationships between              continues to be a success each year
Therapy degree programs. Subjects             spirituality and activity for women.             due to the generous support of many
she teaches include human occupation          Attendees remarked that the                      individuals, including the featured
across the lifespan, occupational             discussion of spirituality was                   speakers, attendees and volunteers.
Volume 2, 2008                                                                                                                 Page 11
                                               Vanessa Hilario             Joyce Pagaragan
Honor Roll of Donors (Continued from page 6)
                                               Maile Hirai                 Karen Park
Leslie Nafie             Ethel Berg            Ronald Honey                Jennifer Pon
Nancy Naishtat           Erna Blanche          Greta Hung                  Joseph Ponce
Lynn Namba               Ellen Bridge          Ruth Kang                   Elizabeth Pyatak
Barbara Nisporic         Joshua Brown          Ying-Chia Kao               Cristina Ranches
Michele Ohanian          Tabitha Brown         Sarah Kelly                 Carrie Risi
L. Diane Parham          Yvonne Bueno          Kimberly Kelton             Faryl Saliman Reingold
Pamela Pagel             Katie Bushala         Bonnie Kennedy              Karissa Rode
Pablo Parrig             Cristine Carrier      Jill Killion                Adriana Rojas
Vita Press               Kimberly Carter       Monica Klimczak             Rosa Santillan
Katherine Pritchard      Karen Chuck           Susan Knox                  Jody Santoro
Tiffany Rashkin          Smita Chandru         Eileen Landis               Unda Sameshima-Rost
Mary Elizabeth Romero    Joyan Chang           Sara Larson                 Derrol Sater
Elvira Arzaga Rubio      Larissa Coon          Aimee Levine-Dickman        Katharine Schelling
Gretchen Schmalz         Sylvia Coward         Pamela Lew                  Gretchen Schmalz
Olga Solomon             Akemi Davies          Nanci Lewis                 Elly Schoap
Lisa Test                Alexandra Dans        Hong Li                     Avital Shuster
USC Trojan Bookstore*    Paul Debler           Mayra Lopez                 Igal Shuster
Cheryl Woo               Celso Delgado         Jessica Lum                 Anne Snyder
Elizabeth Wyckoff        Lisa Deshaies         Ernesto Martinez, Jr.       Kathryn Sorensen
Deena Yanari             Leslie Dykeman        Barbara Mathews             Esther Suh
Ellen Sakai Yano         Christopher Ecker     Donna Mills                 Erin Sullivan
                         Lauren English        Corey Minnick               Sheila Szafran
$1 - $24                 Sara Ernst            Tamara Mitchell             Guadalupe Thompson
Cindy Abrams             Kim Fleck             Jennifer Morgan             Caroline Todd
Bayla Adelman            Dana Fox              Tessa Milman                Steven Trenholme
Rebecca Aldrich          Joy Fujimoto          Joy Mukai                   Jann Tsuda
Patricia Alexander       Helaine Gann          Pamela Nakada               John White
Jeanie Anderson          Florence Gold         Anna Nguyen                 Gregory Wondoloski
Suzanne Baruch           Robert Hartley        Christine Nguyen            Jean Wronski
Robert Benson            Aubri Hathaway        Myra O’Connell              Tina Yang

                 TO LAUNCH STATE-OF-THE-ART
       We are pleased to announce a generous donation from Southpaw Enterprises,
         the leader in sensory integration therapeutic equipment, that will allow
             USC students to receive hands-on training in the application of
                sensory integration theory and practice across the lifespan.

Page 12                                                   Occupational Science & Occupational Therapy
A Message from USC’s Director of Annual Giving
      by Iyoni Rice, Director of Annual
     Giving for University Advancement    the 2008-2009 Annual Fund drive,           Phyllis J. Meltzer

