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									Q1. How does the Dual SIM Card Holder works?
    The Dual SIM Card Holder is the size of a normal SIM card, it will be installed like the normal
    way you install your SIM card into the phone. The SIM card holder would house 2 SIM cards.
    You just need to power off and then power on the phone to toggle between the 2 SIMs.

Q2. Could both SIM (lines) be active at the same time?
    No, only one SIM card could be active at anytime, there isn't any product in the market yet
    that allows both card to be active at the same time. If you wish to continue receiving calls from
    the other non-active SIM, you could divert the calls to the active SIM card before toggling
    between the SIM. Please note that SMS/MMS could not be diverted.

Q3. How to switch between the 2 SIM cards?
    You just need to power off and then power on the phone to toggle between the 2 SIMs. For
    some Nokia phone models, you just need to key #3370# from the standby menu, the phone
    will power off and on by itself. Nokia phone that uses Symbian OS; like the 3650 and 7650;
    does not support the #3370#.

Q4. How to install two normal SIM cards into one Dual SIM card Holder?
    The installation steps are as follows,
       1. Original SIMs need to be cut to the appropriate size.
       2. The cutting could be done by using a pair of scissors or by our cutter tool.
       3. Our cutter tool is more recommended as it is more precise than a pair of scissors.
       4. The cut SIMs are then place onto the Dual SIM card Holder.
       5. A sticker or metal bracket is placed over the holder, depending on the phone to be
            installed into.
       6. The sticker or metal bracket is for the purpose of securing the cut SIM to the Dual
            SIM card holder, but it may affect the thickness of the Dual SIM card Holder.
       7. This completes the installation.
       8. Don't worry; we will perform all the above steps for you as part of our free installation

Q5. Will cutting the SIM card permanently damage the SIM?
    No, it will not damage the SIM if cut with out cutter tool.

Q6. Why could the SIM still function after being cut?
    The metal contact of the SIM card is the most important portion of the whole card. We are
    cutting out the metal contacts and discarding the rest of the card, which means we still retain
    the important portion of the SIM card. Information on the SIM will not be lost after being cut.

Q7. Could all SIM card be cut?
    No, only SIM card with the metal contact close to the edge of the card could be cut. Please
    refer to our SIM Compatibility table for the supported type of SIM card. We will not cut
    unsupported SIM card. We will only cut unsupported SIM if you insist and we will not be
    responsible if it could not work.

Q8. Is the cutting process "Non Reversable"? If I decided not to have 2 SIM Cards anymore,
    does it means I can't use the SIM anymore?
    No, we have a recovery kit to convert the cut SIM back to a normal sized SIM, in cases when
    you decided not to use 2 SIM cards or when you accidentally spoilt the Dual SIM card Holder
    and do not wish to get a replacement. The recovery kit is FREE together with your purchase.
Q9. Do I need to make modification to my phone?
    No, modification of the phone is not required, only your SIM cards were modified.

Q10. Could the Dual SIM card holder be used on any mobile phone?
   Yes, the Dual SIM card holder could work on almost any GSM mobile phone.

    The Dual SIM card Holder had been successfully installed on the following phone models,
        Nokia 2100, 3210, 3310, 3330, 3530, 3650, 5100, 6100, 6210, 6510, 6610, 7210,
           7250, 7650, 8210, 8250, 8310, 8910
        Erisson P800, T68, T100, T200, T310, T610
        Siemens M35i, S45
        Samsung N620, T200
        Palm Tungsten W

    The Dual SIM card Holder had NOT been able to install on the following phone models,
        Nokia 8850, 8855
        O2 XDA
        Motorola T720, V3688, C330
        Siemens SL45, 8008
        Panasonic GD88

    If your phone model is not is my list and you don't mind the time and trouble, we would be
    most willing to test your phone free of charge with our Demo Dual SIM card Holder.

Q11. What does the warranty covers and what it does not covers?

    The warranty only covers manufacture defects:
        if the SIM holder does not switch between the 2 SIM cards when you cycle the phone
        if the SIM holder does not sense the SIM cards.

    The warranty does not apply if any of the following events should occur:
        if the SIM holder is mishandled. We will check for physical damage, like bends, etc.
        if the SIM holder is improperly stored or used under abnormal conditions.
        if the failure of the SIM holder is due to accidents, acts of God and damages resulting
           from liquid or water.
        if the SIM holder is or has been modified or tampered with.

Q12. If I were to change my SIM shortly after the installation, what is your charge to cut my
    new SIM card?
   We charge a fee of S$5.00 per trip to cut your SIM(s) if there is no purchase of the SIM holder.

Q13. If I were to damage the Dual SIM card holder due to mishandling, is it covered under
   the warranty?
   This is not covered under warranty, and we would charge a minimal fee for the replacement.

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