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					DCS Central Purchasing Vendor Registration

Vendor Registration code structure is tiered and organized by the following: Segment > Family > Class > Commodity

Vendors pay a $25.00 fee for each family code. The fee includes all class and commodity codes that fall under that family cod

ID         Name                                                     Type of Code           Fee?

10000000   Live plant and animal material and accessories and       Segment                No fee
10100000   supplies
           Live Animals                                             Family                 $25.00 Fee
10101500   Livestock                                                Class
10101501   Cats
10101502   Dogs                                                                            Included in the
10101503   Mink                                                           Commodity        Family code fee
10101504   Rats
10101505   Horses


On the Codes tab, make sure your cursor is on cell A1.
Click ctrl+f on the keyboard
A window should appear. Enter the key word of the code your trying to search for
Click Find or Find All.
The cursor will move the next code that fits your criteria.
Class > Commodity

hat fall under that family code.
     ID                                          Name                     Type of Code
10000000   Live Plant and Animal Material and Accessories and Supplies   Segment
10100000   Live animals                                                  Family
10101500   Livestock                                                     Class
10101501   Cats                                                          Commodity
10101502   Dogs                                                          Commodity
10101504   Mink                                                          Commodity
10101505   Rats                                                          Commodity
10101506   Horses                                                        Commodity
10101507   Sheep                                                         Commodity
10101508   Goats                                                         Commodity
10101509   Asses                                                         Commodity
10101510   Mice                                                          Commodity
10101511   Swine                                                         Commodity
10101512   Rabbits                                                       Commodity
10101513   Guinea pigs                                                   Commodity
10101514   Primates                                                      Commodity
10101515   Armadillos                                                    Commodity
10101516   Cattle                                                        Commodity
10101517   Camels                                                        Commodity
10101600   Birds and fowl                                                Class
10101601   Live chickens                                                 Commodity
10101602   Live ducks                                                    Commodity
10101603   Live turkeys                                                  Commodity
10101604   Live geese                                                    Commodity
10101605   Live pheasants                                                Commodity
10101700   Live fish                                                     Class
10101701   Live salmon                                                   Commodity
10101702   Live trout                                                    Commodity
10101703   Live tilapia                                                  Commodity
10101704   Live carp                                                     Commodity
10101705   Live eels                                                     Commodity
10101800   Shellfish and aquatic invertebrates                           Class
10101801   Live shrimp                                                   Commodity
10101802   Live clams                                                    Commodity
10101803   Live mussels                                                  Commodity
10101804   Live oysters                                                  Commodity
10101805   Live crabs                                                    Commodity
10101806   Live abalone                                                  Commodity
10101807   Live octopi                                                   Commodity
10101808   Live squid                                                    Commodity
10101809   Leeches                                                       Commodity
10101900   Insects                                                       Class
10101901   Butterflies                                                   Commodity
10101902   Beetles                                                       Commodity
10101903   Bees                                                          Commodity
10101904   Silkworms                                                     Commodity
10102000   Wild animals                                            Class
10102001   Elephants                                               Commodity
10102002   Live foxes                                              Commodity
10110000   Domestic pet products                                   Family
10111300   Domestic pet treatments and accessories and equipment   Class
10111301   Pet toys                                                Commodity
10111302   Pet grooming products                                   Commodity
10111303   Pet litter or equipment for pet waste management        Commodity
10111304   Pet food bowls or equipment                             Commodity
10111305   Medicated pet treatments                                Commodity
10111306   Domestic pet training kits                              Commodity
10111307   Pet blankets                                            Commodity
10120000   Animal feed                                             Family
10121500   Livestock feed                                          Class
10121501   Pure wheat bran                                         Commodity
10121502   Feed oats                                               Commodity
10121503   Feed corn                                               Commodity
10121504   Feed sorghum                                            Commodity
10121505   Hay                                                     Commodity
10121506   Oil cake                                                Commodity
10121600   Bird and fowl food                                      Class
10121601   Live food for birds                                     Commodity
10121602   Bird seed                                               Commodity
10121603   Bird treats or snacks                                   Commodity
10121604   Poultry food                                            Commodity
10121700   Fish food                                               Class
10121701   Fresh or frozen brine                                   Commodity
10121702   Fish food pellets                                       Commodity
10121703   Fish food flakes                                        Commodity
10121800   Dog and cat food                                        Class
10121801   Dry food for dogs                                       Commodity
10121802   Moist food for dogs                                     Commodity
10121803   Milk for dogs or cats                                   Commodity
10121804   Dry food for cats                                       Commodity
10121805   Moist food for cats                                     Commodity
10121806   Treats or snacks for cats or dogs                       Commodity
10121900   Rodent food                                             Class
10121901   Pelletized food for rodents                             Commodity
10122000   Reptile food                                            Class
10122001   Pelletized food for reptiles                            Commodity
10122002   Moist food for reptiles                                 Commodity
10122003   Live food for reptiles                                  Commodity
10122100   Miscellaneous animal food                               Class
10122101   Pig food                                                Commodity
10122102   Mink food                                               Commodity
10122103   Monkey food                                             Commodity
10122104   Rabbit food                                             Commodity
10130000   Animal containment and habitats              Family
10131500   Animal shelters                              Class
10131506   Livestock stables                            Commodity
10131507   Domesticized pet houses                      Commodity
10131508   Pet beds                                     Commodity
10131600   Animal containment                           Class
10131601   Cages or its accessories                     Commodity
10131602   Kennels                                      Commodity
10131603   Animal carrying cases                        Commodity
10131604   Dog runs                                     Commodity
10131700   Animal habitats                              Class
10131701   Terrariums                                   Commodity
10131702   Aquariums                                    Commodity
10140000   Saddlery and harness goods                   Family
10141500   Saddlery                                     Class
10141501   Saddles                                      Commodity
10141502   Whips                                        Commodity
10141503   Horseshoes                                   Commodity
10141504   Muleshoes                                    Commodity
10141600   Harness goods                                Class
10141601   Bridles                                      Commodity
10141602   Yokes                                        Commodity
10141603   Horse bits                                   Commodity
10141604   Reins                                        Commodity
10141605   Stirrups                                     Commodity
10141606   Leashes or leads                             Commodity
10141607   Animal collars                               Commodity
10141608   Harnesses or its accessories                 Commodity
10141609   Restraints                                   Commodity
10141610   Muzzles                                      Commodity
10141611   Leash holders                                Commodity
10150000   Seeds and bulbs and seedlings and cuttings   Family
10151500   Vegetable seeds and seedlings                Class
10151501   Bean seeds or seedlings                      Commodity
10151502   Carrot seeds or seedlings                    Commodity
10151503   Celery seeds or seedlings                    Commodity
10151504   Chili seeds or seedlings                     Commodity
10151505   Courgette seeds or seedlings                 Commodity
10151506   Pea seeds or seedlings                       Commodity
10151507   Cucumber seeds or seedlings                  Commodity
10151508   Eggplant seeds or seedlings                  Commodity
10151509   Endive seeds or seedlings                    Commodity
10151510   Garlic seeds or seedlings                    Commodity
10151511   Leek seeds or seedlings                      Commodity
10151512   Lettuce seeds or seedlings                   Commodity
10151513   Corn seeds or seedlings                      Commodity
10151514   Melon seeds or seedlings                     Commodity
10151515   Onion seeds or seedlings               Commodity
10151516   Soya seeds or seedlings                Commodity
10151517   Spinach seeds or seedlings             Commodity
10151518   Tomato seeds or seedlings              Commodity
10151519   Turnip seeds or seedlings              Commodity
10151520   Chard seeds or seedlings               Commodity
10151521   Sweet pepper seeds or seedlings        Commodity
10151522   Beet seeds or seedlings                Commodity
10151523   Cauliflower seeds or seedlings         Commodity
10151524   Parsley seeds or seedlings             Commodity
10151525   Broccoli seeds or seedlings            Commodity
10151526   Cabbage seeds or seedlings             Commodity
10151527   Potato seeds or seedlings              Commodity
10151528   Sweet potato seeds or seedlings        Commodity
10151529   Pumpkin seeds or seedlings             Commodity
10151530   Radish seeds or seedlings              Commodity
10151531   Brussel sprout seeds or seedlings      Commodity
10151532   Squash seeds or seedlings              Commodity
10151533   Okra seeds or seedlings                Commodity
10151534   Cantaloupe seeds or seedlings          Commodity
10151535   Peanut seeds or seedlings              Commodity
10151600   Cereal seeds                           Class
10151601   Wheat seeds                            Commodity
10151602   Colza seeds                            Commodity
10151603   Barley seeds                           Commodity
10151604   Millet seeds                           Commodity
10151605   Oat seeds                              Commodity
10151606   Sesame seeds                           Commodity
10151607   Linseed seeds                          Commodity
10151608   Castor oil seeds                       Commodity
10151609   Maize seeds                            Commodity
10151610   Rye seeds                              Commodity
10151611   Sorghum seeds                          Commodity
10151700   Grass and forage seeds and seedlings   Class
10151701   Rice seeds or seedlings                Commodity
10151702   Clover seeds or seedling               Commodity
10151703   Alfalfa seeds or seedlings             Commodity
10151704   Grass seeds or seedlings               Commodity
10151705   Crown vetch seeds or seedlings         Commodity
10151706   Guar seeds or seedlings                Commodity
10151800   Spice crop seeds and seedlings         Class
10151801   Pepper seeds or seedlings              Commodity
10151802   Vanilla seeds or seedlings             Commodity
10151803   Cinnamon seeds or seedlings            Commodity
10151804   Clove seeds or seedlings               Commodity
10151805   Coriander seeds or seedlings           Commodity
10151806   Ginger seeds or seedlings              Commodity
10151807   Saffron seeds or seedlings                          Commodity
10151808   Thyme seeds or seedlings                            Commodity
10151809   Curry seeds or seedlings                            Commodity
10151810   Mustard seeds or seedlings                          Commodity
10151811   Ginseng roots or seedlings                          Commodity
10151900   Flower seeds and bulbs and seedlings and cuttings   Class
10151901   Tulip seeds or bulbs or seedlings or cuttings       Commodity
10151902   Rose seeds or seedlings or cuttings                 Commodity
10151903   Daffodil seeds or bulbs or seedlings or cuttings    Commodity
10151904   Sunflower seeds                                     Commodity
10151905   Hyacinth bulbs or shoots                            Commodity
10151906   Lily Bulbs                                          Commodity
10151907   Vetch seeds or seedlings                            Commodity
10152000   Tree and shrub seeds and cuttings                   Class
10152001   Fruit tree seeds or cuttings                        Commodity
10152002   Conifer tree seeds or cuttings                      Commodity
10152003   Nut tree seeds or cuttings                          Commodity
10152100   Residues other than animal feed                     Class
10152101   Residues babool seed extraction                     Commodity
10152102   Residues of rape seeds                              Commodity
10152103   Residue of linseed                                  Commodity
10152104   Oil cake of neem                                    Commodity
10152200   Fibrous crop seeds and seedlings                    Class
10152201   Cotton seeds or seedlings                           Commodity
10152202   Flax seeds or seedlings                             Commodity
10160000   Floriculture and silviculture products              Family
10161500   Trees and shrubs                                    Class
10161501   Olive trees                                         Commodity
10161502   Coffee shrubs                                       Commodity
10161503   Cocoa trees                                         Commodity
10161504   Apple trees                                         Commodity
10161505   Peach trees                                         Commodity
10161506   Orange trees                                        Commodity
10161507   Rhododendron shrubs                                 Commodity
10161508   Tea shrubs                                          Commodity
10161509   Conifer trees                                       Commodity
10161510   Spruce trees                                        Commodity
10161511   Pine trees                                          Commodity
10161512   Fir trees                                           Commodity
10161513   Palm trees                                          Commodity
10161600   Floral plants                                       Class
10161601   Rose plants                                         Commodity
10161602   Poinsettias plants                                  Commodity
10161603   Orchids plants                                      Commodity
10161604   Azaleas plants                                      Commodity
10161605   Cactus plants                                       Commodity
10161700   Cut flowers                                         Class
10161701   Cut gladiolus                                    Commodity
10161702   Cut lilies                                       Commodity
10161703   Cut carnations                                   Commodity
10161704   Cut tulips                                       Commodity
10161705   Cut roses                                        Commodity
10161707   Cut flower arrangement                           Commodity
10161800   Non flowering plants                             Class
10161801   Ferns                                            Commodity
10161802   Ivies                                            Commodity
10161803   Philodendrons                                    Commodity
10161804   Lichens                                          Commodity
10161900   Dried floral products                            Class
10161901   Dried pods                                       Commodity
10161902   Dried leafy greenery                             Commodity
10161903   Dried fern greenery                              Commodity
10161904   Dried full flowers                               Commodity
10161905   Dried twigs or sticks                            Commodity
10161906   Dried grass plumes                               Commodity
10161907   Dried pressed flowers                            Commodity
10161908   Dried flower petals                              Commodity
10170000   Fertilizers and plant nutrients and herbicides   Family
10171500   Organic fertilizers and plant nutrients          Class
10171501   Manure or guano                                  Commodity
10171502   Plant hormones                                   Commodity
10171503   Fish meal                                        Commodity
10171504   Compost                                          Commodity
10171600   Chemical fertilizers and plant nutrients         Class
10171601   Nitrogenous fertilizer                           Commodity
10171602   Potassic fertilizer                              Commodity
10171603   Phosphatic fertilizer                            Commodity
10171604   Sulphuric fertilizer                             Commodity
10171605   Nitrogen Phosphorous Potassium Mixtures NPK      Commodity
10171700   Herbicides                                       Class
10171701   Weed killer                                      Commodity
10171702   Fungicides                                       Commodity
10190000   Pest control products                            Family
10191500   Pesticides or pest repellents                    Class
10191506   Rodenticides                                     Commodity
10191507   Bird repellents                                  Commodity
10191508   Termite shields                                  Commodity
10191509   Insecticides                                     Commodity
10191510   Abamectin                                        Commodity
10191511   Fipronil                                         Commodity
10191700   Pest control devices                             Class
10191701   Animal control traps                             Commodity
10191703   Flying insect control traps                      Commodity
10191704   Fly swatters                                     Commodity
10191705   Lariats                                                       Commodity
10191706   Leghold traps                                                 Commodity
11000000   Mineral and Textile and Inedible Plant and Animal Materials   Segment
11100000   Minerals and ores and metals                                  Family
11101500   Minerals                                                      Class
11101501   Mica                                                          Commodity
11101502   Emery                                                         Commodity
11101503   Quartz                                                        Commodity
11101504   Pyrite                                                        Commodity
11101505   Sulphur                                                       Commodity
11101506   Chalk                                                         Commodity
11101507   Graphite                                                      Commodity
11101508   Dolomite                                                      Commodity
11101509   Magnesite                                                     Commodity
11101510   Asbestos                                                      Commodity
11101511   Calcium                                                       Commodity
11101512   Borate                                                        Commodity
11101513   Cryolite                                                      Commodity
11101514   Feldspar                                                      Commodity
11101515   Leucite                                                       Commodity
11101516   Nephelite                                                     Commodity
11101517   Steatite                                                      Commodity
11101518   Talc                                                          Commodity
11101519   Diamonds                                                      Commodity
11101520   Garnets                                                       Commodity
11101521   Silicon carbide                                               Commodity
11101522   Activated carbon                                              Commodity
11101523   Mulite                                                        Commodity
11101524   Fluorspar                                                     Commodity
11101525   Kieserite                                                     Commodity
11101526   Carnallite                                                    Commodity
11101527   Diatomaceous silica                                           Commodity
11101528   Activated alumina                                             Commodity
11101529   Zeolite                                                       Commodity
11101530   Calcite                                                       Commodity
11101531   Serpentine                                                    Commodity
11101532   Peridot                                                       Commodity
11101533   Pyrophyllite                                                  Commodity
11101600   Ores                                                          Class
11101601   Iron ore                                                      Commodity
11101602   Titanium ore                                                  Commodity
11101603   Uranium ore                                                   Commodity
11101604   Copper ore                                                    Commodity
11101605   Aluminum ore                                                  Commodity
11101606   Nickel ore                                                    Commodity
11101607   Silver ore                                                    Commodity
11101608   Lead ore                                                      Commodity
11101609   Zinc ore                  Commodity
11101610   Tin ore                   Commodity
11101611   Manganese ore             Commodity
11101612   Chromium ore              Commodity
11101613   Tungsten or wolfram ore   Commodity
11101614   Molybdenum ore            Commodity
11101615   Cobalt ore                Commodity
11101616   Gold ore                  Commodity
11101617   Tantalum ore              Commodity
11101618   Platinum ore              Commodity
11101619   Vermiculite ore           Commodity
11101620   Thorium ore               Commodity
11101621   Kyanite ore               Commodity
11101622   Antimony ore              Commodity
11101623   Zirconium ore             Commodity
11101624   Magnetite ore             Commodity
11101700   Base Metals               Class
11101701   Slag or ash               Commodity
11101702   Natural graphite          Commodity
11101704   Steel                     Commodity
11101705   Aluminum                  Commodity
11101706   Nickel                    Commodity
11101708   Bismuth                   Commodity
11101709   Antimony                  Commodity
11101710   Cadmium                   Commodity
11101711   Non ferrous alloy         Commodity
11101712   Ferrous alloy             Commodity
11101713   Iron                      Commodity
11101714   Lead                      Commodity
11101716   Tin                       Commodity
11101717   Indium                    Commodity
11101718   Palladium                 Commodity
11101719   Zinc                      Commodity
11101800   Precious metals           Class
11101801   Gold                      Commodity
11101802   Silver                    Commodity
11101803   Platinum                  Commodity
11110000   Earth and stone           Family
11111500   Dirt and soil             Class
11111501   Soil                      Commodity
11111502   Fill dirt                 Commodity
11111503   Topsoil                   Commodity
11111504   Crystal soil              Commodity
11111600   Stone                     Class
11111601   Gypsum                    Commodity
11111602   Travertine                Commodity
11111603   Ecaussine or alabaster    Commodity
11111604   Granite                                  Commodity
11111605   Marble                                   Commodity
11111606   Slate                                    Commodity
11111607   Sandstone                                Commodity
11111608   Limestone                                Commodity
11111609   Basalt                                   Commodity
11111610   Pumice stone                             Commodity
11111611   Gravel                                   Commodity
11111612   Limestone dust or mine rock dust         Commodity
11111700   Sand                                     Class
11111701   Silica sand                              Commodity
11111800   Clays                                    Class
11111801   Terra cotta                              Commodity
11111802   Fireclay                                 Commodity
11111803   Kaolin or other kaolinic clays           Commodity
11111804   Bentonite                                Commodity
11111805   Andalusite                               Commodity
11111806   Mullite                                  Commodity
11111807   Chamotte                                 Commodity
11111808   Common clay                              Commodity
11111809   Ball clay                                Commodity
11111810   Fullers earth                            Commodity
11111811   Haydite                                  Commodity
11120000   Non edible plant and forestry products   Family
11121500   Sap                                      Class
11121502   Rosin                                    Commodity
11121503   Lac                                      Commodity
11121600   Wood                                     Class
11121603   Logs                                     Commodity
11121604   Soft timber                              Commodity
11121605   Rattan                                   Commodity
11121606   Cork                                     Commodity
11121607   Wood pulp                                Commodity
11121608   Bamboo                                   Commodity
11121609   Plywood                                  Commodity
11121610   Hardwoods                                Commodity
11121611   Particleboard                            Commodity
11121612   Wood pith                                Commodity
11121614   Teak wood                                Commodity
11121615   Poplar wood                              Commodity
11121616   Pine wood                                Commodity
11121617   Oak wood                                 Commodity
11121618   Maple wood                               Commodity
11121619   Cherry wood                              Commodity
11121700   Forestry byproducts                      Class
11121701   Saw dust                                 Commodity
11121702   Wood chips                               Commodity
11121703   Peat moss                                             Commodity
11121705   Bark                                                  Commodity
11121706   Mulch                                                 Commodity
11121707   Wood wool                                             Commodity
11121708   Wood flour                                            Commodity
11121709   Balsams                                               Commodity
11121710   Wood tar                                              Commodity
11121800   Plant fibers                                          Class
11121801   Hemp                                                  Commodity
11121802   Cotton                                                Commodity
11121803   Flax                                                  Commodity
11121804   Jute                                                  Commodity
11121805   Sisal                                                 Commodity
11121806   Coconut fibres or coir                                Commodity
11121807   Abaca fibers                                          Commodity
11121808   Ramie                                                 Commodity
11121809   Straw                                                 Commodity
11121810   Broom corn or istle or piassava                       Commodity
11121900   Perfumery products                                    Class
11121901   Licorice roots                                        Commodity
11122000   Engineered wood products                              Class
11122001   Plywood                                               Commodity
11122002   Particleboard                                         Commodity
11122003   Medium density fiberboard                             Commodity
11122004   Wood veneers                                          Commodity
11130000   Non edible animal products                            Family
11131500   Animal hides and skins and animal textile materials   Class
11131501   Feathers                                              Commodity
11131502   Furs                                                  Commodity
11131503   Animal hair                                           Commodity
11131504   Hides                                                 Commodity
11131505   Unprocessed mohair                                    Commodity
11131506   Unprocessed wool                                      Commodity
11131507   Suede                                                 Commodity
11131508   Full grain leather                                    Commodity
11131600   Other animal products                                 Class
11131601   Ivory                                                 Commodity
11131602   Semen                                                 Commodity
11131603   Excretions                                            Commodity
11131604   Fish eggs                                             Commodity
11131605   Bones                                                 Commodity
11131606   Animal horns                                          Commodity
11131607   Embryos                                               Commodity
11131608   Shell articles                                        Commodity
11140000   Scrap and waste materials                             Family
11141600   Non metallic waste and scrap                          Class
11141601   Textile waste or scrap                                Commodity
11141602   Plastic waste or scrap             Commodity
11141603   Oil wastes                         Commodity
11141604   Paper wastes                       Commodity
11141605   Glass waste or scrap               Commodity
11141606   Wood waste or scrap                Commodity
11141607   Rubber waste or scrap              Commodity
11141608   Hazardous waste or scrap           Commodity
11141609   Composition leather                Commodity
11141610   Leather waste or scrap             Commodity
11141700   Food and tobacco waste and scrap   Class
11141701   Food waste or scrap                Commodity
11141702   Tobacco waste or scrap             Commodity
11150000   Fibers and threads and yarns       Family
11151500   Fibers                             Class
11151501   Acetate fibers                     Commodity
11151502   Nylon fibers                       Commodity
11151503   Polyester fibers                   Commodity
11151504   Acrylic fibers                     Commodity
11151505   Viscose fibers                     Commodity
11151506   Rayon fibers                       Commodity
11151507   Cotton fibers                      Commodity
11151508   Wool fibers                        Commodity
11151509   Silk fibers                        Commodity
11151510   Vegetable fibers                   Commodity
11151511   Polypropylene fibers               Commodity
11151512   Glass fibers                       Commodity
11151513   Ceramic fibers                     Commodity
11151514   Polymer aramid fibers              Commodity
11151515   Asbestos fibers                    Commodity
11151516   Polyurethane fiber or spandex      Commodity
11151517   Polyvinyl alcohol fiber            Commodity
11151518   Polyethylene fiber                 Commodity
11151600   Threads                            Class
11151601   Cotton thread                      Commodity
11151602   Silk thread                        Commodity
11151603   Polyester thread                   Commodity
11151604   Polyamide thread                   Commodity
11151605   Bismalemide thread                 Commodity
11151606   Fiberglass thread                  Commodity
11151607   Graphite thread                    Commodity
11151608   Nylon thread                       Commodity
11151609   Resin impregnated thread           Commodity
11151610   Rubber or latex thread             Commodity
11151611   Spandex thread                     Commodity
11151612   Asbestos thread                    Commodity
11151700   Yarns                              Class
11151701   Wool yarn                          Commodity
11151702   Cotton yarn                                       Commodity
11151703   Polyester yarn                                    Commodity
11151704   Acrylic yarn                                      Commodity
11151705   Silk yarn                                         Commodity
11151706   Ramie yarn                                        Commodity
11151708   Animal hair yarn                                  Commodity
11151709   Synthetic yarn                                    Commodity
11151710   Jute yarn                                         Commodity
11151711   Coir yarn                                         Commodity
11151712   Paper yarn                                        Commodity
11151713   Hemp yarn                                         Commodity
11151714   Glass yarn                                        Commodity
11151715   Flax yarn                                         Commodity
11160000   Fabrics and leather materials                     Family
11161500   Silk fabrics                                      Class
11161501   Plain weave silk fabrics                          Commodity
11161502   Jacquard weave silk fabrics                       Commodity
11161503   Knit silk fabrics                                 Commodity
11161504   Silk velvets fabrics                              Commodity
11161600   Wool fabrics                                      Class
11161601   Plain weave wool fabrics                          Commodity
11161602   Jacquard weave wool fabrics                       Commodity
11161603   Knit wool fabrics                                 Commodity
11161604   Twill weave wool fabrics                          Commodity
11161700   Cotton fabrics                                    Class
11161701   Plain weave cotton fabrics                        Commodity
11161702   Twill weave cotton fabrics                        Commodity
11161703   Cotton oxford cloths                              Commodity
11161704   Knit cotton fabrics                               Commodity
11161705   Cotton velvet fabrics                             Commodity
11161800   Synthetic fabrics                                 Class
11161801   Plain weave synthetic fabrics                     Commodity
11161802   Jacquard weave synthetic fabrics                  Commodity
11161803   Dobby weave synthetic fabrics                     Commodity
11161804   Knit synthetic fabrics                            Commodity
11161805   Synthetic velvet fabrics                          Commodity
11162000   Fabrics of vegetable material other than cotton   Class
11162001   Plain weave non cotton vegetable fiber fabrics    Commodity
11162002   Knit non cotton vegetable fiber fabrics           Commodity
11162003   Hessian or hemp or jute cloth                     Commodity
11162100   Specialty fabrics or cloth                        Class
11162101   Cheese cloth or fabric                            Commodity
11162102   Bismalemide fabric or cloth                       Commodity
11162104   Graphite fabric or cloth                          Commodity
11162105   Glass fabric or cloth                             Commodity
11162107   Resin impregnated fabric or cloth                 Commodity
11162108   Wire mesh fabric or cloth                         Commodity
11162109   Lace                                           Commodity
11162110   Netting                                        Commodity
11162111   Mesh                                           Commodity
11162112   Coated fabrics                                 Commodity
11162113   Upholstery fabrics                             Commodity
11162114   Hook and loop fabrics or tapes                 Commodity
11162115   Elastic braid                                  Commodity
11162116   Burlap cloth                                   Commodity
11162117   Rubber fabrics                                 Commodity
11162118   Paper yarn fabric                              Commodity
11162119   Tracing cloth                                  Commodity
11162120   Bolting cloth                                  Commodity
11162121   Ornamental trimmings                           Commodity
11162122   Binding fabrics                                Commodity
11162123   Tape fabrics                                   Commodity
11162124   Felt fabrics                                   Commodity
11162125   Webbing fabrics                                Commodity
11162126   Quilted cloth                                  Commodity
11162127   Camouflage cloth                               Commodity
11162128   Parachute cloth                                Commodity
11162129   Marquisette cloth                              Commodity
11162130   Dossal                                         Commodity
11162131   Welting fabrics                                Commodity
11162200   Nonwoven fabrics                               Class
11162201   Spunbonded nonwovens                           Commodity
11162202   Spunlaced nonwovens                            Commodity
11162300   Leathers                                       Class
11162301   Chamois leather                                Commodity
11162302   Goat leather                                   Commodity
11162303   Sheep leather                                  Commodity
11162304   Patent leather                                 Commodity
11162305   Cow leather                                    Commodity
11162306   Pig leather                                    Commodity
11162307   Synthetic or imitation leather                 Commodity
11162308   Buffalo leather                                Commodity
11162309   Reptile leather                                Commodity
11162310   Horsehide leather                              Commodity
11162311   Calfskin leather                               Commodity
11170000   Alloys                                         Family
11171500   Basic steels                                   Class
11171501   E24-2 or A37-2 steel                           Commodity
11171600   Stainless steel alloys                         Class
11171601   X5CrNi18-10 or 304 stainless steel alloy       Commodity
11171602   X2CrNi19-11or 304L stainless steel alloy       Commodity
11171603   X5CrNiMo17-12-2 or 316 stainless steel alloy   Commodity
11171700   High speed steels                              Class
11171701   Z90WDCV. or M2 high speed steel         Commodity
11171702   Z90WDKCV6. or M35 high speed steel             Commodity
11171800   Nickel based super alloys                             Class
11171801   Inconel 600 super alloy                               Commodity
11171900   Titanium based super alloys                           Class
11171901   TA6V super alloy                                      Commodity
11172000   Aluminum based alloys                                 Class
11172001   7178 alloy                                            Commodity
11172100   Cobalt based super alloys                             Class
11172101   Pygmalion or 846 alloy                                Commodity
11180000   Metal oxide                                           Family
11181500   Non ferrous metal oxides                              Class
11181501   Molybdenum oxide                                      Commodity
11181502   Titanium oxide                                        Commodity
11181503   Indium oxide                                          Commodity
11181504   Tin oxide                                             Commodity
11190000   Metal waste and scrap                                 Family
11191500   Metal solids                                          Class
11191501   Nickel solids                                         Commodity
11191502   Basic steel solids                                    Commodity
11191503   Ferrous alloy solids                                  Commodity
11191504   Non ferrous alloy solids                              Commodity
11191505   Super alloy solids                                    Commodity
11191600   Metal scrap                                           Class
11191601   Nickel scrap                                          Commodity
11191602   Basic steel scrap                                     Commodity
11191603   Ferrous alloy scrap                                   Commodity
11191604   Non ferrous alloy scrap                               Commodity
11191605   Super alloy scrap                                     Commodity
11191606   Automotive wrecking for waste or scrap                Commodity
11191607   Copper scrap                                          Commodity
11191608   Lead scrap                                            Commodity
11191609   Zinc scrap                                            Commodity
11191610   Aluminum scrap                                        Commodity
11191611   Tin scrap                                             Commodity
11191700   Turnings                                              Class
11191701   Nickel turnings                                       Commodity
11191702   Bronze turnings                                       Commodity
12000000   Chemicals including Bio Chemicals and Gas Materials   Segment
12130000   Explosive materials                                   Family
12131500   Explosives                                            Class
12131501   Dynamite                                              Commodity
12131502   Explosive cartridges                                  Commodity
12131503   Propellant explosives                                 Commodity
12131504   Explosive charges                                     Commodity
12131505   Plastic explosives                                    Commodity
12131506   Aluminized explosives                                 Commodity
12131507   Ammonium nitrate explosives                           Commodity
12131508   Nitroglycerin powder explosives                   Commodity
12131509   Ammonium nitrate and fuel oil ANFO                Commodity
12131600   Pyrotechnics                                      Class
12131601   Fireworks                                         Commodity
12131602   Fog signals                                       Commodity
12131603   Rain rockets                                      Commodity
12131604   Flares                                            Commodity
12131605   Pyrotechnic materials for theater or television   Commodity
12131700   Igniters                                          Class
12131701   Blasting caps                                     Commodity
12131702   Detonators                                        Commodity
12131703   Explosives fuses                                  Commodity
12131704   Explosive initiators                              Commodity
12131705   Explosive primers                                 Commodity
12131706   Matches                                           Commodity
12131707   Lighters                                          Commodity
12131708   Detonator box                                     Commodity
12131709   Explosive tamper                                  Commodity
12131800   Propellants                                       Class
12131801   Powder propellants                                Commodity
12131802   Solid propellants                                 Commodity
12131803   Gun propellants                                   Commodity
12131804   High energy propellants                           Commodity
12131805   Gelled propellants                                Commodity
12131806   Hybrid propellants                                Commodity
12140000   Elements and gases                                Family
12141500   Earth metals                                      Class
12141501   Beryllium Be                                      Commodity
12141502   Magnesium Mg                                      Commodity
12141503   Calcium Ca                                        Commodity
12141504   Strontium Sr                                      Commodity
12141505   Barium Ba                                         Commodity
12141506   Radium Ra                                         Commodity
12141600   Rare earth metals                                 Class
12141601   Cerium Ce                                         Commodity
12141602   Dysprosium Dy                                     Commodity
12141603   Erbium Er                                         Commodity
12141604   Europium Eu                                       Commodity
12141605   Gadolinium Gd                                     Commodity
12141606   Holmium Ho                                        Commodity
12141607   Lanthanum La                                      Commodity
12141608   Lutetium Lu                                       Commodity
12141609   Neodymium Nd                                      Commodity
12141610   Praseodymium Pr                                   Commodity
12141611   Promethium Pm                                     Commodity
12141612   Samarium Sm                                       Commodity
12141613   Scandium Sc                                       Commodity
12141614   Terbium Tb          Commodity
12141615   Thulium Tm          Commodity
12141616   Ytterbium Yb        Commodity
12141617   Yttrium Y           Commodity
12141700   Transition metals   Class
12141701   Actinium Ac         Commodity
12141702   Aluminum Al         Commodity
12141703   Americium Am        Commodity
12141704   Antimony Sb         Commodity
12141705   Berkelium Bk        Commodity
12141706   Bismuth Bi          Commodity
12141707   Cadmium Ca          Commodity
12141708   Californium Cf      Commodity
12141709   Chromium Cr         Commodity
12141710   Cobalt Co           Commodity
12141711   Copper Cu           Commodity
12141712   Curium Cm           Commodity
12141713   Einsteinium Es      Commodity
12141714   Fermium Fm          Commodity
12141715   Gallium Ga          Commodity
12141716   Germanium Ge        Commodity
12141717   Gold Au             Commodity
12141718   Hafnium Hf          Commodity
12141719   Indium In           Commodity
12141720   Iridium Ir          Commodity
12141721   Iron Fe             Commodity
12141722   Lawrencium Lr       Commodity
12141723   Lead Pb             Commodity
12141724   Manganese Mn        Commodity
12141725   Mendelevium Md      Commodity
12141726   Mercury Hg          Commodity
12141727   Molybdenum Mo       Commodity
12141728   Neptunium Np        Commodity
12141729   Nickel Ni           Commodity
12141730   Niobium Nb          Commodity
12141731   Nobelium No         Commodity
12141732   Osmium Os           Commodity
12141733   Palladium Pd        Commodity
12141734   Platinum Pt         Commodity
12141735   Plutonium Pu        Commodity
12141736   Protactinium Pa     Commodity
12141737   Rhenium Re          Commodity
12141738   Rhodium Rh          Commodity
12141739   Ruthenium Ru        Commodity
12141740   Silver Ag           Commodity
12141741   Tantalum Ta         Commodity
12141742   Technetium Te       Commodity
12141743   Thallium Tl                               Commodity
12141744   Thorium Th                                Commodity
12141745   Tin Sn                                    Commodity
12141746   Titanium Ti                               Commodity
12141747   Tungsten W                                Commodity
12141748   Uranium U                                 Commodity
12141749   Vanadium V                                Commodity
12141750   Zinc Zn                                   Commodity
12141751   Zirconium Zr                              Commodity
12141752   Bohrium Bh                                Commodity
12141753   Dubnium Db                                Commodity
12141754   Hassium Hs                                Commodity
12141755   Rutherfordium Rf                          Commodity
12141756   Seaborgium Sg                             Commodity
12141757   Ununnilium Uum                            Commodity
12141758   Unununium Uuu                             Commodity
12141759   Ununbium Uub                              Commodity
12141760   Polonium Po                               Commodity
12141800   Alkali metals                             Class
12141801   Cesium Cs                                 Commodity
12141802   Francium Fm                               Commodity
12141803   Lithium Li                                Commodity
12141804   Potassium K                               Commodity
12141805   Rubidium Rb                               Commodity
12141806   Sodium Na                                 Commodity
12141900   Non metals and pure and elemental gases   Class
12141901   Chlorine Cl                               Commodity
12141902   Hydrogen H                                Commodity
12141903   Nitrogen N                                Commodity
12141904   Oxygen O                                  Commodity
12141905   Fluorine F                                Commodity
12141906   Arsenic As                                Commodity
12141907   Boron B                                   Commodity
12141908   Carbon C                                  Commodity
12141909   Phosphorus P                              Commodity
12141910   Selenium Se                               Commodity
12141911   Silicon Si                                Commodity
12141912   Sulfur S                                  Commodity
12141913   Tellurium Te                              Commodity
12141914   Astatine At                               Commodity
12141915   Bromine Br                                Commodity
12141916   Iodine I                                  Commodity
12142000   Noble gases                               Class
12142001   Xenon gas Xe                              Commodity
12142002   Radon gas Rn                              Commodity
12142003   Krypton gas Kr                            Commodity
12142004   Argon gas Ar                              Commodity
12142005   Helium gas He             Commodity
12142006   Neon gas Ne               Commodity
12142100   Industrial use gases      Class
12142101   Hydrogen compound gases   Commodity
12142102   Chlorinated mixed gases   Commodity
12142103   Ammonia                   Commodity
12142104   Carbon dioxide gas CO2    Commodity
12142105   Industrial air            Commodity
12142106   Inert gas mixtures        Commodity
12142107   Hydrogen sulfide          Commodity
12142108   Carbon monoxide           Commodity
12142109   Dry ice                   Commodity
12142110   Liquid ammonia            Commodity
12142200   Isotopes                  Class
12142201   Deuterated solvents       Commodity
12142202   Heavy water               Commodity
12142203   Alpha sources             Commodity
12142204   Beta sources              Commodity
12142205   Cobalt sources            Commodity
12142206   Gamma sources             Commodity
12142207   Radioisotope sources      Commodity
12142208   Calibration sources       Commodity
12160000   Additives                 Family
12161500   Indicators and Reagents   Class
12161501   Affinity labels           Commodity
12161502   Cross linking agents      Commodity
12161503   Reagent kits              Commodity
12161504   Sulfhydryl reagents       Commodity
12161505   Intercalating agents      Commodity
12161506   Diverting agents          Commodity
12161507   Cupferron reagent         Commodity
12161600   Catalysts                 Class
12161601   Acid catalysts            Commodity
12161602   Combustion catalysts      Commodity
12161603   Custom catalysts          Commodity
12161604   Cracking catalysts        Commodity
12161700   Buffers                   Class
12161701   Ampholyte mixtures        Commodity
12161702   Bicarbonate buffers       Commodity
12161703   Other buffers             Commodity
12161704   Acid buffers              Commodity
12161705   Basic buffers             Commodity
12161706   Neutral buffers           Commodity
12161800   Colloids                  Class
12161801   Gels                      Commodity
12161802   Suspensions               Commodity
12161803   Aerosols                  Commodity
12161804   Emulsions                    Commodity
12161805   Natural gelling agents       Commodity
12161806   Synthetic gelling agents     Commodity
12161807   Gel stabilizers              Commodity
12161808   Suspending agents            Commodity
12161809   Silicone gel                 Commodity
12161900   Surfactants                  Class
12161901   Anti foaming agents          Commodity
12161902   Detergent surfactants        Commodity
12161903   Foaming agents               Commodity
12161904   Dispersing agents            Commodity
12161905   Flushes                      Commodity
12161906   Wetting agents               Commodity
12161907   Water flood additives        Commodity
12161908   Alkyl sulfates               Commodity
12161909   Betaines                     Commodity
12161910   Ether sulfates               Commodity
12161911   Quaternaries                 Commodity
12161912   Sultaines                    Commodity
12161913   Spray Adjuvant               Commodity
12162000   Plasticizers                 Class
12162002   Polymerics                   Commodity
12162003   Agricultural oils            Commodity
12162004   Sulfonamides                 Commodity
12162005   Glutarates                   Commodity
12162006   Aromatic ester plasticizer   Commodity
12162100   Flame retardants             Class
12162101   Brominated retardants        Commodity
12162200   Anti oxidants                Class
12162201   Ascorbic acid                Commodity
12162202   Beta carotene                Commodity
12162203   Butylated hydroxyanisole     Commodity
12162204   Butylated hydroxytoluene     Commodity
12162205   Calcium citrate              Commodity
12162206   Canthaxanthin                Commodity
12162207   Melatonin                    Commodity
12162208   Nordihydroguaiaretic acid    Commodity
12162209   Propyl gallate               Commodity
12162210   Silymarin                    Commodity
12162211   Sulfur dioxide               Commodity
12162212   Ubiquinone or coenzyme Q10   Commodity
12162300   Curing agents                Class
12162301   Waterborne curing agents     Commodity
12162302   Cement accelerators          Commodity
12162303   Cement retarders             Commodity
12162400   Polymer breakers             Class
12162401   Acidic polymer breakers      Commodity
12162402   Organic polymer breakers                              Commodity
12162500   Emulsion breakers                                     Class
12162501   Water in oil emulsion breakers                        Commodity
12162502   Oil in water emulsion breakers                        Commodity
12162503   Flotation aids                                        Commodity
12162600   Clay stabilizers                                      Class
12162601   Inorganic clay stabilizers                            Commodity
12162602   Organic clay stabilizers                              Commodity
12162700   Fluid loss additives                                  Class
12162701   Natural polymer fluid loss additives                  Commodity
12162702   Modified polymer fluid loss additives                 Commodity
12162800   Friction reducers                                     Class
12162801   Anionic friction reducers                             Commodity
12162802   Cationic friction reducers                            Commodity
12162900   Paraffin asphaltene control agents                    Class
12162901   Solvent type paraffin asphaltene control agents       Commodity
12162902   Crystal modified paraffin asphaltene control agents   Commodity
12162903   Dispersant type paraffin asphaltene control agents    Commodity
12163000   Mud removal mixtures                                  Class
12163001   Mud cleanout agents                                   Commodity
12163100   Anti sludgers                                         Class
12163101   Anti sludge additives                                 Commodity
12163102   Deflocculant                                          Commodity
12163200   Anti gas migration agents                             Class
12163201   Anti gas migration additives                          Commodity
12163300   Expanding agents                                      Class
12163301   Cement expanding agents                               Commodity
12163400   Extenders                                             Class
12163401   Cement extenders                                      Commodity
12163500   Oil well sealants                                     Class
12163501   Cementing sealants                                    Commodity
12163600   Corrosion inhibitors                                  Class
12163601   Oil production corrosion inhibitors                   Commodity
12163602   Gas production corrosion inhibitors                   Commodity
12163700   Gas hydrate controllers                               Class
12163701   Kinetic hydrate controllers                           Commodity
12163800   Chemical scavengers                                   Class
12163801   Hydrogen sulfide scavengers                           Commodity
12163802   Oxygen scavengers                                     Commodity
12163900   Scale controllers                                     Class
12163901   Scale inhibitor                                       Commodity
12163902   Scale removers or converters                          Commodity
12164000   Bactericides                                          Class
12164001   Registered microbiocides                              Commodity
12164100   In situ                                               Class
12164101   In situ additives                                     Commodity
12164102   Acid additives                                        Commodity
12164200   Retarders                                Class
12164201   Acid corrosion inhibitors                Commodity
12164300   Iron controllers                         Class
12164301   Iron control additives                   Commodity
12164302   Iron sequestering agent                  Commodity
12164303   Iron corrosion inhibitor                 Commodity
12164400   Non emulsifiers                          Class
12164401   Non emulsifying additives                Commodity
12164500   Food or drug additives                   Class
12164501   Preservatives                            Commodity
12164502   Flavours or extracts                     Commodity
12164503   Fragrance additives                      Commodity
12164504   Sweeteners                               Commodity
12164505   Excipient                                Commodity
12164506   Tablet binder                            Commodity
12164507   Tablet coating                           Commodity
12164508   Disintegrant                             Commodity
12164509   Anticaking agent                         Commodity
12164600   Paper plastic and fabric modifiers       Class
12164601   Sizing agent                             Commodity
12164602   Thickening agent                         Commodity
12164603   Optical brightener                       Commodity
12164604   Antistatic agent                         Commodity
12164605   Micro flocculant                         Commodity
12164606   Light and ultraviolet UV stabilizer      Commodity
12170000   Colorants                                Family
12171500   Dyes                                     Class
12171501   Fluorescent dyes                         Commodity
12171502   Phthalein dyes                           Commodity
12171503   Rosaniline dyes                          Commodity
12171504   Food or drug or cosmetic safe FDC dyes   Commodity
12171505   Laked                                    Commodity
12171506   Natural dyes                             Commodity
12171507   Sulfur dye                               Commodity
12171508   Vat dye                                  Commodity
12171509   Reactive dye                             Commodity
12171510   Solvent dye                              Commodity
12171511   Acid dye                                 Commodity
12171600   Pigments                                 Class
12171602   Inorganic metal oxides                   Commodity
12171603   Carbon black                             Commodity
12171604   Titanium dioxide                         Commodity
12171605   Organic pigments                         Commodity
12171606   Zeaxanthin                               Commodity
12171607   Paris green                              Commodity
12171608   Caput mortuum                            Commodity
12171609   Cadmium green                            Commodity
12171610   Cadmium orange                                  Commodity
12171611   Cadmium yellow                                  Commodity
12171612   Cadmium red                                     Commodity
12171613   Red ochre                                       Commodity
12171614   Yellow ochre                                    Commodity
12171615   Sanguine                                        Commodity
12171616   Prussian blue                                   Commodity
12171617   Venetian red                                    Commodity
12171618   Chrome green                                    Commodity
12171619   Aureolin                                        Commodity
12171620   Chrome yellow                                   Commodity
12171700   Color compounds and dispersions                 Class
12171701   Polymer masterbatches                           Commodity
12171702   Pigment dispersions                             Commodity
12171703   Inks                                            Commodity
12180000   Waxes and oils                                  Family
12181500   Waxes                                           Class
12181501   Synthetic waxes                                 Commodity
12181502   Natural waxes                                   Commodity
12181503   Paraffins                                       Commodity
12181504   Petrolatums                                     Commodity
12181600   Oils                                            Class
12181601   Synthetic oils                                  Commodity
12181602   Natural oils                                    Commodity
12190000   Solvents                                        Family
12191500   Hydrocarbonated solvents                        Class
12191501   Aromatic solvents                               Commodity
12191502   Aliphatic solvents                              Commodity
12191503   Phenols or its substitutes or derivatives       Commodity
12191504   Cyclic alkanes                                  Commodity
12191600   Oxygenated solvents                             Class
12191601   Alcohol solvents                                Commodity
12191602   Active solvents                                 Commodity
12350000   Compounds and mixtures                          Family
12352000   Aliphatic and aromatic compounds                Class
12352001   Alkanes                                         Commodity
12352002   Alkenes                                         Commodity
12352003   Alkynes                                         Commodity
12352005   Aromatic or heterocyclic compounds              Commodity
12352100   Organic derivatives and substituted compounds   Class
12352101   Organic halogenated compounds                   Commodity
12352102   Organic nitro or nitroso compounds              Commodity
12352103   Organo metallic compounds                       Commodity
12352104   Alcohols or its substitutes                     Commodity
12352105   Thio alcohols                                   Commodity
12352106   Organic acids or its substitutes                Commodity
12352107   Organic salts or its substitutes                Commodity
12352108   Esters or its substitutes                                   Commodity
12352111   Amides or imides                                            Commodity
12352112   Ethers or its substitutes                                   Commodity
12352113   Thioethers                                                  Commodity
12352114   Aldehydes or its substitutes                                Commodity
12352115   Ketones or quinones or its substitutes                      Commodity
12352116   Amines or imines or its substitutes                         Commodity
12352117   Cyanides or isocyanides                                     Commodity
12352118   Cyanates or isocyanates or thiocyantes or isothiocyanates   Commodity
12352119   Organic oxides                                              Commodity
12352120   Organic peroxides                                           Commodity
12352121   Organic hydroxides                                          Commodity
12352123   Ureides or purines or their derivatives                     Commodity
12352124   Azo compounds or its substitutes                            Commodity
12352125   Azides or azines                                            Commodity
12352126   Oximes                                                      Commodity
12352127   Hydrazines or hydrazides or its substitiutes                Commodity
12352128   Phosphines                                                  Commodity
12352129   Amidines or imidines                                        Commodity
12352130   Acrylate or methacrylate intermediates                      Commodity
12352131   Pyrrolidone                                                 Commodity
12352132   Triclosan                                                   Commodity
12352133   Freeze conditioner                                          Commodity
12352200   Biochemicals                                                Class
12352201   Carbohydrates or its derivatives                            Commodity
12352202   Proteins                                                    Commodity
12352203   Antibodies                                                  Commodity
12352204   Enzymes                                                     Commodity
12352205   Nutrients                                                   Commodity
12352206   Tissues                                                     Commodity
12352207   Cultures and fluids                                         Commodity
12352208   Nucleic acids                                               Commodity
12352209   Amino acids or its derivatives                              Commodity
12352210   Alkaloids                                                   Commodity
12352211   Fats or lipids                                              Commodity
12352212   Terpenoids                                                  Commodity
12352300   Inorganic compounds                                         Class
12352301   Inorganic acids                                             Commodity
12352302   Inorganic metal salts                                       Commodity
12352303   Inorganic oxides                                            Commodity
12352304   Inorganic peroxides                                         Commodity
12352305   Inorganic hydroxides                                        Commodity
12352306   Inorganic hydrides                                          Commodity
12352307   Acid halides or its substitutes                             Commodity
12352308   Silicates                                                   Commodity
12352309   Silica                                                      Commodity
12352310   Silicones                                                   Commodity
12352311   Alumina and other aluminum compounds                                     Commodity
12352312   Potassium permanganate                                                   Commodity
12352313   Trifluoroacetic acid TFA                                                 Commodity
12352314   Ammonium sulphate                                                        Commodity
12352315   Liquid silicone rubber LSR                                               Commodity
12352400   Mixtures                                                                 Class
12352401   Organic chemical mixtures                                                Commodity
12352402   Inorganic chemical mixtures                                              Commodity
12352500   Fixatives                                                                Class
12352501   Formaldehydes                                                            Commodity
12352502   Glutarals                                                                Commodity
12352503   Tannins                                                                  Commodity

13000000   Resin and Rosin and Rubber and Foam and Film and Elastomeric Materials   Segment
13100000   Rubber and elastomers                                                    Family
13101500   Natural rubber                                                           Class
13101501   Latex rubber                                                             Commodity
13101502   Crepe rubber                                                             Commodity
13101503   Smoked sheet rubber                                                      Commodity
13101504   Natural foam rubber                                                      Commodity
13101505   Block or crumb rubber                                                    Commodity
13101600   Processed and synthetic rubber                                           Class
13101601   Vulcanized rubber                                                        Commodity
13101602   Chlorinated rubber                                                       Commodity
13101603   Hydrochloride rubber                                                     Commodity
13101604   Cyclized rubber                                                          Commodity
13101605   Isomerized rubber                                                        Commodity
13101606   Thermplastic rubber                                                      Commodity
13101607   Rubber compound                                                          Commodity
13101700   Elastomers                                                               Class
13101701   Acrylonitrile butadiene NBR                                              Commodity
13101702   Highly saturated nitrile HNBR                                            Commodity
13101703   Fluorocarbon FKM                                                         Commodity
13101704   Ethylene propylene EP                                                    Commodity
13101705   Styrene butadiene SBR                                                    Commodity
13101706   Chloroprene CR                                                           Commodity
13101707   Isobutylene isoprene IIR/XIIR                                            Commodity
13101708   Silicone VMQ and PMQ and PVMQ                                            Commodity
13101709   Fluorosilicone FVMQ                                                      Commodity
13101710   Polyacrylate ACM                                                         Commodity
13101711   Ethylene acrylic AEM                                                     Commodity
13101712   Chlorosulfonated polyethylene CSM                                        Commodity
13101713   Chloropolyethylene CM                                                    Commodity
13101714   Epichlorohydrin ECO                                                      Commodity
13101715   Natural polyisoprene NR                                                  Commodity
13101716   Synthetic polyisoprene IR                                                Commodity
13101717   Polyester urethane AU                                                    Commodity
13101718   Polyether urethane EU                                 Commodity
13101719   Polybutadiene BR                                      Commodity
13101720   Polyether block amide PEBA                            Commodity
13101721   Styrene block coploymer TES                           Commodity
13101722   Copolyester                                           Commodity
13101723   Thermoplastic                                         Commodity
13101724   Polyolenfinic                                         Commodity
13101725   Ethylene propylene diene EPDM                         Commodity
13101900   Thermoset plastics                                    Class
13101902   Phenolic PF                                           Commodity
13101903   Unsaturate Polyester UP                               Commodity
13101904   Urea UF                                               Commodity
13101905   Melamine MF                                           Commodity
13101906   Thermoset Polyurethane PUR                            Commodity
13102000   Thermoplastic plastics                                Class
13102001   Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene ABS                   Commodity
13102002   Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene ABS alloys            Commodity
13102003   Acetal polymer                                        Commodity
13102005   Acrylonitrile Styrene Acrylic ASA                     Commodity
13102006   Acrylonitrile Styrene Acrylic ASA alloys              Commodity
13102008   Fluoropolymers PTFE                                   Commodity
13102010   Liquid Crystal Polymer LCP                            Commodity
13102011   Polyamide Nylons PA                                   Commodity
13102012   Polybutylene Terepthalate PBT                         Commodity
13102013   Polycarbonate PC                                      Commodity
13102014   Polyetheretherketone PEEK                             Commodity
13102016   Polyethersulfone PES                                  Commodity
13102017   High Density Polyethylene HDPE                        Commodity
13102018   Low Density Polyethylene LDPE                         Commodity
13102019   Medium Density Polyethylene MDPE                      Commodity
13102020   Polyethylene Terepthalate PET                         Commodity
13102021   Polyimide PI                                          Commodity
13102022   Polypropylene PP                                      Commodity
13102024   Polyphenylene oxide PPO                               Commodity
13102025   Polyphenylene Sulfide PPS                             Commodity
13102026   Polystyrene PS                                        Commodity
13102027   High Impact Polystyrene HIPS                          Commodity
13102028   Polysulfone PSU                                       Commodity
13102029   Rigid Thermoplastic Polyurethane RPTU                 Commodity
13102030   Polyvinyl Chloride PVC                                Commodity
13102031   Polyphenylene ether PPE                               Commodity
13102032   Thermoplastic polyolefin TPO                          Commodity
13110000   Resins and rosins and other resin derived materials   Family
13111000   Resins                                                Class
13111001   Epoxy                                                 Commodity
13111002   Phenolic resin                                        Commodity
13111003   Unsaturated polyester resin                           Commodity
13111004   Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene resin           Commodity
13111005   Acrylonitrile styrene acrylic resin             Commodity
13111006   Acrylonitrile styrene acrylic alloy resin       Commodity
13111007   Fluoropolymer resin                             Commodity
13111008   Ethylene vinyl acetate resin                    Commodity
13111009   Liquid crystal polymer resin                    Commodity
13111010   Nylon                                           Commodity
13111011   Polybutylene terepthatlate                      Commodity
13111012   Polycarbonate resin                             Commodity
13111013   Polyetheretherketone resin                      Commodity
13111014   Polyetherimide resin                            Commodity
13111015   Polyethersulfone resin                          Commodity
13111016   Polyethylene                                    Commodity
13111017   Polyethylene terpthalate resin                  Commodity
13111018   Polyimide resin                                 Commodity
13111019   Polypropylene resin                             Commodity
13111020   Polyphthalamide resin                           Commodity
13111021   Polyethylene oxide                              Commodity
13111022   Polyphenylene sulfide resin                     Commodity
13111023   Polystyrene resin                               Commodity
13111024   Polysulfone resin                               Commodity
13111025   Polyvinyl chloride resin                        Commodity
13111026   Styrene acrylonitrile resin                     Commodity
13111027   Urea formaldehyde                               Commodity
13111028   Alkyd                                           Commodity
13111029   Melamine formaldehyde                           Commodity
13111030   Polyacetal                                      Commodity
13111031   Polyamide                                       Commodity
13111032   Allyl                                           Commodity
13111033   Ethylene acrylic acid                           Commodity
13111034   Polyvinyl chloride compound                     Commodity
13111035   Solution vinyl                                  Commodity
13111036   Phenoxy                                         Commodity
13111037   Compounded resin                                Commodity
13111038   Polyvinyl pyrolidine                            Commodity
13111039   Polyethylene terephthalate or glycol modified   Commodity
13111040   Hydrocarbon tackifier                           Commodity
13111041   Polycarbonate blends                            Commodity
13111042   Polyvinyl alcohol                               Commodity
13111043   Polyvinyl butyral                               Commodity
13111044   Polyester molding compound                      Commodity
13111045   Polyvinyl acetate                               Commodity
13111046   Polyvinyl ether                                 Commodity
13111047   Polyvinyl formal                                Commodity
13111048   Styrene acrylic                                 Commodity
13111049   Ethylene propylene polymers                     Commodity
13111050   Polypropylene oxide                             Commodity
13111051   Polypropylene ether                                          Commodity
13111052   Polypropylene sulfone                                        Commodity
13111053   Polymethylacrylate                                           Commodity
13111054   Styrene maleic anhydride                                     Commodity
13111055   Syndiotatic polystyrene                                      Commodity
13111056   Chlorinated polyvinyl chloride                               Commodity
13111057   Thermoplastic polyester                                      Commodity
13111058   Indene resins                                                Commodity
13111059   Plastic resins                                               Commodity
13111060   Petroleum resins                                             Commodity
13111061   Polyurethane resins                                          Commodity
13111062   Polyether resins                                             Commodity
13111063   Recycled resins                                              Commodity
13111064   Acrylic resins                                               Commodity
13111065   Cellulosic resins                                            Commodity
13111066   Polyterpene resins                                           Commodity
13111067   Ethylene Vinyl Alcohol                                       Commodity
13111068   Linear Low Density Polyethylene                              Commodity
13111069   Polyacrylonitrile resin                                      Commodity
13111070   Polyamideimide resin                                         Commodity
13111071   Polyaryletherketone resin                                    Commodity
13111072   Polybenzimidazole resin                                      Commodity
13111073   Polymethylpentene resin                                      Commodity
13111074   Polyvinylidene Fluoride                                      Commodity
13111075   Polycarbonate acrylonitrile butadiene styrene alloy PC ABS   Commodity
13111076   Cross linked polyethylene PEX                                Commodity
13111100   Rosins                                                       Class
13111101   Wood rosin                                                   Commodity
13111102   Gum rosin                                                    Commodity
13111103   Tall oil rosin                                               Commodity
13111200   Films                                                        Class
13111201   Polyethylene films                                           Commodity
13111202   Polyurethane films                                           Commodity
13111203   Acetate films                                                Commodity
13111204   Acrylic films                                                Commodity
13111205   Coextruded films                                             Commodity
13111206   Flouropolymer films                                          Commodity
13111207   Metalized films                                              Commodity
13111208   Nylon films                                                  Commodity
13111209   Polycarbonate films                                          Commodity
13111210   Polyester films                                              Commodity
13111211   Polypropylene films                                          Commodity
13111212   Biaxially orientated polypropylene                           Commodity
13111213   Polymide films                                               Commodity
13111214   Polystyrene films                                            Commodity
13111215   Flexible polyvinyl chloride film                             Commodity
13111216   Rigid polyvinyl chloride film                                Commodity
13111217   Ethylene vinyl alcohol film          Commodity
13111218   Polyvinylidene chloride              Commodity
13111219   Polyvinyl alcohol films              Commodity
13111220   Silicone coated films                Commodity
13111300   Foams                                Class
13111301   Polyolefin foam                      Commodity
13111302   Polyether foam                       Commodity
13111303   Silicone foam                        Commodity
13111304   Ethylene propylene terpolymer foam   Commodity
13111305   Neoprene foam                        Commodity
13111306   Polyvinyl chloride foam              Commodity
13111307   Rubber foam                          Commodity
13111308   Polystyrene foam                     Commodity
14000000   Paper Materials and Products         Segment
14100000   Paper materials                      Family
14101500   Raw materials                        Class
14101501   Paper pulp                           Commodity
14110000   Paper products                       Family
14111500   Printing and writing paper           Class
14111501   Onion skin paper                     Commodity
14111502   Vellum paper                         Commodity
14111503   Parchment paper                      Commodity
14111504   Tractor feed paper                   Commodity
14111505   Mimeograph paper                     Commodity
14111506   Computer printout paper              Commodity
14111507   Printer or copier paper              Commodity
14111508   Facsimile paper                      Commodity
14111509   Stationery                           Commodity
14111510   Plotter paper                        Commodity
14111511   Writing paper                        Commodity
14111512   Graph paper                          Commodity
14111513   Ledger paper                         Commodity
14111514   Paper pads or notebooks              Commodity
14111515   Calculator or cash register paper    Commodity
14111516   Notebook filler paper                Commodity
14111518   Index cards                          Commodity
14111519   Cardstock papers                     Commodity
14111520   Blotter paper                        Commodity
14111523   Tracing paper                        Commodity
14111524   Foolscap sheets                      Commodity
14111525   Multipurpose paper                   Commodity
14111526   Telephone message pads or books      Commodity
14111527   Carbonless paper                     Commodity
14111528   Magnet paper                         Commodity
14111529   Telex rolls                          Commodity
14111530   Self adhesive note paper             Commodity
14111531   Log books or pads                    Commodity
14111532   Assorted paper kits                                Commodity
14111533   Examination booklets or forms                      Commodity
14111534   Music score or manuscript papers                   Commodity
14111535   Telegraph papers                                   Commodity
14111536   Library book or borrowers cards                    Commodity
14111537   Label papers                                       Commodity
14111538   Digital paper                                      Commodity
14111539   Medical monitoring or tracing or recording paper   Commodity
14111600   Novelty paper                                      Class
14111601   Gift wrapping paper or bags or boxes               Commodity
14111604   Business cards                                     Commodity
14111605   Greeting or note or post cards                     Commodity
14111606   Art or craft paper                                 Commodity
14111607   Poster boards                                      Commodity
14111608   Gift certificate                                   Commodity
14111609   Cover paper                                        Commodity
14111610   Construction paper                                 Commodity
14111611   Invitation or announcement cards                   Commodity
14111613   Banner paper                                       Commodity
14111614   Album papers or tissues                            Commodity
14111615   Poster papers                                      Commodity
14111616   Lining papers                                      Commodity
14111617   Leathack paper                                     Commodity
14111700   Personal paper products                            Class
14111701   Facial tissues                                     Commodity
14111702   Toilet seat covers                                 Commodity
14111703   Paper towels                                       Commodity
14111704   Toilet tissue                                      Commodity
14111705   Paper napkins or serviettes                        Commodity
14111706   Paper table cloth                                  Commodity
14111800   Business use papers                                Class
14111801   Tickets or ticket rolls                            Commodity
14111802   Receipts or receipt books                          Commodity
14111803   Vouchers                                           Commodity
14111804   Bills or bill books                                Commodity
14111805   Checks or check books                              Commodity
14111806   Business forms or questionnaires                   Commodity
14111807   Multipurpose business book                         Commodity
14111808   Accounting forms or accounting books               Commodity
14111809   Bill of lading forms or bill of lading books       Commodity
14111810   Personnel forms or personnel books                 Commodity
14111811   Sales forms or sales books                         Commodity
14111812   Inventory forms or inventory books                 Commodity
14111813   Correspondence forms or correspondence books       Commodity
14111814   Tax forms or tax books                             Commodity
14111815   Tent cards                                         Commodity
14111816   Applicant fingerprint cards                        Commodity
14111817   Deposit verification form                          Commodity
14111818   Thermal paper                                      Commodity
14111819   Booking forms or reservation books                 Commodity
14111820   Game of chance forms or coupons                    Commodity
14111821   Order forms or order books                         Commodity
14111822   Delivery forms or delivery books                   Commodity
14111823   Control forms or control books                     Commodity
14111824   Pharmacy prescription pad                          Commodity
14111825   Menu                                               Commodity
14111826   Birth certificate                                  Commodity
14111827   Death certificate                                  Commodity
14120000   Industrial use papers                              Family
14121500   Paperboard and packaging papers                    Class
14121501   Bleached paperboard                                Commodity
14121502   Unbleached paperboard                              Commodity
14121503   Cardboard                                          Commodity
14121504   Packaging paper                                    Commodity
14121505   Fiberboards                                        Commodity
14121600   Tissue papers                                      Class
14121601   Unbleached crepe papers                            Commodity
14121602   Semi bleached crepe papers                         Commodity
14121603   Wet strength tissue papers                         Commodity
14121604   Acid free tissue papers                            Commodity
14121605   Kraft tissue paper                                 Commodity
14121700   Laminated papers                                   Class
14121701   Papers bonded with film                            Commodity
14121702   Cylinder papers or multi layer heavyweight paper   Commodity
14121800   Coated papers                                      Class
14121801   Clay coated papers                                 Commodity
14121802   Polyethylene coated papers                         Commodity
14121803   Polyester coated papers                            Commodity
14121804   Silicone coated papers                             Commodity
14121805   Latex treated coated paper                         Commodity
14121806   Waxed paper                                        Commodity
14121807   Butcher papers                                     Commodity
14121808   Freezer paper                                      Commodity
14121809   Masking paper                                      Commodity
14121810   Carbon papers                                      Commodity
14121811   Sensitized copying papers                          Commodity
14121812   Photography paper                                  Commodity
14121900   Newsprint and offset papers                        Class
14121901   Standard newsprint                                 Commodity
14121902   Colored newsprint                                  Commodity
14121903   High brightness newsprint                          Commodity
14121904   Offset paper                                       Commodity
14121905   Tympan papers                                      Commodity
14122100   Uncoated base papers                               Class
14122101   Super calendared kraft paper                                           Commodity
14122102   Machine finished or glazed kraft paper                                 Commodity
14122103   Non treated uncoated paper                                             Commodity
14122104   Non treated crepe paper                                                Commodity
14122105   Latex treated crepe paper                                              Commodity
14122106   Latex treated uncoated paper                                           Commodity
14122200   Specialty industrial use papers                                        Class
14122201   Seed germinating papers                                                Commodity
14122202   Tea bag paper                                                          Commodity
15000000   Fuels and Fuel Additives and Lubricants and Anti corrosive Materials   Segment
15100000   Fuels                                                                  Family
15101500   Petroleum and distillates                                              Class
15101502   Kerosene                                                               Commodity
15101503   Naphtha                                                                Commodity
15101504   Aviation fuel                                                          Commodity
15101505   Diesel fuel                                                            Commodity
15101506   Gasoline or Petrol                                                     Commodity
15101507   Benzene                                                                Commodity
15101508   Crude oil                                                              Commodity
15101509   Marine fuel                                                            Commodity
15101510   Condensate                                                             Commodity
15101600   Solid and gel fuels                                                    Class
15101601   Coal                                                                   Commodity
15101602   Lignite                                                                Commodity
15101603   Peat                                                                   Commodity
15101604   Coke                                                                   Commodity
15101605   Charcoal                                                               Commodity
15101606   Jellied alcohol fuels                                                  Commodity
15101607   Hexamines                                                              Commodity
15101608   Trioxanes                                                              Commodity
15101609   Briquette                                                              Commodity
15101610   Coconut shell charcoal                                                 Commodity
15101700   Fuel Oils                                                              Class
15101701   #2 Heating fuel oil                                                    Commodity
15101702   #4 or #6 Residual heavy fuel oils                                      Commodity
15110000   Gaseous fuels and additives                                            Family
15111500   Gaseous fuels                                                          Class
15111501   Propane                                                                Commodity
15111502   Methane                                                                Commodity
15111503   Propylene                                                              Commodity
15111504   Ethylene                                                               Commodity
15111505   Butane                                                                 Commodity
15111506   Acetylene                                                              Commodity
15111507   Water gas or producer gas                                              Commodity
15111508   Coal gas                                                               Commodity
15111509   Methylacetylene propadiene MAPP gas                                    Commodity
15111510   Liquified petroleum gas                                                Commodity
15111511   Liquefied natural gas LNG                             Commodity
15111700   Fuel additives                                        Class
15111701   Fuel thickeners                                       Commodity
15111702   Icing inhibitors for fuel systems                     Commodity
15120000   Lubricants and oils and greases and anti corrosives   Family
15121500   Lubricating preparations                              Class
15121501   Engine oil                                            Commodity
15121502   Cutting oil                                           Commodity
15121503   Gear oil                                              Commodity
15121504   Hydraulic oil                                         Commodity
15121505   Transformer oil                                       Commodity
15121508   Transmission oil                                      Commodity
15121509   Brake oil                                             Commodity
15121510   Antigalling                                           Commodity
15121511   Assembly pastes                                       Commodity
15121512   Anti adhesives                                        Commodity
15121513   Graphite lubricants                                   Commodity
15121514   Spray lubricants                                      Commodity
15121515   Anti seize or anti stain compounds                    Commodity
15121516   Leak stop                                             Commodity
15121517   Lubricating soaps                                     Commodity
15121518   Damping fluids                                        Commodity
15121519   Watch lubricating oils                                Commodity
15121520   General purpose lubricants                            Commodity
15121521   Pump lubricating oils                                 Commodity
15121522   Weapon lubricating oils                               Commodity
15121523   Lens preparation fluids                               Commodity
15121524   Tempering oils                                        Commodity
15121525   Quenching oils                                        Commodity
15121526   Lubricants for food processing equipment              Commodity
15121527   Turbine oil                                           Commodity
15121528   Fire resistant hydraulic fluid                        Commodity
15121800   Anti corrosives                                       Class
15121801   Moisture repellent                                    Commodity
15121802   Anti corrosion lubricant                              Commodity
15121803   Rust remover                                          Commodity
15121804   Rust proofing preparation                             Commodity
15121805   Anti weld pastes                                      Commodity
15121806   Penetrating oils                                      Commodity
15121900   Greases                                               Class
15121901   Silicone grease                                       Commodity
15121902   Grease                                                Commodity
15121903   Fluoropolymer grease                                  Commodity
15121904   Wool grease                                           Commodity
15121905   Thermal grease                                        Commodity
15130000   Fuel for nuclear reactors                             Family
15131500   Nuclear fuel                                          Class
15131502   Depleted uranium                                     Commodity
15131503   Enriched uranium                                     Commodity
15131504   Iridium                                              Commodity
15131505   Enriched plutonium                                   Commodity
15131506   Depleted plutonium                                   Commodity
15131600   Fission fuel assemblies                              Class
15131601   Nuclear fuel rod                                     Commodity
20000000   Mining and Well Drilling Machinery and Accessories   Segment
20100000   Mining and quarrying machinery and equipment         Family
20101500   Cutting equipment                                    Class
20101501   Continuous mining equipment                          Commodity
20101502   Longwall shears                                      Commodity
20101503   Coal cutters                                         Commodity
20101504   Rock cutters                                         Commodity
20101505   Cutter chain for mining                              Commodity
20101506   Cutter bar                                           Commodity
20101600   Screens and feeding equipment                        Class
20101601   Screens                                              Commodity
20101602   Feeders                                              Commodity
20101603   Drain hole screen                                    Commodity
20101617   Gearmotors                                           Commodity
20101618   Apron feeder                                         Commodity
20101619   Weigh belt feeder                                    Commodity
20101620   Electromagnetic vibro feeder                         Commodity
20101621   Electromechanical vibro feeder                       Commodity
20101700   Crushers and breakers and grinders                   Class
20101701   Rock crushers                                        Commodity
20101702   Roll crushers                                        Commodity
20101703   Cone crushers                                        Commodity
20101704   Gyratory crushers                                    Commodity
20101705   Impact crushers                                      Commodity
20101706   Jaw crushers                                         Commodity
20101707   Crushing plants                                      Commodity
20101708   Rod mills                                            Commodity
20101709   Ball mills                                           Commodity
20101710   Pulverizing machinery                                Commodity
20101711   Rock breakers                                        Commodity
20101712   Earth grinders                                       Commodity
20101713   Cyclone or vortex grinders                           Commodity
20101714   Jaw plates                                           Commodity
20101715   Crusher bit                                          Commodity
20101716   Crusher hammer                                       Commodity
20101800   Mechanized ground support systems                    Class
20101801   Cable bolters                                        Commodity
20101802   Scissor bolters                                      Commodity
20101803   Boom bolters                                         Commodity
20101804   Shotcrete spraying equipment                         Commodity
20101805   Mechanized ground support system spare parts or accessories     Commodity
20101810   Commutators                                                     Commodity
20101900   Secondary rock breaking systems                                 Class
20101901   Blockholer or drill and load systems                            Commodity
20101902   Repetitive impact systems                                       Commodity
20101903   Secondary rock breaking system spare parts or accessories       Commodity
20102000   Exploration and development systems                             Class
20102001   In the hole drills ITH or down the hole DTH long hole drills    Commodity
20102002   Top hammer long hole drills                                     Commodity
20102003   Pneumatic shaft sinking jumbos                                  Commodity
20102004   Hydraulic shaft sinking jumbos                                  Commodity
20102005   Pneumatic horizontal development jumbos                         Commodity
20102006   Hydraulic horizontal development jumbos                         Commodity
20102007   Core drills                                                     Commodity
20102008   Exploration or development system spare parts or accessories    Commodity
20102100   Rock drills                                                     Class
20102101   Pneumatic rock drills                                           Commodity
20102102   Hydraulic rock drills                                           Commodity
20102103   Hand held rock drills                                           Commodity
20102104   Rock drill spare parts or accessories                           Commodity
20102105   Steel drill rod                                                 Commodity
20102200   Explosive loading machinery                                     Class
20102201   Ammonium nitrate and fuel oil ANFO loading machinery            Commodity
20102202   Emulsion loading machinery                                      Commodity
20102203   Explosive loading machinery spare parts or accessories          Commodity
20102300   Underground mining service vehicles                             Class
20102301   Personnel carriers                                              Commodity
20102302   Crane vehicles                                                  Commodity
20102303   Flat deck material carriers                                     Commodity
20102304   Bulk material carriers                                          Commodity
20102305   Utility service vehicles                                        Commodity
20102306   Elevating platform vehicles or scissor lifts                    Commodity
20102307   Underground mining service vehicle spare parts or accessories   Commodity
20110000   Well drilling and operation equipment                           Family
20111500   Drilling and exploration equipment                              Class
20111504   Water well drilling equipment                                   Commodity
20111505   Uranium exploration equipment                                   Commodity
20111600   Drilling and operation machinery                                Class
20111601   Boring or sinking machinery                                     Commodity
20111602   Downhole assembly machinery                                     Commodity
20111603   Hammer drills                                                   Commodity
20111604   Crawler drills                                                  Commodity
20111606   Pneumatic vibrators                                             Commodity
20111607   Tunneling machinery                                             Commodity
20111608   Striking hammers                                                Commodity
20111609   Sinker drills                                                   Commodity
20111610   Sewer inspection machinery                                      Commodity
20111611   Rotary drills                                    Commodity
20111612   Drilling rigs                                    Commodity
20111613   Long hole drills                                 Commodity
20111614   Industrial drill bits                            Commodity
20111615   Drifters                                         Commodity
20111616   Derricks                                         Commodity
20111617   Drilling carriages                               Commodity
20111618   Downhole fishing poles                           Commodity
20111619   Well drilling bit cones                          Commodity
20111700   Drilling and operation accessories               Class
20111701   Audio visual instruments for well inspection     Commodity
20111702   Packers or tubing anchors                        Commodity
20111703   Drilling casings                                 Commodity
20111704   Drilling screens                                 Commodity
20111705   Well points                                      Commodity
20111706   Drilling wedges                                  Commodity
20111707   Drilling tool adapters                           Commodity
20111708   Drill stems                                      Commodity
20111709   Well drilling tool or accessory kits             Commodity
20111710   Thru tubing packer repair kit                    Commodity
20111711   Thru tubing parts and accessories                Commodity
20111712   Wash pipe                                        Commodity
20111713   Drilling fingerboard                             Commodity
20111714   Coiled tubing connector                          Commodity
20111715   Well site pit liner                              Commodity
20120000   Oil and gas drilling and exploration equipment   Family
20121000   Acidizing equipment                              Class
20121001   Acidizing blending units                         Commodity
20121002   Acidizing density sensors                        Commodity
20121003   Acidizing pumping units                          Commodity
20121004   Acidizing units                                  Commodity
20121005   Acidizing air piping                             Commodity
20121006   Acidizing ball injectors                         Commodity
20121007   Bulk liquid acid equipment                       Commodity
20121008   Acidizing drop boxes                             Commodity
20121009   Acidizing flow meters                            Commodity
20121010   Acidizing junction boxes                         Commodity
20121011   Acidizing pressure sensors                       Commodity
20121012   Acidizing process piping                         Commodity
20121013   Acidizing straight joints                        Commodity
20121014   Acidizing swivels                                Commodity
20121015   Acidizing treating irons                         Commodity
20121016   Acidizing tree savers                            Commodity
20121100   Cementing equipment                              Class
20121101   Blending units                                   Commodity
20121102   Bridge plugs                                     Commodity
20121103   Bulk liquid cement equipment                     Commodity
20121104   Cement bulk material equipment                         Commodity
20121105   Cement density sensors                                 Commodity
20121106   Cement floating bulk units                             Commodity
20121107   Cement floating equipment stage tools                  Commodity
20121108   Cement floating equipment wiper plugs                  Commodity
20121109   Cement pumping units                                   Commodity
20121110   Cement retainers                                       Commodity
20121111   Centralizers                                           Commodity
20121112   Express latch couplers                                 Commodity
20121113   Float collars                                          Commodity
20121114   Float shoes                                            Commodity
20121115   Oilfield cementing tools                               Commodity
20121116   Retrievable cementing packers                          Commodity
20121117   Safety slings                                          Commodity
20121118   Subsea cement heads                                    Commodity
20121119   Surface cement heads                                   Commodity
20121120   Bow spring centralizer                                 Commodity
20121121   Blade centralizer                                      Commodity
20121122   Bow spring centralizer sub                             Commodity
20121123   Cementing stage tool kit                               Commodity
20121124   Cementing float equipment kit                          Commodity
20121125   Cement retainer kit                                    Commodity
20121126   Centralizer parts and accessories                      Commodity
20121127   Landing collar                                         Commodity
20121128   Torque and drag reduction tool                         Commodity
20121129   Torque and drag reduction tool parts and accessories   Commodity
20121130   Bridge plug parts and accessories                      Commodity
20121200   Fracturing equipment                                   Class
20121201   Bulk liquid fracturing equipment                       Commodity
20121202   Fracturing bulk proppant equipment                     Commodity
20121203   Fracturing control units                               Commodity
20121204   Fracturing density sensors                             Commodity
20121205   Fracturing manifold units                              Commodity
20121206   Fracturing proppant conveying equipment                Commodity
20121207   Fracturing pumping units                               Commodity
20121208   Fracturing slurry blending units                       Commodity
20121209   Gel blending units                                     Commodity
20121210   Fracturing missiles                                    Commodity
20121211   Pump integrity monitors                                Commodity
20121212   Fracturing service packers                             Commodity
20121213   Stimulation pumping units                              Commodity
20121300   Sand control equipment                                 Class
20121301   Blanking plugs                                         Commodity
20121302   Floaters                                               Commodity
20121303   Frac pack systems                                      Commodity
20121304   Gravel pack systems                                    Commodity
20121305   Guide shoes                                            Commodity
20121306   Hook up nipples                             Commodity
20121307   Make up subs                                Commodity
20121308   Production tubing overshots                 Commodity
20121309   Sand control blanks                         Commodity
20121310   Sand control bulk liquid equipment          Commodity
20121311   Sand control bulk proppant equipment        Commodity
20121312   Sand control density sensors                Commodity
20121313   Sand control manifold units                 Commodity
20121314   Sand control proppant conveying equipment   Commodity
20121315   Sand control pumping units                  Commodity
20121316   Sand control screens                        Commodity
20121317   Sand control slurry blending units          Commodity
20121318   Sand detectors                              Commodity
20121319   Seal assembly locators                      Commodity
20121320   Shear joints                                Commodity
20121321   Sleeve shifting tools                       Commodity
20121322   Sliding sleeves                             Commodity
20121323   Velocity strings                            Commodity
20121324   Sand control ring                           Commodity
20121325   Slotted pipe pattern                        Commodity
20121326   Sand control screen parts and accessories   Commodity
20121400   Completion tools and equipment              Class
20121401   Ball catcher subs                           Commodity
20121402   Blast joints                                Commodity
20121403   Blast nipples                               Commodity
20121404   Completion bull plugs                       Commodity
20121405   Circulation production devices              Commodity
20121406   Completion test equipment                   Commodity
20121407   Control line protectors                     Commodity
20121408   Deflection tools                            Commodity
20121409   Completion expansion joints                 Commodity
20121410   Flow couplings                              Commodity
20121411   Gas lift equipment                          Commodity
20121412   Hanger landing tools                        Commodity
20121413   Completion hydraulic pumps                  Commodity
20121414   Hydraulic setting tools                     Commodity
20121415   Injection systems                           Commodity
20121416   Landing nipples                             Commodity
20121417   Liner hangers                               Commodity
20121418   Packer pulling tools                        Commodity
20121419   Packer running tools                        Commodity
20121420   Production packers                          Commodity
20121421   Pump down through flow line equipment       Commodity
20121422   Completion safety joints                    Commodity
20121423   Completion seal assemblies                  Commodity
20121424   Seal bores or polished bores                Commodity
20121425   Side pocket mandrels                        Commodity
20121427   Subsurface safety valves                        Commodity
20121428   Travel joints                                   Commodity
20121429   Tubing anchors                                  Commodity
20121430   Twin flow assemblies                            Commodity
20121431   Inflatable packer                               Commodity
20121432   Downhole control valve parts and accessories    Commodity
20121433   Cased hole completion repair kit                Commodity
20121434   Sliding sleeve repair kit                       Commodity
20121435   Setting adapter kit                             Commodity
20121436   Plunger lift system parts and accessories       Commodity
20121437   Subsurface safety valve parts and accessories   Commodity
20121438   Gas lift valve parts and accessories            Commodity
20121439   Production packer mandrel                       Commodity
20121440   Annulus casing packer sub                       Commodity
20121441   Liner setting tool                              Commodity
20121442   Drag block                                      Commodity
20121443   Liner packer setting tool kit                   Commodity
20121444   Liner system repair kit                         Commodity
20121445   Production packer parts and accessories         Commodity
20121446   Liner top packer                                Commodity
20121447   Liner setting collar                            Commodity
20121448   Junk bonnet                                     Commodity
20121449   Plunger lift equipment                          Commodity
20121450   Gas lift mandrel                                Commodity
20121451   Gas lift valve                                  Commodity
20121500   Conventional drilling tools                     Class
20121501   Blowout preventers                              Commodity
20121502   Blowout preventer controls                      Commodity
20121503   Casing scrapers                                 Commodity
20121504   Drill collars                                   Commodity
20121505   Coring equipment                                Commodity
20121506   Drill pipe thread protectors                    Commodity
20121507   Drill pipe tool joints                          Commodity
20121508   Drill pipe                                      Commodity
20121509   Gauge rings                                     Commodity
20121510   Hole openers                                    Commodity
20121511   Hole reamers                                    Commodity
20121512   Fishing jars                                    Commodity
20121513   Downhole shock absorbers                        Commodity
20121514   Downhole stabilizers                            Commodity
20121515   Drilling subs                                   Commodity
20121516   Thrusters                                       Commodity
20121517   Wellbore hole reamer parts and accessories      Commodity
20121518   Rotating control head                           Commodity
20121519   Rotating control head parts and accessories     Commodity
20121520   Blowout preventer parts and accessories         Commodity
20121521   Downhole shock absorber parts and accessories   Commodity
20121522   Casing scraper parts and accessories   Commodity
20121523   Drilling jar                           Commodity
20121524   Drilling jar parts and accessories     Commodity
20121600   Drilling bits                          Class
20121601   Fixed cutter drill bits                Commodity
20121602   Natural diamond drill bits             Commodity
20121603   Nozzle drill bits                      Commodity
20121604   PDC bits                               Commodity
20121605   Roller cone button insert drill bits   Commodity
20121606   Roller steel tooth drill bits          Commodity
20121607   Core bits                              Commodity
20121608   Bit block                              Commodity
20121609   Continuous mining bit                  Commodity
20121610   Feeder bit                             Commodity
20121611   Longwall bit                           Commodity
20121612   Roof drill bit                         Commodity
20121613   Drill bit accessories                  Commodity
20121700   Fishing tools                          Class
20121701   Bumper subs                            Commodity
20121702   Casing patches                         Commodity
20121703   Jar boosters                           Commodity
20121704   Junk subs                              Commodity
20121705   Mills or burning shoes                 Commodity
20121706   Overshots                              Commodity
20121707   Oilfield fishing spears                Commodity
20121708   Unspecified fishing tools              Commodity
20121709   Fishing wash pipe and extension        Commodity
20121710   Overshot extension                     Commodity
20121711   Fishing sub                            Commodity
20121712   Casing patch parts and accessories     Commodity
20121713   Wash pipe drive bushing                Commodity
20121714   Fishing impression block               Commodity
20121715   Wireline system fishing kit            Commodity
20121716   Junk basket parts and accessories      Commodity
20121717   Overshot grapple                       Commodity
20121718   Overshot control                       Commodity
20121719   Overshot packer                        Commodity
20121720   Overshot parts and accessories         Commodity
20121721   Fishing magnet                         Commodity
20121722   Taper tap                              Commodity
20121723   Fishing spear grapple                  Commodity
20121724   Fishing spear parts and accessories    Commodity
20121725   Casing cutter                          Commodity
20121726   Box tap                                Commodity
20121727   Junk basket                            Commodity
20121728   Fishing jar                            Commodity
20121800   Directional drilling equipment         Class
20121801   Geosteering tools                                        Commodity
20121802   Mud motors                                               Commodity
20121803   Rotary steerable tools                                   Commodity
20121804   Directional drilling surface control systems             Commodity
20121805   Straight hole directional drilling tools                 Commodity
20121806   Logging while drilling tools LWD                         Commodity
20121807   Logging while drilling tools LWD parts and accessories   Commodity
20121808   Directional drilling stabilizer                          Commodity
20121809   Rotary steerable tools parts and accessories             Commodity
20121810   Directional drilling sub                                 Commodity
20121811   Directional drilling thruster                            Commodity
20121812   Directional drilling drill collar                        Commodity
20121813   Mud motor parts and accessories                          Commodity
20121900   Well measurement and logging equipment                   Class
20121901   Acoustic tools                                           Commodity
20121902   Drilling or mud control instruments                      Commodity
20121903   Drilling performance measurement tools                   Commodity
20121904   Flow measurement equipment                               Commodity
20121905   Nuclear magnetic resonance tools                         Commodity
20121906   Nuclear tools                                            Commodity
20121907   Production logging equipment                             Commodity
20121908   Resistivity tools                                        Commodity
20121909   Surveying systems                                        Commodity
20121910   Telemetry systems                                        Commodity
20121911   Ultrasonic tools                                         Commodity
20121912   Well logging bottom hole pressure equipment              Commodity
20121913   Well logging downhole test equipment                     Commodity
20121914   Well logging units                                       Commodity
20121915   Bulk density log                                         Commodity
20121916   Optical sensing downhole cable                           Commodity
20121917   Optical sensing mandrel and accessories                  Commodity
20121918   Optical sensing surface cable                            Commodity
20121919   Casing inspection tool and accessories                   Commodity
20121920   Freepoint indicator tool and accessories                 Commodity
20121921   Radiation survey meter                                   Commodity
20121922   Gamma ray tool parts and accessories                     Commodity
20121923   Well imaging tool and parts                              Commodity
20122000   Fixturing and test equipment                             Class
20122001   Drift bars                                               Commodity
20122002   Drift sleeves                                            Commodity
20122003   Drift rabbits                                            Commodity
20122004   Test fixtures                                            Commodity
20122005   Test nipples                                             Commodity
20122006   Test plugs                                               Commodity
20122100   Perforating equipment                                    Class
20122101   Capsule guns                                             Commodity
20122102   Casing guns                                              Commodity
20122103   Deployment heads                              Commodity
20122104   Perforating explosives                        Commodity
20122105   Firing heads                                  Commodity
20122106   Gun adapters                                  Commodity
20122107   High shot density guns                        Commodity
20122108   Perforating bull plugs                        Commodity
20122109   Plug setting tools                            Commodity
20122110   Perforating positioning equipment             Commodity
20122111   Scalloped guns                                Commodity
20122112   Tandem subs                                   Commodity
20122113   Through tubing perforation gun accessories    Commodity
20122114   Through tubing perforation guns               Commodity
20122115   Under balance vent subs                       Commodity
20122200   Well testing equipment                        Class
20122201   Flare booms                                   Commodity
20122202   Flare burners                                 Commodity
20122203   Cased hole test tools                         Commodity
20122204   Choke manifolds                               Commodity
20122205   Diverting manifolds                           Commodity
20122206   Flowhead baskets                              Commodity
20122207   Flowhead swivels                              Commodity
20122208   Flowheads                                     Commodity
20122209   Formation shut in tools                       Commodity
20122210   Gas flares                                    Commodity
20122211   Mud gas analyzers                             Commodity
20122212   Oil samplers                                  Commodity
20122213   Well testing separators                       Commodity
20122214   Well testing surface piping                   Commodity
20122215   Surge tanks                                   Commodity
20122216   Well testing downhole tools                   Commodity
20122300   Slickline equipment                           Class
20122301   Slickline adapter heads                       Commodity
20122302   Slickline backoffs                            Commodity
20122303   Slickline bell guides                         Commodity
20122304   Slickline blind boxes                         Commodity
20122305   Slickline bottom hole pressure equipment      Commodity
20122306   Slickline caliper tools                       Commodity
20122307   Slickline cement dump bailing equipment       Commodity
20122308   Slickline chemical cutters                    Commodity
20122309   Slickline clamp on tool string centralizers   Commodity
20122310   Slickline clamp on wireline centralizers      Commodity
20122311   Slickline collar locators                     Commodity
20122312   Slickline collectors                          Commodity
20122313   Slickline colliding tools                     Commodity
20122314   Slickline crossovers                          Commodity
20122315   Slickline depth measurement equipment         Commodity
20122316   Slickline dewar flasks                        Commodity
20122317   Slickline dipmeter tools                       Commodity
20122318   Slickline directional tools                    Commodity
20122319   Slickline go devil tools                       Commodity
20122320   Slickline hole punchers                        Commodity
20122321   Slickline jet cutters                          Commodity
20122322   Slickline junk shots                           Commodity
20122323   Slickline kickover tools                       Commodity
20122324   Slickline knuckle joints                       Commodity
20122325   Slickline lead impression blocks               Commodity
20122326   Slickline locator mandrels                     Commodity
20122327   Slickline lock mandrels                        Commodity
20122328   Slickline lubricators                          Commodity
20122329   Slickline mechanical bailers                   Commodity
20122330   Slickline mechanical plugbacks                 Commodity
20122331   Other Slickline Tools                          Commodity
20122332   Slickline paraffin scrappers                   Commodity
20122333   Slickline rope sockets                         Commodity
20122334   Slickline running or pulling prongs            Commodity
20122335   Slickline severing tools                       Commodity
20122336   Slickline sheaves or floor blocks              Commodity
20122338   Slickline pulling tool accessories             Commodity
20122339   Slickline pulling tools                        Commodity
20122340   Slickline running tools                        Commodity
20122341   Slickline units                                Commodity
20122342   Slickline wire                                 Commodity
20122343   Slickline sonic tools                          Commodity
20122344   Slickline spacer bars                          Commodity
20122345   Slickline swages                               Commodity
20122346   Slickline tension devices                      Commodity
20122347   Slickline tubing plugs                         Commodity
20122348   Slickline ultrasonic tools                     Commodity
20122349   Wireline grabs                                 Commodity
20122350   Wireline jars                                  Commodity
20122351   Wireline scrapers                              Commodity
20122352   Wireline spear                                 Commodity
20122353   Wireline stems                                 Commodity
20122354   Wireline valves                                Commodity
20122356   Wireline preventers                            Commodity
20122357   Wireline jar accelerators                      Commodity
20122358   Test dart                                      Commodity
20122359   Slickline running tool parts and accessories   Commodity
20122360   Wireline broach                                Commodity
20122361   Standing valve                                 Commodity
20122362   Wireline bell guide                            Commodity
20122363   Wire finder                                    Commodity
20122364   Wireline tool string                           Commodity
20122365   Slickline centralizer parts and accessories    Commodity
20122366   Magnetic decentralizer                          Commodity
20122367   Wireline pulling tool                           Commodity
20122368   Wireline mandrel                                Commodity
20122369   Wireline setting tool                           Commodity
20122370   Wireline crossover                              Commodity
20122371   Slickline centralizer                           Commodity
20122372   Wireline swivel joint                           Commodity
20122373   Slickline kickover tool parts and accessories   Commodity
20122400   Production systems equipment                    Class
20122401   Cable thumpers                                  Commodity
20122402   Oilfield production evaporators                 Commodity
20122403   Hipot testers                                   Commodity
20122404   Oilfield lapping machines                       Commodity
20122405   Motor end lifts                                 Commodity
20122406   Oil dielectric testers                          Commodity
20122407   Oil vacuum filling units                        Commodity
20122408   Oilfield production shaft straighteners         Commodity
20122409   Oilfield production spoolers                    Commodity
20122410   Vibration analyzers                             Commodity
20122500   Coiled tubing equipment                         Class
20122501   Blaster tools                                   Commodity
20122502   Coiled tubing truck crane units                 Commodity
20122503   Coiled tubing units                             Commodity
20122504   Coiled tubing hose packages                     Commodity
20122505   Coiled tubing inflatable systems                Commodity
20122506   Coiled tubing injector heads                    Commodity
20122507   Coiled tubing lifting equipment                 Commodity
20122508   Operator houses                                 Commodity
20122509   Coiled tubing power packs                       Commodity
20122510   Coiled tubing reels                             Commodity
20122511   Coiled tubing spooling reels                    Commodity
20122512   Tubing guides                                   Commodity
20122513   Wellhead hookups                                Commodity
20122514   Wellhead support structures                     Commodity
20122515   Oilfield coiled tubing                          Commodity
20122516   Coiled tubing tool string                       Commodity
20122517   Coiled tubing connector                         Commodity
20122518   Coiled tubing centralizer                       Commodity
20122600   Seismic equipment                               Class
20122601   Seismic analog sensors                          Commodity
20122602   Seismic arrays                                  Commodity
20122603   Seismic streamer cable birds                    Commodity
20122604   Seismic drill tankers                           Commodity
20122605   Seismic geophones                               Commodity
20122606   Seismic gravity systems                         Commodity
20122607   Seismic gun winch systems                       Commodity
20122608   Seismic hydrophones                             Commodity
20122609   Seismic impulse sources                    Commodity
20122610   Seismic marine streamer cables             Commodity
20122611   Seismic ocean bottom cables                Commodity
20122612   Seismic magnetic systems                   Commodity
20122613   Seismic positioning equipment              Commodity
20122614   Seismic rams                               Commodity
20122615   Seismic receivers                          Commodity
20122616   Seismic refraction systems                 Commodity
20122617   Seismic source controllers                 Commodity
20122618   Seismic spooling devices                   Commodity
20122619   Seismic tow blocks                         Commodity
20122620   Seismic tow points                         Commodity
20122621   Seismic vibrators                          Commodity
20122622   Seismic recording systems                  Commodity
20122623   Seismic data processing systems            Commodity
20122700   Oil country tubular goods                  Class
20122701   Oil country casing                         Commodity
20122702   Oil country couplings                      Commodity
20122703   Oil country pup joints                     Commodity
20122704   Oil country tubing                         Commodity
20122705   Oil country pipe coatings                  Commodity
20122706   Conductor casing                           Commodity
20122707   Conductor casing running equipment         Commodity
20122708   Drill pipe crossovers                      Commodity
20122709   Oil country thread protectors              Commodity
20122710   Casing stop device                         Commodity
20122800   Drilling and workover rigs and equipment   Class
20122801   Mud agitators                              Commodity
20122802   Mud tanks                                  Commodity
20122803   Air drilling equipment                     Commodity
20122804   Barge rigs                                 Commodity
20122806   Fluid diverters                            Commodity
20122807   Drawworks                                  Commodity
20122808   Drill floor equipment                      Commodity
20122809   Drill swivels                              Commodity
20122810   Drilling rig ships                         Commodity
20122811   Drill rig elevators                        Commodity
20122812   Drill rig bails                            Commodity
20122813   Hydraulic workover units                   Commodity
20122814   Drill rig jacking systems                  Commodity
20122815   Jackup marine drilling rigs                Commodity
20122816   Kelly bushings                             Commodity
20122817   Kelly valves                               Commodity
20122818   Kelly wipers                               Commodity
20122819   Kellys                                     Commodity
20122820   Land drilling rigs                         Commodity
20122821   Mud cleaning equipment                     Commodity
20122822   Mud manifolds                                                    Commodity
20122823   Mud mixers                                                       Commodity
20122824   Pipe handling equipment                                          Commodity
20122825   Platform drilling rigs                                           Commodity
20122826   Power swivel or top drives                                       Commodity
20122827   Rig skids                                                        Commodity
20122828   Drill rig risers                                                 Commodity
20122829   Drill rig rotary tables                                          Commodity
20122830   Self elevating workover platforms                                Commodity
20122831   Semi submersible drilling rigs                                   Commodity
20122832   Drill floor slips                                                Commodity
20122833   Makeup tongs                                                     Commodity
20122834   Iron roughnecks                                                  Commodity
20122835   Traveling equipment                                              Commodity
20122836   Workover boats                                                   Commodity
20122837   Workover rigs                                                    Commodity
20122838   Shale shakers                                                    Commodity
20122839   Mud degassers                                                    Commodity
20122840   Crown blocks                                                     Commodity
20122841   Traveling blocks                                                 Commodity
20122842   Mud desanders                                                    Commodity
20122843   Mud dessilters                                                   Commodity
20122844   Power tongs                                                      Commodity
20122845   Pipe handling equipment parts and accessories                    Commodity
20122846   Stabbing board                                                   Commodity
20122847   Lift sub and plug                                                Commodity
20122848   Horizontal makeup device or bucking unit parts and accessories   Commodity
20122849   Well casing spider                                               Commodity
20122851   Hydraulic power unit                                             Commodity
20122900   Surface data logging equipment                                   Class
20122901   Surface data logging conduits                                    Commodity
20122902   Surface data logging sensors                                     Commodity
20122903   Surface data logging units                                       Commodity
20123000   Multilateral equipment                                           Class
20123001   Multilateral casing                                              Commodity
20123002   Multilateral junctions                                           Commodity
20123003   Multilateral packers                                             Commodity
20123004   Multilateral packer parts and accessories                        Commodity
20123100   Casing exit tools                                                Class
20123101   Casing exit setting tool                                         Commodity
20123102   Casing exit whipstock                                            Commodity
20123200   Expandable downhole equipment                                    Class
20123201   Slotted expandable setting tool                                  Commodity
20123202   Expandable sand screen hanger repair kit                         Commodity
20123203   Expandable liner                                                 Commodity
20123300   Casing while drilling tools                                      Class
20123301   Drill shoe                                                       Commodity
20123302   Drill shoe parts and accessories                 Commodity
20123303   Drilling spear                                   Commodity
20123304   Drilling spear parts and accessories             Commodity
20130000   Oil and gas drilling and operation materials     Family
20131000   Drilling mud and materials                       Class
20131001   Filtration control agents                        Commodity
20131002   Fluid spacers                                    Commodity
20131003   Lost circulation agents                          Commodity
20131004   Oil based muds                                   Commodity
20131005   Rate of penetration enhancers                    Commodity
20131006   Spotting fluids                                  Commodity
20131007   Synthetic based muds                             Commodity
20131008   Mud thinning agents                              Commodity
20131009   Water based muds                                 Commodity
20131010   Mud weighting agents                             Commodity
20131100   Well fracturing proppants                        Class
20131101   Ceramic proppants                                Commodity
20131102   Fracturing sands                                 Commodity
20131103   Resin coated ceramic proppants                   Commodity
20131104   Resin coated fracturing sands                    Commodity
20131105   Resin coated sintered bauxites                   Commodity
20131106   Sintered bauxites                                Commodity
20131200   Completion fluids                                Class
20131201   Divalent brines                                  Commodity
20131202   Monovalent brines                                Commodity
20131300   Oil well cement                                  Class
20131301   Oil well bulk cement                             Commodity
20131302   Oil well class a type I cement                   Commodity
20131303   Oil well class b type II cement                  Commodity
20131304   Oil well class c cement                          Commodity
20131305   Oil well class g cement                          Commodity
20131306   Oil well class h cement                          Commodity
20131307   Oil well lightweight cement                      Commodity
20131308   Oil well standard fine type III cement           Commodity
20140000   Oil and gas operating and production equipment   Family
20141000   Wellhead equipment                               Class
20141001   Wellhead actuators                               Commodity
20141002   Wellhead beam pumps                              Commodity
20141003   Wellhead flow lines                              Commodity
20141004   Wellhead gate valves                             Commodity
20141005   Wellhead production chokes                       Commodity
20141006   Wellhead sub surface flow or christmas trees     Commodity
20141007   Wellhead surface flow or christmas trees         Commodity
20141008   Wellhead surface safety valves                   Commodity
20141011   Tubing head adapter                              Commodity
20141012   Casing head housing                              Commodity
20141013   Tubing head spool                                Commodity
20141014   Casing head spool                                    Commodity
20141015   Wellhead tees or crosses                             Commodity
20141016   Wellhead landing base                                Commodity
20141017   Wellhead carrier body                                Commodity
20141018   Wellhead hanger                                      Commodity
20141100   Chemical injection systems                           Class
20141101   Paraffin injection systems                           Commodity
20141200   Desanding equipment                                  Class
20141201   Production desanding equipment                       Commodity
20141300   Downhole jet pumps and anchors                       Class
20141301   Downhole jet pumps                                   Commodity
20141302   Downhole jet pump parts and accessories              Commodity
20141400   Downhole production accessories                      Class
20141401   Tubing stops                                         Commodity
20141500   Downhole pumps                                       Class
20141501   Electric downhole pumps                              Commodity
20141600   Export pumps                                         Class
20141601   Pneumatic export pumps                               Commodity
20141700   Offshore production and storage platforms            Class
20141701   Fixed offshore production platforms                  Commodity
20141702   Floating offshore production platforms               Commodity
20141703   Floating offshore storage platforms                  Commodity
20141704   Floating offshore tension leg production platforms   Commodity
20141705   Floating offshore tension leg storage platforms      Commodity
20141800   Well production flow measurement meters              Class
20141801   Well production gas turbine meters                   Commodity
20141900   Gas treating equipment                               Class
20141901   Oil well production gas treating equipment           Commodity
20142000   Glycol regenerators                                  Class
20142001   Oil well glycol regenerators                         Commodity
20142100   Heater treaters                                      Class
20142101   Oil well heater treaters                             Commodity
20142200   Line heaters                                         Class
20142201   Electrical line heaters                              Commodity
20142300   Production injection skids                           Class
20142301   Pneumatic methanol injections skids                  Commodity
20142400   Ocean floor equipment                                Class
20142401   Subsea production wellhead equipment                 Commodity
20142402   Subsea umbilicals or flexible pipes                  Commodity
20142403   Subsea production manifold system                    Commodity
20142404   Vertical annular separation and pumping system       Commodity
20142405   Subsea christmas tree and component                  Commodity
20142500   Produced water treating equipment                    Class
20142501   Oil field water oil centrifuges                      Commodity
20142600   Production control system instrumentation            Class
20142601   Wireless production control systems                  Commodity
20142700   Pumping units                                        Class
20142701   Sucker rod pump jacks                                                     Commodity
20142702   Rod pumps                                                                 Commodity
20142703   Mechanical rod pumps                                                      Commodity
20142704   Pumping frame and extension assembly                                      Commodity
20142705   Crank arm assembly                                                        Commodity
20142706   Equalizer pitman assembly                                                 Commodity
20142707   Horsehead assembly                                                        Commodity
20142708   Samson post assembly                                                      Commodity
20142709   Walking beam assembly                                                     Commodity
20142710   Hanger bar assembly                                                       Commodity
20142800   Production separators                                                     Class
20142801   Oil water separators                                                      Commodity
20142900   Storage vessels and tanks                                                 Class
20142901   Oil storage tanks                                                         Commodity
20142902   Fiberglass holding tank                                                   Commodity
20142903   Steel holding tank                                                        Commodity
20142904   Plastic holding tank                                                      Commodity
20143000   Sucker rods                                                               Class
20143001   Alloy steel sucker rods                                                   Commodity
20143002   Pony rods                                                                 Commodity
20143003   Continuous sucker rod                                                     Commodity
20143004   Continuous sucker rod pin end                                             Commodity
20143005   Sucker rod shear coupling                                                 Commodity
20143300   Pipeline service equipment                                                Class
20143301   Pipeline pig                                                              Commodity