T        he USC Division of
         Occupational Science and
         Occupational Therapy has long
been recognized as a small
                                          which started on July 1st. Remember,
                                          before the Division can recruit world
                                          class faculty and elite students, before
                                          the Division can win grants from
                                                                                     Susan Lanell Spitzer
                                                                                     Renee Andrine Soderlund
                                                                                     Grace Lopez
                                                                                     Claudell Gapultos
professional program with a big           foundations and corporations, before
reputation which will continue to grow    the Division can achieve positive press    Contributing 6-10 consecutive years
as the united support of alumni           in influential publications, people want   Gretchen M. Schmalz
increases. In celebration of the          to know how you and other OS/OT            Claire B. Kopp
Division’s 65th Anniversary, many         alumni feel about your Division.           Eric Paul Abe
alumni made their endorsement of          Think of the leverage you can continue     Judith Freeman
USC and the Division of OS/OT             to provide, and remember that it’s not     Michelle Berro
official by participating in the 2007-    the size of your gift, but that you        Anthony Francis DeJonghe
2008 Annual Fund drive, which             choose to participate that matters most.   Kimberly A. Eggleston
concluded on June 30th. As a result,                                                 Emily Hart
the Division has moved up four            Additionally, the Division would like
positions in the 2007-2008 USC            to extend our gratitude to the donors      Contributing 11-15 consecutive years
alumni participation school rankings.     who have set an admirable example of       Priscilla Kong Wong
This represents the fourth highest        annual giving by supporting the            Jean Pennucci
percentage increase of all USC schools    Division year after year. Thank you!       Judith L. Packard
compared to fiscal year 2006-2007.                                                   Kathleen Gross
                                          Contributing 3-5 consecutive years         Loretta Ellen Reust
This symbolic endorsement from OS/        M. Madigan
OT alumni sets off a chain reaction       Linda Lou Florey                           Contributing over 20 consecutive years
that helps to determine the Division’s    Isabel Mullin                              Dagney M. Cooke
future accomplishments. So, I would       Heidi McHugh Pendleton                     Julie W. Shaperman
like to encourage you to participate in   Joan Louise Daems                          Leonora A. Pezzuti

Student News
Students enrolled in USC OS/OT’s          the American Occupational Therapy          project manager.
School-Based Grant program worked         Foundation (AOTF), whose mission is
with authors Barbara Hanft and Jayne      “to provide financial support for          MA ’08 graduates and current OTD
Shepherd in preparing their recent        emerging leaders in the occupational       students Suzanne Lai, Michelle Lee
book (and related AOTA continuing         therapy practice.”                         and Lyndsay Price all volunteered at
education course), Collaborating for                                                 Rancho Los Amigos’ annual athletic
Student Success: A Guide for School-      A large number of international            competition, the Spinal Injury Games.
Based Occupational Therapy. The           students entered the USC OS/OT MA-         The students, who helped with set-up
students, cited in the book’s             I in August of this year. Included in      and registration throughout the day,
acknowledgements (and some quoted         the group are 11 students from India,      had been enrolled in the USC OS/OT
in the text of the book), were: Kelly     as well as Jamie Colquhoun, who is         Pathways course Enhancing Motor
Bloom, Sara Cassone, Courtney             from Scotland. Mr. Colquhoun was           Control for Occupation (held at
Daniels, Inbal Fraiman, Kory              elected MA-I representative to OTSC.       Rancho) during the second year of
Fukuwa, Anthony Gallegos, Samana                                                     their MA-II programs, and Ms. Lai had
Khan, Rebecca Kim, Sophia Lin,            Ph.D. student Jeanine Blanchard,           completed a Fieldwork II placement at
Christine Nakamura, Denver Nino,          MA ’99, presented at the American          Rancho’s Spinal Injury Unit.
Melissa Schofield, Karen Smikahl,         Anthropological Association
Britt Sorensen, Sarah Tompkins,           Conference in Washington, DC. Her          Births
Maritza Villegas and Rebecca Zino.        paper, “Activity Self-Analysis as a        Dominic Jon Bruzzese, first-year MA
                                          Pathway to Health and Well-Being in        -II student, became the father of son
Maria Balsimo, a current second-year      Older Adults,” is related to USC’s two     Mateo Jon Bruzzese in September
MA student, received a $1,000             landmark Well Elderly Studies, on          2008. Mateo weighed 7 lbs. exactly
Progressus Therapy Scholarship from       which Ms. Blanchard works as a             and measured 20 inches tall.
Volume 2, 2008                                                                                                    Page 13
OS/OT Faculty Present at European Conferences...

