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									                      Article on Microsoft .Net Development

 For all developers who love to write code exclusively on Microsoft platforms, Microsoft
.NET is probably the best thing they could ever think about. This is Microsoft's latest
weapon against all types of application development on non-Windows platform. The
.NET architecture is today a huge obsession in enterprise software development.

In reality, the .NET framework is very little known to the developer’s community and
developers are still curious about this new invention by the Microsoft .NET team. But
still a large number of developers have started using this free technology of Microsoft
ASP.NET. Today, many programmers are using .NET for dynamic web application
development. In many parts of the world, people hire ASP.NET Development
professionals for creating personal websites as well as large enterprise-based websites.
For such a dynamic and rich web application development, all you need to start with the
free technology of.NET Framework and hire ASP.NET Development and VB .Net
Development professionals.

.NET is often considered for its path-breaking
programming language (C#) and the associated
C Sharp (#) Development. C# is a new
language that is used for writing codes that also
integrates elements of other advanced
languages such as C, C++ and Java. The C
Sharp (#) Development includes added
features such as metadata tags, which are very
important in today’s web-based environment
and thus is very important for dynamic and
interactive web application development.

.NET is often considered as a new data-exchange framework, where XML and SOAP
provide the additional usability features. ASP.NET is the new dynamic web technology,
using which a developer can create a data-driven website. For example, if you want to
build a dynamic website on the .NET platform using Oracle database, you need to hire
ASP.NET Development professionals for the same. The first version of ASP.NET, the
version 1.0 was introduced in January 2002 by Microsoft and since then it is being
admired for its capabilities in delivering rich web application development projects.
ASP.NET makes web development tasks very easy and has an integrated support for
three advanced programming languages of C Sharp (C#), Visual Basic (VB) and also
JavaScript. Thus, ASP.NET supports all types of C Sharp (#) Development as well as
VB .Net Development.

In reality, the .NET platform has a wide range of in-built technologies that make this
framework versatile and result-driven. And Microsoft is presumably offering this
amazing technology to other platforms as well such as J2EE and CORBA. The
developers working on these platforms besides on Windows platform can now use the
additional advantages of developing cutting-edge applications using .NET framework.

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