21000000   Farming and Fishing and Forestry and Wildlife Machinery and Accessories   Segment
21100000   Agricultural and forestry and landscape machinery and equipment           Family
21101500   Agricultural machinery for soil preparation                               Class
21101501   Ploughs                                                                   Commodity
21101502   Harrows                                                                   Commodity
21101503   Cultivators                                                               Commodity
21101504   Weeders                                                                   Commodity
21101505   Hoeing machines                                                           Commodity
21101506   Graders or land levelers                                                  Commodity
21101507   Agricultural rollers                                                      Commodity
21101508   Rollers for lawn or sports grounds                                        Commodity
21101509   Trencher drainage machine                                                 Commodity
21101510   Irrigation pipes or tubes                                                 Commodity
21101511   Irrigation trickles                                                       Commodity
21101512   Irrigation overheads                                                      Commodity
21101513   Disks                                                                     Commodity
21101514   Subsoilers                                                                Commodity
21101516   Dibblers                                                                  Commodity
21101600   Agricultural machinery for planting and seeding                           Class
21101601   Planters                                                                  Commodity
21101602   Transplanters                                                             Commodity
21101603   Grain drills                                                         Commodity
21101604   Seed drills                                                          Commodity
21101605   Seed treating equipment                                              Commodity
21101606   Hole diggers                                                         Commodity
21101607   Seeder attachment                                                    Commodity
21101700   Agricultural machinery for harvesting                                Class
21101701   Mowers                                                               Commodity
21101702   Haymaking machinery                                                  Commodity
21101703   Harvesters                                                           Commodity
21101704   Combine harvesters                                                   Commodity
21101705   Threshing machines                                                   Commodity
21101706   Crop dividers                                                        Commodity
21101707   Harvester parts or accessories                                       Commodity
21101708   Mower parts or accessories                                           Commodity
21101800   Dispersing and spraying appliances for agriculture                   Class
21101801   Sprayers                                                             Commodity
21101802   Dusters                                                              Commodity
21101803   Water sprinklers                                                     Commodity
21101804   Fertilizer spreaders or distributors                                 Commodity
21101805   Fog or mist generators                                               Commodity
21101806   Composter                                                            Commodity
21101807   Pollination equipment or supplies                                    Commodity
21101808   Frost protection equipment                                           Commodity
21101900   Poultry and livestock equipment                                      Class
21101901   Milking machines                                                     Commodity
21101902   Animal husbandry equipment                                           Commodity
21101903   Incubators or brooders for poultry                                   Commodity
21101904   Feed mixers                                                          Commodity
21101905   Livestock identification equipment                                   Commodity
21101906   Egg inspection or collecting equipment                               Commodity
21101907   Animal watering machines                                             Commodity
21101908   Milk cooling tanks                                                   Commodity
21101909   Animal shearing or clipping equipment                                Commodity
21102000   Agricultural machinery for cleaning and sorting and grading          Class
21102001   Cleaning machines for seed or grain or dried leguminous vegetables   Commodity
21102002   Sorting machines for seed or grain or dried leguminous vegetables    Commodity
21102003   Grading machines for seed or grain or dried leguminous vegetables    Commodity
21102004   Rice cleaning or hulling equipment                                   Commodity
21102005   Grinding mills                                                       Commodity
21102006   Hammer mills                                                         Commodity
21102100   Agricultural processing machinery and equipment                      Class
21102101   Agricultural briquetting or pelting machines                         Commodity
21102200   Forestry machinery and equipment                                     Class
21102201   Decorticators                                                        Commodity
21102202   Lumbering equipment                                                  Commodity
21102203   Reforestation equipment                                              Commodity
21102204   Forestry saws                                                        Commodity
21102205   Forestry skidders                                     Commodity
21102206   Forestry increment borers                             Commodity
21102207   Forestry ipsometer                                    Commodity
21102300   Greenhouse equipment                                  Class
21102301   Greenhouse irrigation equipment                       Commodity
21102302   Greenhouse pots                                       Commodity
21102303   Greenhouse ventilation equipment                      Commodity
21102304   Greenhouse isolation equipment                        Commodity
21102400   Insect equipment                                      Class
21102401   Beekeeping equipment                                  Commodity
21102402   Silkworm equipment                                    Commodity
21102403   Butterfly breeding equipment                          Commodity
21102404   Beetle breeding equipment                             Commodity
21110000   Fishing and aquaculture equipment                     Family
21111500   Commercial fishing equipment                          Class
21111501   Commercial fish hooks                                 Commodity
21111502   Commercial fishing reels                              Commodity
21111503   Commercial fishing line tackle                        Commodity
21111504   Commercial fishing nets                               Commodity
21111506   Commercial fishing floats                             Commodity
21111507   Commercial sinkers or weights                         Commodity
21111508   Fishing net haulers                                   Commodity
21111600   Aquaculture equipment                                 Class
21111601   Marine hatchery equipment                             Commodity
21111602   Pisciculture supplies                                 Commodity
22000000   Building and Construction Machinery and Accessories   Segment
22100000   Heavy construction machinery and equipment            Family
22101500   Earth moving machinery                                Class
22101501   Front end loaders                                     Commodity
22101502   Graders                                               Commodity
22101504   Pile drivers                                          Commodity
22101505   Rollers                                               Commodity
22101507   Tampers                                               Commodity
22101508   Trenching machines                                    Commodity
22101509   Backhoes                                              Commodity
22101511   Compactors                                            Commodity
22101513   Draglines                                             Commodity
22101514   Dredgers                                              Commodity
22101516   Ditchers                                              Commodity
22101518   Elevating scrapers                                    Commodity
22101519   Twin engine open bowl scrapers                        Commodity
22101520   Twin engine elevating scrapers                        Commodity
22101521   Pulled scrapers                                       Commodity
22101522   Track bulldozers                                      Commodity
22101523   Wheel bulldozers                                      Commodity
22101524   Mobile excavators                                     Commodity
22101525   Wheel excavators                                      Commodity
22101526   Track excavators                                      Commodity
22101527   Integrated tool carriers                              Commodity
22101528   Wheel loaders                                         Commodity
22101529   Skid steer loaders                                    Commodity
22101530   Open bowl scrapers                                    Commodity
22101531   Snow blowers                                          Commodity
22101532   Track loaders                                         Commodity
22101533   Treedozers                                            Commodity
22101534   Combat earthmovers                                    Commodity
22101535   Pile extractor                                        Commodity
22101536   Tire washer                                           Commodity
22101600   Paving equipment                                      Class
22101602   Ramming equipment                                     Commodity
22101603   Road wideners                                         Commodity
22101604   Vibratory plates                                      Commodity
22101605   Asphalt finishers                                     Commodity
22101606   Chip Spreaders                                        Commodity
22101607   Road pavers                                           Commodity
22101608   Cold planers                                          Commodity
22101609   Paving material mixers                                Commodity
22101610   Aggregate spreaders                                   Commodity
22101611   Bituminous material distributors                      Commodity
22101612   Road rooters                                          Commodity
22101613   Road surface heater planers                           Commodity
22101614   Concrete paving strike offs                           Commodity
22101615   Paving breakers                                       Commodity
22101616   Curbing machines                                      Commodity
22101617   Grouting machines                                     Commodity
22101618   Trackway surfacing outfits or its laying mechanisms   Commodity
22101619   Scrubbing machines                                    Commodity
22101620   Joint cleaning or refacing machines                   Commodity
22101621   Asphalt distributor                                   Commodity
22101622   Asphalt recycler                                      Commodity
22101623   Concrete paving and finishing machine                 Commodity
22101624   Road marking machine                                  Commodity
22101625   Concrete surfacing machine                            Commodity
22101626   Asphalt mixing plant                                  Commodity
22101627   Asphalt melter                                        Commodity
22101628   Aggregate washer                                      Commodity
22101629   Aggregate dryer                                       Commodity
22101700   Heavy equipment components                            Class
22101701   Earthmoving shovels                                   Commodity
22101702   Earthmoving buckets or its parts or accessories       Commodity
22101703   Blades or tooth or other cutting edges                Commodity
22101704   Scarifiers                                            Commodity
22101705   Track links or track shoes or its parts               Commodity
22101706   Dippers                                               Commodity
22101707   Taglines                                                            Commodity
22101708   Rippers                                                             Commodity
22101709   Grapples                                                            Commodity
22101710   Snowplow attachments                                                Commodity
22101711   Paving breaker tools or accessories                                 Commodity
22101712   Pile driver tools or its parts or accessories                       Commodity
22101713   Backhoe boom or boom sections                                       Commodity
22101714   Tamper parts or repair kits                                         Commodity
22101715   Batching plants or feeders                                          Commodity
22101716   Construction machinery conversion kits                              Commodity
22101717   Earth moving moldboards                                             Commodity
22101718   Grader control systems                                              Commodity
22101719   Grader frame saddles                                                Commodity
22101720   Trencher crumber shoes                                              Commodity
22101721   Stake driver bits and accessories                                   Commodity
22101800   Aerial lifts                                                        Class
22101801   Manlift or personnel lift                                           Commodity
22101802   Platform lift                                                       Commodity
22101803   Articulating boom lift                                              Commodity
22101804   Telescoping boom lift                                               Commodity
22101900   Building construction machinery and accessories                     Class
22101901   Concrete mixers or plants                                           Commodity
22101902   Plaster or mortar mixers                                            Commodity
22101903   Rotary tiller mixers                                                Commodity
22101904   Curing machines                                                     Commodity
22101905   Concrete spreaders                                                  Commodity
22101906   Shoring equipment                                                   Commodity
22101907   Trench braces                                                       Commodity
22102000   Building demolition machinery and equipment                         Class
22102001   Demolition equipment kits                                           Commodity
23000000   Industrial Manufacturing and Processing Machinery and Accessories   Segment
23100000   Raw materials processing machinery                                  Family
23101500   Machinery for working wood and stone and ceramic and the like       Class
23101501   Coping machines                                                     Commodity
23101502   Drilling machines                                                   Commodity
23101503   Broaching machines                                                  Commodity
23101504   Bending machines                                                    Commodity
23101505   Boring machines                                                     Commodity
23101506   Grinding machines                                                   Commodity
23101507   Molding machines                                                    Commodity
23101508   Cutting machines                                                    Commodity
23101509   Sanding machines                                                    Commodity
23101510   Polishing machines                                                  Commodity
23101511   Turning machines                                                    Commodity
23101512   Sawing machines                                                     Commodity
23101513   Milling machines                                                    Commodity
23101514   Planing machines                                                    Commodity
23101515   Engraving machines                                            Commodity
23101516   Glass bead peener machines                                    Commodity
23101517   Grit blast machines                                           Commodity
23101518   Shot peen machine                                             Commodity
23101519   Robot machines                                                Commodity
23101520   Ram electro discharge machines                                Commodity
23101521   Wire cathode electrode discharge machine                      Commodity
23101522   Chip breaker                                                  Commodity
23101523   Belt sander                                                   Commodity
23101524   Disc sander                                                   Commodity
23101525   Oscillating spindle sander                                    Commodity
23101526   Orbital sander                                                Commodity
23101527   Detail sander                                                 Commodity
23101528   Drum sander                                                   Commodity
23110000   Petroleum processing machinery                                Family
23111500   Petroleum distilling and processing machinery and equipment   Class
23111501   Distillate hydroprocessing equipment                          Commodity
23111502   Crude distilling machinery                                    Commodity
23111503   Catalytic cracking equipment                                  Commodity
23111504   Hydrocracking equipment                                       Commodity
23111505   Isomerization machinery                                       Commodity
23111506   Coking machinery                                              Commodity
23111507   Gas recovery machinery                                        Commodity
23111600   Hydrotreating machinery                                       Class
23111601   Naptha hydrotreater                                           Commodity
23111602   Distillate hydrotreater                                       Commodity
23111603   Catalytic feed hydrotreater                                   Commodity
23111604   Lube hydrotreater                                             Commodity
23111605   Gasoline hydrotreater                                         Commodity
23111606   Resid hydrotreater                                            Commodity
23120000   Textile and fabric machinery and accessories                  Family
23121500   Textile processing machinery and accessories                  Class
23121501   Embroidery making machines                                    Commodity
23121502   Felting machines                                              Commodity
23121503   Winding or reeling or spooling machines                       Commodity
23121504   Twisting machines                                             Commodity
23121505   Stitch bonding machines                                       Commodity
23121506   Knitting machines                                             Commodity
23121507   Weaving machines                                              Commodity
23121508   Finishing machines                                            Commodity
23121509   Spinning machines                                             Commodity
23121510   Lace making machines                                          Commodity
23121600   Textile working machinery and equipment and accessories       Class
23121601   Button covering machines                                      Commodity
23121602   Button sewing machines                                        Commodity
23121603   Buttonhole machines                                           Commodity
23121604   Cloth cutting machines                                        Commodity
23121605   Cushion filling machines                                    Commodity
23121606   Folding or rewinding machines                               Commodity
23121607   Bleaching machines                                          Commodity
23121608   Fabric or cloth folding machines                            Commodity
23121609   Reeling or unreeling machines                               Commodity
23121610   Dyeing machines                                             Commodity
23121611   Cutting or pinking machines                                 Commodity
23121612   Sewing machine needles                                      Commodity
23121613   Silk processing machines                                    Commodity
23121614   Sewing machines                                             Commodity
23121615   Fabric cutting tables                                       Commodity
23130000   Lapidary machinery and equipment                            Family
23131500   Grinding and sanding and polishing equipment and supplies   Class
23131501   Abrasive compounds                                          Commodity
23131502   Felt wheels                                                 Commodity
23131503   Grinding wheels                                             Commodity
23131504   Polishing compounds                                         Commodity
23131505   Polishing heads                                             Commodity
23131506   Polishing wheels                                            Commodity
23131507   Sanding cloths                                              Commodity
23131508   Sanding drums                                               Commodity
23131509   Tumblers or polishers                                       Commodity
23131510   Tumbling supplies or media                                  Commodity
23131511   Water swivels                                               Commodity
23131512   Water trays                                                 Commodity
23131513   Sanding blocks                                              Commodity
23131514   Mounted stones                                              Commodity
23131515   Grinding wheel dressers                                     Commodity
23131600   Faceting equipment and accessories                          Class
23131601   Faceting accessories                                        Commodity
23131602   Faceting machines                                           Commodity
23131603   Faceting laps                                               Commodity
23131604   Faceting saws                                               Commodity
23131700   Cabbing equipment                                           Class
23131701   Cabbing accessories                                         Commodity
23131702   Cabbing belts                                               Commodity
23131703   Cabbing discs                                               Commodity
23131704   Cabochon machines                                           Commodity
23140000   Leatherworking repairing machinery and equipment            Family
23141600   Leather preparing machinery and accessories                 Class
23141601   Leather fleshing machines                                   Commodity
23141602   Leather tanning machines                                    Commodity
23141603   Leather dyeing machines                                     Commodity
23141604   Leather degreasing machines                                 Commodity
23141605   Leather presses                                             Commodity
23141700   Leather working and repairing machinery and accessories     Class
23141701   Leather cutting machines                                    Commodity
23141702   Leather riveting machines                                                     Commodity
23141703   Leather nailing machines                                                      Commodity
23141704   Leatherworking workshop equipment                                             Commodity
23150000   Industrial process machinery and equipment and supplies                       Family
23151500   Rubber and plastic processing machinery and equipment and supplies            Class
23151501   Blow molding machines                                                         Commodity
23151502   Coating machines                                                              Commodity
23151503   Extruders                                                                     Commodity
23151504   Injection molding machines                                                    Commodity
23151506   Rubber or plastic presses                                                     Commodity
23151507   Thermo forming machines                                                       Commodity
23151508   Vacuum molding machines                                                       Commodity
23151509   Vulcanizing machines                                                          Commodity
23151510   Plastic cutting machinery                                                     Commodity
23151511   Plastic grinding machinery                                                    Commodity
23151512   Rubber or plastic mills                                                       Commodity
23151513   Rubber or plastic extrusion dies                                              Commodity
23151514   Plastic injection molds                                                       Commodity
23151515   Thermoforming molds                                                           Commodity
23151516   Ejector pins                                                                  Commodity
23151517   In mold decoration IMD cylinder                                               Commodity
23151518   Dip molding equipment                                                         Commodity
23151519   Urethane foam molding and processing equipment                                Commodity
23151520   Rotational molding equipment                                                  Commodity

23151600   Cement and ceramics and glass industry machinery and equipment and supplies   Class
23151601   Blowers or dryers                                                             Commodity
23151602   Crushers                                                                      Commodity
23151603   Fusion welding or glass drawing machines                                      Commodity
23151604   Grinding or polishing machines                                                Commodity
23151606   Cement or ceramic or glass or similar material molding machines               Commodity
23151607   Presses                                                                       Commodity
23151608   Sifters                                                                       Commodity
23151700   Optical industry machinery and equipment and supplies                         Class
23151701   Lens grinding machines                                                        Commodity
23151702   Lens measuring equipment                                                      Commodity
23151703   Lens polishing equipment                                                      Commodity
23151704   Lens testing equipment                                                        Commodity
23151705   Optical vacuum coating equipment                                              Commodity
23151800   Pharmaceutical industry machinery and equipment and supplies                  Class
23151801   Ampoule filling equipment                                                     Commodity
23151802   Bottle cappers or cotton inserters or safety seal applicators                 Commodity
23151803   Capsulating machines                                                          Commodity
23151804   Reactors or fermenters or digesters                                           Commodity
23151805   Filling or sealing auger dose machines                                        Commodity
23151806   Pharmaceutical filters or ultra filters                                       Commodity
23151807   Freezedryers or lyophilzers                                                   Commodity
23151808   Granulators                                                              Commodity
23151809   Pharmaceutical sieve or screening machines                               Commodity
23151810   Sterile or aseptic processing or filling machines                        Commodity
23151811   Tablet or capsule testing machines                                       Commodity
23151812   Tablet counters                                                          Commodity
23151813   Tabletting machines                                                      Commodity
23151814   Vaccine production equipment                                             Commodity
23151816   Chromatography columns                                                   Commodity
23151817   Chromatography media                                                     Commodity
23151818   Sterility test devices                                                   Commodity
23151819   Filter integrity testers                                                 Commodity
23151820   Pressure gauge                                                           Commodity
23151821   Filter cartridge adapter                                                 Commodity
23151822   Adapters or connectors or fittings for pharmaceutical filter housings    Commodity
23151823   Diagnostic radiopharmaceutical                                           Commodity
23151824   Pharmacy compounder or accessories                                       Commodity

23151900   Paper making and paper processing machinery and equipment and supplies   Class
23151901   Cutters                                                                  Commodity
23151902   Slitters                                                                 Commodity
23151903   Washing or dewatering machines                                           Commodity
23151904   Winders                                                                  Commodity
23151905   Wood pulp or dissolver machines                                          Commodity
23151906   Calenders for paper or cardboard making                                  Commodity
23151907   Screen drum or sieve                                                     Commodity
23152000   Web handling and control machinery and equipment and supplies            Class
23152001   Corona treaters                                                          Commodity
23152002   Flame treaters                                                           Commodity
23152100   Separation machinery and equipment                                       Class
23152101   Vibratory separation equipment or parts or screens                       Commodity
23152102   Stationary separation equipment or parts or screens                      Commodity
23152103   Air classification equipment or parts or screens                         Commodity
23152104   Centrifugal separation equipment or parts or screens                     Commodity
23152105   Electromechanical vibrator                                               Commodity
23152106   Urethane profile vibratory separation screen                             Commodity
23152107   Profile wire vibratory separation screen                                 Commodity
23152108   Punch plate vibratory separation screen                                  Commodity
23152109   Urethane coated punch plate vibratory separation screen                  Commodity
23152110   Urethane or rubber wire vibratory separation screen                      Commodity
23152111   Woven wire vibratory separation screen                                   Commodity
23152112   Urethane coated woven wire vibratory separation screen                   Commodity
23152200   Manufacturing tables and stands                                          Class
23152201   Rotary tables                                                            Commodity
23152202   Stack stands                                                             Commodity
23152203   Engine or component test stands                                          Commodity
23152204   Machine guarding                                                         Commodity
23152205   Band saw tables                                                          Commodity
23152206   Barrier guarding                                          Commodity
23152900   Packaging machinery                                       Class
23152901   Wrapping machinery                                        Commodity
23152902   Form or fill or seal machinery                            Commodity
23152903   Packaging vacuum                                          Commodity
23152904   Packaging hoppers                                         Commodity
23152905   Carton forming machines                                   Commodity
23152906   Taping machines                                           Commodity
23152907   Packaging machinery supplies                              Commodity
23153000   Holding and positioning and guiding systems and devices   Class
23153001   Calibration jig                                           Commodity
23153002   Guide jig                                                 Commodity
23153003   Master jig                                                Commodity
23153004   Needle jig                                                Commodity
23153005   Shaft jig                                                 Commodity
23153006   Checking jig                                              Commodity
23153007   Setting jig                                               Commodity
23153008   Camera jig                                                Commodity
23153009   Pickup jig                                                Commodity
23153010   Removal jig                                               Commodity
23153011   Nozzle jig                                                Commodity
23153012   Sliding jig                                               Commodity
23153013   Centering jig                                             Commodity
23153014   Inspecting jig                                            Commodity
23153015   Feeder jig                                                Commodity
23153016   Clutch jig                                                Commodity
23153017   Alignment jig                                             Commodity
23153018   Positioning jig                                           Commodity
23153019   Lifter plate                                              Commodity
23153020   Tape guide                                                Commodity
23153021   Tape feed jaw                                             Commodity
23153022   Power feeder                                              Commodity
23153023   Feeder harness                                            Commodity
23153024   Feed jaw                                                  Commodity
23153025   Mechanical gripper                                        Commodity
23153026   Holder jaw                                                Commodity
23153027   Jaw assembly                                              Commodity
23153028   Stationary jaw                                            Commodity
23153029   Jig block                                                 Commodity
23153030   Linear motion guides                                      Commodity
23153031   Measuring jigs                                            Commodity
23153032   Ring jigs                                                 Commodity
23153033   Throat plate                                              Commodity
23153034   Machine rails                                             Commodity
23153035   Finger plates                                             Commodity
23153036   Keeper plates                                             Commodity
23153037   Feed roll assembly                                        Commodity
23153038   Trestle                                             Commodity
23153039   Machine rail carriage                               Commodity
23153100   Industrial machinery components and accessories     Class
23153101   Pitch stopper                                       Commodity
23153102   Paper stopper                                       Commodity
23153103   Stopper pad                                         Commodity
23153129   Machine way wipers                                  Commodity
23153130   Machine mounts or vibration isolators               Commodity
23153131   Wear plates or bars or strips                       Commodity
23153132   Dust deflectors                                     Commodity
23153133   Sprocket hubs                                       Commodity
23153134   Feed or drive rollers                               Commodity
23153135   Feed roller covers                                  Commodity
23153136   Saw dust chutes                                     Commodity
23153137   Machinery dust covers                               Commodity
23153138   Cutting or chipping heads                           Commodity
23153139   Guide beds                                          Commodity
23153140   Link arms                                           Commodity
23153141   Electro discharge machine EDM wire                  Commodity
23153142   Accordion bellows                                   Commodity
23153200   Robotics                                            Class
23153201   Paint robots                                        Commodity
23153202   Pick or place robots                                Commodity
23153203   Sealant adhesive robots                             Commodity
23153204   Welding robots                                      Commodity
23153205   Machine tending robot                               Commodity
23153206   Material removal robot                              Commodity
23153400   Assembly machines                                   Class
23153401   Adhesive or glue application systems                Commodity
23153402   Assembly fixtures                                   Commodity
23153403   Specialty assembly                                  Commodity
23153404   Assembly systems for chassis vehicle operation VO   Commodity
23153405   Unlimited component assembly                        Commodity
23153406   Powertrain complete lines                           Commodity
23153407   Surface mount device                                Commodity
23153408   Fill test                                           Commodity
23153409   Non portable nutrunner multispindle                 Commodity
23153410   Body skids                                          Commodity
23153411   Tire mounting inflating                             Commodity
23153412   Gullotine Shears                                    Commodity
23153413   Glass insertion pick up PU application              Commodity
23153414   Articulating lazy arms                              Commodity
23153415   Automatic chassis decking                           Commodity
23153416   Flexible components                                 Commodity
23153417   Miscellaneous assembly machines                     Commodity
23153418   Custom assembly fixtures or tooling                 Commodity
23153419   Custom single station machine                       Commodity
23153500   Paint systems                                   Class
23153501   Paint application system                        Commodity
23153502   Paint booth repair                              Commodity
23153503   Paint systems ovens                             Commodity
23153504   Paint plant layout or engineering               Commodity
23153505   Turn key paint system                           Commodity
23153506   Phosphate or e coat paint system                Commodity
23153507   Miscellaneous or miscellaneous paint shop       Commodity
23153508   Miscellaneous paint systems                     Commodity
23153600   Part marking machines                           Class
23153601   Acid etch marking machines                      Commodity
23153602   Laser marking machine                           Commodity
23153603   Pinstamp marking machine                        Commodity
23153604   Laser Etching Tool                              Commodity
23153700   Precision fastening or torque equipment         Class
23153701   Pulse tool                                      Commodity
23153702   Nutrunner                                       Commodity
23153800   Coating systems                                 Class
23153801   Electrostatic fluxer                            Commodity
23153802   Electrical coil winding machine                 Commodity
23160000   Foundry machines and equipment and supplies     Family
23161500   Foundry machines and equipment                  Class
23161501   Foundry blowers                                 Commodity
23161502   Foundry burners                                 Commodity
23161503   Core drying ovens                               Commodity
23161506   Foundry crucibles                               Commodity
23161507   Foundry converters                              Commodity
23161510   Casting machines                                Commodity
23161514   Sizing or embossing presses                     Commodity
23161516   Foundry mold machine                            Commodity
23161600   Foundry supplies                                Class
23161601   Foundry bellows                                 Commodity
23161602   Foundry clays                                   Commodity
23161603   Foundry flasks                                  Commodity
23161605   Foundry ladles                                  Commodity
23161606   Foundry molds                                   Commodity
23161607   Foundry sand                                    Commodity
23161608   Foundry shovels                                 Commodity
23161700   Foundry dies and tooling                        Class
23161701   Sand casting core box                           Commodity
23161702   Sand casting pattern                            Commodity
23170000   Workshop machinery and equipment and supplies   Family
23171500   Parent class                                    Class
23171541   Flashback arrestor                              Commodity
23180000   Industrial food and beverage equipment          Family
23181500   Food preparation machinery                      Class
23181501   Filling machinery                               Commodity
23181502   Milling machinery                          Commodity
23181504   Sifting machinery                          Commodity
23181505   Dehydrating machinery                      Commodity
23181506   Washing machinery                          Commodity
23181507   Crushing machinery                         Commodity
23181508   Blanching machinery                        Commodity
23181509   Sorting machinery                          Commodity
23181510   Meat tyers                                 Commodity
23181511   Forming machine                            Commodity
23181512   Cooling machine                            Commodity
23181513   Preduster                                  Commodity
23181600   Food cutting machinery                     Class
23181601   Dicing machinery                           Commodity
23181602   Slicing machinery                          Commodity
23181603   Chopping machinery                         Commodity
23181604   Cutting machinery                          Commodity
23181605   Grating machinery                          Commodity
23181606   Peeling machinery                          Commodity
23181700   Food cooking and smoking machinery         Class
23181701   Smoking machinery                          Commodity
23181702   Roasting machinery                         Commodity
23181703   Cooking machinery                          Commodity
23181704   Steaming machinery                         Commodity
23181800   Industrial beverage processing machinery   Class
23181801   Coffee brewing equipment or supplies       Commodity
23181802   Juicing machinery                          Commodity
23181803   Ice making machines                        Commodity
23181804   Ice cream machines                         Commodity
23181805   Ice making machine parts and accessories   Commodity
23190000   Mixers and their parts and accessories     Family
23191000   Batch mixers                               Class
23191001   Change can mixers                          Commodity
23191002   Helical blade mixer                        Commodity
23191003   Double arm kneading mixers                 Commodity
23191004   Intensive mixers                           Commodity
23191005   Roll mixers                                Commodity
23191100   Continuous mixers                          Class
23191101   Single screw mixers                        Commodity
23191102   Twin screw extruder                        Commodity
23191200   Mixer parts and accessories                Class
23191201   Mixer plows                                Commodity
23191202   Mixer blades                               Commodity
23200000   Mass transfer equipment                    Family
23201000   Gas liquid contacting systems              Class
23201001   Plate columns                              Commodity
23201002   Packed columns                             Commodity
23201003   Liquid dispersed contactor                 Commodity
23201004   Wetted wall column                                                 Commodity
23201005   Bubble columns                                                     Commodity
23201006   Distillation column                                                Commodity
23201007   Distillation column packing                                        Commodity
23201008   Distillation tray                                                  Commodity
23201100   Adsorption and ion exchange                                        Class
23201101   Adsorber vessel                                                    Commodity
23201102   Ambient pressure adsorber vessel                                   Commodity
23201200   Industrial drying equipment                                        Class
23201201   Spray dryers                                                       Commodity
23201202   Air dryers                                                         Commodity
23201203   Fluidbed dryers                                                    Commodity
23201204   Food drying equipment                                              Commodity
23210000   Electronic manufacturing machinery and equipment and accessories   Family
23211000   Electronic assembly machinery and support equipment                Class
23211001   Chip placers                                                       Commodity
23211002   Glue dispensing machinery                                          Commodity
23211003   Terminal insertion machine                                         Commodity
23211100   Electronic manufacturing and processing machinery                  Class
23211101   Semiconductor process systems                                      Commodity
23220000   Chicken processing machinery and equipment                         Family
23221000   Arrival department machinery and equipment                         Class
23221001   Crate unloading system                                             Commodity
23221002   Crate washer                                                       Commodity
23221100   Killing and defeathering department machinery and equipment        Class
23221101   Stunner                                                            Commodity
23221200   Evisceration department machinery and equipment                    Class
23221201   Vent cutter                                                        Commodity
23230000   Sawmilling and lumber processing machinery and equipment           Family
23231000   Log debarkers and accessories                                      Class
23231001   Tool holder                                                        Commodity
23231002   Carbide tool tip                                                   Commodity
23231100   Bandsaws and accessories                                           Class
23231101   Bandsaw wheel                                                      Commodity
23231102   Saw guide                                                          Commodity
23231200   Circular saws and accessories                                      Class
23231201   Saw spacer                                                         Commodity
23231202   Saw arbor                                                          Commodity
23231300   Lumber edgers                                                      Class
23231301   Infeed roller                                                      Commodity
23231302   Hold down roll                                                     Commodity
23231400   Trimsaws and accessories                                           Class
23231401   Lumber alignment guide                                             Commodity
23231402   Zero saw                                                           Commodity
23231500   Lumber sorters and accessories                                     Class
23231501   J bars                                                             Commodity
23231502   Bin sling                                                          Commodity
23231600   Lumber stackers and accessories              Class
23231601   Fillet holder                                Commodity
23231602   Ending roll                                  Commodity
23231700   Lumber kilns and equipment and accessories   Class
23231701   Baffle                                       Commodity
23231800   Lumber chippers and accessories              Class
23231801   Knife clamp                                  Commodity
23231900   Planers and accessories                      Class
23231901   Base bed                                     Commodity
23231902   Rear shoe                                    Commodity
23231903   Water cooled guide                           Commodity
23232000   Lumber surfacers and accessories             Class
23232001   Knife holder                                 Commodity
23232100   Docking saws and accessories                 Class
23232101   Adjustable fence                             Commodity
23232200   Finger jointers and accessories              Class
23232201   Glue nozzle                                  Commodity
23240000   Metal cutting machinery and accessories      Family
23241400   Metal grinding machines                      Class
23241401   Bench grinder                                Commodity
23241402   Surface grinding machine                     Commodity
23241403   Internal grinding machine                    Commodity
23241404   External grinding machine                    Commodity
23241405   Centerless grinding machine                  Commodity
23241500   Metal cutting machines                       Class
23241501   Abrasive jet machining equipment             Commodity
23241502   Electrochemical machine ECM                  Commodity
23241503   Flame cutting machine                        Commodity
23241504   Gear cutting tool                            Commodity
23241505   Laser cutting machine                        Commodity
23241506   Plasma cutting machine                       Commodity
23241507   Sawing and cut-off machine                   Commodity
23241508   Water jet cutting machine                    Commodity
23241600   Metal cutting tools                          Class
23241601   Boring tool                                  Commodity
23241602   Broach                                       Commodity
23241603   Countersink tool or counterbore tool         Commodity
23241605   Drill carbide                                Commodity
23241606   Drills high speed steel                      Commodity
23241608   Hob cutter                                   Commodity
23241609   Knives and skives                            Commodity
23241610   Pipe or tube cutter                          Commodity
23241611   Reamer                                       Commodity
23241612   Shaper cutter                                Commodity
23241613   Shaving cutter                               Commodity
23241614   Solid milling cutter                         Commodity
23241615   Taps                                         Commodity
23241616   Wire or cable cutter                      Commodity
23241617   Taper pin reamer                          Commodity
23241618   Tower bolt reamer                         Commodity
23241619   Pipe reamer                               Commodity
23241620   Shell reamer                              Commodity
23241621   Rod saw blade                             Commodity
23241622   Single angle cutter                       Commodity
23241623   Side milling cutter                       Commodity
23241624   Plain milling cylindrical cutter          Commodity
23241625   Shell end milling cutter                  Commodity
23241626   Convex cutter                             Commodity
23241627   Concave cutter                            Commodity
23241628   Corner rounding cutter                    Commodity
23241629   Metal slitting saw                        Commodity
23241630   T slot cutter                             Commodity
23241631   Woodruff seat cutter                      Commodity
23241632   Dovetail cutter                           Commodity
23241633   Gear shaper cutter                        Commodity
23241634   Jobber length drill                       Commodity
23241635   Screw machine drill                       Commodity
23241636   Silver and deming drill                   Commodity
23241637   Extra length or longboy drill             Commodity
23241638   Carbide tipped hole cutter                Commodity
23241639   Taper shank drill                         Commodity
23241640   Multi step drill                          Commodity
23241641   Mult step hex step drill                  Commodity
23241642   Speed threader                            Commodity
23241643   Hex shank reamer                          Commodity
23241700   Metal deburring machines                  Class
23241701   Shot blasting machine                     Commodity
23241702   Thermal energy deburring machine          Commodity
23241703   Vibratory or barrel finishing machine     Commodity
23241800   Metal drilling machines                   Class
23241801   Drill press or radial drill               Commodity
23241802   Gang drilling machine                     Commodity
23241803   Gun drilling machine                      Commodity
23241804   Numerically controlled drilling machine   Commodity
23241805   Rotary table drilling machine             Commodity
23241900   Metal boring machines                     Class
23241901   Horizontal boring machine                 Commodity
23241902   Jig boring machine                        Commodity
23241903   Metal broaching machines                  Commodity
23241904   Internal broaching machine                Commodity
23241905   Surface broaching machine                 Commodity
23242100   Metal cutting machine attachments         Class
23242101   Bar or rod cutter                         Commodity
23242102   Electrode holder                          Commodity
23242103   Form relief                                           Commodity
23242104   Form tools or toolbits                                Commodity
23242105   Indexable insert                                      Commodity
23242106   Indexable tool bodies or holders                      Commodity
23242107   Insert carbide                                        Commodity
23242108   Insert ceramic                                        Commodity
23242109   Insert diamond                                        Commodity
23242110   Insert steel                                          Commodity
23242111   Lathe turret                                          Commodity
23242112   Metal cutting band saw blade                          Commodity
23242113   Metal cutting circular saw blade                      Commodity
23242114   Steady rest                                           Commodity
23242115   Tailstock                                             Commodity
23242116   Tapping machine attachment                            Commodity
23242117   Threading machine attachment                          Commodity
23242118   Knurling tool                                         Commodity
23242200   Gear manufacturing machines                           Class
23242201   Bevel gear generator                                  Commodity
23242202   Gear hobbing machine                                  Commodity
23242203   Gear honing machine                                   Commodity
23242204   Gear lapping machine                                  Commodity
23242205   Gear shaping machine                                  Commodity
23242206   Gear shaving machine                                  Commodity
23242207   Gear grinding machine                                 Commodity
23242300   Lathes and turning centers                            Class
23242301   Automatic bar machine                                 Commodity
23242302   Automatic lathe or chucking machine                   Commodity
23242303   Horizontal turning center                             Commodity
23242304   Tracer or duplicating or contouring lathe             Commodity
23242305   Turret lathe                                          Commodity
23242306   Vertical turning center                               Commodity
23242307   Leadscrew                                             Commodity
23242400   Machining centers                                     Class
23242401   Horizontal machining center                           Commodity
23242402   Multi-tasking or universal machining center           Commodity
23242403   Vertical machining center                             Commodity
23242500   Metal milling machines                                Class
23242501   Bed milling machine                                   Commodity
23242502   Bridge milling machine                                Commodity
23242503   Column and knee milling machine                       Commodity
23242504   Gantry milling machine                                Commodity
23242505   Profiling and duplicating milling machine             Commodity
23242506   Traveling column milling machine                      Commodity
23242600   Specialized or miscellaneous metal cutting machines   Class
23242601   Beveling machine                                      Commodity
23242602   Burnishing machine                                    Commodity
23242603   Chamfering machine                                    Commodity
23242604   Lapping machine                               Commodity
23242605   Metal polishing machine                       Commodity
23242606   Skiving machine                               Commodity
23242607   Super finishing machine                       Commodity
23242608   Tool presetter                                Commodity
23242609   Honing machine                                Commodity
23242610   Diamond bore sizing machine                   Commodity
23242700   Tube mill machinery                           Class
23242701   Folded tube mill machinery                    Commodity
23242702   Welded tube mill machinery                    Commodity
23250000   Metal forming machinery and accessories       Family
23251500   Metal bending machines                        Class
23251501   Hydraulic press brake                         Commodity
23251502   Manual press brake                            Commodity
23251503   Metal folding machine                         Commodity
23251504   Tangent bender                                Commodity
23251505   Tube bending machine                          Commodity
23251506   Tube end finisher                             Commodity
23251507   Wing bender                                   Commodity
23251600   Metal rolling machines                        Class
23251601   Thread rolling machine                        Commodity
23251700   Forging machines                              Class
23251701   Forge shear press                             Commodity
23251702   Impression and closed die forging press       Commodity
23251703   Open die forging press                        Commodity
23251704   Radial forging machines                       Commodity
23251705   Roll forging machines                         Commodity
23251706   Rotary burrs                                  Commodity
23251707   Trim press                                    Commodity
23251800   Metal forming dies and tooling                Class
23251801   Bend die                                      Commodity
23251802   Cutting die                                   Commodity
23251803   Die casting die                               Commodity
23251804   Fine blanking die                             Commodity
23251805   Forge die                                     Commodity
23251806   Metal extrusion die                           Commodity
23251807   Metal stamp                                   Commodity
23251808   Pipe bending mandrel                          Commodity
23251809   Rotary die                                    Commodity
23251810   Stamping die                                  Commodity
23251811   Steel rule die                                Commodity
23251812   Threading die                                 Commodity
23251813   Cabling die                                   Commodity
23251814   Drawing die                                   Commodity
23260000   Rapid prototyping machinery and accessories   Family
23261500   Rapid prototyping machines                    Class
23261501   Fused deposition modeling machine             Commodity
23261502   Inkjet method machine                                                      Commodity
23261503   Laminated object manufacturing machine                                     Commodity
23261504   Laser powder forming machine                                               Commodity
23261505   Selective laser sintering machine                                          Commodity
23261506   Stereolithography machine                                                  Commodity
23261507   Three dimensional printing machine                                         Commodity

