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									Outline 1

What roles did farmers, workers and union workers lead to economic regards in

Intro: Determine the movement. Describe.
A) high int lasses of people workers farmers and women and their participation
would play major roles in the movements. In following paragraphs they would be
highlighted specifically.
In conclusion, they'd discuss pre and post movement concepts

3 groups, populism, progressivism, farmer labor party as separate labor parties.
Think of populism as very broad, look ignatius Donnelly. Populism has non partisan
municipal elections, initiative and referendum, considered good government
reforms, and popularized the rails. On one hand it's moderate, on the other it's very
radical. Populists strive for the workers, but have a weird look towards foreigners.
Progressives want a more democratic transparent kind of form. One their biggest
changes was the support of woman suffrage. Farmer laborparty combines populism
with the more socialistic labor movement. Becomes dominant political party against
republicans and becomes super powerful post something. Focus how farmers and
workers come together to create that party as an alternatively

Outline 2.

impact of migration on Minnesota history.
Social impact taking a Russian, Mexican, Iraqi and throwing in a mine deciding how
to work together. They come up with a language in which they can communicate
and mix language.
Cultural impact. Awareness of time and schedule instead of a farm like life. On a
farm you an discression how you work, wheeze mine orders. Women were original
homemakers, worked all day.
Single men worked mines.
Both areas had English barriers.
Immigrants came to escape tyranny and find work.
People are more skeptical now of immigrants than they were back then.
Remember that iron range immigration was very limited in terms of space. All
workers come at one particular moment. You don't hear a lot of different languages
and pervasiveness today, most of them stayed on the iron range and were
unnoticed. Back then, immigrants would surround themselves with similar country
Current immigration will affect the future, more adversity in business and politics,
making competition for work for those without degrees much harder.

Outline 3
Public education system established
Shared plants and gardens
company boosterism
Railroads had guides in multiple languages.
Boosterism still ute same.
Communities established, more skill and language established more tolerance
Globalization and new technology

Massive amount of diversity and languages.
Time system in mines vs time system in cities.
Botherhood fraternity on the range, although from multiple backgrounds they
stayed cultural and stuck together.
Different ethnicities still migrate and create their own cultural communities.
Example Somali pop.

sometime in 1855 neighborhoods established that were split off politically brout
Safety regulations.
Discuss the unions
United steel and western mines federations resulted from the teamster strikes.
Impact on natives as a result of European immigration, the Ojibwe
Red lining how districts are separated for voting and how different ethnicities will
vote one way or another.
Increase of civil rightd, bigger population.

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