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					         2011 Media Kit
                                                                                           Launched in May 2010,
                                                                                  is an active
                                                                                           online community. Page views
                                                                                           have more than doubled over
                                                                                           the last Quarter.**
         ›› The worldwide orthopaedics market is valued at
         more than $29 billion and is growing at a rate of                                 The largest audience of Orthopaedic
         approximately 10% annually.                                                       product development, manufacturing
         OrthoTec offers an in-depth view of the design, development, and manufacturing    and strategic management available,
         of orthopaedic devices and orthopaedic surgical instruments. It is the source     such as*:
         for orthopaedic companies seeking expert information about breakthroughs and      Alphatec Spine
         advanced technologies.                                                            Biomet Arthrocare
         The OrthoTec community delivers information to global OEMs when and where         DePuy/Johnson & Johnson
         they need it. Daily online content, weekly e-newsletters, a quarterly magazine,   DJO
         and events located in the orthopaedic manufacturing centers of North              Genzyme
         America and Europe make OrthoTec the most comprehensive orthopaedics              Medtronic Spinal & Biologics
         manufacturing resource in the world.
         OrthoTec reaches the most targeted group of decision makers from significant      Orthohelix
         areas of the orthopaedic manufacturing sector, including engineers, general/      Orthovita
         corporate managers, product developers, and other key players.
         ›› Circulation at a Glance                                                        Pioneer Surgical/Ortho

         • 10,000 Print*                                                                   Smith & Nephew
                                                                                           Spinal Concepts
         • Plus 10,000 Digital*
                                                                                           Spinal Kinetics
                                        Audience Profile                                   Stryker Instruments
                                           TOTAL: 64% Product Design & Manufacturing       Stryker Spine/Orthopaedics
                                              n 25% Product/Design/Process Engineering     Symmetry Medical
                                              n 19% Production/Manufacturing
                                              n 11% R&D                                    Synthes
                                              n 9% QA/QC                                   Zimmer Spine

                                           TOTAL: 36% Corporate                            The OrthoTec brand is the official
                                              n 24% Management                             sponsor of Canon’s trade events,
                                              n 12% Other                                  OrthoTec (Warsaw, IN) and OrthoTec
                                                                                           Europe—dedicated conferences and
                                                                                           expositions for manufacturers offering
                                                                                           world-class education and cutting edge
                                                                                           technologies for orthopaedics manu-

                                                                                           ›› more info at
*Publisher’s own data
**Omniture reporting as of 11/01/2010
2011 Digital Opportunities
                                                                       OrthoTec Show Wrap
        OrthoTec’s website is a daily resource for ortho-                                   The OrthoTec Show Wrap will reach every OrthoTec
paedic manufacturers as it provides them with worldwide                              subscriber and every OrthoTec attendee.
access to the latest industry news, web-exclusive articles,
                                                                                      Position                     Size (pixels)         Rate (net)
blogs, video, whitepapers, webcasts, and more
                                                                                      Top Banner                   728 x 90 pixels       $1,200 net
  Position                Size                             Cost (net)                 Right or Left Rectangle      300x250 pixels        $1,000 net
  Leader Board            728 x 90 pixels                  $1,500 net/4 weeks         Bottom Banner                728 x 90 pixels       $900 net
  Banner Ad               300 x250 pixels                  $1,200 net/4 weeks         Contextual Ad                Image plus 50 words   $1000 net
  Bottom Banners          300 x 250 pixels                 $1,000 net/4 weeks
                                                                                     Sponsorship Link: Company name, URL with link, Company
  Anchor Ad               728 x 90 pixels                  $795 net/4 weeks
                                                                                     description (35 characters or less including spaces) $250 net
*Ad positions may be in rotation with up to 3 total advertisers.