23270000   Welding and soldering and brazing machinery and accessories and supplies   Family
23271400   Welding machinery                                                          Class
23271401   Submerged arc welding machine                                              Commodity
23271402   Ultrasonic welding machine                                                 Commodity
23271403   Projection welding machine                                                 Commodity
23271404   Plasma arc welding machine                                                 Commodity
23271405   Laser welding machine                                                      Commodity
23271406   Spot welding machine                                                       Commodity
23271407   Tungsten inert gas welding machine                                         Commodity
23271408   Metal inert gas welding machine                                            Commodity
23271409   Shielded metal arc welding or stick welding machine                        Commodity
23271410   Welding rectifier                                                          Commodity
23271500   Brazing machinery                                                          Class
23271501   Furnace brazing machine                                                    Commodity
23271502   Induction brazing machine                                                  Commodity
23271600   Soldering machines                                                         Class
23271601   Furnace soldering machine                                                  Commodity
23271602   Induction soldering machine                                                Commodity
23271603   Soldering iron                                                             Commodity
23271604   Wave soldering machine                                                     Commodity
23271605   Reflow oven                                                                Commodity
23271606   Selective soldering machine                                                Commodity
23271700   Welding and soldering and brazing accessories                              Class
23271701   Blow pipe                                                                  Commodity
23271702   Blow torch                                                                 Commodity
23271703   Braze ring                                                                 Commodity
23271704   Desoldering Gun                                                            Commodity
23271705   Desoldering pump                                                           Commodity
23271706   Desoldering tip                                                            Commodity
23271707   Gas welding or brazing or cutting apparatus                                Commodity
23271708   Temperature indicating stick                                               Commodity
23271709   Welding generator                                                          Commodity
23271710   Welding or brazing tip cleaner file                                        Commodity
23271711   Welding or cutting tip                                                     Commodity
23271712   Welding or soldering kit                                                   Commodity
23271713   Welding positioner and manipulator                                         Commodity
23271714   Welding screen                                                             Commodity
23271715   Welding tip dresser blade                                                  Commodity
23271716   Welding tip dresser or accessories                                         Commodity
23271717   Flashback arrestor                                                         Commodity
23271718   Welding blanket                              Commodity
23271800   Welding and soldering and brazing supplies   Class
23271801   Anti spatter spray                           Commodity
23271802   Brazing flux                                 Commodity
23271803   Desoldering braid                            Commodity
23271804   Gas welding or brazing rod                   Commodity
23271805   Iron powder                                  Commodity
23271806   Solder                                       Commodity
23271807   Soldering fluid                              Commodity
23271808   Soldering flux                               Commodity
23271809   Soldering tip                                Commodity
23271810   Welding electrode                            Commodity
23271811   Welding flux                                 Commodity
23271812   Welding rod                                  Commodity
23271813   Welding wire                                 Commodity
23271814   Cutting electrode                            Commodity
23271815   Solder bar                                   Commodity
23271816   Solder paste                                 Commodity
23271817   Solder powder                                Commodity
23271818   Solder wire                                  Commodity
23271819   Metal joining flux                           Commodity
23280000   Metal treatment machinery                    Family
23281500   Coating or plating machines                  Class
23281501   Anodizing machine                            Commodity
23281502   Electrolytic bath machine                    Commodity
23281503   Thermal spray machine                        Commodity
23281600   Heat treating machines                       Class
23281601   Induction heating machine                    Commodity
23281602   Quench machine                               Commodity
23281603   Heat treating age hardening furnace          Commodity
23281700   Mechanical surface treatment machines        Class
23281701   Cladding machine                             Commodity
23281702   Shot peening machine                         Commodity
23281800   Metal treatment fixtures and tooling         Class
23281801   Electroplating rack                          Commodity
23281802   Physical vapor deposition rack               Commodity
23281900   Metal cleaning machinery and supplies        Class
23281901   Electrochemical metal cleaner                Commodity
23281902   Chemical metal cleaner                       Commodity
23281903   Mechanical or ultrasonic metal cleaner       Commodity
23281904   Aqueous cleaning and washing equipment       Commodity
23281905   Thermal degreasing equipment                 Commodity
23290000   Industrial machine tools                     Family
23291500   Industrial drilling tools                    Class
23291501   Brazed drill                                 Commodity
23291502   Exchangeable top or nosepiece drill          Commodity
23291503   Indexable insert drill                       Commodity
23291504   Exchangeable top or nosepiece mill                                               Commodity
23291600   Industrial milling tools                                                         Class
23291601   Milling insert                                                                   Commodity
23291700   Industrial reaming tools                                                         Class
23291701   Reamer blade                                                                     Commodity
23291702   Brazed reamer                                                                    Commodity
23291703   Solid reamer                                                                     Commodity
23291704   Indexable reamer                                                                 Commodity
23291800   Industrial threading tools                                                       Class
23291801   Axial threading holder                                                           Commodity
23291802   External threading holder                                                        Commodity
23291803   Internal threading holder                                                        Commodity
23291804   Threading insert                                                                 Commodity
23291900   Industrial boring tools                                                          Class
23291901   Boring head                                                                      Commodity
23291902   Rough boring tool                                                                Commodity
23300000   Wire machinery and equipment                                                     Family
23301500   Wire working machinery and equipment and accessories                             Class
23301501   Wire and cable cutting and terminal assembly equipment                           Commodity
           Material Handling and Conditioning and Storage Machinery and their Accessories
24000000   and Supplies                                                                     Segment
24100000   Material handling machinery and equipment                                        Family
24101500   Industrial trucks                                                                Class
24101501   Carts                                                                            Commodity
24101502   Bulk transporters                                                                Commodity
24101503   Dollies                                                                          Commodity
24101504   Hand trucks or accessories                                                       Commodity
24101505   Pallet trucks                                                                    Commodity
24101506   Pushcarts                                                                        Commodity
24101507   Wheelbarrows                                                                     Commodity
24101508   Creepers                                                                         Commodity
24101509   Wagons                                                                           Commodity
24101510   Tilt trucks                                                                      Commodity
24101511   Shelf trolleys                                                                   Commodity
24101512   Power buggies                                                                    Commodity
24101600   Lifting equipment and accessories                                                Class
24101601   Elevators                                                                        Commodity
24101602   Hoists                                                                           Commodity
24101603   Forklifts                                                                        Commodity
24101604   Lifts                                                                            Commodity
24101605   Loading equipment                                                                Commodity
24101606   Stackers                                                                         Commodity
24101608   Winches                                                                          Commodity
24101609   Tilts                                                                            Commodity
24101610   Manipulators                                                                     Commodity
24101611   Slings                                                                           Commodity
24101612   Jacks                                                                            Commodity
24101613   Blocks or pulleys                              Commodity
24101614   Air bags for loading                           Commodity
24101615   Loading ramps                                  Commodity
24101616   Below the hook device                          Commodity
24101617   Scissor lift or lift table                     Commodity
24101618   Pipe layer                                     Commodity
24101619   Bridge cranes                                  Commodity
24101620   Track cranes                                   Commodity
24101621   All terrain cranes                             Commodity
24101622   Rough terrain cranes                           Commodity
24101623   Tower cranes                                   Commodity
24101624   Hydraulic truck cranes                         Commodity
24101625   Conventional truck cranes                      Commodity
24101626   Escalator or walkways                          Commodity
24101627   Girder trolleys                                Commodity
24101628   Adjustable forks                               Commodity
24101629   Forklift or elevator accessories or supplies   Commodity
24101630   Workshop cranes                                Commodity
24101631   Suction cups                                   Commodity
24101632   Side shifts                                    Commodity
24101633   Hoist drums                                    Commodity
24101634   Chain bags                                     Commodity
24101635   Screw jacks                                    Commodity
24101636   Counter weight bag and counterweight           Commodity
24101637   Nylon fabric sling                             Commodity
24101638   Wire rope sling                                Commodity
24101639   Windlass                                       Commodity
24101640   Traversing gear unit                           Commodity
24101641   Shackle                                        Commodity
24101642   Floating crane                                 Commodity
24101700   Conveyors and accessories                      Class
24101701   Conveyor roller                                Commodity
24101702   Ball transfer tables                           Commodity
24101703   Rock bins                                      Commodity
24101704   Conveyor feeders                               Commodity
24101705   Conveyor screw                                 Commodity
24101706   Trolleys or accessories                        Commodity
24101707   Conveyor rails                                 Commodity
24101708   Extendable conveyors                           Commodity
24101709   Roller conveyors                               Commodity
24101710   Package stops                                  Commodity
24101711   Turntables                                     Commodity
24101712   Belt conveyors                                 Commodity
24101713   Bucket conveyors                               Commodity
24101714   Air conveyors                                  Commodity
24101715   Conveyor belting                               Commodity
24101716   Conveyor pulleys                               Commodity
24101717   Conveyor idlers                     Commodity
24101718   Conveyor belt lacing or fasteners   Commodity
24101719   Conveyor belt brushes               Commodity
24101721   Trolley lid                         Commodity
24101722   Chain conveyors                     Commodity
24101723   Motorized rollers or drums          Commodity
24101724   Conveyor frames                     Commodity
24101725   Conveyor flights or links           Commodity
24101726   Conveyor liner                      Commodity
24101727   Vibrating conveyors                 Commodity
24101728   Conveyor mounts                     Commodity
24101729   Elevator bucket                     Commodity
24101730   Screw conveyor                      Commodity
24101731   Conveyor skirt board                Commodity
24101732   Conveyor carrying idler bracket     Commodity
24101733   Conveyor return idler bracket       Commodity
24101734   V plough scraper                    Commodity
24101735   Air slide                           Commodity
24101736   Dense phase conveying system        Commodity
24101737   Lean phase conveying system         Commodity
24101738   Rod gate                            Commodity
24101739   Bulk receiving unit                 Commodity
24101740   High angle conveyor                 Commodity
24101741   Internal belt scraper               Commodity
24101742   External belt scraper               Commodity
24101743   Conveyor tail shaft                 Commodity
24101744   Conveyor head shaft                 Commodity
24101800   Dock equipment                      Class
24101801   Dock levelers                       Commodity
24101802   Dock seals                          Commodity
24101803   Dock ramps                          Commodity
24101804   Strip doors                         Commodity
24101805   Dock bumpers                        Commodity
24101806   Dock ladders                        Commodity
24101807   Dock plates                         Commodity
24101808   Wheel chocks                        Commodity
24101809   Dock rails or accessories           Commodity
24101900   Drum handling equipment             Class
24101901   Drum openers                        Commodity
24101902   Drum grabs                          Commodity
24101903   Drum lifters                        Commodity
24101904   Drum cradles                        Commodity
24101905   Spill deck                          Commodity
24101906   Drum recuperators                   Commodity
24101907   Spill containment supports          Commodity
24101908   Drum stillage                       Commodity
24102000   Shelving and storage                Class
24102001   Rack systems for rack mount electronic equipment   Commodity
24102002   Bin handlers                                       Commodity
24102004   Storage racks or shelves                           Commodity
24102005   Automated storage or retrieval systems             Commodity
24102006   Work benches                                       Commodity
24102007   Reel storage shelves                               Commodity
24102008   Portable reel holders                              Commodity
24102009   Wall mounted rails                                 Commodity
24102010   Glass shelving                                     Commodity
24102100   Warehousing equipment and supplies                 Class
24102101   Cargo handling equipment                           Commodity
24102102   Warehouse carousels                                Commodity
24102103   Warehouse casers                                   Commodity
24102104   Depalletizers                                      Commodity
24102105   Palletizers                                        Commodity
24102106   Industrial shrink wrap equipment                   Commodity
24102107   Cartoning machinery                                Commodity
24102108   Packaging compactors                               Commodity
24102109   Sack holders                                       Commodity
24102200   Packing tools                                      Class
24102201   Stretch film dispensers                            Commodity
24102202   Box sealing tape dispensers                        Commodity
24102203   Bag sealing tools or equipment                     Commodity
24102204   Strapping dispenser                                Commodity
24102208   Air inflators                                      Commodity
24102300   Automatic guided vehicles AGV                      Class
24102301   Bar code guided automatic guided vehicle           Commodity
24102302   Wire guided automatic guided vehicle               Commodity
24110000   Containers and storage                             Family
24111500   Bags                                               Class
24111501   Canvas bags                                        Commodity
24111502   Paper bags                                         Commodity
24111503   Plastic bags                                       Commodity
24111505   Flexible intermediate bulk containers              Commodity
24111506   Laundry nets or bags                               Commodity
24111507   Tool bags                                          Commodity
24111508   Tent bag                                           Commodity
24111509   Water bags                                         Commodity
24111510   Rope bags and rope packs                           Commodity
24111511   Fiber mesh bag                                     Commodity
24111800   Tanks and cylinders and their accessories          Class
24111801   Reservoirs                                         Commodity
24111802   Air or gas tanks or cylinders                      Commodity
24111803   Storage tanks                                      Commodity
24111804   Calibrating tanks                                  Commodity
24111805   Chemical tanks                                     Commodity
24111806   Dip tanks                                          Commodity
24111807   Expansion tanks                                          Commodity
24111808   Fuel storage tanks                                       Commodity
24111809   Processing tanks                                         Commodity
24111810   Water storage tanks                                      Commodity
24111811   Carboys                                                  Commodity
24111812   Containment basin                                        Commodity
24111813   Rinse tanks                                              Commodity
24112000   Bins and baskets                                         Class
24112003   Non metallic bins                                        Commodity
24112004   Metallic bins                                            Commodity
24112005   Metallic baskets                                         Commodity
24112006   Non metallic baskets                                     Commodity
24112007   Material handling racks                                  Commodity
24112100   Casks and barrels and drums                              Class
24112101   Casks                                                    Commodity
24112102   Barrels                                                  Commodity
24112108   Metallic drums                                           Commodity
24112109   Non metallic drums                                       Commodity
24112110   Intermediate bulk containers                             Commodity
24112111   Stabilizer                                               Commodity
24112112   Drum lid                                                 Commodity
24112200   Cans and pails                                           Class
24112204   Metallic pails                                           Commodity
24112205   Non metallic pails                                       Commodity
24112206   Metallic flammable liquid cans                           Commodity
24112207   Non metallic flammable liquid cans                       Commodity
24112208   Spray kit                                                Commodity
24112209   Jerrycans                                                Commodity
24112400   Storage chests and cabinets and trunks                   Class
24112401   Tool chests or boxes or cabinets                         Commodity
24112402   Hazardous materials cabinets                             Commodity
24112403   Tool belts                                               Commodity
24112404   Box                                                      Commodity
24112405   Drawers                                                  Commodity
24112406   Box or shelf partitions                                  Commodity
24112407   Mailboxes                                                Commodity
24112408   Antistatic boxes                                         Commodity
24112409   Box lids                                                 Commodity
24112410   Drawer slide                                             Commodity
24112411   Road and flight case                                     Commodity
24112412   Equipment transportation case                            Commodity
24112500   Corrugated and other supplies for distribution           Class
24112501   Slotted corrugated cartons                               Commodity
24112502   One piece die cut shipping cartons                       Commodity
24112503   Die cut corrugated shipping cartons with separate lids   Commodity
24112504   Molded boxes                                             Commodity
24112505   Corrugated cardboard shapes                              Commodity
24112600   Liquid containers                           Class
24112601   Jugs                                        Commodity
24112602   Jars                                        Commodity
24112700   Pallets                                     Class
24112701   Wood pallet                                 Commodity
24112702   Plastic pallet                              Commodity
24112800   Freight containers                          Class
24112801   Dry freight container                       Commodity
24112802   Open top freight container                  Commodity
24112803   Platform freight container                  Commodity
24112804   Flatrack freight container                  Commodity
24112900   Crates                                      Class
24112901   Wooden crate                                Commodity
24113000   Slip sheets                                 Class
24113001   Corrugated slip sheet                       Commodity
24113002   Fiberboard or solid kraftboard slip sheet   Commodity
24113003   Plastic slip sheet                          Commodity
24120000   Packaging materials                         Family
24121500   Packaging boxes and bags and pouches        Class
24121502   Packaging pouches or bags                   Commodity
24121503   Packaging boxes                             Commodity
24121504   Carded packaging                            Commodity
24121506   Conductive boxes                            Commodity
24121507   Rigid set up boxes                          Commodity
24121508   Egg trays                                   Commodity
24121509   Packaging trays                             Commodity
24121510   Tea bag envelope                            Commodity
24121511   Packaging carton                            Commodity
24121512   Cold pack or ice brick                      Commodity
24121513   Packaging case                              Commodity
24121800   Packaging cans                              Class
24121801   Aerosol cans                                Commodity
24121802   Paint or varnish cans                       Commodity
24121803   Beverage cans                               Commodity
24121804   Food cans                                   Commodity
24121805   Steel cans                                  Commodity
24121806   Aluminum cans                               Commodity
24121807   Plastic cans                                Commodity
24121808   Fiberboard can                              Commodity
24122000   Bottles                                     Class
24122001   Squeeze bottles                             Commodity
24122002   Plastic bottles                             Commodity
24122003   Glass bottles                               Commodity
24122004   Caps or tops                                Commodity
24122005   Applicator bottles                          Commodity
24122006   Applicators                                 Commodity
24130000   Industrial refrigeration                    Family
24131500   Industrial refrigerators                   Class
24131501   Combined refrigerator freezers             Commodity
24131502   Liquid nitrogen refrigerators              Commodity
24131503   Walk in refrigerators                      Commodity
24131504   Refrigerated containers                    Commodity
24131505   Refrigerated vessels                       Commodity
24131506   Refrigerated tanks                         Commodity
24131507   Blast chiller                              Commodity
24131508   Cabinet refrigerator                       Commodity
24131509   Under counter refrigerator                 Commodity
24131510   Counter refrigerator                       Commodity
24131511   Bakery cabinet refrigerator                Commodity
24131512   Refrigerated counter preparation station   Commodity
24131513   Refrigerant                                Commodity
24131600   Industrial freezers                        Class
24131601   Chest freezers                             Commodity
24131602   Upright cabinet freezer                    Commodity
24131603   Low temperature freezers                   Commodity
24131604   Freeze drying equipment                    Commodity
24131605   Walk in freezers                           Commodity
24131606   Plate freezers                             Commodity
24131607   Blast freezers                             Commodity
24131608   Bakery cabinet freezer                     Commodity
24131609   Under counter cabinet freezer              Commodity
24131610   Counter cabinet freezer                    Commodity
24131900   Ice makers                                 Class
24131901   Ice cube makers                            Commodity
24131902   Ice block makers                           Commodity
24131903   Ice flake maker                            Commodity
24140000   Packing supplies                           Family
24141500   Securing and protecting supplies           Class
24141501   Stretch wrap films                         Commodity
24141502   Shrink wrap films                          Commodity
24141504   Tamper proof or security seals             Commodity
24141506   Tarpaulins                                 Commodity
24141507   Anti static packaging films                Commodity
24141508   Carton corner support                      Commodity
24141509   Rubber cord                                Commodity
24141510   Cable protectors                           Commodity
24141511   Load binders                               Commodity
24141512   Packing absorbents                         Commodity
24141513   Blister packs                              Commodity
24141514   Packaging films                            Commodity
24141515   Protective netting                         Commodity
24141516   Dessicant                                  Commodity
24141517   Polyfilm                                   Commodity
24141518   Separator sheet                            Commodity
24141600   Cushioning supplies                                                      Class
24141601   Bubble wrap                                                              Commodity
24141602   Thermoforming materials                                                  Commodity
24141603   Cushioning                                                               Commodity
24141604   Wadding materials                                                        Commodity
24141605   Air filled packing materials                                             Commodity
24141606   Packing peanuts                                                          Commodity
24141607   Cardboard inserts                                                        Commodity
24141608   Protective ends                                                          Commodity
24141700   Packaging tubes and cores and labels and accessories                     Class
24141701   Paper tubes or cores                                                     Commodity
24141702   Tube or core end plugs                                                   Commodity
24141703   Paper pieces                                                             Commodity
24141704   Printed inserts or instructions                                          Commodity
24141705   Collapsible tubes                                                        Commodity
24141706   Spool                                                                    Commodity
24141707   Reel                                                                     Commodity
24141708   Parcel handles                                                           Commodity
24141709   Capsule tubes or caps                                                    Commodity
           Commercial and Military and Private Vehicles and their Accessories and
25000000   Components                                                               Segment
25100000   Motor vehicles                                                           Family
25101500   Passenger motor vehicles                                                 Class
25101501   Minibuses                                                                Commodity
25101502   Busses                                                                   Commodity
25101503   Automobiles or cars                                                      Commodity
25101504   Station wagons                                                           Commodity
25101505   Minivans or vans                                                         Commodity
25101506   Limousines                                                               Commodity
25101507   Light trucks or sport utility vehicles                                   Commodity
25101508   Sports car                                                               Commodity
25101600   Product and material transport vehicles                                  Class
25101601   Dump trucks                                                              Commodity
25101602   Tow trucks                                                               Commodity
25101604   Delivery trucks                                                          Commodity
25101609   Sludge or sewage handling trucks                                         Commodity
25101610   Water trucks                                                             Commodity
25101611   Cargo trucks                                                             Commodity
25101612   Concrete transport truck                                                 Commodity
25101613   Concrete pump truck                                                      Commodity
25101700   Safety and rescue vehicles                                               Class
25101701   Fire or rescue trucks                                                    Commodity
25101702   Police vehicles                                                          Commodity
25101703   Ambulances                                                               Commodity
25101800   Motorized cycles                                                         Class
25101801   Motorcycles                                                              Commodity
25101802   Scooters                                                                 Commodity
25101803   Mopeds                                      Commodity
25101900   Specialized and recreational vehicles       Class
25101901   Agricultural tractors                       Commodity
25101902   Motor homes                                 Commodity
25101903   Snowmobiles or snow scooter                 Commodity
25101904   Golf carts                                  Commodity
25101905   All terrain vehicles tracked or wheeled     Commodity
25101906   Go cart                                     Commodity
25101907   Caravans or camper trailers                 Commodity
25101908   Quads                                       Commodity
25101909   Amphibious vehicle                          Commodity
25101910   Water sprinkling truck                      Commodity
25101911   Aerial working platform truck               Commodity
25101912   Ladder lift truck                           Commodity
25101913   Refrigerator truck                          Commodity
25101914   Waste collection vehicle or garbage truck   Commodity
25101915   Oil tank truck                              Commodity
25101916   Hopper truck                                Commodity
25101917   Flatbed truck                               Commodity
25101918   Neighborhood electric vehicle NEV           Commodity
25101919   Road sweeper                                Commodity
25101920   Tank trucks                                 Commodity
25101921   Van trucks                                  Commodity
25102000   War vehicles                                Class
25102001   Tanks                                       Commodity
25102002   Armored fighting vehicles                   Commodity
25102003   Self propelled artillery                    Commodity
25102100   Truck tractors                              Class
25102101   Low cab forward tractors                    Commodity
25102102   Long nose tractors with sleeper             Commodity
25102103   Long nose tractors without sleeper          Commodity
25102104   Cab over engine tractors with sleeper       Commodity
25102105   Cab over engine tractors without sleeper    Commodity
25102106   Tractor head                                Commodity
25110000   Marine transport                            Family
25111500   Commercial marine craft                     Class
25111501   Trawlers                                    Commodity
25111502   Fishing boats                               Commodity
25111503   Cargo or container ships                    Commodity
25111504   Dredging craft                              Commodity
25111505   Tankers                                     Commodity
25111506   Tug boats                                   Commodity
25111507   Barges                                      Commodity
25111508   Passenger or automobile ferries             Commodity
25111509   Cruise ships                                Commodity
25111510   Salvage ships                               Commodity
25111511   Oil or gas crew boat                        Commodity
25111512   Oil or gas workboat                      Commodity
25111513   Seismic vessel                           Commodity
25111514   Icebreaker                               Commodity
25111515   Liquified gas carrier                    Commodity
25111516   Inflatable rubber boat                   Commodity
25111517   Hovercraft                               Commodity
25111518   Hospital ship                            Commodity
25111519   Racing boat or shell                     Commodity
25111520   Buoy                                     Commodity
25111521   Marine anchor                            Commodity
25111600   Safety and rescue water craft            Class
25111601   Lifeboats or liferafts                   Commodity
25111602   Fire fighting watercraft                 Commodity
25111603   Rescue ships or boats                    Commodity
25111700   Military watercraft                      Class
25111701   Submarines                               Commodity
25111702   Aircraft carriers                        Commodity
25111703   Ammunition ships                         Commodity
25111704   Amphibious assault ships                 Commodity
25111705   Amphibious transport docks               Commodity
25111706   Amphibious command ships                 Commodity
25111707   Command ships                            Commodity
25111708   Cruisers                                 Commodity
25111709   Destroyers                               Commodity
25111710   Dock landing ships                       Commodity
25111711   Fast combat support ships                Commodity
25111712   Frigates                                 Commodity
25111713   Fleet oilers                             Commodity
25111714   Utility landing watercraft               Commodity
25111715   Mechanized or utility watercraft         Commodity
25111716   Mine hunting ships                       Commodity
25111717   Mine countermeasures ships               Commodity
25111718   Coastal patrol watercraft                Commodity
25111719   Submarine tenders                        Commodity
25111720   Tank landing ships                       Commodity
25111721   Air cushioned landing watercraft         Commodity
25111800   Recreational watercraft                  Class
25111801   Recreational sailboats                   Commodity
25111802   Recreational motorboats                  Commodity
25111803   Recreational rowboats                    Commodity
25111804   Canoes or kayaks                         Commodity
25111805   Personal motorized watercraft            Commodity
25111806   Rafts                                    Commodity
25111807   Dinghies                                 Commodity
25111808   Yachts                                   Commodity
25111900   Marine craft systems and subassemblies   Class
25111901   Marine craft communications systems      Commodity
25111902   Marine propellers                             Commodity
25111903   Sails                                         Commodity
25111904   Paddles                                       Commodity
25111905   Marine ballast systems                        Commodity
25111906   Anchor chocks                                 Commodity
25111907   Anchor lines                                  Commodity
25111908   Anchor retrievers                             Commodity
25111909   Anchor rollers                                Commodity
25111910   Boat ramps                                    Commodity
25111911   Boathooks                                     Commodity
25111912   Boom vangs                                    Commodity
25111913   Deck hatches                                  Commodity
25111914   Dock rings                                    Commodity
25111915   Dock steps                                    Commodity
25111916   Emergency dye signals                         Commodity
25111917   Fairleaders                                   Commodity
25111918   Furler systems                                Commodity
25111919   Keel protectors                               Commodity
25111920   Marine fenders                                Commodity
25111921   Marine goosenecks                             Commodity
25111922   Mooring whips                                 Commodity
25111923   Oarlocks                                      Commodity
25111924   Radar reflectors                              Commodity
25111925   Marine rudders                                Commodity
25111926   Sail battens                                  Commodity
25111927   Sail booms                                    Commodity
25111928   Sail covers                                   Commodity
25111929   Sheet bags                                    Commodity
25111930   Spinnaker poles                               Commodity
25111931   Stern platforms                               Commodity
25111932   Tell tales                                    Commodity
25111933   Tide clocks                                   Commodity
25111934   Tillers                                       Commodity
25111935   Whisker poles                                 Commodity
25111936   Marine thruster                               Commodity
25120000   Railway and tramway machinery and equipment   Family
25121500   Locomotives and electric trolleys             Class
25121501   Diesel freight locomotives                    Commodity
25121502   Electric freight locomotives                  Commodity
25121503   Diesel passenger locomotives                  Commodity
25121504   Electric passenger locomotives                Commodity
25121600   Railway and tramway cars                      Class
25121601   Freight rail cars                             Commodity
25121602   Tanker rail cars                              Commodity
25121603   Passenger rail cars                           Commodity
25121604   Hopper rail cars                              Commodity
25121605   Streetcars or tramway cars                    Commodity
25121700   Railroad support equipment and systems                Class
25121701   Rail switching systems                                Commodity
25121702   Railway sleepers                                      Commodity
25121703   Railway tracks                                        Commodity
25121704   Railway frogs or fish plates                          Commodity
25121705   Rail couplers                                         Commodity
25121706   Draft gears                                           Commodity
25121707   Bogie assemblies                                      Commodity
25121708   Heavy railway rail                                    Commodity
25121709   Heavy railway relay rail                              Commodity
25121710   Light railway rail                                    Commodity
25121711   Light railway relay rail                              Commodity
25121712   Steel railway tie                                     Commodity
25121713   Electrical rail contact bond                          Commodity
25121714   Heavy rail turnout switch                             Commodity
25121715   Light rail turnout switch                             Commodity
25121716   Wooden railroad tie                                   Commodity
25121717   Rail bond                                             Commodity
25130000   Aircraft                                              Family
25131500   Powered fixed wing aircraft                           Class
25131501   Fixed wing agricultural aircraft                      Commodity
25131502   Cargo propeller aircraft                              Commodity
25131503   Seaplanes                                             Commodity
25131504   Commercial passenger propeller aircraft               Commodity
25131505   Cargo jet aircraft                                    Commodity
25131506   Commercial passenger jet aircraft                     Commodity
25131507   Private or business propeller aircraft                Commodity
25131508   Private or business jet aircraft                      Commodity
25131509   Fixed wing training aircraft or trainer               Commodity
25131600   Civilian and commercial rotary wing aircraft          Class
25131601   Passenger transport helicopters                       Commodity
25131602   Cargo transport helicopters                           Commodity
25131603   Agricultural helicopters                              Commodity
25131604   Medical or rescue helicopters                         Commodity
25131605   Rotary wing training aircraft or helicopter trainer   Commodity
25131700   Military fixed wing aircraft                          Class
25131701   Bomber aircraft                                       Commodity
25131702   Fighter bomber aircraft                               Commodity
25131703   Fighter aircraft                                      Commodity
25131704   Attack aircraft                                       Commodity
25131705   Target or reconnaissance drones                       Commodity
25131706   Military seaplanes                                    Commodity
25131707   Reconnaissance or surveillance aircraft               Commodity
25131708   Anti submarine aircraft                               Commodity
25131709   Military transport aircraft                           Commodity
25131800   Specialty aircraft                                    Class
25131801   Airships                                              Commodity
25131900   Military rotary wing aircraft                Class
25131902   Military transport helicopters               Commodity
25131903   Attack helicopters                           Commodity
25131904   Reconnaissance helicopters                   Commodity
25131905   Anti submarine helicopters                   Commodity
25131906   Tilt rotor wing aircraft                     Commodity
25132000   Recreational aircraft                        Class
25132001   Hang gliders                                 Commodity
25132002   Hot air balloons                             Commodity
25132003   Gliders                                      Commodity
25132004   Paragliders                                  Commodity
25132005   Ultra light aircraft                         Commodity
25150000   Spacecraft                                   Family
25151500   Spaceships                                   Class
25151501   Manned spacecraft                            Commodity
25151502   Spacecraft structures                        Commodity
25151700   Satellites                                   Class
25151701   Communication satellites                     Commodity
25151702   Weather satellites                           Commodity
25151703   Military satellites                          Commodity
25151704   Scientific or research satellites            Commodity
25151705   Navigation satellites                        Commodity
25151706   Geostationary satellites                     Commodity
25151707   Low earth orbit satellites                   Commodity
25151708   Sun synchronous orbit satellites             Commodity
25151709   Geosynchronous satellites                    Commodity
25160000   Non motorized cycles                         Family
25161500   Pedal powered vehicles                       Class
25161501   Touring bicycles                             Commodity
25161502   Unicycles                                    Commodity
25161503   Tricycles                                    Commodity
25161504   Tandem bicycles                              Commodity
25161505   Mountain bicycles                            Commodity
25161506   Racing bicycles                              Commodity
25161507   Bicycles                                     Commodity
25161508   Recumbent bicycles                           Commodity
25161509   Childrens bicycles                           Commodity
25170000   Transportation components and systems        Family
25171500   Windshield wipers                            Class
25171502   Automotive windshield wipers                 Commodity
25171503   Locomotive windshield wipers                 Commodity
25171504   Marine windshield wipers                     Commodity
25171505   Truck windshield wipers                      Commodity
25171506   Windshield wiper pump                        Commodity
25171507   Wiper blades                                 Commodity
25171600   Defrosting and defogging systems             Class
25171602   Automotive defrosting or defogging systems   Commodity
25171603   Train defrosting or defogging systems                Commodity
25171700   Braking systems and components                       Class
25171702   Automotive braking systems                           Commodity
25171703   Train braking systems                                Commodity
25171704   Drag chutes                                          Commodity
25171705   Rotors                                               Commodity
25171706   Brake calipers                                       Commodity
25171707   Drum brake                                           Commodity
25171708   Disc brake                                           Commodity
25171709   Liquid cooled brake                                  Commodity
25171710   Master cylinders                                     Commodity
25171711   Slave cylinders                                      Commodity
25171712   Drum brake shoes                                     Commodity
25171713   Disc brake pads                                      Commodity
25171714   Brake drum                                           Commodity
25171715   Disc brake rotors                                    Commodity
25171716   Brake lines                                          Commodity
25171717   Brake pistons                                        Commodity
25171718   Brake repair kits                                    Commodity
25171719   Brake booster                                        Commodity
25171720   Dual circuit brake                                   Commodity
25171721   Mechanical or parking brake                          Commodity
25171722   Brake bleed screw cap                                Commodity
25171723   Antilock braking system ABS                          Commodity
25171724   Antilock braking system ABS coil                     Commodity
25171725   Band brake                                           Commodity
25171900   Wheels and wheel trims                               Class
25171901   Automobile rims or wheels                            Commodity
25171902   Train wheels                                         Commodity
25171903   Truck rims or wheels                                 Commodity
25171905   Tire valves                                          Commodity
25171906   Automotive wheel cover                               Commodity
25172000   Suspension system components                         Class
25172001   Automobile suspension systems                        Commodity
25172002   Truck suspension systems                             Commodity
25172003   Truck shock absorbers                                Commodity
25172004   Automobile shock absorbers                           Commodity
25172005   Train suspension systems                             Commodity
25172007   Struts                                               Commodity
25172009   Automotive bushings                                  Commodity
25172010   Sway bars                                            Commodity
25172011   Shock absorber                                       Commodity
25172012   Slip plates                                          Commodity
25172013   Automotive control arm                               Commodity
25172014   Active suspension system                             Commodity
25172100   Vehicle safety and security systems and components   Class
25172101   Airbags                                              Commodity
25172104   Seatbelts                           Commodity
25172105   Collision avoidance systems         Commodity
25172106   Impact sensing systems              Commodity
25172108   Head restraints                     Commodity
25172109   Air bag propellant canisters        Commodity
25172110   Vehicle horns                       Commodity
25172111   Remote locking system               Commodity
25172112   Vehicle stability control systems   Commodity
25172113   Vehicle traction control systems    Commodity
25172114   Wheel clamps                        Commodity
25172115   Central locking system              Commodity
25172116   Tire chains                         Commodity
25172117   Airbag cover assembly               Commodity
25172118   Airbag fabric assembly              Commodity
25172119   Airbag fabric                       Commodity
25172120   Airbag inflator                     Commodity
25172121   Driver airbag inflator              Commodity
25172122   Passenger airbag inflator           Commodity
25172123   Knee airbag inflator                Commodity
25172124   Side airbag inflator                Commodity
25172125   Curtain airbag inflator             Commodity
25172126   Seat belt webbing                   Commodity
25172127   Seat bladder                        Commodity
25172128   Seat belt tension sensor BTS        Commodity
25172129   Driver information system           Commodity
25172200   Vehicle doors                       Class
25172201   Removable automotive doors          Commodity
25172203   Automotive doors                    Commodity
25172204   Roll up truck doors                 Commodity
25172205   Tailgates or liftgates              Commodity
25172300   Vehicle windows and windshields     Class
25172301   Automotive windshields              Commodity
25172303   Automotive windows                  Commodity
25172304   Window lift or regulator assembly   Commodity
25172400   Fuel tanks and systems              Class
25172404   Hybrid fuel storage systems         Commodity
25172405   Fuel injection systems              Commodity
25172406   Fuel tanks                          Commodity
25172407   Breather elements                   Commodity
25172408   Fuel or oil caps                    Commodity
25172409   Fuel module                         Commodity
25172500   Tires and tire tubes                Class
25172502   Automobile tire tubes               Commodity
25172503   Heavy truck tires                   Commodity
25172504   Automobile or light truck tires     Commodity
25172505   Bicycle tubes                       Commodity
25172506   Bicycle tires                       Commodity
25172507   Tire cord                                        Commodity
25172508   Tire treads                                      Commodity
25172509   Heavy truck tire tube                            Commodity
25172510   Foam tire                                        Commodity
25172511   Tire repair kit                                  Commodity
25172512   Motorcycle tire                                  Commodity
25172600   Vehicle trim and exterior covering               Class
25172601   Automotive trim                                  Commodity
25172602   Automotive fenders                               Commodity
25172603   Vehicle bumpers                                  Commodity
25172604   Vehicle mirrors                                  Commodity
25172605   Vehicle grilles                                  Commodity
25172606   Vehicle hoods                                    Commodity
25172607   Vehicle side panels                              Commodity
25172608   Fascias                                          Commodity
25172609   Mud flap                                         Commodity
25172700   Environmental control systems                    Class
25172702   Space environmental control systems              Commodity
25172703   Marine environmental control systems             Commodity
25172704   Vehicle climate control systems                  Commodity
25172705   Building environmental control systems           Commodity
25172800   Hydraulic systems and components                 Class
25172802   Automotive hydraulic systems                     Commodity
25172803   Marine hydraulic systems                         Commodity
25172900   Exterior vehicle lighting                        Class
25172901   Exterior automobile lighting                     Commodity
25172903   Exterior railcar lighting                        Commodity
25172904   Exterior ship or boat lighting                   Commodity
25172905   Headlamp wiper or washer systems                 Commodity
25172906   Reflectors                                       Commodity
25172907   Vehicle headlight                                Commodity
25173000   Interior vehicle lighting                        Class
25173001   Interior automobile lighting                     Commodity
25173003   Interior railcar lighting                        Commodity
25173004   Interior ship or boat lighting                   Commodity
25173005   Light plate assemblies                           Commodity
25173100   Location and navigation systems and components   Class
25173107   Vehicular global positioning systems             Commodity
25173108   Vehicle navigation systems                       Commodity
25173300   Master control systems                           Class
25173303   Automotive computer systems                      Commodity
25173304   Electronic ignition systems                      Commodity
25173700   Exhaust and emission controls                    Class
25173701   Catalytic converters                             Commodity
25173702   Mufflers or resonators                           Commodity
25173703   Exhaust manifolds                                Commodity
25173704   Muffler adapters                                 Commodity
25173705   Spark arresters                     Commodity
25173706   Catalytic mat                       Commodity
25173707   Catalytic substrate                 Commodity
25173708   Catalytic waste coat and solution   Commodity
25173800   Drivetrain systems                  Class
25173801   Driving axles                       Commodity
25173802   Non driving axles                   Commodity
25173803   Axle housings                       Commodity
25173804   Axle spindles                       Commodity
25173805   Differentials                       Commodity
25173806   Constant velocity joints            Commodity
25173807   Axle shafts                         Commodity
25173808   Axle repair kits                    Commodity
25173809   Axle hubs                           Commodity
25173810   Universal joints                    Commodity
25173811   Drive shafts                        Commodity
25173812   Manual transmissions                Commodity
25173813   Automatic transmissions             Commodity
25173815   Clutch cables                       Commodity
25173816   Hydraulic clutch parts              Commodity
25173817   Drivetrain chains                   Commodity
25173818   Propeller or prop shaft             Commodity
25173900   Electrical components               Class
25173901   Ignition                            Commodity
25174000   Engine coolant system               Class
25174001   Fan                                 Commodity
25174002   Engine radiators                    Commodity
25174003   Radiator caps                       Commodity
25174004   Engine coolant                      Commodity
25174100   Roof systems                        Class
25174101   Emergency vehicle exits             Commodity
25174102   Permanent convertible roof tops     Commodity
25174103   Removable hard roof tops            Commodity
25174104   Removable soft roof tops            Commodity
25174105   Roof rack systems                   Commodity
25174106   Sunroofs or moonroofs               Commodity
25174107   Wind deflectors                     Commodity
25174200   Steering system                     Class
25174201   Steering sacks                      Commodity
25174202   Steering suspension                 Commodity
25174203   Ball joint                          Commodity
25174204   Power steering system               Commodity
25174205   Tie Rods                            Commodity
25174206   Drag link                           Commodity
25174207   Steering linkage                    Commodity
25174208   Hublock                             Commodity
25174209   Pinions                             Commodity
25174210   Power steering tuning cable                      Commodity
25174211   Steering wheels                                  Commodity
25174212   Steering column assemblies                       Commodity
25174213   Steering cylinder assemblies                     Commodity
25174400   Vehicle interior systems                         Class
25174401   Bezels                                           Commodity
25174402   Consoles                                         Commodity
25174403   Door panels                                      Commodity
25174404   Headliners                                       Commodity
25174405   Instrument clusters                              Commodity
25174406   Instrument panels                                Commodity
25174407   Pedals                                           Commodity
25174408   Power ports or lighters                          Commodity
25174409   Sun visors                                       Commodity
25174410   Vehicle sound systems and components             Commodity
25174600   Vehicle seating systems                          Class
25174601   Seat covers                                      Commodity
25174602   Seat cushions or bolsters                        Commodity
25174603   Seat frames                                      Commodity
25174604   Helm or boat seating                             Commodity
25174700   Non motorized cycle components and accessories   Class
25174701   Cycle pedals                                     Commodity
25174800   Specialized vehicle systems and components       Class
25174801   Truck suction stabilizer or ground jack          Commodity
25180000   Vehicle bodies and trailers                      Family
25181600   Automotive chassis                               Class
25181601   Automobile chassis                               Commodity
25181602   Truck chassis                                    Commodity
25181603   Motorcycle frames                                Commodity
25181700   Product and material trailers                    Class
25181701   Container trailers                               Commodity
25181702   Flatbed trailers                                 Commodity
25181703   Livestock trailers                               Commodity
25181704   Non temperature controlled tanker trailers       Commodity
25181705   Temperature controlled tanker trailers           Commodity
25181706   Temperature controlled container trailers        Commodity
25181707   Automobile carrier trailers                      Commodity
25181708   Trailer hitches                                  Commodity
25181709   Skip loader                                      Commodity
25181710   Trailer end plates                               Commodity
25181711   Snowmobile trailer                               Commodity
25181712   Motorcycle trailer                               Commodity
25181713   Boat Trailer                                     Commodity
25181714   Semi trailer                                     Commodity
25181715   Dump trailer                                     Commodity
25181716   Chassis trailer                                  Commodity
25181717   Low bed trailer                                  Commodity
25181718   Cable reel trailer                                   Commodity
25181719   Refrigerated trailer                                 Commodity
25190000   Transportation services equipment                    Family
25191500   Air transportation support systems and equipment     Class
25191501   Ground support training systems                      Commodity
25191502   Ground support test or maintenance systems           Commodity
25191503   Integrated maintenance information systems           Commodity
25191504   Aircraft flight simulators or trainers               Commodity
25191505   Aircraft cargo handling equipment                    Commodity
25191506   Aircraft refueling equipment                         Commodity
25191507   Aircraft deicing equipment                           Commodity
25191508   Jetways                                              Commodity
25191509   Aircraft pushback or tow tractors                    Commodity
25191510   Ground power units for aircraft                      Commodity
25191511   Lavatory service equipment for aircraft              Commodity
25191512   Airstairs or stair trucks                            Commodity
25191513   Ground support vehicle maintenance kit               Commodity
25191514   Aircraft towbar                                      Commodity
25191600   Space transportation support systems and equipment   Class
25191601   Spacecraft flight simulators                         Commodity
25191602   Payload delivery systems for spacecraft              Commodity
25191603   Liquid launch vehicles                               Commodity
25191604   Solid launch vehicles                                Commodity
25191605   Spacecraft service modules                           Commodity
25191700   Vehicle servicing equipment                          Class
25191701   Wheel balancing equipment                            Commodity
25191702   Wheel alignment equipment                            Commodity
25191703   Tire changing machines                               Commodity
25191704   Engine or vehicle stands                             Commodity
25200000   Aerospace systems and components and equipment       Family
25201500   Aircraft fuselage and components                     Class
25201501   Aircraft spoilers                                    Commodity
25201502   Aircraft fins                                        Commodity
25201503   Aircraft horizontal stabilizers                      Commodity
25201504   Aircraft canards                                     Commodity
25201505   Aircraft slats                                       Commodity
25201506   Aircraft flaps or flap drives                        Commodity
25201507   Aircraft rudders                                     Commodity
25201508   Aircraft elevators                                   Commodity
25201509   Aircraft ailerons                                    Commodity
25201510   Aircraft propellers                                  Commodity
25201511   Aircraft wings                                       Commodity
25201512   Aircraft fuselages                                   Commodity
25201513   Aircraft radomes                                     Commodity
25201514   Aircraft rotors                                      Commodity
25201515   Aircraft lift fans                                   Commodity
25201516   Aircraft canopies                                    Commodity
25201517   Aircraft furnishings                                       Commodity
25201518   Aircraft doublers                                          Commodity
25201519   Aircraft ribs                                              Commodity
25201520   Aircraft spars                                             Commodity
25201600   Aerospace location and navigation systems and components   Class
25201601   Aircraft digital altitude control systems                  Commodity
25201602   Aircraft navigation beacons                                Commodity
25201603   Air to ground terrain following systems                    Commodity
25201604   Aircraft guidance systems                                  Commodity
25201605   Aircraft steering controls                                 Commodity
25201606   Spacecraft altitude control systems                        Commodity
25201700   Flight communications related systems                      Class
25201701   Aircraft communication systems                             Commodity
25201702   Flight data recorders                                      Commodity
25201703   Aircraft countermeasures                                   Commodity
25201704   Encryption or decryption systems                           Commodity
25201705   Aircraft telemetry systems                                 Commodity
25201706   Aircraft interface electronics                             Commodity
25201707   Aircraft gyros                                             Commodity
25201708   Aircraft cameras                                           Commodity
25201709   Aircraft probes or sensors                                 Commodity
25201710   Aircraft waveguides                                        Commodity
25201800   Aircraft master control systems                            Class
25201801   Flight computer systems                                    Commodity
25201802   Spacecraft command modules                                 Commodity
25201900   Aircraft emergency systems                                 Class
25201901   Aircraft fire control or extinguishing systems             Commodity
25201902   Aircraft escape or ejection systems                        Commodity
25201903   Aircraft warning systems                                   Commodity
25201904   Parachutes                                                 Commodity
25202000   Aircraft power systems                                     Class
25202001   Spacecraft solar cells                                     Commodity
25202002   Spacecraft solar arrays                                    Commodity
25202003   Aircraft power supply units                                Commodity
25202004   Auxiliary power unit systems APUs                          Commodity
25202100   Flight instrumentation                                     Class
25202101   Aerospace cockpit indicators                               Commodity
25202102   Aerospace cockpit gauges                                   Commodity
25202103   Aerospace cockpit display panels                           Commodity
25202104   Aerospace cockpit switch panels                            Commodity
25202105   Aerospace head up display HUDs                             Commodity
25202200   Aircraft landing and braking systems                       Class
25202201   Aircraft braking systems                                   Commodity
25202202   Aircraft drag chutes                                       Commodity
25202203   Aircraft wheels                                            Commodity
25202204   Landing gear assemblies                                    Commodity
25202205   Aircraft tires                                             Commodity
25202206   Aircraft anti skid controls                                   Commodity
25202300   Aircraft passenger restraints                                 Class
25202301   Aircraft lapbelts                                             Commodity
25202302   Aircraft harness restraints                                   Commodity
25202400   Aircraft fuel tanks and systems                               Class
25202401   Aircraft internal fuel tanks                                  Commodity
25202402   Aircraft fuel drop tanks                                      Commodity
25202403   Aircraft propellant tanks                                     Commodity
25202404   Aircraft hybrid fuel storage systems                          Commodity
25202405   Aircraft fuel management systems                              Commodity
25202406   Postboosters                                                  Commodity
25202500   Aircraft equipment                                            Class
25202501   Aircraft hydraulic systems                                    Commodity
25202502   Exterior aircraft lighting                                    Commodity
25202503   Interior aircraft lighting                                    Commodity
25202504   Aircraft windshield wipers                                    Commodity
25202505   Aircraft onboard defrosting or defogging systems              Commodity
25202506   Aircraft doors                                                Commodity
25202507   Aircraft windows                                              Commodity
25202508   Aircraft windshields                                          Commodity
25202509   Aircraft shock mounts                                         Commodity
25202510   Aircraft slip ring assemblies                                 Commodity
25202600   Aircraft environmental control systems and components         Class
25202601   Aircraft environment controllers                              Commodity
25202602   Aircraft environment regulators                               Commodity
25202603   Aircraft cooling turbines                                     Commodity
25202604   Aircraft cooling fans                                         Commodity
25202605   Aircraft heat exchangers                                      Commodity
25202606   Aircraft water separators                                     Commodity
25202607   Aircraft oxygen equipment                                     Commodity
25202700   Aircraft accumulators                                         Class
25202701   Hydraulic aircraft accumulators                               Commodity
25202702   Pneumatic aircraft accumulators                               Commodity
26000000   Power Generation and Distribution Machinery and Accessories   Segment
26100000   Power sources                                                 Family
26101100   Electric alternating current AC motors                        Class
26101101   Automotive motor AC                                           Commodity
26101102   Brake motor AC                                                Commodity
26101103   Farm duty motor AC                                            Commodity
26101105   Heating and cooling system motor AC                           Commodity
26101106   Inverter motor AC                                             Commodity
26101107   Pump motor AC                                                 Commodity
26101108   Compressor motor AC                                           Commodity
26101109   Synchronous motor AC                                          Commodity
26101110   Multispeed motor AC                                           Commodity
26101111   Pressure washer motor AC                                      Commodity
26101112   General purpose motor AC                                      Commodity
26101113   Submersible motor AC                Commodity
26101114   Induction motor AC                  Commodity
26101115   Multi phase motor AC                Commodity
26101116   Single phase motor AC               Commodity
26101200   Electric direct current DC motors   Class
26101201   Shunt wound motor DC                Commodity
26101202   Step motor DC                       Commodity
26101203   Coreless motor DC                   Commodity
26101204   Series wound motor DC               Commodity
26101205   Servo motor DC                      Commodity
26101206   Limited angle torque motor DC       Commodity
26101207   Linear motor DC                     Commodity
26101208   Permanent magnet motor DC           Commodity
26101209   Brushless motor DC                  Commodity
26101210   Compound wound motor DC             Commodity
26101300   Non electric motors                 Class
26101301   Air motor                           Commodity
26101302   Alternator                          Commodity
26101303   Dynamotor                           Commodity
26101304   Hydraulic motor                     Commodity
26101305   Induction motor                     Commodity
26101306   Liquid rocket motor                 Commodity
26101307   Multi phase motor                   Commodity
26101308   Single phase motor                  Commodity
26101309   Solid rocket motor                  Commodity
26101310   Torque motor                        Commodity
26101311   Universal motor                     Commodity
26101312   Axial piston motor                  Commodity
26101313   Radial piston motor                 Commodity
26101400   Motor or generator components       Class
26101401   Armature                            Commodity
26101402   Motor base adapter                  Commodity
26101403   Motor brake                         Commodity
26101404   Motor brush                         Commodity
26101405   Motor coil                          Commodity
26101406   Motor mount or base                 Commodity
26101408   Motor pole                          Commodity
26101409   Motor rotor                         Commodity
26101410   Motor stator                        Commodity
26101411   Motor lamination                    Commodity
26101412   Motor repair kit                    Commodity
26101413   Motor casing or cover               Commodity
26101414   Motor brush carrier                 Commodity
26101415   Motor commutator                    Commodity
26101500   Engines                             Class
26101501   Hydraulic engines                   Commodity
26101502   Pneumatic engines                   Commodity
26101503   Gas engines                                            Commodity
26101504   Diesel engines                                         Commodity
26101505   Steam engines                                          Commodity
26101506   Turbine engines                                        Commodity
26101507   Turbofan engines                                       Commodity
26101508   Thermal engines                                        Commodity
26101509   Hydroelectric engines                                  Commodity
26101510   Rotary engines                                         Commodity
26101511   Hydraulic turbine engines                              Commodity
26101512   Turboprop engines                                      Commodity
26101513   Engine Repair Kit                                      Commodity
26101514   Jet engine                                             Commodity
26101515   Gasoline outboard motor                                Commodity
26101700   Engine components and accessories                      Class
26101701   Aircraft burners                                       Commodity
26101702   Aircraft engine compressors                            Commodity
26101703   Aircraft engine diffusers                              Commodity
26101704   Engine mounts                                          Commodity
26101705   Aircraft drive shafts power take offs or screw jacks   Commodity
26101706   Aircraft transmission units                            Commodity
26101707   Balance shafts                                         Commodity
26101708   Cam followers                                          Commodity
26101709   Camshaft lifters                                       Commodity
26101710   Carburetors                                            Commodity
26101711   Connecting rods                                        Commodity
26101712   Crankcase ventilation valves                           Commodity
26101713   Cylinder heads                                         Commodity
26101715   Engine covers or pans                                  Commodity
26101716   Engine forgings                                        Commodity
26101717   Engine heaters                                         Commodity
26101718   Engine ignition systems                                Commodity
26101719   Supercharger                                           Commodity
26101720   Turbocharger                                           Commodity
26101721   Engine pulleys                                         Commodity
26101723   Fuel vapor canister                                    Commodity
26101724   Glow plugs                                             Commodity
26101725   Oil dip sticks or tubes                                Commodity
26101726   Oil strainers                                          Commodity
26101727   Piston rings                                           Commodity
26101728   Push rod tubes                                         Commodity
26101729   Rocker arm balls                                       Commodity
26101730   Rocker arm shafts                                      Commodity
26101731   Rocker arms                                            Commodity
26101732   Spark plugs                                            Commodity
26101733   Carburetor jet                                         Commodity
26101734   Carburetor diaphragms                                  Commodity
26101735   Oil pan                                                Commodity
26101736   Pistons                                                   Commodity
26101737   Timing chain                                              Commodity
26101738   Intake manifolds                                          Commodity
26101740   Fuel injectors                                            Commodity
26101741   Engine sleeves                                            Commodity
26101742   Fuel injection manifolds                                  Commodity
26101743   Engine valves                                             Commodity
26101747   Push rods                                                 Commodity
26101748   Engine flywheel                                           Commodity
26101749   Crankshaft                                                Commodity
26101750   Throttle                                                  Commodity
26101751   Electronic engine controls                                Commodity
26101754   Engine valve seat                                         Commodity
26101755   Valve guide                                               Commodity
26101756   Carburetor adapters                                       Commodity
26101757   Spark plug fittings                                       Commodity
26101758   Rocker arm adjusters                                      Commodity
26101759   Starter adapters                                          Commodity
26101760   Choke rods                                                Commodity
26101761   Camshaft plugs                                            Commodity
26101762   Engine component linkages                                 Commodity
26101763   Freeze plugs                                              Commodity
26101764   Cylinder liners                                           Commodity
26101765   Vibration dampers                                         Commodity
26101766   Governors                                                 Commodity
26101767   Turbine stator                                            Commodity
26101768   Turbine shaft                                             Commodity
26101769   Ignition coil                                             Commodity
26101770   Electronic engine control for gasoline engines            Commodity
26101771   Electronic engine control for diesel engine               Commodity
26101900   Internal combustion engine components                     Class
26101903   Camshaft                                                  Commodity
26101904   Fuel injection nozzle                                     Commodity
26101905   Cylinder block                                            Commodity
26110000   Batteries and generators and kinetic power transmission   Family
26111500   Kinetic power transmission                                Class
26111503   Mechanical adjustable speed drive                         Commodity
26111504   Belt drives                                               Commodity
26111505   Chain drives                                              Commodity
26111506   Linear motion devices                                     Commodity
26111508   Power take offs                                           Commodity
26111509   Transmission yokes                                        Commodity
26111510   Transmission shafts                                       Commodity
26111512   Axles                                                     Commodity
26111513   Power transmission chains                                 Commodity
26111514   Knuckle joints                                            Commodity
26111515   Servo controller                                          Commodity
26111516   Step drive or stepper drive or step indexer   Commodity
26111517   Planet carrier                                Commodity
26111518   Tension strut                                 Commodity
26111519   Torque converters                             Commodity
26111520   Trunnions                                     Commodity
26111521   Pusher head                                   Commodity
26111522   Pusher assembly                               Commodity
26111523   Backstops                                     Commodity
26111524   Gear units                                    Commodity
26111525   Drum motor drives                             Commodity
26111527   Integrated motion control systems             Commodity
26111528   Hydrostatic drives                            Commodity
26111529   Hydrokinetic drives                           Commodity
26111530   Transmission cam                              Commodity
26111531   Transmission sleeves                          Commodity
26111532   Shaft supports or assemblies                  Commodity
26111533   Chain tensioners                              Commodity
26111534   Transmission hubs                             Commodity
26111535   Ballscrews or ballscrew assemblies            Commodity
26111536   Shaft mount speed reducer                     Commodity
26111537   Worm speed reducer                            Commodity
26111538   Helical speed reducer                         Commodity
26111539   Helical and worm speed reducer                Commodity
26111540   Planetary speed reducer                       Commodity
26111541   Cycloidal speed reducer                       Commodity
26111542   Bevel speed reducer increaser                 Commodity
26111543   Traction drive speed reducer                  Commodity
26111544   Speed controller                              Commodity
26111600   Power generators                              Class
26111601   Diesel generators                             Commodity
26111602   Hydro electric generators                     Commodity
26111603   Wind generators                               Commodity
26111604   Gas generators                                Commodity
26111605   Thermal generators                            Commodity
26111606   Hydraulic generators                          Commodity
26111607   Solar generators                              Commodity
26111608   Steam generators                              Commodity
26111609   Gas turbine generator                         Commodity
26111610   Selsyn generator                              Commodity
26111611   Auxiliary generator                           Commodity
26111700   Batteries and cells and accessories           Class
26111701   Rechargeable batteries                        Commodity
26111702   Alkaline batteries                            Commodity
26111703   Vehicle batteries                             Commodity
26111704   Battery chargers                              Commodity
26111705   Dry cell batteries                            Commodity
26111706   Electronic batteries                          Commodity
26111707   Lead acid batteries                   Commodity
26111708   Nickel iron batteries                 Commodity
26111709   Nickel cadmium batteries              Commodity
26111710   Product specific battery packs        Commodity
26111711   Lithium batteries                     Commodity
26111712   Nickel hydrogen batteries             Commodity
26111713   Thermal batteries                     Commodity
26111714   Zinc air                              Commodity
26111715   Zinc coal battery                     Commodity
26111716   Mercury oxide battery                 Commodity
26111717   Manganese batteries                   Commodity
26111718   Silver oxide batteries                Commodity
26111719   Battery testers                       Commodity
26111720   Battery holders                       Commodity
26111721   Nickel metal hydride batteries        Commodity
26111722   Battery adapter or accessories        Commodity
26111723   Battery cabinets or covers or doors   Commodity
26111724   Tool kits for batteries               Commodity
26111725   Nickel sodium chloride batteries      Commodity
26111726   Fluorescent ballast battery unit      Commodity
26111800   Drive components                      Class
26111801   V belts                               Commodity
26111802   Geared timing belts                   Commodity
26111803   Round belts                           Commodity
26111804   Flat belts                            Commodity
26111805   Belt tensioners                       Commodity
26111806   Transmission pulleys                  Commodity
26111807   Timing pulley                         Commodity
26111808   Trantorque                            Commodity
26111809   Belt guards                           Commodity
26111810   Timing pulley flanges                 Commodity
26111811   Synchronous belt                      Commodity
26111812   Synchronous pulley                    Commodity
26111813   Variable speed pulley                 Commodity
26111900   Clutches                              Class
26111901   Plate clutches                        Commodity
26111902   Diaphragm clutch                      Commodity
26111903   Centrifugal clutch                    Commodity
26111904   Semi centrifugal clutch               Commodity
26111905   Free wheel clutch                     Commodity
26111907   Fluid coupling                        Commodity
26111908   Cam clutches                          Commodity
26111909   Electrical clutches                   Commodity
26111910   Hydraulic clutches                    Commodity
26111911   Pneumatic clutch                      Commodity
26111912   Mechanical clutch                     Commodity
26111913   Clutch hold back unit                 Commodity
26112000   Clutch parts and accessories            Class
26112001   Pressure plate                          Commodity
26112002   Driven plate                            Commodity
26112003   Clutch plates                           Commodity
26112004   Clutch repair kits                      Commodity
26112100   Industrial braking systems              Class
26112101   Air or pneumatic braking systems        Commodity
26112102   Hydraulic braking systems               Commodity
26112103   Mechanical braking systems              Commodity
26112104   Braking clutch assemblies               Commodity
26112105   Electrical braking systems              Commodity
26120000   Electrical wire and cable and harness   Family
26121500   Electrical wire                         Class
26121501   Heating wire                            Commodity
26121505   Fixture wire                            Commodity
26121507   Radio or television wire                Commodity
26121508   Automotive or aircraft wire             Commodity
26121509   Magnet wire                             Commodity
26121510   Trolley wire                            Commodity
26121514   Underground wire                        Commodity
26121515   Silicon asbestos SA wire                Commodity
26121517   Copper wire                             Commodity
26121519   Copper clad aluminum wire               Commodity
26121520   Copper steel wire                       Commodity
26121521   Bronze wire                             Commodity
26121522   Bare wire                               Commodity
26121523   Covered but not insulated wire          Commodity
26121524   Insulated or covered wire               Commodity
26121532   Inter connect wire                      Commodity
26121533   Kaptan wire                             Commodity
26121534   Polymide wire                           Commodity
26121536   Extension cord                          Commodity
26121538   Wire assembly                           Commodity
26121539   Hook up wires                           Commodity
26121540   Galvanized wire                         Commodity
26121541   Bus conductors                          Commodity
26121542   Installation wire                       Commodity
26121543   Heat resistant wire                     Commodity
26121544   Drop wire                               Commodity
26121545   Portable electrical cord                Commodity
26121546   Tinned copper wire                      Commodity
26121600   Electrical cable and accessories        Class
26121601   Heating cable                           Commodity
26121602   Submarine cable                         Commodity
26121603   Control cable                           Commodity
26121604   Signal cable                            Commodity
26121605   Automotive or aircraft cable            Commodity
26121606   Coaxial cable                                Commodity
26121607   Fiber optic cable                            Commodity
26121608   Aerial cable                                 Commodity
26121609   Network cable                                Commodity
26121610   Bronze cable                                 Commodity
26121611   Bare cable                                   Commodity
26121612   Covered but not insulated cable              Commodity
26121613   Insulated or covered cable                   Commodity
26121614   Building cable                               Commodity
26121615   Power cable for direct burial                Commodity
26121616   Telecommunications cable                     Commodity
26121617   Triaxial cable                               Commodity
26121618   Crosslinked polykaene cable                  Commodity
26121619   Floropolymer cable                           Commodity
26121620   Inter connect cable                          Commodity
26121621   Kaptan cable                                 Commodity
26121622   Polymide cable                               Commodity
26121623   Radio frequency RF cable                     Commodity
26121624   Ribbon or flat cable                         Commodity
26121628   Screened cables                              Commodity
26121629   Power cable                                  Commodity
26121630   Cable accessories                            Commodity
26121631   Outside plant coaxial cable                  Commodity
26121632   Outside plant communications cable           Commodity
26121633   Outside plant telecommunications cable       Commodity
26121634   Copper cable                                 Commodity
26121635   Cable reels                                  Commodity
26121636   Power cord                                   Commodity
26121637   Outdoor fiber optics cable                   Commodity
26121638   Crimping materials                           Commodity
26121639   Combined or customized multi cables          Commodity
26121640   Heat resistant cables                        Commodity
26121641   Installation cables                          Commodity
26121642   Instrumentation Cable                        Commodity
26121643   Bare steel reinforced electrical cable       Commodity
26121644   Bare aluminum electrical cable               Commodity
26121645   Bare copper electrical cable                 Commodity
26121646   Trailing and mining machine cable            Commodity
26121647   Trailing and mining machine cable assembly   Commodity
26121648   High voltage cable termination kit           Commodity
26121649   High voltage cable joining kit               Commodity
26121650   Fiber optic cable assembly                   Commodity
26121651   Oil resistant SO cable                       Commodity
26121700   Wiring harness                               Class
26121701   Panel wiring harness                         Commodity
26121702   Trunk wiring harness                         Commodity
26121703   Communication wiring harness                 Commodity
26121704   Specialty wiring harness                        Commodity
26121705   Fiber optic cable assembly                      Commodity
26121706   Coaxial assembly                                Commodity
26121707   Flat flexible cable assembly                    Commodity
26121708   Battery cable assembly                          Commodity
26121709   Coiled cord assembly                            Commodity
26121710   Oxygen sensor wiring harness                    Commodity
26121711   Piston rod                                      Commodity
26121800   Automotive cable                                Class
26121801   Automotive or aircraft cable                    Commodity
26121802   Single core 60 volt class a automotive cable    Commodity
26121803   Single core 60 volt class b automotive cable    Commodity
26121804   Single core 60 volt class c automotive cable    Commodity
26121805   Single core 60 volt class d automotive cable    Commodity
26121806   Single core 60 volt class e automotive cable    Commodity
26121807   Single core 60 volt class f automotive cable    Commodity
26121808   Single core 60 volt class g automotive cable    Commodity
26121809   Single core 60 volt class h automotive cable    Commodity
26121810   Single core 600 volt class a automotive cable   Commodity
26121811   Single core 600 volt class b automotive cable   Commodity
26121812   Single core 600 volt class c automotive cable   Commodity
26121813   Single core 600 volt class d automotive cable   Commodity
26121814   Single core 600 volt class e automotive cable   Commodity
26121815   Single core 600 volt class f automotive cable   Commodity
26121816   Single core 600 volt class g automotive cable   Commodity
26121817   Single core 600 volt class h automotive cable   Commodity
26121818   Multi core 60 volt class a automotive cable     Commodity
26121819   Multi core 60 volt class b automotive cable     Commodity
26121820   Multi core 60 volt class c automotive cable     Commodity
26121821   Multi core 60 volt class d automotive cable     Commodity
26121822   Multi core 60 volt class e automotive cable     Commodity
26121823   Multi core 60 volt class f automotive cable     Commodity
26121824   Multi core 60 volt class g automotive cable     Commodity
26121825   Multi core 60 volt class h automotive cable     Commodity
26121826   Multi core 600 volt class a automotive cable    Commodity
26121827   Multi core 600 volt class b automotive cable    Commodity
26121828   Multi core 600 volt class c automotive cable    Commodity
26121829   Multi core 600 volt class d automotive cable    Commodity
26121830   Multi core 600 volt class e automotive cable    Commodity
26121831   Multi core 600 volt class f automotive cable    Commodity
26121832   Multi core 600 volt class g automotive cable    Commodity
26121833   Multi core 600 volt class h automotive cable    Commodity
26121834   Braided 60 volt class a automotive cable        Commodity
26121835   Braided 60 volt class b automotive cable        Commodity
26121836   Braided 60 volt class c automotive cable        Commodity
26121837   Braided 60 volt class d automotive cable        Commodity
26121838   Braided 60 volt class e automotive cable        Commodity
26121839   Braided 60 volt class f automotive cable                      Commodity
26121840   Braided 60 volt class g automotive cable                      Commodity
26121841   Braided 60 volt class h automotive cable                      Commodity
26121842   Braided 600 volt class a automotive cable                     Commodity
26121843   Braided 600 volt class b automotive cable                     Commodity
26121844   Braided 600 volt class c automotive cable                     Commodity
26121845   Braided 600 volt class d automotive cable                     Commodity
26121846   Braided 600 volt class e automotive cable                     Commodity
26121847   Braided 600 volt class f automotive cable                     Commodity
26121848   Braided 600 volt class g automotive cable                     Commodity
26121849   Braided 600 volt class h automotive cable                     Commodity
26130000   Power generation                                              Family
26131500   Power plants                                                  Class
26131501   Diesel power plants                                           Commodity
26131502   Geothermal power plants                                       Commodity
26131503   Hydro power plants                                            Commodity
26131504   Gas power plants                                              Commodity
26131505   Marine power plants                                           Commodity
26131506   Petrol power plants                                           Commodity
26131507   Solar power plants                                            Commodity
26131508   Steam power plants                                            Commodity
26131509   Wind power plants                                             Commodity
26131510   Thermal power plants                                          Commodity
26131600   Exhaust structures or screening equipment                     Class
26131601   Traveling water screens                                       Commodity
26131602   Stop logs                                                     Commodity
26131603   Water trash racks                                             Commodity
26131604   Fixed screens                                                 Commodity
26131605   Intake structures                                             Commodity
26131606   Steel exhaust stack                                           Commodity
26131607   Concrete exhaust stacks                                       Commodity
26131608   Flare or vent stacks                                          Commodity
26131609   Exhaust inlet stacks                                          Commodity
26131610   Bypass stacks                                                 Commodity
26131611   Silencer sections                                             Commodity
26131612   Exhaust outlet ducts                                          Commodity
26131613   Exhaust duct expansion joints                                 Commodity
26131614   Stack closure dampers                                         Commodity
26131615   Exhaust diversion dampers                                     Commodity
26131616   Exhaust isolation dampers                                     Commodity
26131617   Vane damper                                                   Commodity
26131618   Poppet damper                                                 Commodity
26131700   Power generation monitoring or detecting equipment            Class
26131701   Combustible or hazardous gas detectors for power generators   Commodity
26131702   Gas turbine combustion system flame detectors                 Commodity
26131800   Power generation control equipment                            Class
26131801   Electrical control panels for generators                      Commodity
26131802   Compressor control panels                                  Commodity
26131803   Generator control or protection panels                     Commodity
26131804   Gas turbine control panels                                 Commodity
26131807   Steam turbines control panels                              Commodity
26131808   Substation load control switchgears                        Commodity
26131811   Current limiting reactors                                  Commodity
26131812   Gas insulated switchgears                                  Commodity
26131813   Switchyard disconnect switches                             Commodity
26131814   Switchyard surge arrestors                                 Commodity
26140000   Atomic and nuclear energy machinery and equipment          Family
26141600   Subcritical assembly equipment                             Class
26141601   Subcritical assembly fuel                                  Commodity
26141602   Subcritical assembly components                            Commodity
26141603   Subcritical assembly moderator                             Commodity
26141700   Dosimetry equipment                                        Class
26141701   Ionization chamber dosimeters                              Commodity
26141702   Dosimeters                                                 Commodity
26141703   Secondary standard dosimetry systems                       Commodity
26141704   Phantom dosimeters                                         Commodity
26141800   Hot cell devices                                           Class
26141801   Hot cell remote handling equipment                         Commodity
26141802   Hot cell remote viewing device                             Commodity
26141803   Hot cell shielding doors                                   Commodity
26141804   Hot cell samplers                                          Commodity
26141805   Hot cell sample processing equipment                       Commodity
26141806   Hot cell special tools                                     Commodity
26141807   Hot cell lead glass windows                                Commodity
26141808   Hot cell decontamination systems                           Commodity
26141809   Hot cell penetration devices                               Commodity
26141900   Industrial nucleonic instruments                           Class
26141901   Industrial nucleonic airborne dust measuring systems       Commodity
26141902   Beta gauge measuring systems                               Commodity
26141904   Industrial nucleonic liquid level gauges                   Commodity
26141905   Industrial nucleonic mass per unit ore measuring systems   Commodity
26141906   Industrial nucleonic moisture measuring systems            Commodity
26141907   Industrial nucleonic thickness measuring systems           Commodity
26141908   Industrial nucleonic flow measuring systems                Commodity
26141909   Isotope separators                                         Commodity
26141910   Isotope production facilities                              Commodity
26141911   Isotope calibrator activity meters                         Commodity
26142000   Irradiation equipment                                      Class
26142001   Irradiation gamma sources                                  Commodity
26142002   Magnet systems                                             Commodity
26142003   NIM nuclear electronic units                               Commodity
26142004   Neutron irradiators                                        Commodity
26142005   Irradiation testing capsules                               Commodity
26142006   Irradiation sample transfer system                         Commodity
26142007   Neutron generators                                       Commodity
26142100   Nuclear reactor equipment                                Class
26142101   Nuclear reactor specimen irradiation containers          Commodity
26142106   Nuclear reactor control rod systems                      Commodity
26142108   Nuclear reactor in core neutron flux instrumentation     Commodity
26142117   Nuclear reactor earthquake instrumentation               Commodity
26142200   Nuclear fuel equipment                                   Class
26142201   Nuclear fuel cladding tubes                              Commodity
26142202   Nuclear fuel element failure detection systems           Commodity
26142300   Radiation shielding equipment                            Class
26142302   Lead screens                                             Commodity
26142303   Film badges                                              Commodity
26142304   Radiographic equipment                                   Commodity
26142306   Shielded containers for radiation protection             Commodity
26142307   Lead chambers or safes for radiation protection          Commodity
26142308   Lead bricks for radiation protection                     Commodity
26142310   Glove boxes for radiation protection                     Commodity
26142311   Radiation shielding windows                              Commodity
26142312   Lead for radiation shielding                             Commodity
26142400   Radioactive waste equipment                              Class
26142401   Radioactive waste treatment compactors or incinerators   Commodity
26142402   Nuclear radiation absorbers                              Commodity
26142403   Atomic energy evaporators or concentrators or dryers     Commodity
26142404   Door interlocking systems                                Commodity
26142405   Radioactive waste dosage systems                         Commodity
26142406   Radioactive waste solidification systems                 Commodity
26142407   Radioactive waste disposal systems                       Commodity
26142408   Radioactive waste treatment facilities                   Commodity
27000000   Tools and General Machinery                              Segment
27110000   Hand tools                                               Family
27111500   Cutting and crimping and punching tools                  Class
27111501   Knife blades                                             Commodity
27111502   Razor knives                                             Commodity
27111503   Utility knives                                           Commodity
27111504   Pocket knives                                            Commodity
27111505   Punches or nail sets or drifts                           Commodity
27111506   Shears                                                   Commodity
27111507   Metal cutters                                            Commodity
27111508   Saws                                                     Commodity
27111509   Augers                                                   Commodity
27111510   Stripping tools                                          Commodity
27111511   Wire cutters                                             Commodity
27111512   Bolt cutters                                             Commodity
27111513   Hose cutter                                              Commodity
27111514   Glass cutters                                            Commodity
27111515   Hand or push drill                                       Commodity
27111516   Punching pliers                                          Commodity
27111517   Knife blade sets or dispensers   Commodity
27111518   Wire lug crimping tool           Commodity
27111519   Tinners snips                    Commodity
27111520   Nut splitters                    Commodity
27111521   Nibblers                         Commodity
27111522   Flaring tool                     Commodity
27111523   Glass scraper                    Commodity
27111524   Rivet cutter                     Commodity
27111525   Pincers                          Commodity
27111526   Deburring tool                   Commodity
27111527   Wad punch                        Commodity
27111528   Angle cutter                     Commodity
27111529   Insulated scissors               Commodity
27111530   Fishmonger scissors              Commodity
27111531   Hair scissors                    Commodity
27111532   Jeweler scissors                 Commodity
27111533   Butcher scissors                 Commodity
27111534   Compass cutter                   Commodity
27111535   Wire scissors                    Commodity
27111536   Circle cutter                    Commodity
27111537   Wood auger bit                   Commodity
27111538   Forstner bit                     Commodity
27111539   Flat wood bit                    Commodity
27111540   Tile bit                         Commodity
27111541   Bullet pilot point               Commodity
27111542   Spur point bit                   Commodity
27111543   Masonry bit                      Commodity
27111544   Rip saw                          Commodity
27111545   Crosscut saw                     Commodity
27111546   Panel saw                        Commodity
27111547   Flooring saw                     Commodity
27111548   Tenon or back saw                Commodity
27111549   Pad or keyhole saw               Commodity
27111550   Bow saw                          Commodity
27111551   Log saw                          Commodity
27111552   Coping saw                       Commodity
27111553   Two man crosscut saw             Commodity
27111554   Blade sharpener                  Commodity
27111555   Center punch                     Commodity
27111556   Hollow punch                     Commodity
27111557   Taper punch                      Commodity
27111558   Parallel pin punch               Commodity
27111559   Hacksaw                          Commodity
27111560   Mini pliers                      Commodity
27111600   Forming tools                    Class
27111601   Mallets                          Commodity
27111602   Hammers                          Commodity
27111603   Anvils                           Commodity
27111604   Hatchets                         Commodity
27111605   Picks                            Commodity
27111607   Swaging tools                    Commodity
27111608   Manual wire straighteners        Commodity
27111609   Electric wire straighteners      Commodity
27111610   Hammer and mallet components     Commodity
27111611   Stonemason hammer                Commodity
27111612   Non sparking hammer or mallet    Commodity
27111613   Non sparking hatchet             Commodity
27111614   Non sparking pick                Commodity
27111615   Sledge hammer                    Commodity
27111616   Ball peen hammer                 Commodity
27111617   Rubber mallet                    Commodity
27111618   Claw hammer                      Commodity
27111619   Cross and straight pein hammer   Commodity
27111620   Cross pein pin hammer            Commodity
27111621   Club hammer or lump hammer       Commodity
27111622   Joiners mallet                   Commodity
27111700   Wrenches and drivers             Class
27111701   Screwdrivers                     Commodity
27111702   Nut drivers                      Commodity
27111703   Socket sets                      Commodity
27111704   Sockets                          Commodity
27111705   Box end wrenches                 Commodity
27111706   Open end wrenches                Commodity
27111707   Adjustable wrenches              Commodity
27111708   Pipe wrenches                    Commodity
27111709   Screw extractors                 Commodity
27111710   Hex keys                         Commodity
27111711   Ratchets                         Commodity
27111712   Pullers                          Commodity
27111713   Combination wrenches             Commodity
27111714   Specialty wrenches               Commodity
27111715   Torque wrenches                  Commodity
27111716   Torx keys                        Commodity
27111717   Pipe extractors                  Commodity
27111718   Tap extractors                   Commodity
27111720   T handle tap wrenches            Commodity
27111721   Cranks                           Commodity
27111722   Die stocks                       Commodity
27111723   Tube wrenches                    Commodity
27111724   Hook wrenches                    Commodity
27111725   Offset socket wrenches           Commodity
27111726   Spanner wrenches                 Commodity
27111727   Chuck keys                       Commodity
27111728   Screwdriver set                  Commodity
27111729   Wrench set                           Commodity
27111730   Double ended swivel wrench           Commodity
27111731   Precision screwdriver                Commodity
27111732   Non sparking screwdriver             Commodity
27111733   Flexible rod screwdriver             Commodity
27111734   Multiple tip screwdriver             Commodity
27111735   Ratchet screwdriver                  Commodity
27111736   Insulated screwdriver                Commodity
27111737   Hand push automatic screwdriver      Commodity
27111738   Voltage tester screwdriver           Commodity
27111739   Torque screwdriver                   Commodity
27111740   Telescoping screwdriver              Commodity
27111741   Interchangeable rod screwdriver      Commodity
27111742   Impact screwdriver                   Commodity
27111743   Ring wrench or spanner               Commodity
27111744   Offset ring wrench or spanner        Commodity
27111745   Split ring wrench or spanner         Commodity
27111746   Bulldog wrench or spanner            Commodity
27111747   Box wrench or spanner                Commodity
27111748   Footprint wrench                     Commodity
27111749   Pipe wrench or stillson wrench       Commodity
27111750   Mole wrench                          Commodity
27111751   Tap spanner or basin wrench          Commodity
27111752   Obstruction wrench                   Commodity
27111753   Ratchet wrench                       Commodity
27111754   S wrench                             Commodity
27111755   Y wrench                             Commodity
27111756   Crows foot wrench                    Commodity
27111757   Slugging wrench                      Commodity
27111758   Cam over wrench                      Commodity
27111759   Blade wrench                         Commodity
27111760   Wheel nut wrench or lug nut wrench   Commodity
27111761   Water pump wrench                    Commodity
27111762   Flexible head gear wrench            Commodity
27111763   Allen wrench                         Commodity
27111800   Measuring and layout tools           Class
27111801   Tape measures                        Commodity
27111802   Levels                               Commodity
27111803   Squares                              Commodity
27111804   Plumb bobs                           Commodity
27111806   Nail or router gauges                Commodity
27111807   Straight edges                       Commodity
27111809   Bevels                               Commodity
27111810   Stud finders                         Commodity
27111811   Folding ruler                        Commodity
27111812   Long tape ruler                      Commodity
27111813   Plumb bob line                       Commodity
27111900   Rough and finishing tools            Class
27111901   Cold chisels                         Commodity
27111902   Files                                Commodity
27111903   Planes                               Commodity
27111904   Rasps                                Commodity
27111905   Grinders                             Commodity
27111906   Wood chisels                         Commodity
27111907   Wire brushes                         Commodity
27111908   Sharpening stones or tools or kits   Commodity
27111909   Spatulas                             Commodity
27111910   Burins                               Commodity
27111911   Cross cut chisels                    Commodity
27111912   Wood gouge                           Commodity
27111913   Edge trimmer                         Commodity
27111914   Bull point chisel                    Commodity
27111915   Stonemason chisel                    Commodity
27111916   Roof ripper                          Commodity
27111917   Glue roller                          Commodity
27111918   Hand sander                          Commodity
27111919   Bastard cut file                     Commodity
27111920   Second cut file                      Commodity
27111921   Smooth cut file                      Commodity
27111922   Cross cut file                       Commodity
27111923   Chain saw file                       Commodity
27111924   Rasp cut file                        Commodity
27111925   Needle file                          Commodity
27111926   Aluminum flat file                   Commodity
27111927   Aluminum half round file             Commodity
27111928   Cheesegrater file                    Commodity
27111929   Flat hand file                       Commodity
27111930   Round file                           Commodity
27111931   Half round file                      Commodity
27111932   Square file                          Commodity
27111933   Three square triangular file         Commodity
27111934   Flat taper file                      Commodity
27111935   Knife file                           Commodity
27111936   Warding file                         Commodity
27111937   Laminate file                        Commodity
27111938   Long angle lathe file                Commodity
27111939   Half round pipe line file            Commodity
27111940   Mill saw file                        Commodity
27111941   Taper saw file                       Commodity
27111942   Double end saw file                  Commodity
27111943   Farmers own file                     Commodity
27111944   Precision file                       Commodity
27111945   Die sinker riffler                   Commodity
27111946   Silversmiths riffler                 Commodity
27111947   Tile file                                    Commodity
27111948   Half round wood rasp                         Commodity
27111949   Half round cabinet rasp                      Commodity
27111950   Round wood rasp                              Commodity
27111951   Four in hand shoe rasp                       Commodity
27111952   Horse rasp                                   Commodity
27111953   Farrier rasp                                 Commodity
27111954   Taper shank bridge reamer                    Commodity
27111955   Round shank bridge reamer                    Commodity
27112000   Agriculture, forestry and garden handtools   Class
27112001   Machetes                                     Commodity
27112002   Spades                                       Commodity
27112003   Rakes                                        Commodity
27112004   Shovels                                      Commodity
27112005   Axes                                         Commodity
27112006   Scythes                                      Commodity
27112007   Secateurs or pruning shears                  Commodity
27112008   Hoes                                         Commodity
27112009   Scrapers                                     Commodity
27112010   Garden forks                                 Commodity
27112011   Tool handles                                 Commodity
27112012   Garden riddles                               Commodity
27112013   Post hole digger                             Commodity
27112014   Lawnmowers                                   Commodity
27112015   Lawn scarifiers                              Commodity
27112016   Hedge clippers                               Commodity
27112017   Digging bars                                 Commodity
27112018   Bulb planter                                 Commodity
27112019   Pruning saw                                  Commodity
27112020   Sickle                                       Commodity
27112021   Lawn aerator                                 Commodity
27112022   Border shear                                 Commodity
27112023   Hand cultivator                              Commodity
27112024   Miniature garden tool set                    Commodity
27112025   Short handled hoe                            Commodity
27112026   Handle wedge                                 Commodity
27112027   Garden broom                                 Commodity
27112028   Tree debarker                                Commodity
27112029   Garden watering can                          Commodity
27112030   Billhook                                     Commodity
27112031   Garden sieve                                 Commodity
27112032   Adze                                         Commodity
27112033   Garden tool set                              Commodity
27112034   Root cutter                                  Commodity
27112035   Hedge trimmer                                Commodity
27112036   Garden shredder                              Commodity
27112037   Brush cutter                                 Commodity
27112038   Garden chainsaw                  Commodity
27112039   Lopper                           Commodity
27112100   Holding and clamping tools       Class
27112101   Pipe vises                       Commodity
27112102   Bench vises                      Commodity
27112103   Hand clamps                      Commodity
27112104   Tongs                            Commodity
27112105   Tweezers                         Commodity
27112106   Linemans pliers                  Commodity
27112107   Adjustable widemouth pliers      Commodity
27112108   Needlenose pliers                Commodity
27112109   Magnetic tools                   Commodity
27112110   Retaining ring pliers            Commodity
27112111   Alligator pliers                 Commodity
27112112   Tongue and groove pliers         Commodity
27112113   Slip or groove joint pliers      Commodity
27112114   Diagonal cut pliers              Commodity
27112115   Locking pliers                   Commodity
27112116   Fence pliers                     Commodity
27112117   End cut pliers                   Commodity
27112119   Light bulb changer               Commodity
27112120   C clamps                         Commodity
27112121   Corner clamps                    Commodity
27112122   Sheet metal pliers               Commodity
27112123   Bench dog                        Commodity
27112124   Tensioners                       Commodity
27112125   Round nose pliers                Commodity
27112126   Flat nose pliers                 Commodity
27112127   Strap wrenches                   Commodity
27112128   Curved nose pliers               Commodity
27112129   Round handle clamps              Commodity
27112130   Three jaw clamps                 Commodity
27112131   Deep throat jaw opening clamps   Commodity
27112132   Hold down clamps                 Commodity
27112133   T handle clamps                  Commodity
27112134   Longnose pliers                  Commodity
27112135   Insulated pliers                 Commodity
27112136   Non sparking pliers              Commodity
27112137   Pliers set                       Commodity
27112138   Manual pipe straightener         Commodity
27112139   Combination pliers               Commodity
27112140   Circlip pliers                   Commodity
27112141   Glass pliers                     Commodity
27112142   Multi tool pliers                Commodity
27112143   Tile cutting pliers              Commodity
27112144   Snap pliers                      Commodity
27112145   Slip joint pliers                Commodity
27112146   Swivel base vise               Commodity
27112147   Crimping pliers                Commodity
27112148   Electronics pliers             Commodity
27112149   Electrostatic pliers           Commodity
27112150   Jewellers pliers               Commodity
27112151   Wire-stripping pliers          Commodity
27112152   Triclover clamp                Commodity
27112200   Masonry and concrete tools     Class
27112201   Trowels                        Commodity
27112202   Floats                         Commodity
27112203   Edgers                         Commodity
27112205   Concrete vibrators             Commodity
27112206   Screed board                   Commodity
27112207   Hand rammer                    Commodity
27112208   Pickaxe                        Commodity
27112209   Masonry shovel                 Commodity
27112210   Brick jointer                  Commodity
27112211   Tuck pointer                   Commodity
27112212   Curb face tool                 Commodity
27112213   Concrete chute                 Commodity
27112214   Brick jointer                  Commodity
27112215   Grooving edger                 Commodity
27112216   Tile scribe                    Commodity
27112217   Tile cutter                    Commodity
27112218   Tile power saw                 Commodity
27112219   Tile nipper                    Commodity
27112220   Tile hand saw                  Commodity
27112221   Tile drill bit                 Commodity
27112222   Tile hole cutter               Commodity
27112223   Tile file                      Commodity
27112224   Profile gauge                  Commodity
27112225   Notched spreader               Commodity
27112226   Tile trowel                    Commodity
27112227   Grout spreader                 Commodity
27112228   Grout rake                     Commodity
27112229   Tile removing chisel           Commodity
27112230   Tuck pointer or joint filler   Commodity
27112231   Step tool                      Commodity
27112300   Marking tools                  Class
27112301   Branders                       Commodity
27112302   Awls                           Commodity
27112303   Scribers                       Commodity
27112304   Chalk lines                    Commodity
27112305   Metal markers or holders       Commodity
27112306   Metal stamps                   Commodity
27112307   Chalk for chalk line           Commodity
27112308   Marking cart                   Commodity
27112309   Marking pen                 Commodity
27112310   Chalk holder                Commodity
27112311   Marking chalk               Commodity
27112400   Fastener setting tools      Class
27112401   Staple guns                 Commodity
27112402   Rivet tools                 Commodity
27112403   Banders                     Commodity
27112404   Anchor setting tools        Commodity
27112405   Bolt heaters                Commodity
27112406   Tag guns                    Commodity
27112407   Security tag detacher       Commodity
27112408   Industrial staple remover   Commodity
27112500   Prying and bending tools    Class
27112501   Pipe bending tools          Commodity
27112502   Pry bars                    Commodity
27112503   Conduit benders             Commodity
27112504   Wedges                      Commodity
27112505   Packing hooks               Commodity
27112506   Hickeys                     Commodity
27112507   Wrecking or crow bar        Commodity
27112600   Sealing tools               Class
27112601   Putty knives                Commodity
27112602   Caulking tools              Commodity
27112603   Insertion tool              Commodity
27112604   Putty bowl                  Commodity
27112700   Power tools                 Class
27112701   Power blowers               Commodity
27112702   Power buffers               Commodity
27112703   Power drills                Commodity
27112704   Power grinders              Commodity
27112705   Demolition hammers          Commodity
27112706   Power planes                Commodity
27112707   Power routers               Commodity
27112708   Power sanders               Commodity
27112709   Power saws                  Commodity
27112710   Power screwguns             Commodity
27112711   Power staple guns           Commodity
27112712   Power trimmers              Commodity
27112713   Impact wrenches             Commodity
27112714   Power caulking guns         Commodity
27112715   Power chippers              Commodity
27112716   Power nail guns             Commodity
27112717   Heat guns                   Commodity
27112718   Engravers                   Commodity
27112719   Glue guns                   Commodity
27112720   Torque tools                Commodity
27112721   Biscuit jointers            Commodity
27112722   Beveling tool                      Commodity
27112723   Power shears                       Commodity
27112724   Power nibbler                      Commodity
27112725   Power riveter                      Commodity
27112726   Power rod cutter                   Commodity
27112727   Mortar gun                         Commodity
27112728   Power flaring tool                 Commodity
27112729   Tube crimper                       Commodity
27112730   Power grease gun                   Commodity
27112731   Power scissors                     Commodity
27112732   Power pipe bender                  Commodity
27112733   Angle cutter                       Commodity
27112734   Jigsaw                             Commodity
27112735   Scroll saw                         Commodity
27112736   Wall chaser                        Commodity
27112737   Orbital sander                     Commodity
27112738   Detail sander                      Commodity
27112739   Belt sander                        Commodity
27112740   Bench sander                       Commodity
27112741   File sander or finger sander       Commodity
27112742   Disc sander                        Commodity
27112743   Radial arm saw                     Commodity
27112744   Pneumatic saw                      Commodity
27112745   Concrete saw                       Commodity
27112746   Chain saw                          Commodity
27112747   Reciprocating saw                  Commodity
27112748   Miter saw                          Commodity
27112749   Angle grinder                      Commodity
27112800   Tool attachments and accessories   Class
27112801   Drill bits                         Commodity
27112802   Saw blades                         Commodity
27112803   End mills                          Commodity
27112804   Stamping dies or punches           Commodity
27112805   Threading dies                     Commodity
27112806   Threading taps                     Commodity
27112807   Chucks                             Commodity
27112808   Collets                            Commodity
27112809   Tool holders                       Commodity
27112810   Thread repair kits                 Commodity
27112811   Arbors                             Commodity
27112812   Countersinks                       Commodity
27112813   Extension pole                     Commodity
27112814   Screwdriver bits                   Commodity
27112815   Nut driver bits                    Commodity
27112818   Vise jaw liners or caps            Commodity
27112819   Skiving tool cutter blades         Commodity
27112820   Lug crimping tool dies             Commodity
27112821   Router bits                                 Commodity
27112822   Hub adapters                                Commodity
27112823   Cutting chains                              Commodity
27112824   Chuck sleeves                               Commodity
27112825   Tool template sets                          Commodity
27112826   Hole saws                                   Commodity
27112827   Magnetizer demagnetizer devices             Commodity
27112828   Impact socket                               Commodity
27112829   Impact wrench attachments and accessories   Commodity
27112830   Screwdriver accessories and supplies        Commodity
27112831   Wrench accessories and supplies             Commodity
27112832   Socket attachments and accessories          Commodity
27112833   Drill bit case                              Commodity
27112834   Hand pipe threader case                     Commodity
27112835   Machine reamer                              Commodity
27112836   Screwdriver bit set                         Commodity
27112837   Hand reamer                                 Commodity
27112838   Cutting disc                                Commodity
27112839   Chisel bit                                  Commodity
27112840   Guide drill bit                             Commodity
27112900   Dispensing tools                            Class
27112901   Grease guns                                 Commodity
27112902   Industrial funnels                          Commodity
27112903   Hand sprayers                               Commodity
27112904   Resin guns                                  Commodity
27112905   Oil can                                     Commodity
27112906   Caulking guns                               Commodity
27112907   Broadcast spreaders                         Commodity
27112908   Oil gun                                     Commodity
27112909   Roofing mop                                 Commodity
27113000   Brushes                                     Class
27113001   Scratch brushes                             Commodity
27113002   Tube brushes                                Commodity
27113003   Applicator brushes                          Commodity
27113004   Stretcher brushes                           Commodity
27113005   Roofing brush                               Commodity
27113100   Pulling tools                               Class
27113101   Fish tape                                   Commodity
27113102   Fuse pullers                                Commodity
27113103   Fids                                        Commodity
27113104   Stake pullers                               Commodity
27113200   Tool kits                                   Class
27113201   General tool kits                           Commodity
27113202   Bearing fitting tool kits                   Commodity
27113203   Computer tool kits                          Commodity
27113204   Electrician kits                            Commodity
27113300   Precision hand tools                        Class
27113301   Magnifying glass                              Commodity
27120000   Hydraulic machinery and equipment             Family
27121500   Hydraulic presses                             Class
27121501   Press return springs                          Commodity
27121502   Hydraulic press frames                        Commodity
27121503   Hydraulic press columns                       Commodity
27121504   Industrial hydraulic press                    Commodity
27121600   Hydraulic cylinders and pistons               Class
27121601   Cylinder pistons                              Commodity
27121602   Hydraulic cylinders                           Commodity
27121603   Hydraulic cylinder piston rods                Commodity
27121604   Hydraulic cylinder or component repair kits   Commodity
27121605   Hydraulic cylinder barrels                    Commodity
27121606   Mounting bases for hydraulic cylinders        Commodity
27121700   Hydraulic hose and tube fittings              Class
27121701   Hydraulic quick connectors                    Commodity
27121702   Hydraulic tees or crosses                     Commodity
27121703   Ferrules                                      Commodity
27121704   Hydraulic unions                              Commodity
27121705   Hydraulic or compression elbows               Commodity
27121706   Ferrule nuts                                  Commodity
27121707   Crimp connectors                              Commodity
27121800   Hydraulic tools                               Class
27121801   Manhole cover lifters                         Commodity
27121802   Hydraulic accumulators                        Commodity
27121803   Hydraulic clamp                               Commodity
27121804   Hydraulic shears                              Commodity
27121805   Hydraulic extractor                           Commodity
27121806   Hydraulic pipe bender                         Commodity
27121807   Hydraulic puller                              Commodity
27121808   Hydraulic chain cutter                        Commodity
27121809   Hydraulic nut breaking tool                   Commodity
27126100   Hydraulic tools                               Class
27126101   Manhole cover lifters                         Commodity
27126102   Hydraulic accumulators                        Commodity
27130000   Pneumatic machinery and equipment             Family
27131500   Pneumatic tools                               Class
27131501   Pneumatic impact wrenches                     Commodity
27131502   Compressed air gun                            Commodity
27131504   Pneumatic hammer                              Commodity
27131505   Pneumatic drill                               Commodity
27131506   Pneumatic nail drivers                        Commodity
27131507   Pneumatic sanding machines                    Commodity
27131508   Air motors                                    Commodity
27131509   Pneumatic accumulators                        Commodity
27131510   Accumulator bladders or bags                  Commodity
27131511   Pneumatic grinders                            Commodity
27131512   Pneumatic screwdriver                                                       Commodity
27131513   Pneumatic file                                                              Commodity
27131514   Pneumatic pliers                                                            Commodity
27131515   Pneumatic wrench non impact                                                 Commodity
27131516   Pneumatic pen                                                               Commodity
27131517   Industrial pneumatic stapler                                                Commodity
27131518   Pneumatic auto glass removal tool                                           Commodity
27131519   Pneumatic or air punch                                                      Commodity
27131520   Pneumatic rod cutter                                                        Commodity
27131521   Pneumatic riveter                                                           Commodity
27131522   Miniature pneumatic sander                                                  Commodity
27131523   Pneumatic rammer                                                            Commodity
27131524   Pneumatic countersink                                                       Commodity
27131525   Pneumatic shears                                                            Commodity
27131526   Pneumatic press                                                             Commodity
27131527   Pneumatic tool set                                                          Commodity
27131600   Air fittings and connectors                                                 Class
27131601   Air manifolds                                                               Commodity
27131603   Air regulators                                                              Commodity
27131604   Pneumatic lubricators                                                       Commodity
27131605   Air curtain                                                                 Commodity
27131608   Vacuum cups or pads                                                         Commodity
27131609   Pneumatic silencers                                                         Commodity
27131610   Lubricator or regulator repair kits                                         Commodity
27131613   Air coupling                                                                Commodity
27131614   Pneumatic adapters                                                          Commodity
27131615   Pneumatic vacuum generator                                                  Commodity
27131700   Pneumatic cylinders and components                                          Class
27131701   Pneumatic cylinders                                                         Commodity
27131702   Pneumatic cylinder rod accessories                                          Commodity
27131703   Pneumatic cylinder pistons                                                  Commodity
27131704   Pneumatic cylinder piston rods                                              Commodity
27131705   Pneumatic cylinder barrel                                                   Commodity
27131706   Pneumatic cylinder end caps                                                 Commodity
27131707   Pneumatic cylinder or component repair kits                                 Commodity
27131708   Mounting bases for pneumatic cylinder                                       Commodity
27131709   Pneumatic cylinder cushion rings                                            Commodity
27140000   Automotive specialty tools                                                  Family
27141000   Body tools                                                                  Class
27141001   Trim or molding tools                                                       Commodity
27141100   Suspension tools                                                            Class
27141101   Steering wheel puller                                                       Commodity
           Structures and Building and Construction and Manufacturing Components and
30000000   Supplies                                                                    Segment
30100000   Structural materials and basic shapes                                       Family
30101500   Angles                                                                      Class
30101501   Ferrous alloy angles                                                        Commodity
30101502   Non ferrous alloy angles           Commodity
30101503   Iron angles                        Commodity
30101504   Steel angles                       Commodity
30101505   Stainless steel angles             Commodity
30101506   Aluminum angles                    Commodity
30101507   Magnesium angles                   Commodity
30101508   Titanium angles                    Commodity
30101509   Copper angles                      Commodity
30101510   Brass angles                       Commodity
30101511   Bronze angles                      Commodity
30101512   Zinc angles                        Commodity
30101513   Tin angles                         Commodity
30101514   Lead angles                        Commodity
30101515   Plastic angles                     Commodity
30101516   Rubber angles                      Commodity
30101517   Precious metal angles              Commodity
30101600   Bar                                Class
30101601   Ferrous alloy bars                 Commodity
30101602   Non ferrous alloy bars             Commodity
30101603   Iron bars                          Commodity
30101604   Steel bars                         Commodity
30101605   Stainless steel bars               Commodity
30101606   Aluminum bars                      Commodity
30101607   Magnesium bars                     Commodity
30101608   Titanium bars                      Commodity
30101609   Copper bars                        Commodity
30101610   Brass bars                         Commodity
30101611   Bronze bars                        Commodity
30101612   Zinc bars                          Commodity
30101613   Tin bars                           Commodity
30101614   Lead bars                          Commodity
30101615   Plastic bars                       Commodity
30101616   Precious metal bars                Commodity
30101617   Wooden bars                        Commodity
30101618   Rubber bars                        Commodity
30101619   Reinforcing bar or rebar or mesh   Commodity
30101700   Beams                              Class
30101701   Ferrous alloy beams                Commodity
30101702   Non ferrous alloy beams            Commodity
30101703   Iron beams                         Commodity
30101704   Steel beams                        Commodity
30101705   Stainless steel beams              Commodity
30101706   Aluminum beams                     Commodity
30101707   Magnesium beams                    Commodity
30101708   Titanium beams                     Commodity
30101709   Copper beams                       Commodity
30101710   Brass beams                        Commodity
30101711   Bronze beams                 Commodity
30101712   Zinc beams                   Commodity
30101713   Tin beams                    Commodity
30101714   Lead beams                   Commodity
30101715   Plastic beams                Commodity
30101716   Rubber beams                 Commodity
30101717   Concrete beams               Commodity
30101718   Precious metal beams         Commodity
30101719   Haydite beam                 Commodity
30101720   Plywood beam                 Commodity
30101800   Channels                     Class
30101801   Ferrous alloy channels       Commodity
30101802   Non ferrous alloy channels   Commodity
30101803   Iron channels                Commodity
30101804   Steel channels               Commodity
30101805   Stainless steel channels     Commodity
30101806   Aluminum channels            Commodity
30101807   Magnesium channels           Commodity
30101808   Titanium channels            Commodity
30101809   Copper channels              Commodity
30101810   Brass channels               Commodity
30101811   Bronze channels              Commodity
30101812   Zinc channels                Commodity
30101813   Tin channels                 Commodity
30101814   Lead channels                Commodity
30101815   Plastic channels             Commodity
30101816   Rubber channels              Commodity
30101817   Precious metal channels      Commodity
30101818   Fiberglass channel           Commodity
30101900   Coil                         Class
30101901   Ferrous alloy coil           Commodity
30101902   Non ferrous alloy coil       Commodity
30101903   Iron coil                    Commodity
30101904   Steel coil                   Commodity
30101905   Stainless steel coil         Commodity
30101906   Aluminum coil                Commodity
30101907   Magnesium coil               Commodity
30101908   Titanium coil                Commodity
30101909   Copper coil                  Commodity
30101910   Brass coil                   Commodity
30101911   Bronze coil                  Commodity
30101912   Zinc coil                    Commodity
30101913   Tin coil                     Commodity
30101914   Lead coil                    Commodity
30101915   Plastic coil                 Commodity
30101916   Precious metal coils         Commodity
30101918   Perforated steel             Commodity
30101919   Embossed steel           Commodity
30101920   Compressed fiber coil    Commodity
30101921   Fiber and rubber coil    Commodity
30101922   Graphite coil            Commodity
30101923   Aluminized steel coil    Commodity
30101924   Galvanized steel coil    Commodity
30102000   Foil                     Class
30102001   Ferrous alloy foil       Commodity
30102002   Non ferrous alloy foil   Commodity
30102003   Iron foil                Commodity
30102004   Steel foil               Commodity
30102005   Stainless steel foil     Commodity
30102006   Aluminum foil            Commodity
30102007   Magnesium foil           Commodity
30102008   Titanium foil            Commodity
30102009   Copper foil              Commodity
30102010   Brass foil               Commodity
30102011   Bronze foil              Commodity
30102012   Zinc foil                Commodity
30102013   Tin foil                 Commodity
30102014   Lead foil                Commodity
30102015   Plastic foil             Commodity
30102200   Plate                    Class
30102201   Ferrous alloy plate      Commodity
30102202   Non ferrous plate        Commodity
30102203   Iron plate               Commodity
30102204   Steel plate              Commodity
30102205   Stainless steel plate    Commodity
30102206   Aluminum plate           Commodity
30102207   Magnesium plate          Commodity
30102208   Titanium plate           Commodity
30102209   Copper plate             Commodity
30102210   Brass plate              Commodity
30102211   Bronze plate             Commodity
30102212   Zinc plate               Commodity
30102213   Tin plate                Commodity
30102214   Lead plate               Commodity
30102215   Plastic plate            Commodity
30102216   Rubber plate             Commodity
30102217   Concrete plate           Commodity
30102218   Precious metal plate     Commodity
30102220   Nickel plate             Commodity
30102221   Fiber plate              Commodity
30102222   Woodwool plate           Commodity
30102223   Wood veneer plate        Commodity
30102224   Coreboard plate          Commodity
30102225   Cork plate               Commodity
30102226   Butyl plate                  Commodity
30102300   Profiles                     Class
30102301   Ferrous alloy profiles       Commodity
30102302   Non ferrous alloy profiles   Commodity
30102303   Iron profiles                Commodity
30102304   Steel profiles               Commodity
30102305   Stainless steel profiles     Commodity
30102306   Aluminum profiles            Commodity
30102307   Magnesium profiles           Commodity
30102308   Titanium profiles            Commodity
30102309   Copper profiles              Commodity
30102310   Brass profiles               Commodity
30102311   Bronze profiles              Commodity
30102312   Zinc profiles                Commodity
30102313   Tin profiles                 Commodity
30102314   Lead profiles                Commodity
30102315   Plastic profiles             Commodity
30102316   Rubber profiles              Commodity
30102400   Rod                          Class
30102401   Ferrous alloy rods           Commodity
30102402   Non ferrous alloy rods       Commodity
30102403   Iron rods                    Commodity
30102404   Steel rods                   Commodity
30102405   Stainless steel rods         Commodity
30102406   Aluminum rods                Commodity
30102407   Magnesium rods               Commodity
30102408   Titanium rods                Commodity
30102409   Copper rods                  Commodity
30102410   Brass rods                   Commodity
30102411   Bronze rods                  Commodity
30102412   Zinc rods                    Commodity
30102413   Tin rods                     Commodity
30102414   Lead rods                    Commodity
30102415   Plastic rods                 Commodity
30102416   Rubber rods                  Commodity
30102417   Nickel rod                   Commodity
30102500   Sheet                        Class
30102501   Ferrous alloy sheet          Commodity
30102502   Non ferrous alloy sheet      Commodity
30102503   Iron sheet                   Commodity
30102504   Steel sheet                  Commodity
30102505   Stainless steel sheet        Commodity
30102506   Aluminum sheet               Commodity
30102507   Magnesium sheet              Commodity
30102508   Titanium sheet               Commodity
30102509   Copper sheet                 Commodity
30102510   Brass sheet                  Commodity
30102511   Bronze sheet                            Commodity
30102512   Zinc sheet                              Commodity
30102513   Tin sheet                               Commodity
30102514   Lead sheet                              Commodity
30102515   Plastic sheet                           Commodity
30102516   Rubber sheet                            Commodity
30102517   Armor sheet                             Commodity
30102518   Beryllium alloy sheet                   Commodity
30102519   Composite metal sheet                   Commodity
30102520   Nickel sheet                            Commodity
30102521   Foam Rubber Sheet                       Commodity
30102522   Cork and rubber sheet                   Commodity
30102523   Compressed fiber sheet                  Commodity
30102524   Metal inserted compressed fiber sheet   Commodity
30102525   Fiber and rubber sheet                  Commodity
30102526   Asbestos sheets                         Commodity
30102527   Galvanized steel sheet                  Commodity
30102528   Aluminized steel sheet                  Commodity
30102529   Corrugated aluminum sheet               Commodity
30102530   Corrugated steel sheet                  Commodity
30102531   Corrugated plastic sheet                Commodity
30102600   Strip                                   Class
30102601   Ferrous alloy strip                     Commodity
30102602   Non ferrous alloy strip                 Commodity
30102603   Iron strip                              Commodity
30102604   Steel strip                             Commodity
30102605   Stainless steel strip                   Commodity
30102606   Aluminum strip                          Commodity
30102607   Magnesium strip                         Commodity
30102608   Titanium strip                          Commodity
30102609   Copper strip                            Commodity
30102610   Brass strip                             Commodity
30102611   Bronze strip                            Commodity
30102612   Zinc strip                              Commodity
30102613   Tin strip                               Commodity
30102614   Lead strip                              Commodity
30102615   Plastic strip                           Commodity
30102616   Rubber strip                            Commodity
30102800   Piling                                  Class
30102801   Aluminum pilings                        Commodity
30102802   Concrete pilings                        Commodity
30102803   Steel pilings                           Commodity
30102900   Post                                    Class
30102901   Cement or concrete posts                Commodity
30102903   Metal posts                             Commodity
30102904   Wooden posts                            Commodity
30102905   Plastic posts                           Commodity
30102906   Fiberglass posts                     Commodity
30102907   Treated wooden post                  Commodity
30103000   Shafting                             Class
30103001   Steel shafting                       Commodity
30103002   Stainless steel shafting             Commodity
30103100   Rails                                Class
30103101   Steel rail                           Commodity
30103102   Aluminum rail                        Commodity
30103103   Metal rail                           Commodity
30103104   Wooden rail                          Commodity
30103200   Grating                              Class
30103201   Steel grating                        Commodity
30103202   Stainless steel grating              Commodity
30103203   Aluminum grating                     Commodity
30103204   Fiberglass grating                   Commodity
30103205   Iron grating                         Commodity
30103206   Plastic grating                      Commodity
30103207   Laminated grating                    Commodity
30103300   Billets                              Class
30103301   Aluminum billet                      Commodity
30103302   Brass billet                         Commodity
30103303   Bronze billets                       Commodity
30103304   Copper billets                       Commodity
30103305   Lead billets                         Commodity
30103306   Zinc billets                         Commodity
30103307   Steel billets                        Commodity
30103308   Titanium billets                     Commodity
30103309   Magnesium billets                    Commodity
30103310   Precious metal billets               Commodity
30103311   Non ferrous metal billets            Commodity
30103312   Ferrous metal billets                Commodity
30103313   Non metallic billets                 Commodity
30103400   Ingots                               Class
30103401   Aluminum ingots                      Commodity
30103402   Brass ingots                         Commodity
30103403   Lead ingots                          Commodity
30103404   Zinc ingots                          Commodity
30103405   Steel ingots                         Commodity
30103406   Magnesium ingots                     Commodity
30103407   Bronze ingots                        Commodity
30103408   Copper ingots                        Commodity
30103409   Titanium ingots                      Commodity
30103410   Precious metal ingots                Commodity
30103411   Ferrous alloy extrusion ingots       Commodity
30103412   Non ferrous alloy extrusion ingots   Commodity
30103413   Non metallic ingots                  Commodity
30103414   Tin ingot                            Commodity
30103415   Antimony ingot                     Commodity
30103416   Nickel ingot                       Commodity
30103417   Cadmium ingot                      Commodity
30103418   Zirconium ingot                    Commodity
30103419   Cobalt ingot                       Commodity
30103420   Molybdenum ingot                   Commodity
30103421   Arsenic ingot                      Commodity
30103422   Bismuth ingot                      Commodity
30103423   Indium ingot                       Commodity
30103500   Honeycomb core                     Class
30103501   Aluminum honeycomb core            Commodity
30103502   Magnesium honeycomb core           Commodity
30103503   Foam honeycomb core                Commodity
30103504   Plastic honeycomb core             Commodity
30103505   Wooden honeycomb core              Commodity
30103506   Ferrous metal honeycomb core       Commodity
30103507   Bronze honeycomb core              Commodity
30103508   Copper honeycomb core              Commodity
30103509   Steel honeycomb core               Commodity
30103510   Lead honeycomb core                Commodity
30103511   Zinc honeycomb core                Commodity
30103512   Titanium honeycomb core            Commodity
30103513   Brass honeycomb core               Commodity
30103514   Non ferrous metal honeycomb core   Commodity
30103515   Precious metal honeycomb core      Commodity
30103600   Structural products                Class
30103601   Wood beams                         Commodity
30103602   Wood composite beams               Commodity
30103603   Framing lumber                     Commodity
30103604   Wood sheathing or sheets           Commodity
30103605   Wood planks                        Commodity
30103606   Wood trusses                       Commodity
30103607   Wood joists                        Commodity
30103608   Wooden poles or telephone poles    Commodity
30103609   Brattice board                     Commodity
30103610   Crib block                         Commodity
30103611   Shovel mat                         Commodity
30103612   Railway tie                        Commodity
30103613   Precast haydite element            Commodity
30103614   Steel plate joist                  Commodity
30103615   Plate girder                       Commodity
30103616   Composite framework                Commodity
30103617   Wooden framework                   Commodity
30103618   Steel framework                    Commodity
30103619   Precast concrete element           Commodity
30103620   Crib block treated                 Commodity
30103621   Railway tie untreated              Commodity
30103700   Braid                                      Class
30103701   Stainless steel braid                      Commodity
30103800   Metallic fibers and filaments              Class
30103801   Steel fiber                                Commodity
30103802   Tin fiber                                  Commodity
30103803   Aluminum fiber                             Commodity
30103804   Alloy fiber                                Commodity
30110000   Concrete and cement and plaster            Family
30111500   Concrete and mortars                       Class
30111501   Foamed concrete                            Commodity
30111502   Conductive concrete                        Commodity
30111503   Insulating concrete                        Commodity
30111504   Mortars                                    Commodity
30111505   Ready mix concrete                         Commodity
30111506   Grout                                      Commodity
30111600   Cement and lime                            Class
30111601   Cement                                     Commodity
30111602   Chlorinated lime                           Commodity
30111603   Hydraulic lime                             Commodity
30111604   Hydrated lime                              Commodity
30111605   Lean lime                                  Commodity
30111606   Grout                                      Commodity
30111607   Unslaked lime                              Commodity
30111700   Plasters                                   Class
30111701   Gypsum plaster                             Commodity
30120000   Roads and landscape                        Family
30121500   Bituminous derivatives                     Class
30121501   Coal tar                                   Commodity
30121503   Creosote                                   Commodity
30121504   Bitumen                                    Commodity
30121600   Asphalts                                   Class
30121601   Asphalt                                    Commodity
30121602   Pitch                                      Commodity
30121603   Gilsonite                                  Commodity
30121604   Cutback products                           Commodity
30121605   Manhole frames with covers                 Commodity
30121700   Road and railroad construction materials   Class
30121701   Geomesh                                    Commodity
30121702   Geotextile                                 Commodity
30121703   Bridge rail                                Commodity
30121704   Concrete slab                              Commodity
30121705   Paving slab                                Commodity
30121706   Concrete curb                              Commodity
30121707   Noise protection board                     Commodity
30121708   Brick tile                                 Commodity
30121709   Ungraded crushed rock                      Commodity
30121710   Paving stone                               Commodity
30121711   Natural curbstone                               Commodity
30121800   Landscape architecture materials                Class
30121801   Tree grating                                    Commodity
30121802   Tree protection rod                             Commodity
30130000   Structural building products                    Family
30131500   Blocks                                          Class
30131501   Cement blocks                                   Commodity
30131502   Concrete blocks                                 Commodity
30131503   Stone blocks                                    Commodity
30131504   Ceramic blocks                                  Commodity
30131505   Haydite block                                   Commodity
30131506   Natural rock slab                               Commodity
30131507   Light concrete block                            Commodity
30131508   Glass block                                     Commodity
30131509   Sound proof block                               Commodity
30131510   Concrete block for revetment                    Commodity
30131511   Concrete armor unit                             Commodity
30131512   Autoclaved lightweight aerated concrete block   Commodity
30131513   Rubber block                                    Commodity
30131514   Reinforced concrete built up culvert block      Commodity
30131600   Bricks                                          Class
30131601   Cement bricks                                   Commodity
30131602   Ceramic bricks                                  Commodity
30131603   Concrete bricks                                 Commodity
30131604   Stone bricks                                    Commodity
30131605   Sandlime brick                                  Commodity
30131606   Loess brick                                     Commodity
30131607   Clay brick                                      Commodity
30131608   Salt glazed brick                               Commodity
30131609   Fabricated brick                                Commodity
30131610   Insulating fire brick                           Commodity
30131700   Tiles and flagstones                            Class
30131701   Cement tiles or flagstones                      Commodity
30131702   Stone tiles or flagstones                       Commodity
30131703   Concrete tiles or flagstones                    Commodity
30131704   Ceramic tiles or flagstones                     Commodity
30131705   Head stones                                     Commodity
30140000   Insulation                                      Family
30141500   Thermal insulation                              Class
30141501   Weather stripping                               Commodity
30141502   Insulation blankets                             Commodity
30141503   Foam insulation                                 Commodity
30141504   Insulation batts                                Commodity
30141505   Thermal insulation sleeving                     Commodity
30141506   Loose fill insulation                           Commodity
30141507   Rigid board insulation                          Commodity
30141508   Fiber insulation                                Commodity
30141510   Door sweep                            Commodity
30141511   Window film                           Commodity
30141512   Thermal insulation kits               Commodity
30141513   Thermal Insulating bricks             Commodity
30141514   Expanded polystyrene EPS insulation   Commodity
30141515   Extruded polystyrene XPS insulation   Commodity
30141516   Mineral wool insulation               Commodity
30141600   Specialty insulation                  Class
30141601   Acoustical insulation                 Commodity
30141602   Non thermal insulation sleeving       Commodity
30141603   Heat Shields                          Commodity
30141700   Insulation sealing layers             Class
30141701   Asphalt board sealing layer           Commodity
30141702   Plastic sealing layer                 Commodity
30141703   Rubber sealing layer                  Commodity
30150000   Exterior finishing materials          Family
30151500   Roofing materials                     Class
30151501   Roll roofing                          Commodity
30151502   Roof valleys                          Commodity
30151503   Roofing fabrics                       Commodity
30151504   Roofing felts                         Commodity
30151505   Roofing membranes                     Commodity
30151506   Roofing tiles                         Commodity
30151507   Shakes                                Commodity
30151508   Shingles                              Commodity
30151509   Rubber support block                  Commodity
30151510   Slate roofing                         Commodity
30151511   Concrete roofing tile                 Commodity
30151512   Brick roofing tile                    Commodity
30151600   Roofing accessories                   Class
30151601   Roof fascias                          Commodity
30151602   Flashings                             Commodity
30151603   Gravel stops                          Commodity
30151604   Roofing brushes                       Commodity
30151605   Roofing drains                        Commodity
30151606   Roofing mops                          Commodity
30151607   Roofing vents                         Commodity
30151608   Soffits                               Commodity
30151609   Roof curbs                            Commodity
30151610   Hip and ridge                         Commodity
30151700   Rain gutters and accessories          Class
30151701   Downspouts                            Commodity
30151702   Drip caps                             Commodity
30151703   Gutters                               Commodity
30151704   Splashblocks                          Commodity
30151800   Siding and exterior wall materials    Class
30151801   Shutters                              Commodity
30151802   Siding                             Commodity
30151803   Siding butt joints                 Commodity
30151804   Siding corners                     Commodity
30151805   Stucco                             Commodity
30151806   Glass curtainwalling               Commodity
30151807   Exterior trim material             Commodity
30151808   Brick mould                        Commodity
30151900   Finishing materials and products   Class
30151901   Awnings                            Commodity
30151902   Canopy                             Commodity
30152000   Fencing                            Class
30152001   Metal fencing                      Commodity
30152002   Wood fencing                       Commodity
30152003   Fibrocement fencing                Commodity
30152100   Surface                            Class
30152101   Shot steel                         Commodity
30160000   Interior finishing materials       Family
30161500   Wall finishing materials           Class
30161501   Wallboard                          Commodity
30161502   Wallpapers                         Commodity
30161503   Drywall                            Commodity
30161504   Corner guards                      Commodity
30161505   Panels or paneling                 Commodity
30161507   Drywall joint compounds            Commodity
30161508   Wallpaper roller                   Commodity
30161509   Gypsum board                       Commodity
30161510   Plastic wall covering              Commodity
30161511   Wall fabric                        Commodity
30161600   Ceiling materials                  Class
30161601   Acoustic ceiling tiles             Commodity
30161602   Ceiling panels                     Commodity
30161603   Coffers                            Commodity
30161604   Suspended ceiling systems          Commodity
30161700   Flooring                           Class
30161701   Carpeting                          Commodity
30161702   Wood flooring                      Commodity
30161703   Linoleum                           Commodity
30161705   Rubber flooring                    Commodity
30161706   Stone or tile flooring             Commodity
30161707   Vinyl flooring                     Commodity
30161708   Knotted carpeting                  Commodity
30161709   Tufted carpeting                   Commodity
30161710   Laminate flooring                  Commodity
30161711   Outdoor carpeting                  Commodity
30161712   Flooring joists                    Commodity
30161713   Carpet pads                        Commodity
30161714   Cork flooring                      Commodity
30161715   Duckboards                                   Commodity
30161716   Tile spacers                                 Commodity
30161717   Access flooring                              Commodity
30161718   Non skid steel flooring                      Commodity
30161719   Carpet or rug underlays                      Commodity
30161720   Floor panel                                  Commodity
30161721   Flooring threshold                           Commodity
30161800   Cabinetry                                    Class
30161801   Cabinets                                     Commodity
30161802   Countertops                                  Commodity
30161803   Domestic cupboard                            Commodity
30161804   School cupboard                              Commodity
30161805   Laboratory cupboard                          Commodity
30161806   Wardrobe                                     Commodity
30161807   Drawer                                       Commodity
30161808   Drawer slide                                 Commodity
30161809   Bumper pad                                   Commodity
30161810   Tri view cabinet                             Commodity
30161900   Molding and millwork                         Class
30161901   Louvers                                      Commodity
30161902   Columns                                      Commodity
30161903   Wainscoting                                  Commodity
30161904   Cornices                                     Commodity
30161905   Door surrounds                               Commodity
30161906   Molding                                      Commodity
30161907   Stairs                                       Commodity
30161908   Stair parts                                  Commodity
30162000   Interior laminates                           Class
30162001   High pressure laminate                       Commodity
30162002   Specialty laminate                           Commodity
30162003   Metal laminate                               Commodity
30162004   Edgebanding laminate                         Commodity
30162005   Rigid thermal foil RTF                       Commodity
30162100   Stairs and stairways                         Class
30162101   Steel stairs                                 Commodity
30162102   Wooden stairs                                Commodity
30162103   Concrete stairs                              Commodity
30162104   Stair nosing                                 Commodity
30162200   Countertops                                  Class
30162201   Laminate countertop                          Commodity
30162202   Cultured marble countertop                   Commodity
30162203   Solid surface countertop                     Commodity
30162204   Granite countertop                           Commodity
30162300   Cabinet accessories                          Class
30162301   Lazy susan hardware or assembly              Commodity
30162302   Spice rack or spice drawer insert            Commodity
30162303   Pull out waste basket hardware or assembly   Commodity
30162304   Pantry hardware or assembly                        Commodity
30162305   Tilt out tray hardware or assembly                 Commodity
30162306   Door mount or sliding towel hardware or assembly   Commodity
30162307   Pull out or tip out hamper hardware or assembly    Commodity
30162308   Bread box lid or assembly                          Commodity
30162309   Stemware rack                                      Commodity
30162310   Roll out tray                                      Commodity
30162311   Slide out storage bin or assembly                  Commodity
30162400   Partition walls                                    Class
30162401   Folding wall                                       Commodity
30162402   Screen wall or cubicle                             Commodity
30162403   Interior wall system                               Commodity
30162404   Cold storage wall                                  Commodity
30170000   Doors and windows and glass                        Family
30171500   Doors                                              Class
30171501   Glass doors                                        Commodity
30171502   Screen doors                                       Commodity
30171503   Rolling doors                                      Commodity
30171504   Wooden doors                                       Commodity
30171505   Metal doors                                        Commodity
30171506   Storm doors                                        Commodity
30171507   Door frames                                        Commodity
30171508   Pocket doors                                       Commodity
30171509   Revolving doors                                    Commodity
30171510   Automatic doors                                    Commodity
30171511   Swing door                                         Commodity
30171512   Door openers                                       Commodity
30171513   Kick plates                                        Commodity
30171514   Door closers                                       Commodity
30171515   Inspection door                                    Commodity
30171516   Door screen                                        Commodity
30171517   Sound proof door                                   Commodity
30171518   Blem door                                          Commodity
30171519   Blast proof door                                   Commodity
30171520   Door and window loop                               Commodity
30171521   Water tight door                                   Commodity
30171522   Air tight door                                     Commodity
30171523   Fire door                                          Commodity
30171600   Windows                                            Class
30171604   Double hung windows                                Commodity
30171605   Single hung windows                                Commodity
30171606   Casement windows                                   Commodity
30171607   Horizontal slider windows                          Commodity
30171608   Tilt or transom windows                            Commodity
30171609   Fixed windows                                      Commodity
30171610   Bay windows                                        Commodity
30171611   Bow windows                                        Commodity
30171612   Projected windows                 Commodity
30171613   Window walls                      Commodity
30171614   Window screens                    Commodity
30171615   French windows                    Commodity
30171700   Glass products                    Class
30171701   Paving blocks                     Commodity
30171703   Beveled glass                     Commodity
30171704   Leaded glass                      Commodity
30171705   Laminated glass                   Commodity
30171706   Tempered glass                    Commodity
30171707   Safety glass                      Commodity
30171708   Float glass                       Commodity
30171709   Wired glass                       Commodity
30171800   Skylights                         Class
30171801   Fixed skylights                   Commodity
30171802   Vented skylights                  Commodity
30171803   Tube skylights                    Commodity
30171804   Smoke lid                         Commodity
30171900   Window frames                     Class
30171901   Double hung window frames         Commodity
30171902   Single hung window frames         Commodity
30171903   Casement window frames            Commodity
30171904   Horizontal slider window frames   Commodity
30171905   Tilt or transom window frames     Commodity
30171906   Fixed window frames               Commodity
30171907   Window sill                       Commodity
30171908   Window arch                       Commodity
30172000   Gates                             Class
30172001   Single bar gate                   Commodity
30172002   Double bar gate                   Commodity
30172100   Garage doors and operators        Class
30172101   Pan garage door                   Commodity
30172102   Insulated sandwich garage door    Commodity
30172103   Wood garage door                  Commodity
30172104   Carriage garage door              Commodity
30172105   Screen garage door                Commodity
30172106   PVC garage door                   Commodity
30172107   Chain link garage door            Commodity
30172108   Rolling garage door               Commodity
30172109   Garage door component             Commodity
30172110   Garage door accessory             Commodity
30172111   Garage door complete operator     Commodity
30172112   Garage door operator component    Commodity
30172113   Garage door operator accessory    Commodity
30180000   Plumbing fixtures                 Family
30181500   Sanitary ware                     Class
30181501   Bathtubs                          Commodity
30181502   Bidets                                        Commodity
30181503   Showers                                       Commodity
30181504   Sinks                                         Commodity
30181505   Toilets                                       Commodity
30181506   Urinals                                       Commodity
30181507   Bathtub or shower enclosures                  Commodity
30181508   Restroom partitions                           Commodity
30181509   Soap dishes                                   Commodity
30181510   Towel bar or ring or stand                    Commodity
30181511   Toilet bowls                                  Commodity
30181512   Toilet seats                                  Commodity
30181513   Toilet seat lids                              Commodity
30181514   Toilet tank covers                            Commodity
30181515   Toilet tanks                                  Commodity
30181516   Sauna                                         Commodity
30181517   Whirlpool tub                                 Commodity
30181518   Drain                                         Commodity
30181519   Faucet                                        Commodity
30181520   Shower head                                   Commodity
30181521   Spigot                                        Commodity
30181522   Spout                                         Commodity
30181523   Faucet aerator                                Commodity
30181524   Hand held shower unit                         Commodity
30181525   Faucet handle                                 Commodity
30181526   Combination fixed and hand held shower head   Commodity
30181527   Robe hook                                     Commodity
30181528   Shower curtain or assembly                    Commodity
30181529   Shower rod                                    Commodity
30181530   Shower caddy                                  Commodity
30181531   Toilet tissue holder                          Commodity
30181532   Toothbrush or tumbler holder                  Commodity
30181533   Soap dispenser                                Commodity
30181534   Whirlpool jet                                 Commodity
30181600   Non sanitary residential fixtures             Class
30181601   Soap dish                                     Commodity
30181602   Towel bar or ring or stand or hook            Commodity
30181603   Toilet seat                                   Commodity
30181604   Toilet seat lid                               Commodity
30181605   Drain                                         Commodity
30181606   Robe hook                                     Commodity
30181607   Shower curtain or assembly                    Commodity
30181608   Shower rod                                    Commodity
30181609   Shower caddy                                  Commodity
30181610   Toilet tissue holder                          Commodity
30181611   Toothbrush or tumbler holder                  Commodity
30181612   Shaving razor hook                            Commodity
30181613   Bathtub or whirlpool apron or skirt           Commodity
30181614   Soap dispenser                                            Commodity
30181700   Faucets or taps                                           Class
30181701   Spigot                                                    Commodity
30181800   Faucet and shower heads, jets and parts and accessories   Class
30181801   Shower head                                               Commodity
30181802   Faucet aerator                                            Commodity
30181803   Hand held shower unit                                     Commodity
30181804   Faucet handle                                             Commodity
30181805   Combination fixed and hand held shower head               Commodity
30181806   Whirlpool jet                                             Commodity
30181807   Spout                                                     Commodity
30181808   Rough in valve                                            Commodity
30181809   Hand shower repair kit                                    Commodity
30181810   Faucet trim                                               Commodity
30181811   Faucet repair kit                                         Commodity
30181812   Body spray head                                           Commodity
30190000   Construction and maintenance support equipment            Family
30191500   Ladders and scaffolding                                   Class
30191501   Ladders                                                   Commodity
30191502   Scaffolding                                               Commodity
30191505   Step stool                                                Commodity
30191506   Platform step ladder                                      Commodity
30191507   Combination ladder                                        Commodity
30191508   Roof ladder                                               Commodity
30191600   Ladders and scaffolding accessories                       Class
30191601   Scaffolding handrail                                      Commodity
30191602   Scaffolding stabilizers                                   Commodity
30191603   Scaffolding flooring                                      Commodity
30191604   Scaffolding cross brace                                   Commodity
30191605   Scaffolding frame                                         Commodity
30191606   Scaffolding staircase                                     Commodity
30191607   Scaffolding counterweight                                 Commodity
30191608   Scaffolding corbel                                        Commodity
30191609   Scaffolding trestle                                       Commodity
30191610   Scaffolding davit                                         Commodity
30191611   Scaffolding fixation device                               Commodity
30191612   Scaffolding wire rope                                     Commodity
30191613   Ladder platform                                           Commodity
30191614   Ladder tray                                               Commodity
30191615   Ladder stay                                               Commodity
30191700   Construction sheds and trailers                           Class
30191701   Construction shed                                         Commodity
30191702   Construction trailer                                      Commodity
30200000   Prefabricated structures                                  Family
30201500   Prefabricated farm structures                             Class
30201501   Silos                                                     Commodity
30201502   Greenhouses                                               Commodity
30201600   Prefabricated residential structures                 Class
30201601   Houses                                               Commodity
30201602   Mobile homes                                         Commodity
30201603   Cabins                                               Commodity
30201604   Garages                                              Commodity
30201605   Gazebo                                               Commodity
30201606   Home kitchens                                        Commodity
30201700   Prefabricated commercial and industrial structures   Class
30201701   In plant offices                                     Commodity
30201702   Spray booths                                         Commodity
30201703   Storage sheds                                        Commodity
30201704   Clean rooms                                          Commodity
30201705   Guardhouses                                          Commodity
30201707   Warehouses                                           Commodity
30201708   Auditorium                                           Commodity
30201710   Office kitchens                                      Commodity
30201711   Conservatory                                         Commodity
30201712   Phone box or phone booth                             Commodity
30201800   Prefabricated emergency relief structures            Class
30201801   Shelters                                             Commodity
30201802   Emergency tent halls                                 Commodity
30201803   Container units                                      Commodity
30201900   Prefabricated medical structures                     Class
30201901   Medical units                                        Commodity
30201902   Laboratory units                                     Commodity
30201903   Dental units                                         Commodity
30201904   Surgical units                                       Commodity
30220000   Permanent structures                                 Family
30221000   Commercial and entertainment structures              Class
30221001   Shopping malls                                       Commodity
30221002   Parking structures                                   Commodity
30221003   Cafeteria                                            Commodity
30221004   Shop buildings                                       Commodity
30221005   Shopping center                                      Commodity
30221006   Canteen                                              Commodity
30221007   Theater                                              Commodity
30221009   Market                                               Commodity
30221010   Childrens play area                                  Commodity
30221011   Zoo                                                  Commodity
30221012   Gardens                                              Commodity
30221013   Parks                                                Commodity
30221014   Waterside leisure facilities                         Commodity
30222000   Transport structures                                 Class
30222001   Steel bridges                                        Commodity
30222002   Dry dock                                             Commodity
30222003   Bus station                                          Commodity
30222004   Bus garage                                           Commodity
30222005   Service area building         Commodity
30222006   Railway station               Commodity
30222007   Railway depot                 Commodity
30222008   Underground railway station   Commodity
30222009   Rail terminal building        Commodity
30222010   Tramway depot                 Commodity
30222011   Tramway platforms             Commodity
30222012   Airport buildings             Commodity
30222013   Airport control tower         Commodity
30222014   Airfield                      Commodity
30222015   Runway                        Commodity
30222016   Quay                          Commodity
30222017   Pier                          Commodity
30222018   Dock                          Commodity
30222019   Wharf                         Commodity
30222020   Marina                        Commodity
30222021   Yacht harbor                  Commodity
30222022   Breakwater                    Commodity
30222023   Seawall                       Commodity
30222024   Ferry terminal building       Commodity
30222025   Ro ro terminal                Commodity
30222026   Lighthouse                    Commodity
30222027   Road bridge                   Commodity
30222028   Railway bridge                Commodity
30222029   Footbridge                    Commodity
30222030   Road viaduct                  Commodity
30222031   Railway viaduct               Commodity
30222032   Underpass                     Commodity
30222033   Overpass                      Commodity
30222034   Subway                        Commodity
30222035   Culverts                      Commodity
30222036   Road tunnel                   Commodity
30222037   Railway tunnel                Commodity
30222038   Pedestrian tunnel             Commodity
30222039   Canal tunnel                  Commodity
30222040   Under river tunnel            Commodity
30222041   Undersea tunnel               Commodity
30222042   Highways                      Commodity
30222043   Crossroad                     Commodity
30222044   Ring road                     Commodity
30222045   Trunk road                    Commodity
30222046   Secondary road                Commodity
30222047   Access road                   Commodity
30222048   Slip road                     Commodity
30222049   Dual carriageway              Commodity
30222050   Single carriageway            Commodity
30222051   Road junction                 Commodity
30222052   Pedestrian ways                       Commodity
30222053   Pedestrian overpass                   Commodity
30222054   Footpath                              Commodity
30222055   Cycle path                            Commodity
30222056   Pipeline carrying bridge              Commodity
30222057   Pipelines                             Commodity
30222058   Pumping station                       Commodity
30222059   Sewage pumping stations               Commodity
30222060   Sewage outfall                        Commodity
30222061   Parking lot                           Commodity
30222063   Motorway service area                 Commodity
30222064   Bicycle parking rack                  Commodity
30222100   Public structures                     Class
30222101   Post office                           Commodity
30222102   Bank                                  Commodity
30222103   Police station                        Commodity
30222104   Court building                        Commodity
30222105   Prison building                       Commodity
30222106   Fire station                          Commodity
30222107   Ambulance station                     Commodity
30222108   Mountain rescue building              Commodity
30222109   Lifeboat station                      Commodity
30222110   Coastguard building                   Commodity
30222111   Rescue service station                Commodity
30222112   Civic center                          Commodity
30222113   Crematorium                           Commodity
30222114   Art gallery                           Commodity
30222115   Prehistoric monument                  Commodity
30222116   Ticket offices                        Commodity
30222117   Artificial water fall                 Commodity
30222118   Artificial rock and rockwall          Commodity
30222200   Utilities structures                  Class
30222201   Radar station                         Commodity
30222202   Substation                            Commodity
30222203   Nuclear power station                 Commodity
30222204   Water tower                           Commodity
30222205   Wells                                 Commodity
30222206   Mobile telephone base stations        Commodity
30222207   Dam                                   Commodity
30222208   Oil or gas platforms                  Commodity
30222300   Educational and research structures   Class
30222301   Schools                               Commodity
30222302   Polytechnic                           Commodity
30222303   Vocational college                    Commodity
30222304   Lecture theater                       Commodity
30222305   Library                               Commodity
30222306   Language laboratory                   Commodity
30222307   Laboratory building                               Commodity
30222308   Meteorological stations                           Commodity
30222309   Research or testing facilities                    Commodity
30222400   Hospital structures                               Class
30222401   Clinic                                            Commodity
30222402   Nursing home                                      Commodity
30222403   Operating theater                                 Commodity
30222404   Intensive care unit                               Commodity
30222405   Diagnostic screening room                         Commodity
30222406   Screening rooms                                   Commodity
30222407   Fluoroscopy room                                  Commodity
30222408   Pathology room                                    Commodity
30222409   Catheter room                                     Commodity
30222500   Accommodation structures                          Class
30222501   Residential homes                                 Commodity
30222502   Flats                                             Commodity
30222503   Childrens home                                    Commodity
30222504   Daycare center                                    Commodity
30222505   Retirement home                                   Commodity
30222506   Old peoples home                                  Commodity
30222507   Hostel                                            Commodity
30222600   Sports and health structures                      Class
30222601   Stadium                                           Commodity
30222602   Sports ground                                     Commodity
30222603   Running track                                     Commodity
30222604   Sports hall                                       Commodity
30222605   Spa                                               Commodity
30222606   Gymnasium                                         Commodity
30222607   Swimming pool                                     Commodity
30222608   Water sports facilities                           Commodity
30222700   Industrial structures                             Class
30222701   Workshops                                         Commodity
30222702   Cold storage installations                        Commodity
30222703   Warehouse stores                                  Commodity
30222800   Agricultural and farming and fishing structures   Class
30222801   Barn                                              Commodity
30222802   Cowsheds                                          Commodity
30222803   Irrigation channel                                Commodity
30222900   Defense structures                                Class
30222901   Military bunker                                   Commodity
30222902   Military shelter                                  Commodity
30222903   Barracks                                          Commodity
30222904   Military mess                                     Commodity
30223000   Religious structures                              Class
30223001   Churches                                          Commodity
30223002   Temples                                           Commodity
30223003   Mosques                                           Commodity
30223100   Public building and transit station advertising structures and components   Class
30230000   Portable Structures                                                         Family
30231500   Grandstands and Bleachers                                                   Class
30231501   Foldable grandstand                                                         Commodity
30231502   Mobile grandstand                                                           Commodity
30231503   Portable grandstand                                                         Commodity
30231600   Portable Prefabricated commercial and industrial structures                 Class
30231601   Portable box office                                                         Commodity
30231602   Portable toilet                                                             Commodity
30231603   Site Office                                                                 Commodity
30231604   Portable kitchen unit                                                       Commodity
30231700   Tents and Membrane Structures                                               Class
30231701   Framed textile structure                                                    Commodity
30231702   Pole tent or tension tent                                                   Commodity
30240000   Portable Structure Building Components                                      Family
30241500   Portable Structure Consolidating Components                                 Class
30241501   Tube frame connector                                                        Commodity
30241502   Anchor plate                                                                Commodity
30241503   Bail ring                                                                   Commodity
30241504   Base plate                                                                  Commodity
30241505   Cupola                                                                      Commodity
30241506   Funicular bell                                                              Commodity
30241507   Gable                                                                       Commodity
30241508   Gin pole and accessories                                                    Commodity
30241509   Mast section and king pole                                                  Commodity
30241510   Side pole                                                                   Commodity
30241511   Stake or peg                                                                Commodity
30241512   Transom                                                                     Commodity
30241513   Steel A-frame                                                               Commodity
30241514   Structural brace                                                            Commodity
30241515   Structural alignment tool                                                   Commodity
30241600   Grandstand bleacher and stair structural components                         Class
30241601   Grandstand footboard and accessories                                        Commodity
30241602   Stair step                                                                  Commodity
30241603   Stringer                                                                    Commodity
30241604   Stair riser                                                                 Commodity
30241700   Tent and membrane structure framing and covering components                 Class
30241701   Framing beam or rail or tubing                                              Commodity
30241702   Portable structure canvas section                                           Commodity
30250000   Underground mining structures and materials                                 Family
30251500   Underground roof support structures                                         Class
30251501   Combination roof bolt and truss                                             Commodity
30251502   Roof plate                                                                  Commodity
30251503   Resin glue capsule or cartridge                                             Commodity
30251504   Expansion shell                                                             Commodity
30251505   Rib mat                                                                     Commodity
31000000   Manufacturing Components and Supplies                                       Segment
31100000   Castings and casting assemblies                  Family
31101500   Die castings                                     Class
31101501   Aluminum die castings                            Commodity
31101502   Ferrous alloy die castings                       Commodity
31101503   Iron die castings                                Commodity
31101504   Non ferrous alloy die castings                   Commodity
31101505   Stainless steel die castings                     Commodity
31101506   Steel die castings                               Commodity
31101507   Magnesium die castings                           Commodity
31101508   Zinc die castings                                Commodity
31101509   Tin die castings                                 Commodity
31101510   Titanium die castings                            Commodity
31101511   Beryllium die castings                           Commodity
31101512   Precious metal die castings                      Commodity
31101513   Copper die castings                              Commodity
31101514   Lead die castings                                Commodity
31101515   Brass die castings                               Commodity
31101516   Bronze die castings                              Commodity
31101600   Sand castings and casting assemblies             Class
31101601   Non ferrous alloy sand casting                   Commodity
31101602   Ferrous alloy sand casting                       Commodity
31101603   Steel sand casting                               Commodity
31101604   Stainless steel sand casting                     Commodity
31101605   Iron sand castings                               Commodity
31101606   Aluminum sand casting                            Commodity
31101607   Magnesium sand casting                           Commodity
31101608   Titanium sand casting                            Commodity
31101609   Beryllium sand casting                           Commodity
31101610   Copper sand casting                              Commodity
31101611   Brass sand casting                               Commodity
31101612   Bronze sand casting                              Commodity
31101613   Zinc sand casting                                Commodity
31101614   Tin sand casting                                 Commodity
31101615   Lead sand casting                                Commodity
31101616   Precious metal sand casting                      Commodity
31101617   Grey iron sand casting                           Commodity
31101618   Ductile iron sand casting                        Commodity
31101619   Malleable iron sand casting                      Commodity
31101700   Permanent mold castings and casting assemblies   Class
31101701   Non ferrous alloy permanent mold casting         Commodity
31101702   Ferrous alloy permanent mold casting             Commodity
31101703   Steel permanent mold casting                     Commodity
31101704   Stainless steel permanent mold casting           Commodity
31101705   Iron permanent mold casting                      Commodity
31101706   Aluminum permanent mold casting                  Commodity
31101707   Magnesium permanent mold casting                 Commodity
31101708   Titanium permanent mold casting                  Commodity
31101709   Beryllium permanent mold casting             Commodity
31101710   Copper permanent mold casting                Commodity
31101711   Brass permanent mold casting                 Commodity
31101712   Bronze permanent mold casting                Commodity
31101713   Zinc permanent mold casting                  Commodity
31101714   Tin permanent mold casting                   Commodity
31101715   Lead permanent mold casting                  Commodity
31101716   Precious metal permanent mold casting        Commodity
31101800   Shell mold castings and casting assemblies   Class
31101801   Non ferrous alloy shell mold casting         Commodity
31101802   Ferrous alloy shell mold casting             Commodity
31101803   Steel shell mold casting                     Commodity
31101804   Stainless steel shell mold casting           Commodity
31101805   Iron shell mold castings                     Commodity
31101806   Aluminum shell mold casting                  Commodity
31101807   Magnesium shell mold casting                 Commodity
31101808   Titanium shell mold casting                  Commodity
31101809   Beryllium shell mold casting                 Commodity
31101810   Copper shell mold casting                    Commodity
31101811   Brass shell mold casting                     Commodity
31101812   Bronze shell mold casting                    Commodity
31101813   Zinc shell mold casting                      Commodity
31101814   Tin shell mold casting                       Commodity
31101815   Lead shell mold casting                      Commodity
31101816   Precious metal shell mold casting            Commodity
31101817   Ductile iron shell mold casting              Commodity
31101900   Investment castings and casting assemblies   Class
31101901   Non ferrous alloy investment casting         Commodity
31101902   Ferrous alloy investment casting             Commodity
31101903   Steel investment casting                     Commodity
31101904   Stainless steel investment casting           Commodity
31101905   Iron investment casting                      Commodity
31101906   Aluminum investment casting                  Commodity
31101907   Magnesium investment casting                 Commodity
31101908   Zinc investment casting                      Commodity
31101909   Tin investment casting                       Commodity
31101910   Lead investment casting                      Commodity
31101911   Precious metal investment casting            Commodity
31101912   Titanium investment casting                  Commodity
31101914   Steel alloy investment casting               Commodity
31102000   Centrifugal castings                         Class
31102001   Non ferrous alloy centrifugal casting        Commodity
31102002   Ferrous alloy centrifugal casting            Commodity
31102003   Steel centrifugal casting                    Commodity
31102004   Stainless steel centrifugal casting          Commodity
31102005   Iron centrifugal casting                     Commodity
31102006   Aluminum centrifugal casting                 Commodity
31102007   Magnesium centrifugal casting             Commodity
31102008   Titanium centrifugal casting              Commodity
31102009   Beryllium centrifugal casting             Commodity
31102010   Copper centrifugal casting                Commodity
31102011   Brass centrifugal casting                 Commodity
31102012   Bronze centrifugal casting                Commodity
31102013   Zinc centrifugal casting                  Commodity
31102014   Tin centrifugal casting                   Commodity
31102015   Lead centrifugal casting                  Commodity
31102016   Precious metal centrifugal casting        Commodity
31102100   Ceramic mold castings                     Class
31102101   Non ferrous alloy ceramic mold casting    Commodity
31102102   Ferrous alloy ceramic mold casting        Commodity
31102103   Steel ceramic mold casting                Commodity
31102104   Stainless steel ceramic mold casting      Commodity
31102105   Iron ceramic mold casting                 Commodity
31102106   Aluminum ceramic mold casting             Commodity
31102107   Magnesium ceramic mold casting            Commodity
31102108   Titanium ceramic mold casting             Commodity
31102109   Beryllium ceramic mold casting            Commodity
31102110   Copper ceramic mold casting               Commodity
31102111   Brass ceramic mold casting                Commodity
31102112   Bronze ceramic mold casting               Commodity
31102113   Zinc ceramic mold casting                 Commodity
31102114   Tin ceramic mold casting                  Commodity
31102115   Lead ceramic mold casting                 Commodity
31102116   Precious metal ceramic mold casting       Commodity
31102200   Graphite mold castings                    Class
31102201   Non ferrous alloy graphite mold casting   Commodity
31102202   Ferrous alloy graphite mold casting       Commodity
31102203   Steel graphite mold casting               Commodity
31102204   Stainless steel graphite mold casting     Commodity
31102205   Iron graphite mold casting                Commodity
31102206   Aluminum graphite mold casting            Commodity
31102207   Magnesium graphite mold casting           Commodity
31102208   Titanium graphite mold casting            Commodity
31102209   Beryllium graphite mold casting           Commodity
31102210   Copper graphite mold casting              Commodity
31102211   Brass graphite mold casting               Commodity
31102212   Bronze graphite mold casting              Commodity
31102213   Zinc graphite mold casting                Commodity
31102214   Tin graphite mold casting                 Commodity
31102215   Lead graphite mold casting                Commodity
31102216   Precious metal graphite mold casting      Commodity
31102300   Plaster mold castings                     Class
31102301   Non ferrous alloy plaster mold casting    Commodity
31102302   Ferrous alloy plaster mold casting        Commodity
31102303   Steel plaster mold casting                                   Commodity
31102304   Stainless steel plaster mold casting                         Commodity
31102305   Iron plaster mold casting                                    Commodity
31102306   Aluminum plaster mold casting                                Commodity
31102307   Magnesium plaster mold casting                               Commodity
31102308   Titanium plaster mold casting                                Commodity
31102309   Beryllium plaster mold casting                               Commodity
31102310   Copper plaster mold casting                                  Commodity
31102311   Brass plaster mold casting                                   Commodity
31102312   Bronze plaster mold casting                                  Commodity
31102313   Zinc plaster mold casting                                    Commodity
31102314   Tin plaster mold casting                                     Commodity
31102315   Lead plaster mold casting                                    Commodity
31102316   Precious metal plaster mold casting                          Commodity
31102400   V process castings                                           Class
31102401   Non ferrous alloy v process casting                          Commodity
31102402   Ferrous alloy v process casting                              Commodity
31102403   Steel v process casting                                      Commodity
31102404   Stainless steel v process casting                            Commodity
31102405   Iron v process casting                                       Commodity
31102406   Aluminum v process casting                                   Commodity
31102407   Magnesium v process casting                                  Commodity
31102408   Titanium v process casting                                   Commodity
31102409   Beryllium v process casting                                  Commodity
31102410   Copper v process casting                                     Commodity
31102411   Brass v process casting                                      Commodity
31102412   Bronze v process casting                                     Commodity
31102413   Zinc v process casting                                       Commodity
31102414   Tin v process casting                                        Commodity
31102415   Lead v process casting                                       Commodity
31102416   Precious metal v process casting                             Commodity
31102500   Low pressure permanent die castings and casting assemblies   Class
31102501   Aluminum low pressure permanent mold casting                 Commodity
31102600   High pressure die castings and casting assemblies            Class
31102601   Aluminum high pressure die casting                           Commodity
31102602   Zinc high pressure die casting                               Commodity
31102603   Magnesium high pressure die casting                          Commodity
31102700   Squeeze castings and casting assemblies                      Class
31102701   Aluminum squeeze casting                                     Commodity
31102800   Semi solid castings and casting assemblies                   Class
31102801   Aluminum semi solid casting                                  Commodity
31102900   Gravity permanent mold castings and casting assemblies       Class
31102901   Aluminum gravity permanent mold casting                      Commodity
31110000   Extrusions                                                   Family
31111500   Profile extrusions                                           Class
31111501   Aluminum profile extrusions                                  Commodity
31111502   Beryllium profile extrusions                                 Commodity
31111503   Brass profile extrusions               Commodity
31111504   Bronze profile extrusions              Commodity
31111505   Copper profile extrusions              Commodity
31111506   Ferrous alloy profile extrusions       Commodity
31111507   Lead profile extrusions                Commodity
31111508   Magnesium profile extrusions           Commodity
31111509   Non ferrous alloy profile extrusions   Commodity
31111510   Plastic profile extrusions             Commodity
31111511   Precious metal profile extrusions      Commodity
31111512   Rubber profile extrusions              Commodity
31111513   Stainless steel profile extrusions     Commodity
31111514   Steel profile extrusions               Commodity
31111515   Tin profile extrusions                 Commodity
31111516   Titanium profile extrusions            Commodity
31111517   Zinc profile extrusions                Commodity
31111600   Impact extrusions                      Class
31111601   Aluminum impact extrusions             Commodity
31111602   Beryllium impact extrusions            Commodity
31111603   Brass impact extrusions                Commodity
31111604   Bronze impact extrusions               Commodity
31111605   Copper impact extrusions               Commodity
31111606   Ferrous alloy impact extrusions        Commodity
31111607   Lead impact extrusions                 Commodity
31111608   Magnesium impact extrusions            Commodity
31111609   Non ferrous alloy impact extrusions    Commodity
31111610   Plastic impact extrusions              Commodity
31111611   Precious metal impact extrusions       Commodity
31111612   Rubber impact extrusions               Commodity
31111613   Stainless steel impact extrusions      Commodity
31111614   Steel impact extrusions                Commodity
31111615   Tin impact extrusions                  Commodity
31111616   Titanium impact extrusions             Commodity
31111617   Zinc impact extrusions                 Commodity
31111700   Cold extrusions                        Class
31111701   Aluminum cold extrusions               Commodity
31111702   Beryllium cold extrusions              Commodity
31111703   Brass cold extrusions                  Commodity
31111704   Bronze cold extrusions                 Commodity
31111705   Copper cold extrusions                 Commodity
31111706   Ferrous alloy cold extrusions          Commodity
31111707   Lead cold extrusions                   Commodity
31111708   Magnesium cold extrusions              Commodity
31111709   Non ferrous alloy cold extrusions      Commodity
31111710   Plastic cold extrusions                Commodity
31111711   Precious metal cold extrusions         Commodity
31111712   Rubber cold extrusions                 Commodity
31111713   Stainless steel cold extrusions        Commodity
31111714   Steel cold extrusions                                  Commodity
31111715   Tin cold extrusions                                    Commodity
31111716   Titanium cold extrusions                               Commodity
31111717   Zinc cold extrusions                                   Commodity
31120000   Machined castings                                      Family
31121000   Machined v process castings                            Class
31121001   Non ferrous alloy v process machined castings          Commodity
31121002   Ferrous alloy v process machined castings              Commodity
31121003   Steel v process machined castings                      Commodity
31121004   Stainless steel v process machined castings            Commodity
31121005   Iron v process machined castings                       Commodity
31121006   Aluminum v process machined castings                   Commodity
31121007   Magnesium v process machined castings                  Commodity
31121008   Titanium v process machined castings                   Commodity
31121009   Beryllium v process machined castings                  Commodity
31121010   Copper v process machined castings                     Commodity
31121011   Brass v process machined castings                      Commodity
31121012   Bronze v process machined castings                     Commodity
31121013   Zinc v process machined castings                       Commodity
31121014   Tin v process machined castings                        Commodity
31121015   Lead v process machined castings                       Commodity
31121016   Precious metal v process machined castings             Commodity
31121017   Composite v process machined castings                  Commodity
31121018   Nickel alloy v process machined castings               Commodity
31121019   Non metallic v process machined castings               Commodity
31121100   Machined die castings                                  Class
31121101   Aluminum die machined castings                         Commodity
31121102   Ferrous alloy die machined castings                    Commodity
31121103   Iron die machined castings                             Commodity
31121104   Non ferrous alloy die machined castings                Commodity
31121105   Stainless steel die machined castings                  Commodity
31121106   Steel die machined castings                            Commodity
31121107   Magnesium die machined castings                        Commodity
31121108   Zinc die machined castings                             Commodity
31121109   Tin die machined castings                              Commodity
31121110   Titanium die machined castings                         Commodity
31121111   Beryllium die machined castings                        Commodity
31121112   Precious metal die machined castings                   Commodity
31121113   Copper die machined castings                           Commodity
31121114   Lead die machined castings                             Commodity
31121115   Brass die machined castings                            Commodity
31121116   Bronze die machined castings                           Commodity
31121117   Composite die machined castings                        Commodity
31121118   Nickel alloy die machined castings                     Commodity
31121119   Non metallic die machined castings                     Commodity
31121120   Aluminum high pressure die machined casting            Commodity
31121121   Aluminum high pressure die machined casting assembly   Commodity
31121122   Magnesium high pressure die machined casting            Commodity
31121123   Magnesium high pressure die machined casting assembly   Commodity
31121124   Zinc high pressure die machined casting                 Commodity
31121125   Zinc high pressure die machined casting assembly        Commodity
31121200   Machined sand castings                                  Class
31121201   Non ferrous alloy sand machined castings                Commodity
31121202   Ferrous alloy sand machined castings                    Commodity
31121203   Steel sand machined castings                            Commodity
31121204   Stainless steel sand machined castings                  Commodity
31121205   Iron sand machined castings                             Commodity
31121206   Aluminum sand machined castings                         Commodity
31121207   Magnesium sand machined castings                        Commodity
31121208   Titanium sand machined castings                         Commodity
31121209   Beryllium sand machined castings                        Commodity
31121210   Copper sand machined castings                           Commodity
31121211   Brass sand machined castings                            Commodity
31121212   Bronze sand machined castings                           Commodity
31121213   Zinc sand machined castings                             Commodity
31121214   Tin sand machined castings                              Commodity
31121215   Lead sand machined castings                             Commodity
31121216   Precious metal sand machined castings                   Commodity
31121217   Composite sand machined castings                        Commodity
31121218   Nickel Alloy sand machined castings                     Commodity
31121219   Non metallic sand machined castings                     Commodity
31121220   Aluminum sand machined casting                          Commodity
31121221   Aluminum sand machined casting assembly                 Commodity
31121222   Ductile iron sand machined casting                      Commodity
31121223   Ductile iron sand machined casting assembly             Commodity
31121224   Grey iron sand machined casting                         Commodity
31121225   Grey iron sand machined casting assembly                Commodity
31121226   Malleable iron sand machined casting                    Commodity
31121227   Malleable iron sand machined casting assembly           Commodity
31121300   Machined permanent mold castings                        Class
31121301   Non ferrous alloy permanent mold machined castings      Commodity
31121302   Ferrous alloy permanent mold machined castings          Commodity
31121303   Steel permanent mold machined castings                  Commodity
31121304   Stainless steel permanent mold machined castings        Commodity
31121305   Iron permanent mold machined castings                   Commodity
31121306   Aluminum permanent mold machined castings               Commodity
31121307   Magnesium permanent mold machined castings              Commodity
31121308   Titanium permanent mold machined castings               Commodity
31121309   Beryllium permanent mold machined castings              Commodity
31121310   Copper permanent mold machined castings                 Commodity
31121311   Brass permanent mold machined castings                  Commodity
31121312   Bronze permanent mold machined castings                 Commodity
31121313   Zinc permanent mold machined castings                   Commodity
31121314   Tin permanent mold machined castings                    Commodity
31121315   Lead permanent mold machined castings                            Commodity
31121316   Precious metal permanent mold machined castings                  Commodity
31121317   Composite permanent mold machined castings                       Commodity
31121318   Nickel alloy permanent mold machined castings                    Commodity
31121319   Non metallic permanent mold machined castings                    Commodity
31121320   Aluminum low pressure permanent mold machined casting            Commodity
31121321   Aluminum low pressure permanent mold machined casting assembly   Commodity
31121400   Machined plaster mold castings                                   Class
31121401   Non ferrous alloy plaster mold machined castings                 Commodity
31121402   Ferrous alloy plaster mold machined castings                     Commodity
31121403   Steel plaster mold machined castings                             Commodity
31121404   Stainless steel plaster mold machined castings                   Commodity
31121405   Iron plaster mold machined castings                              Commodity
31121406   Aluminum plaster mold machined castings                          Commodity
31121407   Magnesium plaster mold machined castings                         Commodity
31121408   Titanium plaster mold machined castings                          Commodity
31121409   Beryllium plaster mold machined castings                         Commodity
31121410   Copper plaster mold machined castings                            Commodity
31121411   Brass plaster mold machined castings                             Commodity
31121412   Bronze plaster mold machined castings                            Commodity
31121413   Zinc plaster mold machined castings                              Commodity
31121414   Tin plaster mold machined castings                               Commodity
31121415   Lead plaster mold machined castings                              Commodity
31121416   Precious metal plaster mold machined castings                    Commodity
31121417   Composite plaster mold machined castings                         Commodity
31121418   Nickel alloy plaster mold machined castings                      Commodity
31121419   Non metallic plaster mold machined castings                      Commodity
31121500   Machined shell mold castings                                     Class
31121501   Non ferrous alloy shell mold machined castings                   Commodity
31121502   Ferrous alloy shell mold machined castings                       Commodity
31121503   Steel shell mold machined castings                               Commodity
31121504   Stainless steel shell mold machined castings                     Commodity
31121505   Iron shell mold machined castings                                Commodity
31121506   Aluminum shell mold machined castings                            Commodity
31121507   Magnesium shell mold machined castings                           Commodity
31121508   Titanium shell mold machined castings                            Commodity
31121509   Beryllium shell mold machined castings                           Commodity
31121510   Copper shell mold machined castings                              Commodity
31121511   Brass shell mold machined castings                               Commodity
31121512   Bronze shell mold machined castings                              Commodity
31121513   Zinc shell mold machined castings                                Commodity
31121514   Tin shell mold machined castings                                 Commodity
31121515   Lead shell mold machined castings                                Commodity
31121516   Precious shell mold machined castings                            Commodity
31121517   Composite shell mold machined castings                           Commodity
31121518   Nickel alloy shell mold machined castings                        Commodity
31121519   Non metallic shell mold machined castings                        Commodity
31121520   Ductile iron shell mold machined casting               Commodity
31121521   Ductile iron shell mold machined casting assembly      Commodity
31121600   Machined investment castings                           Class
31121601   Non ferrous alloy investment machined castings         Commodity
31121602   Ferrous alloy investment machined castings             Commodity
31121603   Steel investment machined castings                     Commodity
31121604   Stainless steel investment machined castings           Commodity
31121605   Iron investment machined castings                      Commodity
31121606   Aluminum investment machined castings                  Commodity
31121607   Magnesium investment machined castings                 Commodity
31121608   Zinc investment machined castings                      Commodity
31121609   Tin investment machined castings                       Commodity
31121610   Lead investment machined castings                      Commodity
31121611   Precious metal investment machined castings            Commodity
31121612   Titanium investment machined castings                  Commodity
31121613   Composite investment machined castings                 Commodity
31121614   Nickel alloy investment machined castings              Commodity
31121615   Non metallic investment machined castings              Commodity
31121616   Stainless steel investment machined casting assembly   Commodity
31121617   Steel alloy investment machined casting                Commodity
31121618   Steel alloy investment machined casting assembly       Commodity
31121700   Machined centrifugal castings                          Class
31121701   Non ferrous alloy centrifugal machined castings        Commodity
31121702   Ferrous alloy centrifugal machined castings            Commodity
31121703   Steel centrifugal machined castings                    Commodity
31121704   Stainless steel centrifugal machined castings          Commodity
31121705   Iron centrifugal machined castings                     Commodity
31121706   Aluminum centrifugal machined castings                 Commodity
31121707   Magnesium centrifugal machined castings                Commodity
31121708   Titanium centrifugal machined castings                 Commodity
31121709   Beryllium centrifugal machined castings                Commodity
31121710   Copper centrifugal machined castings                   Commodity
31121711   Brass centrifugal machined castings                    Commodity
31121712   Bronze centrifugal machined castings                   Commodity
31121713   Zinc centrifugal machined castings                     Commodity
31121714   Tin centrifugal machined castings                      Commodity
31121715   Lead centrifugal machined castings                     Commodity
31121716   Precious metal centrifugal machined castings           Commodity
31121717   Composite centrifugal machined castings                Commodity
31121718   Nickel alloy centrifugal machined castings             Commodity
31121719   Non metallic centrifugal machined castings             Commodity
31121800   Machined ceramic mold castings                         Class
31121801   Non ferrous alloy ceramic mold machined castings       Commodity
31121802   Ferrous alloy ceramic mold machined castings           Commodity
31121803   Steel ceramic mold machined castings                   Commodity
31121804   Stainless steel ceramic mold machined castings         Commodity
31121805   Iron ceramic mold machined castings                    Commodity
31121806   Aluminum ceramic mold machined castings                           Commodity
31121807   Magnesium ceramic mold machined castings                          Commodity
31121808   Titanium ceramic mold machined castings                           Commodity
31121809   Beryllium ceramic mold machined castings                          Commodity
31121810   Copper ceramic mold machined castings                             Commodity
31121811   Brass ceramic mold machined castings                              Commodity
31121812   Bronze ceramic mold machined castings                             Commodity
31121813   Zinc ceramic mold machined castings                               Commodity
31121814   Tin ceramic mold machined castings                                Commodity
31121815   Lead ceramic mold machined castings                               Commodity
31121816   Precious metal ceramic mold machined castings                     Commodity
31121817   Composite ceramic mold machined castings                          Commodity
31121818   Nickel alloy ceramic mold machined castings                       Commodity
31121819   Non metallic ceramic mold machined castings                       Commodity
31121900   Machined graphite mold castings                                   Class
31121901   Non ferrous alloy graphite mold machined castings                 Commodity
31121902   Ferrous alloy graphite mold machined castings                     Commodity
31121903   Steel graphite mold machined castings                             Commodity
31121904   Stainless steel graphite mold machined castings                   Commodity
31121905   Iron graphite mold machined castings                              Commodity
31121906   Aluminum graphite mold machined castings                          Commodity
31121907   Magnesium graphite mold machined castings                         Commodity
31121908   Titanium graphite mold machined castings                          Commodity
31121909   Beryllium graphite mold machined castings                         Commodity
31121910   Copper graphite mold machined castings                            Commodity
31121911   Brass graphite mold machined castings                             Commodity
31121912   Bronze graphite mold machined castings                            Commodity
31121913   Zinc graphite mold machined castings                              Commodity
31121914   Tin graphite mold machined castings                               Commodity
31121915   Lead graphite mold machined castings                              Commodity
31121916   Precious metal graphite mold machined castings                    Commodity
31121917   Composite graphite mold machined castings                         Commodity
31121918   Nickel alloy metal graphite mold machined castings                Commodity
31121919   Non metallic graphite mold machined castings                      Commodity
31122000   Squeeze machined castings and casting assemblies                  Class
31122001   Aluminum squeeze machined casting                                 Commodity
31122002   Aluminum squeeze machined casting assembly                        Commodity
31122100   Semi solid machined castings and casting assemblies               Class
31122101   Aluminum semi solid machined casting                              Commodity
31122102   Aluminum semi solid machined casting assembly                     Commodity
31122200   Gravity permanent mold machined castings and casting assemblies   Class
31122201   Aluminum gravity permanent mold machined casting                  Commodity
31122202   Aluminum gravity permanent mold machined casting assembly         Commodity
31130000   Forgings                                                          Family
31131500   Open die forgings                                                 Class
31131501   Non ferrous alloy open die forgings                               Commodity
31131502   Ferrous alloy open die forgings                                   Commodity
31131503   Steel open die forgings                     Commodity
31131504   Stainless steel open die forgings           Commodity
31131505   Iron open die forgings                      Commodity
31131506   Aluminum open die forgings                  Commodity
31131507   Magnesium open die forgings                 Commodity
31131508   Titanium open die forgings                  Commodity
31131509   Beryllium open die forgings                 Commodity
31131510   Copper open die forgings                    Commodity
31131511   Brass open die forgings                     Commodity
31131512   Bronze open die forgings                    Commodity
31131513   Zinc open die forgings                      Commodity
31131514   Tin open die forgings                       Commodity
31131515   Lead open die forgings                      Commodity
31131516   Precious metal open die forgings            Commodity
31131600   Closed die forgings                         Class
31131601   Non ferrous alloy closed die forgings       Commodity
31131602   Ferrous alloy closed die forgings           Commodity
31131603   Steel closed die forgings                   Commodity
31131604   Stainless steel closed die forgings         Commodity
31131605   Iron closed die forgings                    Commodity
31131606   Aluminum closed die forgings                Commodity
31131607   Magnesium closed die forgings               Commodity
31131608   Titanium closed die forgings                Commodity
31131609   Beryllium closed die forgings               Commodity
31131610   Copper closed die forgings                  Commodity
31131611   Brass closed die forgings                   Commodity
31131612   Bronze closed die forgings                  Commodity
31131613   Zinc closed die forgings                    Commodity
31131614   Tin closed die forgings                     Commodity
31131615   Lead closed die forgings                    Commodity
31131616   Precious metal closed die forgings          Commodity
31131700   Impression die forgings                     Class
31131701   Non ferrous alloy impression die forgings   Commodity
31131702   Ferrous alloy impression die forgings       Commodity
31131703   Steel impression die forgings               Commodity
31131704   Stainless steel impression die forgings     Commodity
31131705   Iron impression die forgings                Commodity
31131706   Aluminum impression die forgings            Commodity
31131707   Magnesium impression die forgings           Commodity
31131708   Titanium impression die forgings            Commodity
31131709   Beryllium impression die forgings           Commodity
31131710   Copper impression die forgings              Commodity
31131711   Brass impression die forgings               Commodity
31131712   Bronze impression die forgings              Commodity
31131713   Zinc impression die forgings                Commodity
31131714   Tin impression die forgings                 Commodity
31131715   Lead impression die forgings                Commodity
31131716   Precious metal impression die forgings                  Commodity
31131800   Drop forgings                                           Class
31131801   Non ferrous alloy drop forgings                         Commodity
31131802   Zinc drop forgings                                      Commodity
31131803   Ferrous alloy drop forgings                             Commodity
31131804   Tin drop forgings                                       Commodity
31131805   Lead drop forgings                                      Commodity
31131806   Steel drop forgings                                     Commodity
31131807   Precious metal drop forgings                            Commodity
31131808   Stainless steel drop forgings                           Commodity
31131809   Iron drop forgings                                      Commodity
31131810   Aluminum drop forgings                                  Commodity
31131811   Magnesium drop forgings                                 Commodity
31131812   Titanium drop forgings                                  Commodity
31131813   Beryllium drop forgings                                 Commodity
31131814   Copper drop forgings                                    Commodity
31131815   Brass drop forgings                                     Commodity
31131816   Bronze drop forgings                                    Commodity
31131817   Cold steel drop forgings                                Commodity
31131818   Semi finished drop forgings                             Commodity
31131900   Rolled ring forgings                                    Class
31131901   Aluminum rolled ring forgings                           Commodity
31131902   Beryllium rolled ring forgings                          Commodity
31131903   Brass rolled ring forgings                              Commodity
31131904   Bronze rolled ring forgings                             Commodity
31131905   Copper rolled ring forgings                             Commodity
31131906   Iron rolled ring forgings                               Commodity
31131907   Lead rolled ring forgings                               Commodity
31131908   Magnesium rolled ring forgings                          Commodity
31131909   Precious metal rolled ring forgings                     Commodity
31131910   Stainless steel rolled ring forgings                    Commodity
31131911   Tin rolled ring forgings                                Commodity
31131912   Titanium rolled ring forgings                           Commodity
31131913   Zinc rolled ring forgings                               Commodity
31131914   Non ferrous alloy rolled ring forgings                  Commodity
31131915   Ferrous alloy rolled ring forgings                      Commodity
31131916   Steel rolled ring forgings                              Commodity
31132000   Powdered metal components                               Class
31132001   Ferrous powdered metal components                       Commodity
31132002   Non ferrous powdered metal parts                        Commodity
31132100   Steel forgings                                          Class
31132101   Cold forged machined steel forging                      Commodity
31132102   Cold forged heat treated steel forging                  Commodity
31132103   Cold forged machined and heat treated steel forging     Commodity
31132104   Cold forged heat treated and cold sized steel forging   Commodity
31132105   Warm forged machined steel forging                      Commodity
31132106   Warm forged heat treated steel forging                  Commodity
31132107   Warm forged machined and heat treated steel forging                 Commodity
31132108   Warm forged heat treated and cold sized steel forging               Commodity
31132109   Hot forged machined steel forging                                   Commodity
31132110   Hot forged heat treated steel forging                               Commodity
31132111   Hot forged machined and heat treated steel forging                  Commodity
31132112   Hot forged heat treated and cold sized steel forging                Commodity
31132200   Brass forgings                                                      Class
31132201   Cold forged machined brass forging                                  Commodity
31132202   Cold forged heat treated brass forging                              Commodity
31132203   Cold forged machined and heat treated brass forging                 Commodity
31132204   Cold forged heat treated and cold sized brass forging               Commodity
31132205   Warm forged machined brass forging                                  Commodity
31132206   Warm forged heat treated brass forging                              Commodity
31132207   Warm forged machined and heat treated brass forging                 Commodity
31132208   Warm forged heat treated and cold sized brass forging               Commodity
31132300   Aluminum forgings                                                   Class
31132301   Cold forged machined aluminum forging                               Commodity
31132302   Cold forged heat treated aluminum forging                           Commodity
31132303   Cold forged machined and heat treated aluminum forging              Commodity
31132304   Cold forged heat treated and cold sized aluminum forging            Commodity
31132305   Warm forged machined aluminum forging                               Commodity
31132306   Warm forged heat treated aluminum forging                           Commodity
31132307   Warm forged machined and heat treated aluminum forging              Commodity
31132308   Warm forged heat treated and cold sized aluminum forging            Commodity
31132400   Non ferrous alloy forgings                                          Class
31132401   Cold forged machined non ferrous alloy forging                      Commodity
31132402   Cold forged heat treated non ferrous alloy forging                  Commodity
31132403   Cold forged machined and heat treated non ferrous alloy forging     Commodity
31132404   Cold forged heat treated and cold sized non ferrous alloy forging   Commodity
31132405   Warm forged machined non ferrous alloy forging                      Commodity
31132406   Warm forged heat treated non ferrous alloy forging                  Commodity
31132407   Warm forged machined and heat treated non ferrous alloy forging     Commodity
31132408   Warm forged heat treated and cold sized non ferrous alloy forging   Commodity
31132409   Hot forged machined non ferrous alloy forging                       Commodity
31132410   Hot forged heat treated non ferrous alloy forging                   Commodity
31132411   Hot forged machined and heat treated non ferrous alloy forging      Commodity
31132412   Hot forged heat treated and cold sized non ferrous alloy forging    Commodity
31132500   Ferrous alloy forgings                                              Class
31132501   Cold forged machined ferrous alloy forging                          Commodity
31132502   Cold forged heat treated ferrous alloy forging                      Commodity
31132503   Cold forged machined and heat treated ferrous alloy forging         Commodity
31132504   Cold forged heat treated and cold sized ferrous alloy forging       Commodity
31132505   Warm forged machined ferrous alloy forging                          Commodity
31132506   Warm forged heat treated ferrous alloy forging                      Commodity
31132507   Warm forged machined and heat treated ferrous alloy forging         Commodity
31132508   Warm forged heat treated and cold sized ferrous alloy forging       Commodity
31132509   Hot forged machined ferrous alloy forging                           Commodity
31132510   Hot forged heat treated ferrous alloy forging                     Commodity
31132511   Hot forged machined and heat treated ferrous alloy forging        Commodity
31132512   Hot forged heat treated and cold sized ferrous alloy forging      Commodity
31132600   Stainless steel forgings                                          Class
31132601   Cold forged machined stainless steel forging                      Commodity
31132602   Cold forged heat treated stainless steel forging                  Commodity
31132603   Cold forged machined and heat treated stainless steel forging     Commodity
31132604   Cold forged heat treated and cold sized stainless steel forging   Commodity
31132605   Warm forged machined stainless steel forging                      Commodity
31132606   Warm forged heat treated stainless steel forging                  Commodity
31132607   Warm forged machined and heat treated stainless steel forging     Commodity
31132608   Warm forged heat treated and cold sized stainless steel forging   Commodity
31132609   Hot forged machined stainless steel forging                       Commodity
31132610   Hot forged heat treated stainless steel forging                   Commodity
31132611   Hot forged machined and heat treated stainless steel forging      Commodity
31132612   Hot forged heat treated and cold sized stainless steel forging    Commodity
31132700   Iron forgings                                                     Class
31132701   Cold forged machined iron forging                                 Commodity
31132702   Cold forged heat treated iron forging                             Commodity
31132703   Cold forged machined and heat treated iron forging                Commodity
31132704   Cold forged heat treated and cold sized iron forging              Commodity
31132705   Warm forged machined iron forging                                 Commodity
31132706   Warm forged heat treated iron forging                             Commodity
31132707   Warm forged machined and heat treated iron forging                Commodity
31132708   Warm forged heat treated and cold sized iron forging              Commodity
31132709   Hot forged machined iron forging                                  Commodity
31132710   Hot forged heat treated iron forging                              Commodity
31132711   Hot forged machined and heat treated iron forging                 Commodity
31132712   Hot forged heat treated and cold sized iron forging               Commodity
31132800   Magnesium forgings                                                Class
31132801   Cold forged machined magnesium forging                            Commodity
31132802   Cold forged heat treated magnesium forging                        Commodity
31132803   Cold forged machined and heat treated magnesium forging           Commodity
31132804   Cold forged heat treated and cold sized magnesium forging         Commodity
31132805   Warm forged machined magnesium forging                            Commodity
31132806   Warm forged heat treated magnesium forging                        Commodity
31132807   Warm forged machined and heat treated magnesium forging           Commodity
31132808   Warm forged heat treated and cold sized magnesium forging         Commodity
31132809   Hot forged machined magnesium forging                             Commodity
31132810   Hot forged heat treated magnesium forging                         Commodity
31132811   Hot forged machined and heat treated magnesium forging            Commodity
31132812   Hot forged heat treated and cold sized magnesium forging          Commodity
31132900   Titanium forgings                                                 Class
31132901   Cold forged machined titanium forging                             Commodity
31132902   Cold forged heat treated titanium forging                         Commodity
31132903   Cold forged machined and heat treated titanium forging            Commodity
31132904   Cold forged heat treated and cold sized titanium forging          Commodity
31132905   Warm forged machined titanium forging                       Commodity
31132906   Warm forged heat treated titanium forging                   Commodity
31132907   Warm forged machined and heat treated titanium forging      Commodity
31132908   Warm forged heat treated and cold sized titanium forging    Commodity
31132909   Hot forged machined titanium forging                        Commodity
31132910   Hot forged heat treated titanium forging                    Commodity
31132911   Hot forged machined and heat treated titanium forging       Commodity
31132912   Hot forged heat treated and cold sized titanium forging     Commodity
31133000   Beryllium forgings                                          Class
31133001   Cold forged machined beryllium forging                      Commodity
31133002   Cold forged heat treated beryllium forging                  Commodity
31133003   Cold forged machined and heat treated beryllium forging     Commodity
31133004   Cold forged heat treated and cold sized beryllium forging   Commodity
31133005   Warm forged machined beryllium forging                      Commodity
31133006   Warm forged heat treated beryllium forging                  Commodity
31133007   Warm forged machined and heat treated beryllium forging     Commodity
31133008   Warm forged heat treated and cold sized beryllium forging   Commodity
31133009   Hot forged machined beryllium forging                       Commodity
31133010   Hot forged heat treated beryllium forging                   Commodity
31133011   Hot forged machined and heat treated beryllium forging      Commodity
31133012   Hot forged heat treated and cold sized beryllium forging    Commodity
31133100   Copper forgings                                             Class
31133101   Cold forged machined copper forging                         Commodity
31133102   Cold forged heat treated copper forging                     Commodity
31133103   Cold forged machined and heat treated copper forging        Commodity
31133104   Cold forged heat treated and cold sized copper forging      Commodity
31133105   Warm forged machined copper forging                         Commodity
31133106   Warm forged heat treated copper forging                     Commodity
31133107   Warm forged machined and heat treated copper forging        Commodity
31133108   Warm forged heat treated and cold sized copper forging      Commodity
31133109   Hot forged machined copper forging                          Commodity
31133110   Hot forged heat treated copper forging                      Commodity
31133111   Hot forged machined and heat treated copper forging         Commodity
31133112   Hot forged heat treated and cold sized copper forging       Commodity
31133200   Zinc forgings                                               Class
31133201   Cold forged machined zinc forging                           Commodity
31133202   Cold forged heat treated zinc forging                       Commodity
31133203   Cold forged machined and heat treated zinc forging          Commodity
31133204   Cold forged heat treated and cold sized zinc forging        Commodity
31133205   Warm forged machined zinc forging                           Commodity
31133206   Warm forged heat treated zinc forging                       Commodity
31133207   Warm forged machined and heat treated zinc forging          Commodity
31133208   Warm forged heat treated and cold sized zinc forging        Commodity
31133209   Hot forged machined zinc forging                            Commodity
31133210   Hot forged heat treated zinc forging                        Commodity
31133211   Hot forged machined and heat treated zinc forging           Commodity
31133212   Hot forged heat treated and cold sized zinc forging         Commodity
31133300   Bronze forgings                                                  Class
31133301   Cold forged machined bronze forging                              Commodity
31133302   Cold forged heat treated bronze forging                          Commodity
31133303   Cold forged machined and heat treated bronze forging             Commodity
31133304   Cold forged heat treated and cold sized bronze forging           Commodity
31133305   Warm forged machined bronze forging                              Commodity
31133306   Warm forged heat treated bronze forging                          Commodity
31133307   Warm forged machined and heat treated bronze forging             Commodity
31133308   Warm forged heat treated and cold sized bronze forging           Commodity
31133309   Hot forged machined bronze forging                               Commodity
31133310   Hot forged heat treated bronze forging                           Commodity
31133311   Hot forged machined and heat treated bronze forging              Commodity
31133312   Hot forged heat treated and cold sized bronze forging            Commodity
31133400   Tin forgings                                                     Class
31133401   Cold forged machined tin forging                                 Commodity
31133402   Cold forged heat treated tin forging                             Commodity
31133403   Cold forged machined and heat treated tin forging                Commodity
31133404   Cold forged heat treated and cold sized tin forging              Commodity
31133405   Warm forged machined tin forging                                 Commodity
31133406   Warm forged heat treated tin forging                             Commodity
31133407   Warm forged machined and heat treated tin forging                Commodity
31133408   Warm forged heat treated and cold sized tin forging              Commodity
31133409   Hot forged machined tin forging                                  Commodity
31133410   Hot forged heat treated tin forging                              Commodity
31133411   Hot forged machined and heat treated tin forging                 Commodity
31133412   Hot forged heat treated and cold sized tin forging               Commodity
31133500   Lead forgings                                                    Class
31133501   Cold forged machined lead forging                                Commodity
31133502   Cold forged heat treated lead forging                            Commodity
31133503   Cold forged machined and heat treated lead forging               Commodity
31133504   Cold forged heat treated and cold sized lead forging             Commodity
31133505   Warm forged machined lead forging                                Commodity
31133506   Warm forged heat treated lead forging                            Commodity
31133507   Warm forged machined and heat treated lead forging               Commodity
31133508   Warm forged heat treated and cold sized lead forging             Commodity
31133509   Hot forged machined lead forging                                 Commodity
31133510   Hot forged heat treated lead forging                             Commodity
31133511   Hot forged machined and heat treated lead forging                Commodity
31133512   Hot forged heat treated and cold sized lead forging              Commodity
31133600   Precious metal forgings                                          Class
31133601   Cold forged machined precious metal forging                      Commodity
31133602   Cold forged heat treated precious metal forging                  Commodity
31133603   Cold forged machined and heat treated precious metal forging     Commodity
31133604   Cold forged heat treated and cold sized precious metal forging   Commodity
31133605   Warm forged machined precious metal forging                      Commodity
31133606   Warm forged heat treated precious metal forging                  Commodity
31133607   Warm forged machined and heat treated precious metal forging     Commodity
31133608   Warm forged heat treated and cold sized precious metal forging                   Commodity
31133609   Hot forged machined precious metal forging                                       Commodity
31133610   Hot forged heat treated precious metal forging                                   Commodity
31133611   Hot forged machined and heat treated precious metal forging                      Commodity
31133612   Hot forged heat treated and cold sized precious metal forging                    Commodity
31140000   Moldings                                                                         Family
31141500   Injection moldings                                                               Class
31141501   Plastic injection moldings                                                       Commodity
31141502   Rubber injection moldings                                                        Commodity
31141503   Glass injection moldings                                                         Commodity
31141600   Vacuum moldings                                                                  Class
31141601   Plastic vacuum moldings                                                          Commodity
31141602   Rubber vacuum moldings                                                           Commodity
31141603   Glass vacuum moldings                                                            Commodity
31141700   Blow moldings                                                                    Class
31141701   Plastic blow moldings                                                            Commodity
31141702   Rubber blow moldings                                                             Commodity
31141800   Reaction injection moldings RIM                                                  Class
31141801   Plastic reaction injection moldings                                              Commodity
31141802   Rubber reaction injection moldings                                               Commodity
31141900   Inserted injection moldings                                                      Class
31141901   Plastic inserted injection molding                                               Commodity
31142000   Thermoplastic molding assemblies                                                 Class
31142001   Thermoplastic compression molding assembly                                       Commodity
31142002   Thermoplastic dip molding assembly                                               Commodity
31142003   Thermoplastic blown molding assembly                                             Commodity
31142004   Thermoplastic injection molding assembly                                         Commodity
31142005   Thermoplastic gas assisted injection molding assembly                            Commodity
31142006   Thermoplastic high precision injection molding assembly                          Commodity
31142007   Thermoplastic transfer molding assembly                                          Commodity
31142100   Thermoplastic molding inserts                                                    Class
31142101   Thermoplastic compression molding insert                                         Commodity
31142102   Thermoplastic dip molding insert                                                 Commodity
31142103   Thermoplastic blown molding insert                                               Commodity
31142104   Thermoplastic injection molding insert                                           Commodity
31142105   Thermoplastic gas assisted injection molding insert                              Commodity
31142106   Thermoplastic high precision injection molding insert                            Commodity
31142107   Thermoplastic transfer molding insert                                            Commodity
31142200   Thermoplastic multiple shot molding assemblies                                   Class
31142201   Thermoplastic compression multiple shot inserted molding assembly                Commodity
31142202   Thermoplastic dip multiple shot inserted molding assembly                        Commodity
31142203   Thermoplastic blown multiple shot inserted molding assembly                      Commodity
31142204   Thermoplastic injection multiple shot inserted molding assembly                  Commodity