C        ontinuing the Division’s         OTR, FAOTA, presented at the              and research agendas, and to establish
         tradition of promoting the       conference on the subject, “Well          a formal relationship with them. We
         growth of occupational           Elderly Research Project: Addressing      look forward with great expectation to
science and occupational therapy          the Lifestyle Redesign® Program.”         future collaborations with their faculty
internationally, USC OS/OT faculty        Dr. Jackson noted, “It was important      and students.”
members made a number of                  to share our work with our colleagues
presentations throughout the year at      from Europe, and to hear about their      Dr. Clark also gave an invited keynote
overseas conferences and educational      projects and research.”                   address at the 5th Congress of the
institutions. While OS/OT faculty and                                               European Union Geriatric Medicine
grad students are involved across the     Three USC OS/OT faculty members           Society (EUGMS) in Copenhagen,
globe, including Latin America (see       — Dr. Clark, Mary Lawlor, Sc.D.,          Denmark in September, where her
related story, page 4) and Asia, three    OTR/L, FAOTA, and William                 topic was “Lifestyle Intervention for
meetings in Northern Europe recently      Morgan, Ph.D. — visited the               Promoting Health-Related Outcomes
coincided in which Division               prestigious Karolinska Institutet in      in Community-Dwelling Elders.” “It
professors participated.                  Stockholm, Sweden in June. While          was so rewarding to be able to present
                                          there, Dr. Lawlor talked about her        our Well Elderly research program to
COTEC, or the Council of                  research on the Boundary Crossing         an audience of over 200 physicians
Occupational Therapists for the           grant, Dr. Morgan presented on the        and therapists,” Dr. Clark observed.
European Countries, had its 8th           ethics of occupations and Dr. Clark       “What was special was that this
Annual Conference in Hamburg,             made two presentations: “Uncovering       largely European audience was able to
Germany in May. An organization           New Vistas: The Future of                 see first-hand that occupational
that represents 120,000 practicing OTs    Occupational Science” and “The            therapy has a track record in
in 26 countries, COTEC’s stated aim       Centennial Vision and Occupational        producing research of the highest
is to enable European OTs “to work        Therapy in Health and Wellness:           caliber that demonstrates the cost-
together to develop, harmonise and        Lifestyle Redesign®.” “The                effectiveness of one of its intervention
improve standards of professional         Department of OT and Occupational         approaches on health outcomes in the
practice and education, as well as        Science at Karolinska is one of the       elderly. I really think the talk
advance the theory of Occupational        premier institutions in the world,” Dr.   enhanced the perceptions of
Therapy throughout Europe.”               Morgan said. “So it was informative       interdisciplinary colleagues on the
Florence Clark, Ph.D., OTR/L,             and exciting to compare notes with        extent to which occupational therapy
FAOTA and Jeanne Jackson, Ph.D.,          them about our respective programs        is a scientific, evidence-based field.”

...and International Visitors Present at USC OS/OT
U        SC OS/OT played host to
         visiting scholars from around
         the world during the past
year. As well, the Division is planning
                                          Tan Hwei Lan, an occupational
                                          therapist from Singapore, visited the
                                          Division in September. Previously
                                          chief hand therapist at Singapore
                                                                                    University of Toronto in Canada.
                                                                                    With over 80 publications, a book and
                                                                                    a patent to her credit, Dr. Reid’s
                                                                                    interests include virtual reality-based
for more visits in months to come.        General Hospital and currently a          interventions. “I am looking forward
                                          lecturer and Clinical Coordinator for     to meeting with faculty and students to
In late March, UK practitioners           Nanyang Polytechnic School of Health      share with them a new concept called
Gaynor Sadlo and Jennifer Creek           Sciences, Ms. Tan is also a council       ‘occupational presence,’ and to
presented on “Occupational Therapy        member and former president of the        receive much appreciated feedback,”
in England” for the USC OS/OT             Singapore Association of                  she enthused. “It will also be my
community. Ms. Sadlo specialized in       Occupational Therapists. Her              pleasure to speak about our Canadian
work rehabilitation while working as      presentation, attended by 20 USC OS/      experience in OT.”
an OT in Australia, and in physical       OT students, was titled “OT in
rehabilitation and social services in     Singapore” and concerned both             In 2009, Dr. Kerstin Tham, head of the
Britain. In 1983, she took a teaching     Singaporean culture and OT practice.      Division of Occupational Therapy at
position at the London School of                                                    the Karolinska Institutet, will be a
Occupational Therapy. Ms. Creek is        Scheduled for October is Denise Reid,     visiting professor at USC OS/OT. Her
an expert in mental health practice,      Ph.D., a Professor in the Department      research specialty is neuroscience,
having published extensively on issues    of Occupational Science and               particularly rehabilitation of unilateral
pertaining to OT and mental health.       Occupational Therapy at the               neglect following stroke.

