A Guide to Air Humidifiers

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					A Guide to Air Humidifiers
In general, an air humidifier injects fresh air into an entire room or a room, in the form of
moisture, humidity or cold air to hot moisture. There are two basic types of humidifiers: Fresh
and warm. Depending on what you prefer, you need to look at each humidifier type before
buying. In addition, the reason for buying a humidifier may not only be for adding moisture, but
also the alleviation of skin problems, elimination of bacteria that cause allergies such as sine,
disinfection, prevention of airborne diseases, and assisting indoor plants grow.

Two types of these devices: hot and cold humidifiers

   1. COOL Humidifier
There are several types of cool humidifiers, but the widely known humidifiers are evaporative
humidifiers and air wick compressors. The cool air humidifier type releases moisture in the form
of cold water that is stored in the tank. What it does is that the air inside a cool humidifier is
blown from the evaporation tank of humidifier to give fresh air. A single room with low
humidity has a high rate of evaporation.

The second type of Air Humidifier is cool blown. Turbines diffuse droplets of water through the
rotating disk to project into the water. The cool humidifier creates water droplets in a fog as the
moisture releases cold in the room. Something similar to the wheel of a humidifier, cool mist is
produced using ultrasonic sound waves that vibrate in the water. The water droplets present a
mist that passes cold snap. Ultrasound is more effective but more expensive anyway.

   2. WARM Humidifier
   •    Steam / vaporizers are inexpensive and very simple. They are humidifiers that release
        moist air. What they do is that the evaporator is reduced to water and then releases the
        steam, without leaving out the humidifier and the heat is converted to humidity in the
        room. The heating is an advantage for the disinfection of airborne bacteria.
   •    A warm mist air humidifier is similar to a steam humidifier; the only difference is that
        they are much cooler. Before reaching the evaporated cooling system a mixture of hot
        and humid temperatures are produced. The cooling is done to prevent burning. In
        addition, they are used to warm the air purifier.

It is a bit' worrying that the dangerous bacteria and microorganisms are dispersed in the air every
time. Just like a warm mist air humidifier, cool mist air compressors need to be cleaned routinely
to prevent accumulation of bacteria in their air vents. Using distilled water or filtered water
instead of tap water will help reduce the risk of micro-organisms, and bacteria, which are spread
through the air. If you have sine disease, the hot steam humidifier could be better for you. In
addition to this, both types of humidifier are doing the same work to increase the humidity in the

Do not assume that all air humidifiers work the same. These products work differently with each
other. The decision to buy is much easier if you know how they work. Another trick, an air
humidifier must be cleaned from time to time to prevent mineral deposits. Just make sure that it
is a built in humidity so you can control the amount of moisture in the room. 40-45 percent
relative humidity in the house you want.

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