31142205   Thermoplastic gas assisted injection multiple shot inserted molding assembly     Commodity

31142206   Thermoplastic high precision injection multiple shot inserted molding assembly   Commodity
31142207   Thermoplastic transfer multiple shot inserted molding assembly               Commodity
31142300   Thermoplastic inserted molding assemblies                                    Class
31142301   Thermoplastic compression inserted molding assembly                          Commodity
31142302   Thermoplastic dip inserted molding assembly                                  Commodity
31142303   Thermoplastic blown inserted molding assembly                                Commodity
31142304   Thermoplastic injection inserted molding assembly                            Commodity
31142305   Thermoplastic gas assisted injection inserted molding assembly               Commodity
31142306   Thermoplastic high precision injection inserted molding assembly             Commodity
31142307   Thermoplastic transfer inserted molding assembly                             Commodity
31142400   Thermoset molding assemblies                                                 Class
31142401   Thermoset compression molding assembly                                       Commodity
31142402   Thermoset dip molding assembly                                               Commodity
31142403   Thermoset blown molding assembly                                             Commodity
31142404   Thermoset injection molding assembly                                         Commodity
31142405   Thermoset gas assisted injection molding assembly                            Commodity
31142406   Thermoset high precision injection molding assembly                          Commodity
31142407   Thermoset transfer molding assembly                                          Commodity
31142500   Thermoset molding inserts                                                    Class
31142501   Thermoset compression molding insert                                         Commodity
31142502   Thermoset dip molding insert                                                 Commodity
31142503   Thermoset blown molding insert                                               Commodity
31142504   Thermoset injection molding insert                                           Commodity
31142505   Thermoset gas assisted injection molding insert                              Commodity
31142506   Thermoset high precision injection molding insert                            Commodity
31142507   Thermoset transfer molding insert                                            Commodity
31142600   Thermoset multiple shot molding assemblies                                   Class
31142601   Thermoset compression multiple shot inserted molding assembly                Commodity
31142602   Thermoset dip multiple shot inserted molding assembly                        Commodity
31142603   Thermoset blown multiple shot inserted molding assembly                      Commodity
31142604   Thermoset injection multiple shot inserted molding assembly                  Commodity
31142605   Thermoset gas assisted injection multiple shot inserted molding assembly     Commodity