Page 14                                                                      Occupational Science & Occupational Therapy
   Save the Date — 21st OS Symposium                               USC Homecoming 2008 — November 1st

T       he USC Division of Occupational Science and
        Occupational Therapy is proud to announce that
        the XXI Occupational Science Symposium will
take place on Friday, March 27th, 2009. As in recent
                                                                        J     oin OS/OT alumni, students, faculty/staff
                                                                              and friends for Homecoming on Saturday,
years, the venue will be the Davidson Conference Center                       November 1, 2008, when the top-rated USC
on the University Park Campus.                                          Trojans take on the Washington Huskies. Time
                                                                        for the pre-game events and game is yet to be
The topic of the latest symposium will be Rehabilitation                determined. To reserve your tickets, contact
Science. Speakers are not yet confirmed, but will include               Jackie Mardirossian at jmardiro@usc.edu or (323)
scholars not only in occupational science and occupational              442-2811. Hurry, there are a limited number of
therapy, but also in a number of health and related fields,             tickets available!
providing attendees with an interdisciplinary exploration
of the latest innovations and thought in rehabilitation. The
program will also include the annual Wilma West Lecture
and an optional catered lunch.                                         2009 Research Day — February 18th
Tuition for the day-long conference will be $125 per
person, and it is anticipated that continuing education
credit will be available. For more information on this
event, contact Peter Wittrock in the Division of
Occupational Science and Occupational Therapy at (323)
                                                                  T       he USC School of Dentistry has announced that its
                                                                          next Research Day program will be February 18,
                                                                          2009. Students and faculty from the Division of
                                                                  Occupational Science and Occupational Therapy are
                                                                  invited to present posters on their latest research. Prizes
442-1861, or e-mail him at wittrock@usc.edu.                      are awarded for outstanding work. Save the date!

USC Hosts Visit by OTAC Executive Director
  by Heather J. Kitching, MA ’02, OTR/L
                                           opportunity to meet with clinicians,           Polastri’s visit were Michele Berro,

N        ewly elected OTAC
         Executive Director Karen
         Polastri was recently a guest
of the USC Division of Occupational
                                           educators and
                                           leaders to discuss
                                           future directions
                                           for the state
                                                                                                    Bertha Cabral, Remy Chu,
                                                                                                    Florence Clark, Camille
                                                                                                    Dieterle, Kathleen Gross,
                                                                                                    Denise Ha, Sharon Lee,
Science and Occupational Therapy           association and                                          Jackie Mardirossian,
and USC University Hospital as well        our profession.                                          Stephanie Mielke, Sandra
as other Southern California               While at USC,                                            Okada, Deborah Pitts, Amy
occupational therapy settings during a     Ms. Polastri                                             Salinas, Christine Segar and
two-day tour through portions of           toured facilities (l. to r.) OTAC President Shawn Phipps, Lora Woo. A second
OTAC Region Two (Los Angeles).             and was guest at BS ‘97, MS, OTR/L; Florence Clark, official visit to Region
At events including a town hall            an informal           Ph.D., OTR/L, FAOTA; and OTAC         Two will be scheduled
                                                                  Executive Director Karen Polastri
meeting co-presented with OTAC             lunch.                                                      sometime in 2009. For
President Shawn Phipps and Vice                                                           more information, contact Region
President Patricia Nagaishi (both USC      Among OTAC members who assisted                Two Director Heather Kitching at
OS/OT alums), Ms. Polastri took the        in planning events throughout Ms.              reg2dir@otaconline.org.

