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									         Quail Unlimited Hunting
         Heritage Skills Camp
             Tri-Lakes Coarsegold, CA – July 18-23, 2010
             Build your hunting and outdoor skills—Shotgun
        Skills Clinics, Hunter Education review, Tracking,
      Fishing, Map Reading, Hunting with Dogs, Game Care and
       Cooking, Conservation and more—Now that you have your
        license, take that second step toward your hunting
                                                           Tri-Lakes Ranch is part of the historic
   Going hunting and getting the most out of the           Ecker Ranch owned and operated by J.B.
experience takes more than a basic hunter education        Overstreet. The ranch is located
class. It takes outdoor skills, techniques and             on 2,000 acres in the foothills between
confidence in your shooting ability to achieve             Fresno and
success and to comfortably enjoy the outdoor
experience. QU’s Hunting Heritage Covey camp is
designed to enhance those skills.
   The Covey Camp at Tri-Lakes is open to youngsters
from 11 to 15 years of age, who have already
completed the basic hunter education program and are
ready to take that second step.
  Youngsters learn that sportsmen were America’s first
conservationists and the values of the outdoor heritage.
The camp starts with a full review of firearm safety.
General camp activities include:
      Instinctive shooting skills
      Hunting manners and camp duties
      Serving as gunners for dog trainers.
      Fly fishing (Fresno Fly Fishers for
          Conservation teach the fly fishing               Yosemite, just south and east of the town of Coursegold. These
          and tying program.)                              foothills are home to a large variety of wildlife, including quail,
                                                           deer, turkey and a host of non-game animals.
      Game calling (turkey, quail and elk)
                                                           A camp coordinator, two adult counselors, junior counselors and
      Judging habitat—Is this a good place
                                                           volunteers from the Fresno Quail Unlimited Chapter staff the
          to hunt? What’s missing?
      Conservation—How to improve the                     Many Quail Unlimited Chapters offer scholarships for youngsters
          carrying capacity of the land                    from their regions. For scholarship information contact:
      History of conservation                             Dick Haldeman                        951-767-3435 (W)
      Differences between preservation                    QU Western Regional Director 951-218-8818 (C)
          and conservation                                 39455 Black Oak RD                  951-767-2716 (F)
      Tracking                                            Temecula, CA 92592                  westernqu@aol.com
      Basic survival steps
      Mapping and what to do when the
          GPS doesn’t work
     Everything is done in a hands-on, fun
     format. All marksmanship and
     shooting activities are done in a
     controlled format on the range. Even
     the gun dog work is closely supervised
     with a goal of having the youngsters
     make sound judgment calls throughout
     the hunt.
                                                      Items For Campers to Bring:

                                                      ____ (2) pair of Jeans

                                                      ____ (2) pair of Shorts

                                                      ____ (5) Tee-Shirts

                                                      ____ (1) Sweatshirt

                                                      ____ Plenty of Socks
The Basics:                                           ____ Hat

1: Check-in time: 1-3 PM Sunday                       ____ Swimsuit
July 18, 2010
2: Pick-up time: By 1 PM Thursday                     ____ Tennis Shoes
July 22, 2010
                                                      ____Sleeping bag
3: Camper’s age range 11 to 15 years of age
                                                      ____Camping Pillow
4: Camper registration fee $400.
                                                      ____Toothbrush and Toothpaste
5: Please complete the attached forms and mail
them with your check to Quail Unlimited, 39455
Black Oak Rd., Temecula, CA 92592. Camp               ____ Brush and/or Comb
registration is limited to 16 campers. Registration
is on a first come, first paid basis.                 ____Sun Protection

                                                      ____ Insect Repellent
6: All firearms and ammunition are provided.
7: Eye and ear protection provided.
                                                      ____Camera and Film
8: Each day there will be firearm safety and
marksmanship training.                                ____Binoculars

                                                      ____Fishing Tackle (Warm Water Species)
9: Game Care Classes: Campers will clean and
process a chukar for one evening meal.                ____Day Pack

11: Please do not send IPODs or other similar toys    ____ Gloves
and equipment to camp.