31142606   Thermoset high precision injection multiple shot inserted molding assembly   Commodity
31142607   Thermoset transfer multiple shot inserted molding assembly                   Commodity
31142700   Thermoset inserted modling assembly                                          Class
31142701   Thermoset compression inserted molding assembly                              Commodity
31142702   Thermoset dip inserted molding assembly                                      Commodity
31142703   Thermoset blown inserted molding assembly                                    Commodity
31142704   Thermoset injection inserted molding assembly                                Commodity
31142705   Thermoset gas assisted injection inserted molding assembly                   Commodity
31142706   Thermoset high precision injection inserted molding assembly                 Commodity
31142707   Thermoset transfer inserted molding assembly                                 Commodity
31150000   Rope and chain and cable and wire and strap                                  Family
31151500   Ropes                                                                        Class
31151501   Cotton rope                                                                  Commodity
31151502   Polyester rope                                                               Commodity
31151503   Polypropylene rope                                                           Commodity
31151504   Nylon rope                       Commodity
31151505   Wire rope                        Commodity
31151506   Hemp rope                        Commodity
31151507   String or twine                  Commodity
31151508   Sisal rope                       Commodity
31151509   Rubber rope                      Commodity
31151510   Rayon rope                       Commodity
31151511   Linen rope                       Commodity
31151512   Polyethylene rope                Commodity
31151513   Coconut fiber rope               Commodity
31151514   Jute rope                        Commodity
31151515   Esparto grass rope               Commodity
31151516   Raffia rope                      Commodity
31151517   Aloe rope                        Commodity
31151518   Impregnated rope                 Commodity
31151519   Latex rope                       Commodity
31151600   Chains                           Class
31151601   Safety chains                    Commodity
31151603   Roller chains                    Commodity
31151604   Proof coil chains                Commodity
31151605   Sash chain                       Commodity
31151606   Jack chains                      Commodity
31151607   Coil chains                      Commodity
31151608   Ball chains                      Commodity
31151609   Chain links                      Commodity
31151610   Hollow pin chain                 Commodity
31151611   Silent chain                     Commodity
31151612   Block chain                      Commodity
31151613   Engineering chain                Commodity
31151614   Conveying chain                  Commodity
31151615   Roller or plate top chain        Commodity
31151616   Pintle chain                     Commodity
31151617   Dragline chain                   Commodity
31151618   Longwall chain                   Commodity
31151700   Mechanical cable                 Class
31151702   Non electric control cables      Commodity
31151703   Lifting cables                   Commodity
31151704   Track cables                     Commodity
31151705   Non electrical steel cables      Commodity
31151706   Non electrical copper cables     Commodity
31151707   Non electrical aluminum cables   Commodity
31151708   Guy cables                       Commodity
31151709   Non electrical iron cable        Commodity
31151710   Synthetic cable                  Commodity
31151800   Mechanical wire                  Class
31151803   Piano steel wire                 Commodity
31151804   Staple wire                      Commodity
31151805   Strand or multi filament wire   Commodity
31151806   Laminated wire                  Commodity
31151900   Straps                          Class
31151901   Metal straps                    Commodity
31151902   Leather straps                  Commodity
31151903   Fiber straps                    Commodity
31151904   Plastic straps                  Commodity
31151905   Rubber straps                   Commodity
31151906   Ratchet tie down strap          Commodity
31152000   Security wire                   Class
31152001   Razor wire                      Commodity
31152002   Barbed wire                     Commodity
31152100   Cords                           Class
31152101   Cotton cord                     Commodity
31152102   Nylon cord                      Commodity
31152103   Metallic cord                   Commodity
31152104   Silicone cord                   Commodity
31152105   Latex cord                      Commodity
31152106   Polyester cord                  Commodity
31152107   Neoprene cord                   Commodity
31152108   Polypropylene cord              Commodity
31152109   Rubber cord                     Commodity
31152110   Asbestos cord                   Commodity
31152111   Glass fiber cord                Commodity
31152112   Ceramic fiber cord              Commodity
31160000   Hardware                        Family
31161500   Screws                          Class
31161501   Cap screws                      Commodity
31161502   Anchor screws                   Commodity
31161503   Drive screws                    Commodity
31161504   Machine screws                  Commodity
31161505   Set screws                      Commodity
31161506   Sheet metal screws              Commodity
31161507   Tapping screws                  Commodity
31161508   Wood screws                     Commodity
31161509   Drywall screws                  Commodity
31161510   Captive screw                   Commodity
31161511   Locking screws                  Commodity
31161512   Thread rolling screws           Commodity
31161513   Flathead screws                 Commodity
31161514   Weld screws                     Commodity
31161516   Thumb screws                    Commodity
31161517   Shoulder screws                 Commodity
31161518   Socket screw                    Commodity
31161519   Elevator bucket screw           Commodity
31161520   Hexagonal head screw            Commodity
31161521   Carriage screw                  Commodity
31161522   Eye screw                   Commodity
31161523   Wing screw                  Commodity
31161524   Decorative screw            Commodity
31161525   Screw for plastic           Commodity
31161526   Concrete screw              Commodity
31161527   Hammerhead or T screw       Commodity
31161528   Self drilling screw         Commodity
31161529   Jack screw                  Commodity
31161530   Grub screw                  Commodity
31161531   Lead screw or power screw   Commodity
31161532   Allen screw                 Commodity
31161600   Bolts                       Class
31161601   Anchor bolts                Commodity
31161602   Blind bolts                 Commodity
31161603   Carriage bolts              Commodity
31161604   Clevis bolts                Commodity
31161605   Cylinder bolts              Commodity
31161606   Door bolts                  Commodity
31161607   Expansion bolts             Commodity
31161608   Lag bolts                   Commodity
31161609   Toggle bolts                Commodity
31161610   Eye bolts                   Commodity
31161611   Locking bolts               Commodity
31161612   Pin or collar bolts         Commodity
31161613   Tension bolts               Commodity
31161614   Structural bolts            Commodity
31161616   U bolts                     Commodity
31161617   Wing bolts                  Commodity
31161618   Threaded rod                Commodity
31161619   Stud bolts                  Commodity
31161620   Hexagonal bolts             Commodity
31161621   Elevator bolts              Commodity
31161622   Shear bolt                  Commodity
31161623   Cable bolt                  Commodity
31161624   Resin bolt                  Commodity
31161625   Railway track bolt          Commodity
31161626   Sems bolt                   Commodity
31161700   Nuts                        Class
31161701   Anchor nuts                 Commodity
31161702   Bearing nuts                Commodity
31161703   Blind nuts                  Commodity
31161704   Barrel nuts                 Commodity
31161705   Cap nuts                    Commodity
31161706   Captive nuts                Commodity
31161707   Castle nuts                 Commodity
31161708   Channel nuts                Commodity
31161709   Clamping nuts               Commodity
31161710   Expansion nuts                  Commodity
31161711   Eye nuts                        Commodity
31161712   Flange nuts                     Commodity
31161713   Hose nuts                       Commodity
31161714   Insert nuts                     Commodity
31161716   Locknuts                        Commodity
31161717   Wing nuts                       Commodity
31161718   Toggle nuts                     Commodity
31161719   Swivel nuts                     Commodity
31161720   Stop nuts                       Commodity
31161721   Spring nuts                     Commodity
31161722   Union nuts                      Commodity
31161723   Nutplate nuts                   Commodity
31161724   Press nuts                      Commodity
31161725   Clip nuts                       Commodity
31161726   Dome nuts                       Commodity
31161727   Hexagonal nuts                  Commodity
31161728   Coupling nuts                   Commodity
31161729   Knurled nuts                    Commodity
31161730   Square nuts                     Commodity
31161731   Weld nuts                       Commodity
31161732   Half moon nut                   Commodity
31161733   T nut or T slot nut             Commodity
31161734   Slotted round nut               Commodity
31161735   Cage nut                        Commodity
31161736   Decorative nut cap              Commodity
31161737   Shear nut                       Commodity
31161738   Keps nut or K nut               Commodity
31161739   Weld or clinch nut              Commodity
31161800   Washers                         Class
31161801   Locking washers                 Commodity
31161802   Bevel washers                   Commodity
31161803   Binding washers                 Commodity
31161804   Curved washers                  Commodity
31161805   Electrical insulating washers   Commodity
31161806   Finishing washers               Commodity
31161807   Flat washers                    Commodity
31161808   Open washers                    Commodity
31161809   Reducing washers                Commodity
31161810   Shim washers                    Commodity
31161811   Spring washers                  Commodity
31161812   Square washers                  Commodity
31161813   Swivel washers                  Commodity
31161814   Thrust washers                  Commodity
31161815   Shoulder washers                Commodity
31161816   Spacers or standoffs            Commodity
31161817   Conical washers                 Commodity
31161818   Seal washers                 Commodity
31161819   Washer kits                  Commodity
31161820   Spherical or domed washers   Commodity
31161821   Tapered washer               Commodity
31161822   Tooth lock washer            Commodity
31161823   Fender washer                Commodity
31161824   Roof bolt washer             Commodity
31161825   Belleville washer            Commodity
31161826   Notched washer               Commodity
31161827   Clipped washer               Commodity
31161828   Slotted washer               Commodity
31161829   Retaining washer             Commodity
31161830   Wave washer                  Commodity
31161831   Finger spring washer         Commodity
31161832   Countersunk washer           Commodity
31161833   Bonded washer                Commodity
31161834   Cup washer                   Commodity
31161835   Tab washer                   Commodity
31161836   Anchor plate washer          Commodity
31161837   Split washer                 Commodity
31161838   Tongued washer               Commodity
31161900   Springs                      Class
31161901   Helical springs              Commodity
31161902   Leaf springs                 Commodity
31161903   Spiral springs               Commodity
31161904   Compression springs          Commodity
31161905   Die springs                  Commodity
31161906   Disk springs                 Commodity
31161907   Extension springs            Commodity
31161908   Torsion springs              Commodity
31161909   Waveform spring              Commodity
31161910   Wireform spring              Commodity
31161911   Spring assembly              Commodity
31161912   Injector valve spring        Commodity
31162000   Nails                        Class
31162001   Brads                        Commodity
31162002   Cap nails                    Commodity
31162003   Finishing nails              Commodity
31162004   Masonry nails                Commodity
31162005   Roofing nails                Commodity
31162006   Wire nails                   Commodity
31162007   Upholstery nails             Commodity
31162008   Drive pins                   Commodity
31162009   Fiber cement nail            Commodity
31162010   Horseshoe nail               Commodity
31162011   Decorative nail              Commodity
31162012   Survey nail                  Commodity
31162013   Boat nail                       Commodity
31162014   Railroad spike or nail          Commodity
31162100   Anchors                         Class
31162101   Concrete anchors                Commodity
31162102   Wedge anchors                   Commodity
31162103   Wall anchors                    Commodity
31162104   Screw anchors                   Commodity
31162105   Resin anchors                   Commodity
31162106   Pipe anchors                    Commodity
31162107   Nail expansion anchors          Commodity
31162108   Tie down anchors                Commodity
31162200   Rivets                          Class
31162201   Blind rivets                    Commodity
31162202   Crownhead rivets                Commodity
31162203   Flat head rivets                Commodity
31162204   Full rivets                     Commodity
31162205   Ratchet rivets                  Commodity
31162206   Tinners rivets                  Commodity
31162207   Compression rivets              Commodity
31162208   Coopers rivets                  Commodity
31162209   Button head rivets              Commodity
31162210   Hinged or self setting rivets   Commodity
31162211   Solid rivet                     Commodity
31162212   Drive rivet                     Commodity
31162213   Flush rivet                     Commodity
31162214   Semi tubular rivet              Commodity
31162215   Tubular rivet                   Commodity
31162216   Shoulder rivet                  Commodity
31162300   Mounting hardware               Class
31162301   Mounting profiles               Commodity
31162303   Mounting bars                   Commodity
31162304   Mounting strips                 Commodity
31162305   Mounting clips                  Commodity
31162306   Mounting hangers                Commodity
31162307   Mounting plates                 Commodity
31162308   Mounting panels                 Commodity
31162309   Mounting racks                  Commodity
31162310   Mounting straps                 Commodity
31162311   Wall bushings                   Commodity
31162312   Mounting pins                   Commodity
31162313   Mounting kits                   Commodity
31162314   Tile spacer                     Commodity
31162400   Miscellaneous fasteners         Class
31162401   Grommets                        Commodity
31162402   Hasps                           Commodity
31162403   Hinges                          Commodity
31162404   Hardware staples                Commodity
31162405   Turnbuckles                    Commodity
31162406   Strapping or banding buckles   Commodity
31162407   Latch                          Commodity
31162409   Clevis pin                     Commodity
31162410   Knurled pins                   Commodity
31162411   Snap rings                     Commodity
31162412   Clevis                         Commodity
31162413   Snap fastener                  Commodity
31162414   Cleat                          Commodity
31162415   Pawls                          Commodity
31162416   Connecting or coupling pins    Commodity
31162417   Aligning pins                  Commodity
31162418   Twist ties                     Commodity
31162419   Rings and links                Commodity
31162420   Engineered hinge               Commodity
31162500   Brackets and braces            Class
31162501   Shelf brackets                 Commodity
31162502   Angle brackets                 Commodity
31162503   Braces                         Commodity
31162504   Electrical fixture brackets    Commodity
31162505   Magnetic mounting brackets     Commodity
31162506   Wall mount bracket             Commodity
31162507   Pinion brackets                Commodity
31162600   Hooks                          Class
31162601   Swivel hooks                   Commodity
31162602   Spring hooks                   Commodity
31162603   S hooks                        Commodity
31162604   Safety hooks                   Commodity
31162605   Lifting hooks                  Commodity
31162606   J hooks                        Commodity
31162607   Guy wire hooks                 Commodity
31162608   Grab hooks                     Commodity
31162609   Screw hooks                    Commodity
31162610   Peg board hooks                Commodity
31162611   Slip hooks                     Commodity
31162612   Square hook                    Commodity
31162613   Figure eight hook              Commodity
31162614   Fixed hook                     Commodity
31162700   Rolling hardware               Class
31162701   Casters                        Commodity
31162702   Wheels                         Commodity
31162703   Sliders                        Commodity
31162704   Roller spikes                  Commodity
31162800   Miscellaneous hardware         Class
31162801   Handles or knobs               Commodity
31162802   Inserts                        Commodity
31162803   Shackles                       Commodity
31162804   Door stops                 Commodity
31162805   Cable thimble              Commodity
31162806   Screw covers               Commodity
31162807   Levers                     Commodity
31162808   Panic bars                 Commodity
31162809   Locating pins              Commodity
31162810   Splices or splice plates   Commodity
31162811   Shaft collar               Commodity
31162812   Swaging sleeves            Commodity
31162813   Wire rope clip             Commodity
31162814   Fastener assortment kit    Commodity
31162815   Shim                       Commodity
31162816   Spinneret                  Commodity
31162900   Clamps                     Class
31162901   Ear clamps                 Commodity
31162902   Spring clamps              Commodity
31162903   Screw clamps               Commodity
31162904   Wire rope clamps           Commodity
31162905   Beam clamps                Commodity
31162906   Hose or pipe clamps        Commodity
31162907   Extending clamp            Commodity
31162908   Miniature clamp            Commodity
31162909   Isophonic clamp            Commodity
31162910   Drill clamp                Commodity
31162911   Hand screw clamp           Commodity
31162912   Sash clamp                 Commodity
31162913   Bench clamp                Commodity
31162914   Web clamp                  Commodity
31162915   Miter clamp                Commodity
31162916   Quick action clamp         Commodity
31162917   Quick grip clamp           Commodity
31162918   Power clamp                Commodity
31162919   Speed clamp                Commodity
31162920   Picture frame clamp        Commodity
31163000   Couplings                  Class
31163001   Elastomeric couplings      Commodity
31163002   Gear couplings             Commodity
31163003   Metallic couplings         Commodity
31163004   Miniature couplings        Commodity
31163005   Coupling sleeves           Commodity
31163006   Grid coupling              Commodity
31163007   Chain coupling             Commodity
31163008   Disc coupling              Commodity
31163009   Rigid coupling             Commodity
31163010   Spider coupling            Commodity
31163011   Jaw coupling               Commodity
31163012   Coupling half              Commodity
31163013   Shaft coupling                               Commodity
31163014   Rotary coupling                              Commodity
31163015   Oldham coupling                              Commodity
31163016   Rod coupling                                 Commodity
31163017   Coupling rod                                 Commodity
31163018   Bellows coupling                             Commodity
31163019   Magnetic coupling                            Commodity
31163020   Flange coupling                              Commodity
31163021   Universal flexible coupling                  Commodity
31163022   Clamp coupling                               Commodity
31163100   Connectors                                   Class
31163101   Quick disconnects                            Commodity
31163102   Ferrule                                      Commodity
31163103   Trailer Connector                            Commodity
31163200   Retaining hardware                           Class
31163201   Spring pins                                  Commodity
31163202   Retaining rings                              Commodity
31163203   Dowel pin                                    Commodity
31163204   Cotter pin                                   Commodity
31163205   Taper pins                                   Commodity
31163207   Shaft or woodruff keys                       Commodity
31163208   Keystock                                     Commodity
31163209   Bearing holders or retainers                 Commodity
31163210   Retaining collars                            Commodity
31163211   Retaining clips                              Commodity
31163212   Threaded pins                                Commodity
31163213   Pivot pins                                   Commodity
31163214   Shear pins                                   Commodity
31163215   Grooved pins                                 Commodity
31163216   Cable hanger                                 Commodity
31163217   Quick disconnect shaft hub locking bushing   Commodity
31163218   Bearing adapter sleeve                       Commodity
31163219   Cylindrical pin                              Commodity
31163220   Pin assortment set                           Commodity
31163221   Panel pin                                    Commodity
31163222   Square key                                   Commodity
31163223   Rectangular key                              Commodity
31163224   Taper key                                    Commodity
31163225   Gib head key                                 Commodity
31163226   Circlip                                      Commodity
31163227   Flinger                                      Commodity
31163228   Split ring                                   Commodity
31163229   Metal retaining clip                         Commodity
31163230   Plastic retaining clip                       Commodity
31163300   Studs                                        Class
31163301   Double ended stud                            Commodity
31163302   Weld or clinch stud                          Commodity
31163303   Ball stud                                    Commodity
31170000   Bearings and bushings and wheels and gears   Family
31171500   Bearings                                     Class
31171501   Flanged bearings                             Commodity
31171502   Radial bearings                              Commodity
31171503   Wheel bearings                               Commodity
31171504   Ball bearings                                Commodity
31171505   Roller bearings                              Commodity
31171506   Linear bearings                              Commodity
31171507   Thrust bearings                              Commodity
31171508   Rod end bearings                             Commodity
31171509   Sleeve bearings                              Commodity
31171510   Spherical bearings                           Commodity
31171511   Pillow block bearings                        Commodity
31171512   Needle bearings                              Commodity
31171513   Hanger bearings                              Commodity
31171515   Plain bearings                               Commodity
31171516   Tapered bearings                             Commodity
31171518   Bearing cage                                 Commodity
31171519   Bearing blocks or housings                   Commodity
31171520   Bearing journals                             Commodity
31171521   Bearing rollers or balls                     Commodity
31171522   Magnetic bearings                            Commodity
31171523   Air bearings                                 Commodity
31171524   Bearing caps                                 Commodity
31171525   Bearing liners                               Commodity
31171526   Bearing pads                                 Commodity
31171527   Bearing cones                                Commodity
31171528   Split bearing                                Commodity
31171529   Bearing cups                                 Commodity
31171530   Cam follower bearing                         Commodity
31171531   Angular contact bearing                      Commodity
31171532   Self aligning bearing                        Commodity
31171533   Take up bearing and frame                    Commodity
31171534   Tapped base bearing                          Commodity
31171535   Cartridge bearing                            Commodity
31171536   Insert bearing                               Commodity
31171537   Combination bearing                          Commodity
31171538   Four point bearing                           Commodity
31171539   Bearing ball                                 Commodity
31171540   Bearing needle                               Commodity
31171541   Bearing roller                               Commodity
31171542   Tensioner bearing                            Commodity
31171543   Flexure bearing                              Commodity
31171544   Plummer block bearing                        Commodity
31171545   Bearing cover                                Commodity
31171546   Reversible bearing                           Commodity
31171547   Cylindrical bearing                        Commodity
31171600   Bushings                                   Class
31171603   Drill bushings                             Commodity
31171604   Pilot bushings                             Commodity
31171605   Shaft bushings                             Commodity
31171606   Flange bushings                            Commodity
31171607   Wear bushing                               Commodity
31171608   Bushing blank                              Commodity
31171609   Bushing sleeve                             Commodity
31171700   Gears                                      Class
31171704   Friction gears                             Commodity
31171706   Conical gears                              Commodity
31171707   Spur gears                                 Commodity
31171708   Bevel gears                                Commodity
31171709   Rack gears                                 Commodity
31171710   Pinion gears                               Commodity
31171711   Ring gears                                 Commodity
31171712   Worm gears                                 Commodity
31171713   Side Gears                                 Commodity
31171714   Helical gears                              Commodity
31171715   Cylindrical gear                           Commodity
31171716   Herringbone gear                           Commodity
31171800   Industrial wheels                          Class
31171801   Cog wheels                                 Commodity
31171802   Impeller wheels                            Commodity
31171803   Flywheels                                  Commodity
31171804   Sheaves or pulleys                         Commodity
31171805   Wheel brushes                              Commodity
31171806   Idler wheels                               Commodity
31171900   Sprockets                                  Class
31171901   Roller chain sprockets                     Commodity
31171902   Engineering chain sprocket                 Commodity
31171903   Conveying chain sprocket                   Commodity
31171904   Silent chain sprocket                      Commodity
31171905   Chain wheel                                Commodity
31180000   Gaskets and seals                          Family
31181500   Gaskets                                    Class
31181501   Plastic gaskets                            Commodity
31181502   Rubber gaskets                             Commodity
31181503   Metal gaskets                              Commodity
31181504   Textile gaskets                            Commodity
31181505   Cork gaskets                               Commodity
31181506   O ring gaskets                             Commodity
31181507   Electromagnetic interference EMI gaskets   Commodity
31181508   Bolted gaskets                             Commodity
31181509   Gasket kits                                Commodity
31181510   Silicone gaskets                           Commodity
31181511   Liquid gaskets                                   Commodity
31181512   Compressed fiber gaskets                         Commodity
31181513   Bimaterial gasket                                Commodity
31181514   Polytetrafluoroethylene PTFE gasket              Commodity
31181515   Inflatable gasket                                Commodity
31181600   Seals                                            Class
31181601   Plastic seals                                    Commodity
31181602   Rubber seals                                     Commodity
31181603   Metallic seals                                   Commodity
31181604   Seal mechanical                                  Commodity
31181605   Diaphragm seals                                  Commodity
31181606   Seal kits                                        Commodity
31181607   Mast boots                                       Commodity
31181608   V ring                                           Commodity
31181609   Seal backup ring                                 Commodity
31181610   Rubber diaphragm seal                            Commodity
31181611   Lip seal                                         Commodity
31181612   Connector and cable seal                         Commodity
31181613   Fiber reinforced diaphragm seal                  Commodity
31181700   Packings and glands                              Class
31181701   Packings                                         Commodity
31181702   Glands                                           Commodity
31181703   Oil slingers                                     Commodity
31181704   Stuffing box                                     Commodity
31181800   Automotive boots and covers                      Class
31181801   Automotive transmission shift lever boot         Commodity
31181802   Ignition boot                                    Commodity
31190000   Grinding and polishing and smoothing materials   Family
31191500   Abrasives and abrasive media                     Class
31191501   Abrasive papers                                  Commodity
31191502   Buffs                                            Commodity
31191504   Abrasive cloth                                   Commodity
31191505   Abrasive pads                                    Commodity
31191506   Abrasive discs                                   Commodity
31191507   Abrasive belts                                   Commodity
31191508   Bort                                             Commodity
31191509   Abrasive polishers                               Commodity
31191510   Abrasive stones                                  Commodity
31191511   Steel wool                                       Commodity
31191512   Shot blast                                       Commodity
31191513   Glass bead                                       Commodity
31191514   Tumble media                                     Commodity
31191515   Abrasive mesh                                    Commodity
31191516   Abrasive cartridge rolls                         Commodity
31191517   Emery boards                                     Commodity
31191518   Tungsten carbide                                 Commodity
31191519   Abrasive drums                                   Commodity
31191520   Abrasive star                                      Commodity
31191521   Abrasive brush                                     Commodity
31191600   Abrasive wheels                                    Class
31191601   Abrasive cubic borozon nitrate wheels              Commodity
31191602   Abrasive diamond wheels                            Commodity
31191603   Tungsten carbide abrasive wheels                   Commodity
31200000   Adhesives and sealants                             Family
31201500   Tape                                               Class
31201501   Duct tape                                          Commodity
31201502   Electrical insulating tape                         Commodity
31201503   Masking tape                                       Commodity
31201504   Carpet tape                                        Commodity
31201505   Double sided tape                                  Commodity
31201506   Bismalemide tape                                   Commodity
31201507   Fiberglass tape                                    Commodity
31201508   Graphite tape                                      Commodity
31201509   Nylon tape                                         Commodity
31201510   Resin impregnated tape                             Commodity
31201511   Wire mesh tape                                     Commodity
31201512   Transparent tape                                   Commodity
31201513   Non skid safety tapes                              Commodity
31201514   Polytetrafluoroethylene PTFE thread sealing tape   Commodity
31201515   Paper tapes                                        Commodity
31201516   Reflective tape                                    Commodity
31201517   Packaging tape                                     Commodity
31201518   Electrically conductive tape                       Commodity
31201519   Pipe or hose repair tape                           Commodity
31201520   Aisle marking tape                                 Commodity
31201521   Foil tape                                          Commodity
31201522   Adhesive transfer tape                             Commodity
31201523   Cloth tape                                         Commodity
31201524   Color coding tape                                  Commodity
31201525   Vinyl tape                                         Commodity
31201526   Magnetic tape                                      Commodity
31201527   Foam tapes                                         Commodity
31201528   Rigging tape                                       Commodity
31201529   Line Tape                                          Commodity
31201530   Aluminum foil tape                                 Commodity
31201531   Polyethylene tape                                  Commodity
31201532   Polyvinyl chloride PVC tape                        Commodity
31201533   Lead foil tape                                     Commodity
31201534   Rubber tape                                        Commodity
31201535   Cable splicing tape                                Commodity
31201536   Polyethylene fleece tape                           Commodity
31201537   Tear tape                                          Commodity
31201600   Other adhesives and sealants                       Class
31201601   Chemical adhesives                                 Commodity
31201602   Pastes                            Commodity
31201603   Gums                              Commodity
31201604   Rubber cements                    Commodity
31201605   Putties                           Commodity
31201606   Caulks                            Commodity
31201607   Epoxy bond                        Commodity
31201608   Foam adhesives                    Commodity
31201609   Hot melt adhesives                Commodity
31201610   Glues                             Commodity
31201611   Film adhesives                    Commodity
31201612   Thread sealants                   Commodity
31201613   Re usable adhesive                Commodity
31201614   Sealing waxes                     Commodity
31201615   Adhesive activators               Commodity
31201616   Liquid adhesives                  Commodity
31201617   Solvent cements                   Commodity
31201618   Drywall joint compound            Commodity
31201619   Instant adhesive                  Commodity
31201620   Reactive adhesive                 Commodity
31201621   Aerosol adhesive                  Commodity
31201622   Multi purpose adhesive            Commodity
31201623   Contact adhesive                  Commodity
31201624   Mounting adhesive                 Commodity
31201625   Putty primer                      Commodity
31201626   Pressure sensitive adhesive PSA   Commodity
31201627   Anaerobic adhesive                Commodity
31201628   Impregnation sealant              Commodity
31201629   Silicone encapsulation            Commodity
31201630   Foam sealant                      Commodity
31201631   Sealing compound                  Commodity
31210000   Paints and primers and finishes   Family
31211500   Paints and primers                Class
31211501   Enamel paints                     Commodity
31211502   Water based paints                Commodity
31211503   Pigment paints                    Commodity
31211504   Coating paints                    Commodity
31211505   Oil based paints                  Commodity
31211506   Latex paints                      Commodity
31211507   Spray paints                      Commodity
31211508   Acrylic paints                    Commodity
31211509   Enamel primers                    Commodity
31211510   Polyurethane primers              Commodity
31211511   Urethane primers                  Commodity
31211512   Latex primers                     Commodity
31211513   Marking paint                     Commodity
31211514   Cold galvanizing compound         Commodity
31211600   Paint additives                   Class
31211601   Calcimines                                     Commodity
31211602   Texturing materials                            Commodity
31211603   Paint driers                                   Commodity
31211604   Paint extenders                                Commodity
31211605   Anti slip agents                               Commodity
31211606   Leveling agents                                Commodity
31211607   Ultraviolet inhibitor                          Commodity
31211700   Miscellaneous finishes                         Class
31211701   Glazes                                         Commodity
31211702   Lusters                                        Commodity
31211703   Lacquers                                       Commodity
31211704   Sealers                                        Commodity
31211705   Shellacs                                       Commodity
31211706   Stains                                         Commodity
31211707   Varnishes                                      Commodity
31211708   Powder coat                                    Commodity
31211709   Finishing stain toner                          Commodity
31211800   Paint solvents and thinners                    Class
31211801   Paint or varnish removers                      Commodity
31211802   Paint or varnish strippers                     Commodity
31211803   Paint or varnish thinners                      Commodity
31211900   Paint applicators and painting accessories     Class
31211901   Drop cloths                                    Commodity
31211902   Edging tools                                   Commodity
31211903   Masking equipment                              Commodity
31211904   Paint brushes                                  Commodity
31211905   Paint mixers                                   Commodity
31211906   Paint rollers                                  Commodity
31211908   Paint sprayers                                 Commodity
31211909   Paint trays                                    Commodity
31211910   Paint mitts                                    Commodity
31211912   Telescoping poles                              Commodity
31211913   Paint nozzles                                  Commodity
31211914   Air brushes                                    Commodity
31211915   Paint strainers                                Commodity
31211916   Paint tray liners                              Commodity
31211917   Paint roller covers                            Commodity
31211918   Paint fixture or mask                          Commodity
31220000   Dyeing and tanning extracts                    Family
31221600   Tanning products                               Class
31221601   Inorganic tanning extracts                     Commodity
31221602   Organic tanning extracts of animal origin      Commodity
31221603   Organic tanning extracts of vegetable origin   Commodity
31230000   Machined raw stock                             Family
31231100   Machined bar stock                             Class
31231101   Aluminum machined bar stock                    Commodity
31231102   Beryllium machined bar stock                   Commodity
31231103   Brass machined bar stock                 Commodity
31231104   Bronze machined bar stock                Commodity
31231105   Copper machined bar stock                Commodity
31231106   Iron machined bar stock                  Commodity
31231107   Lead machined bar stock                  Commodity
31231108   Magnesium machined bar stock             Commodity
31231109   Precious metal machined bar stock        Commodity
31231110   Stainless steel machined bar stock       Commodity
31231111   Tin machined bar stock                   Commodity
31231112   Titanium machined bar stock              Commodity
31231113   Zinc machined bar stock                  Commodity
31231114   Non ferrous alloy machined bar stock     Commodity
31231115   Ferrous alloy machined bar stock         Commodity
31231116   Steel machined bar stock                 Commodity
31231117   Composite machined bar stock             Commodity
31231118   Nickel alloy machined bar stock          Commodity
31231119   Non metallic machined bar stock          Commodity
31231120   Silver steel machined bar stock          Commodity
31231200   Machined plate stock                     Class
31231201   Aluminum machined plate stock            Commodity
31231202   Beryllium machined plate stock           Commodity
31231203   Brass machined plate stock               Commodity
31231204   Bronze machined plate stock              Commodity
31231205   Copper machined plate stock              Commodity
31231206   Iron machined plate stock                Commodity
31231207   Lead machined plate stock                Commodity
31231208   Magnesium machined plate stock           Commodity
31231209   Precious metal machined plate stock      Commodity
31231210   Stainless steel machined plate stock     Commodity
31231211   Tin machined plate stock                 Commodity
31231212   Titanium machined plate stock            Commodity
31231213   Zinc machined plate stock                Commodity
31231214   Non ferrous alloy machined plate stock   Commodity
31231215   Ferrous alloy machined plate stock       Commodity
31231216   Steel machined plate stock               Commodity
31231217   Composite machined plate stock           Commodity
31231218   Nickel alloy machined plate stock        Commodity
31231219   Non metallic machined plate stock        Commodity
31231300   Tube and tubing                          Class
31231301   Ferrous alloy tubing                     Commodity
31231302   Copper tubing                            Commodity
31231303   Titanium tubing                          Commodity
31231304   Magnesium tubing                         Commodity
31231305   Tin tubing                               Commodity
31231306   Brass tubing                             Commodity
31231307   Lead tubing                              Commodity
31231308   Bronze tubing                            Commodity
31231309   Zinc tubing                        Commodity
31231310   Steel tubing                       Commodity
31231311   Iron tubing                        Commodity
31231312   Cement tubing                      Commodity
31231313   Plastic tubing                     Commodity
31231314   Rubber tubing                      Commodity
31231315   Glass tubing                       Commodity
31231316   Stone tubing                       Commodity
31231317   Non ferrous alloy tubing           Commodity
31231318   Aluminum tubing                    Commodity
31231319   Stainless steel tubing             Commodity
31231320   Precious metal tubing              Commodity
31231321   Nylon tubing                       Commodity
31231322   Low pressure rubber tubing         Commodity
31231400   Shim stock                         Class
31231401   Brass shim stock                   Commodity
31231402   Steel shim stock                   Commodity
31231403   Stainless steel shim stock         Commodity
31231404   Aluminum shim stock                Commodity
31231405   Copper shim stock                  Commodity
31240000   Industrial optics                  Family
31241500   Lenses and prisms                  Class
31241501   Lenses                             Commodity
31241502   Prisms                             Commodity
31241600   Optical blanks                     Class
31241601   Filter blanks                      Commodity
31241602   Glass disks                        Commodity
31241603   Molded glass                       Commodity
31241604   Prism blanks                       Commodity
31241605   Silicon blanks                     Commodity
31241606   Germanium blanks                   Commodity
31241607   Round bar stock                    Commodity
31241608   Square bar stock                   Commodity
31241609   Witness sample blanks              Commodity
31241610   Infrared optical material blanks   Commodity
31241700   Mirrors                            Class
31241701   Diamond turned mirrors             Commodity
31241702   Metallic mirrors                   Commodity
31241703   Parabolic mirrors                  Commodity
31241704   Uncoated mirrors                   Commodity
31241705   Laser mirrors                      Commodity
31241800   Optical filters                    Class
31241801   Broad band filters                 Commodity
31241802   Gradient filters                   Commodity
31241803   Infrared filters                   Commodity
31241804   Laser filters                      Commodity
31241805   Narrow band filters                Commodity
31241806   Pelicle filters                                        Commodity
31241807   Visual filters                                         Commodity
31241808   Dichroic filter                                        Commodity
31241809   Lyot filter                                            Commodity
31241900   Optical domes                                          Class
31241901   Specialty domes                                        Commodity
31241902   Diamond turned domes                                   Commodity
31241903   Metallic domes                                         Commodity
31241904   Molded glass domes                                     Commodity
31241905   Molded polycarbonate domes                             Commodity
31241906   Replicated domes                                       Commodity
31241907   Shaped domes                                           Commodity
31241908   Frangible domes                                        Commodity
31242000   Lens and laser windows                                 Class
31242001   External lens or laser windows                         Commodity
31242002   Infrared lens or laser windows                         Commodity
31242003   Visual lens or laser windows                           Commodity
31242100   Optical device accessories                             Class
31242101   Optical mounts                                         Commodity
31242103   Optical slits or apertures                             Commodity
31242104   Optical rails or bases                                 Commodity
31242105   Optical fiber identifiers                              Commodity
31242106   Optical coatings                                       Commodity
31242200   Miscellaneous optical components                       Class
31242201   Optical beamsplitters                                  Commodity
31242202   Polarizers                                             Commodity
31242203   Depolarizers                                           Commodity
31242204   Optical diffusers                                      Commodity
31242205   Optical retarders                                      Commodity
31242206   Optical flats                                          Commodity
31242207   Optical breadboards                                    Commodity
31242208   Optical choppers                                       Commodity
31250000   Pneumatic and hydraulic and electric control systems   Family
31251500   Actuators                                              Class
31251501   Electric actuators                                     Commodity
31251502   Electronic actuators                                   Commodity
31251503   Hydraulic actuators                                    Commodity
31251504   Pneumatic actuators                                    Commodity
31251505   Valve actuators                                        Commodity
31251506   Gear actuators                                         Commodity
31251507   Rotary actuators                                       Commodity
31251508   Photoelectric actuators                                Commodity
31251509   Electromagnetic actuators                              Commodity
31251510   Solenoids                                              Commodity
31251511   Linear actuators                                       Commodity
31251512   Automotive HVAC actuator                               Commodity
31251600   Robot components                                       Class
31251601   Robotic end effectors                                Commodity
31260000   Housings and cabinets and casings                    Family
31261500   Housings and cabinets                                Class
31261501   Plastic housings or cabinets                         Commodity
31261502   Metal housings or cabinets                           Commodity
31261503   Steel housings or cabinets                           Commodity
31261504   Gear box housings                                    Commodity
31261505   Clutch housing                                       Commodity
31261600   Shells and casings                                   Class
31261601   Plastic shells or casings                            Commodity
31261602   Metal shells or casings                              Commodity
31261603   Steel shells or casings                              Commodity
31261700   Acoustical or noise control housings or enclosures   Class
31261701   Machine noise control housing                        Commodity
31261702   Mounted generator set noise control enclosure        Commodity
31261703   Pump noise control housing                           Commodity
31261704   Air intake noise control enclosure                   Commodity
31270000   Machine made parts                                   Family
31271600   Screw machine made parts                             Class
31271601   Metal screw machine made parts                       Commodity
31271602   Non metal screw machine made parts                   Commodity
31280000   Stampings and sheet components                       Family
31281500   Stamped components                                   Class
31281502   Aluminum stamped components                          Commodity
31281503   Ferrous alloy stamped components                     Commodity
31281504   Iron stamped components                              Commodity
31281505   Non ferrous alloy stamped components                 Commodity
31281506   Stainless steel stamped components                   Commodity
31281507   Carbon steel stamped components                      Commodity
31281508   Magnesium stamped components                         Commodity
31281509   Zinc stamped components                              Commodity
31281510   Tin stamped components                               Commodity
31281511   Titanium stamped components                          Commodity
31281512   Beryllium stamped components                         Commodity
31281513   Precious metal stamped components                    Commodity
31281514   Copper stamped components                            Commodity
31281515   Lead stamped components                              Commodity
31281516   Brass stamped components                             Commodity
31281517   Bronze stamped components                            Commodity
31281518   Composite stamped components                         Commodity
31281519   Nickel alloy stamped components                      Commodity
31281520   Non metallic stamped components                      Commodity
31281521   Coated stampings                                     Commodity
31281700   Welded components                                    Class
31281701   Welded metal components                              Commodity
31281800   Punched components                                   Class
31281801   Aluminum punched components                          Commodity
31281802   Ferrous alloy punched components           Commodity
31281803   Iron punched components                    Commodity
31281804   Non ferrous alloy punched components       Commodity
31281805   Stainless steel punched components         Commodity
31281806   Carbon steel punched components            Commodity
31281807   Composite punched components               Commodity
31281808   Nickel alloy punched components            Commodity
31281809   Non metallic punched components            Commodity
31281810   Titanium punched components                Commodity
31281811   Beryllium punched components               Commodity
31281812   Precious metal punched components          Commodity
31281813   Copper punched components                  Commodity
31281814   Lead punched components                    Commodity
31281815   Brass punched components                   Commodity
31281816   Bronze punched components                  Commodity
31281817   Magnesium punched components               Commodity
31281818   Zinc punched components                    Commodity
31281819   Tin punched components                     Commodity
31281900   Draw formed components                     Class
31281901   Aluminum draw formed components            Commodity
31281902   Beryllium draw formed components           Commodity
31281903   Brass draw formed components               Commodity
31281904   Bronze draw formed components              Commodity
31281905   Composite draw formed components           Commodity
31281906   Copper draw formed components              Commodity
31281907   Ferrous alloy draw formed components       Commodity
31281908   Iron draw formed components                Commodity
31281909   Lead draw formed components                Commodity
31281910   Magnesium draw formed components           Commodity
31281911   Nickel alloy draw formed components        Commodity
31281912   Non ferrous alloy draw formed components   Commodity
31281913   Non metallic draw formed components        Commodity
31281914   Precious metal draw formed components      Commodity
31281915   Stainless steel draw formed components     Commodity
31281916   Steel draw formed components               Commodity
31281917   Tin draw formed components                 Commodity
31281918   Titanium draw formed components            Commodity
31281919   Zinc draw formed components                Commodity
31282000   Hydro formed components                    Class
31282001   Aluminum hydro formed components           Commodity
31282002   Beryllium hydro formed components          Commodity
31282003   Brass hydro formed components              Commodity
31282004   Bronze hydro formed components             Commodity
31282005   Composite hydro formed components          Commodity
31282006   Copper hydro formed components             Commodity
31282007   Ferrous alloy hydro formed components      Commodity
31282008   Iron hydro formed components               Commodity
31282009   Lead hydro formed components                Commodity
31282010   Magnesium hydro formed components           Commodity
31282011   Nickel alloy hydro formed components        Commodity
31282012   Non ferrous alloy hydro formed components   Commodity
31282013   Non metallic hydro formed components        Commodity
31282014   Precious metal hydro formed components      Commodity
31282015   Stainless steel hydro formed components     Commodity
31282016   Steel hydro formed components               Commodity
31282017   Tin hydro formed components                 Commodity
31282018   Titanium hydro formed components            Commodity
31282019   Zinc hydro formed components                Commodity
31282100   Spin formed components                      Class
31282101   Aluminum spin formed components             Commodity
31282102   Beryllium spin formed components            Commodity
31282103   Brass spin formed components                Commodity
31282104   Bronze spin formed components               Commodity
31282105   Composite spin formed components            Commodity
31282106   Copper spin formed components               Commodity
31282107   Ferrous alloy spin formed components        Commodity
31282108   Iron spin formed components                 Commodity
31282109   Lead spin formed components                 Commodity
31282110   Magnesium spin formed components            Commodity
31282111   Nickel alloy spin formed components         Commodity
31282112   Non ferrous alloy spin formed components    Commodity
31282113   Non metallic spin formed components         Commodity
31282114   Precious metal spin formed components       Commodity
31282115   Stainless steel spin formed components      Commodity
31282116   Steel spin formed components                Commodity
31282117   Tin spin formed components                  Commodity
31282118   Titanium spin formed components             Commodity
31282119   Zinc spin formed components                 Commodity
31282200   Roll formed components                      Class
31282201   Aluminum roll formed components             Commodity
31282202   Beryllium roll formed components            Commodity
31282203   Brass roll formed components                Commodity
31282204   Bronze roll formed components               Commodity
31282205   Composite roll formed components            Commodity
31282206   Copper roll formed components               Commodity
31282207   Ferrous alloy roll formed components        Commodity
31282208   Iron roll formed components                 Commodity
31282209   Lead roll formed components                 Commodity
31282210   Magnesium roll formed components            Commodity
31282211   Nickel alloy roll formed components         Commodity
31282212   Non ferrous alloy roll formed components    Commodity
31282213   Non metallic roll formed components         Commodity
31282214   Precious metal roll formed components       Commodity
31282215   Stainless steel roll formed components      Commodity
31282216   Steel roll formed components                    Commodity
31282217   Tin roll formed components                      Commodity
31282218   Titanium roll formed components                 Commodity
31282219   Zinc roll formed components                     Commodity
31282300   Stretch formed components                       Class
31282301   Aluminum stretch formed components              Commodity
31282302   Beryllium stretch formed components             Commodity
31282303   Brass stretch formed components                 Commodity
31282304   Bronze stretch formed components                Commodity
31282305   Composite stretch formed components             Commodity
31282306   Copper stretch formed components                Commodity
31282307   Ferrous alloy stretch formed components         Commodity
31282308   Iron stretch formed components                  Commodity
31282309   Lead stretch formed components                  Commodity
31282310   Magnesium stretch formed components             Commodity
31282311   Nickel alloy stretch formed components          Commodity
31282312   Non ferrous alloy stretch formed components     Commodity
31282313   Non metallic stretch formed components          Commodity
31282314   Precious metal stretch formed components        Commodity
31282315   Stainless steel stretch formed components       Commodity
31282316   Steel stretch formed components                 Commodity
31282317   Tin stretch formed components                   Commodity
31282318   Titanium stretch formed components              Commodity
31282319   Zinc stretch formed components                  Commodity
31282400   Explosive formed components                     Class
31282401   Aluminum explosive formed components            Commodity
31282402   Beryllium explosive formed components           Commodity
31282403   Brass explosive formed components               Commodity
31282404   Bronze explosive formed components              Commodity
31282405   Composite explosive formed components           Commodity
31282406   Copper explosive formed components              Commodity
31282407   Ferrous alloy explosive formed components       Commodity
31282408   Iron explosive formed components                Commodity
31282409   Lead explosive formed components                Commodity
31282410   Magnesium explosive formed components           Commodity
31282411   Nickel alloy explosive formed components        Commodity
31282412   Non ferrous alloy explosive formed components   Commodity
31282413   Non metallic explosive formed components        Commodity
31282414   Precious metal explosive formed components      Commodity
31282415   Stainless steel explosive formed components     Commodity
31282416   Steel explosive formed components               Commodity
31282417   Tin explosive formed components                 Commodity
31282418   Titanium explosive formed components            Commodity
31282419   Zinc explosive formed components                Commodity
31290000   Machined extrusions                             Family
31291100   Machined hydro static extrusions                Class
31291101   Aluminum machined hydro static extrusions       Commodity
31291102   Beryllium machined hydro static extrusions           Commodity
31291103   Brass machined hydro static extrusions               Commodity
31291104   Bronze machined hydro static extrusions              Commodity
31291105   Copper machined hydro static extrusions              Commodity
31291106   Ferrous alloy machined hydro static extrusions       Commodity
31291107   Lead machined hydro static extrusions                Commodity
31291108   Magnesium machined hydro static extrusions           Commodity
31291109   Non ferrous alloy machined hydro static extrusions   Commodity
31291110   Plastic machined hydro static extrusions             Commodity
31291111   Precious metal machined hydro static extrusions      Commodity
31291112   Rubber machined hydro static extrusions              Commodity
31291113   Stainless steel machined hydro static extrusions     Commodity
31291114   Steel machined hydro static extrusions               Commodity
31291115   Tin machined hydro static extrusions                 Commodity
31291116   Titanium machined hydro static extrusions            Commodity
31291117   Zinc machined hydro static extrusions                Commodity
31291118   Composite machined hydro static extrusions           Commodity
31291119   Nickel alloy machined hydro static extrusions        Commodity
31291120   Non metallic machined hydro static extrusions        Commodity
31291200   Machined impact extrusions                           Class
31291201   Aluminum machined impact extrusions                  Commodity
31291202   Beryllium machined impact extrusions                 Commodity
31291203   Brass machined impact extrusions                     Commodity
31291204   Bronze machined impact extrusions                    Commodity
31291205   Copper machined impact extrusions                    Commodity
31291206   Ferrous alloy machined impact extrusions             Commodity
31291207   Lead machined impact extrusions                      Commodity
31291208   Magnesium machined impact extrusions                 Commodity
31291209   Non ferrous alloy machined impact extrusions         Commodity
31291210   Plastic machined impact extrusions                   Commodity
31291211   Precious metal machined impact extrusions            Commodity
31291212   Rubber machined impact extrusions                    Commodity
31291213   Stainless steel machined impact extrusions           Commodity
31291214   Steel machined impact extrusions                     Commodity
31291215   Tin machined impact extrusions                       Commodity
31291216   Titanium machined impact extrusions                  Commodity
31291217   Zinc machined impact extrusions                      Commodity
31291218   Composite machined impact extrusions                 Commodity
31291219   Nickel alloy machined impact extrusions              Commodity
31291220   Non metallic machined impact extrusions              Commodity
31291300   Machined cold extrusions                             Class
31291301   Aluminum machined cold extrusions                    Commodity
31291302   Beryllium machined cold extrusions                   Commodity
31291303   Brass machined cold extrusions                       Commodity
31291304   Bronze machined cold extrusions                      Commodity
31291305   Copper machined cold extrusions                      Commodity
31291306   Ferrous alloy machined cold extrusions               Commodity
31291307   Lead machined cold extrusions                  Commodity
31291308   Magnesium machined cold extrusions             Commodity
31291309   Non ferrous alloy machined cold extrusions     Commodity
31291310   Plastic machined cold extrusions               Commodity
31291311   Precious metal machined cold extrusions        Commodity
31291312   Rubber machined cold extrusions                Commodity
31291313   Stainless steel machined cold extrusions       Commodity
31291314   Steel machined cold extrusions                 Commodity
31291315   Tin machined cold extrusions                   Commodity
31291316   Titanium machined cold extrusions              Commodity
31291317   Zinc machined cold extrusions                  Commodity
31291318   Composite machined cold extrusions             Commodity
31291319   Nickel alloy machined cold extrusions          Commodity
31291320   Non metallic machined cold extrusions          Commodity
31291400   Machined hot extrusions                        Class
31291401   Aluminum machined hot extrusions               Commodity
31291402   Beryllium machined hot extrusions              Commodity
31291403   Brass machined hot extrusions                  Commodity
31291404   Bronze machined hot extrusions                 Commodity
31291405   Copper machined hot extrusions                 Commodity
31291406   Ferrous alloy machined hot extrusions          Commodity
31291407   Lead machined hot extrusions                   Commodity
31291408   Magnesium machined hot extrusions              Commodity
31291409   Non ferrous alloy machined hot extrusions      Commodity
31291410   Plastic machined hot extrusions                Commodity
31291411   Precious metal machined hot extrusions         Commodity
31291412   Rubber machined hot extrusions                 Commodity
31291413   Stainless steel machined hot extrusions        Commodity
31291414   Steel machined hot extrusions                  Commodity
31291415   Tin machined hot extrusions                    Commodity
31291416   Titanium machined hot extrusions               Commodity
31291417   Zinc machined hot extrusions                   Commodity
31291418   Composite machined hot extrusions              Commodity
31291419   Nickel alloy machined hot extrusions           Commodity
31291420   Non metallic machined hot extrusions           Commodity
31300000   Machined forgings                              Family
31301100   Machined open die forgings                     Class
31301101   Non ferrous alloy open die machined forgings   Commodity
31301102   Ferrous alloy open die machined forgings       Commodity
31301103   Steel open die machined forgings               Commodity
31301104   Stainless steel open die machined forgings     Commodity
31301105   Iron open die machined forgings                Commodity
31301106   Aluminum open die machined forgings            Commodity
31301107   Magnesium open die machined forgings           Commodity
31301108   Titanium open die machined forgings            Commodity
31301109   Beryllium open die machined forgings           Commodity
31301110   Copper open die machined forgings              Commodity
31301111   Brass open die machined forgings                     Commodity
31301112   Bronze open die machined forgings                    Commodity
31301113   Zinc open die machined forgings                      Commodity
31301114   Tin open die machined forgings                       Commodity
31301115   Lead open die machined forgings                      Commodity
31301116   Precious metal open die machined forgings            Commodity
31301117   Composite open die machined forgings                 Commodity
31301118   Nickel alloy open die machined forgings              Commodity
31301119   Non metallic open die machined forgings              Commodity
31301200   Machined closed die forgings                         Class
31301201   Non ferrous alloy closed die machined forgings       Commodity
31301202   Ferrous alloy closed die machined forgings           Commodity
31301203   Steel closed die machined forgings                   Commodity
31301204   Stainless steel closed die machined forgings         Commodity
31301205   Iron closed die machined forgings                    Commodity
31301206   Aluminum closed die machined forgings                Commodity
31301207   Magnesium closed die machined forgings               Commodity
31301208   Titanium closed die machined forgings                Commodity
31301209   Beryllium closed die machined forgings               Commodity
31301210   Copper closed die machined forgings                  Commodity
31301211   Brass closed die machined forgings                   Commodity
31301212   Bronze closed die machined forgings                  Commodity
31301213   Zinc closed die machined forgings                    Commodity
31301214   Tin closed die machined forgings                     Commodity
31301215   Lead closed die machined forgings                    Commodity
31301216   Precious metal closed die machined forgings          Commodity
31301217   Composite closed die machined forgings               Commodity
31301218   Nickel alloy closed die machined forgings            Commodity
31301219   Non metallic closed die machined forgings            Commodity
31301300   Machined impression die forgings                     Class
31301301   Non ferrous alloy impression die machined forgings   Commodity
31301302   Ferrous alloy impression die machined forgings       Commodity
31301303   Steel impression die machined forgings               Commodity
31301304   Stainless steel impression die machined forgings     Commodity
31301305   Iron impression die machined forgings                Commodity
31301306   Aluminum impression die machined forgings            Commodity
31301307   Magnesium impression die machined forgings           Commodity
31301308   Titanium impression die machined forgings            Commodity
31301309   Beryllium impression die machined forgings           Commodity
31301310   Copper impression die machined forgings              Commodity
31301311   Brass impression die machined forgings               Commodity
31301312   Bronze impression die machined forgings              Commodity
31301313   Zinc impression die machined forgings                Commodity
31301314   Tin impression die machined forgings                 Commodity
31301315   Lead impression die machined forgings                Commodity
31301316   Precious metal impression die machined forgings      Commodity
31301317   Composite impression die machined forgings           Commodity
31301318   Nickel alloy impression die machined forgings     Commodity
31301319   Non metallic impression die machined forgings     Commodity
31301400   Machined drop forgings                            Class
31301401   Non ferrous alloy drop machined forgings          Commodity
31301402   Zinc drop machined forgings                       Commodity
31301403   Ferrous alloy drop machined forgings              Commodity
31301404   Tin drop machined forgings                        Commodity
31301405   Lead drop machined forgings                       Commodity
31301406   Steel drop machined forgings                      Commodity
31301407   Precious metal drop machined forgings             Commodity
31301408   Stainless steel drop machined forgings            Commodity
31301409   Iron drop machined forgings                       Commodity
31301410   Aluminum drop machined forgings                   Commodity
31301411   Magnesium drop machined forgings                  Commodity
31301412   Titanium drop machined forgings                   Commodity
31301413   Beryllium drop machined forgings                  Commodity
31301414   Copper drop machined forgings                     Commodity
31301415   Brass drop machined forgings                      Commodity
31301416   Bronze drop machined forgings                     Commodity
31301417   Composite drop machined forgings                  Commodity
31301418   Nickel alloy drop machined forgings               Commodity
31301419   Non metallic drop machined forgings               Commodity
31301500   Machined rolled ring forgings                     Class
31301501   Aluminum rolled ring machined forgings            Commodity
31301502   Beryllium rolled ring machined forgings           Commodity
31301503   Brass rolled ring machined forgings               Commodity
31301504   Bronze rolled ring machined forgings              Commodity
31301505   Copper rolled ring machined forgings              Commodity
31301506   Iron rolled ring machined forgings                Commodity
31301507   Lead rolled ring machined forgings                Commodity
31301508   Magnesium rolled ring machined forgings           Commodity
31301509   Precious metal rolled ring machined forgings      Commodity
31301510   Stainless steel rolled ring machined forgings     Commodity
31301511   Tin rolled ring machined forgings                 Commodity
31301512   Titanium rolled ring machined forgings            Commodity
31301513   Zinc rolled ring machined forgings                Commodity
31301514   Non ferrous alloy rolled ring machined forgings   Commodity
31301515   Ferrous alloy rolled ring machined forgings       Commodity
31301516   Steel rolled ring machined forgings               Commodity
31301517   Composite rolled ring machined forgings           Commodity
31301518   Nickel alloy rolled ring machined forgings        Commodity
31301519   Non metallic rolled ring machined forgings        Commodity
31310000   Fabricated pipe assemblies                        Family
31311100   Solvent welded pipe assemblies                    Class
31311101   Aluminum solvent welded pipe assemblies           Commodity
31311102   Carbon steel solvent welded pipe assemblies       Commodity
31311103   Hastalloy X solvent welded pipe assemblies        Commodity
31311104   Inconel solvent welded pipe assemblies                Commodity
31311105   Low alloy steel solvent welded pipe assemblies        Commodity
31311106   Non metallic solvent welded pipe assemblies           Commodity
31311109   Stainless steel solvent welded pipe assemblies        Commodity
31311110   Titanium solvent welded pipe assemblies               Commodity
31311111   Waspalloy solvent welded pipe assemblies              Commodity
31311112   Copper solvent welded pipe assemblies                 Commodity
31311113   Brass solvent welded pipe assemblies                  Commodity
31311200   Riveted pipe assemblies                               Class
31311201   Aluminum riveted pipe assemblies                      Commodity
31311202   Carbon steel riveted pipe assemblies                  Commodity
31311203   Hastalloy X riveted pipe assemblies                   Commodity
31311204   Inconel riveted pipe assemblies                       Commodity
31311205   Low alloy steel riveted pipe assemblies               Commodity
31311206   Non metallic riveted pipe assemblies                  Commodity
31311209   Stainless steel riveted pipe assemblies               Commodity
31311210   Titanium riveted pipe assemblies                      Commodity
31311211   Waspalloy riveted pipe assemblies                     Commodity
31311212   Copper riveted pipe assemblies                        Commodity
31311213   Brass riveted pipe assemblies                         Commodity
31311300   Bolted pipe assemblies                                Class
31311301   Aluminum bolted pipe assemblies                       Commodity
31311302   Carbon steel bolted pipe assemblies                   Commodity
31311303   Hastalloy X bolted pipe assemblies                    Commodity
31311304   Inconel bolted pipe assemblies                        Commodity
31311305   Low alloy steel bolted pipe assemblies                Commodity
31311306   Non metallic bolted pipe assemblies                   Commodity
31311309   Stainless steel bolted pipe assemblies                Commodity
31311310   Titanium bolted pipe assemblies                       Commodity
31311311   Waspalloy bolted pipe assemblies                      Commodity
31311312   Copper bolted pipe assemblies                         Commodity
31311313   Brass bolted pipe assemblies                          Commodity
31311400   Ultra violet welded UV pipe assemblies                Class
31311401   Aluminum ultra violet welded pipe assemblies          Commodity
31311402   Carbon steel ultra violet welded pipe assemblies      Commodity
31311403   Hastalloy X ultra violet welded pipe assemblies       Commodity
31311404   Inconel ultra violet welded pipe assemblies           Commodity
31311405   Low alloy steel ultra violet welded pipe assemblies   Commodity
31311406   Non metallic ultra violet welded pipe assemblies      Commodity
31311409   Stainless steel ultra violet welded pipe assemblies   Commodity
31311410   Titanium ultra violet welded pipe assemblies          Commodity
31311411   Waspalloy ultra violet welded pipe assemblies         Commodity
31311412   Copper ultra violet welded pipe assemblies            Commodity
31311413   Brass ultra violet welded pipe assemblies             Commodity
31311500   Welded or brazed pipe assemblies                      Class
31311501   Aluminum welded or brazed pipe assemblies             Commodity
31311502   Carbon steel welded or brazed pipe assemblies         Commodity
31311503   Hastalloy X welded or brazed pipe assemblies       Commodity
31311504   Inconel welded or brazed pipe assemblies           Commodity
31311505   Low alloy steel welded or brazed pipe assemblies   Commodity
31311506   Non metallic welded or brazed pipe assemblies      Commodity
31311509   Stainless steel welded or brazed pipe assemblies   Commodity
31311510   Titanium welded or brazed pipe assemblies          Commodity
31311511   Waspalloy welded or brazed pipe assemblies         Commodity
31311512   Copper welded or brazed pipe assemblies            Commodity
31311513   Brass welded or brazed pipe assemblies             Commodity
31311600   Sonic welded pipe assemblies                       Class
31311601   Aluminum sonic welded pipe assemblies              Commodity
31311602   Carbon steel sonic welded pipe assemblies          Commodity
31311603   Hastalloy X sonic welded pipe assemblies           Commodity
31311604   Inconel sonic welded pipe assemblies               Commodity
31311605   Low alloy steel sonic welded pipe assemblies       Commodity
31311606   Non metallic sonic welded pipe assemblies          Commodity
31311609   Stainless steel sonic welded pipe assemblies       Commodity
31311610   Titanium sonic welded pipe assemblies              Commodity
31311611   Waspalloy sonic welded pipe assemblies             Commodity
31311612   Copper sonic welded pipe assemblies                Commodity
31311613   Brass sonic welded pipe assemblies                 Commodity
31311700   Bonded pipe assemblies                             Class
31311701   Aluminum bonded pipe assemblies                    Commodity
31311702   Carbon steel bonded pipe assemblies                Commodity
31311703   Hastalloy X bonded pipe assemblies                 Commodity
31311704   Inconel bonded pipe assemblies                     Commodity
31311705   Low alloy steel bonded pipe assemblies             Commodity
31311706   Non metallic bonded pipe assemblies                Commodity
31311709   Stainless steel bonded pipe assemblies             Commodity
31311710   Titanium bonded pipe assemblies                    Commodity
31311711   Waspalloy bonded pipe assemblies                   Commodity
31311712   Copper bonded pipe assemblies                      Commodity
31311713   Brass bonded pipe assemblies                       Commodity
31320000   Fabricated bar stock assemblies                    Family
31321100   Bonded bar stock assemblies                        Class
31321101   Aluminum bonded bar stock assemblies               Commodity
31321102   Carbon steel bonded bar stock assemblies           Commodity
31321103   Hastalloy X bonded bar stock assemblies            Commodity
31321104   Inconel bonded bar stock assemblies                Commodity
31321105   Low alloy steel bonded bar stock assemblies        Commodity
31321106   Non metallic bonded bar stock assemblies           Commodity
31321109   Stainless steel bonded bar stock assemblies        Commodity
31321110   Titanium bonded bar stock assemblies               Commodity
31321111   Waspalloy bonded bar stock assemblies              Commodity
31321112   Copper bonded bar stock assemblies                 Commodity
31321113   Brass bonded bar stock assemblies                  Commodity
31321200   Solvent welded bar stock assemblies                Class
31321201   Aluminum solvent welded bar stock assemblies               Commodity
31321202   Carbon steel solvent welded bar stock assemblies           Commodity
31321203   Hastalloy X solvent welded bar stock assemblies            Commodity
31321204   Inconel solvent welded bar stock assemblies                Commodity
31321205   Low alloy steel solvent welded bar stock assemblies        Commodity
31321206   Non metallic solvent welded bar stock assemblies           Commodity
31321209   Stainless steel solvent welded bar stock assemblies        Commodity
31321210   Titanium solvent welded bar stock assemblies               Commodity
31321211   Waspalloy solvent welded bar stock assemblies              Commodity
31321212   Copper solvent welded bar stock assemblies                 Commodity
31321213   Brass solvent welded bar stock assemblies                  Commodity
31321300   Riveted bar stock assemblies                               Class
31321301   Aluminum riveted bar stock assemblies                      Commodity
31321302   Carbon steel riveted bar stock assemblies                  Commodity
31321303   Hastalloy X riveted bar stock assemblies                   Commodity
31321304   Inconel riveted bar stock assemblies                       Commodity
31321305   Low alloy steel riveted bar stock assemblies               Commodity
31321306   Non metallic riveted bar stock assemblies                  Commodity
31321309   Stainless steel riveted bar stock assemblies               Commodity
31321310   Titanium riveted bar stock assemblies                      Commodity
31321311   Waspalloy riveted bar stock assemblies                     Commodity
31321312   Copper riveted bar stock assemblies                        Commodity
31321313   Brass riveted bar stock assemblies                         Commodity
31321400   Welded or brazed bar stock assemblies                      Class
31321401   Aluminum welded or brazed bar stock assemblies             Commodity
31321402   Carbon steel welded or brazed bar stock assemblies         Commodity
31321403   Hastalloy X welded or brazed bar stock assemblies          Commodity
31321404   Inconel welded or brazed bar stock assemblies              Commodity
31321405   Low alloy steel welded or brazed bar stock assemblies      Commodity
31321406   Non metallic welded or brazed bar stock assemblies         Commodity
31321409   Stainless steel welded or brazed bar stock assemblies      Commodity
31321410   Titanium welded or brazed bar stock assemblies             Commodity
31321411   Waspalloy welded or brazed bar stock assemblies            Commodity
31321412   Copper welded or brazed bar stock assemblies               Commodity
31321413   Brass welded or brazed bar stock assemblies                Commodity
31321500   Ultra violet welded UV bar stock assemblies                Class
31321501   Aluminum ultra violet welded bar stock assemblies          Commodity
31321502   Carbon steel ultra violet welded bar stock assemblies      Commodity
31321503   Hastalloy X ultra violet welded bar stock assemblies       Commodity
31321504   Inconel ultra violet welded bar stock assemblies           Commodity
31321505   Low alloy steel ultra violet welded bar stock assemblies   Commodity
31321506   Non metallic ultra violet welded bar stock assemblies      Commodity
31321509   Stainless steel ultra violet welded bar stock assemblies   Commodity
31321510   Titanium ultra violet welded bar stock assemblies          Commodity
31321511   Waspalloy ultra violet welded bar stock assemblies         Commodity
31321512   Copper ultra violet welded bar stock assemblies            Commodity
31321513   Brass ultra violet welded bar stock assemblies             Commodity
31321600   Sonic welded bar stock assemblies                   Class
31321601   Aluminum sonic welded bar stock assemblies          Commodity
31321602   Carbon steel sonic welded bar stock assemblies      Commodity
31321603   Hastalloy X sonic welded bar stock assemblies       Commodity
31321604   Inconel sonic welded bar stock assemblies           Commodity
31321605   Low alloy steel sonic welded bar stock assemblies   Commodity
31321606   Non metallic sonic welded bar stock assemblies      Commodity
31321609   Stainless steel sonic welded bar stock assemblies   Commodity
31321610   Titanium sonic welded bar stock assemblies          Commodity
31321611   Waspalloy sonic welded bar stock assemblies         Commodity
31321612   Copper sonic welded bar stock assemblies            Commodity
31321613   Brass sonic welded bar stock assemblies             Commodity
31321700   Bolted bar stock assemblies                         Class
31321701   Aluminum bolted bar stock assemblies                Commodity
31321702   Carbon steel bolted bar stock assemblies            Commodity
31321703   Hastalloy X bolted bar stock assemblies             Commodity
31321704   Inconel bolted bar stock assemblies                 Commodity
31321705   Low alloy steel bolted bar stock assemblies         Commodity
31321706   Non metallic bolted bar stock assemblies            Commodity
31321709   Stainless steel bolted bar stock assemblies         Commodity
31321710   Titanium bolted bar stock assemblies                Commodity
31321711   Waspalloy bolted bar stock assemblies               Commodity
31321712   Copper bolted bar stock assemblies                  Commodity
31321713   Brass bolted bar stock assemblies                   Commodity
31330000   Fabricated structural assemblies                    Family
31331100   Bonded structural assemblies                        Class
31331101   Aluminum bonded structural assemblies               Commodity
31331102   Carbon steel bonded structural assemblies           Commodity
31331103   Hastalloy X bonded structural assemblies            Commodity
31331104   Inconel bonded structural assemblies                Commodity
31331105   Low alloy steel bonded structural assemblies        Commodity
31331106   Non metallic bonded structural assemblies           Commodity
31331109   Stainless steel bonded structural assemblies        Commodity
31331110   Titanium bonded structural assemblies               Commodity
31331111   Waspalloy bonded structural assemblies              Commodity
31331112   Copper bonded structural assemblies                 Commodity
31331113   Brass bonded structural assemblies                  Commodity
31331200   Bolted structural assemblies                        Class
31331201   Aluminum bolted structural assemblies               Commodity
31331202   Carbon steel bolted structural assemblies           Commodity
31331203   Hastalloy X bolted structural assemblies            Commodity
31331204   Inconel bolted structural assemblies                Commodity
31331205   Low alloy steel bolted structural assemblies        Commodity
31331206   Non metallic bolted structural assemblies           Commodity
31331209   Stainless steel bolted structural assemblies        Commodity
31331210   Titanium bolted structural assemblies               Commodity
31331211   Waspalloy bolted structural assemblies              Commodity
31331212   Copper bolted structural assemblies                         Commodity
31331213   Brass bolted structural assemblies                          Commodity
31331300   Sonic welded structural assemblies                          Class
31331301   Aluminum sonic welded structural assemblies                 Commodity
31331302   Carbon steel sonic welded structural assemblies             Commodity
31331303   Hastalloy X sonic welded structural assemblies              Commodity
31331304   Inconel sonic welded structural assemblies                  Commodity
31331305   Low alloy steel sonic welded structural assemblies          Commodity
31331306   Non metallic sonic welded structural assemblies             Commodity
31331309   Stainless steel sonic welded structural assemblies          Commodity
31331310   Titanium sonic welded structural assemblies                 Commodity
31331311   Waspalloy sonic welded structural assemblies                Commodity
31331312   Copper sonic welded structural assemblies                   Commodity
31331313   Brass sonic welded structural assemblies                    Commodity
31331400   Ultra violet welded UV structural assemblies                Class
31331401   Aluminum ultra violet welded structural assemblies          Commodity
31331402   Carbon steel ultra violet welded structural assemblies      Commodity
31331403   Hastalloy X ultra violet welded structural assemblies       Commodity
31331404   Inconel ultra violet welded structural assemblies           Commodity
31331405   Low alloy steel ultra violet welded structural assemblies   Commodity
31331406   Non metallic ultra violet welded structural assemblies      Commodity
31331409   Stainless steel ultra violet welded structural assemblies   Commodity
31331410   Titanium ultra violet welded structural assemblies          Commodity
31331411   Waspalloy ultra violet welded structural assemblies         Commodity
31331412   Copper ultra violet welded structural assemblies            Commodity
31331413   Brass ultra violet welded structural assemblies             Commodity
31331500   Solvent welded structural assemblies                        Class
31331501   Aluminum solvent welded structural assemblies               Commodity
31331502   Carbon steel solvent welded structural assemblies           Commodity
31331503   Hastalloy X solvent welded structural assemblies            Commodity
31331504   Inconel solvent welded structural assemblies                Commodity
31331505   Low alloy steel solvent welded structural assemblies        Commodity
31331506   Non metallic solvent welded structural assemblies           Commodity
31331509   Stainless steel solvent welded structural assemblies        Commodity
31331510   Titanium solvent welded structural assemblies               Commodity
31331511   Waspalloy solvent welded structural assemblies              Commodity
31331512   Copper solvent welded structural assemblies                 Commodity
31331513   Brass solvent welded structural assemblies                  Commodity
31331600   Welded or brazed structural assemblies                      Class
31331601   Aluminum welded or brazed structural assemblies             Commodity
31331602   Carbon steel welded or brazed structural assemblies         Commodity
31331603   Hastalloy X welded or brazed structural assemblies          Commodity
31331604   Inconel welded or brazed structural assemblies              Commodity
31331605   Low alloy steel welded or brazed structural assemblies      Commodity
31331606   Non metallic welded or brazed structural assemblies         Commodity
31331609   Stainless steel welded or brazed structural assemblies      Commodity
31331610   Titanium welded or brazed structural assemblies             Commodity
31331611   Waspalloy welded or brazed structural assemblies       Commodity
31331612   Copper welded or brazed structural assemblies          Commodity
31331613   Brass welded or brazed structural assemblies           Commodity
31331700   Riveted structural assemblies                          Class
31331701   Aluminum riveted structural assemblies                 Commodity
31331702   Carbon steel riveted structural assemblies             Commodity
31331703   Hastalloy X riveted structural assemblies              Commodity
31331704   Inconel riveted structural assemblies                  Commodity
31331705   Low alloy steel riveted structural assemblies          Commodity
31331706   Non metallic riveted structural assemblies             Commodity
31331709   Stainless steel riveted structural assemblies          Commodity
31331710   Titanium riveted structural assemblies                 Commodity
31331711   Waspalloy riveted structural assemblies                Commodity
31331712   Copper riveted structural assemblies                   Commodity
31331713   Brass riveted structural assemblies                    Commodity
31340000   Fabricated sheet assemblies                            Family
31341100   Welded or brazed sheet assemblies                      Class
31341101   Aluminum welded or brazed sheet assemblies             Commodity
31341102   Carbon steel welded or brazed sheet assemblies         Commodity
31341103   Hastalloy X welded or brazed sheet assemblies          Commodity
31341104   Inconel welded or brazed sheet assemblies              Commodity
31341105   Low alloy steel welded or brazed sheet assemblies      Commodity
31341106   Non metallic welded or brazed sheet assemblies         Commodity
31341109   Stainless steel welded or brazed sheet assemblies      Commodity
31341110   Titanium welded or brazed sheet assemblies             Commodity
31341111   Waspalloy welded or brazed sheet assemblies            Commodity
31341112   Copper welded or brazed sheet assemblies               Commodity
31341113   Brass welded or brazed sheet assemblies                Commodity
31341200   Riveted sheet assemblies                               Class
31341201   Aluminum riveted sheet assemblies                      Commodity
31341202   Carbon steel riveted sheet assemblies                  Commodity
31341203   Hastalloy X riveted sheet assemblies                   Commodity
31341204   Inconel riveted sheet assemblies                       Commodity
31341205   Low alloy steel riveted sheet assemblies               Commodity
31341206   Non metallic riveted sheet assemblies                  Commodity
31341209   Stainless steel riveted sheet assemblies               Commodity
31341210   Titanium riveted sheet assemblies                      Commodity
31341211   Waspalloy riveted sheet assemblies                     Commodity
31341212   Copper riveted sheet assemblies                        Commodity
31341213   Brass riveted sheet assemblies                         Commodity
31341300   Ultra violet welded UV sheet assemblies                Class
31341301   Aluminum ultra violet welded sheet assemblies          Commodity
31341302   Carbon steel ultra violet welded sheet assemblies      Commodity
31341303   Hastalloy X ultra violet welded sheet assemblies       Commodity
31341304   Inconel ultra violet welded sheet assemblies           Commodity
31341305   Low alloy steel ultra violet welded sheet assemblies   Commodity
31341306   Non metallic ultra violet welded sheet assemblies      Commodity
31341309   Stainless steel ultra violet welded sheet assemblies   Commodity
31341310   Titanium ultra violet welded sheet assemblies          Commodity
31341311   Waspalloy ultra violet welded sheet assemblies         Commodity
31341312   Copper ultra violet welded sheet assemblies            Commodity
31341313   Brass ultra violet welded sheet assemblies             Commodity
31341400   Sonic welded sheet assemblies                          Class
31341401   Aluminum sonic welded sheet assemblies                 Commodity
31341402   Carbon steel sonic welded sheet assemblies             Commodity
31341403   Hastalloy X sonic welded sheet assemblies              Commodity
31341404   Inconel sonic welded sheet assemblies                  Commodity
31341405   Low alloy steel sonic welded sheet assemblies          Commodity
31341406   Non metallic sonic welded sheet assemblies             Commodity
31341409   Stainless steel sonic welded sheet assemblies          Commodity
31341410   Titanium sonic welded sheet assemblies                 Commodity
31341411   Waspalloy sonic welded sheet assemblies                Commodity
31341412   Copper sonic welded sheet assemblies                   Commodity
31341413   Brass sonic welded sheet assemblies                    Commodity
31341500   Solvent welded sheet assemblies                        Class
31341501   Aluminum solvent welded sheet assemblies               Commodity
31341502   Carbon steel solvent welded sheet assemblies           Commodity
31341503   Hastalloy X solvent welded sheet assemblies            Commodity
31341504   Inconel solvent welded sheet assemblies                Commodity
31341505   Low alloy steel solvent welded sheet assemblies        Commodity
31341506   Non metallic solvent welded sheet assemblies           Commodity
31341509   Stainless steel solvent welded sheet assemblies        Commodity
31341510   Titanium solvent welded sheet assemblies               Commodity
31341511   Waspalloy solvent welded sheet assemblies              Commodity
31341512   Copper solvent welded sheet assemblies                 Commodity
31341513   Brass solvent welded sheet assemblies                  Commodity
31341600   Bonded sheet assemblies                                Class
31341601   Aluminum bonded sheet assemblies                       Commodity
31341602   Carbon steel bonded sheet assemblies                   Commodity
31341603   Hastalloy X bonded sheet assemblies                    Commodity
31341604   Inconel bonded sheet assemblies                        Commodity
31341605   Low alloy steel bonded sheet assemblies                Commodity
31341606   Non metallic bonded sheet assemblies                   Commodity
31341609   Stainless steel bonded sheet assemblies                Commodity
31341610   Titanium bonded sheet assemblies                       Commodity
31341611   Waspalloy bonded sheet assemblies                      Commodity
31341612   Copper bonded sheet assemblies                         Commodity
31341613   Brass bonded sheet assemblies                          Commodity
31341700   Bolted sheet assemblies                                Class
31341701   Aluminum bolted sheet assemblies                       Commodity
31341702   Carbon steel bolted sheet assemblies                   Commodity
31341703   Hastalloy X bolted sheet assemblies                    Commodity
31341704   Inconel bolted sheet assemblies                        Commodity
31341705   Low alloy steel bolted sheet assemblies                Commodity
31341706   Non metallic bolted sheet assemblies                  Commodity
31341709   Stainless steel bolted sheet assemblies               Commodity
31341710   Titanium bolted sheet assemblies                      Commodity
31341711   Waspalloy bolted sheet assemblies                     Commodity
31341712   Copper bolted sheet assemblies                        Commodity
31341713   Brass bolted sheet assemblies                         Commodity
31350000   Fabricated tube assemblies                            Family
31351100   Ultra violet welded UV tube assemblies                Class
31351101   Aluminum ultra violet welded tube assemblies          Commodity
31351102   Carbon steel ultra violet welded tube assemblies      Commodity
31351103   Hastalloy X ultra violet welded tube assemblies       Commodity
31351104   Inconel ultra violet welded tube assemblies           Commodity
31351105   Low alloy steel ultra violet welded tube assemblies   Commodity
31351106   Non metallic ultra violet welded tube assemblies      Commodity
31351109   Stainless steel ultra violet welded tube assemblies   Commodity
31351110   Titanium ultra violet welded tube assemblies          Commodity
31351111   Waspalloy ultra violet welded tube assemblies         Commodity
31351112   Copper ultra violet welded tube assemblies            Commodity
31351113   Brass ultra violet welded tube assemblies             Commodity
31351200   Welded or brazed tube assemblies                      Class
31351201   Aluminum welded or brazed tube assemblies             Commodity
31351202   Carbon steel welded or brazed tube assemblies         Commodity
31351203   Hastalloy X welded or brazed tube assemblies          Commodity
31351204   Inconel welded or brazed tube assemblies              Commodity
31351205   Low alloy steel welded or brazed tube assemblies      Commodity
31351206   Non metallic welded or brazed tube assemblies         Commodity
31351209   Stainless steel welded or brazed tube assemblies      Commodity
31351210   Titanium welded or brazed tube assemblies             Commodity
31351211   Waspalloy welded or brazed tube assemblies            Commodity
31351212   Copper welded or brazed tube assemblies               Commodity
31351213   Brass welded or brazed tube assemblies                Commodity
31351300   Riveted tube assemblies                               Class
31351301   Aluminum riveted tube assemblies                      Commodity
31351302   Carbon steel riveted tube assemblies                  Commodity
31351303   Hastalloy X riveted tube assemblies                   Commodity
31351304   Inconel riveted tube assemblies                       Commodity
31351305   Low alloy steel riveted tube assemblies               Commodity
31351306   Non metallic riveted tube assemblies                  Commodity
31351309   Stainless steel riveted tube assemblies               Commodity
31351310   Titanium riveted tube assemblies                      Commodity
31351311   Waspalloy riveted tube assemblies                     Commodity
31351312   Copper riveted tube assemblies                        Commodity
31351313   Brass riveted tube assemblies                         Commodity
31351400   Bonded tube assemblies                                Class
31351401   Aluminum bonded tube assemblies                       Commodity
31351402   Carbon steel bonded tube assemblies                   Commodity
31351403   Hastalloy X bonded tube assemblies                    Commodity
31351404   Inconel bonded tube assemblies                   Commodity
31351405   Low alloy steel bonded tube assemblies           Commodity
31351406   Non metallic bonded tube assemblies              Commodity
31351409   Stainless steel bonded tube assemblies           Commodity
31351410   Titanium bonded tube assemblies                  Commodity
31351411   Waspalloy bonded tube assemblies                 Commodity
31351412   Copper bonded tube assemblies                    Commodity
31351413   Brass bonded tube assemblies                     Commodity
31351500   Bolted tube assemblies                           Class
31351501   Aluminum bolted tube assemblies                  Commodity
31351502   Carbon steel bolted tube assemblies              Commodity
31351503   Hastalloy X bolted tube assemblies               Commodity
31351504   Inconel bolted tube assemblies                   Commodity
31351505   Low alloy steel bolted tube assemblies           Commodity
31351506   Non metallic bolted tube assemblies              Commodity
31351509   Stainless steel bolted tube assemblies           Commodity
31351510   Titanium bolted tube assemblies                  Commodity
31351511   Waspalloy bolted tube assemblies                 Commodity
31351512   Copper bolted tube assemblies                    Commodity
31351513   Brass bolted tube assemblies                     Commodity
31351600   Solvent welded tube assemblies                   Class
31351601   Aluminum solvent welded tube assemblies          Commodity
31351602   Carbon steel solvent welded tube assemblies      Commodity
31351603   Hastalloy X solvent welded tube assemblies       Commodity
31351604   Inconel solvent welded tube assemblies           Commodity
31351605   Low alloy steel solvent welded tube assemblies   Commodity
31351606   Non metallic solvent welded tube assemblies      Commodity
31351609   Stainless steel solvent welded tube assemblies   Commodity
31351610   Titanium solvent welded tube assemblies          Commodity
31351611   Waspalloy solvent welded tube assemblies         Commodity
31351612   Copper solvent welded tube assemblies            Commodity
31351613   Brass solvent welded tube assemblies             Commodity
31351700   Sonic welded tube assemblies                     Class
31351701   Aluminum sonic welded tube assemblies            Commodity
31351702   Carbon steel sonic welded tube assemblies        Commodity
31351703   Hastalloy X sonic welded tube assemblies         Commodity
31351704   Inconel sonic welded tube assemblies             Commodity
31351705   Low alloy steel sonic welded tube assemblies     Commodity
31351706   Non metallic sonic welded tube assemblies        Commodity
31351709   Stainless steel sonic welded tube assemblies     Commodity
31351710   Titanium sonic welded tube assemblies            Commodity
31351711   Waspalloy sonic welded tube assemblies           Commodity
31351712   Copper sonic welded tube assemblies              Commodity
31351713   Brass sonic welded tube assemblies               Commodity
31360000   Fabricated plate assemblies                      Family
31361100   Bonded plate assemblies                          Class
31361101   Aluminum bonded plate assemblies                 Commodity
31361102   Carbon steel bonded plate assemblies                Commodity
31361103   Hastalloy X bonded plate assemblies                 Commodity
31361104   Inconel bonded plate assemblies                     Commodity
31361105   Low alloy steel bonded plate assemblies             Commodity
31361106   Non metallic bonded plate assemblies                Commodity
31361109   Stainless steel bonded plate assemblies             Commodity
31361110   Titanium bonded plate assemblies                    Commodity
31361111   Waspalloy bonded plate assemblies                   Commodity
31361112   Copper bonded plate assemblies                      Commodity
31361113   Brass bonded plate assemblies                       Commodity
31361200   Bolted plate assemblies                             Class
31361201   Aluminum bolted plate assemblies                    Commodity
31361202   Carbon steel bolted plate assemblies                Commodity
31361203   Hastalloy X bolted plate assemblies                 Commodity
31361204   Inconel bolted plate assemblies                     Commodity
31361205   Low alloy steel bolted plate assemblies             Commodity
31361206   Non metallic bolted plate assemblies                Commodity
31361209   Stainless steel bolted plate assemblies             Commodity
31361210   Titanium bolted plate assemblies                    Commodity
31361211   Waspalloy bolted plate assemblies                   Commodity
31361212   Copper bolted plate assemblies                      Commodity
31361213   Brass bolted plate assemblies                       Commodity
31361300   Solvent welded plate assemblies                     Class
31361301   Aluminum solvent welded plate assemblies            Commodity
31361302   Carbon steel solvent welded plate assemblies        Commodity
31361303   Hastalloy X solvent welded plate assemblies         Commodity
31361304   Inconel solvent welded plate assemblies             Commodity
31361305   Low alloy steel solvent welded plate assemblies     Commodity
31361306   Non metallic solvent welded plate assemblies        Commodity
31361309   Stainless steel solvent welded plate assemblies     Commodity
31361310   Titanium solvent welded plate assemblies            Commodity
31361311   Waspalloy solvent welded plate assemblies           Commodity
31361312   Copper solvent welded plate assemblies              Commodity
31361313   Brass solvent welded plate assemblies               Commodity
31361400   Welded or brazed plate assemblies                   Class
31361401   Aluminum welded or brazed plate assemblies          Commodity
31361402   Carbon steel welded or brazed plate assemblies      Commodity
31361403   Hastalloy X welded or brazed plate assemblies       Commodity
31361404   Inconel welded or brazed plate assemblies           Commodity
31361405   Low alloy steel welded or brazed plate assemblies   Commodity
31361406   Non metallic welded or brazed plate assemblies      Commodity
31361409   Stainless steel welded or brazed plate assemblies   Commodity
31361410   Titanium welded or brazed plate assemblies          Commodity
31361411   Waspalloy welded or brazed plate assemblies         Commodity
31361412   Copper welded or brazed plate assemblies            Commodity
31361413   Brass welded or brazed plate assemblies             Commodity
31361500   Ultra violet welded UV plate assemblies             Class
31361501   Aluminum ultra violet welded plate assemblies          Commodity
31361502   Carbon steel ultra violet welded plate assemblies      Commodity
31361503   Hastalloy X ultra violet welded plate assemblies       Commodity
31361504   Inconel ultra violet welded plate assemblies           Commodity
31361505   Low alloy steel ultra violet welded plate assemblies   Commodity
31361506   Non metallic ultra violet welded plate assemblies      Commodity
31361509   Stainless steel ultra violet welded plate assemblies   Commodity
31361510   Titanium ultra violet welded plate assemblies          Commodity
31361511   Waspalloy ultra violet welded plate assemblies         Commodity
31361512   Copper ultra violet welded plate assemblies            Commodity
31361513   Brass ultra violet welded plate assemblies             Commodity
31361600   Sonic welded plate assemblies                          Class
31361601   Aluminum sonic welded plate assemblies                 Commodity
31361602   Carbon steel sonic welded plate assemblies             Commodity
31361603   Hastalloy X sonic welded plate assemblies              Commodity
31361604   Inconel sonic welded plate assemblies                  Commodity
31361605   Low alloy steel sonic welded plate assemblies          Commodity
31361606   Non metallic sonic welded plate assemblies             Commodity
31361609   Stainless steel sonic welded plate assemblies          Commodity
31361610   Titanium sonic welded plate assemblies                 Commodity
31361611   Waspalloy sonic welded plate assemblies                Commodity
31361612   Copper sonic welded plate assemblies                   Commodity
31361613   Brass sonic welded plate assemblies                    Commodity
31361700   Riveted plate assemblies                               Class
31361701   Aluminum riveted plate assemblies                      Commodity
31361702   Carbon steel riveted plate assemblies                  Commodity
31361703   Hastalloy X riveted plate assemblies                   Commodity
31361704   Inconel riveted plate assemblies                       Commodity
31361705   Low alloy steel riveted plate assemblies               Commodity
31361706   Non metallic riveted plate assemblies                  Commodity
31361709   Stainless steel riveted plate assemblies               Commodity
31361710   Titanium riveted plate assemblies                      Commodity
31361711   Waspalloy riveted plate assemblies                     Commodity
31361712   Copper riveted plate assemblies                        Commodity
31361713   Brass riveted plate assemblies                         Commodity
31370000   Refractories                                           Family
31371000   Ceramic fibre products                                 Class
31371001   Insulation boards                                      Commodity
31371002   Insulating wool                                        Commodity
31371003   Refractory blankets                                    Commodity
31371100   Refractory bricks                                      Class
31371101   Mullite bricks                                         Commodity
31371102   Sillimanite bricks                                     Commodity
31371103   Acid resistant bricks                                  Commodity
31371104   Silica bricks                                          Commodity
31371105   High alumina bricks                                    Commodity
31371106   Calcium silicate blocks                                Commodity
31371107   Shaped bricks                                                              Commodity
31371200   Castables                                                                  Class
31371201   Dense castables                                                            Commodity
31371202   Insulating castables                                                       Commodity
31371203   Low cement castables                                                       Commodity
31371204   Acid or alkali resistant castable                                          Commodity
31371205   Abrasion resistant castable                                                Commodity
31371206   Sic castable                                                               Commodity
31371207   Self flow castable                                                         Commodity
31371208   Tabular alumina castable                                                   Commodity
31371209   Erosion resistant castable                                                 Commodity
31371300   Shaped refractories                                                        Class
31371301   Porous blocks                                                              Commodity
31371302   Zircon nozzles                                                             Commodity
31371400   Refractory tiles                                                           Class
31371401   Silica tiles                                                               Commodity
31380000   Magnets and magnetic materials                                             Family
31381000   Permanent magnets                                                          Class
31381001   Lode stone                                                                 Commodity
31381002   Alnico magnets                                                             Commodity
31381003   Ferrite magnets                                                            Commodity
31381004   Neodynium magnets                                                          Commodity
31381005   Samarium cobalt magnets                                                    Commodity
31381100   Cast magnets and magnet assemblies                                         Class
31381101   Cast machined isotropic ferrite magnet                                     Commodity
31381102   Cast machined isotropic barium ferrite magnet                              Commodity
31381103   Cast machined isotropic strontium ferrite magnet                           Commodity
31381104   Cast machined isotropic neodymium magnet                                   Commodity
31381105   Cast machined isotropic samarium cobalt magnet                             Commodity
31381106   Cast machined isotropic ferrous aluminum nickel cobalt magnet              Commodity
31381107   Cast machined anisotropic ferrite magnet                                   Commodity
31381108   Cast machined anisotropic barium ferrite magnet                            Commodity
31381109   Cast machined anisotropic strontium ferrite magnet                         Commodity
31381110   Cast machined anisotropic samarium cobalt magnet                           Commodity
31381111   Cast machined anisotropic ferrous aluminum nickel cobalt magnet            Commodity
31381112   Cast machined and coated isotropic ferrite magnet                          Commodity
31381113   Cast machined and coated isotropic barium ferrite magnet                   Commodity
31381114   Cast machined and coated isotropic strontium ferrite magnet                Commodity
31381115   Cast machined and coated isotropic neodymium magnet                        Commodity
31381116   Cast machined and coated isotropic samarium cobalt magnet                  Commodity

31381117   Cast machined and coated isotropic ferrous aluminum nickel cobalt magnet   Commodity
31381118   Cast machined and coated anisotropic ferrite magnet                        Commodity
31381119   Cast machined and coated anisotropic barium ferrite magnet                 Commodity
31381120   Cast machined and coated anisotropic strontium ferrite magnet              Commodity
31381121   Cast machined and coated anisotropic samarium cobalt magnet                Commodity
31381122   Cast machined and coated anisotropic ferrous aluminum nickel cobalt magnet   Commodity
31381123   Cast coated isotropic ferrite magnet                                         Commodity
31381124   Cast coated isotropic barium ferrite magnet                                  Commodity
31381125   Cast coated isotropic strontium ferrite magnet                               Commodity
31381126   Cast coated isotropic neodymium magnet                                       Commodity
31381127   Cast coated isotropic samarium cobalt magnet                                 Commodity
31381128   Cast coated isotropic ferrous aluminum nickel cobalt magnet                  Commodity
31381129   Cast coated anisotropic ferrite magnet                                       Commodity
31381130   Cast coated anisotropic barium ferrite magnet                                Commodity
31381131   Cast coated anisotropic strontium ferrite magnet                             Commodity
31381132   Cast coated anisotropic samarium cobalt magnet                               Commodity
31381133   Cast coated anisotropic ferrous aluminum nickel cobalt magnet                Commodity
31381134   Cast off tool isotropic ferrite magnet                                       Commodity
31381135   Cast off tool isotropic barium ferrite magnet                                Commodity
31381136   Cast off tool isotropic strontium ferrite magnet                             Commodity
31381137   Cast off tool isotropic neodymium magnet                                     Commodity
31381138   Cast off tool isotropic samarium cobalt magnet                               Commodity
31381139   Cast off tool isotropic ferrous aluminum nickel cobalt magnet                Commodity
31381140   Cast off tool anisotropic ferrite magnet                                     Commodity
31381141   Cast off tool anisotropic barium ferrite magnet                              Commodity
31381142   Cast off tool anisotropic strontium ferrite magnet                           Commodity
31381143   Cast off tool anisotropic samarium cobalt magnet                             Commodity
31381144   Cast off tool anisotropic ferrous aluminum nickel cobalt magnet              Commodity
31381145   Cast isotropic ferrite magnet assembly                                       Commodity
31381146   Cast isotropic barium ferrite magnet assembly                                Commodity
31381147   Cast isotropic strontium ferrite magnet assembly                             Commodity
31381148   Cast isotropic neodymium magnet assembly                                     Commodity
31381149   Cast isotropic samarium cobalt magnet assembly                               Commodity
31381150   Cast isotropic ferrous aluminum nickel cobalt magnet assembly                Commodity
31381151   Cast anisotropic ferrite magnet assembly                                     Commodity
31381152   Cast anisotropic barium ferrite magnet assembly                              Commodity
31381153   Cast anisotropic strontium ferrite magnet assembly                           Commodity
31381154   Cast anisotropic samarium cobalt magnet assembly                             Commodity
31381155   Cast anisotropic ferrous aluminum nickel cobalt magnet assembly              Commodity
31381200   Sintered magnets and magnet assemblies                                       Class
31381201   Sintered machined isotropic ferrite magnet                                   Commodity
31381202   Sintered machined isotropic barium ferrite magnet                            Commodity
31381203   Sintered machined isotropic strontium ferrite magnet                         Commodity
31381204   Sintered machined isotropic neodymium magnet                                 Commodity
31381205   Sintered machined isotropic samarium cobalt magnet                           Commodity
31381206   Sintered machined isotropic ferrous aluminum nickel cobalt magnet            Commodity
31381207   Sintered machined anisotropic ferrite magnet                                 Commodity
31381208   Sintered machined anisotropic barium ferrite magnet                          Commodity
31381209   Sintered machined anisotropic strontium ferrite magnet                       Commodity
31381210   Sintered machined anisotropic samarium cobalt magnet                         Commodity
31381211   Sintered machined anisotropic ferrous aluminum nickel cobalt magnet          Commodity
31381212   Sintered machined and coated isotropic ferrite magnet                            Commodity
31381213   Sintered machined and coated isotropic barium ferrite magnet                     Commodity
31381214   Sintered machined and coated isotropic strontium ferrite magnet                  Commodity
31381215   Sintered machined and coated isotropic neodymium magnet                          Commodity
31381216   Sintered machined and coated isotropic samarium cobalt magnet                    Commodity

