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• Klassy Koach Transportation & DMC, Inc to
  supply the Breakers Hotel, Palm Beach with
  a full service Transportation and Destination
  Management Company located on site.
          Advantages to Hotel
•   Eliminate Employee Shuttle Bus
•Eliminate payroll for drivers
•Eliminate cost for employee uniforms
•Eliminate vehicle expense
•Eliminate Fuel, Repair, Maintenance expense

    •Estimated Cost Savings : $ 236,739.48
       Eliminate additional expenses
            Vehicle Expenses:
•Klassy Koach will provide vehicles, eliminating the hotel
 to have to purchase or lease vehicles
•Current value based on purchase prices
     –3 Lincoln Town cars : Monthly payments
                    3 * $ 700.00 = $ 2100.00
     –2 Vans        2 * $ 425.00 = $ 850.00

           •Annual hotel vehicle expense:
  •Klassy Koach will provide fuel & maintenance
           Payroll Expense
– Klassy Koach will hire, train and provide all staff
– Department Head
– Dispatchers
– Chauffeurs
– Transportation coordinator
– Any additional staff required
• Eliminate liability
  – Klassy Koach will provide $5 million Insurance policy.
  – Klassy Koach will provide all applicable permits and licenses:
     • Town of Palm Beach
           – permits no longer available
     •   City of West Palm Beach
     •   Palm Beach County
     •   Palm Beach International Airport
     •   Fort Lauderdale International Airport
     •   Miami International Airport
     •   Port Everglades
     •   All chauffeurs have required licenses to operate.

     -   Valued at $13,155. Yearly expense.
         Advantages to Guests
• Consistent service
   – All vehicles are uniformed :
•All black Lincoln Town cars
   •All unmarked 15 passenger vans
      •All uniformed Mini-busses
        •All black luggage trailers
         •Specialty vehicles available on request
          •Various sizes of Limousines available
New Lincoln Town cars
Rolls Royce
Various size Stretch Limousines
15 Passenger Vans
Luggage Trailers
Uniformed Mini-busses
             Advantages to the guest
–Ability to anticipate the guest’s need for immediate response
by providing vehicles on property and at airport location:
      •Vehicles on property assure availability at the hotel for those
      needing immediate assistance. (eliminating the need for taxi
      •Vehicles at Airport location assure availability to guest at airport
      without prearranged transportation.
       •Variety of vehicles available for Group work :
          –Busses for Golf, Tours, etc
          –Luggage Trailers for equipment, golf clubs.
  Destination Management Services
• Klassy Koach will provide hotel with DMS.
  – Off property event coordinating:
     • Klassy Koach staff will work with Meeting planners, Sales
       and Catering to orchestrate “ off property” events.
     • Eliminating 3 rd party DMC such as Hello Florida
     • Klassy Koach will provide staff
     Professional “ Meet & Greet staff “ available to coordinate
       arrivals & departures for large groups.
      Tour guides for local tours
      Event Manager : Knowledgeable staff assigned to group
       throughout program
Examples of : “Off Property” Activities

                                •Deep Sea Fishing
                                •Water Taxi Tours
                                •Yacht Charters
Golf Events
                 Everglades Tours

Airboat Rides
Wildlife Tours
•Palm Beach

Theme Events
      • Off property theme
Clematis/City Place
•The Kravis Center of Performing Arts
           Kravis Center
                   Spouse Programs

 Worth Avenue
Palm Beach Tours
 Museum Tours
• What :
 – Klassy Koach will act as hotel’s in-house
   Transportation Department.
 – Klassy Koach will provide hotel with
   “off property” event coordinating
• Why:
 – Eliminate expense & liability for hotel
      –Increase revenue
      –Increase guest satisfaction
      –New fleet every 2 years
      –24 hour availability
• How:
               Plan of Action
 * Having vehicles and staff on site
 * Access to multi vehicle fleet
 * Klassy Koach responsible for fleet maintenance
 * Breakers Hotel will receive 13% of
    “Off property” events
 * Klassy Koach responsible for staffing and
 * Phone line directly to Klassy Koach,
    eliminating Concierge having to supplement
    for transportation
• “ your attention to detail and professionalism allowed us to
  execute our conference in style. The attendees raved about your
  promptness and service. Once again thank you for your
  exceptional service and we look forward to doing business with
  you again”
   – Sabrina Rowe, Cargill Investor Services.
   – “ you did a magnificent job handling my group’s transportation needs on
     such short notice. My boss, Patrick Donoho, is still raving about the
     professionalism and outstanding customer service your staff provided”
   – Diana Heckman, The Tobacco Institute
   – “ Thank you for all of your help with the Madison Council Meeting. All of
     the events went smoothly and your contribution was an important part of
     it. We had a complicated itinerary, but you and your drivers always
     seemed to be on top of every situation.”
   – Norma Baker , The Library of Congress

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