           Digital Edition                                                                   Custom
        Reaching a bonus distribution of 10,000 profes-                                     With over 350,000 professionals in Canon’s
sionals, the OrthoTec Digital Edition is the perfect way                             medical device database, the opportunities are endless.
for you to reach leading decision makers using the latest                            Canon’s Medical Device Media Group can deliver turn-
in digital ad technology and trackability.                                           key, end-to-end custom programs with delivery to your
  Position                                                         Rate (net)        personally selected target audience.
  E-mail Notification                                              $1,000
                                                                                     OrthoTec and Canon can offer the following Custom
  Cover Ad                                                         $1,500
                                                                                      • Webcasts/Webinars
           Orthotec E-newsletter                                                      • White Paper Programs
        The OrthoTec e-newsletter serves more than                                    • Single-Sponsor E-Newsletters
10,000 active OrthoTec community users with weekly                                    • Content-Specific Microsites
Orthopaedic-specific critical content including news, blog                            • Face-to-Face Conferences/Events
posts and design & manufacturing features, as well as                                 • Virtual Events/Trade Shows
updates on suppliers/service providers. Relevant content                              • Research Services
covers design trends, engineering & technology, manu-                                 • And more!
facturing solutions, materials, products, equipment, and
services related to the orthopaedics manufacturing sector.
  Position                    Size (pixels)                        Rate (net/week)
  Leader Board                728 x 90 pixels                      $995 net
  Rectangle Ad                300 x250 pixels                      $695 net
  Anchor Ad                   728 x 90 pixels                      $395 net
  Contextual Ad               Image plus 50 words                  $795 net
Sponsorship Link: Company name, URL with link, Company
description (35 characters or less including spaces) $200 net

                                                                                                                     ›› more info at
                                   Editorial Preview
                                    ›› OrthoTec has increased to four editions in 2011: two
                                    stand-alone print issues and two issues co-mailed with
                                    MD+DI and MPMN.

January: MD&M West Pre-Show Issue                   July
Issue Close Date: November 23, 2010                 Issue Close Date: May 5, 2011
Featured Topics:                                    Featured Topics:
• Implant Trends/Technology,                        • Precision Machining/Manufacturing
• Orthopaedic Materials Selection                   • Prototyping
• Products & Services Focus: Testing                • Products & Services Focus: Materials
• Poly-bagged with MD+DI and MPMN                   • Poly-bagged with MD+DI and MPMN

April: OrthoTec Pre-Show Issue                      October: OrthoTec Europe Post-Show Issue
Issue Close Date: February 28, 2011                 Issue Close Date: August 24, 2011
Featured Topics:                                    Featured Topics:
• Orthopaedic Instruments/Accessories               • Orthopaedic Product Testing/Inspection,
• Coatings/Surface Treatment                        • Design Trends
• Products & Services Focus: Machining              • Products & Services Focus: Implant Components

                                                    Bonus Distribution
                                                    OrthoTec will be distributed at various Canon MD&M
                                                    and BIOMEDevice shows as well as at Orthotec and
                                                    OrthoTec Europe.

                                                                             ›› more info at
2011 Rates & Specs
OrthoTec Community Sponsorships                                          Half-year: $21,500 net
Full year: $37,500 net                                                   • 2X: Full-page 4C ad
• 4X: Full-page 4C ad                                                    • 2X: Full-page 4C Company Profile
• 4X: Full-page 4C Company Profile                                       • 6 months: Online Leaderboard or Rectangle ad
• 12 months: Online Leaderboard or Rectangle ad                          • 6X: eNewsletter Leaderboard, Rectangle or text ad
• 12X: eNewsletter Leaderboard,Rectangle or text ad                      • 6X: eNewsletter Sponsor Link
• 12X: eNewsletter Sponsor Link                                          • 2X (Quarterly): OrthoTec Admail Blast
• 4X (Quarterly): OrthoTec Admail Blast                                  • 1X: Supplier Leadership Series:
• 2X: Supplier Leadership Series:Full-page Print advertorial                  • Full-page Print advertorial
     • Online Advertorial featured within                                     • Online Advertorial featured within
     • HomePage Slide Show                                         HomePage Slide Show
• 12-month Ask the Experts                                               • 6-month Ask the Experts