31381217   Sintered machined and coated isotropic ferrous aluminum nickel cobalt magnet     Commodity
31381218   Sintered machined and coated anisotropic ferrite magnet                          Commodity
31381219   Sintered machined and coated anisotropic barium ferrite magnet                   Commodity
31381220   Sintered machined and coated anisotropic strontium ferrite magnet                Commodity
31381221   Sintered machined and coated anisotropic samarium cobalt magnet                  Commodity

31381222   Sintered machined and coated anisotropic ferrous aluminum nickel cobalt magnet   Commodity
31381223   Sintered coated isotropic ferrite magnet                                         Commodity
31381224   Sintered coated isotropic barium ferrite magnet                                  Commodity
31381225   Sintered coated isotropic strontium ferrite magnet                               Commodity
31381226   Sintered coated isotropic neodymium magnet                                       Commodity
31381227   Sintered coated isotropic samarium cobalt magnet                                 Commodity
31381228   Sintered coated isotropic ferrous aluminum nickel cobalt magnet                  Commodity
31381229   Sintered coated anisotropic ferrite magnet                                       Commodity
31381230   Sintered coated anisotropic barium ferrite magnet                                Commodity
31381231   Sintered coated anisotropic strontium ferrite magnet                             Commodity
31381232   Sintered coated anisotropic samarium cobalt magnet                               Commodity
31381233   Sintered coated anisotropic ferrous aluminum nickel cobalt magnet                Commodity
31381234   Sintered off tool isotropic ferrite magnet                                       Commodity
31381235   Sintered off tool isotropic barium ferrite magnet                                Commodity
31381236   Sintered off tool isotropic strontium ferrite magnet                             Commodity
31381237   Sintered off tool isotropic neodymium magnet                                     Commodity
31381238   Sintered off tool isotropic samarium cobalt magnet                               Commodity
31381239   Sintered off tool isotropic ferrous aluminum nickel cobalt magnet                Commodity
31381240   Sintered off tool anisotropic ferrite magnet                                     Commodity
31381241   Sintered off tool anisotropic barium ferrite magnet                              Commodity
31381242   Sintered off tool anisotropic strontium ferrite magnet                           Commodity
31381243   Sintered off tool anisotropic samarium cobalt magnet                             Commodity
31381244   Sintered off tool anisotropic ferrous aluminum nickel cobalt magnet              Commodity
31381245   Sintered isotropic ferrite magnet assembly                                       Commodity
31381246   Sintered isotropic barium ferrite magnet assembly                                Commodity
31381247   Sintered isotropic strontium ferrite magnet assembly                             Commodity
31381248   Sintered isotropic neodymium magnet assembly                                     Commodity
31381249   Sintered isotropic samarium cobalt magnet assembly                               Commodity
31381250   Sintered isotropic ferrous aluminum nickel cobalt magnet assembly                Commodity
31381251   Sintered anisotropic ferrite magnet assembly                                     Commodity
31381252   Sintered anisotropic barium ferrite magnet assembly                              Commodity
31381253   Sintered anisotropic strontium ferrite magnet assembly                           Commodity
31381254   Sintered anisotropic samarium cobalt magnet assembly                             Commodity
31381255   Sintered anisotropic ferrous aluminum nickel cobalt magnet assembly              Commodity
31381300   Pressed magnet and magnet assemblies                                             Class
31381301   Pressed sintered and machined isotropic ferrite magnet                          Commodity
31381302   Pressed sintered and machined isotropic barium ferrite magnet                   Commodity
31381303   Pressed sintered and machined isotropic strontium ferrite magnet                Commodity
31381304   Pressed sintered and machined isotropic neodymium magnet                        Commodity
31381305   Pressed sintered and machined isotropic samarium cobalt magnet                  Commodity

31381306   Pressed sintered and machined isotropic ferrous aluminum nickel cobalt magnet   Commodity
31381307   Pressed sintered and machined anisotropic ferrite magnet                        Commodity
31381308   Pressed sintered and machined anisotropic barium ferrite magnet                 Commodity
31381309   Pressed sintered and machined anisotropic strontium ferrite magnet              Commodity
31381310   Pressed sintered and machined anisotropic samarium cobalt magnet                Commodity

31381311   Pressed sintered and machined anisotropic ferrous aluminum nickel cobalt magnet Commodity
31381312   Pressed sintered and machined and coated isotropic ferrite magnet               Commodity

31381313   Pressed sintered and machined and coated isotropic barium ferrite magnet        Commodity

31381314   Pressed sintered and machined and coated isotropic strontium ferrite magnet     Commodity
31381315   Pressed sintered and machined and coated isotropic neodymium magnet             Commodity

31381316   Pressed sintered and machined and coated isotropic samarium cobalt magnet         Commodity
           Pressed sintered and machined and coated isotropic ferrous aluminum nickel cobalt
31381317   magnet                                                                            Commodity
31381318   Pressed sintered and machined and coated anisotropic ferrite magnet               Commodity

31381319   Pressed sintered and machined and coated anisotropic barium ferrite magnet      Commodity

31381320   Pressed sintered and machined and coated anisotropic strontium ferrite magnet   Commodity

31381321   Pressed sintered and machined and coated anisotropic samarium cobalt magnet     Commodity
           Pressed sintered and machined and coated anisotropic ferrous aluminum nickel
31381322   cobalt magnet                                                                   Commodity
31381323   Pressed sintered and coated isotropic ferrite magnet                            Commodity
31381324   Pressed sintered and coated isotropic barium ferrite magnet                     Commodity
31381325   Pressed sintered and coated isotropic strontium ferrite magnet                  Commodity
31381326   Pressed sintered and coated isotropic neodymium magnet                          Commodity
31381327   Pressed sintered and coated isotropic samarium cobalt magnet                    Commodity

31381328   Pressed sintered and coated isotropic ferrous aluminum nickel cobalt magnet     Commodity
31381329   Pressed sintered and coated anisotropic ferrite magnet                          Commodity
31381330   Pressed sintered and coated anisotropic barium ferrite magnet                   Commodity
31381331   Pressed sintered and coated anisotropic strontium ferrite magnet                Commodity
31381332   Pressed sintered and coated anisotropic samarium cobalt magnet                  Commodity

31381333   Pressed sintered and coated anisotropic ferrous aluminum nickel cobalt magnet   Commodity
31381334   Pressed and sintered off tool isotropic ferrite magnet                          Commodity
31381335   Pressed and sintered off tool isotropic barium ferrite magnet                   Commodity
31381336   Pressed and sintered off tool isotropic strontium ferrite magnet                Commodity
31381337   Pressed and sintered off tool isotropic neodymium magnet                        Commodity
31381338   Pressed and sintered off tool isotropic samarium cobalt magnet                  Commodity
31381339   Pressed and sintered off tool isotropic ferrous aluminum nickel cobalt magnet     Commodity
31381340   Pressed and sintered off tool anisotropic ferrite magnet                          Commodity
31381341   Pressed and sintered off tool anisotropic barium ferrite magnet                   Commodity
31381342   Pressed and sintered off tool anisotropic strontium ferrite magnet                Commodity
31381343   Pressed and sintered off tool anisotropic samarium cobalt magnet                  Commodity

31381344   Pressed and sintered off tool anisotropic ferrous aluminum nickel cobalt magnet   Commodity
31381345   Pressed and sintered isotropic ferrite magnet assembly                            Commodity
31381346   Pressed and sintered isotropic barium ferrite magnet assembly                     Commodity
31381347   Pressed and sintered isotropic strontium ferrite magnet assembly                  Commodity
31381348   Pressed and sintered isotropic neodymium magnet assembly                          Commodity
31381349   Pressed and sintered isotropic samarium cobalt magnet assembly                    Commodity

31381350   Pressed and sintered isotropic ferrous aluminum nickel cobalt magnet assembly     Commodity
31381351   Pressed and sintered anisotropic ferrite magnet assembly                          Commodity
31381352   Pressed and sintered anisotropic barium ferrite magnet assembly                   Commodity
31381353   Pressed and sintered anisotropic strontium ferrite magnet assembly                Commodity
31381354   Pressed and sintered anisotropic samarium cobalt magnet assembly                  Commodity

31381355   Pressed and sintered anisotropic ferrous aluminum nickel cobalt magnet assembly   Commodity
31381400   Plastic bonded magnets and magnet assemblies                                      Class
31381401   Plastic bonded machined isotropic ferrite magnet                                  Commodity
31381402   Plastic bonded machined isotropic barium ferrite magnet                           Commodity
31381403   Plastic bonded machined isotropic strontium ferrite magnet                        Commodity
31381404   Plastic bonded machined isotropic neodymium magnet                                Commodity
31381405   Plastic bonded machined isotropic samarium cobalt magnet                          Commodity

31381406   Plastic bonded machined isotropic ferrous aluminum nickel cobalt magnet           Commodity
31381407   Plastic bonded machined anisotropic ferrite magnet                                Commodity
31381408   Plastic bonded machined anisotropic barium ferrite magnet                         Commodity
31381409   Plastic bonded machined anisotropic strontium ferrite magnet                      Commodity
31381410   Plastic bonded machined anisotropic samarium cobalt magnet                        Commodity

31381411   Plastic bonded machined anisotropic ferrous aluminum nickel cobalt magnet         Commodity
31381412   Plastic bonded machined and coated isotropic ferrite magnet                       Commodity
31381413   Plastic bonded machined and coated isotropic barium ferrite magnet                Commodity
31381414   Plastic bonded machined and coated isotropic strontium ferrite magnet             Commodity
31381415   Plastic bonded machined and coated isotropic neodymium magnet                     Commodity
31381416   Plastic bonded machined and coated isotropic samarium cobalt magnet               Commodity
           Plastic bonded machined and coated isotropic ferrous aluminum nickel cobalt
31381417   magnet                                                                            Commodity
31381418   Plastic bonded machined and coated anisotropic ferrite magnet                     Commodity
31381419   Plastic bonded machined and coated anisotropic barium ferrite magnet              Commodity
31381420   Plastic bonded machined and coated anisotropic strontium ferrite magnet           Commodity

31381421   Plastic bonded machined and coated anisotropic samarium cobalt magnet             Commodity
           Plastic bonded machined and coated anisotropic ferrous aluminum nickel cobalt
31381422   magnet                                                                            Commodity
31381423   Plastic bonded coated isotropic ferrite magnet                                  Commodity
31381424   Plastic bonded coated isotropic barium ferrite magnet                           Commodity
31381425   Plastic bonded coated isotropic strontium ferrite magnet                        Commodity
31381426   Plastic bonded coated isotropic neodymium magnet                                Commodity
31381427   Plastic bonded coated isotropic samarium cobalt magnet                          Commodity
31381428   Plastic bonded coated isotropic ferrous aluminum nickel cobalt magnet           Commodity
31381429   Plastic bonded coated anisotropic ferrite magnet                                Commodity
31381430   Plastic bonded coated anisotropic barium ferrite magnet                         Commodity
31381431   Plastic bonded coated anisotropic strontium ferrite magnet                      Commodity
31381432   Plastic bonded coated anisotropic samarium cobalt magnet                        Commodity
31381433   Plastic bonded coated anisotropic ferrous aluminum nickel cobalt magnet         Commodity
31381434   Plastic bonded off tool isotropic ferrite magnet                                Commodity
31381435   Plastic bonded off tool isotropic barium ferrite magnet                         Commodity
31381436   Plastic bonded off tool isotropic strontium ferrite magnet                      Commodity
31381437   Plastic bonded off tool isotropic neodymium magnet                              Commodity
31381438   Plastic bonded off tool isotropic samarium cobalt magnet                        Commodity
31381439   Plastic bonded off tool isotropic ferrous aluminum nickel cobalt magnet         Commodity
31381440   Plastic bonded off tool anisotropic ferrite magnet                              Commodity
31381441   Plastic bonded off tool anisotropic barium ferrite magnet                       Commodity
31381442   Plastic bonded off tool anisotropic strontium ferrite magnet                    Commodity
31381443   Plastic bonded off tool anisotropic samarium cobalt magnet                      Commodity

31381444   Plastic bonded off tool anisotropic ferrous aluminum nickel cobalt magnet       Commodity
31381445   Plastic bonded isotropic ferrite magnet assembly                                Commodity
31381446   Plastic bonded isotropic barium ferrite magnet assembly                         Commodity
31381447   Plastic bonded isotropic strontium ferrite magnet assembly                      Commodity
31381448   Plastic bonded isotropic neodymium magnet assembly                              Commodity
31381449   Plastic bonded isotropic samarium cobalt magnet assembly                        Commodity
31381450   Plastic bonded isotropic ferrous aluminum nickel cobalt magnet assembly         Commodity
31381451   Plastic bonded anisotropic ferrite magnet assembly                              Commodity
31381452   Plastic bonded anisotropic barium ferrite magnet assembly                       Commodity
31381453   Plastic bonded anisotropic strontium ferrite magnet assembly                    Commodity
31381454   Plastic bonded anisotropic samarium cobalt magnet assembly                      Commodity

31381455   Plastic bonded anisotropic ferrous aluminum nickel cobalt magnet assembly       Commodity
31381500   Injection molded magnets and magnet assemblies                                  Class
31381501   Plastic bonded injection molded machined isotropic ferrite magnet               Commodity

31381502   Plastic bonded injection molded machined isotropic barium ferrite magnet        Commodity

31381503   Plastic bonded injection molded machined isotropic strontium ferrite magnet     Commodity
31381504   Plastic bonded injection molded machined isotropic neodymium magnet             Commodity

31381505   Plastic bonded injection molded machined isotropic samarium cobalt magnet         Commodity
           Plastic bonded injection molded machined isotropic ferrous aluminum nickel cobalt
31381506   magnet                                                                            Commodity
31381507   Plastic bonded injection molded machined anisotropic ferrite magnet               Commodity
31381508   Plastic bonded injection molded machined anisotropic barium ferrite magnet          Commodity

31381509   Plastic bonded injection molded machined anisotropic strontium ferrite magnet       Commodity

31381510   Plastic bonded injection molded machined anisotropic samarium cobalt magnet         Commodity
           Plastic bonded injection molded machined anisotropic ferrous aluminum nickel
31381511   cobalt magnet                                                                       Commodity

31381512   Plastic bonded injection molded machined and coated isotropic ferrite magnet        Commodity
           Plastic bonded injection molded machined and coated isotropic barium ferrite
31381513   magnet                                                                              Commodity
           Plastic bonded injection molded machined and coated isotropic strontium ferrite
31381514   magnet                                                                              Commodity
           Plastic bonded injection molded machined and coated isotropic neodymium
31381515   magnet                                                                              Commodity
           Plastic bonded injection molded machined and coated isotropic samarium cobalt
31381516   magnet                                                                              Commodity
           Plastic bonded injection molded machined and coated isotropic ferrous aluminum
31381517   nickel cobalt magnet                                                                Commodity

31381518   Plastic bonded injection molded machined and coated anisotropic ferrite magnet      Commodity
           Plastic bonded injection molded machined and coated anisotropic barium ferrite
31381519   magnet                                                                              Commodity
           Plastic bonded injection molded machined and coated anisotropic strontium ferrite
31381520   magnet                                                                              Commodity
           Plastic bonded injection molded machined and coated anisotropic samarium cobalt
31381521   magnet                                                                              Commodity
           Plastic bonded injection molded machined and coated anisotropic ferrous
31381522   aluminum nickel cobalt magnet                                                       Commodity
31381523   Plastic bonded injection molded coated isotropic ferrite magnet                     Commodity
31381524   Plastic bonded injection molded coated isotropic barium ferrite magnet              Commodity
31381525   Plastic bonded injection molded coated isotropic strontium ferrite magnet           Commodity
31381526   Plastic bonded injection molded coated isotropic neodymium magnet                   Commodity

31381527   Plastic bonded injection molded coated isotropic samarium cobalt magnet             Commodity
           Plastic bonded injection molded coated isotropic ferrous aluminum nickel cobalt
31381528   magnet                                                                              Commodity
31381529   Plastic bonded injection molded coated anisotropic ferrite magnet                   Commodity
31381530   Plastic bonded injection molded coated anisotropic barium ferrite magnet            Commodity

31381531   Plastic bonded injection molded coated anisotropic strontium ferrite magnet         Commodity

31381532   Plastic bonded injection molded coated anisotropic samarium cobalt magnet           Commodity
           Plastic bonded injection molded coated anisotropic ferrous aluminum nickel cobalt
31381533   magnet                                                                              Commodity
31381534   Plastic bonded injection molded off tool isotropic ferrite magnet                   Commodity
31381535   Plastic bonded injection molded off tool isotropic barium ferrite magnet            Commodity

31381536   Plastic bonded injection molded off tool isotropic strontium ferrite magnet         Commodity
31381537   Plastic bonded injection molded off tool isotropic neodymium magnet                 Commodity
31381538   Plastic bonded injection molded off tool isotropic samarium cobalt magnet             Commodity
           Plastic bonded injection molded off tool isotropic ferrous aluminum nickel cobalt
31381539   magnet                                                                                Commodity
31381540   Plastic bonded injection molded off tool anisotropic ferrite magnet                   Commodity

31381541   Plastic bonded injection molded off tool anisotropic barium ferrite magnet            Commodity

31381542   Plastic bonded injection molded off tool anisotropic strontium ferrite magnet         Commodity

31381543   Plastic bonded injection molded off tool anisotropic samarium cobalt magnet           Commodity
           Plastic bonded injection molded off tool anisotropic ferrous aluminum nickel cobalt
31381544   magnet                                                                                Commodity
31381545   Plastic bonded injection molded isotropic ferrite magnet assembly                     Commodity
31381546   Plastic bonded injection molded isotropic barium ferrite magnet assembly              Commodity

31381547   Plastic bonded injection molded isotropic strontium ferrite magnet assembly           Commodity
31381548   Plastic bonded injection molded isotropic neodymium magnet assembly                   Commodity

31381549   Plastic bonded injection molded isotropic samarium cobalt magnet assembly             Commodity
           Plastic bonded injection molded isotropic ferrous aluminum nickel cobalt magnet
31381550   assembly                                                                              Commodity
31381551   Plastic bonded injection molded anisotropic ferrite magnet assembly                   Commodity

31381552   Plastic bonded injection molded anisotropic barium ferrite magnet assembly            Commodity

31381553   Plastic bonded injection molded anisotropic strontium ferrite magnet assembly         Commodity

31381554   Plastic bonded injection molded anisotropic samarium cobalt magnet assembly           Commodity
           Plastic bonded injection molded anisotropic ferrous aluminum nickel cobalt magnet
31381555   assembly                                                                              Commodity
31390000   Machinings                                                                            Family
31391500   Standard precision machinings                                                         Class
31391501   Plastic standard precision machining                                                  Commodity
31391502   Ceramic standard precision machining                                                  Commodity
31391503   Steel standard precision machining                                                    Commodity
31391504   Stainless steel standard precision machining                                          Commodity
31391505   Aluminum standard precision machining                                                 Commodity
31391506   Brass standard precision machining                                                    Commodity
31391600   Medium precision machinings                                                           Class
31391601   Plastic medium precision machining                                                    Commodity
31391602   Ceramic medium precision machining                                                    Commodity
31391603   Steel medium precision machining                                                      Commodity
31391604   Stainless steel medium precision machining                                            Commodity
31391605   Aluminum medium precision machining                                                   Commodity
31391606   Brass medium precision machining                                                      Commodity
31391700   High precision machinings                                                             Class
31391701   Plastic high precision machining                                                      Commodity
31391702   Ceramic high precision machining                                                      Commodity
31391703   Steel high precision machining                                                        Commodity
31391704   Stainless steel high precision machining                       Commodity
31391705   Aluminum high precision machining                              Commodity
31391706   Brass high precision machining                                 Commodity
32000000   Electronic Components and Supplies                             Segment
32100000   Printed circuits and integrated circuits and microassemblies   Family
32101500   Circuit assemblies and radio frequency RF components           Class
32101502   Printed circuit assemblies PCAs                                Commodity
32101503   Mixed circuit assemblies                                       Commodity
32101504   Surface mount circuit assemblies                               Commodity
32101505   Plated through circuit assemblies                              Commodity
32101506   Double sided circuit cards                                     Commodity
32101507   Backplane circuit cards                                        Commodity
32101508   Multilayer circuit cards                                       Commodity
32101509   Single sided circuit cards                                     Commodity
32101510   Printed wire boards                                            Commodity
32101512   Demodulators                                                   Commodity
32101513   Application specific circuit assemblies                        Commodity
32101514   Amplifiers                                                     Commodity
32101515   Attenuators                                                    Commodity
32101516   Circulators                                                    Commodity
32101517   Couplers                                                       Commodity
32101518   Delay lines                                                    Commodity
32101519   Detectors                                                      Commodity
32101520   Dummy loads                                                    Commodity
32101521   Radio frequency RF filters                                     Commodity
32101522   Isolators                                                      Commodity
32101523   Mixers                                                         Commodity
32101524   Phase shifters                                                 Commodity
32101525   Power dividers                                                 Commodity
32101526   Wave tube amplifiers                                           Commodity
32101527   Terminations                                                   Commodity
32101528   Modulators                                                     Commodity
32101529   Splitter                                                       Commodity
32101530   Radio frequency RF combiner                                    Commodity
32101531   Attenuator network pad                                         Commodity
32101600   Integrated circuits                                            Class
32101601   Random access memory RAM                                       Commodity
32101602   Dynamic random access memory DRAM                              Commodity
32101603   Static random access memory SRAM                               Commodity
32101604   Programmable read only memory PROM                             Commodity
32101605   Eraseable programmable read only memory EPROM                  Commodity
32101606   Electronically erasable programmable read only memory EEPROM   Commodity
32101607   Monolithic memory integrated circuits MMIC                     Commodity
32101608   Read only memory ROM                                           Commodity
32101609   Application specific integrated circuits ASIC                  Commodity
32101611   Programmable array logic PAL                                   Commodity
32101612   Gate array logic GAL                                           Commodity
32101613   Transistor transistor logic TTL                                     Commodity
32101614   Emitter coupled logic ECL                                           Commodity
32101615   Bipolar or metal oxide semiconductor technology BIMOS               Commodity
32101616   Bipolar complementary metal oxide semiconductor technology BICMOS   Commodity
32101617   Smart cards                                                         Commodity
32101618   Unscreened integrated circuits                                      Commodity
32101619   Linear integrated circuits                                          Commodity
32101620   Digital integrated circuits                                         Commodity
32101621   Synchronous dynamic random access memory SDRAM                      Commodity
32101622   Flash memory                                                        Commodity
32101623   Rambus dynamic random access memory RDRAM                           Commodity
32101624   Synchronous graphic random access memory SGRAM                      Commodity
32101625   Motor drive or control integrated circuits                          Commodity
32101626   Microprocessors                                                     Commodity
32101627   Clock oscillators                                                   Commodity
32101628   Microcontrollers                                                    Commodity
32101629   Operational amplifiers                                              Commodity
32101630   Voltage regulator integrated circuits                               Commodity
32101631   Voltage comparator integrated circuits                              Commodity
32101632   Timer integrated circuits                                           Commodity
32101633   Logic gates                                                         Commodity
32101634   Flip flops                                                          Commodity
32101635   Shift registers                                                     Commodity
32101636   Digital Signal Processor DSP                                        Commodity
32101637   Network Processors                                                  Commodity
32101638   Application specific integrated circuit                             Commodity
32101639   8 bit microcontroller                                               Commodity
32101640   16 bit microcontroller                                              Commodity
32101641   Low end digital signal processor DSP                                Commodity
32101642   32 bit midrange microcontroller                                     Commodity
32101643   Programmable logic integrated circuit                               Commodity
32101644   High end digital signal processor DSP                               Commodity
32101645   32 bit high end microcontroller                                     Commodity
32101646   NOR parallel flash memory                                           Commodity
32101647   NOR serial flash memory                                             Commodity
32101648   NAND flash memory                                                   Commodity
32101649   Standard analog or linear integrated circuit                        Commodity
32101650   Analog audio amplifier integrated circuit                           Commodity
32101651   Digital audio amplifier integrated circuit                          Commodity
32101652   Standard logic integrated circuit                                   Commodity
32101653   Microwave integrated circuit                                        Commodity
32101654   Bus transceiver integrated circuit                                  Commodity
32101655   Satellite digital audio radio service integrated circuit            Commodity
32101656   Geographic position system GPS integrated circuit                   Commodity
32101657   Tuner integrated circuit                                            Commodity
32101658   Graphics accelerator integrated circuit                             Commodity
32101659   Drivers display integrated circuit                                  Commodity
32101660   Angular rate sensor integrated circuit                 Commodity
32101661   Accelerometer integrated circuit                       Commodity
32101662   Hall effect integrated circuit                         Commodity
32101663   Infrared IR temperature sensor integrated circuit      Commodity
32101664   Ultrasonic integrated circuit                          Commodity
32101665   Image sensor integrated circuit                        Commodity
32101666   Video or media processor integrated circuit            Commodity
32101667   Vision processor integrated circuit                    Commodity
32101668   Codecs integrated circuit                              Commodity
32101669   Communication protocol integrated circuit              Commodity
32101670   Transponder integrated circuit                         Commodity
32110000   Discrete semiconductor devices                         Family
32111500   Diodes                                                 Class
32111501   Microwave diodes                                       Commodity
32111502   Zener diodes                                           Commodity
32111503   Light emitting diodes LEDs                             Commodity
32111504   Schottky diodes                                        Commodity
32111505   Tunnel diodes                                          Commodity
32111506   Photosensitive diodes                                  Commodity
32111507   Variable capacitance diodes                            Commodity
32111508   Solar diodes                                           Commodity
32111509   Power diodes                                           Commodity
32111510   Radio frequency RF diodes                              Commodity
32111511   Small signal diodes                                    Commodity
32111512   Laser diodes                                           Commodity
32111513   Varactor diode                                         Commodity
32111514   PIN diode                                              Commodity
32111515   Optical diode                                          Commodity
32111600   Transistors                                            Class
32111601   Photo sensitive transistors                            Commodity
32111602   Field effect transistors FET                           Commodity
32111603   Metal oxide silicone field effect transistors MOSFET   Commodity
32111604   Transistor chips                                       Commodity
32111607   Bipolar darlington or radio frequency RF transistors   Commodity
32111608   Unijunction transistors                                Commodity
32111609   Insulated gate bipolar transistors IGBT                Commodity
32111610   Junction field effect transistors JFET                 Commodity
32111611   Bipolar junction transistors BJT                       Commodity
32111612   Power field effect transistor                          Commodity
32111613   Bipolar or radio frequency bipolar transistor          Commodity
32111614   Smart field effect transistor                          Commodity
32111615   Small signal field effect transistor                   Commodity
32111616   Radio frequency field effect transistor                Commodity
32111700   Semiconductor devices                                  Class
32111701   Photovoltaic cells                                     Commodity
32111702   Thyristors                                             Commodity
32111703   Diacs                                                  Commodity
32111704   Triacs                                                    Commodity
32111705   Optical coupled isolators                                 Commodity
32111706   Crystal oscillators                                       Commodity
32111707   Semiconductor suspector                                   Commodity
32120000   Passive discrete components                               Family
32121500   Capacitors                                                Class
32121501   Fixed capacitors                                          Commodity
32121502   Variable capacitors or varactors                          Commodity
32121503   Adjustable pre set capacitors                             Commodity
32121504   Capacitor networks                                        Commodity
32121505   Aluminum electrolytic fixed capacitor                     Commodity
32121506   Ceramic fixed capacitor                                   Commodity
32121507   Film fixed capacitor                                      Commodity
32121508   Tantalum fixed capacitor                                  Commodity
32121600   Resistors                                                 Class
32121602   Fusistors                                                 Commodity
32121603   Variable resistors or varistors                           Commodity
32121607   Resistor networks                                         Commodity
32121609   Fixed resistors                                           Commodity
32121610   Thermistor                                                Commodity
32121611   Restrictor plate or air restrictor                        Commodity
32121612   Surface mount resistor                                    Commodity
32121613   Wirewound resistor                                        Commodity
32121614   Metal film oxide resistor                                 Commodity
32121615   Carbon film resistor                                      Commodity
32121616   Trimmer resistor                                          Commodity
32121617   Power resistor                                            Commodity
32121700   Discrete components                                       Class
32121701   Rectifiers                                                Commodity
32121702   Inductors                                                 Commodity
32121703   Ferrites                                                  Commodity
32121704   Static converters                                         Commodity
32121705   Inverters                                                 Commodity
32121706   Resistor or capacitor R/C networks                        Commodity
32121707   Silicon controlled rectifier                              Commodity
32121708   Bridge rectifier                                          Commodity
32121709   Wirewound inductor                                        Commodity
32121710   Multilayer inductor                                       Commodity
32121711   Choke inductor                                            Commodity
32121800   Signal filters                                            Class
32121801   Surface acoustic wave SAW filter                          Commodity
32121802   Ceramic filter                                            Commodity
32121803   Microwave filter                                          Commodity
32121900   Resonators                                                Class
32121901   Surface acoustic wave SAW resonator                       Commodity
32121902   Ceramic resonator                                         Commodity
32130000   Electronic hardware and component parts and accessories   Family
32131000   Electronic component parts and raw materials and accessories   Class
32131001   Heat sinks                                                     Commodity
32131002   Semiconductor dies                                             Commodity
32131003   Semiconductor wafers                                           Commodity
32131005   Integrated circuit packages                                    Commodity
32131006   Integrated circuit sockets or mounts                           Commodity
32131007   Discrete component mounts                                      Commodity
32131008   Heat sink compounds                                            Commodity
32131009   Insulators for heat sinks                                      Commodity
32131010   Bare printed circuit boards                                    Commodity
32131011   Integrated circuit lids                                        Commodity
32131012   Sputtering targets                                             Commodity
32131013   Photo mask                                                     Commodity
32131014   Bare flexible printed circuit board                            Commodity
32140000   Electron tube devices and accessories                          Family
32141000   Electron Tubes                                                 Class
32141001   Cathode ray tubes                                              Commodity
32141002   Klystrons                                                      Commodity
32141003   Magnetrons                                                     Commodity
32141004   Traveling wave tubes                                           Commodity
32141005   Disk seal tubes                                                Commodity
32141006   Resnatrons                                                     Commodity
32141007   Thyratrons                                                     Commodity
32141008   Ignitrons                                                      Commodity
32141009   Photo tubes                                                    Commodity
32141010   Photo multiplier tubes                                         Commodity
32141011   Camera or television pickup tubes                              Commodity
32141012   Diode tubes                                                    Commodity
32141013   Triode tubes                                                   Commodity
32141014   Tetrode tubes                                                  Commodity
32141015   Pentode tubes                                                  Commodity
32141016   Multiple valve tubes                                           Commodity
32141100   Electron tube parts and accessories                            Class
32141101   Cathodes or emitters                                           Commodity
32141102   Anode devices                                                  Commodity
32141103   Grid devices                                                   Commodity
32141104   Deflecting devices                                             Commodity
32141105   Tube envelopes or blanks                                       Commodity
32141106   Tube bases                                                     Commodity
32141107   Tube sockets                                                   Commodity
32141108   Electrode pins                                                 Commodity
32141109   Electrode carriers                                             Commodity
32150000   Automation control devices and components and accessories      Family
32151500   Control indicating and signaling devices                       Class
32151501   Control sound module                                           Commodity
32151502   Light module                                                   Commodity
32151503   Stack Light                                                    Commodity
32151504   Electronic circuit equalizer                                                  Commodity
32151600   Programmable logic controller subsystems                                      Class
32151601   Programmable logic controller chassis I/O subsystem                           Commodity
32151602   Programmable logic controller distributed in cabinet I/O subsystem            Commodity
32151603   Programmable logic controller distributed on machine I/O subsystem            Commodity
32151700   Programmable Logic Controllers                                                Class
32151701   Control network linking device                                                Commodity
32151702   Control network PC interface                                                  Commodity
32151703   Programmable Logic Controller Accessories                                     Commodity
32151704   Programmable Logic Controller Chassis                                         Commodity
32151705   Programmable Logic Controller Module                                          Commodity
32151706   Programmable Logic Controller Power Supply                                    Commodity
32151707   Programmable Logic Controller Programming Device                              Commodity
32151800   Safety control devices                                                        Class
32151801   Load switch IEC                                                               Commodity
32151802   Safety Control Module                                                         Commodity
32151803   Safety isolation system                                                       Commodity
32151804   Safety light curtain and scanner                                              Commodity
32151805   Safety mat and edge                                                           Commodity
32151900   Automation control connectivity devices                                       Class
32151901   Bulkhead pass through connector                                               Commodity
32151902   Control system cordset                                                        Commodity
32151903   Control system distribution box                                               Commodity
32151904   Control system patchcord                                                      Commodity
32151905   Control system receptacle                                                     Commodity
32151906   Control system splitter                                                       Commodity
32151907   Control system Y cable                                                        Commodity
32151908   Control system wiring                                                         Commodity
32151909   Field attachable connector                                                    Commodity
32151910   Through panel control connection system                                       Commodity

39000000   Electrical Systems and Lighting and Components and Accessories and Supplies   Segment
39100000   Lamps and lightbulbs and lamp components                                      Family
39101600   Lamps and lightbulbs                                                          Class
39101601   Halogen lamps                                                                 Commodity
39101602   Medical lamps                                                                 Commodity
39101603   Solar lamps                                                                   Commodity
39101605   Fluorescent lamps                                                             Commodity
39101608   Shadowless or scialytic operation light                                       Commodity
39101609   Stage or studio lamps                                                         Commodity
39101612   Incandescent lamps                                                            Commodity
39101613   Infrared lamps                                                                Commodity
39101614   Metal halide lamp HID                                                         Commodity
39101615   Mercury vapor lamp HID                                                        Commodity
39101616   Ultraviolet UV lamps                                                          Commodity
39101617   High pressure sodium lamp HID                                                 Commodity
39101618   Neon lamps                                                                    Commodity
39101619   Compact fluorescent CFL lamps                      Commodity
39101620   Induction lamp                                     Commodity
39101621   Low pressure sodium lamp HID                       Commodity
39101622   Miniature lamp                                     Commodity
39101623   Sealed beam lamp                                   Commodity
39101624   Black light                                        Commodity
39101800   Lamp components and accessories                    Class
39101801   Lamp filament                                      Commodity
39101802   Lamp glass                                         Commodity
39101803   Lamp base                                          Commodity
39101900   Lamp Ballasts and Lamp Transformers                Class
39101901   Fluorescent ballast                                Commodity
39101902   High intensity discharge HID ballast               Commodity
39101903   Induction Lighting System                          Commodity
39101904   Low voltage lighting transformer                   Commodity
39101905   Neon ballast                                       Commodity
39101906   Step down lamp transformer                         Commodity
39101907   Electronic high intensity discharge EHID ballast   Commodity
39110000   Lighting Fixtures and Accessories                  Family
39111500   Interior lighting fixtures and accessories         Class
39111501   Fluorescent fixtures                               Commodity
39111503   Wall fixture                                       Commodity
39111504   Stage or projection or studio lighting system      Commodity
39111505   Recessed lighting                                  Commodity
39111506   Chandeliers                                        Commodity
39111507   Desk fixtures                                      Commodity
39111508   Track lighting                                     Commodity
39111509   Floor lamp fixture                                 Commodity
39111510   Table lamp fixture                                 Commodity
39111512   Laboratory task light                              Commodity
39111513   Interior solar lighting                            Commodity
39111515   Downlighting fixtures                              Commodity
39111518   Hand or extension light                            Commodity
39111520   Halogen lighting fixtures                          Commodity
39111521   Decorative ceiling or flush mount fixture          Commodity
39111522   Pendant lighting                                   Commodity
39111523   Decorative fixture                                 Commodity
39111524   High intensity discharge HID fixture               Commodity
39111525   Incandescent fixture                               Commodity
39111526   Lighting pole or post and hardware                 Commodity
39111527   Solar lighting fixture                             Commodity
39111528   Undercabinet fixture                               Commodity
39111529   Lighting gobo                                      Commodity
39111530   Commercial downlighting fixture                    Commodity
39111531   Commercial downlighting trim                       Commodity
39111532   Fluorescent high bay fixture                       Commodity
39111533   Fluorescent strip                                  Commodity
39111534   Lensed troffer                               Commodity
39111535   Parabolic fixture                            Commodity
39111536   Vanity lighting                              Commodity
39111537   Sports lighting fixture                      Commodity
39111538   Garage or canopy lighting fixture            Commodity
39111600   Exterior lighting fixtures and accessories   Class
39111603   Roadway or highway lighting                  Commodity
39111605   Landscape lighting                           Commodity
39111606   Underwater lighting                          Commodity
39111608   Residential street lights                    Commodity
39111609   Lighting pole or post and hardware           Commodity
39111610   Flashlight                                   Commodity
39111611   Flood light                                  Commodity
39111612   Area lighting                                Commodity
39111613   Security lighting                            Commodity
39111614   Mailbox lighting fixture                     Commodity
39111615   Ingrade lighting                             Commodity
39111616   Outdoor lighting accessories                 Commodity
39111700   Emergency lighting and accessories           Class
39111702   Flashlight                                   Commodity
39111703   Storm lights                                 Commodity
39111704   Flood light                                  Commodity
39111705   Glow stick or light stick                    Commodity
39111706   Strobe or warning lights                     Commodity
39111707   Combo light unit exit                        Commodity
39111708   Emergency exit illuminated sign              Commodity
39111709   Emergency light unit                         Commodity
39111710   Emergency Lighting Accessories               Commodity
39111711   Exit light conversion kit                    Commodity
39111712   Exit light mounting canopy                   Commodity
39111713   Remote lighting fixture                      Commodity
39111714   Signal Flare                                 Commodity
39111800   Lighting accessories                         Class
39111801   Lamp ballasts                                Commodity
39111802   Lamp housings                                Commodity
39111803   Lamp sockets                                 Commodity
39111806   Light boxes                                  Commodity
39111808   Grilles                                      Commodity
39111809   Light conditioner filters                    Commodity
39111810   Lamp starter                                 Commodity
39111811   Electrified tracks                           Commodity
39111812   Lamp covers                                  Commodity
39111813   Lamp arms                                    Commodity
39111814   Ceiling frame lighting flange kit            Commodity
39111815   Lamp and lamp fixture guard                  Commodity
39111816   Lamp Lens                                    Commodity
39111817   Lamp mounting accessory                      Commodity
39111818   Lamp reflector                                            Commodity
39111819   Lamp safety fitting                                       Commodity
39111820   Lamp wiring assembly kit                                  Commodity
39111821   Lighting retrofit kit                                     Commodity
39111822   Lighting wall bracket                                     Commodity
39111823   Lighting post cap                                         Commodity
39111824   Lighting lens diffuser                                    Commodity
39111825   Lamp swing gate                                           Commodity
39111826   Lighting cord set                                         Commodity
39111827   Lighting reflector or reflecting baffle                   Commodity
39111828   Lighting fixture door                                     Commodity
39111829   Lighting channel cover                                    Commodity
39111830   Lighting cross arm                                        Commodity
39111900   Special environment fixtures and accessories              Class
39111901   Hazardous location fluorescent fixtures                   Commodity
39111902   Hazardous location incandescent fixtures                  Commodity
39111903   Longwall lighting                                         Commodity
39111904   Hazardous location high intensity discharge HID fixture   Commodity
39111905   Clean room light fixture                                  Commodity
39111906   Rough service light fixture                               Commodity
39111907   Vapor tight light fixture                                 Commodity
39111908   Vandal resistant light fixture                            Commodity
39112000   Portable and Temporary Lighting and accessories           Class
39112001   Light tower                                               Commodity
39112002   Light cart                                                Commodity
39112003   Light stand                                               Commodity
39112004   Loading dock light                                        Commodity
39112005   Portable fluorescent light                                Commodity
39112006   Portable hand lamp                                        Commodity
39112007   Portable high intensity discharge HID light               Commodity
39112008   Portable incandescent light                               Commodity
39112009   Portable shop light                                       Commodity
39112010   Rope light                                                Commodity
39112011   String or tree light                                      Commodity
39112012   Hand or extension light                                   Commodity
39112100   Optical lighting                                          Class
39112101   Fiber optic lighting                                      Commodity
39112102   Light emitting diode LED optic lighting                   Commodity
39112200   Special effects devices                                   Class
39112201   Atmospheric effect apparatus                              Commodity
39112202   Bubble machine                                            Commodity
39112300   Stage and studio lighting accessories                     Class
39112301   Color changer                                             Commodity
39112302   Color filters                                             Commodity
39112303   Filter holders and frames                                 Commodity
39112304   Gobo holders                                              Commodity
39112305   Gobo rotators and light moving effect accessories         Commodity
39112306   Iris diaphragm                                          Commodity
39112307   Lighting bars                                           Commodity
39112308   Spot chairs                                             Commodity
39112309   Mirror ball or disco ball                               Commodity
39112400   Stage and studio lighting dimming and control devices   Class
39112401   Dimmers and accessories                                 Commodity
39112402   Lighting control consoles and accessories               Commodity
39112403   Lighting power supply and control units                 Commodity
39112500   Stage and studio luminaires                             Class
39112501   Focus spots                                             Commodity
39112502   Follow spots                                            Commodity
39112503   Moving lights                                           Commodity
39112504   Par cans and pin spots                                  Commodity
39112505   Profile type luminaires                                 Commodity
39112506   Spot banks                                              Commodity
39112507   Strip lights                                            Commodity
39112508   Ultraviolet and black light luminaires                  Commodity
39112600   Non electrical lighting devices                         Class
39112601   Alcohol lamp                                            Commodity
39112602   Candle holder                                           Commodity
39112603   Kerosene or propane or natural gas or butane lantern    Commodity
39112604   Wax candle                                              Commodity
39120000   Electrical equipment and components and supplies        Family
39121000   Power conditioning equipment                            Class
39121001   Distribution power transformers                         Commodity
39121002   Power supply transformers                               Commodity
39121003   Instrument transformers                                 Commodity
39121004   Power supply units                                      Commodity
39121006   Power adapters or inverters                             Commodity
39121007   Frequency converters                                    Commodity
39121008   Signal converters                                       Commodity
39121009   Electrical or power regulators                          Commodity
39121010   Magnetic coils                                          Commodity
39121011   Uninterruptible power supplies                          Commodity
39121012   Chokes                                                  Commodity
39121013   Electric rotary converters                              Commodity
39121014   Capacitor banks                                         Commodity
39121015   Reactors                                                Commodity
39121016   Slip rings                                              Commodity
39121017   Power distribution units PDUs                           Commodity
39121018   Intrinsic safety barriers                               Commodity
39121019   Inductive coupling devices                              Commodity
39121020   Signal conditioners                                     Commodity
39121021   Servo drives                                            Commodity
39121022   Electronic transformers                                 Commodity
39121023   Static var compensators                                 Commodity
39121024   Synchronous condensers                                  Commodity
39121025   Buck boost transformer                                         Commodity
39121026   Control power transformer                                      Commodity
39121027   Encapsulated transformer                                       Commodity
39121028   Harmonic mitigation transformer                                Commodity
39121029   Isolation transformer                                          Commodity
39121030   Pad mount transformer                                          Commodity
39121031   Power supply outlet strip                                      Commodity
39121032   Current transformer                                            Commodity
39121033   Potential transformer                                          Commodity
39121034   Zero phase current transformer                                 Commodity
39121035   Motor starting compensator                                     Commodity
39121100   Distribution and control centers and accessories               Class
39121101   Load centers                                                   Commodity
39121102   Meter centers or sockets                                       Commodity
39121103   Panelboards                                                    Commodity
39121104   Motor control centers                                          Commodity
39121105   Switchgear systems                                             Commodity
39121106   Power monitoring or control systems                            Commodity
39121107   Lighting control systems                                       Commodity
39121108   Distribution or control board fixtures                         Commodity
39121109   Transmission transformers                                      Commodity
39121110   Circuit breaker switchboard                                    Commodity
39121111   Fusible switchboard                                            Commodity
39121112   Low voltage alternating and direct current AC DC panelboard    Commodity
39121113   Low voltage motor control center                               Commodity
39121114   Medium voltage motor control center                            Commodity
39121115   Medium voltage switchgear                                      Commodity
39121116   Low voltage switchgear                                         Commodity
39121117   Buss bar                                                       Commodity
39121300   Electrical boxes and enclosures and fittings and accessories   Class
39121301   Control board enclosure                                        Commodity
39121302   Enclosure plates or covers                                     Commodity
39121303   Electrical boxes                                               Commodity
39121304   Electrical box covers                                          Commodity
39121305   Weatherproof boxes                                             Commodity
39121306   Switch box                                                     Commodity
39121307   Floor boxes                                                    Commodity
39121308   Outlet box                                                     Commodity
39121309   Specialty electrical boxes                                     Commodity
39121310   Utility boxes                                                  Commodity
39121311   Electrical fittings                                            Commodity
39121312   Electrical bushing                                             Commodity
39121313   Ceiling flanges                                                Commodity
39121314   Explosion proof enclosure                                      Commodity
39121315   Cast device box                                                Commodity
39121316   Ceiling box                                                    Commodity
39121317   Ceiling pan                                                    Commodity
39121318   Circuit breaker enclosure                      Commodity
39121319   Current transformer enclosure                  Commodity
39121320   Electrical box extension                       Commodity
39121321   Electrical Box Hardware and Accessories        Commodity
39121322   Electrical box partition                       Commodity
39121323   Electrical console and consolet enclosure      Commodity
39121324   Electrical general purpose enclosure           Commodity
39121325   Electrical operator interface unit enclosure   Commodity
39121326   Electrical pushbutton enclosure                Commodity
39121327   Electrical terminal enclosure                  Commodity
39121328   Fire rated poke through box                    Commodity
39121329   Fuse cabinet                                   Commodity
39121330   Gang box                                       Commodity
39121331   Hazardous location box                         Commodity
39121332   Electrical junction box                        Commodity
39121333   Masonry box                                    Commodity
39121334   Modular electrical enclosure                   Commodity
39121335   Telephone termination cabinet                  Commodity
39121336   Underground electrical enclosure               Commodity
39121337   Electrical sealing compound                    Commodity
39121400   Electrical lugs plugs and connectors           Class
39121402   Electrical plugs                               Commodity
39121403   Locking plug                                   Commodity
39121404   Electrical sleeves                             Commodity
39121405   Cable or wire lug                              Commodity
39121406   Electrical receptacles                         Commodity
39121407   Terminal strips                                Commodity
39121408   Mechanical connectors                          Commodity
39121409   Wire connectors                                Commodity
39121410   Terminal blocks                                Commodity
39121412   Backshell connectors                           Commodity
39121413   Circular connectors                            Commodity
39121414   Coaxial connectors                             Commodity
39121415   Flat connectors                                Commodity
39121416   Electronic connector caps                      Commodity
39121419   Flex connectors                                Commodity
39121420   Liquid tight connectors                        Commodity
39121421   Electrical connector assembly                  Commodity
39121422   Mechanical couplings                           Commodity
39121423   Spring jaw connectors                          Commodity
39121424   Terminal block covers                          Commodity
39121425   Terminal block separator                       Commodity
39121426   Jumper bar                                     Commodity
39121427   Wiring taps                                    Commodity
39121428   Electrical taps                                Commodity
39121429   Fiber optic connector                          Commodity
39121431   Cable gland connector                          Commodity
39121432   Electrical terminals                               Commodity
39121433   Radio frequency RF connectors                      Commodity
39121434   Electrical metallic tubing EMT connectors          Commodity
39121435   Connecting leads or wires                          Commodity
39121436   Electrodes                                         Commodity
39121437   Current collector shoes                            Commodity
39121438   Automatic wire or cable connector                  Commodity
39121439   Electrical inlet                                   Commodity
39121440   Electrical extension cable                         Commodity
39121441   Electrical jumper cable                            Commodity
39121442   Electrical port assembly                           Commodity
39121443   Electrical underground bus connector               Commodity
39121444   RJ jack and module                                 Commodity
39121445   Twist on wire connector                            Commodity
39121446   Wire terminal connector kit                        Commodity
39121447   Wire terminal disconnect                           Commodity
39121448   Wire or cable compression connector                Commodity
39121449   Wire or cable compression splice                   Commodity
39121450   Hammer head                                        Commodity
39121451   Tap off                                            Commodity
39121452   Cable joint                                        Commodity
39121453   Crab joint                                         Commodity
39121454   Battery terminal                                   Commodity
39121455   Electrical insertion mold connector                Commodity
39121456   Substation connector                               Commodity
39121457   Exothermic connector                               Commodity
39121458   Wire or cable compression reducer                  Commodity
39121500   Switches and controls and relays and accessories   Class
39121501   Safety switches                                    Commodity
39121502   Dimmer switches                                    Commodity
39121503   Drum switches                                      Commodity
39121504   Time switches                                      Commodity
39121505   Snap switches                                      Commodity
39121506   Pressure switches                                  Commodity
39121507   Toggle switches                                    Commodity
39121508   Slide switches                                     Commodity
39121509   Limit switches                                     Commodity
39121510   Controller switches                                Commodity
39121511   Variable switches                                  Commodity
39121512   Push button switches                               Commodity
39121513   Rotary switches                                    Commodity
39121514   Power relays                                       Commodity
39121515   General purpose relays                             Commodity
39121516   Socket relays                                      Commodity
39121517   Alternating voltage relays                         Commodity
39121518   Mercury relays                                     Commodity
39121519   Time relays                                        Commodity
39121520   Overload relays                          Commodity
39121521   Motor starter controls                   Commodity
39121522   Electrical contacts                      Commodity
39121523   Timer controls                           Commodity
39121524   Photocontrols                            Commodity
39121525   Non fusible switches                     Commodity
39121527   Encoders                                 Commodity
39121528   Photoelectric sensors                    Commodity
39121529   Contactors                               Commodity
39121531   Level or float switches                  Commodity
39121532   Radio frequency RF switches              Commodity
39121533   Switch parts or accessories              Commodity
39121534   Indicator or pilot lights                Commodity
39121535   Control relays                           Commodity
39121536   Phase failure relays                     Commodity
39121537   Foot switches                            Commodity
39121538   Flow switches                            Commodity
39121539   Keylock switches                         Commodity
39121540   Mercury switches                         Commodity
39121541   Rocker switches                          Commodity
39121542   Solid state relays                       Commodity
39121543   Relay boards or multiple relay modules   Commodity
39121544   Indicator light parts or accessories     Commodity
39121545   Emergency stop device                    Commodity
39121546   Joystick switches or controls            Commodity
39121547   Relay sockets or bases                   Commodity
39121548   Vacuum switches                          Commodity
39121549   Temperature switch                       Commodity
39121550   Proximity switches                       Commodity
39121551   Reflector parts                          Commodity
39121552   Electrical control modules               Commodity
39121553   Combination device switch                Commodity
39121554   Combination Switch                       Commodity
39121555   Counter control                          Commodity
39121556   Disconnect switch                        Commodity
39121557   Locking switch                           Commodity
39121558   Modular wiring system switch             Commodity
39121559   Occupancy or motion sensing switch       Commodity
39121560   Panel mount switch                       Commodity
39121561   Pendant control station                  Commodity
39121562   Photocell switch                         Commodity
39121563   Pull Chain Switch                        Commodity
39121564   Speed switch                             Commodity
39121565   Surface mount control station            Commodity
39121566   Reed switch                              Commodity
39121567   Ground switch                            Commodity
39121568   Shunt reactor                            Commodity
39121569   Series reactor                                   Commodity
39121570   Recloser                                         Commodity
39121571   Micro switch                                     Commodity
39121572   Cutout switch                                    Commodity
39121573   Magnetic switch                                  Commodity
39121574   Electrical potentiometer switch                  Commodity
39121575   Automotive HVAC potentiometer switch             Commodity
39121576   Power signal distribution switch                 Commodity
39121577   Steering wheel control switch                    Commodity
39121578   Automatic transmission gear selector switch      Commodity
39121579   Detent switch                                    Commodity
39121580   Turn signal flasher relay                        Commodity
39121600   Circuit protection devices and accessories       Class
39121601   Circuit breakers                                 Commodity
39121602   Magnetic circuit breakers                        Commodity
39121603   Miniature circuit breakers                       Commodity
39121604   Time delay fuses                                 Commodity
39121605   Plug fuses                                       Commodity
39121606   Cartridge fuses                                  Commodity
39121607   Glass body fuses                                 Commodity
39121609   Midget fuses                                     Commodity
39121610   Surge suppressers                                Commodity
39121611   Ceramic fuses                                    Commodity
39121612   Blade fuses                                      Commodity
39121613   Grounding devices or assemblies                  Commodity
39121614   Earth leakage circuit breakers                   Commodity
39121615   Air circuit breakers                             Commodity
39121616   Molded case circuit breakers                     Commodity
39121617   Fuse parts or accessories                        Commodity
39121618   Fuse wire                                        Commodity
39121619   Diazed or bottle fuses                           Commodity
39121620   Transient protection materials                   Commodity
39121621   Lightning protection apparatus and accessories   Commodity
39121622   Automotive fuse                                  Commodity
39121623   Electronic fuse                                  Commodity
39121624   Fuse holder                                      Commodity
39121625   High speed fuse                                  Commodity
39121626   Medium voltage fuse                              Commodity
39121627   Power fuse                                       Commodity
39121628   Semiconductor fuse                               Commodity
39121629   Fuse block                                       Commodity
39121630   Fuse clip                                        Commodity
39121631   High voltage oil filled circuit breaker          Commodity
39121632   Network protector                                Commodity
39121633   Circuit interruptor                              Commodity
39121634   Surge arrestor                                   Commodity
39121635   Voltage regulator                                Commodity
39121636   Current limiter                                                   Commodity
39121637   Arc suppressor                                                    Commodity
39121638   Fuse cutout                                                       Commodity
39121639   Vacuum interruptor                                                Commodity
39121640   Hydraulic circuit breaker                                         Commodity
39121700   Electrical hardware and supplies                                  Class
39121701   Electrical hangers                                                Commodity
39121702   Cable clips                                                       Commodity
39121703   Cable ties                                                        Commodity
39121704   Wallplates                                                        Commodity
39121705   Cable clamp and staple                                            Commodity
39121706   Transformer bushings                                              Commodity
39121707   Harness board nails                                               Commodity
39121708   Din rail                                                          Commodity
39121709   Handle tie                                                        Commodity
39121710   Electrical receptacle multipliers                                 Commodity
39121717   Cable tie mounts                                                  Commodity
39121718   Cable splicing kits                                               Commodity
39121719   Strain reliefs                                                    Commodity
39121720   Transformer handles                                               Commodity
39121721   Electrical insulators                                             Commodity
39121722   Wire and cable pulling device                                     Commodity
39121723   Heat shrinkable tube                                              Commodity
39121724   Connector mounting hardware                                       Commodity
39121800   Intelligent Building Installations IBI                            Class
39121801   Controlling units or devices                                      Commodity
39121802   Inactive units or devices                                         Commodity
39121803   Building environmental control system                             Commodity
39121900   Electrical safety devices and accessories                         Class
39121901   Circuit breaker lockout                                           Commodity
39121902   Lockout enclosure                                                 Commodity
39121903   Lockout hasp and padlock                                          Commodity
39121904   Lockout kit and station                                           Commodity
39121905   Multiple Lockout Device                                           Commodity
39121906   Plug and cord lockout                                             Commodity
39121907   Receptacle Blockout                                               Commodity
39121908   Switch lockout                                                    Commodity
39121909   Valve lockout                                                     Commodity
39121910   Voltage marker                                                    Commodity
39122000   Electrical Variable Speed Drives                                  Class
39122001   Inverter drive AC                                                 Commodity
39122002   Motor control drive DC                                            Commodity
39122003   Servo control drive                                               Commodity
39122100   Electrical transmission and distribution equipment                Class
39122101   Cable pothead                                                     Commodity
39122102   Tap changer                                                       Commodity
39130000   Electrical wire management devices and accessories and supplies   Family
39131500   Wire Markers and Wire Marking Devices                                Class
39131501   Clip on wire marker                                                  Commodity
39131502   Heat shrink wire marker                                              Commodity
39131503   Slip on wire marker                                                  Commodity
39131504   Wire identification marker                                           Commodity
39131505   Wire labeling tool and printer                                       Commodity
39131506   Wire marker book                                                     Commodity
39131507   Wire marker card                                                     Commodity
39131508   Wire marker roll and dispenser                                       Commodity
39131509   Write on wire marker                                                 Commodity
39131600   Wire protection devices                                              Class
39131601   Corrugated loom tubing                                               Commodity
39131602   Expandable braided sleeving                                          Commodity
39131603   Grommet edging                                                       Commodity
39131604   Spiral wrapping                                                      Commodity
39131605   Wire Floor Track or Guard                                            Commodity
39131606   Wire guard nail plate                                                Commodity
39131607   Wire Lacing Cord                                                     Commodity
39131608   Duct sealing system                                                  Commodity
39131700   Wire Raceways Conduit and Busways                                    Class
39131701   Busway                                                               Commodity
39131702   Busway fitting and accessories                                       Commodity
39131703   Cable ladder                                                         Commodity
39131704   Cable tray                                                           Commodity
39131705   Cable tray fitting and accessories                                   Commodity
39131706   Electrical conduit                                                   Commodity
39131707   Electrical conduit coupling                                          Commodity
39131708   Electrical conduit fitting body                                      Commodity
39131709   Electrical wire or cable raceway                                     Commodity
39131710   Wireway                                                              Commodity
39131711   Wireway fitting and accessories                                      Commodity
39131712   Wiring duct                                                          Commodity
39131713   Wiring duct fitting and accessories                                  Commodity
39131714   Wiring trough                                                        Commodity
39131715   Underground hose conduit                                             Commodity
39131716   Cable handler                                                        Commodity
40000000   Distribution and Conditioning Systems and Equipment and Components   Segment
40100000   Heating and ventilation and air circulation                          Family
40101500   Ventilation                                                          Class
40101501   Air collectors                                                       Commodity
40101502   Air exhausters                                                       Commodity
40101503   Vents                                                                Commodity
40101504   Ventilation dampers                                                  Commodity
40101505   Air diffusers                                                        Commodity
40101506   Ventilation pipes                                                    Commodity
40101507   Spiral ventilation tubing                                            Commodity
40101508   Ventilation curtain                                                  Commodity
40101509   Ventilation spad                              Commodity
40101510   Ventilation tubing                            Commodity
40101511   Ventilation tube hanger                       Commodity
40101512   Ventilation tube fittings                     Commodity
40101600   Air circulation and parts and accessories     Class
40101601   Blowers                                       Commodity
40101602   Air circulators                               Commodity
40101603   Impellers                                     Commodity
40101604   Fans                                          Commodity
40101605   Fan guards or accessories                     Commodity
40101606   Ventilation check                             Commodity
40101700   Cooling                                       Class
40101701   Air conditioners                              Commodity
40101702   Cooling exchangers                            Commodity
40101703   Evaporative coolers                           Commodity
40101704   Condensing units                              Commodity
40101705   Capillary tube assemblies                     Commodity
40101706   Air conditioner shutters                      Commodity
40101707   Cooling tower accessories                     Commodity
40101708   Fan coil unit                                 Commodity
40101709   Air handling unit                             Commodity
40101710   Reciprocating chiller                         Commodity
40101711   Centrifugal liquid chiller                    Commodity
40101712   Screw chiller                                 Commodity
40101713   Absorption chiller                            Commodity
40101714   Absorption chiller heater                     Commodity
40101715   Constant temperature and humidity chamber     Commodity
40101716   Cooling tower                                 Commodity
40101717   Air conditioner power saver                   Commodity
40101800   Heating equipment and parts and accessories   Class
40101801   Radiators                                     Commodity
40101802   Heat exchangers                               Commodity
40101803   Fireplaces                                    Commodity
40101805   Furnaces                                      Commodity
40101806   Heat pumps                                    Commodity
40101807   Solar heating units                           Commodity
40101808   Heating stoves                                Commodity
40101809   Circulation heaters                           Commodity
40101810   Coil duct heaters                             Commodity
40101811   Convection heaters                            Commodity
40101812   Divided exchangers                            Commodity
40101813   Double split exchangers                       Commodity
40101814   Finned tubular heaters                        Commodity
40101815   Immersion heaters                             Commodity
40101816   Kettle exchangers                             Commodity
40101817   One pass exchangers                           Commodity
40101818   Process air heaters                           Commodity
40101819   Space heaters                      Commodity
40101820   Split exchangers                   Commodity
40101821   Strip heaters                      Commodity
40101822   Tubular heaters                    Commodity
40101823   Two pass exchangers                Commodity
40101824   Quartz heater                      Commodity
40101825   Domestic water heaters             Commodity
40101826   Commercial water heaters           Commodity
40101827   Ceramic fiber heaters              Commodity
40101828   Cartridge heaters                  Commodity
40101829   Band heaters                       Commodity
40101830   Heater elements                    Commodity
40101831   Induction heaters                  Commodity
40101832   Doors for heating equipment        Commodity
40101833   Boiler or heater igniter           Commodity
40101834   Burners                            Commodity
40101835   Plate heat exchanger               Commodity
40101836   Shell and tube heat exchanger      Commodity
40101837   Chimney                            Commodity
40101838   Economizer                         Commodity
40101839   Baffle plate                       Commodity
40101900   Humidity control                   Class
40101901   Vaporizers                         Commodity
40101902   Dehumidifiers                      Commodity
40101903   Humidifiers                        Commodity
40102000   Boilers                            Class
40102001   Fire tube boilers                  Commodity
40102002   Water tube boiler                  Commodity
40102003   Electric boilers                   Commodity
40102004   Natural gas powered boilers        Commodity
40102005   Propane gas powered boilers        Commodity
40102100   Fireplaces and accessories         Class
40102101   Wood fueled fireplace              Commodity
40102102   Gas fueled fireplace B vent        Commodity
40102103   Gas fueled fireplace vent direct   Commodity
40102104   Gas fueled fireplace vent free     Commodity
40102105   Electric fueled fireplace          Commodity
40102106   Fireplace facing                   Commodity
40102107   Fireplace mantle surrounds         Commodity
40140000   Fluid and gas distribution         Family
40141600   Valves                             Class
40141602   Needle valves                      Commodity
40141603   Pneumatic valves                   Commodity
40141604   Safety valves                      Commodity
40141605   Solenoid valves                    Commodity
40141606   Relief valves                      Commodity
40141607   Ball valves                        Commodity
40141608   Hydraulic valves                          Commodity
40141609   Control valves                            Commodity
40141610   Float valves                              Commodity
40141611   Globe valves                              Commodity
40141612   Expansion valves                          Commodity
40141613   Gate valves                               Commodity
40141615   Flap valves                               Commodity
40141616   Valve parts or accessories                Commodity
40141617   Angle globe valves                        Commodity
40141618   Ball check valves                         Commodity
40141619   Butterfly lug pattern valves              Commodity
40141620   Butterfly wafer pattern valves            Commodity
40141621   Diaphragm valves                          Commodity
40141622   Inline check valves                       Commodity
40141623   Knife gate valves                         Commodity
40141624   Lubricated plug valves                    Commodity
40141625   Mud or slush valves                       Commodity
40141626   Nonlubricated plug valves                 Commodity
40141627   Orifice valves                            Commodity
40141628   Pilot valves                              Commodity
40141629   Pinch valves                              Commodity
40141630   Piston check valves                       Commodity
40141631   Pump valves                               Commodity
40141632   Sentinel valves                           Commodity
40141633   Slider valves                             Commodity
40141634   Swing check valves                        Commodity
40141635   Turbine valves                            Commodity
40141636   Valve kits                                Commodity
40141637   Wafer check valves                        Commodity
40141638   Toggle valves                             Commodity
40141639   Toilet fill valve                         Commodity
40141640   Toilet flush valve                        Commodity
40141641   Poppet valve                              Commodity
40141642   Saddle valve                              Commodity
40141643   Foot valve                                Commodity
40141644   Rotary airlock valve                      Commodity
40141645   Valve stem                                Commodity
40141646   Valve seat                                Commodity
40141647   Segment valve                             Commodity
40141648   Magnetic valve                            Commodity
40141649   Directional control valve coil assembly   Commodity
40141700   Hardware and fittings                     Class
40141701   Drains                                    Commodity
40141702   Faucets                                   Commodity
40141703   Shower heads                              Commodity
40141704   Spigots                                   Commodity
40141705   Spouts                                    Commodity
40141716   P traps                           Commodity
40141719   Plumbing adapters                 Commodity
40141720   Plumbing connectors               Commodity
40141725   Plumbing hangers                  Commodity
40141726   Hydrants                          Commodity
40141727   Plumbing vents                    Commodity
40141731   Nozzles                           Commodity
40141732   Plumbing spiders                  Commodity
40141734   Hose fitting                      Commodity
40141735   Funnels                           Commodity
40141736   Grease fitting                    Commodity
40141737   Diaphragms                        Commodity
40141738   Drain plugs                       Commodity
40141739   Drain covers                      Commodity
40141740   Fuel cocks                        Commodity
40141741   Orifice fittings                  Commodity
40141742   Atomizers                         Commodity
40141743   Nozzle tips or caps               Commodity
40141744   Drain bowls                       Commodity
40141745   Fusible plugs                     Commodity
40141746   Sight glass                       Commodity
40141747   Grease trap                       Commodity
40141748   Faucet aerator                    Commodity
40141749   Vacuum breaker                    Commodity
40141750   Waste arm                         Commodity
40141751   Wall bend                         Commodity
40141752   J trap                            Commodity
40141753   S trap                            Commodity
40141755   Pipe sway brace                   Commodity
40141756   Pipe connection box accessory     Commodity
40141757   Escutcheon                        Commodity
40141900   Ducts                             Class
40141901   Flexible ducts                    Commodity
40141902   Rigid ducts                       Commodity
40141903   Magnesium ducts or ductwork       Commodity
40141904   Ferrous alloy ducts or ductwork   Commodity
40141905   Titanium ducts or ductwork        Commodity
40141906   Tin ducts or ductwork             Commodity
40141907   Brass ducts or ductwork           Commodity
40141908   Lead ducts or ductwork            Commodity
40141909   Bronze ducts or ductwork          Commodity
40141910   Zinc ducts or ductwork            Commodity
40141911   Steel ducts or ductwork           Commodity
40141912   Iron ducts or ductwork            Commodity
40141913   Cement ducts or ductwork          Commodity
40141914   Plastics duct or ductwork         Commodity
40141915   Rubber duct or ductwork           Commodity
40141916   Glass ducts or ductwork               Commodity
40141917   Stone ducts or ductwork               Commodity
40141918   Non ferrous alloy ducts or ductwork   Commodity
40141919   Aluminum ducts or ductwork            Commodity
40141920   Stainless steel ducts or ductwork     Commodity
40141921   Precious metal ducts or ductwork      Commodity
40141922   Copper ducts or ductwork              Commodity
40141923   Latex duct or ductwork                Commodity
40141924   Nylon duct or ductwork                Commodity
40142000   Hoses                                 Class
40142001   Acid hoses                            Commodity
40142002   Air hoses                             Commodity
40142003   Drill hoses                           Commodity
40142004   Marine hoses                          Commodity
40142005   Material handling hoses               Commodity
40142006   Oil hoses                             Commodity
40142007   Special hoses                         Commodity
40142008   Water hoses                           Commodity
40142009   Air water gas multipurpose hoses      Commodity
40142010   Fluoropolymer lined hoses             Commodity
40142011   Chemical hose                         Commodity
40142012   Food and beverage hose                Commodity
40142013   Mining hose                           Commodity
40142014   Petroleum hose                        Commodity
40142015   Steam cleaning hose                   Commodity
40142016   Vacuum hose                           Commodity
40142017   Welding hose                          Commodity
40142018   Spray hose                            Commodity
40142019   Ducting hose                          Commodity
40142020   Hydraulic hose                        Commodity
40142021   Rock dust hose                        Commodity
40142022   Hose reel                             Commodity
40142100   Pipe                                  Class
40142101   Carbon steel pipe                     Commodity
40142102   Ductile iron pipe                     Commodity
40142103   High nickel alloy pipe                Commodity
40142104   High yield steel pipe                 Commodity
40142105   Ferrous alloy pipe                    Commodity
40142106   Aluminum pipe                         Commodity
40142107   Brass pipe                            Commodity
40142108   Bronze pipe                           Commodity
40142109   Concrete pipe                         Commodity
40142110   Copper pipe                           Commodity
40142111   Cast iron pipe                        Commodity
40142112   Lead pipe                             Commodity
40142113   Magnesium pipe                        Commodity
40142114   Non ferrous pipe                      Commodity
40142115   Plastic pipe                     Commodity
40142116   Rubber tube                      Commodity
40142117   Stainless steel pipe             Commodity
40142118   Tin pipe                         Commodity
40142119   Titanium pipe                    Commodity
40142120   Zinc pipe                        Commodity
40142121   Hose reels                       Commodity
40142122   Glass pipe                       Commodity
40142123   Corrugated pipe                  Commodity
40142200   Fluid and gas regulators         Class
40142201   Gas regulators                   Commodity
40142202   Fluid regulators                 Commodity
40142203   Fluid regulator repair kits      Commodity
40142204   Welding regulator oxygen         Commodity
40142205   Welding regulator acetylene      Commodity
40142300   Pipe fittings                    Class
40142301   Pipe angle face rings            Commodity
40142302   Pipe branch outlets              Commodity
40142303   Pipe laterals                    Commodity
40142304   Pipe inserts                     Commodity
40142305   Pipe reducers                    Commodity
40142306   Pipe saddles                     Commodity
40142307   Pipe stubends                    Commodity
40142308   Pipe wyes                        Commodity
40142309   Pipe bends                       Commodity
40142310   Pipe caps                        Commodity
40142311   Pipe half couplings              Commodity
40142312   Pipe expansion joints            Commodity
40142313   Pipe plugs                       Commodity
40142314   Pipe bushings                    Commodity
40142315   Pipe couplings                   Commodity
40142316   Pipe crosses                     Commodity
40142317   Pipe elbows                      Commodity
40142318   Pipe nipples                     Commodity
40142319   Pipe tees                        Commodity
40142320   Pipe unions                      Commodity
40142321   Pipe reducing couplings          Commodity
40142322   Pipe repair clamps               Commodity
40142323   Rupture disk                     Commodity
40142324   Pipe connection boxes            Commodity
40142325   Pipe baffles                     Commodity
40142326   Pipe spacers                     Commodity
40142327   Pipe swivel or rotating joints   Commodity
40142328   Pipe connector                   Commodity
40142329   Weldolet                         Commodity
40142330   Sockolet                         Commodity
40142331   Sway brace                       Commodity
40142332   Pipe adapter                       Commodity
40142400   Pipe flanges                       Class
40142401   Ammonia flanges                    Commodity
40142402   Backup flanges                     Commodity
40142403   Blind flanges                      Commodity
40142404   Lapjoint flanges                   Commodity
40142405   Long weldneck flanges              Commodity
40142406   Orifice flanges                    Commodity
40142407   Plate flanges                      Commodity
40142408   Slipon flanges                     Commodity
40142409   Socketweld flanges                 Commodity
40142410   Spectacle blind flanges            Commodity
40142411   Threaded flanges                   Commodity
40142412   Weldneck flanges                   Commodity
40142413   Puddle flanges                     Commodity
40142414   Reducing flanges                   Commodity
40142500   Traps and strainers                Class
40142501   Liquid strainers                   Commodity
40142502   Liquid traps                       Commodity
40142503   Steam traps                        Commodity
40142504   Steam strainers                    Commodity
40142505   Y strainer                         Commodity
40142506   Tee strainer                       Commodity
40142507   Conical strainer                   Commodity
40142508   Basket strainer                    Commodity
40142509   Oil trap                           Commodity
40142510   Thermostatic steam trap            Commodity
40142511   Thermodynamic steam trap           Commodity
40142512   Breather                           Commodity
40142513   P trap                             Commodity
40142514   J trap                             Commodity
40142515   S trap                             Commodity
40142600   Tube fittings                      Class
40142604   Tube elbows                        Commodity
40142605   Tube tees                          Commodity
40142606   Tube unions                        Commodity
40142607   Tube caps                          Commodity
40142608   Tube nipples                       Commodity
40142609   Tube plugs                         Commodity
40142610   Tube couplings                     Commodity
40142611   Tube bushings                      Commodity
40142612   Tube adapters                      Commodity
40142613   Tube connectors                    Commodity
40142614   Tube crosses                       Commodity
40142615   Tube reducers                      Commodity
40150000   Industrial pumps and compressors   Family
40151500   Pumps                              Class
40151501   Air pumps                                      Commodity
40151502   Vacuum pumps                                   Commodity
40151503   Centrifugal pumps                              Commodity
40151504   Circulating pumps                              Commodity
40151505   Dosing pumps                                   Commodity
40151506   Hand pumps                                     Commodity
40151507   Irrigation pumps                               Commodity
40151508   Mud pumps                                      Commodity
40151509   Reciprocating pumps                            Commodity
40151510   Water pumps                                    Commodity
40151511   Well pumps                                     Commodity
40151512   Sump pumps                                     Commodity
40151513   Submersible pumps                              Commodity
40151514   Steam pumps                                    Commodity
40151515   Solenoid pumps                                 Commodity
40151516   Shear pumps                                    Commodity
40151517   Sewage pumps                                   Commodity
40151518   Sealless pumps                                 Commodity
40151519   Sanitary pumps                                 Commodity
40151520   Sampling pumps                                 Commodity
40151521   Rotary pumps                                   Commodity
40151522   Reverse osmosis pumps                          Commodity
40151523   Positive displacement pumps                    Commodity
40151524   Oil pumps                                      Commodity
40151525   Sludge pumps                                   Commodity
40151526   Turbine pumps                                  Commodity
40151527   Plunger pumps                                  Commodity
40151528   Oscillating pumps                              Commodity
40151529   Drum pumps                                     Commodity
40151530   Dredge pumps                                   Commodity
40151531   Dewatering pumps                               Commodity
40151532   Fuel pumps                                     Commodity
40151533   Hydraulic pumps                                Commodity
40151534   Cryogenic pumps                                Commodity
40151546   Axial split pumps                              Commodity
40151547   Deepwell pumps                                 Commodity
40151548   Diaphragm pumps                                Commodity
40151549   Double diaphragm pumps                         Commodity
40151550   Duplex pumps                                   Commodity
40151551   Gear pumps                                     Commodity
40151552   Metering or injection or proportioning pumps   Commodity
40151553   Progressive cavity pumps                       Commodity
40151554   Ram pumps                                      Commodity
40151555   Rotary cam pumps                               Commodity
40151556   Rotary lobe pumps                              Commodity
40151557   Rotating piston pumps                          Commodity
40151558   Screw Pumps                                    Commodity
40151559   Simplex pumps                     Commodity
40151560   Sliding vane pumps                Commodity
40151561   Triplex pumps                     Commodity
40151562   Worm pumps                        Commodity
40151563   Fire pump sets                    Commodity
40151564   Chemical pumps                    Commodity
40151565   Macerator pump                    Commodity
40151566   Booster pump                      Commodity
40151600   Compressors                       Class
40151601   Air compressors                   Commodity
40151602   Axial flow compressors            Commodity
40151603   Diaphragm compressors             Commodity
40151604   Gas compressors                   Commodity
40151605   Motor compressors                 Commodity
40151606   Reciprocating compressors         Commodity
40151607   Refrigerant compressors           Commodity
40151608   Rotary compressors                Commodity
40151609   Screw compressors                 Commodity
40151610   Compressor parts or accessories   Commodity
40151611   Barrel compressors                Commodity
40151612   Centrifugal compressors           Commodity
40151613   Combination compressors           Commodity
40151614   Semi radial compressors           Commodity
40151615   Turbo compressors                 Commodity
40151616   Compressor kits                   Commodity
40151700   Pump parts and accessories        Class
40151701   Pump casings                      Commodity
40151712   Pump packings                     Commodity
40151713   Pump liners                       Commodity
40151714   Pump barrels                      Commodity
40151715   Pump idlers                       Commodity
40151716   Pump head                         Commodity
40151717   Pump discs                        Commodity
40151718   Sludge pump spare parts           Commodity
40151719   Sewage pump spare parts           Commodity
40151720   Submersible pump spare parts      Commodity
40151721   Water pump spare parts            Commodity
40151722   Well pump spare parts             Commodity
40151723   Sump pump spare parts             Commodity
40151724   Dosing pump spare parts           Commodity
40151725   Centrifugal pump spare parts      Commodity
40151726   Circulation pump spare parts      Commodity
40151727   Rotary pump spare parts           Commodity
40151728   Pump repair kits                  Commodity
40151729   Pump stator                       Commodity
40151730   Pump impeller                     Commodity
40151731   Pump rotor                        Commodity
40160000   Industrial filtering and purification   Family
40161500   Filters                                 Class
40161501   Vacuum filters                          Commodity
40161502   Water filters                           Commodity
40161503   Dust collectors                         Commodity
40161504   Oil filters                             Commodity
40161505   Air filters                             Commodity
40161506   Filtering machinery                     Commodity
40161507   Filter membranes                        Commodity
40161508   Bag filters                             Commodity
40161509   Absorption filters                      Commodity
40161511   Coalescing filters                      Commodity
40161512   Electronic filters                      Commodity
40161513   Fuel filters                            Commodity
40161514   Gas pipeline filters                    Commodity
40161515   Hydraulic filters                       Commodity
40161516   In line filters                         Commodity
40161517   Light filters                           Commodity
40161518   Microfiber filters                      Commodity
40161519   Panel filters                           Commodity
40161520   Radial fin filters                      Commodity
40161521   Filter Base                             Commodity
40161522   Filter Fins                             Commodity
40161524   Paint filters                           Commodity
40161525   Housings for filters                    Commodity
40161526   Filter retainers or accessories         Commodity
40161527   Filter repair kits                      Commodity
40161528   Sand filter                             Commodity
40161529   Tube filter                             Commodity
40161530   Cabin air filter                        Commodity
40161600   Purification                            Class
40161601   Air scrubbers                           Commodity
40161602   Air cleaners                            Commodity
40161700   Separators                              Class
40161701   Centrifuges                             Commodity
40161702   Wet scrubbers                           Commodity
40161703   Mist eliminators                        Commodity
40161704   Hydro cyclones                          Commodity
40161705   Demister pad                            Commodity
40161800   Filter media                            Class
40161801   Metal fabric media                      Commodity
40161802   Pressed felts                           Commodity
40161803   Filter papers                           Commodity
40161804   Filter aids                             Commodity
40161805   Filter cloth                            Commodity
40161806   Filter mesh                             Commodity
40161807   Filter element                          Commodity
40161808   Biological filter media                    Commodity
40161809   Filter cartridge                           Commodity
40170000   Pipe piping and pipe fittings              Family
40171500   Commercial pipe and piping                 Class
40171501   Commercial welded carbon steel pipe        Commodity
40171502   Commercial seamless carbon steel pipe      Commodity
40171503   Commercial ductile iron pipe               Commodity
40171504   Commercial high nickel alloy pipe          Commodity
40171505   Commercial high yield steel pipe           Commodity
40171506   Commercial ferrous alloy pipe              Commodity
40171507   Commercial aluminum pipe                   Commodity
40171508   Commercial brass pipe                      Commodity
40171509   Commercial bronze pipe                     Commodity
40171510   Commercial concrete pipe                   Commodity
40171511   Commercial copper pipe                     Commodity
40171512   Commercial cast iron pipe                  Commodity
40171513   Commercial assembled cast iron pipe hub    Commodity
40171514   Commercial lead pipe                       Commodity
40171515   Commercial magnesium pipe                  Commodity
40171516   Commercial non ferrous pipe                Commodity
40171517   Commercial PVC pipe                        Commodity
40171518   Commercial CPVC pipe                       Commodity
40171519   Commercial ABS pipe                        Commodity
40171520   Commercial HDPE pipe                       Commodity
40171521   Commercial welded stainless steel pipe     Commodity
40171522   Commercial seamless stainless steel pipe   Commodity
40171523   Commercial tin pipe                        Commodity
40171524   Commercial titanium pipe                   Commodity
40171525   Commercial zinc pipe                       Commodity
40171526   Commercial glass pipe                      Commodity
40171600   Industrial pipe and piping                 Class
40171601   Industrial welded carbon steel pipe        Commodity
40171602   Industrial seamless carbon steel pipe      Commodity
40171603   Industrial ductile iron pipe               Commodity
40171604   Industrial high nickel alloy pipe          Commodity
40171605   Industrial high yield steel pipe           Commodity
40171606   Industrial ferrous alloy pipe              Commodity
40171607   Industrial aluminum pipe                   Commodity
40171608   Industrial brass pipe                      Commodity
40171609   Industrial bronze pipe                     Commodity
40171610   Industrial concrete pipe                   Commodity
40171611   Industrial copper pipe                     Commodity
40171612   Industrial cast iron pipe                  Commodity
40171613   Industrial assembled cast iron pipe hub    Commodity
40171614   Industrial lead pipe                       Commodity
40171615   Industrial magnesium pipe                  Commodity
40171616   Industrial non ferrous pipe                Commodity
40171617   Industrial PVC pipe                        Commodity
40171618   Industrial CPVC pipe                       Commodity
40171619   Industrial ABS pipe                        Commodity
40171620   Industrial HDPE pipe                       Commodity
40171621   Industrial welded stainless steel pipe     Commodity
40171622   Industrial seamless stainless steel pipe   Commodity
40171623   Industrial tin pipe                        Commodity
40171624   Industrial titanium pipe                   Commodity
40171625   Industrial zinc pipe                       Commodity
40171626   Industrial glass pipe                      Commodity
40171700   Pipe adapters                              Class
40171701   Brass pipe adapter                         Commodity
40171702   Carbon steel pipe adapter                  Commodity
40171703   Cast iron pipe adapter                     Commodity
40171704   Ductile iron pipe adapter                  Commodity
40171705   Forged steel pipe adapter                  Commodity
40171706   Malleable iron pipe adapter                Commodity
40171707   Stainless steel pipe adapter               Commodity
40171708   PVC plastic pipe adapter                   Commodity
40171709   CPVC plastic pipe adapter                  Commodity
40171710   ABS plastic pipe adapter                   Commodity
40171711   HDPE plastic pipe adapter                  Commodity
40171800   Pipe angle face rings                      Class
40171801   Carbon steel pipe angle face ring          Commodity
40171802   Forged steel pipe angle face ring          Commodity
40171803   Stainless steel pipe angle face ring       Commodity
40171900   Pipe backup flanges                        Class
40171901   Carbon steel pipe backup flange            Commodity
40171902   Forged steel pipe backup flange            Commodity
40171903   Stainless steel pipe backup flange         Commodity
40172000   Pipe baffles                               Class
40172001   Brass pipe baffle                          Commodity
40172002   Ductile iron pipe baffle                   Commodity
40172003   Forged steel pipe baffle                   Commodity
40172004   Stainless steel pipe baffle                Commodity
40172005   PVC plastic pipe baffle                    Commodity
40172006   CPVC plastic pipe baffle                   Commodity
40172007   ABS plastic pipe baffle                    Commodity
40172008   HDPE plastic pipe baffle                   Commodity
40172100   Pipe bends                                 Class
40172101   Cast iron pipe bend                        Commodity
40172102   Malleable iron pipe bend                   Commodity
40172200   Pipe blind flanges                         Class
40172201   Carbon steel pipe blind flange             Commodity
40172202   Cast iron pipe blind flange                Commodity
40172203   Ductile iron pipe blind flange             Commodity
40172204   Forged steel pipe blind flange             Commodity
40172205   Stainless steel pipe blind flange   Commodity
40172300   Pipe bushings                       Class
40172301   Brass pipe bushing                  Commodity
40172302   Carbon steel pipe bushing           Commodity
40172303   Cast iron pipe bushing              Commodity
40172304   Ductile iron pipe bushing           Commodity
40172305   Forged steel pipe bushing           Commodity
40172306   Malleable iron pipe bushing         Commodity
40172307   Stainless steel pipe bushing        Commodity
40172308   PVC plastic pipe bushing            Commodity
40172309   CPVC plastic pipe bushing           Commodity
40172310   ABS plastic pipe bushing            Commodity
40172311   HDPE plastic pipe bushing           Commodity
40172400   Pipe caps                           Class
40172401   Brass pipe cap                      Commodity
40172402   Carbon steel pipe cap               Commodity
40172403   Cast iron pipe cap                  Commodity
40172404   Ductile iron pipe cap               Commodity
40172405   Forged steel pipe cap               Commodity
40172406   Malleable iron pipe cap             Commodity
40172407   Stainless steel pipe cap            Commodity
40172408   PVC plastic pipe cap                Commodity
40172409   CPVC plastic pipe cap               Commodity
40172410   ABS plastic pipe cap                Commodity
40172411   HDPE plastic pipe cap               Commodity
40172500   Pipe connectors                     Class
40172501   Brass pipe connector                Commodity
40172502   Carbon steel pipe connector         Commodity
40172503   Cast iron pipe connector            Commodity
40172504   Ductile iron pipe connector         Commodity
40172505   Forged steel pipe connector         Commodity
40172506   Malleable iron pipe connector       Commodity
40172507   Stainless steel pipe connector      Commodity
40172508   PVC plastic pipe connector          Commodity
40172509   CPVC plastic pipe connector         Commodity
40172510   ABS plastic pipe connector          Commodity
40172511   HDPE plastic pipe connector         Commodity
40172600   Pipe couplings                      Class
40172601   Brass pipe coupling                 Commodity
40172602   Carbon steel pipe coupling          Commodity
40172603   Cast iron pipe coupling             Commodity
40172604   Ductile iron pipe coupling          Commodity
40172605   Forged steel pipe coupling          Commodity
40172606   Malleable iron pipe coupling        Commodity
40172607   Stainless steel pipe coupling       Commodity
40172608   PVC plastic pipe coupling           Commodity
40172609   CPVC plastic pipe coupling          Commodity
40172610   ABS plastic pipe coupling              Commodity
40172611   HDPE plastic pipe coupling             Commodity
40172700   Pipe crosses                           Class
40172701   Brass pipe cross                       Commodity
40172702   Carbon steel pipe cross                Commodity
40172703   Cast iron pipe cross                   Commodity
40172704   Ductile iron pipe cross                Commodity
40172705   Forged steel pipe cross                Commodity
40172706   Malleable iron pipe cross              Commodity
40172707   Stainless steel pipe cross             Commodity
40172708   PVC plastic pipe cross                 Commodity
40172709   CPVC plastic pipe cross                Commodity
40172710   ABS plastic pipe cross                 Commodity
40172711   HDPE plastic pipe cross                Commodity
40172800   Pipe elbows                            Class
40172801   Brass pipe elbow                       Commodity
40172802   Carbon steel pipe elbow                Commodity
40172803   Cast iron pipe elbow                   Commodity
40172804   Ductile iron pipe elbow                Commodity
40172805   Forged steel pipe elbow                Commodity
40172806   Malleable iron pipe elbow              Commodity
40172807   Stainless steel pipe elbow             Commodity
40172808   PVC plastic pipe elbow                 Commodity
40172809   CPVC plastic pipe elbow                Commodity
40172810   ABS plastic pipe elbow                 Commodity
40172811   HDPE plastic pipe elbow                Commodity
40172900   Pipe expansion joints                  Class
40172901   Carbon steel pipe expansion joint      Commodity
40172902   Cast iron pipe expansion joint         Commodity
40172903   Ductile iron pipe expansion joint      Commodity
40172904   Forged steel pipe expansion joint      Commodity
40172905   Stainless steel pipe expansion joint   Commodity
40172906   PVC plastic pipe expansion joint       Commodity
40172907   CPVC plastic pipe expansion joint      Commodity
40172908   ABS plastic pipe expansion joint       Commodity
40172909   HDPE plastic pipe expansion joint      Commodity
40173000   Pipe half couplings                    Class
40173001   Brass pipe half coupling               Commodity
40173002   Carbon steel pipe half coupling        Commodity
40173003   Forged steel pipe half coupling        Commodity
40173004   Malleable iron pipe half coupling      Commodity
40173005   Stainless steel pipe half coupling     Commodity
40173006   PVC plastic pipe half coupling         Commodity
40173007   CPVC plastic pipe half coupling        Commodity
40173008   ABS plastic pipe half coupling         Commodity
40173009   HDPE plastic pipe half coupling        Commodity
40173100   Pipe lapjoint flanges                  Class
40173101   Carbon steel pipe lapjoint flange           Commodity
40173102   Forged steel pipe lapjoint flange           Commodity
40173103   Stainless steel pipe lapjoint flange        Commodity
40173200   Pipe long weldneck flanges                  Class
40173201   Carbon steel pipe long weldneck flange      Commodity
40173202   Forged steel pipe long weldneck flange      Commodity
40173203   Stainless steel pipe long weldneck flange   Commodity
40173300   Pipe nipples                                Class
40173301   Brass pipe nipple                           Commodity
40173302   Carbon steel pipe nipple                    Commodity
40173303   Stainless steel pipe nipple                 Commodity
40173304   PVC plastic pipe nipple                     Commodity
40173305   CPVC plastic pipe nipple                    Commodity
40173306   ABS plastic pipe nipple                     Commodity
40173307   HDPE plastic pipe nipple                    Commodity
40173400   Pipe plate flanges                          Class
40173401   Brass pipe plate flange                     Commodity
40173402   Carbon steel pipe plate flange              Commodity
40173403   Cast iron pipe plate flange                 Commodity
40173404   Ductile iron pipe plate flange              Commodity
40173405   Malleable iron pipe plate flange            Commodity
40173406   Stainless steel pipe plate flange           Commodity
40173500   Pipe plugs                                  Class
40173501   Brass pipe plug                             Commodity
40173502   Carbon steel pipe plug                      Commodity
40173503   Cast iron pipe plug                         Commodity
40173504   Ductile iron pipe plug                      Commodity
40173505   Forged steel pipe plug                      Commodity
40173506   Malleable iron pipe plug                    Commodity
40173507   Stainless steel pipe plug                   Commodity
40173508   PVC plastic pipe plug                       Commodity
40173509   CPVC plastic pipe plug                      Commodity
40173510   ABS plastic pipe plug                       Commodity
40173511   HDPE plastic pipe plug                      Commodity
40173600   Pipe reducing couplings                     Class
40173601   Brass pipe reducing coupling                Commodity
40173602   Carbon steel pipe reducing coupling         Commodity
40173603   Cast iron pipe reducing coupling            Commodity
40173604   Ductile iron pipe reducing coupling         Commodity
40173605   Forged steel pipe reducing coupling         Commodity
40173606   Malleable iron pipe reducing coupling       Commodity
40173607   Stainless steel pipe reducing coupling      Commodity
40173608   PVC plastic pipe reducing coupling          Commodity
40173609   CPVC plastic pipe reducing coupling         Commodity
40173610   ABS plastic pipe reducing coupling          Commodity
40173611   HDPE plastic pipe reducing coupling         Commodity
40173700   Pipe reducing flanges                       Class
40173701   Brass pipe reducing flange               Commodity
40173702   Cast iron pipe reducing flange           Commodity
40173703   Ductile iron pipe reducing flange        Commodity
40173704   Forged steel pipe reducing flange        Commodity
40173705   Malleable iron pipe reducing flange      Commodity
40173706   Stainless steel pipe reducing flange     Commodity
40173707   PVC plastic pipe reducing flange         Commodity
40173708   CPVC plastic pipe reducing flange        Commodity
40173709   ABS plastic pipe reducing flange         Commodity
40173710   HDPE plastic pipe reducing flange        Commodity
40173800   Pipe repair clamps                       Class
40173801   Cast iron pipe repair clamp              Commodity
40173802   Ductile iron pipe repair clamp           Commodity
40173803   Forged steel pipe repair clamp           Commodity
40173804   Stainless steel pipe repair clamp        Commodity
40173805   PVC plastic pipe repair clamp            Commodity
40173806   CPVC plastic pipe repair clamp           Commodity
40173807   ABS plastic pipe repair clamp            Commodity
40173808   HDPE plastic pipe repair clamp           Commodity
40173900   Pipe rupture disks                       Class
40173901   Carbon steel pipe rupture disk           Commodity
40173902   Cast iron pipe rupture disk              Commodity
40173903   Ductile iron pipe rupture disk           Commodity
40173904   Forged steel pipe rupture disk           Commodity
40173905   Malleable iron pipe rupture disk         Commodity
40173906   Stainless steel pipe rupture disk        Commodity
40173907   PVC plastic pipe rupture disk            Commodity
40173908   CPVC plastic pipe rupture disk           Commodity
40173909   ABS plastic pipe rupture disk            Commodity
40173910   HDPE plastic pipe rupture disk           Commodity
40174000   Pipe slipon flanges                      Class
40174001   Brass pipe slipon flange                 Commodity
40174002   Carbon steel pipe slipon flange          Commodity
40174003   Cast iron pipe slipon flange             Commodity
40174004   Ductile iron pipe slipon flange          Commodity
40174005   Forged steel pipe slipon flange          Commodity
40174006   Stainless steel pipe slipon flange       Commodity
40174100   Pipe socketweld flanges                  Class
40174101   Carbon steel pipe socketweld flange      Commodity
40174102   Forged steel pipe socketweld flange      Commodity
40174103   Stainless steel pipe socketweld flange   Commodity
40174104   PVC plastic pipe socketweld flange       Commodity
40174105   CPVC plastic pipe socketweld flange      Commodity
40174106   ABS plastic pipe socketweld flange       Commodity
40174107   HDPE plastic pipe socketweld flange      Commodity
40174200   Pipe sockolets                           Class
40174201   Carbon steel pipe sockolet               Commodity
40174202   Forged steel pipe sockolet                    Commodity
40174203   Stainless steel pipe sockolet                 Commodity
40174300   Pipe spacers                                  Class
40174301   Brass pipe spacer                             Commodity
40174302   Carbon steel pipe spacer                      Commodity
40174303   Cast iron pipe spacer                         Commodity
40174304   Ductile iron pipe spacer                      Commodity
40174305   Forged steel pipe spacer                      Commodity
40174306   Stainless steel pipe spacer                   Commodity
40174307   PVC plastic pipe spacer                       Commodity
40174308   CPVC plastic pipe spacer                      Commodity
40174309   ABS plastic pipe spacer                       Commodity
40174310   HDPE plastic pipe spacer                      Commodity
40174400   Pipe spectacle blind flanges                  Class
40174401   Carbon steel pipe spectacle blind flange      Commodity
40174402   Forged steel pipe spectacle blind flange      Commodity
40174403   Stainless steel pipe spectacle blind flange   Commodity
40174500   Pipe swivel or rotating joints                Class
40174501   Brass pipe swivel or rotating joint           Commodity
40174502   PVC plastic pipe swivel or rotating joint     Commodity
40174503   CPVC plastic pipe swivel or rotating joint    Commodity
40174504   ABS plastic pipe swivel or rotating joint     Commodity
40174505   HDPE plastic pipe swivel or rotating joint    Commodity
40174600   Pipe tees                                     Class
40174601   Brass pipe tee                                Commodity
40174602   Carbon steel pipe tee                         Commodity
40174603   Cast iron pipe tee                            Commodity
40174604   Ductile iron pipe tee                         Commodity
40174605   Forged steel pipe tee                         Commodity
40174606   Malleable iron pipe tee                       Commodity
40174607   Stainless steel pipe tee                      Commodity
40174608   PVC plastic pipe tee                          Commodity
40174609   CPVC plastic pipe tee                         Commodity
40174610   ABS plastic pipe tee                          Commodity
40174611   HDPE plastic pipe tee                         Commodity
40174700   Pipe threaded flanges                         Class
40174701   Brass pipe threaded flange                    Commodity
40174702   Carbon steel pipe threaded flange             Commodity
40174703   Cast iron pipe threaded flange                Commodity
40174704   Ductile iron pipe threaded flange             Commodity
40174705   Forged steel pipe threaded flange             Commodity
40174706   Malleable iron pipe threaded flange           Commodity
40174707   Stainless steel pipe threaded flange          Commodity
40174708   PVC plastic pipe threaded flange              Commodity
40174709   CPVC plastic pipe threaded flange             Commodity
40174710   ABS plastic pipe threaded flange              Commodity
40174711   HDPE plastic pipe threaded flange             Commodity
40174800   Pipe toilet flanges                     Class
40174801   Carbon steel pipe toilet flange         Commodity
40174802   Cast iron pipe toilet flange            Commodity
40174803   PVC plastic pipe toilet flange          Commodity
40174804   CPVC plastic pipe toilet flange         Commodity
40174805   ABS plastic pipe toilet flange          Commodity
40174806   HDPE plastic pipe toilet flange         Commodity
40174900   Pipe unions                             Class
40174901   Brass pipe union                        Commodity
40174902   Carbon steel pipe union                 Commodity
40174903   Cast iron pipe union                    Commodity
40174904   Ductile iron pipe union                 Commodity
40174905   Forged steel pipe union                 Commodity
40174906   Malleable iron pipe union               Commodity
40174907   Stainless steel pipe union              Commodity
40174908   PVC plastic pipe union                  Commodity
40174909   CPVC plastic pipe union                 Commodity
40174910   ABS plastic pipe union                  Commodity
40174911   HDPE plastic pipe union                 Commodity
40175000   Pipe weldneck flanges                   Class
40175001   Carbon steel pipe weldneck flange       Commodity
40175002   Forged steel pipe weldneck flange       Commodity
40175003   Stainless steel pipe weldneck flange    Commodity
40175100   Pipe weldolets                          Class
40175101   Carbon steel pipe weldolet              Commodity
40175102   Forged steel pipe weldolet              Commodity
40175103   Stainless steel pipe weldolet           Commodity
40175200   Pipe wyes                               Class
40175201   Brass pipe wye                          Commodity
40175202   Carbon steel pipe wye                   Commodity
40175203   Cast iron pipe wye                      Commodity
40175204   Ductile iron pipe wye                   Commodity
40175205   Forged steel pipe wye                   Commodity
40175206   Malleable iron pipe wye                 Commodity
40175207   Stainless steel pipe wye                Commodity
40175208   PVC plastic pipe wye                    Commodity
40175209   CPVC plastic pipe wye                   Commodity
40175210   ABS plastic pipe wye                    Commodity
40175211   HDPE plastic pipe wye                   Commodity
40175300   Specialized pipe fittings and flanges   Class
40175301   Ammonia flanges                         Commodity
40175302   Orifice flanges                         Commodity
40175303   Pipe branch outlets                     Commodity
40175304   Pipe connection boxes                   Commodity
40175305   Pipe inserts                            Commodity
40175306   Pipe laterals                           Commodity
40175307   Pipe saddles                            Commodity
40175308   Pipe stubends                            Commodity
40175309   Pipe puddle flanges                      Commodity
40180000   Tubes tubing and tube fittings           Family
40181500   Welded copper tubes                      Class
40181501   Welded copper bent tube                  Commodity
40181502   Welded copper pierced tube               Commodity
40181503   Welded copper end formed tube            Commodity
40181504   Welded copper multiport tube             Commodity
40181505   Welded copper chamfered tube             Commodity
40181506   Welded copper tube assembly              Commodity
40181600   Welded brass tubes                       Class
40181601   Welded brass bent tube                   Commodity
40181602   Welded brass pierced tube                Commodity
40181603   Welded brass end formed tube             Commodity
40181604   Welded brass multiport tube              Commodity
40181605   Welded brass chamfered tube              Commodity
40181606   Welded brass tube assembly               Commodity
40181700   Welded aluminum tubes                    Class
40181701   Welded aluminum bent tube                Commodity
40181702   Welded aluminum pierced tube             Commodity
40181703   Welded aluminum end formed tube          Commodity
40181704   Welded aluminum multiport tube           Commodity
40181705   Welded aluminum chamfered tube           Commodity
40181706   Welded aluminum tube assembly            Commodity
40181800   Welded steel tubes                       Class
40181801   Welded steel bent tube                   Commodity
40181802   Welded steel pierced tube                Commodity
40181803   Welded steel end formed tube             Commodity
40181804   Welded steel multiport tube              Commodity
40181805   Welded steel chamfered tube              Commodity
40181806   Welded steel tube assembly               Commodity
40181900   Welded stainless steel tubes             Class
40181901   Welded stainless steel bent tube         Commodity
40181902   Welded stainless steel pierced tube      Commodity
40181903   Welded stainless steel end formed tube   Commodity
40181904   Welded stainless steel multiport tube    Commodity
40181905   Welded stainless steel chamfered tube    Commodity
40181906   Welded stainless steel tube assembly     Commodity
40182000   Seamless copper tubes                    Class
40182001   Seamless copper bent tube                Commodity
40182002   Seamless copper pierced tube             Commodity
40182003   Seamless copper end formed tube          Commodity
40182004   Seamless copper multiport tube           Commodity
40182005   Seamless copper chamfered tube           Commodity
40182006   Seamless copper tube assembly            Commodity
40182100   Seamless brass tubes                     Class
40182101   Seamless brass bent tube                 Commodity
40182102   Seamless brass pierced tube                Commodity
40182103   Seamless brass end formed tube             Commodity
40182104   Seamless brass multiport tube              Commodity
40182105   Seamless brass chamfered tube              Commodity
40182106   Seamless brass tube assembly               Commodity
40182200   Seamless aluminum tubes                    Class
40182201   Seamless aluminum bent tube                Commodity
40182202   Seamless aluminum pierced tube             Commodity
40182203   Seamless aluminum end formed tube          Commodity
40182204   Seamless aluminum multiport tube           Commodity
40182205   Seamless aluminum chamfered tube           Commodity
40182206   Seamless aluminum tube assembly            Commodity
40182300   Seamless steel tubes                       Class
40182301   Seamless steel bent tube                   Commodity
40182302   Seamless steel pierced tube                Commodity
40182303   Seamless steel end formed tube             Commodity
40182304   Seamless steel multiport tube              Commodity
40182305   Seamless steel chamfered tube              Commodity
40182306   Seamless steel tube assembly               Commodity
40182400   Seamless stainless steel tubes             Class
40182401   Seamless stainless steel bent tube         Commodity
40182402   Seamless stainless steel pierced tube      Commodity
40182403   Seamless stainless steel end formed tube   Commodity
40182404   Seamless stainless steel multiport tube    Commodity
40182405   Seamless stainless steel chamfered tube    Commodity
40182406   Seamless stainless steel tube assembly     Commodity
40182500   Extruded copper tubes                      Class
40182501   Extruded copper bent tube                  Commodity
40182502   Extruded copper pierced tube               Commodity
40182503   Extruded copper end formed tube            Commodity
40182504   Extruded copper multiport tube             Commodity
40182505   Extruded copper chamfered tube             Commodity
40182506   Extruded copper tube assembly              Commodity
40182600   Extruded brass tubes                       Class
40182601   Extruded brass bent tube                   Commodity
40182602   Extruded brass pierced tube                Commodity
40182603   Extruded brass end formed tube             Commodity
40182604   Extruded brass multiport tube              Commodity
40182605   Extruded brass chamfered tube              Commodity
40182606   Extruded brass tube assembly               Commodity
40182700   Extruded aluminum tubes                    Class
40182701   Extruded aluminum bent tube                Commodity
40182702   Extruded aluminum pierced tube             Commodity
40182703   Extruded aluminum end formed tube          Commodity
40182704   Extruded aluminum multiport tube           Commodity
40182705   Extruded aluminum chamfered tube           Commodity
40182706   Extruded aluminum tube assembly            Commodity
40182800   Extruded steel tubes                                                             Class
40182801   Extruded steel bent tube                                                         Commodity
40182802   Extruded steel pierced tube                                                      Commodity
40182803   Extruded steel end formed tube                                                   Commodity
40182804   Extruded steel multiport tube                                                    Commodity
40182805   Extruded steel chamfered tube                                                    Commodity
40182806   Extruded steel tube assembly                                                     Commodity
40182900   Extruded stainless steel tubes                                                   Class
40182901   Extruded stainless steel bent tube                                               Commodity
40182902   Extruded stainless steel pierced tube                                            Commodity
40182903   Extruded stainless steel end formed tube                                         Commodity
40182904   Extruded stainless steel multiport tube                                          Commodity
40182905   Extruded stainless steel chamfered tube                                          Commodity
40182906   Extruded stainless steel tube assembly                                           Commodity
40183000   Rubber and plastic tubing                                                        Class
40183001   Rubber tubing                                                                    Commodity
40183002   PVC plastic tubing                                                               Commodity
40183003   CPVC plastic tubing                                                              Commodity
40183004   HDPE plastic tubing                                                              Commodity
40183005   Low pressure rubber tubing                                                       Commodity
40183100   Tube fittings                                                                    Class
40183101   Tube elbow                                                                       Commodity
40183102   Tube tee                                                                         Commodity
40183103   Tube union                                                                       Commodity
40183104   Tube cap                                                                         Commodity
40183105   Tube nipple                                                                      Commodity
40183106   Tube plug                                                                        Commodity
40183107   Tube coupling                                                                    Commodity
40183108   Tube bushing                                                                     Commodity
40183109   Tube adapter                                                                     Commodity
40183110   Tube connector                                                                   Commodity
40183111   Tube cross                                                                       Commodity
40183112   Tube reducer                                                                     Commodity
41000000   Laboratory and Measuring and Observing and Testing Equipment                     Segment
41100000   Laboratory and scientific equipment                                              Family