12: The Campers will stay in tents provided by
Quail Unlimited.
                                  To Yosemite

To Sacramento

                                       Coarsegold            Ecker
                         Texaco                                Ranch
                                     417 Road

                                  Highway 41

Highway 99


                         To Los Angeles

Tri-Lakes COVEY Camp Driving Directions

From Fresno take Highway 41 east toward Yosemite. Roughly ½ mile
before Coursegold, (just past the Casino Entrance) turn right on road 417.)
It is 2.5 miles from highway 41 to the Ecker Ranch (Tri-Lakes) gate. There is
a historical marker to the right of the gate. Go through the metal gate and
go left on all roads to the ranch house.

                         Tri-Lake Club 559-683-6276
Quail Unlimited COVEY Kids Camp Application                                 The camp is limited to 16 campers.
                                                                     Campers will be selected on a first come first serve
Tri-Lakes Covey Camp
                                                                        basis. If you child is attending on a chapter
Coursegold, California                                                           scholarship please indicate
July 18 – 22, 2010                                                          Chapter name ________________
Applications are due by June 25, 2010                                      To locate your closest chapter call
Registrations fee is $400.00                                                            951-767-3435
Please make checks payable to Quail Unlimited mail to:               Scholarships are limited and may not cover the
              Quail Unlimited                                                      entire registration fee.
              39455 Black Oak Road
              Temecula, CA 92592

Child’s Name_______________________________________________________________________________________________
Date of Birth _____________________________                                                            Sex:  Male  Female
Address ____________________________________________________________________________________________________
City ______________________________________________________ State_______________________ Zip Code______________
E-Mail Address ______________________________________________________________________________________________

Parent of Guardian’s Name _____________________________________________________________________________________
Address (if different from above)_________________________________________________________________________________
City ______________________________________________________ State_______________________ Zip Code______________
Home Phone______________________________ Work Phone_____________________________ Cell Phone __________________

Alternate Responsible Person (Not Parent) to be contacted in case of emergency if parent of guardian is not available:

Name _______________________________________________________________________Relationship ____________________
Address ____________________________________________________________________________________________________
City ______________________________________________________ State_______________________ Zip Code______________
Home Phone______________________________ Work Phone_____________________________ Cell Phone __________________

       Please complete this application and the Health information forms. Your child will not be accepted without both forms.

    If someone other than the above parents or guardians will be picking your child up from camp please provide the following:

    (Name) ________________________________________ has my permission to pick up my child from the QU COVEY Camp.

    Name _________________________________________________ Relationship____________________________________

                             Please List any Allergies or Medication to be taken by the child
                                 Allergies                             Medications - Directions
                                                           Health Form
    Quail Unlimited COVEY Camp                                                            Quail Unlimited, National Headquarters
     39455 Black Oak Road                                                                         31 Quail Run
      Temecula CA 92592                                   Tri-lakes 2010                        Edgefield. SC 29824

 This form constitutes a permission statement which must be signed and completed by a parent or guardian.
         This information is confidential. The form must be at camp by the child’s first day at camp.

Camper’s First Name:_____________________________________________________________________ Age_______________

E-Mail Address______________________________________________________________________________________________

Camper resides with  Both Parents          Father        Mother               Other ______________________

Father’s Full Name ________________________________________________________ Res Phone__________________________
                                                                                           Bus Phone __________________

Mother’s Full Name ________________________________________________________ Res Phone__________________________
                                                                                           Bus Phone __________________

Guardian’s Full Name ______________________________________________________ Res Phone__________________________
                                                                                           Bus Phone __________________

Alternated responsible person (not Parent) to be contacted in case of emergency if parent or guardian is unavailable:


Address___________________________________________________________________________Res Phone_________________
                                                                                                    Bus Phone _____________

Insurance: If you have Health or Hospital Insurance for your child, Please send a photo copy of your insurance card. Please list:

Name of Insurance Company __________________________________________________________________
                  Policy Holder _________________________________________________________________
                  Policy Number ___________________________________


I hereby authorize Quail Unlimited, Inc to direct qualified health care professionals to diagnose, immunize, perform surgery, and
any other appropriate medical treatment or counseling for my child or ward. In the rare instances a surgical emergency arises, in
which written consent by the parent or guardian legally is required but the proper person cannot be located. In this event and in
order to avoid delay which might jeopardize the life or recovery of the Camper, we request the following permission from the
parent or guardian, with the understanding that every effort will be made to contact them in an emergency.

Name ___________________________________________________________________________ Date:_____________________



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