                                          Let’s Keep in Touch!
 D        o you have news you’d like to share with fellow alums? A new position, a publication or honor, or perhaps an
          addition to your family? We’d like to hear from you and report your news in an upcoming issue of
          Occupational Science & Occupational Therapy. Also be sure to let us know if you have any updates in your
 contact information. Please e-mail your news and/or updated contact information to jmardiro@usc.edu. You can also
 send your information to: USC Division of Occupational Science & Occupational Therapy, Attn: Jackie Mardirossian,
 1540 Alcazar St., CHP-133, Los Angeles, CA 90089-9003. Be sure to include your name, degree and class year, home
 and e-mail addresses, and telephone number.

 We would also like to know your interests in what you’d like to read about in an upcoming newsletter.

Volume 2, 2008                                                                                                          Page 15
                                                                                                                Page 16
USC OS/OT Celebrates New and Half Century Alums

 T       o offer a symbol of their appreciation for their
         outstanding education and experiences as USC
         students, the 2008 graduates of USC OS/OT
 presented the Division with a class gift at the May
                                                              B        eginning with their 50th class reunion, graduates
                                                                       of USC are welcomed into a distinguished group
                                                                       of alumni known as the Half Century Trojans. As
                                                              caretakers of USC history and tradition, Half Century Tro-
 commencement ceremony. The gift, which was a framed,         jans are uniquely positioned to promote the Trojan Spirit
 2-foot by 5-foot Timeline depicting the history of USC       and to strengthen the bonds that connect USC alumni
 OS/OT, will be displayed in the hallway of the Division      across generations.
 on the Health Sciences Campus, and a copy will be            The Division of Occupational Science and Occupational
 created for the Center for Occupational and Lifestyle        Therapy is pleased to announce its alumni of the Class of
 Redesign. Members of the 2008 MA-II class organized          1958 as the newest members of the Half Century Trojans:
 the collection of funds and selected the gift, but money                Marilyn Alper
                           was raised from all graduating                 Shirley Burns
                                                                         Nancy Durdick
                           students to set an example for                Dorothy Ecker
                           future classes of giving back to               Harriet Hague
                           their alma mater.                               Phyllis Hix
                                                                           A. Joy Huss
                                                                       Suzanne Kenworth
                           “I continue to be overwhelmed               Lillian Kuwayama
                           by the thoughtfulness and                        Janice Lee
                           generosity of the Class of 2008               Donna Rozelle
                           in leaving the Division with a               Doris Sakamoto
                                                                       Delmer Scoonover
 OTSC Co-Chair Shannon class gift,” Associate Dean and                     Jane Stauss
Wendorf, MA ’08, presents Chair Florence Clark, Ph.D.,                  Kathleen Strom
the 2008 Class Gift to Dr. OTR/L, FAOTA told the newly                 Mineko Takahashi
      Florence Clark
                           minted alumni. “Your idea to                    Mary Vezie
present an updated Timeline of the past 65 years is so                Florence Wakayama
                                                                         James Wishard
special. Your spirit of giving and lifelong connection                  Millicent Wong
means the world to me, the faculty and the Division. You               Lillian Yamashita
are the future of USC OS and OT and have set a beautiful      For more on USC Reunion Weekend and the Half Century
example. We will always remember you.”                        Trojans celebration, go to http://alumni.usc.edu/reunion.

   Associate Dean and Chair
   Florence Clark, Ph.D., OTR/L, FAOTA

   Board of Councilors
   Mark E. Biehl
   Linda L. Florey, Ph.D., OTR/L, FAOTA
   Mary Elizabeth Foto, OTR/L, FAOTA
   Grace Ho, MA, MPH, OTR/L
   Frances Weiss Kelley, OTR
   Susan Knox, Ph.D., OTR/L, BCP, FAOTA
   Lawrene Kovalenko, MA, OTR
   Richard J. McCauley, MA, OTR, FAOTA
   Colette U. Nagami, OTR/L
   James J. Papai, MPH
   James Plumtree, MA, OTR
   Patricia Volland Plumtree

   Newsletter Editor
   Faryl Saliman Reingold, MA, OTR/L

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