41101500   Laboratory blending and dispersing and homogenizing equipment and supplies       Class
41101502   Stomachers                                                                       Commodity
41101503   Laboratory sprayers                                                              Commodity
41101504   Homogenizers                                                                     Commodity
41101505   French pressure cells                                                            Commodity
41101515   Liquid measuring cans                                                            Commodity
41101516   Dounce homogenizers                                                              Commodity
41101518   Laboratory blenders or emulsifiers                                               Commodity

41101700   Laboratory boring and grinding and cutting and crushing and pressing equipment   Class
41101701   Laboratory mills                                                                 Commodity
41101702   Pestle or mortars                                       Commodity
41101703   Tissue grinders                                         Commodity
41101705   Laboratory crushers or pulverizers                      Commodity
41101706   Laboratory disintegrators                               Commodity
41101707   Laboratory presses                                      Commodity
41101708   Laboratory grinder or polisher                          Commodity
41101800   Laboratory electron and solid state physics equipment   Class
41101801   Electron guns                                           Commodity
41101802   X ray generators                                        Commodity
41101803   Coulometers                                             Commodity
41101804   Electroscopes                                           Commodity
41101805   Fluxmeters                                              Commodity
41101806   Magnetometers                                           Commodity
41101807   Electron diffraction apparatus                          Commodity
41101808   Neutron diffraction apparatus                           Commodity
41101809   Optical diffraction apparatus                           Commodity
41101810   Diffractometers                                         Commodity
41101811   Electron probe x ray micro analyzer                     Commodity
41101812   Particle accelerator                                    Commodity
41101900   Laboratory ionic equipment                              Class
41101901   Ion sources                                             Commodity
41101902   Ion exchange apparatus                                  Commodity
41101903   Ion implantation equipment                              Commodity
41102400   Laboratory heating and drying equipment                 Class
41102401   Gas burners                                             Commodity
41102402   Spirit burners                                          Commodity
41102403   Laboratory incinerators                                 Commodity
41102404   Laboratory heaters                                      Commodity
41102405   Heating mantles or tapes                                Commodity
41102406   Laboratory hotplates                                    Commodity
41102407   Warming cabinets                                        Commodity
41102410   Infrared dryers                                         Commodity
41102412   Hot air blowers                                         Commodity
41102421   Temperature cycling chambers or thermal cyclers         Commodity
41102422   Dry baths or heating blocks                             Commodity
41102423   Stirring hotplates                                      Commodity
41102424   Slide warmers                                           Commodity
41102425   Slide dryers                                            Commodity
41102426   Heating or drying equipment or accessories              Commodity
41102500   Laboratory entomological equipment and accessories      Class
41102501   Laboratory insect containers                            Commodity
41102502   Rearing facilities for entomology                       Commodity
41102503   Fabric or netting for entomology                        Commodity
41102504   Entomological pinning equipment                         Commodity
41102505   Entomological mounting materials                        Commodity
41102506   Entomological trays                                     Commodity
41102507   Entomological catching equipment                        Commodity
41102508   Entomological aspirators                              Commodity
41102509   Entomological dippers                                 Commodity
41102510   Entomological monocups                                Commodity
41102511   Entomological sticky traps                            Commodity
41102512   Insect test kits                                      Commodity
41102513   Entomological display units                           Commodity
41102600   Animal laboratory equipment and accessories           Class
41102601   Laboratory cages for small animals                    Commodity
41102602   Aquaria equipment                                     Commodity
41102603   Animal identification supplies                        Commodity
41102604   Animal catching devices                               Commodity
41102605   Fish aeration systems                                 Commodity
41102606   Laboratory animal restraints or harnesses             Commodity
41102607   Animal feeding needles                                Commodity
41102608   Animal testing equipment                              Commodity
41102700   Crystallography equipment                             Class
41102701   Crystal lattice models                                Commodity
41102702   Scintillation crystal assemblies                      Commodity
41102703   Light scattering equipment                            Commodity
41102704   X ray diffraction equipment                           Commodity
41102705   Crystallizers                                         Commodity
41102706   Crystal growing equipment                             Commodity
41102900   Histology equipment                                   Class
41102901   Tissue embedding stations                             Commodity
41102902   Embedding molds                                       Commodity
41102903   Embedding capsules                                    Commodity
41102904   Embedding compounds                                   Commodity
41102905   Histological staining apparatus                       Commodity
41102909   Tissue processors                                     Commodity
41102910   Tissue culture apparatus                              Commodity
41102911   Histological knives or knife holders or blades        Commodity
41102912   Histological glass knife makers                       Commodity
41102913   Histological hones or straps or compounds             Commodity
41102914   Ultrasonic disintegrators                             Commodity
41102915   Histology sampling and dissecting stations            Commodity
41102916   Microtomes                                            Commodity
41102917   Microtome blades                                      Commodity
41102918   Laboratory cover slippers                             Commodity
41102919   Solvent recyclers                                     Commodity
41102920   Histology tissue cassettes                            Commodity
41102921   Histology paraffin                                    Commodity
41102922   Automated cover slipping equipment                    Commodity
41103000   Laboratory cooling equipment                          Class
41103001   Refrigerated cooling plate probes                     Commodity
41103003   Cryostats                                             Commodity
41103004   Fan circulated ovens                                  Commodity
41103005   Ultra cold or ultralow upright cabinets or freezers   Commodity
41103006   Cryogenic or liquid nitrogen freezers                               Commodity
41103007   Chilling units or cold water circulators                            Commodity
41103008   Refrigerated cooling modules                                        Commodity
41103010   Blood bank refrigerators                                            Commodity
41103011   General purpose refrigerators or refrigerator freezers              Commodity
41103012   Flammable material storage refrigerators or refrigerator freezers   Commodity
41103013   Explosion proof refrigerators or refrigerator freezers              Commodity
41103014   Chromatography refrigerators                                        Commodity
41103015   Blood bank freezers                                                 Commodity
41103017   Flammable material storage freezers                                 Commodity
41103019   Plasma storage freezers                                             Commodity
41103020   Ultra cold or ultralow chest freezers                               Commodity
41103021   Laboratory plate freezers                                           Commodity
41103022   Cool transport or storage                                           Commodity
41103023   Laboratory chillers                                                 Commodity
41103024   Cold traps                                                          Commodity
41103025   Laboratory cooling equipment accessories                            Commodity
41103200   Laboratory washing and cleaning equipment                           Class
41103201   Chemical engineering washers                                        Commodity
41103202   Laboratory washing machines                                         Commodity
41103203   Pipette washers                                                     Commodity
41103205   Washing machine racks or accessories                                Commodity
41103206   Laboratory washing detergents                                       Commodity
41103207   Microplate washers                                                  Commodity
41103208   Blood bank cell washers                                             Commodity
41103209   Laboratory wash bottles                                             Commodity
41103210   Laboratory ultraviolet UV sterilizers                               Commodity
41103300   Fluid mechanics equipment                                           Class
41103301   Liquid scintillation counters                                       Commodity
41103302   Battery acid hydrometers                                            Commodity
41103303   Densitometers                                                       Commodity
41103305   High vacuum equipment                                               Commodity
41103306   Pneumatic vacuum equipment                                          Commodity
41103307   Vacuum or mercury vapour equipment                                  Commodity
41103308   High vacuum combustion apparatus                                    Commodity
41103309   Flow injection analysis equipment                                   Commodity
41103310   Gas or vapour concentration measuring instruments                   Commodity
41103311   Manometers                                                          Commodity
41103312   Viscosimeters                                                       Commodity
41103313   Depth indicators                                                    Commodity
41103314   Microscopic structure estimation apparatus                          Commodity
41103315   Solution strength estimation apparatus                              Commodity
41103316   Pycnometers                                                         Commodity
41103317   Surface tension measuring instruments                               Commodity
41103318   Nuclear densitometer                                                Commodity
41103400   Laboratory environmental conditioning equipment                     Class
41103401   Contamination control screens                                       Commodity
41103403   Microbiological aircontrol equipment                                Commodity
41103406   Isolation glove boxes                                               Commodity
41103407   Anaerobic chamber                                                   Commodity
41103408   Refrigerated reach in environmental or growth chambers              Commodity
41103409   Heated reach in environmental or growth chambers                    Commodity
41103410   Refrigerated and heated reach in environmental or growth chambers   Commodity
41103411   Refrigerated walk in environmental or growth chambers               Commodity
41103412   Heated walk in environmental or growth chambers                     Commodity
41103413   Refrigerated and heated walk in environmental or growth chambers    Commodity
41103414   Laboratory environmental conditioning equipment accessories         Commodity
41103415   Clean benches                                                       Commodity
41103416   Temperature cycle chamber                                           Commodity
41103500   Laboratory enclosures and accessories                               Class
41103501   Ebuliometer                                                         Commodity
41103502   Fume hoods or cupboards                                             Commodity
41103504   Laminar flow cabinets or stations                                   Commodity
41103506   PCR enclosures                                                      Commodity
41103507   HEPA filtered enclosures                                            Commodity
41103508   Carbon filtered enclosures                                          Commodity
41103509   Laboratory scrubbers                                                Commodity
41103510   Laboratory blowers                                                  Commodity
41103511   Laboratory enclosure accessories                                    Commodity
41103512   Static eliminators                                                  Commodity
41103513   Tissue culture enclosures                                           Commodity
41103514   Laboratory steam generator                                          Commodity
41103700   Laboratory baths                                                    Class
41103701   Circulating baths                                                   Commodity
41103702   Thermostatic baths                                                  Commodity
41103703   Multiple baths                                                      Commodity
41103704   Biological baths                                                    Commodity
41103705   Organ baths                                                         Commodity
41103706   Water baths                                                         Commodity
41103707   Oil baths                                                           Commodity
41103708   Sand baths                                                          Commodity
41103709   Refrigerated baths                                                  Commodity
41103710   Orbital shaking water baths                                         Commodity
41103711   Reciprocating shaking water baths                                   Commodity
41103712   Immersion circulators                                               Commodity
41103713   Viscosity baths                                                     Commodity
41103714   Tissue flotation baths                                              Commodity
41103715   Laboratory bath accessories or supplies                             Commodity
41103800   Laboratory mixing and stirring and shaking equipment and supplies   Class
41103801   Laboratory mixers                                                   Commodity
41103802   Roller mixers                                                       Commodity
41103803   Stirring tables                                                     Commodity
41103804   Multi bank or flocculation equipment                                Commodity
41103805   Laboratory vibrators                                                Commodity
41103806   Magnetic stirrers                            Commodity
41103807   Laboratory touch mixers                      Commodity
41103808   Platelet mixers                              Commodity
41103809   Hematology or chemistry mixers               Commodity
41103810   Overhead stirrers                            Commodity
41103811   Orbital shakers                              Commodity
41103812   Reciprocal shakers                           Commodity
41103813   Rotating shakers                             Commodity
41103814   Vortex mixers                                Commodity
41103815   Tube rotators                                Commodity
41103816   Mixer or shaker accessories or attachments   Commodity
41103900   Laboratory centrifuges and accessories       Class
41103901   Microcentrifuges                             Commodity
41103902   Refrigerated microcentrifuges                Commodity
41103903   Benchtop centrifuges                         Commodity
41103904   Refrigerated benchtop centrifuges            Commodity
41103905   Floor centrifuges                            Commodity
41103906   Refrigerated floor centrifuges               Commodity
41103907   Ultracentrifuges                             Commodity
41103908   Vacuum centrifuges                           Commodity
41103909   Centrifuge rotors                            Commodity
41103910   Centrifuge buckets                           Commodity
41103911   Centrifuge adapters                          Commodity
41103912   Centrifuge brushes                           Commodity
41103913   Laboratory centrifuge accessories            Commodity
41104000   Sampling equipment                           Class
41104001   Sample changers                              Commodity
41104002   Sample oxidizer                              Commodity
41104003   Sample preparation line                      Commodity
41104004   Sample preparation bombs                     Commodity
41104005   Laboratory bailers                           Commodity
41104006   Coliwasas                                    Commodity
41104007   Water samplers                               Commodity
41104008   Air samplers or collectors                   Commodity
41104009   Air sampling pumps                           Commodity
41104010   Reagent kits for use with air samplers       Commodity
41104011   Filters or other spare parts for samplers    Commodity
41104012   Dust fall holders or jars                    Commodity
41104013   Sulphur dioxide or smoke samplers            Commodity
41104014   Sample applicators                           Commodity
41104015   Plant samples analysis equipment             Commodity
41104016   Air pollutant samplers                       Commodity
41104017   Sample holders                               Commodity
41104018   Solid phase extraction preparations          Commodity
41104019   Sampling manifolds                           Commodity
41104020   Calcine element flow tray                    Commodity
41104021   Fraction collector                           Commodity
41104100   Specimen collection and transport containers and supplies   Class
41104101   Slide or specimen mailers or shippers                       Commodity
41104102   Lancets                                                     Commodity
41104103   Heel warmers                                                Commodity
41104104   Tourniquets                                                 Commodity
41104105   Specimen collection or transport bags                       Commodity
41104106   Phlebotomy trays or accessories                             Commodity
41104107   Vacuum blood collection tubes or containers                 Commodity
41104108   Non vacuum blood collection tubes or containers             Commodity
41104109   Blood unit collection bags                                  Commodity
41104110   Blood culture bottles                                       Commodity
41104111   Cytology collection kits or containers                      Commodity
41104112   Urine collection containers                                 Commodity
41104114   Frepp Sepp collection containers                            Commodity
41104115   Serum Filter collection containers                          Commodity
41104116   Swab collection or transport containers                     Commodity
41104117   Specimen holders                                            Commodity
41104118   Specimen collection container                               Commodity
41104119   Bone tissue collection containers                           Commodity
41104120   Sedimentation rate tubes                                    Commodity
41104121   Stool collection containers with media                      Commodity
41104122   Stool collection containers without media                   Commodity
41104123   Sputum collection apparatus or containers                   Commodity
41104124   Laboratory bone marrow biopsy trays                         Commodity
41104125   Histology or pathology preservative specimen container      Commodity
41104126   Histology or pathology specimen container                   Commodity
41104200   Laboratory water purification equipment and supplies        Class
41104201   Water purification reagents                                 Commodity
41104202   Deionization or demineralization equipment                  Commodity
41104203   Base exchange equipment                                     Commodity
41104204   Reverse osmosis equipment                                   Commodity
41104205   Ultra violet water purification units                       Commodity
41104206   Ultra pure water systems                                    Commodity
41104207   Water analysis systems                                      Commodity
41104208   Dehydrators                                                 Commodity
41104209   Deoxiders                                                   Commodity
41104210   Dissolvers                                                  Commodity
41104211   Softeners                                                   Commodity
41104212   Water filtration cartridges                                 Commodity
41104213   Distilled or deionized water                                Commodity
41104300   Fermentation equipment                                      Class
41104301   Standard fermentation units                                 Commodity
41104302   Continuous culture apparatus                                Commodity
41104303   Anaerobic jars or accessories                               Commodity
41104304   Digestion systems                                           Commodity
41104305   Inspissators                                                Commodity
41104306   In vitro culture equipment                                  Commodity
41104307   Microbiology fermentation equipment                                             Commodity
41104308   Anaerobic environmental culture systems or supplies                             Commodity
41104400   Laboratory incubating equipment                                                 Class
41104401   Gravity convection general purpose incubators                                   Commodity
41104402   Forced air or mechanical convection general purpose incubators                  Commodity
41104403   Tissue culture incubators                                                       Commodity
41104404   Cooled biological oxygen demand BOD incubators                                  Commodity
41104405   Shaking incubators                                                              Commodity
41104406   Plate incubators                                                                Commodity
41104407   Water jacketed single chamber carbon dioxide incubators                         Commodity
41104408   Water jacketed dual chamber carbon dioxide incubators                           Commodity

41104409   Water jacketed single chamber carbon dioxide incubators with humidity control   Commodity

41104410   Water jacketed dual chamber carbon dioxide incubators with humidity control     Commodity
41104411   Dry wall single chamber carbon dioxide incubators                               Commodity
41104412   Dry wall dual chamber carbon dioxide incubators                                 Commodity
41104413   Dry wall single chamber carbon dioxide incubators with humidity control         Commodity
41104414   Dry wall dual chamber carbon dioxide incubators with humidity control           Commodity
41104415   Water jacketed single chamber three gas incubators                              Commodity
41104416   Water jacketed dual chamber three gas incubators                                Commodity
41104417   Water jacketed single chamber three gas incubators with humidity control        Commodity
41104418   Water jacketed dual chamber three gas incubators with humidity control          Commodity
41104419   Dry wall single chamber three gas incubators                                    Commodity
41104420   Dry wall dual chamber three gas incubators                                      Commodity
41104421   Dry wall single chamber three gas incubators with humidity control              Commodity
41104422   Dry wall dual chamber three gas incubators with humidity control                Commodity
41104423   Refrigerated incubators                                                         Commodity
41104424   Incubator accessories                                                           Commodity
41104500   Laboratory ovens and accessories                                                Class
41104501   Laboratory mechanical convection ovens                                          Commodity
41104502   Gravity convection ovens                                                        Commodity
41104503   Ageing ovens                                                                    Commodity
41104504   Cleanroom ovens                                                                 Commodity
41104505   Laboratory quartz oven pots                                                     Commodity
41104506   Laboratory safety ovens                                                         Commodity
41104507   Laboratory microwave ovens                                                      Commodity
41104508   Induction dryers                                                                Commodity
41104509   Vacuum ovens                                                                    Commodity
41104510   Drying cabinets or ovens                                                        Commodity
41104511   Hybridization ovens or incubators                                               Commodity
41104512   Laboratory oven accessories                                                     Commodity
41104513   Magnesium melt oven                                                             Commodity
41104600   Laboratory furnaces and accessories                                             Class
41104601   Laboratory box furnaces                                                         Commodity
41104602   Programmable box furnaces                                                       Commodity
41104603   Tube furnaces                                                                   Commodity
41104604   Programmable tube furnaces                                                         Commodity
41104605   Crucible furnaces                                                                  Commodity
41104606   Programmable crucible furnaces                                                     Commodity
41104607   Furnace control console                                                            Commodity
41104608   Programmable furnace control console                                               Commodity
41104609   Laboratory safety furnaces                                                         Commodity
41104610   Laboratory furnace hearthplates                                                    Commodity
41104611   Laboratory furnace replacement insulation                                          Commodity
41104612   Laboratory furnace accessories                                                     Commodity
41104700   Laboratory freeze dryers and lyopholizers and accessories                          Class
41104701   Freeze dryers or lyopholizers                                                      Commodity
41104702   Freeze dryer glassware                                                             Commodity
41104703   Tray dryers                                                                        Commodity
41104704   Freeze dryer or lyopholizer accessories                                            Commodity
           Laboratory decanting and distilling and evaporating and extracting equipment and
41104800   supplies                                                                           Class
41104801   Flask or retort units                                                              Commodity
41104802   Bi distillation units                                                              Commodity
41104803   Laboratory evaporators                                                             Commodity
41104804   Vacuum or rotary evaporators                                                       Commodity
41104805   Nitrogen blowdown evaporators                                                      Commodity
41104806   Extracting equipment for laboratories                                              Commodity
41104807   Fat extractors                                                                     Commodity
41104808   Crude fiber extractors                                                             Commodity
41104809   Sedimentological analyzing unit                                                    Commodity
41104810   Fractionation apparatus                                                            Commodity
41104811   Density gradient fractionators                                                     Commodity
41104812   Distillation pipings or columns or fittings                                        Commodity
41104813   Reflux components                                                                  Commodity
41104814   Laboratory heat exchange condensers                                                Commodity
41104815   Kjeldahl nitrogen determination apparatus                                          Commodity
41104816   Vacuum or centrifugal concentrators                                                Commodity
41104817   Extraction thimbles                                                                Commodity
41104818   Structured packing                                                                 Commodity
41104900   Laboratory filtering equipment and supplies                                        Class
41104901   Laboratory line filters                                                            Commodity
41104902   Gel filtration equipment                                                           Commodity
41104903   Ultra filtration equipment                                                         Commodity
41104904   Sintered cell filters                                                              Commodity
41104905   Thin channel filtration equipment                                                  Commodity
41104906   Reverse osmosis filtration equipment                                               Commodity
41104907   Molecular filtration equipment                                                     Commodity
41104908   Laboratory cartridge element filters                                               Commodity
41104909   Laboratory filter holders or cyclones                                              Commodity
41104910   Laboratory multi sheet or press filters                                            Commodity
41104911   Laboratory air filtration systems                                                  Commodity
41104912   Fluid presses filter                                                               Commodity
41104913   Bioseparation filters                                         Commodity
41104914   Bottletops or filtration cups                                 Commodity
41104915   Capsules filters                                              Commodity
41104916   Centrifugal filters                                           Commodity
41104917   Laboratory environmental filters                              Commodity
41104918   Laboratory glass filters                                      Commodity
41104919   Laboratory HEPA filters                                       Commodity
41104920   Hybridization filters                                         Commodity
41104921   Laboratory membrane filters                                   Commodity
41104922   Syringe filters                                               Commodity
41104923   Multiwell plate filters                                       Commodity
41104924   Microbiology filters                                          Commodity
41104925   Laboratory filtration hardware or accessories                 Commodity
41104926   Silica bed filter                                             Commodity
41104927   Filter support screens                                        Commodity
41104928   Laboratory bottle receiver                                    Commodity
41104929   Laboratory filter papers                                      Commodity
41104930   Molecular sieve                                               Commodity
41105000   Laboratory sieves and sifting equipment and supplies          Class
41105001   Laboratory separators                                         Commodity
41105002   Laboratory sifting equipment                                  Commodity
41105003   Test sieves                                                   Commodity
41105100   Laboratory pumps and tubing                                   Class
41105101   Laboratory vacuum pumps                                       Commodity
41105102   Peristaltic pumps                                             Commodity
41105103   Laboratory centrifugal pumps                                  Commodity
41105104   Syringe pumps                                                 Commodity
41105105   Metering pumps                                                Commodity
41105106   Chromatography pumps                                          Commodity
41105107   Laboratory drum pumps                                         Commodity
41105108   Laboratory general purpose tubing                             Commodity
41105109   Rotary vane pumps                                             Commodity
41105200   Laboratory slide stainer equipment and accessories            Class
41105201   Histology or cytology slide stainers                          Commodity
41105202   Hematology slide stainers                                     Commodity
41105203   Microbiology slide stainers                                   Commodity
41105204   Laboratory slide stainer accessories                          Commodity
41105205   Microslide making equipment                                   Commodity
41105300   Laboratory electrophoresis and blotting system and supplies   Class
41105301   Gel boxes                                                     Commodity
41105302   Gel dryers                                                    Commodity
41105303   Electrophoresis system power supplies                         Commodity
41105304   Transilluminators                                             Commodity
41105305   Electrophoresis system accessories                            Commodity
41105307   Instrumentation for capillary electrophoresis                 Commodity
41105308   Capillaries or cartridges                                     Commodity
41105309   Kits or reagents for capillary electrophoresis                Commodity
41105310   Blotting or transfer accessories                                                Commodity
41105311   Blotting or transfer apparatus                                                  Commodity
41105312   Combs or plates or spacers or trays                                             Commodity
41105313   Cassettes or related detection accessories                                      Commodity
41105314   Gel documentation systems                                                       Commodity
41105315   Gel documentation accessories                                                   Commodity
41105316   Ultraviolet crosslinkers                                                        Commodity
41105317   Agarose gel making reagents                                                     Commodity
41105318   Agarose premade gels                                                            Commodity
41105319   Polyacrylamide gel making reagents                                              Commodity
41105320   Polyacrylamide premade gels                                                     Commodity
41105321   Nucleic acid gels stain                                                         Commodity
41105322   Polyacrylamide gels stain                                                       Commodity
41105323   Electrophoresis premade buffers or solutions                                    Commodity
41105324   Deoxyribonucleic acid DNA or ribonucleic acid RNA probes                        Commodity
           Microwells plates for deoxyribonucleic acid DNA or deoxyribonucleic acid DNA
41105325   hybridization                                                                   Commodity
41105326   Hybridization reagents or buffers                                               Commodity
41105327   Conjugated nucleotides or oligomers                                             Commodity
41105328   Premade northern or southern or western blots                                   Commodity
41105329   Blocking agents                                                                 Commodity
41105330   Control proteins or cell lysates or tissue lysates                              Commodity
41105331   Protein chemifluorescent detection reagents or kits or substrates               Commodity
41105332   Protein chemiluminescent detection reagents or kits or substrates               Commodity
41105333   Protein chromogenic detection reagents or kits or substrates                    Commodity
41105334   Deoxyribonucleic acid DNA quantitation markers                                  Commodity
41105335   Deoxyribonucleic acid DNA size markers or standards                             Commodity
41105336   Isoelectric focusing IEF markers                                                Commodity
41105337   Protein electrophoresis markers                                                 Commodity
41105338   Ribonucleic acid RNA markers or standards                                       Commodity
41105339   Blotting membranes                                                              Commodity

41105500   Nucleic acid extraction and purification and quantitation kits and components   Class
41105501   Deoxyribonucleic acid DNA cleanup or gel extraction kits                        Commodity
41105502   Kits for deoxyribonucleic acid DNA extraction from food                         Commodity
41105503   Electroelution systems                                                          Commodity
41105504   Genomic deoxyribonucleic acid DNA purification kits                             Commodity
41105505   High throughput screening HTS systems in nucleic acid purification              Commodity
41105506   Kits for purification of messenger ribonucleic acid mRNA                        Commodity
41105507   Nucleic acid isolation magnetic beads                                           Commodity
41105508   Nucleic acids coprecipitants                                                    Commodity
41105509   Nucleic acids quantitation kits                                                 Commodity
41105510   Phage deoxyribonucleic acid DNA purification kits                               Commodity
41105511   Kits for plasmids deoxyribonucleic acid DNA extraction from yeast               Commodity

41105512   Plasmids or cosmids or bacterial artificial chromosomes BAC purification kit    Commodity
41105513   Labeled nucleic acid purification kits                                          Commodity
41105514   Reagents for nucleic acid extraction or precipitation or resuspension       Commodity
41105515   Ribonucleic acid RNA cleanup or stabilization materials                     Commodity
41105516   Ribonucleic acid RNA gel extraction kits                                    Commodity
41105517   Kits for nucleic acid extraction from plant cells or tissue                 Commodity
41105518   Total ribonucleic acid RNA purification kits                                Commodity
41105519   Viral deoxyribonucleic acid DNA purification kits                           Commodity
41105520   Viral ribonucleic acid RNA purification kits                                Commodity
41105600   Deoxyribonucleic acid DNA sequencing products                               Class
41105601   Kits or enzymes for sequencing                                              Commodity
41105700   Gene arrays                                                                 Class
41105701   Acid nucleic immobilized on glass or nylon membranes                        Commodity
41105800   In vitro transcription and translation products                             Class
41105801   Oligomer conjugates or derivatives                                          Commodity
41105802   Ribonucleotides                                                             Commodity
41105803   Transcription or translation systems or kits                                Commodity
41105804   Translation labeling accessories                                            Commodity
41105900   Libraries and related materials                                             Class
41105901   Animal tissues or bodily fluids                                             Commodity
41105902   Complementary deoxyribonucleic acid cDNA libraries                          Commodity
41105903   Complementary deoxyribonucleic acid cDNA synthesis kits                     Commodity
41105904   Genomic libraries                                                           Commodity
41105905   Library construction kits                                                   Commodity
41105906   Protein or peptide display libraries                                        Commodity
41105907   Two hybrid libraries or systems                                             Commodity
41105908   Viral packaging kits                                                        Commodity
41106000   Nucleic acid labeling and detection systems                                 Class
41106001   Nucleic acid chemifluorescent detection materials                           Commodity
41106002   Nucleic acid chemiluminescent detection materials                           Commodity
41106003   Nucleic acid chromogenic detection materials                                Commodity
41106004   Nucleic acid non radioactive labeling kits                                  Commodity
41106005   Nucleic acid radioactive labeling kits                                      Commodity
41106006   Radio nucleotides or nucleosides                                            Commodity
41106100   Deoxyribonucleic acid DNA analysis kits                                     Class
41106101   Cytogenetics kits                                                           Commodity
41106102   Differential display or subtraction kits                                    Commodity
41106103   Deoxyribonucleic acid DNA typing kits                                       Commodity
41106104   Nuclease protection assays                                                  Commodity

41106200   Microorganism propagation and transformation media and kits and equipment   Class
41106201   Antimycotics                                                                Commodity
41106202   Bacteria competent cells                                                    Commodity
41106203   Bacteria transformation kits                                                Commodity
41106204   Bottled agar media or stabs for bacteria                                    Commodity
41106205   Brent supplement mixtures for yeast                                         Commodity
41106206   Complete supplement mixtures for yeast                                      Commodity
41106207   Dictyostelium discoideum media                                              Commodity
41106208   Electroporation cuvettes                                                    Commodity
41106209   Hollenberg supplement mixtures for yeast                                            Commodity
41106210   Media or supplements for schizosaccharomyces pombe                                  Commodity
41106211   Media ingredients or additives schizosaccharomyces pombe                            Commodity
41106212   Media ingredients or additives for bacteria                                         Commodity
41106213   Premixed media dry                                                                  Commodity
41106214   Reagents for preparing competent bacteria                                           Commodity
41106215   Reagents for preparing competent yeast                                              Commodity
41106216   Rich media for yeast                                                                Commodity
41106217   Specialty plates for bacteria                                                       Commodity
41106218   Specialty premixed media dry                                                        Commodity
41106219   Synthetic complete supplement mixtures for yeast                                    Commodity
41106220   Synthetic media for yeast                                                           Commodity
41106221   Yeast competent cells                                                               Commodity
41106222   Yeast transformation kits                                                           Commodity
41106223   Yeast nitrogen bases YNB or yeast nitrogen base YNB variants                        Commodity
           Polymerase chain reaction PCR and reverse transcriptase polymerase chain reaction
41106300   RT PCR products                                                                     Class
41106301   Deoxynucleotide triphosphates dNTPs                                                 Commodity
41106302   Gene specific polymerase chain reaction PCR kits                                    Commodity
41106303   Kits for polymerase chain reaction PCR purification                                 Commodity
           Kits for messenger ribonucleic acid mRNA quantitation by polymerase chain
41106304   reaction PCR                                                                        Commodity
41106305   Nucleotides                                                                         Commodity
41106306   Polymerase chain reaction PCR buffers                                               Commodity
41106307   Polymerase chain reaction PCR optimizing products                                   Commodity
           Polymerase chain reaction PCR or reverse transcriptase polymerase chain reaction
41106308   RT PCR primers                                                                      Commodity
41106309   Premade complementary deoxyribonucleic acid cDNA                                    Commodity
41106310   Purified genomic deoxyribonucleic acids DNA                                         Commodity
41106311   Purified ribonucleic acids RNA                                                      Commodity
           Rapid amplification or complementary deoxyribonucleic acid ends RACE technology
41106312   products                                                                            Commodity
41106313   Reverse transcriptase polymerase chain reaction RT PCR kits                         Commodity
41106314   Thermostable deoxyribonucleic acid DNA polymerases or kits                          Commodity
41106400   Primers and linkers and adaptors                                                    Class
41106401   Adaptors or linkers                                                                 Commodity
41106402   Miscellaneous primers                                                               Commodity
41106403   Sequencing primers                                                                  Commodity
41106500   Protein expression products                                                         Class
41106501   Bacterial expression kits                                                           Commodity
41106502   Eucariotic transfection reagents                                                    Commodity
41106503   Inducers or regulators                                                              Commodity
41106504   Insect cells                                                                        Commodity
41106505   Insect expression kits                                                              Commodity
41106506   Insect media                                                                        Commodity
41106507   Insect medium supplements or reagents                                               Commodity
41106508   Mammalian cell expression kits                                                      Commodity
41106509   Mammalian cells                                                                     Commodity
41106510   Kits for protein extraction from mammalian cells or tissues   Commodity
41106511   Kits for protein extraction from bacteria                     Commodity
41106512   Kits for protein extraction from yeast                        Commodity
41106513   Reporter gene assay                                           Commodity
41106514   Stable mammalian cell lines                                   Commodity
41106515   Yeast expression kits                                         Commodity
41106516   Enzyme expression consumables                                 Commodity
41106600   Vectors                                                       Class
41106601   Chromosome targeting vectors                                  Commodity
41106602   Bacterial expression vectors                                  Commodity
41106603   Cassette vectors                                              Commodity
41106604   Display vector maps or sequences                              Commodity
41106605   Enzyme reporter vector maps or sequences                      Commodity
41106606   Expression complementary deoxyribonucleic acid cDNA vectors   Commodity
41106607   Fluorescent protein vector maps or sequences                  Commodity
41106608   Fusion vectors                                                Commodity
41106609   Gene targeting vectors                                        Commodity
41106610   General cloning vectors                                       Commodity
41106611   Hybrid system vectors or kits                                 Commodity
41106612   Insect expression vectors                                     Commodity
41106613   Library construction vectors                                  Commodity
41106614   Mammalian cell expression vectors                             Commodity
41106615   Polymerase chain reaction PCR cloning vectors or kits         Commodity
41106616   Phage or viral deoxyribonucleic acids DNA                     Commodity
41106617   Plasmid mutagenesis vectors or kits                           Commodity
41106618   Recombination mediated cloning or expression products         Commodity
41106619   Sequencing vectors                                            Commodity
41106620   Signal transduction reporter vector maps or sequences         Commodity
41106621   Virus mediated expression vectors or kits                     Commodity
41106622   Yeast expression vectors                                      Commodity
41110000   Measuring and observing and testing instruments               Family
41111500   Weight measuring instruments                                  Class
41111501   Electronic toploading balances                                Commodity
41111502   Laboratory balances                                           Commodity
41111503   Mechanical balances                                           Commodity
41111504   Pull spring balances                                          Commodity
41111505   Calibration weights or weight sets                            Commodity
41111506   Animal weighing scales                                        Commodity
41111507   Bench scales                                                  Commodity
41111508   Bodyweight measuring scales                                   Commodity
41111509   Floor or platform scales                                      Commodity
41111510   Postal scales                                                 Commodity
41111511   Truck or rail scales                                          Commodity
41111512   Triple beam balances                                          Commodity
41111513   Moisture balances                                             Commodity
41111515   Balance weighing containers or bowls or boats or papers       Commodity
41111516   Weight measuring instrument accessories                       Commodity
41111517   Analytical balances                                       Commodity
41111518   Axle load scales                                          Commodity
41111600   Length and thickness and distance measuring instruments   Class
41111601   Micrometers                                               Commodity
41111602   Pedometers                                                Commodity
41111603   Rangefinders                                              Commodity
41111604   Rulers                                                    Commodity
41111605   Strain gauges                                             Commodity
41111606   Tellurometers                                             Commodity
41111607   Thread counters or gauges                                 Commodity
41111613   Distance meters                                           Commodity
41111614   Height gauges                                             Commodity
41111615   Laser measuring systems                                   Commodity
41111616   Measuring wheels for distance                             Commodity
41111617   Feeler gauges                                             Commodity
41111618   Gage block set                                            Commodity
41111619   Go or no go gauge                                         Commodity
41111620   Etalon wedge                                              Commodity
41111621   Calipers                                                  Commodity
41111622   Micrometer calipers                                       Commodity
41111623   Thickness measuring devices                               Commodity
41111624   Alexometer                                                Commodity
41111625   Curvimeter                                                Commodity
41111626   Gauge block                                               Commodity
41111627   Vee block                                                 Commodity
41111628   Wire meter                                                Commodity
41111629   Cable or wire extension linear position sensor            Commodity
41111630   Dial indicator or dial gauge                              Commodity
41111700   Viewing and observing instruments and accessories         Class
41111701   Ion microscopes                                           Commodity
41111702   Monocular microscopes                                     Commodity
41111703   Stereo or dissecting light microscopes                    Commodity
41111704   Illuminators for microscopes                              Commodity
41111705   Microscope objectives                                     Commodity
41111706   Photo attachments for microscopes                         Commodity
41111707   Profile projectors                                        Commodity
41111708   Video attachments for microscopes                         Commodity
41111709   Binocular light compound microscopes                      Commodity
41111710   Combination electron and light microscopes                Commodity
41111711   Electron microscopes                                      Commodity
41111712   Inverted microscopes                                      Commodity
41111713   Magnifiers                                                Commodity
41111714   Loupes                                                    Commodity
41111715   Telescopes                                                Commodity
41111716   Borescope inspection equipment                            Commodity
41111717   Binoculars                                                Commodity
41111718   Metallurgical microscopes                                 Commodity
41111719   Darkfield microscopes                                           Commodity
41111720   Scanning electron microscopes                                   Commodity
41111721   Transmission electron microscopes                               Commodity
41111722   Fluorescent microscopes                                         Commodity
41111723   Scanning light or spinning disk or laser scanning microscopes   Commodity
41111724   Scanning probe microscopes                                      Commodity
41111725   Polarizing microscopes                                          Commodity
41111726   Acoustic microscopes                                            Commodity
41111727   Projection microscopes                                          Commodity
41111728   Wide field microscopes                                          Commodity
41111729   Microscope eyepieces                                            Commodity
41111730   Microscope condensers                                           Commodity
41111731   Microscope collectors                                           Commodity
41111733   Microscope tubes                                                Commodity
41111734   Microscope stages                                               Commodity
41111735   Automated microscope stages                                     Commodity
41111736   Microscope covers                                               Commodity
41111737   Videoscopes                                                     Commodity
41111738   Fiberscopes                                                     Commodity
41111739   Laboratory microscope replacement bulbs                         Commodity
41111740   Automated optical inspection system                             Commodity
41111800   Non destructive examination equipment                           Class
41111801   Eddy current examination equipment                              Commodity
41111802   Liquid penetrant examination equipment                          Commodity
41111803   Magnetic particle examination equipment                         Commodity
41111804   Ultrasonic examination equipment                                Commodity
41111805   CO 60 radiography examination equipment                         Commodity
41111806   CS 137 radiography examination equipment                        Commodity
41111807   IR 192 radiography examination equipment                        Commodity
41111808   X ray radiography examination equipment                         Commodity
41111809   Leak testing equipment                                          Commodity
41111810   Hot testing equipment station                                   Commodity
41111811   Cold testing equipment station                                  Commodity
41111900   Indicating and recording instruments                            Class
41111901   Counters                                                        Commodity
41111902   Electronic counters                                             Commodity
41111903   Metal detectors                                                 Commodity
41111904   Electronic columns                                              Commodity
41111905   Electronic measuring probes                                     Commodity
41111906   Chart recorders                                                 Commodity
41111907   Digital readout recorders                                       Commodity
41111908   Graphic recorders                                               Commodity
41111909   Magnetic tape recorders                                         Commodity
41111910   Multipen recorders                                              Commodity
41111911   Oscillographic recorders                                        Commodity
41111912   Physiological recorders                                         Commodity
41111913   Point plotting recorders                                        Commodity
41111914   Servo recorders                                              Commodity
41111915   Bi metallic sensors                                          Commodity
41111916   Non contact sensors                                          Commodity
41111917   Digital testers                                              Commodity
41111918   Gyroscopic instruments                                       Commodity
41111919   Detection apparatus for non metallic objects                 Commodity
41111920   Coordinate measuring machines CMM                            Commodity
41111921   Speed sensors                                                Commodity
41111922   Lamp failure sensor                                          Commodity
41111923   Pre ignition knock sensor                                    Commodity
41111924   Oxygen sensors                                               Commodity
41111926   Proximity sensors                                            Commodity
41111927   Pressure sensors                                             Commodity
41111928   Current sensors                                              Commodity
41111929   Radiation detectors                                          Commodity
41111930   Electrical power sensors                                     Commodity
41111931   Flow sensors                                                 Commodity
41111932   Liquid leak detectors                                        Commodity
41111933   Electrical charge sensors                                    Commodity
41111934   Force or torque sensors                                      Commodity
41111935   Tilt sensors                                                 Commodity
41111936   Complementary metal oxide semiconductor CMOS image sensors   Commodity
41111937   Rotary position sensors                                      Commodity
41111938   Level sensors or transmitters                                Commodity
41111939   Acoustic sensors                                             Commodity
41111940   Color sensors                                                Commodity
41111941   Olfactory sensors                                            Commodity
41111942   Opacity or dust or visibility sensors                        Commodity
41111943   Electrical resistance or conductance sensors                 Commodity
41111944   Electrical admittance sensors                                Commodity
41111945   Linear position sensors                                      Commodity
41111946   Electrical inductance sensors                                Commodity
41111947   Chart recorder pens                                          Commodity
41111948   Manual or electronic hematology differential cell counters   Commodity
41111949   Hour meter                                                   Commodity
41111950   Level indicator                                              Commodity
41111951   Humidistat                                                   Commodity
41111952   Hydrogen sulfide sensor                                      Commodity
41111953   Supplemental inflator restraint arming sensor                Commodity
41111954   Liquid sensor                                                Commodity
41111955   Solar sensor                                                 Commodity
41111956   Infrared temperature sensor                                  Commodity
41111957   Oil pressure sensor                                          Commodity
41111958   Manifold ambient pressure sensor                             Commodity
41111959   Fuel pressure sensor                                         Commodity
41111960   Ultrasonic sensor                                            Commodity
41111961   Occupant sensor                                              Commodity
41111962   Brake wear sensor                                 Commodity
41111963   Fuel level sensor                                 Commodity
41111964   Seat belt tension sensor                          Commodity
41111965   Water sensor                                      Commodity
41111966   Humidity sensor                                   Commodity
41111967   Lateral long yaw sensor                           Commodity
41111968   Angular rate sensor                               Commodity
41111969   Voltage control sensor                            Commodity
41111970   Temperature sensor                                Commodity
41111971   Binary counter                                    Commodity
41112100   Transducers                                       Class
41112101   Piezo electric crystals                           Commodity
41112103   Fiber sensors                                     Commodity
41112104   Audio transducers                                 Commodity
41112105   Temperature transmitters                          Commodity
41112106   Humidity transmitters                             Commodity
41112107   Electro pneumatic transducers                     Commodity
41112108   Loadcells                                         Commodity
41112109   Current transducer                                Commodity
41112110   Pressure transducer                               Commodity
41112111   Displacement transducer                           Commodity
41112200   Temperature and heat measuring instruments        Class
41112201   Calorimeters                                      Commodity
41112202   Heat tracing equipment                            Commodity
41112203   Melting point recorders                           Commodity
41112204   Pyrometers                                        Commodity
41112205   Temperature regulators                            Commodity
41112206   Thermocouples                                     Commodity
41112207   Thermographs                                      Commodity
41112209   Thermostats                                       Commodity
41112210   Remote reading thermometers                       Commodity
41112211   Resistance thermometers                           Commodity
41112212   Surface thermometers                              Commodity
41112213   Handheld thermometer                              Commodity
41112214   Cryogenic temperature controllers                 Commodity
41112215   Humidifier temperature controllers                Commodity
41112216   Thermowells                                       Commodity
41112217   Thermoheads                                       Commodity
41112219   Thermocouple probes                               Commodity
41112220   Laboratory freezer or refrigerator thermometers   Commodity
41112221   Laboratory incubator thermometers                 Commodity
41112222   Temperature gauge                                 Commodity
41112223   Compound gauge                                    Commodity
41112224   Infrared thermometer                              Commodity
41112225   Resistance temperature detector RTD               Commodity
41112226   Low temperature thermocouple sensor               Commodity
41112227   High temperature thermocouple sensor              Commodity
41112300   Humidity and moisture measuring instruments               Class
41112301   Hygrometers                                               Commodity
41112302   Psychrometers                                             Commodity
41112303   Temperature humidity testers                              Commodity
41112304   Moisture meters                                           Commodity
41112400   Pressure measuring and control instruments                Class
41112401   Depth gauges                                              Commodity
41112402   Manostats                                                 Commodity
41112403   Pressure indicators                                       Commodity
41112404   Pressure regulator                                        Commodity
41112405   Pressure or vacuum recorders                              Commodity
41112406   Vacuum gauges                                             Commodity
41112407   Liquid level controls or instruments                      Commodity
41112408   Pressure intensifiers                                     Commodity
41112409   Pressure scanners                                         Commodity
41112410   Pressure transmitters                                     Commodity
41112411   Pressure controllers                                      Commodity
41112412   Pressure gauge                                            Commodity
41112413   Differential pressure gauge                               Commodity
41112500   Liquid and gas flow measuring and observing instruments   Class
41112501   Flowmeters                                                Commodity
41112502   Rheometers                                                Commodity
41112503   Rotameters                                                Commodity
41112504   Water meters                                              Commodity
41112505   Water meter spares                                        Commodity
41112506   Venturis                                                  Commodity
41112508   Gas gauges                                                Commodity
41112509   Air velocity and temperature monitors                     Commodity
41112510   Sight flow indicators                                     Commodity
41112511   Sight flow windows                                        Commodity
41112512   Flow computers or totalizers                              Commodity
41112513   Orifice plate                                             Commodity
41112514   Oil gauges                                                Commodity
41112516   Flow transmitters                                         Commodity
41112517   Optical flowmeter and accessories                         Commodity
41112600   Hygiene monitoring and testing equipment                  Class
41112601   Manual swab test kits                                     Commodity
41112602   Automated swab test kits                                  Commodity
41112700   Seed and feed equipment                                   Class
41112701   Grain analyzers                                           Commodity
41112702   Seed counters                                             Commodity
41112704   Feed analyzers                                            Commodity
41112800   Transportation related equipment and instruments          Class
41112801   Speedometers                                              Commodity
41112802   Tachometers                                               Commodity
41112803   Tachometer disks                                          Commodity
41112900   Navigational equipment and instruments                    Class
41112901   Direction finding compasses                      Commodity
41112902   Radio navigation instruments                     Commodity
41112903   Sextants                                         Commodity
41112904   Complex controlling devices                      Commodity
41113000   Chemical evaluation instruments and supplies     Class
41113001   Digital Analyzer controllers                     Commodity
41113002   Chemiluminescence or bioluminescence analyzers   Commodity
41113003   Electrogravimetry analyzers                      Commodity
41113004   Flame ionization analyzers                       Commodity
41113005   Ion analyzers                                    Commodity
41113006   Radiometry analyzers                             Commodity
41113007   Random access analyzers                          Commodity
41113008   Cintigraphic analyzers                           Commodity
41113009   Thermal differential analyzers                   Commodity
41113010   Thermo gravimetry analyzers                      Commodity
41113023   Gel partition equipment                          Commodity
41113024   Hydrometers                                      Commodity
41113025   Monochromators                                   Commodity
41113026   Nephelometers                                    Commodity
41113027   Osmometers                                       Commodity
41113029   Polarographs                                     Commodity
41113030   Radiochromatographic scanner                     Commodity
41113031   Saccharometers                                   Commodity
41113033   Volumeters                                       Commodity
41113034   pH test strips or papers                         Commodity
41113035   Chemical test strips or papers                   Commodity
41113036   Microplates                                      Commodity
41113037   Microplate readers                               Commodity
41113038   Alcoholometer                                    Commodity
41113039   Osmometer accessories                            Commodity
41113040   Colony counter                                   Commodity
41113100   Gas analyzers and monitors                       Class
41113101   Automotive exhaust emission analyzers            Commodity
41113102   Catalytic combustion analyzers                   Commodity
41113103   Chemical absorption gas analyzers                Commodity
41113104   Explosimeters                                    Commodity
41113105   Hydrocarbons analyzers or detectors              Commodity
41113106   Infra red or ultra violet absorption analyzers   Commodity
41113107   Nitrogen gas analyzers                           Commodity
41113108   Nitrogen oxide analyzers                         Commodity
41113109   ORSAT equipment                                  Commodity
41113110   Oxygen gas analyzers                             Commodity
41113111   Ozone analyzers                                  Commodity
41113112   Paramagnetic susceptibility analyzers            Commodity
41113113   Sulfur dioxide analyzers or detectors            Commodity
41113114   Thermal conductivity analyzers                   Commodity
41113115   Radon detectors                                  Commodity
41113116   Gas detector tubes                                           Commodity
41113117   Single gas monitors                                          Commodity
41113118   Multi gas monitors                                           Commodity
41113119   Dissolved carbon dioxide analyzers                           Commodity
41113120   Carbon monoxide analyzer                                     Commodity
41113300   Liquid and solid and elemental analyzers                     Class
41113301   Acid or base analyzers                                       Commodity
41113302   Albuminometers                                               Commodity
41113304   Bauxite analyzers                                            Commodity
41113305   Calcium analyzers                                            Commodity
41113306   Chloride analyzers                                           Commodity
41113308   Electrolyte analyzers                                        Commodity
41113309   Enzyme analyzers                                             Commodity
41113310   Fatty acid analyzers                                         Commodity
41113311   Halide detector lamp                                         Commodity
41113312   Lactate analyzers                                            Commodity
41113313   Mineral oil testing instruments                              Commodity
41113314   Oil content monitors analyzers                               Commodity
41113315   Organic carbon analyzers                                     Commodity
41113316   Petroleum testing equipment                                  Commodity
41113318   Uranium analyzers                                            Commodity
41113319   Water analyzers                                              Commodity
41113320   Lubricating oil testing kit                                  Commodity
41113321   Paint tester                                                 Commodity
41113322   Nitrogen or nitrate or nitrite analyzer                      Commodity
41113323   Sugar analyzers                                              Commodity
41113400   Nuclear evaluation instruments                               Class
41113401   Alpha counters                                               Commodity
41113402   Alpha beta counters                                          Commodity
41113403   Beta counters                                                Commodity
41113404   Beta gamma counters                                          Commodity
41113405   Gamma counters                                               Commodity
41113406   KVP meters                                                   Commodity
41113407   X ray microanalysers                                         Commodity
41113600   Electrical measuring and testing equipment and accessories   Class
41113601   Ammeters                                                     Commodity
41113602   Phasemeters                                                  Commodity
41113603   Laboratory bridges                                           Commodity
41113604   Capacitance meters                                           Commodity
41113605   Thermoanalysis derivatographs                                Commodity
41113606   Freeze watch indicators                                      Commodity
41113607   Heat stress monitors                                         Commodity
41113608   Coincidence or anticoincidence counters                      Commodity
41113611   Cross talk meters                                            Commodity
41113612   Earth resistance testers                                     Commodity
41113613   Electrical value recorders                                   Commodity
41113614   Electromagnetic field meters                                 Commodity
41113615   Electrometers                                                    Commodity
41113616   Electronic loads                                                 Commodity
41113617   Field strength measuring equipment                               Commodity
41113618   Gain measuring instruments                                       Commodity
41113619   Galvanometers                                                    Commodity
41113620   High voltage cable detection                                     Commodity
41113621   Impedance meters                                                 Commodity
41113622   Calibrated inductance coils or boxes                             Commodity
41113623   Insulation resistance meters                                     Commodity
41113624   Insulation testers                                               Commodity
41113625   Ionization chambers                                              Commodity
41113626   Ionmeters                                                        Commodity
41113627   Line earth loop testers                                          Commodity
41113628   Megohmmeters                                                     Commodity
41113629   Microwave leakage meters                                         Commodity
41113630   Multimeters                                                      Commodity
41113631   Ohmmeters                                                        Commodity
41113632   Oscillographs                                                    Commodity
41113633   Potentiometers                                                   Commodity
41113634   Q Meters                                                         Commodity
41113635   Calibrated resistance measuring equipment                        Commodity
41113636   Level generators                                                 Commodity
41113637   Voltage or current meters                                        Commodity
41113638   Oscilloscopes                                                    Commodity
41113639   Accelerometers                                                   Commodity
41113640   Wattmeters                                                       Commodity
41113641   GFI circuit testers                                              Commodity
41113642   Circuit tester                                                   Commodity
41113643   Demand meters or registers                                       Commodity
41113644   Circuit tracers                                                  Commodity
41113645   Earth leakage devices                                            Commodity
41113646   Temperature calibrator or simulator                              Commodity
41113647   Frequency calibrator or simulator                                Commodity
41113648   Clamp On Multimeter                                              Commodity
41113649   Psophometer                                                      Commodity
41113650   Functional tester                                                Commodity
41113651   Ring out board                                                   Commodity
41113652   Wire assembly board                                              Commodity
41113653   In circuit tester ICT                                            Commodity
41113654   Current loop meter                                               Commodity
41113700   Electronic and communication measuring and testing instruments   Class
41113701   Cathode ray tube tester                                          Commodity
41113702   Comparators                                                      Commodity
41113703   Directional coupler                                              Commodity
41113704   Integrated circuit testers                                       Commodity
41113705   Logic state testers                                              Commodity
41113706   Semiconductor testers                                            Commodity
41113707   Transistor circuit testers                         Commodity
41113708   Power meters                                       Commodity
41113709   Modulation meters                                  Commodity
41113710   Level meter                                        Commodity
41113711   Network analyzers                                  Commodity
41113712   Tape testers                                       Commodity
41113713   Tapespeed testers                                  Commodity
41113714   Differentiator                                     Commodity
41113715   Integrated services digital network ISDN testers   Commodity
41113716   Fiber optic fault locators                         Commodity
41113717   Fiber optic test sources                           Commodity
41113718   Protocol analyzers                                 Commodity
41113719   Optical loss tester                                Commodity
41113800   Geophysical and geotechnical instruments           Class
41113801   Geological compasses                               Commodity
41113802   Geological prospecting apparatus                   Commodity
41113803   Electromagnetic geophysical instruments            Commodity
41113804   Gravity geophysical instruments                    Commodity
41113805   Induced polarization IP geophysical instruments    Commodity
41113806   Magnetometer geophysical instruments               Commodity
41113807   Resistivity geophysical instruments                Commodity
41113808   Gravimeters                                        Commodity
41113809   Ground penetrating radar                           Commodity
41113900   Soil measuring equipment                           Class
41113901   Bore measuring instruments                         Commodity
41113902   Dissolution or disintegration testers              Commodity
41113903   Particle size measuring apparatus                  Commodity
41113904   Penetrometers                                      Commodity
41113905   Permeability testing apparatus                     Commodity
41113906   Permeability or porosity estimation apparatus      Commodity
41113907   Porosimeters                                       Commodity
41113908   Sand testing apparatus                             Commodity
41113909   Soil core sampling apparatus                       Commodity
41113910   Soil testing kits                                  Commodity
41114000   Rock and strata measuring equipment                Class
41114001   Clinometers                                        Commodity
41114100   Seismological instruments                          Class
41114102   Earthquake simulators                              Commodity
41114103   Seismic alarm modules                              Commodity
41114104   Seismic amplifiers                                 Commodity
41114105   Portable seismic apparatus                         Commodity
41114106   Seismic recorders or seismographs                  Commodity
41114107   Seismometers                                       Commodity
41114108   Vibrometers                                        Commodity
41114200   Land surveying instruments                         Class
41114201   Measuring tapes                                    Commodity
41114202   Measuring rods                                     Commodity
41114203   Measuring tables                                                     Commodity
41114204   Theodolites                                                          Commodity
41114205   Location stake                                                       Commodity
41114206   Location hub                                                         Commodity
41114207   Total station                                                        Commodity
41114208   Longimetry instrument                                                Commodity
41114209   Tachymeter or tacheometer                                            Commodity
41114210   Optical level                                                        Commodity
41114300   Hydrological instruments                                             Class
41114301   Open stream current meters                                           Commodity
41114302   Logging instruments for water wells                                  Commodity
41114303   Open stream water level recorders                                    Commodity
41114400   Meteorological instruments                                           Class
41114401   Anemometers                                                          Commodity
41114402   Barometers                                                           Commodity
41114403   Precipitation or evaporation recorders                               Commodity
41114404   Radiosonde apparatus                                                 Commodity
41114405   Rainfall recorders                                                   Commodity
41114406   Precipitation or evaporation surface observing apparatus             Commodity
41114407   Solar radiation surface observing apparatus                          Commodity
41114408   Temperature or humidity surface observing apparatus                  Commodity
41114409   Wind surface observing apparatus                                     Commodity
41114410   Weather stations                                                     Commodity
41114411   Meteorology instrument accessories                                   Commodity
41114500   Mechanical instruments                                               Class
41114501   Dynamometers                                                         Commodity
41114502   Elastometers                                                         Commodity
41114503   Extensometers                                                        Commodity
41114504   Pitch measuring instruments                                          Commodity
41114505   Roundness testing instruments                                        Commodity
41114506   Spherometers                                                         Commodity
41114507   Spring testing machines                                              Commodity
41114508   Surface testers                                                      Commodity
41114509   Tensiometers                                                         Commodity
41114510   Torque limiter                                                       Commodity
41114600   Metals and metallurgy and structural materials testing instruments   Class
41114601   Abrasion testers                                                     Commodity
41114602   Compression testers                                                  Commodity
41114603   Concrete or cement testing instruments                               Commodity
41114604   Corrosion testers                                                    Commodity
41114605   Crack or corrosion detectors                                         Commodity
41114606   Creep testers                                                        Commodity
41114607   Ductility testing machines                                           Commodity
41114608   Fatigue testers                                                      Commodity
41114609   Forging testing apparatus                                            Commodity
41114610   Foundry testing apparatus                                            Commodity
41114611   Hardness testers                                                     Commodity
41114612   Impact testers                                      Commodity
41114613   Load frame                                          Commodity
41114614   Metal testing instruments                           Commodity
41114615   Photoelastic testing instruments                    Commodity
41114616   Proofstress indicators                              Commodity
41114617   Relaxation testers                                  Commodity
41114618   Roughness measuring instruments                     Commodity
41114619   Shear strength testers                              Commodity
41114620   Shock testing apparatus                             Commodity
41114621   Tension testers                                     Commodity
41114622   Torsion testers                                     Commodity
41114623   Flexure or transverse testing machines              Commodity
41114624   Vibration testers                                   Commodity
41114625   Wear testers                                        Commodity
41114626   Welding testing apparatus                           Commodity
41114700   Paper and wood and textile testing instruments      Class
41114701   Cardboard testing instruments                       Commodity
41114702   Textiles fastness testers                           Commodity
41114703   Leather testing instruments                         Commodity
41114704   Paper testing instruments                           Commodity
41114705   Textile testing instruments                         Commodity
41114706   Wood testing instruments                            Commodity
41114800   Ceramics and glass testing instruments              Class
41114801   Ceramics testing instruments                        Commodity
41114802   Glass testing instruments                           Commodity
41114803   Pottery testing instruments                         Commodity
41115100   Coal and ore testing instruments                    Class
41115101   Coal testing instruments                            Commodity
41115200   Radar and sonar systems and components              Class
41115201   Radarbased surveillance systems                     Commodity
41115202   Feed horns                                          Commodity
41115300   Light and wave generating and measuring equipment   Class
41115301   Light absorption meters                             Commodity
41115302   Anechoic chambers                                   Commodity
41115303   Frequency analyzers                                 Commodity
41115304   Frequency counters or timer or dividers             Commodity
41115305   Electrical frequency meters                         Commodity
41115306   Interferometers                                     Commodity
41115307   Lasers                                              Commodity
41115308   Lightmeters                                         Commodity
41115309   Luxmeters                                           Commodity
41115310   Optical calibration sets                            Commodity
41115311   Photometers                                         Commodity
41115312   Bench refractometers or polarimeters                Commodity
41115313   Handheld refractometers or polarimeters             Commodity
41115314   Polarimeters                                        Commodity
41115315   Polariscopes                                        Commodity
41115316   Reflectometers                                          Commodity
41115317   Stroboscopes                                            Commodity
41115318   Colorimeters                                            Commodity
41115319   Tube or plate readers                                   Commodity
41115320   Signal generators                                       Commodity
41115321   Infrared imagers                                        Commodity
41115322   Laser beam analyzers                                    Commodity
41115323   Function generator                                      Commodity
41115324   Ultraviolet sensor                                      Commodity
41115325   Thermal imager                                          Commodity
41115400   Spectroscopic equipment                                 Class
41115401   Spectrofluorimeters or fluorimeters                     Commodity
41115402   Spectrographs                                           Commodity
41115403   Spectrometers                                           Commodity
41115404   Mass spectrometers                                      Commodity
41115405   Proton spectrometers                                    Commodity
41115406   Spectrophotometers                                      Commodity
41115407   Atomic absorption AA spectrometers                      Commodity
41115408   Infrared spectrometers                                  Commodity
41115409   Nuclear magnetic resonance NMR spectrometers            Commodity
41115411   Inductively coupled plasma ICP spectrometers            Commodity
41115500   Sound generating and measuring equipment                Class
41115501   Sonars                                                  Commodity
41115502   Sonometers                                              Commodity
41115503   Sound measuring apparatus or decibel meter              Commodity
41115504   Sound velocity analyzers                                Commodity
41115505   Acoustic testing rooms                                  Commodity
41115600   Electrochemical measuring instruments and accessories   Class
41115601   Karl Fischer titration equipment                        Commodity
41115602   Titration equipment                                     Commodity
41115603   pH meters                                               Commodity
41115604   pH electrodes                                           Commodity
41115606   Ion selective electrode ISE meters                      Commodity
41115607   Ion selective test strips                               Commodity
41115608   Ion selective electrode                                 Commodity
41115609   Conductivity meters                                     Commodity
41115610   Conductivity cells                                      Commodity
41115611   Dissolved oxygen meters                                 Commodity
41115612   Dissolved oxygen probes                                 Commodity
41115613   Salinity meter                                          Commodity
41115614   pH transmitters                                         Commodity
41115700   Chromatographic measuring instruments and accessories   Class
41115701   Chromatographic detectors                               Commodity
41115702   Chromatographic scanners                                Commodity
41115703   Gas chromatographs                                      Commodity
41115704   Ion chromatographs                                      Commodity
41115705   Liquid chromatographs                                   Commodity
41115706   Thinlayer chromatographs                                         Commodity
41115707   High pressure liquid chromatograph chromatography                Commodity
41115708   High pressure thin layer chromatograph TLC                       Commodity
41115709   High pressure liquid chromatography HPLC columns                 Commodity
41115710   Gas chomatography GC columns                                     Commodity
41115711   Liquid chromatography LC columns                                 Commodity
41115712   Solid phase extraction SPE columns                               Commodity
41115713   Thin layer chromatography tanks                                  Commodity
41115714   Autosamplers                                                     Commodity
41115715   Injectors                                                        Commodity
41115716   Liquid chromatography fittings                                   Commodity
41115717   Gas chromatography fittings                                      Commodity
41115718   Injector septa                                                   Commodity
41115719   Gas chromatography liners                                        Commodity
41115720   Chromatography tubing                                            Commodity
41115721   Fast protein liquid chromatography FPLC system                   Commodity
41115722   Fast protein liquid chromatography FPLC column                   Commodity
41115800   Clinical and diagnostic analyzers and accessories and supplies   Class
41115801   Amino acid analyzers                                             Commodity
41115802   Amino acid analyzer accessories or supplies                      Commodity
41115803   Blood bank analyzers                                             Commodity
41115804   Blood bank analyzer accessories or supplies                      Commodity
41115805   Blood gas analyzers                                              Commodity
41115806   Blood gas analyzer accessories or supplies                       Commodity
41115807   Chemistry analyzers                                              Commodity
41115808   Chemistry analyzer accessories or supplies                       Commodity
41115809   Coagulation analyzers                                            Commodity
41115810   Coagulation analyzer accessories or supplies                     Commodity
41115811   Deoxyribonucleic sequence analyzers                              Commodity
41115812   Deoxyribonucleic sequence analyzer accessories or supplies       Commodity
41115813   Toxicology analyzers                                             Commodity
41115814   Toxicology analyzers accessories or supplies                     Commodity
41115815   Hematology analyzers                                             Commodity
41115816   Hematology analyzer accessories or supplies                      Commodity
41115817   Histology analyzers                                              Commodity
41115818   Histology analyzer accessories or supplies                       Commodity
41115819   Immunology analyzers                                             Commodity
41115820   Immunology analyzer accessories or supplies                      Commodity
41115821   Microbiology analyzers                                           Commodity
41115822   Microbiology analyzer accessories or supplies                    Commodity
41115823   Protein analyzers                                                Commodity
41115824   Protein analyzer accessories or supplies                         Commodity
41115825   Radioisotopic analyzers                                          Commodity
41115826   Radioisotopic analyzer accessories or supplies                   Commodity
41115827   Urinalysis analyzers                                             Commodity
41115828   Urinalysis analyzer accessories or supplies                      Commodity
41115829   Meat or dairy product analyzers                                  Commodity
41115830   Glucose analyzers                                                     Commodity
41115831   Stacker or magazine for microplate handling                           Commodity
41116000   Clinical and diagnostic analyzer reagents                             Class
41116001   Amino acid analyzer reagents                                          Commodity
41116002   Blood bank analyzer reagents                                          Commodity
41116003   Blood gas analyzer reagents                                           Commodity
41116004   Chemistry analyzer reagents                                           Commodity
41116005   Coagulation analyzer reagents                                         Commodity
41116006   Deoxyribonucleic acid DNA sequence analyzer reagents                  Commodity
41116007   Toxicology analyzer reagents                                          Commodity
41116008   Hematology analyzer reagents                                          Commodity
41116009   Histology analyzer reagents                                           Commodity
41116010   Immunology analyzer reagents                                          Commodity
41116011   Microbiology analyzer reagents                                        Commodity
41116012   Protein analyzer reagents                                             Commodity
41116013   Radioisotopic analyzer reagents                                       Commodity
41116014   Urinalysis analyzer reagents                                          Commodity
41116015   Flow cytometry analyzers reagents or antibodies                       Commodity
41116016   Electrolyte analyzer reagent                                          Commodity
41116100   Manual test kits and quality controls and calibrators and standards   Class
41116101   Blood bank test kits or supplies                                      Commodity
41116102   Blood bank reagents or solutions                                      Commodity
41116103   Blood bank quality controls or calibrators or standards               Commodity
41116104   Chemistry test kits or supplies                                       Commodity
41116105   Chemistry reagents or solutions                                       Commodity
41116106   Chemistry test strips or test paper                                   Commodity
41116107   Chemistry quality controls or calibrators or standards                Commodity
41116108   Coagulation test kits or supplies                                     Commodity
41116109   Coagulation reagents or solutions                                     Commodity
41116110   Coagulation quality controls or calibrators or standards              Commodity
41116111   Cytology test kits or supplies                                        Commodity
41116112   Cytology quality controls or calibrators or standards                 Commodity
41116113   Cytology reagents or solutions or stains                              Commodity
41116116   Environmental test kits or supplies                                   Commodity
41116117   Environmental reagents or solutions or stains                         Commodity
41116118   Food test kits or supplies                                            Commodity
41116119   Food test kits reagents or solutions or stains                        Commodity
41116120   Hematology test kits or supplies                                      Commodity
41116121   Hematology reagents or solutions or stains                            Commodity
41116122   Hematology quality controls or calibrators or standards               Commodity
41116123   Histology test kits or supplies                                       Commodity
41116124   Histology reagents or solutions or stains                             Commodity
41116125   Histology quality controls or calibrators or standards                Commodity
41116126   Immunology or serology test kits or supplies                          Commodity
41116127   Immunology or serology reagents or solutions or stains                Commodity
41116128   Immunology or serology quality controls or calibrators or standards   Commodity
41116129   Microbiology or bacteriology test kits or supplies                    Commodity
41116130   Microbiology or bacteriology reagents or solutions or stains                 Commodity
41116131   Microbiology or bacteriology identification or sensitivity disks or panels   Commodity
41116132   Microbiology or bacteriology quality controls or calibrators or standards    Commodity
41116133   Molecular biology test kits or supplies                                      Commodity
41116134   Molecular biology reagents or solutions or stains                            Commodity
41116135   Molecular biology quality controls or calibrators or standards               Commodity
41116136   Urinalysis test kits or supplies                                             Commodity
41116137   Urinalysis reagents or solutions or stains                                   Commodity
41116138   Urinalysis test strips                                                       Commodity
41116139   Urinalysis quality controls or calibrators or standards                      Commodity
41116140   Parasitology or mycology test kits or supplies                               Commodity
41116141   Parasitology or mycology reagents or solutions or stains                     Commodity
41116142   Parasitology or mycology media                                               Commodity
41116143   Parasitology or mycology quality controls or calibrators or standards        Commodity
41116144   Virology test kits or supplies                                               Commodity
41116145   Virology quality controls or calibrators or standards                        Commodity
41116146   Toxicology test kits or supplies                                             Commodity
41116147   Toxicology quality controls or calibrators or standards                      Commodity
41116148   Flow cytometry test kits or supplies                                         Commodity
41116149   Limulus amebocyte lysate LAL tester                                          Commodity
41116200   Patient point of care testing supplies and equipment                         Class
41116201   Glucose monitors or meters                                                   Commodity
41116202   Cholesterol monitors or meters                                               Commodity
41116203   Monitor or meter accessories                                                 Commodity
41116205   Rapid test kits                                                              Commodity
41116206   Diagnostic beverages for laboratory testing                                  Commodity
41116300   Laboratory flash point testers                                               Class
41116301   Flash point testers                                                          Commodity
41116400   Acceleration and vibration measuring instruments                             Class
41116401   Impact hammers                                                               Commodity
41116500   Instrument parts and accessories                                             Class
41116501   Meter dials or dial kits                                                     Commodity
41120000   Laboratory supplies and fixtures                                             Family
41121500   Pipettes and liquid handling equipment and supplies                          Class
41121501   Robotic or automated liquid handling systems                                 Commodity
41121502   Laboratory diluters                                                          Commodity
41121503   Manual multichannel air displacement pipetters                               Commodity
41121504   Manual single channel air displacement pipetters                             Commodity
41121505   Manual single channel positive displacement pipetters                        Commodity
41121506   Manual single channel repeating pipetters                                    Commodity
41121507   Electronic single channel pipetters                                          Commodity
41121508   Electronic multichannel pipetters                                            Commodity
41121509   Pasteur or transfer pipettes                                                 Commodity
41121510   Volumetric pipettes                                                          Commodity
41121511   Serological pipettes                                                         Commodity
41121513   Dropping pipettes                                                            Commodity
41121514   Pipette pumps                                                                Commodity
41121515   Pipette bulbs                                               Commodity
41121516   Bottle top dispensers                                       Commodity
41121517   Pipetter inserts or accessories                             Commodity
41121600   Pipette tips                                                Class
41121601   Filter tip pipette tips                                     Commodity
41121602   Aerosol barrier pipette tips                                Commodity
41121603   Low retention pipette tips                                  Commodity
41121604   Reference pipette tips                                      Commodity
41121605   Ultramicro pipette tips                                     Commodity
41121606   Gel loading pipette tips                                    Commodity
41121607   Universal pipette tips                                      Commodity
41121608   Robotic pipette tips                                        Commodity
41121609   Variable volume pipette tips                                Commodity
41121700   Test Tubes                                                  Class
41121701   Multipurpose or general test tubes                          Commodity
41121702   Microcentrifuge tubes                                       Commodity
41121703   Centrifuge tubes                                            Commodity
41121704   Cryogenic tubes                                             Commodity
41121705   Nuclear magnetic resonance NMR tubes                        Commodity
41121706   Culture tubes                                               Commodity
41121707   Separator test tubes                                        Commodity
41121708   Anti coagulant test tubes                                   Commodity
41121709   Capillary or hematocrit tubes                               Commodity
41121710   Test tube closures or caps                                  Commodity
41121711   Urinalysis testing tubes or accessories                     Commodity
41121800   General laboratory glassware and plasticware and supplies   Class
41121801   Laboratory watch glasses                                    Commodity
41121802   Laboratory stirring rods                                    Commodity
41121803   Laboratory beakers                                          Commodity
41121804   Laboratory flasks                                           Commodity
41121805   Laboratory graduated cylinders                              Commodity
41121806   Laboratory vials                                            Commodity
41121807   Laboratory ampoules                                         Commodity
41121808   Laboratory burets                                           Commodity
41121809   Laboratory funnels                                          Commodity
41121810   Laboratory staining dishes or jars                          Commodity
41121811   Laboratory microchemistry kits                              Commodity
41121812   Laboratory dishes                                           Commodity
41121813   Cuvettes                                                    Commodity
41121814   Laboratory lids or covers or coverslips                     Commodity
41121815   Laboratory adapters or connectors or fittings               Commodity
41122000   Laboratory or sampling syringes                             Class
41122001   Chromatography syringes                                     Commodity
41122002   Chromatography syringe needles                              Commodity
41122003   Syringe adapters or accessories                             Commodity
41122004   Sampling syringes                                           Commodity
41122100   Tissue culture and high throughput screening supplies       Class
41122101   Petri plates or dishes                                Commodity
41122102   Multiwell plates                                      Commodity
41122103   Cell scrapers                                         Commodity
41122104   Tissue culture flasks                                 Commodity
41122105   Roller bottles                                        Commodity
41122106   Inoculating devices                                   Commodity
41122107   Tissue culture coated plates or dishes or inserts     Commodity
41122108   Microbiology inoculation loops or needles             Commodity
41122109   Petri pads                                            Commodity
41122110   Petri pad dispenser                                   Commodity
41122200   Crucibles                                             Class
41122201   Glass crucibles                                       Commodity
41122202   Ceramic crucibles                                     Commodity
41122203   Metal crucibles                                       Commodity
41122300   Laboratory bench protectors and liners                Class
41122301   Bench protectors or liners                            Commodity
41122400   Laboratory implements                                 Class
41122401   Magnetic spin bars or stir bars or stirring beads     Commodity
41122402   Magnetic spin bar retrievers or stir bar retrievers   Commodity
41122403   Laboratory spatulas                                   Commodity
41122404   Laboratory tongs                                      Commodity
41122405   Laboratory forceps                                    Commodity
41122406   Laboratory knives                                     Commodity
41122407   Laboratory scalpels                                   Commodity
41122408   Laboratory scissors                                   Commodity
41122409   Laboratory tools                                      Commodity
41122410   Laboratory sealing film                               Commodity
41122411   Laboratory timers or watches                          Commodity
41122412   Laboratory tube sealants                              Commodity
41122413   Laboratory clamps                                     Commodity
41122500   Laboratory corks and stoppers and accessories         Class
41122501   Laboratory corks                                      Commodity
41122502   Laboratory stoppers                                   Commodity
41122503   Laboratory cork borers                                Commodity
41122600   Laboratory microscope slides and supplies             Class
41122601   Microscope slides                                     Commodity
41122602   Microscopes slide coverslips                          Commodity
41122603   Microscope lens paper                                 Commodity
41122604   Hemocytometers                                        Commodity
41122605   Microscope immersion oil                              Commodity
41122606   Microscope slide dispensers                           Commodity
41122700   Laboratory tapes and labels                           Class
41122701   Slide or specimen labels                              Commodity
41122702   Labeling tapes                                        Commodity
41122703   Safety tapes                                          Commodity
41122704   Tamper proof tapes                                    Commodity
41122800   Laboratory stands and racks and trays                 Class
41122801   Pipette racks or stands                                      Commodity
41122802   Microscope slide racks                                       Commodity
41122803   Sedimentation tube racks or stands                           Commodity
41122804   Test tube racks                                              Commodity
41122805   Drying racks                                                 Commodity
41122806   Cryoracks                                                    Commodity
41122807   Dissecting trays                                             Commodity
41122808   General purpose trays                                        Commodity
41122809   Petri dish racks                                             Commodity
41123000   Laboratory desiccators and desiccants                        Class
41123001   Jar desiccators                                              Commodity
41123002   Cabinet desiccators                                          Commodity
41123003   Desiccants                                                   Commodity
41123004   Vacuum desiccators                                           Commodity
41123100   Laboratory dialysis supplies                                 Class
41123101   Dialysis tubing                                              Commodity
41123102   Dialysis clamps                                              Commodity
41123200   Preserved specimens and supplies                             Class
41123201   Preserved prepared slides                                    Commodity
41123202   Preserved animals and organisms                              Commodity
41123300   General laboratory storage containers and cabinets           Class
41123302   Microscope slide boxes or folders                            Commodity
41123303   Microscope slide cabinets                                    Commodity
41123304   Cryogenic storage boxes                                      Commodity
41123305   Histology or tissue cassette cabinets                        Commodity
41123306   Histology tissue cassette accessories                        Commodity
41123400   Dosing devices                                               Class
41123401   Dosing cups                                                  Commodity
41123402   Dosing spoons                                                Commodity
41123403   Dosing droppers                                              Commodity
42000000   Medical Equipment and Accessories and Supplies               Segment
42120000   Veterinary equipment and supplies                            Family
42121500   Veterinary equipment                                         Class
42121501   Veterinary blood pressure testers                            Commodity
42121502   Veterinary kymograph tester                                  Commodity
42121503   Veterinary pyrogenic tester                                  Commodity
42121504   Veterinary stereotoxic equipment                             Commodity
42121505   Veterinary electrocardiograph ECG                            Commodity
42121506   Veterinary surgical instrument sets                          Commodity
42121507   Veterinary injection or suction units or accessories         Commodity
42121508   Veterinary bottle sets                                       Commodity
42121509   Veterinary clinical thermometers                             Commodity
42121510   Cases for veterinary instruments or accessories              Commodity
42121511   Instrument rolls for veterinary instruments or accessories   Commodity
42121512   Veterinary speculums                                         Commodity
42121513   Veterinary castration instruments                            Commodity
42121514   Veterinary external fixation kits                            Commodity
42121515   Veterinary nail trimmers or cutters                         Commodity
42121600   Veterinary products                                         Class
42121601   Gastrointestinal veterinary products                        Commodity
42121602   Blood or blood forming veterinary products                  Commodity
42121603   Respiratory system veterinary products                      Commodity
42121604   Musculo skeletal or nervous system veterinary products      Commodity
42121605   Cardiovascular system veterinary products                   Commodity
42121606   Dermatologicals or antiprotozoa veterinary products         Commodity
42121607   Genito urinary system sex or hormone veterinary products    Commodity
42121608   Dental veterinary products                                  Commodity
42121700   Veterinary clinical furniture                               Class
42121701   Veterinary surgical tables                                  Commodity
42121702   Veterinary storage chests                                   Commodity
42121800   Veterinary artificial insemination equipment and supplies   Class
42121801   Artificial inseminating machine                             Commodity
42121802   Semen collection instrument                                 Commodity
42121803   Electric ejaculation stimulator                             Commodity
42121804   Semen packaging instrument                                  Commodity
42130000   Medical apparel and textiles                                Family
42131500   Patient clothing                                            Class
42131501   Patient bibs                                                Commodity
42131502   Patient caps                                                Commodity
42131503   Patient exam capes                                          Commodity
42131504   Patient gowns                                               Commodity
42131505   Patient infant shirts or vests                              Commodity
42131506   Patient jackets                                             Commodity
42131507   Patient slippers                                            Commodity
42131508   Patient pajamas                                             Commodity
42131509   Hospital robes                                              Commodity
42131510   Patient trousers                                            Commodity
42131511   Hydrotherapy garment                                        Commodity
42131600   Medical staff clothing and related articles                 Class
42131601   Medical staff aprons or bibs                                Commodity
42131602   Medical staff beard covers                                  Commodity
42131603   Medical staff blouses or smocks                             Commodity
42131604   Medical staff bouffant caps                                 Commodity
42131605   Medical staff coveralls                                     Commodity
42131606   Medical staff isolation or surgical masks                   Commodity
42131607   Medical staff jackets or coats                              Commodity
42131608   Medical staff scrubs                                        Commodity
42131609   Medical staff shoe covers                                   Commodity
42131610   Medical staff sleeve protection                             Commodity
42131611   Surgeon caps or hoods                                       Commodity
42131612   Medical staff isolation or cover gowns                      Commodity
42131613   Medical staff eye shield or visor                           Commodity
42131700   Surgical textiles                                           Class
42131701   Surgical drapes                                             Commodity
42131702   Surgical gowns                                                    Commodity
42131703   Surgical packs                                                    Commodity
42131704   Surgical towels                                                   Commodity
42131705   Surgical leggings                                                 Commodity
42131706   Surgical jumpsuits                                                Commodity
42131707   Surgical isolation suits or helmets or facemasks or accessories   Commodity
42131708   Surgical cleanup or room turnover pack or kit                     Commodity
42132100   Hospital housekeeping textiles                                    Class
42132101   Hospital underpads                                                Commodity
42132102   Medical stretcher sheets                                          Commodity
42132103   Patient barrier drapes                                            Commodity
42132104   Hospital antimicrobial pillows                                    Commodity
42132105   Hospital bed sheets                                               Commodity
42132106   Hospital bedspreads                                               Commodity
42132107   Hospital blankets                                                 Commodity
42132108   Hospital protective pillow covers                                 Commodity
42132200   Medical gloves and accessories                                    Class
42132201   Medical glove boxes or dispensers                                 Commodity
42132202   Finger cots                                                       Commodity
42132203   Medical exam or non surgical procedure gloves                     Commodity
42132204   Medical glove liners                                              Commodity
42132205   Surgical gloves                                                   Commodity
42140000   Patient care and treatment products and supplies                  Family
42141500   Applicator swabs and cotton balls                                 Class
42141501   Cotton ball or fiber                                              Commodity
42141502   Fiber tipped sticks                                               Commodity
42141503   Skin preparation wipes                                            Commodity
42141504   Medicated applicators or absorbents                               Commodity
42141600   Basins and bedpans and urinals and admission kits                 Class
42141601   Patient care admission kits                                       Commodity
42141602   Bedpans for general use                                           Commodity
42141603   Emesis basins                                                     Commodity
42141604   Fracture bedpans                                                  Commodity
42141605   Medical mixing or solution basins or bowls                        Commodity
42141606   Medical multipurpose basins                                       Commodity
42141607   Patient urinals for general use                                   Commodity
42141608   Bedpan liner or bag                                               Commodity
42141700   Decubitus prevention products                                     Class
42141701   Alternating pressure systems                                      Commodity
42141702   Blanket frames or lifters                                         Commodity
42141703   Extremities cradles                                               Commodity
42141704   Mattress overlays                                                 Commodity
42141705   Patient positioning cushions or pads or pillows                   Commodity
42141800   Electrotherapy equipment                                          Class
42141801   Electrotherapy combination units                                  Commodity
42141802   Electrotherapy electrodes or accessories                          Commodity
42141803   Electrotherapy lead wires or cables                               Commodity
42141804   Galvanic or faradic stimulators                               Commodity
42141805   Neuromuscular stimulators or kits                             Commodity
42141806   Short wave diathermy units                                    Commodity
42141807   Transcutaneous electric nerve stimulation units               Commodity
42141808   Diathermy electrodes                                          Commodity
42141809   Muscle stimulator lead sets                                   Commodity
42141810   Iontophoresis electrode                                       Commodity
42141811   Extracorporeal shock wave therapy system                      Commodity
42141900   Enema administration supplies                                 Class
42141901   Enema buckets                                                 Commodity
42141902   Enema bags                                                    Commodity
42141903   Enema kits or accessories                                     Commodity
42141904   Enema tubing or tips or clamps                                Commodity
42141905   Enema soaps                                                   Commodity
42142000   Floor grade instruments                                       Class
42142001   Floor grade forceps or hemostats                              Commodity
42142002   Floor grade knife                                             Commodity
42142003   Floor grade knife handles                                     Commodity
42142004   Floor grade nail nippers                                      Commodity
42142005   Floor grade needle holders                                    Commodity
42142006   Floor grade retractors                                        Commodity
42142007   Floor grade scissors                                          Commodity
42142100   Heat and cold therapy products                                Class
42142101   Covers for heat or cold therapy products                      Commodity
42142102   Medical cold storage chilling units or accessories            Commodity
42142103   Medical heat lamps or accessories                             Commodity
42142104   Medical hydrocollators or accessories                         Commodity
42142105   Therapeutic heating or cooling units or systems               Commodity
42142106   Therapeutic heating or cooling blankets or drapes             Commodity
42142107   Therapeutic cryo compression therapy system and accessories   Commodity
42142108   Therapeutic heating or cooling pads or compresses or packs    Commodity
42142109   Therapeutic hot or cold therapy mitts                         Commodity
42142110   Therapeutic hot or cold water bottles                         Commodity
42142111   Therapeutic ice packs or pillows                              Commodity
42142112   Therapeutic paraffin baths or accessories                     Commodity
42142113   Therapeutic sinus masks                                       Commodity
42142114   Therapeutic hot or cold therapy pants                         Commodity
42142119   Hypothermia apparatus                                         Commodity
42142120   Therapeutic cryo compression therapy cuff                     Commodity
42142200   Hydrotherapy products                                         Class
42142201   Extremity hydrotherapy baths or tanks                         Commodity
42142202   Full body immersion hydrotherapy baths or tanks               Commodity
42142203   Hydrotherapy bath or tank accessories                         Commodity
42142204   Hydrotherapy bath chairs                                      Commodity
42142300   Medical documentation products                                Class
42142301   General use medical labels                                    Commodity
42142302   Medical charting systems components or accessories            Commodity
42142303   Patient identification products                                              Commodity
42142400   Medical suction and vacuum products                                          Class
42142401   Medical fluid solidifiers                                                    Commodity
42142402   Medical suction cannulas or tubes or accessories                             Commodity
42142403   Medical suction containers                                                   Commodity
42142404   Medical suction or vacuum appliances                                         Commodity
42142406   Medical suction sets or kits                                                 Commodity
42142407   Cases for medical suction cannula                                            Commodity
42142500   Injection and aspiration needles and accessories                             Class
42142501   Amniocentesis needles                                                        Commodity
42142502   Anesthesia needles                                                           Commodity
42142503   Arterial needles                                                             Commodity
42142504   Biopsy needles                                                               Commodity
42142505   Blood collection needle holders                                              Commodity
42142506   Blunt needles                                                                Commodity
42142507   Butterfly needles                                                            Commodity
42142509   Epidural trays or accessories                                                Commodity
42142510   Filter needles                                                               Commodity
42142511   Needle caps or protection devices or accessories                             Commodity
42142512   Fistula needles                                                              Commodity
42142513   Radiology procedural needles                                                 Commodity
42142514   Spinal trays or needles                                                      Commodity
42142515   Vacuum tube needles                                                          Commodity
42142516   Vented needles                                                               Commodity
42142517   Extension tubes                                                              Commodity
42142518   Biopsy aspirator products or accessories                                     Commodity
42142519   Needle guides                                                                Commodity
42142520   Dispensing pins                                                              Commodity
42142521   Blood collection needles                                                     Commodity
42142522   Surgical needles for ears or noses or throats                                Commodity
42142523   Hypodermic needles                                                           Commodity
42142524   Etching needles or sets                                                      Commodity
42142525   Irrigation needles                                                           Commodity
42142526   Needle protectors                                                            Commodity
42142527   Needle cleaning wires                                                        Commodity
42142528   Sternum puncture needles or sets                                             Commodity
42142529   Needle trays or holders                                                      Commodity
42142530   Diagnostic procedure needles                                                 Commodity

42142531   Needle or blade or other sharp disposal containers or carts or accessories   Commodity
42142532   Pericardiocentesis needles or kits or accessories                            Commodity
42142533   Needle for intravenous or arterial administration ports                      Commodity
42142534   Intraosseous needle                                                          Commodity
42142535   Anesthesia nerve block tray or needle                                        Commodity
42142536   Thoracentesis or paracentesis needle and catheter                            Commodity
42142537   Thoracentesis set or tray                                                    Commodity
42142538   Paracentesis set or tray                                                     Commodity
42142600   Syringes and accessories                                     Class
42142601   Medical aspiration or irrigation syringes                    Commodity
42142602   Medical bulb syringes                                        Commodity
42142603   Medical cartridge syringes                                   Commodity
42142604   Medical catheter tip syringes                                Commodity
42142605   Medical ear syringes                                         Commodity
42142606   Medical metered delivery syringes                            Commodity
42142607   Medical micro syringes                                       Commodity
42142608   Medical syringes without needles                             Commodity
42142609   Medical syringes with needles                                Commodity
42142610   Oral liquid medication syringes                              Commodity
42142611   Tuberculin syringes                                          Commodity
42142612   Irrigation syringe sets                                      Commodity
42142613   Injection guns                                               Commodity
42142614   Hypodermic injection apparatus or accessories                Commodity
42142615   Syringe accessories                                          Commodity
42142616   Blood collection syringes                                    Commodity
42142617   Fountain syringes                                            Commodity
42142618   Blood gas analysis syringe kits                              Commodity
42142700   Urological supplies                                          Class
42142701   Suprapubic urinary catheters                                 Commodity
42142702   Urethral urinary catheters                                   Commodity
42142703   Urinary catheter plugs or clamps                             Commodity
42142704   Urinary drainage bags or meters                              Commodity
42142705   Urinary drainage bag straps or fasteners                     Commodity
42142706   Urological procedure trays or packs or kits                  Commodity
42142707   Urinary irrigation tubings                                   Commodity
42142708   Urological instrument adapters                               Commodity
42142709   Nephrostomy sets or accessories                              Commodity
42142710   Urinary drainage tubes or accessories                        Commodity
42142711   Urethral sound sets                                          Commodity
42142712   Stone remover sets or accessories                            Commodity
42142713   Urological sheaths or sets                                   Commodity
42142714   Urological percolators                                       Commodity
42142715   Urinary catheterization kits or accessories                  Commodity
42142716   Pessary device                                               Commodity
42142717   Nephrostomy catheter or drain                                Commodity
42142718   Penile support and lengthening device                        Commodity
42142800   Vascular and compression therapy equipment and supplies      Class
42142801   Vascular sequential compression devices or tubing            Commodity
42142802   Vascular or compression apparel or supports                  Commodity
42142900   Vision correction or cosmetic eyewear and related products   Class
42142901   Eyeglasses                                                   Commodity
42142902   Eyeglass lenses                                              Commodity
42142903   Eyeglass frames                                              Commodity
42142904   Eyeglass hardware                                            Commodity
42142905   Sunglasses                                                   Commodity
42142906   Eyeglass cases                                               Commodity
42142907   Eyeglass cleaning cloths                                     Commodity
42142908   Eyeglass cleaning kits                                       Commodity
42142909   Eyeglass retainers                                           Commodity
42142910   Contact lens cases                                           Commodity
42142911   Contact lens inserters or removers                           Commodity
42142912   Contact lens radius gauges                                   Commodity
42142913   Contact lenses                                               Commodity
42142914   Contact lens cleaning or moisterizing solution               Commodity
42143100   Obstetrical and gynecological equipment and supplies         Class
42143101   Intrauterine catheters or catheterization kits               Commodity
42143102   Uterine devices or accessories                               Commodity
42143103   Intrauterine contraceptive devices or accessories            Commodity
42143104   Amniocentesis kits or accessories                            Commodity
42143105   Obstetrical extraction units or accessories                  Commodity
42143106   Gynecology drainage kits or accessories                      Commodity
42143200   Fertility and Sterility treatment equipment and supplies     Class
42143201   Semen preparation kits or accessories                        Commodity
42143202   Impotence treatment products or kits or accessories          Commodity
42143203   Artificial insemination catheter                             Commodity
42143204   Embryo transfer catheter                                     Commodity
42143300   Chemotherapy equipment and supplies                          Class
42143301   Chemotherapy administration sets or kits                     Commodity
42143400   Hyperhidrosis control equipment and supplies                 Class
42143401   Sweat control equipment or accessories                       Commodity
42143500   Ear nose and throat ENT treatment products and accessories   Class
42143501   Earmold cleaning aids                                        Commodity
42143502   Nasal irrigation devices or accessories                      Commodity
42143503   Nasal bleeding control devices or balloons                   Commodity
42143504   Earmolds or its accessories                                  Commodity
42143505   Earmold repair kits                                          Commodity
42143506   Eustachian filiform sets                                     Commodity
42143507   Medication ear packs                                         Commodity
42143508   Ear windhoods                                                Commodity
42143509   Earmold glues or cements                                     Commodity
42143510   Ear windshield screens                                       Commodity
42143511   Cerumen hooks                                                Commodity
42143512   Ear wicks                                                    Commodity
42143513   Otological instruments or accessories                        Commodity
42143600   Restraints and accessories                                   Class
42143601   Restraint vests and jackets                                  Commodity
42143602   Torso and belt restraints                                    Commodity
42143603   Extremity restraints                                         Commodity
42143604   Non EMS head restraints                                      Commodity
42143605   Restraint straps or buckles or accessories or supplies       Commodity
42143606   Full body restraints                                         Commodity
42143607   Patient motion sensors or alarms or accessories              Commodity
42143608   Patient stabilization or fall prevention devices or accessories          Commodity
42143609   Patient restraint boards or accessories                                  Commodity
42143700   Phototherapy systems and accessories                                     Class
42143701   Phototherapy air circulators or accessories                              Commodity
42143702   Phototherapy blankets                                                    Commodity
42143703   Phototherapy bulbs                                                       Commodity
42143704   Phototherapy light mats                                                  Commodity
42143705   Phototherapy patient protection devices                                  Commodity
42143706   Phototherapy power units                                                 Commodity
42143707   Phototherapy warmer beds or accessories                                  Commodity
42143708   Phototherapy vest                                                        Commodity

42143800   Urological pressure measurement instruments and supplies and equipment   Class
42143801   Cystometry systems or accessories                                        Commodity
42143802   Cystometry transducers                                                   Commodity
42143803   Urodynamic catheters                                                     Commodity
42143900   Fecal incontinence products                                              Class
42143901   Fecal incontinence collection bag or accessory                           Commodity
42143902   Fecal management system or kit                                           Commodity
42143903   Colon catheter or rectal tube                                            Commodity
42144000   External hearing device parts and accessories                            Class
42144001   Implanted hearing device external sound processor                        Commodity
42144002   Implanted hearing device external cable                                  Commodity
42144003   Implanted hearing device external sound processor earphones              Commodity
42144004   Implanted hearing device external magnet                                 Commodity
42144005   Implanted hearing device external microphone                             Commodity
42144100   Pleural cavity drain products                                            Class
42144101   Pleural cavity drainage unit or accessories                              Commodity
42144102   Chest tube                                                               Commodity
42144103   Chest tube kit                                                           Commodity
42144104   Pleural cavity drain container and accessories                           Commodity
42150000   Dental equipment and supplies                                            Family
42151500   Cosmetic dentistry equipment and supplies                                Class
42151501   Cosmetic dentistry curing lights or accessories                          Commodity
42151502   Cosmetic dentistry mixing wells                                          Commodity
42151503   Crowns or crown forms                                                    Commodity
42151504   Dental veneer                                                            Commodity
42151505   Tooth etching supplies                                                   Commodity
42151506   Tooth whitening or bleaching supplies                                    Commodity
42151507   Dental shades                                                            Commodity
42151600   Dental and subspecialty instruments and devices                          Class
42151601   Attachments or replacement parts for dental instruments                  Commodity
42151602   Bands for dental matrix                                                  Commodity
42151603   Calcium hydroxide placement tools                                        Commodity
42151604   Composite placement tools                                                Commodity
42151605   Crown or bridge removers                                                 Commodity
42151606   Dental amalgam carvers                                                   Commodity
42151607   Dental instrument cassettes                                  Commodity
42151608   Dental instrument trays or tubs                              Commodity
42151609   Dental instruments mats                                      Commodity
42151610   Dental nippers                                               Commodity
42151611   Dental operative brushes                                     Commodity
42151612   Dental retractors                                            Commodity
42151613   Dental burnishers                                            Commodity
42151614   Dental burs                                                  Commodity
42151615   Dental cryosurgical units                                    Commodity
42151616   Dental depth gauges                                          Commodity
42151617   Dental drills or drill bits                                  Commodity
42151618   Dental elevators                                             Commodity
42151619   Dental excavators                                            Commodity
42151620   Dental files or rasps                                        Commodity
42151621   Dental filler contouring instruments                         Commodity
42151622   Dental finger protectors                                     Commodity
42151623   Dental forceps                                               Commodity
42151624   Dental hand pieces or accessories                            Commodity
42151625   Dental hygiene instruments                                   Commodity
42151626   Dental instrument sharpening accessories                     Commodity
42151627   Dental mirrors or mirror handles                             Commodity
42151628   Dental mixing slabs                                          Commodity
42151629   Dental organizers                                            Commodity
42151630   Dental placement instruments                                 Commodity
42151631   Dental probes                                                Commodity
42151632   Dental reamers                                               Commodity
42151633   Dental retraction cord packing instruments                   Commodity
42151634   Dental root tip picks                                        Commodity
42151635   Dental saliva ejectors or oral suction devices or supplies   Commodity
42151636   Dental scalers or accessories                                Commodity
42151637   Dental scales                                                Commodity
42151638   Dental scissors                                              Commodity
42151639   Dental spatulas                                              Commodity
42151640   Dental tweezers                                              Commodity
42151641   Dental wax carvers                                           Commodity
42151642   Gingivectomy knives                                          Commodity
42151643   Dental margin trimmers                                       Commodity
42151644   Dental mouth props                                           Commodity
42151645   Preassembled reusable dental operative kits or trays         Commodity
42151646   Protective devices for teeth                                 Commodity
42151647   Dental absorbent holders                                     Commodity
42151648   Dental calipers                                              Commodity
42151650   Dental fracture detecting tools                              Commodity
42151651   Dental tooth separators                                      Commodity
42151652   Dental pin drivers                                           Commodity
42151653   Dental pin benders                                           Commodity
42151654   Dental guides                                                Commodity
42151655   Dental pulp or vitality testers                             Commodity
42151656   Dental spreaders                                            Commodity
42151657   Dental tubings or accessories                               Commodity
42151658   Dental floss threaders                                      Commodity
42151659   Ripping tooth parts kit                                     Commodity
42151660   Dental applicators or absorbents                            Commodity
42151661   Dental instrument cases or bags                             Commodity
42151662   Dental anesthesia electrodes or refills                     Commodity
42151663   Dental wedges or sets                                       Commodity
42151664   Dental cutting or separating discs                          Commodity
42151665   Dental gages or accessories                                 Commodity
42151666   Dental buccal holders                                       Commodity
42151667   Dental matrices or sets                                     Commodity
42151668   Instrument rolls for dental instruments or accessories      Commodity
42151669   Dental dehydrators                                          Commodity
42151670   Dental heat carriers                                        Commodity
42151671   Refills or refill kits for dental post systems              Commodity
42151672   Dental expanders                                            Commodity
42151673   Dental mallets                                              Commodity
42151674   Dental bur holders                                          Commodity
42151675   Dental restorative kits                                     Commodity
42151676   Dental knives                                               Commodity
42151677   Dental pressure indicating kits                             Commodity
42151678   Holders for mixing pads or slabs                            Commodity
42151679   Dental mixing bags                                          Commodity
42151680   Endodontic stops or accessories                             Commodity
42151681   Dental anesthesia sets or accessories                       Commodity
42151700   Dental clinical furniture                                   Class
42151701   Dental examination chairs or related parts or accessories   Commodity
42151702   Dental stools                                               Commodity
42151703   Dental cabinets                                             Commodity
42151704   Dental tables or accessories                                Commodity
42151705   Combination furniture sets for dental procedures            Commodity
42151800   Dental fillers and finishing and polishing supplies         Class
42151801   Amalgam carriers                                            Commodity
42151802   Dental material pluggers or tips or accessories             Commodity
42151803   Dental amalgam capsules                                     Commodity
42151804   Dental cord packers                                         Commodity
42151805   Dental finishing or polishing discs                         Commodity
42151806   Dental finishing or polishing strips                        Commodity
42151807   Dental finishing or polishing tips                          Commodity
42151808   Dental burnishing compounds                                 Commodity
42151809   Dental squeeze cloths                                       Commodity
42151810   Dental finishing or polishing kits                          Commodity
42151811   Dental polishing cups or sets                               Commodity
42151812   Springs for dental grinding or polishing machines           Commodity
42151813   Dental filling tubes                                        Commodity
42151814   Chuck adapters for dental grinding or polishing machines    Commodity
42151815   Cones for dental grinding or polishing machines             Commodity
42151816   Gold foil carriers                                          Commodity
42151900   Dental hygiene and preventive care equipment and supplies   Class
42151901   Dental plate or denture brushes                             Commodity
42151902   Dental prophylaxis kits                                     Commodity
42151903   Denture cups or containers                                  Commodity
42151904   Disclosing solutions or tablets                             Commodity
42151905   Fluoride gels or rinses                                     Commodity
42151906   Fluoride tablets or drops                                   Commodity
42151907   Dental prophylaxis tanks                                    Commodity
42151908   Denture flasks or sets                                      Commodity
42151909   Preventive dentistry pastes or kits                         Commodity
42151910   Teeth cleaning devices or accessories                       Commodity
42151911   Dental tissue conditioner sets                              Commodity
42151912   Endodontic sprays                                           Commodity
42152000   Dental imaging equipment and supplies                       Class
42152001   Bite wing holders                                           Commodity
42152002   Dental bite blocks or wings or tabs                         Commodity
42152003   Dental film processors                                      Commodity
42152004   Dental radiology film hangers                               Commodity
42152005   Dental radiology film holders                               Commodity
42152006   Dental radiology film mounts                                Commodity
42152007   Dental x ray duplicators                                    Commodity
42152008   Dental x ray units                                          Commodity
42152009   Dental x ray viewers or accessories                         Commodity
42152010   Dental radiology film                                       Commodity
42152011   Dental x ray film adapters                                  Commodity
42152012   Dental x ray apparatus parts or kits or accessories         Commodity
42152013   Dental radiography film analyzers                           Commodity
42152014   Dental radioactive tracers                                  Commodity
42152100   Dental impression and forming equipment and supplies        Class
42152101   Dental casting rings or related supplies                    Commodity
42152102   Dental formers                                              Commodity
42152103   Dental impression tray adhesives                            Commodity
42152104   Dental impression tray cleaners                             Commodity
42152105   Dental impression trays                                     Commodity
42152106   Dental plaster knives                                       Commodity
42152107   Dental waxing instruments                                   Commodity
42152108   Dental impression material syringes or accessories          Commodity
42152109   Dental impression material water baths or accessories       Commodity
42152110   Dental marking devices                                      Commodity
42152111   Dental impression material hardeners                        Commodity
42152112   Dental drying instruments or accessories                    Commodity
42152113   Denture base forming kits                                   Commodity
42152114   Dental impression materials delivery kits                   Commodity
42152115   Dental impression baskets                                   Commodity
42152200   Dental laboratory and sterilization equipment and supplies              Class
42152201   Dental foils                                                            Commodity
42152202   Dental laboratory air abrasion units                                    Commodity
42152203   Dental laboratory burners or torches                                    Commodity
42152204   Dental laboratory casting machines or its parts or accessories          Commodity
42152205   Dental laboratory curing units                                          Commodity
42152206   Dental laboratory dies                                                  Commodity
42152207   Dental laboratory dust collectors                                       Commodity
42152208   Dental laboratory engines or accessories                                Commodity
42152209   Dental laboratory furnaces                                              Commodity
42152210   Dental laboratory gold platers or supplies                              Commodity
42152211   Dental laboratory lathes or accessories                                 Commodity
42152212   Dental laboratory model trimmers or accessories                         Commodity
42152213   Dental laboratory models                                                Commodity
42152214   Dental laboratory plaster traps                                         Commodity
42152215   Dental laboratory sandblasters or supplies                              Commodity
42152216   Dental laboratory soldering machines or supplies                        Commodity
42152217   Dental laboratory vacuum units or supplies                              Commodity
42152218   Dental laboratory vibrators                                             Commodity
42152219   Dental laboratory waxing units                                          Commodity
42152220   Dental stones                                                           Commodity
42152221   Dental laboratory model protectors or cases                             Commodity
42152222   Crucibles for dental casting machines                                   Commodity
42152223   Dental resins processing units or accessories                           Commodity
42152224   Dental laboratory flasks                                                Commodity
42152300   Dental lasers and illumination and fiber optic equipment and supplies   Class
42152301   Dental lasers                                                           Commodity
42152302   Dentoscopes                                                             Commodity
42152303   General dental lights or its accessories                                Commodity
42152304   Intraoral lights                                                        Commodity
42152305   Tripods for dental operating lights                                     Commodity
42152306   Dental fiber optic lights or accessories                                Commodity
42152307   Dental operating illumination sets                                      Commodity
42152400   Dental materials                                                        Class
42152401   Alloys for dental amalgam                                               Commodity
42152402   Athletic mouth protector materials                                      Commodity
42152403   Cast cobalt chromium molybdenum alloys for dental implants              Commodity
42152404   Combined reversible irreversible hydrocolloid impression materials      Commodity
42152405   Crown or bridge plastics                                                Commodity
42152406   Dental abrasive pastes                                                  Commodity
42152407   Dental abrasive powders                                                 Commodity
42152408   Dental absorbent points                                                 Commodity
42152409   Dental agar impression materials                                        Commodity
42152410   Dental alginate impression materials                                    Commodity
42152411   Dental base metal casting alloys                                        Commodity
42152412   Dental baseplate waxes                                                  Commodity
42152413   Dental brazing alloys                                                   Commodity
42152414   Dental casting alloys                                      Commodity
42152415   Dental ceramics                                            Commodity
42152416   Dental duplicating materials                               Commodity
42152417   Dental ethyl silicate investments                          Commodity
42152418   Dental gypsum products                                     Commodity
42152419   Dental impression paste zinc oxide eugenol materials       Commodity
42152420   Dental inlay casting waxes                                 Commodity
42152421   Dental mercury                                             Commodity
42152422   Dental obturating points                                   Commodity
42152423   Dental pit or fissure sealants                             Commodity
42152424   Dental water based cements                                 Commodity
42152425   Denture base resins                                        Commodity
42152426   Denture base temporary relining resins                     Commodity
42152427   Denture cold curing repair resins                          Commodity
42152428   Direct filling resins                                      Commodity
42152429   Elastomeric dental impression materials                    Commodity
42152430   Endodontic filling materials                               Commodity
42152431   Extraoral maxillofacial prosthesis elastomers              Commodity
42152432   Gypsum bonded casting Investments for dental gold alloys   Commodity
42152433   Intraoral dental radiographic film                         Commodity
42152434   Dental amalgamators                                        Commodity
42152435   Orthodontic elastomeric materials                          Commodity
42152436   Phosphate bonded investments                               Commodity
42152437   Porcelain teeth                                            Commodity
42152438   Refractory die materials                                   Commodity
42152439   Resilient lining materials for removable dentures          Commodity
42152440   Soldering investments                                      Commodity
42152441   Synthetic polymer teeth                                    Commodity
42152442   Unalloyed titanium for dental implants                     Commodity
42152443   Zinc oxide eugenol and non eugenol cements                 Commodity
42152444   Gingival retraction liquid                                 Commodity
42152445   Tooth facing or backing sets                               Commodity
42152446   Dental cavities lining or thinner materials or sets        Commodity
42152447   Dental stains or supplies                                  Commodity
42152449   Dental impression material catalysts                       Commodity
42152450   Dental instrument cleaning compounds                       Commodity
42152451   Dental pressure indicating compounds                       Commodity
42152452   Dental pastes insulating kits or accessories               Commodity
42152453   Dental restorative compounds                               Commodity
42152454   Dental pulp protectors                                     Commodity
42152455   Stands or holders for dental abrasive products             Commodity
42152456   Dental masking agents                                      Commodity
42152457   Dental cementing kits                                      Commodity
42152458   Dental die spacers                                         Commodity
42152459   Endodontic post kits                                       Commodity
42152460   Denture coating compounds                                  Commodity
42152461   Coating compounds for dental models                        Commodity
42152462   Denture reliner kits                                       Commodity
42152463   Dental wax solvents                                        Commodity
42152464   Kits for dental implants                                   Commodity
42152465   Dental lubricants                                          Commodity
42152500   General dental supplies                                    Class
42152501   Dental preassembled disposable kits or trays               Commodity
42152502   Dental bibs                                                Commodity
42152503   Dental dam supplies                                        Commodity
42152504   Dental dressings                                           Commodity
42152505   Dental examination chair headrest covers                   Commodity
42152506   Dental absorbent pellets                                   Commodity
42152507   Dental rolls                                               Commodity
42152508   Dental syringes or needles or syringes with needles        Commodity
42152509   Disposable dental tray covers                              Commodity
42152510   Cases or covers for dental instruments or sets             Commodity
42152511   Dental dishes                                              Commodity
42152512   Dental tongs                                               Commodity
42152513   Dental measuring cups                                      Commodity
42152514   Dental waste containers or accessories                     Commodity
42152516   Dental mixing bowls                                        Commodity
42152517   Dental napkin holders or dispensers                        Commodity
42152518   Dental materials dispensers                                Commodity
42152519   Dental syringe accessory kits                              Commodity
42152520   Dental cuspidors                                           Commodity
42152600   Dental operatory specific supplies                         Class
42152601   Dental operatory articulating papers or related products   Commodity
42152602   Dental operatory infection control barriers                Commodity
42152603   Dental operatory retention pins or related products        Commodity
42152604   Dental operatory retraction cords                          Commodity
42152605   Dental sialography sets                                    Commodity
42152606   Dental splints or sets                                     Commodity
42152607   Dental instruments rings                                   Commodity
42152608   Orthodontic ligature cartridges                            Commodity
42152700   Orthodontic and prosthodontic equipment and supplies       Class
42152701   Dental articulators or accessories                         Commodity
42152702   Dental hemostatic solutions                                Commodity
42152703   Dental pins or posts or related supplies                   Commodity
42152704   Dental retainers                                           Commodity
42152705   Orthodontic appliance clasps                               Commodity
42152706   Orthodontic brackets                                       Commodity
42152707   Orthodontic buccal tubes                                   Commodity
42152708   Orthodontic coil springs                                   Commodity
42152709   Orthodontic elastics                                       Commodity
42152710   Orthodontic elastomerics                                   Commodity
42152711   Orthodontic expansion screws                               Commodity
42152712   Orthodontic molar bands                                    Commodity
42152713   Orthodontic pliers                                         Commodity
42152714   Orthodontic retainer cases                                                  Commodity
42152715   Orthodontic setter bands                                                    Commodity
42152716   Orthodontic stops or locks                                                  Commodity
42152800   Periodontal equipment and supplies                                          Class
42152801   Periodontal chisels                                                         Commodity
42152802   Periodontal files                                                           Commodity
42152803   Periodontal hoes                                                            Commodity
42152804   Periodontal implant to bone interface testing instruments                   Commodity
42152805   Periodontium control instruments                                            Commodity
42152806   Periodontal tissue dissectors                                               Commodity
42152807   Periodontal protective pastes                                               Commodity
42152808   Periodontal curettes                                                        Commodity
42152809   Periodontal knives                                                          Commodity
42152810   Periodontal membranes                                                       Commodity
42160000   Dialysis equipment and supplies                                             Family
42161500   Peritoneal and equilibrium dialysis equipment and supplies                  Class
42161501   Continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis CAPD transfer sets                Commodity
42161502   Peritoneal dialysate warmers                                                Commodity
42161503   Peritoneal dialysis administration or catheterization sets                  Commodity
42161504   Peritoneal dialysis catheter adapters or clamps or connectors               Commodity
42161505   Peritoneal dialysis drainage bags or containers                             Commodity
42161506   Peritoneal dialysis shunts or catheters or indwelling access devices        Commodity
42161507   Peritoneal dialysis solutions                                               Commodity
42161508   Peritoneal dialysis unit straps or harnesses                                Commodity
42161509   Peritoneal dialysis units                                                   Commodity
42161510   Peritoneal lavage kits                                                      Commodity
42161600   Extracorporeal hemodialysis equipment and supplies                          Class
42161601   Hemodialysis administration kits or sets or accessories                     Commodity
42161602   Hemodialysis blood bag samplers                                             Commodity
42161603   Hemodialysis blood oxygen demand apparatus                                  Commodity
42161604   Hemodialysis chairs                                                         Commodity
42161605   Hemodialysis dialysate conductivity meters                                  Commodity
42161606   Hemodialysis dialysate level detectors                                      Commodity
42161607   Hemodialysis dialysate pressure pumps                                       Commodity
42161608   Hemodialysis dialysate solutions                                            Commodity
42161609   Hemodialysis dialysate tanks                                                Commodity
42161610   Hemodialysis dialysate tubing                                               Commodity
42161611   Hemodialysis dialysate warming baths                                        Commodity
42161612   Hemodialysis dialyzer celluloid filters                                     Commodity
42161613   Hemodialysis dialyzer collodion filters                                     Commodity
42161614   Hemodialysis dialyzer hollow filament filters                               Commodity
42161615   Hemodialysis dialyzer reprocessing systems                                  Commodity
42161616   Hemodialysis unit air bubble or foam or clot detectors or traps or alarms   Commodity
42161617   Hemodialysis unit arterial pressure monitors                                Commodity
42161618   Hemodialysis unit blood line clamps                                         Commodity
42161619   Hemodialysis unit blood port caps                                           Commodity
42161620   Hemodialysis unit blood pumps                                               Commodity
42161621   Hemodialysis unit dialysate port caps                                               Commodity
42161622   Hemodialysis unit disinfectants or cleansers                                        Commodity
42161623   Hemodialysis unit heparin infusion pumps                                            Commodity
42161624   Hemodialysis unit single needle controllers                                         Commodity
42161625   Hemodialysis unit single pass converters                                            Commodity
42161626   Hemodialysis unit stands or supports or carts                                       Commodity
42161627   Hemodialysis unit temperature monitors                                              Commodity
42161628   Hemodialysis unit test equipment                                                    Commodity
42161629   Hemodialysis unit transducer filters                                                Commodity
42161630   Hemodialysis unit transducer protectors                                             Commodity
42161631   Hemodialysis unit water purification systems                                        Commodity
42161632   Hemodialysis units                                                                  Commodity
42161633   Hemodialysis apparatus dialyzer membranes                                           Commodity
42161634   Hemodialysis procedure trays or accessories                                         Commodity
42161635   Hemodialysis apparatus cartridges                                                   Commodity
42161700   Hemofiltration equipment and supplies                                               Class
42161701   Hemofilter                                                                          Commodity
42161702   Hemofiltrate collection bags                                                        Commodity
42161703   Hemofiltration infusion ports                                                       Commodity
42161704   Hemofiltration sampling ports                                                       Commodity
42161800   Continuous renal replacement therapy CRRT equipment and supplies                    Class
42161801   Continuous arteriovenous dialysis CAVHD units or related products                   Commodity
42161802   Continuous arteriovenous hemofiltration CAVH units or related products              Commodity

42161803   Continuous venovenous hemofiltration or hemodialysis units or related products      Commodity
42161804   Slow continuous ultrafiltration SCUF units or related products                      Commodity
42161900   Therapeutic apheresis equipment and supplies                                        Class
42161901   Therapeutic apheresis procedure kit                                                 Commodity
42170000   Emergency and field medical services products                                       Family
42171500   Emergency medical services disaster management products                             Class
42171501   Emergency medical services disaster body pouches                                    Commodity
42171502   Emergency medical services triage tags                                              Commodity

42171600   Emergency medical services extricating and immobilizing and transporting products   Class
42171601   Air evacuation stretchers or accessories                                            Commodity
42171602   Ambulance cots or accessories                                                       Commodity
42171603   Anti shock garments                                                                 Commodity
42171604   Basket stretchers or accessories                                                    Commodity
42171605   Cinch rescue loops                                                                  Commodity
42171606   Emergency medical services air splints                                              Commodity
42171607   Emergency medical services cervical or extrication collars                          Commodity
42171608   Emergency medical services head immobilizers                                        Commodity
42171609   Emergency medical services restraint or spine board straps                          Commodity
42171610   Emergency medical services torso immobilizers                                       Commodity
42171611   Emergency response litters or stretchers or accessories                             Commodity
42171612   Scoop stretchers or accessories                                                     Commodity
42171613   Spine boards                                                                        Commodity
42171614   Water rescue tubes or cans                                                Commodity
42171700   Emergency medical services blankets                                       Class
42171701   Emergency or rescue blankets                                              Commodity
42171702   First aid blankets                                                        Commodity
42171703   Emergency medical services heat shielding wraps or blankets               Commodity
42171704   Emergency medical services infant swaddlers or buntings                   Commodity
42171800   Emergency medical services airway management equipment                    Class
42171801   Emergency medical services oropharyngeal airway or intubation kits        Commodity
42171802   Emergency medical services laryngoscope kits                              Commodity
42171803   Emergency medical services suction units or accessories                   Commodity
42171804   Emergency medical services tracheal tube or cricothyrotomy kits           Commodity
42171805   Jaw spreaders                                                             Commodity
42171806   Seizure sticks                                                            Commodity
42171900   Emergency medical services storage cases and bags                         Class
42171901   Emergency medical services airway management bags                         Commodity
42171902   Emergency medical services defibrillator cases                            Commodity
42171903   Emergency medical services drug cases                                     Commodity
42171904   Emergency medical services extrication products cases or bags             Commodity
42171905   Emergency medical services intravenous IV cases                           Commodity
42171906   Emergency medical services intubation cases                               Commodity
42171907   Emergency medical services laryngoscope bags                              Commodity
42171908   Emergency medical services life support cases                             Commodity
42171909   Emergency medical services long distance response LDR trauma packs        Commodity
42171910   Emergency medical services paramedic cases                                Commodity
42171911   Emergency medical services portable oxygen or resuscitation cases         Commodity
42171912   Emergency medical services rescue bags or cases                           Commodity
42171913   Emergency medical services response cases or bags                         Commodity
42171914   Emergency medical services trauma cases or bags                           Commodity
42171915   Emergency medical technician EMT cases or bags                            Commodity
42171916   Emergency medical services immobilization set carrying or storage cases   Commodity
42171917   Emergency medical services first aid kit cases or bags or accessories     Commodity
42171918   Emergency medical services gas casualty treatment set cases               Commodity
42171919   Emergency medical services evacuation bags or liners                      Commodity
42171920   Emergency medical services clothing cases or accessories                  Commodity
42172000   Emergency and field medical services kits                                 Class
42172001   Emergency medical services first aid kits                                 Commodity
42172002   Emergency medical services first response kits                            Commodity
42172003   Emergency medical services intravenous IV kits                            Commodity
42172004   Emergency medical services life support kits                              Commodity
42172005   Emergency medical services long distance response LDR trauma kits         Commodity
42172006   Emergency medical services obstetrics kits                                Commodity
42172007   Emergency medical services oxygen or resuscitation kits                   Commodity
42172008   Emergency medical services rappel kits                                    Commodity
42172009   Emergency medical services search and rescue kits                         Commodity
42172010   Emergency medical services trauma kits                                    Commodity
42172011   Emergency medical technician EMT kits                                     Commodity
42172012   Emergency medical services ventriculostomy kits                           Commodity
42172013   Emergency medical services evacuation kits                               Commodity
42172014   Emergency medical services patient transport kits or supplies            Commodity
42172015   Emergency medical services dental treatment kits                         Commodity
42172016   Emergency medical services fracture kits                                 Commodity
42172017   Field medical or laboratory medical equipment kits or related products   Commodity
42172018   Gastric lavage kit                                                       Commodity
42172100   Emergency medical services resuscitation products                        Class
42172101   Automated external defibrillators AED or hard paddles                    Commodity
42172102   Cardiopulmonary resuscitation CPR protective shields or masks            Commodity
42172103   Emergency resuscitator or aspirator kits                                 Commodity
42172104   Cardio pulmonary resuscitation CPR boards                                Commodity
42172105   Automated external defibrillator AED accessories                         Commodity
42172200   Emergency medical services supplies                                      Class
42172201   Emergency medical services tourniquets or clamps                         Commodity
42180000   Patient exam and monitoring products                                     Family
42181500   Diagnostic assessment and exam products for general use                  Class
42181501   Tongue depressors or blades or sticks                                    Commodity
42181502   Medical exam transilluminators                                           Commodity
42181503   Exam or personal lubricants or jellies                                   Commodity
42181504   Hemacytometer sets                                                       Commodity
42181505   Endometrial cell sampler sets or accessories                             Commodity
42181506   Sexual assault determination kits                                        Commodity
42181507   Medical examining mirror headbands or accessories                        Commodity
42181508   Cleaning wipes for diagnostic equipment                                  Commodity
42181509   Flight surgeon physical examination sets                                 Commodity
42181510   Transcutaneous jaundice meters                                           Commodity
42181511   Male impotence gages                                                     Commodity
42181512   Typhoid carrier examination spoons                                       Commodity
42181513   Sinus irrigation kits                                                    Commodity
42181514   Hemoglobin photometers                                                   Commodity
42181515   Exam procedure trays                                                     Commodity
42181516   Electromyography EMG units or accessories                                Commodity
42181518   Case for medical instrument set or its accessories                       Commodity
42181600   Blood pressure units and related products                                Class
42181601   Aneroid blood pressure units                                             Commodity
42181602   Electronic blood pressure units                                          Commodity
42181603   Mercury blood pressure units                                             Commodity
42181604   Blood pressure air release valves or inflation bulbs                     Commodity
42181605   Blood pressure cuffs or bladders                                         Commodity
42181606   Blood pressure inflation hoses or pneumatic hoses or adapters            Commodity
42181607   Blood pressure recording units                                           Commodity
42181608   Blood pressure measuring instrument accessories                          Commodity
42181609   Blood pressure monitor dome kits                                         Commodity
42181610   Blood pressure cuff kits                                                 Commodity
42181611   Central venous pressure CVP manometer                                    Commodity
42181612   Blood pressure mobile stand                                              Commodity
42181700   Electrocardiography EKG units and related products                       Class
42181701   Electrocardiography EKG units                                               Commodity
42181702   Electrocardiography EKG adapters or cables or leads                         Commodity
42181703   Electrocardiography EKG cable or lead or unit testers                       Commodity
42181704   Electrocardiography EKG calipers or rulers                                  Commodity
42181705   Electrocardiography EKG graphic recorders                                   Commodity
42181706   Electrocardiography EKG monitor screens                                     Commodity
42181707   Electrocardiography EKG neonatal strap or ring electrodes                   Commodity
42181708   Electrocardiography EKG patch electrodes                                    Commodity
42181709   Electrocardiography EKG recording paper                                     Commodity
42181710   Electrocardiography EKG surface electrode testers                           Commodity
42181711   Electrocardiography EKG telephone transmitter or receiver systems           Commodity
42181712   Electrocardiography EKG unit analyzers                                      Commodity

42181713   Long term continuous electrocardiography EKG or holter monitoring systems   Commodity
42181714   Electrocardiography EKG monitor accessory kits                              Commodity
42181715   Electrode solutions or creams                                               Commodity
42181716   Electrocardiography EKG accessories                                         Commodity
42181717   Electrocardiography EKG electrode bulbs                                     Commodity
42181718   Electrocardiography EKG recording pens                                      Commodity
42181719   Electrocardiography EKG transmitter or telemetry or accessories             Commodity
42181800   Pulse oximeters                                                             Class
42181801   Pulse oximeter units                                                        Commodity
42181802   Pulse oximeter cables                                                       Commodity
42181803   Pulse oximeter probes or sensors                                            Commodity
42181804   Pulse oximeter probe or sensor accessories                                  Commodity
42181805   Pulse oximeter unit accessories                                             Commodity
42181900   Acute care monitoring units and related products                            Class
42181901   Acute care fetal or maternal monitoring units or accessories                Commodity
42181902   Intracranial pressure ICP monitoring units or accessories                   Commodity
42181903   Cardiac output CO monitoring units or accessories                           Commodity
42181904   Multiparameter vital sign unit or accessories                               Commodity
42181905   Medical transducer monitor cables                                           Commodity
42181906   Intrauterine pressure monitoring catheters                                  Commodity
42181907   Basal metabolism apparatus                                                  Commodity
42181908   Intracompartmental pressure monitoring sets or accessories                  Commodity
42181910   Transcervical intrauterine kits                                             Commodity
42181911   Acute care fetal/maternal recording paper                                   Commodity
42182000   Scopes and specula and accessories for medical exam diagnostic use          Class
42182001   Anal or rectal exam specula                                                 Commodity
42182002   Anoscopes or proctoscopes                                                   Commodity
42182003   Colposcopes or vaginoscopes or accessories                                  Commodity
42182004   Dermatoscopes                                                               Commodity
42182005   Ophthalmoscopes or otoscopes or scope sets                                  Commodity
42182006   Laryngeal or oropharyngial exam specula                                     Commodity
42182007   Medical exam scope bulbs or lamps                                           Commodity
42182008   Medical exam scope handles or handle chargers                               Commodity
42182009   Medical exam scope specula tips or specula tip dispensers                   Commodity
42182010   Medical exam specula holders or stands                   Commodity
42182011   Medical exam specula or dilator tips or tip dispensers   Commodity
42182012   Nasal exam specula or dilators                           Commodity
42182013   Vaginal exam specula                                     Commodity
42182014   Otoscope or opthalmoscope accessories                    Commodity
42182015   Otoscope speculums                                       Commodity
42182016   Nasopharyngoscopes or accessories                        Commodity
42182017   Ear specula sets                                         Commodity
42182018   Bronchoscopes or accessories                             Commodity
42182019   Dilator kits                                             Commodity
42182020   Angioscopes or accessories                               Commodity
42182100   Stethoscopes and related products                        Class
42182101   Electronic stethoscopes or accessories                   Commodity
42182102   Hand held vascular dopplers or accessories               Commodity
42182103   Mechanical stethoscopes or accessories                   Commodity
42182104   Pediatric stethoscope heads                              Commodity
42182105   Stethoscope head covers                                  Commodity
42182106   Stethoscopic phonocardiographs                           Commodity
42182107   Stethoscope headsets                                     Commodity
42182108   Patient thermoregulators                                 Commodity
42182200   Medical thermometers and accessories                     Class
42182201   Electronic medical thermometers                          Commodity
42182202   Fiberoptic medical thermometers                          Commodity
42182203   Medical thermometer carrying cases or covers             Commodity
42182204   Medical thermometer racks                                Commodity
42182205   Medical thermometer tip or probe covers                  Commodity
42182206   Mercury medical thermometers                             Commodity
42182207   Patient temperature continuous or trend monitors         Commodity
42182208   Patient temperature strips                               Commodity
42182209   Thermometer probes                                       Commodity
42182210   Non mercury glass medical thermometer                    Commodity
42182300   Neurological exam products                               Class
42182301   Medical diagnostic pinwheels                             Commodity
42182302   Reflex hammers or mallets                                Commodity
42182303   Neuropsychiatry exam cards                               Commodity
42182304   Psychodiagnostic test sets or kits                       Commodity
42182305   Myelographic procedure sets                              Commodity
42182306   Neurological discriminators                              Commodity
42182307   Neurological pins                                        Commodity
42182308   Electroencephalograph EEG or accessories                 Commodity
42182309   Electroencephalograph recording papers                   Commodity
42182310   Electromyographs                                         Commodity
42182311   Neurological sensors                                     Commodity
42182312   Electromyograph electrodes or sets                       Commodity
42182313   Neurological diagnostic sets                             Commodity
42182314   EEG recording paper                                      Commodity
42182400   Hearing testing products                                 Class
42182401   Audiometers or accessories                             Commodity
42182402   Audiometric bone vibrators or middle ear analyzers     Commodity
42182403   Audiometric booths or acoustic hearing test chambers   Commodity
42182404   Auditory function screening unit calibration sets      Commodity
42182405   Auditory function screening units                      Commodity
42182406   Auditory test graphic recorders                        Commodity
42182407   Ear fenestrometers                                     Commodity
42182408   Electrocochleographs                                   Commodity
42182409   Hearing aid analyzers or test systems                  Commodity
42182410   Medical tuning fork cases                              Commodity
42182411   Medical tuning fork hammers                            Commodity
42182412   Medical tuning forks                                   Commodity
42182413   Medical tuning fork sets                               Commodity
42182414   Tinnitus analyzers                                     Commodity
42182415   Toynbee diagnostic tubes                               Commodity
42182416   Tympanometers or accessories                           Commodity
42182417   Audiometer ribbons                                     Commodity
42182418   Fenestrometer guides                                   Commodity
42182419   Hearing control apparatus                              Commodity
42182420   Aural probes                                           Commodity
42182421   Ear plug gages or accessories                          Commodity
42182422   Ear inflating bags                                     Commodity
42182500   Nasal function meters                                  Class
42182501   Olfactometers                                          Commodity
42182502   Nasal flowmeters or rhinoanemometers                   Commodity
42182600   Medical exam lights or lamps                           Class
42182601   Freestanding medical exam lights or lamps              Commodity
42182602   Installed medical exam lights or lamps                 Commodity
42182603   Medical exam headlights or headlamps or accessories    Commodity
42182604   Medical exam penlights                                 Commodity
42182700   Medical exam size measuring devices                    Class
42182701   Goniometers                                            Commodity
42182702   Medical tape measures                                  Commodity
42182703   Patient height rulers                                  Commodity
42182704   Skinfold calipers                                      Commodity
42182705   Body composition analyzer                              Commodity
42182706   Wound measuring grid or device                         Commodity
42182800   Medical weight scales                                  Class
42182801   Diaper weight scales                                   Commodity
42182802   Infant scales                                          Commodity
42182803   Patient bed or table scales for general use            Commodity
42182804   Patient chair scales                                   Commodity
42182805   Patient floor scales                                   Commodity
42182806   Patient sling scales                                   Commodity
42182807   Wheelchair platform scales                             Commodity
42182808   Covers or liners for weighing scales                   Commodity
42182900   Specialty exam tables and related products             Class
42182901   Obstetrical or gynecological exam tables                       Commodity
42182902   Obstetrical or gynecological exam table foot stirrups          Commodity
42182903   Pediatric examination tables                                   Commodity
42182904   Pediatric examination table restraint or measurement systems   Commodity
42183000   Ophthalmic diagnostic exam products                            Class
42183001   Eye charts or vision cards                                     Commodity
42183002   Corneal topographers                                           Commodity
42183003   Exophthalmometers                                              Commodity
42183004   Keratoscopes                                                   Commodity
42183005   Ophthalmic colorimeters                                        Commodity
42183006   Ophthalmic distometers                                         Commodity
42183007   Ophthalmic drums or its accessories                            Commodity
42183008   Ophthalmic euthyscopes                                         Commodity
42183009   Ophthalmic eye test lenses or accessories                      Commodity
42183010   Ophthalmic lensometers                                         Commodity
42183011   Ophthalmic perimeters                                          Commodity
42183012   Ophthalmic photometers                                         Commodity
42183013   Ophthalmic prisms                                              Commodity
42183014   Ophthalmic retinoscopes                                        Commodity
42183015   Ophthalmic slit lamps                                          Commodity
42183016   Ophthalmic spectrophotometers                                  Commodity
42183017   Ophthalmic specula                                             Commodity
42183018   Ophthalmic tonometers or accessories                           Commodity
42183019   Ophthalmic transilluminators                                   Commodity
42183020   Ophthalmic visual field plotters                               Commodity
42183021   Ophthalmic visual function analyzers                           Commodity
42183022   Ophthalmic visuometers                                         Commodity
42183023   Ophthalmometers                                                Commodity
42183024   Ophthalmic instrument tables or accessories                    Commodity
42183025   Vitrectomy lenses                                              Commodity
42183026   Ophthalmodynamometers                                          Commodity
42183027   Tangent screen test objects kits or accessories                Commodity
42183028   Ophthalmic retinoscope accessories                             Commodity
42183029   Phoropter units                                                Commodity
42183030   Eye occluders                                                  Commodity
42183031   Pseudoisochromatic plate sets or accessories                   Commodity
42183032   Tachistoscopes                                                 Commodity
42183033   Spectacle fitting sets                                         Commodity
42183034   Vision testing stereoscopes                                    Commodity
42183035   Combination refractor keratometers                             Commodity
42183036   Opthalmometer base plates                                      Commodity
42183037   Chart projectors or accessories                                Commodity
42183038   Ophthalmic instrument pads                                     Commodity
42183039   Ophthalmic lens holders                                        Commodity
42183040   Opticians tools or accessories                                 Commodity
42183041   Color perception testing lanterns                              Commodity
42183042   Depth perception apparatus                                     Commodity
42183043   Ophthalmometer bulbs                                                  Commodity
42183044   Tangent screens                                                       Commodity
42183045   Electroretinogram systems                                             Commodity
42183046   Binocular vision test sets or accessories                             Commodity
42183047   Viewing stands for vision acuity testing                              Commodity
42183048   Ophthalmic child fixation bars                                        Commodity
42183100   Taste function meters                                                 Class
42183101   Gustometers                                                           Commodity
42183200   Allergy examining equipment and supplies                              Class
42183201   Allergy detecting or testing instruments or accessories               Commodity
42183300   Ear nose throat ENT examining unit accessories and related products   Class
42183301   Ear nose throat ENT examining mirror accessories                      Commodity
42190000   Medical facility products                                             Family
42191500   Medical facility materials handling and distribution equipment        Class
42191501   Clinical pneumatic tube system                                        Commodity
42191502   Medicine trays or covers                                              Commodity
42191600   Medical facility building systems                                     Class
42191601   Patient room lighting or accessories                                  Commodity
42191602   Operating room lighting or accessories                                Commodity
42191603   Hospital equipment instrument panels                                  Commodity
42191604   Clinical monitor arms                                                 Commodity
42191605   Hospital equipment power columns                                      Commodity
42191606   Medical facility ceiling arms                                         Commodity
42191607   Patient cubicle curtains or screens or curtain track hardware         Commodity
42191608   Nursing controls or exit monitors                                     Commodity
42191609   Clinical headwall systems                                             Commodity
42191610   Clinical modular casework                                             Commodity
42191611   Nurse communication modules or systems                                Commodity
42191612   Hospital intercom systems                                             Commodity
42191613   Infant or child security transmitter                                  Commodity
42191700   Medical gas products                                                  Class
42191701   Medical gas or electric service tracks                                Commodity
42191702   Medical gas delivery columns                                          Commodity
42191703   Medical gas outlets                                                   Commodity
42191704   Medical gas air compressor systems                                    Commodity
42191705   Medical gas alarms                                                    Commodity
42191706   Medical gas manifold                                                  Commodity
42191707   Medical vacuum systems                                                Commodity
42191708   Medical air pressure control cabinets                                 Commodity
42191709   Medical gas shutoff valves or valve boxes                             Commodity
42191710   Medical gas cylinder carts or stands or accessories                   Commodity
42191711   Surgical compressed air tanks or accessories                          Commodity
42191800   Patient beds and accessories                                          Class
42191801   Overbed tables or accessories                                         Commodity
42191802   Clinical incubators or infant warmers                                 Commodity
42191803   Clinical bassinets or cribs or pediatric beds or accessories          Commodity
42191804   Medical or surgical bedside rails                                     Commodity
42191805   Medical suspended columns                                                            Commodity
42191806   Clinical trapeze bars                                                                Commodity
42191807   Patient care beds or accessories for general use                                     Commodity
42191808   Patient care beds or accessories for specialty care                                  Commodity
42191809   Alternating pressure pads or pumps                                                   Commodity
42191810   Patient care mattresses or accessories                                               Commodity
42191811   Infant positioning cradles                                                           Commodity
42191812   Infant incubator supply kits                                                         Commodity
42191813   Patient care cot covers                                                              Commodity
42191814   Clinical incubator or infant warmer accessories                                      Commodity
42191900   Clinical cabinetry                                                                   Class
42191901   Bedside clinical cabinets or accessories                                             Commodity
42191902   Hospital armoires                                                                    Commodity
42191903   Medical monitor cabinets                                                             Commodity
42191904   Narcotic cabinets or safes                                                           Commodity
42191905   Medical treatment cabinets                                                           Commodity
42191906   Blanket or solution warmer cabinets                                                  Commodity
42191907   Medical instrument storage cabinets or chests                                        Commodity
42191908   Medical chart caddies or accessories                                                 Commodity
42192000   Clinical procedure and examination tables                                            Class
42192001   Medical exam or procedure tables for general use                                     Commodity

42192002   Medical exam or procedure table accessories for general use excluding cover sheets   Commodity
42192003   Physical therapy massage table                                                       Commodity
42192100   Clinical seating and stools and related products                                     Class
42192101   Blood drawing or phlebotomy chairs or accessories                                    Commodity
42192102   Hospital recliners or accessories                                                    Commodity
42192103   Patient chairs                                                                       Commodity
42192104   Physician stools and accessories                                                     Commodity
42192106   Medical facility visitor chairs                                                      Commodity
42192107   Clinical examination chairs or accessories                                           Commodity
42192200   Patient transport products                                                           Class
42192201   Patient transport trolleys or accessories                                            Commodity
42192202   Gurneys or scissor lifts                                                             Commodity
42192203   Geriatric chairs or accessories                                                      Commodity
42192204   Patient transport incubators or accessories                                          Commodity
42192205   Patient scooter accessories                                                          Commodity
42192206   Patient scooters                                                                     Commodity
42192207   Patient stretchers or stretcher accessories                                          Commodity
42192208   Wheelchair accessories                                                               Commodity
42192209   Wheelchair ramps                                                                     Commodity
42192210   Wheelchairs                                                                          Commodity
42192211   Patient shifting boards or accessories                                               Commodity
42192212   Patient transfer mats                                                                Commodity
42192213   Patient holding or evacuation system heater unit or accessories                      Commodity
42192300   Patient lifts                                                                        Class
42192301   Patient lifts or accessories                                                         Commodity
42192302   Clinical hydraulic lifts or accessories                                         Commodity
42192303   Patient suspended seats or slings                                               Commodity
42192304   Patient ceiling hoists                                                          Commodity
42192305   Infant slings or accessories                                                    Commodity
42192400   Medical equipment transport and transfer products                               Class
42192401   Emergency or resuscitation carts                                                Commodity
42192402   Diagnostic or monitoring equipment specific carts                               Commodity
42192403   Medical isolation carts                                                         Commodity
42192404   Medical carts or accessories                                                    Commodity
42192405   Irrigator mobile stands                                                         Commodity
42192406   Urinal carrying carts                                                           Commodity
42192500   Medical equipment protectors                                                    Class
42192501   Medical equipment covers                                                        Commodity
42192502   Medical equipment bags                                                          Commodity
42192600   Medication dispensing and measuring devices and supplies                        Class
42192601   Suppository molds                                                               Commodity
42192602   Medication or pill dispensers or accessories                                    Commodity
42192603   Medicine feeding cups or bottles or accessories                                 Commodity
42192604   Drug delivery systems or accessories                                            Commodity
42192605   Aneurysm encapsulating kits                                                     Commodity
42200000   Medical diagnostic imaging and nuclear medicine products                        Family
42201500   Medical computed tomography CT or CAT systems and related products              Class

42201501   Medical computed tomography CT or CAT complete stationary unit installation     Commodity

42201502   Medical computed tomography CT or CAT mobile or transportable or van units      Commodity

42201503   Medical computed tomography CT or CAT 3 dimensional system components           Commodity

42201504   Medical computed tomography CT or CAT bone mineral content components           Commodity
42201505   Medical computed tomography CT or CAT consoles                                  Commodity
42201506   Medical computed tomography CT or CAT contrast agent injectors                  Commodity
42201507   Medical computed tomography CT or CAT helical system components                 Commodity
42201508   Medical computed tomography CT or CAT monitors                                  Commodity
42201509   Medical computed tomography CT or CAT power conditioners                        Commodity
           Medical computed tomography CT or CAT quality assurance or calibration
42201510   phantoms or devices                                                             Commodity
42201511   Medical computed tomography CT or CAT scanners or tubes                         Commodity
42201512   Medical computed tomography CT or CAT tables or stands or chairs                Commodity
42201513   Medical computed tomography CT or CAT ultrafast system components               Commodity
42201600   Medical magnetic resonance imaging MRI products                                 Class

42201601   Medical magnetic resonance imaging MRI complete stationary unit installation    Commodity

42201602   Medical magnetic resonance imaging MRI mobile or transportable or van systems   Commodity

42201603   Medical magnetic resonance imaging MRI 3 dimensional system components          Commodity
           Medical magnetic resonance imaging MRI quality assurance or calibration
42201604   phantoms or devices                                                             Commodity
42201605   Medical magnetic resonance imaging MRI coils                                      Commodity
42201606   Medical magnetic resonance imaging MRI contrast agent injectors                   Commodity
42201607   Medical magnetic resonance imaging MRI monitors                                   Commodity

42201608   Medical magnetic resonance imaging MRI primary or remote or secondary consoles Commodity
42201609   Medical magnetic resonance imaging MRI scanners                                Commodity

42201610   Medical magnetic resonance imaging MRI surgical instruments or guidance systems   Commodity
42201611   Medical magnetic resonance imaging MRI tables                                     Commodity
42201700   Medical ultrasound and doppler and echo imaging products                          Class
42201701   Cardiac ultrasound or doppler or echo units or cardioscopes                       Commodity
42201702   Fetal or gynecological ultrasound or echo units                                   Commodity
42201703   Mammographic ultrasound or echo units                                             Commodity
42201704   Medical ultrasound bone densitometers                                             Commodity
42201705   Medical ultrasound or doppler or echo probe covers                                Commodity
42201706   Medical ultrasound or doppler or echo probes                                      Commodity
42201707   Medical ultrasound or doppler or echo gel warmers                                 Commodity
42201708   Medical ultrasound or doppler or echo gels                                        Commodity
42201709   Medical ultrasound or doppler or echo monitors                                    Commodity
42201710   Medical ultrasound or doppler or echo printers                                    Commodity
42201711   Medical ultrasound or doppler or echo transducers or accessories                  Commodity
           Medical ultrasound or doppler or pulse echo or echography units for general
42201712   diagnostic use                                                                    Commodity
42201713   Medical ultrasound or doppler or echo three dimensional components                Commodity
42201714   Thesiometers                                                                      Commodity
42201715   Vaginal ultrasound or echo probes or accessories                                  Commodity
42201716   Vascular ultrasound units                                                         Commodity
42201717   Medical ultrasound transmission pads                                              Commodity
42201718   Medical ultrasound ophthalmic scanners                                            Commodity
42201719   Medical ultrasound scanning lotions                                               Commodity
42201800   Medical diagnostic x ray products                                                 Class
42201801   Cardiology x ray films                                                            Commodity
42201802   Chest x ray equipment                                                             Commodity
42201803   Mammography x ray equipment                                                       Commodity
42201804   Medical c arm x ray units                                                         Commodity
42201805   Medical cine fluoroscopy equipment                                                Commodity
42201806   Medical radiology and fluoroscopy RF equipment                                    Commodity
42201807   Medical radioisotope scanners                                                     Commodity
42201808   Medical x ray buckys                                                              Commodity
42201809   Medical imaging contrast agent injectors or accessories                           Commodity
42201810   Medical x ray film or cassettes for general use                                   Commodity
42201811   Medical x ray quality assurance or calibration devices                            Commodity
42201812   Medical x ray tables or stands or chairs or cabinets or accessories               Commodity
42201813   Medical x ray tomography units                                                    Commodity
42201814   Medical x ray tubes                                                               Commodity
42201815   Medical x ray units for general diagnostic use                                    Commodity
42201816   Medical xeroradiography units                                                     Commodity
42201817   X ray bone densitometers                                           Commodity
42201818   Combination step wedges and spin tops for radiographic equipment   Commodity
42201819   Medical x ray film hangers or its accessories                      Commodity
42201820   Medical radiographic equipment grids                               Commodity
42201821   Radiographic film cassette holders                                 Commodity
42201822   Medical x ray equipment cases or covers or accessories             Commodity
42201823   Medical x ray tube and transfomer unit                             Commodity
42201824   Medical arthrography sets                                          Commodity
42201825   Medical x ray apparatus tube inserts                               Commodity
42201826   Medical x ray apparatus repair kits                                Commodity
42201827   Medical x ray darkroom tent repair kits                            Commodity
42201828   Medical x ray apparatus filters                                    Commodity
42201829   Radiographic locators                                              Commodity
42201830   Medical x ray intensifying screens                                 Commodity
42201831   Medical x ray films or cassettes masks                             Commodity
42201832   Radiographic film or cassette covers                               Commodity
42201833   Radiographic film or cassette changers                             Commodity
42201834   Medical radiographic x ray apparatus rectifier assemblies          Commodity
42201835   Medical x ray apparatus tube unit assemblies                       Commodity
42201836   Medical x ray apparatus compression band assemblies                Commodity
42201837   Medical x ray water coolers                                        Commodity
42201838   Medical enteroclysis catheters or catheters kits                   Commodity
42201839   Medical imaging procedure trays                                    Commodity
42201840   Vascular sealing devices                                           Commodity
42201841   Medical diagnostic x ray papers                                    Commodity
42201842   Medical radiological shielding eyewear or accessories              Commodity
42201843   Medical x ray skin marker                                          Commodity
42201844   Medical diagnostic x ray ruler                                     Commodity
42201845   Radiology film jacket or insert or mailer                          Commodity
42201900   Medical x ray film illuminators and viewing equipment              Class
42201901   Medical x ray film hot spot lights                                 Commodity
42201902   Medical x ray film large rack viewing systems                      Commodity
42201903   Medical x ray film view boxes                                      Commodity
42201904   Medical x ray film illuminator windows or screens                  Commodity
42201905   Medical x ray film transfer cases                                  Commodity
42201906   Medical x ray film illuminator clips                               Commodity
42201907   Medical x ray film stereoscopes                                    Commodity
42201908   Medical fluoroscopic screen hoods                                  Commodity
42202000   Medical diagnostic gamma cameras and related products              Class
42202001   Medical gamma cameras for general use                              Commodity
42202002   Lymphatic mapping navigator systems or accessories                 Commodity
42202003   Lymphatic mapping probes                                           Commodity
42202004   Lymphatic mapping collimators                                      Commodity
42202005   Lymphatic mapping procedure pack                                   Commodity
42202100   Brachytherapy products                                             Class
42202101   Brachytherapy intracavity containers or seeds                      Commodity
42202102   Brachytherapy catheters or syringes or inserters or applicators    Commodity
42202103   Brachytherapy seed storage containers                                               Commodity
42202104   Brachytherapy seed capture kits                                                     Commodity
42202105   Brachytherapy units                                                                 Commodity
42202200   Gamma radiation therapy products                                                    Class
42202201   Radiosurgical gamma knife collimators or helmets                                    Commodity
42202202   Radiosurgical gamma knife units or scintillators                                    Commodity
42202203   Cushion sets for radiosurgical helmets                                              Commodity

42202300   Medical linear accelerator intensity modulated radiation therapy IMRT products      Class
           Medical linear accelerator intensity modulated radiation therapy IMRT two
42202301   dimensional units                                                                   Commodity
           Medical linear accelerator intensity modulated radiation therapy IMRT three
42202302   dimensional units                                                                   Commodity

42202303   Medical linear accelerator intensity modulated radiation therapy IMRT collimators   Commodity

42202400   Medical positron emission tomography PET equipment and related products             Class
42202401   Medical positron emission tomography PET units                                      Commodity
           Medical single photon emission computed tomography SPECT equipment and
42202500   related products                                                                    Class
42202501   Medical single photon emission computed tomography SPECT units                      Commodity
42202600   Radioimmunotherapy and radioisotope administration products                         Class
42202601   Thyroid irradiation therapy supplies                                                Commodity
42202602   Test kits for radioimmunotherapy                                                    Commodity
42202700   Radiotherapy teletherapy products                                                   Class
42202701   Radiotherapy teletherapy cobalt 60 equipment                                        Commodity
42202702   Radiotherapy teletherapy linear accelerators                                        Commodity
42202703   Radiotherapy teletherapy orthovoltage x ray machines                                Commodity
42202704   Radiotherapy teletherapy superficial x ray machines                                 Commodity
42202800   Lithotriptors and related products                                                  Class
42202801   Ultrasound lithotriptors                                                            Commodity
42202802   Lithotriptic electrodes or probes                                                   Commodity
42202900   Low energy medical x ray equipment                                                  Class
42202901   Low energy medical x ray units                                                      Commodity
42203000   Medical linear accelerators and related products                                    Class
42203001   Mobile or transportable medical linear accelerators                                 Commodity
42203100   Radiobiological instruments                                                         Class
42203101   Radiobiological effect microdosimeters                                              Commodity
42203200   Radiotherapy simulators                                                             Class
42203201   X ray and fluoroscopy RF radiotherapy planning simulators                           Commodity
42203202   Computed tomography CT or CAT radiotherapy simulators                               Commodity
42203300   Medical stereotactic systems                                                        Class
42203301   Frameless stereotactic therapy systems                                              Commodity
42203302   Stereotactic therapy headframes                                                     Commodity
42203303   Stereotactic biopsy systems                                                         Commodity
           Vascular imaging and interventional cardiology and cardiac catheterization lab
42203400   products                                                                            Class
42203401   Coronary stents                                                                     Commodity
42203402   Diagnostic or interventional vascular catheters or sets                           Commodity
42203403   Diagnostic or interventional vascular catheter introducers or sets                Commodity
42203404   Vascular imaging guidewire                                                        Commodity
42203405   Angioplasty balloon catheter                                                      Commodity
42203406   Removal devices of diagnostic or interventional vascular catheters or sets        Commodity
42203407   Angiography contrast medium delivery sets                                         Commodity
42203408   Cardiovascular sheath kits                                                        Commodity
42203409   Angioscopic valvulotomes                                                          Commodity
42203410   Cardiovascular catheter sheath                                                    Commodity
42203411   Catheter carts                                                                    Commodity
42203412   Peripheral stent                                                                  Commodity
42203413   Vascular coil                                                                     Commodity
42203414   Vascular filter                                                                   Commodity
42203415   Cardiac catheterization lab equipment                                             Commodity
42203416   Cardiac ablation catheter                                                         Commodity
42203417   Endograft                                                                         Commodity
42203418   Artherectomy catheter                                                             Commodity
42203419   Biliary stent                                                                     Commodity
42203420   Vascular imaging snare                                                            Commodity
42203421   Diagnostic or interventional vascular tray or pack                                Commodity
42203422   Embolization glue                                                                 Commodity
42203423   Embolization sphere                                                               Commodity
42203424   Catheterization procedure site closure device                                     Commodity
42203425   Thrombectomy embolectom