Quarterly Intergated Media Packages                             (*positions may be in rotation with up to 3 total advertisers)
$5,965 net/qtr.                                                          Supplier Leadership Series Advertorial: $8,500 net
• 1X: 1/4-page 4C ad in OrthoTec Magazine                                Print and digital advertorial messages with email blast; ask your
• 1 month: Online Rectangle ad                                           Account Executive about this sponsorship opportunity.
• 1 months: Online Anchor ad                                             Leaderboard Ad:* 728 x 90 pixels
• 3X: eNewsletter Rectangle or Text ad                                   Monthly (4 week) Rate: $1,500 net
• 3X: eNewsletter Sponsor Link
• 1X: OrthoTec Admail Blast                                              Rectangle Ad:* (Top Position) 300 x 250 pixels
                                                                         Monthly Rate: $1200 net
$8,000 net/qtr.                                                          2nd/3rd Position:: Monthly Rate - $1000 net
• 1X: 1/2-page 4C ad in OrthoTec Magazine
• 1X: 1/2-page 4C Company Profile OrthoTec Magazine                      Anchor Ad:* 728 x 90 pixels
• 3 months: Online Rectangle or Banner ad                                Monthly (4 week) Rate: $795 net
• 3X: eNewsletter Rectangle or Text ad                                   Ask the Experts: Community Q&A
• 3X: eNewsletter Sponsor Link                                           Quarterly Rate: $750 net
• 1X: OrthoTec Admail Blast                                              OrthoTec On-Demand: 20-minute; pre-recorded Webcast
$10,000 net/qtr.                                                         12-month archive, plus email promo: $4,750 net
• 1X: Full-page 4C ad
• 1X: Full-page 4C Company Profile                                       OrthoTec Weekly eNewsletter
• 3 months: Online Leaderboard or Rectangle ad                           Leaderboard Ad: 728 x 90 pixels
• 3X: eNewsletter Leaderboard, Rectangle or text ad                      Weekly Rate: $995 net • Monthly (4 week) Rate: $3,350 net
• 3X: eNewsletter Sponsor Link                                           Rectangle Ad: 300 x 250 pixels
• 1X: OrthoTec Admail Blast                                              Weekly Rate: $695 net • Monthly (4 week) Rate: $2,000 net
                                                                         Contextual Ad (Text Ad)
OrthoTec Show Packages (for OrthoTec Exhibitors Only)                    Weekly Rate - $795 net
• Choose from Quarterly Packages (print ad must appear in April issue)
• ¼-page Booth Preview in April Issue                                    Anchor Ad: 728 x 90 pixels
• OrthoTec Show Wrap eNewsletter Sponsorship:                            Weekly Rate: $395 net • Monthly (4 week) Rate:$1,350 net
  Tile ad w/Sponsor Link to Booth Preview                                Sponsored Links
                                                                         Weekly Rate: $200 net • Monthly (4 week) Rate - $650 net
Print Rates
• Full Page: $4000 net         • Half Page: $2750 net                    AdMail Blasts
• 1/3 Page: $2425 net          • 1/4 Page: $2165                         Sole-sponsored OrthoTec AdMail to 10,000 recipients: $3,500 net
                                                                         • Max width of 600 pixels            • Max size of 100 k
                                                                         • No frames                          • No Flash
                                                                         • HTML format preferred

Material Submission
We prefer digital files. Acceptable formats are: PDF, EPS, TIFF, or a Postscript file. Files should be 300 dpi, CMYK, with fonts
and images embedded. Any placed images should be at 100%, 300 dpi, and CMYK. Please do not submit native application
files such as Quark, Illustrator, etc. Illustrator EPS files are acceptable if fonts are outlined and all images are embedded at 300

dpi. Color proofs are required. For more information on electronic ad submission and color proofs, visit our Web site at or call Ad Management Services at 310/445-4217 for details.

                                                                                                              ›› more info at
                                                                                                           General Inquiry?

Tim Simone
                               The Canon Medical Device Media Group is ready to be your
                               partner and build an integrated marketing program to meet
                               your company’s needs.

                               Please contact your Account Executive.

                                    RoBeRT SColARo
                                                                     Helene BeCK


Regional Sales Director             Regional Sales Director          International Sales Director for N.
AK, northern CA, Hi                 Southern CA                      America
310/445-3767                        310/445-3712                     732/970-8960                  
BeCKy Roll                          AliSon le Boeuf                  HeRmAnn JoRDi
Senior Account Executive            Account Executive                Account Executive
il, mn, nD, SD                      AR, AZ, Co, KS, nV, oK, TX, uT   Switzerland, Austria
Canada: manitoba, Saskatchewan      310/445-3747                     011 41 32 666 3090
                                    AnDReA mARmAlSTein               ViKKi HufmAnn
DiAnA CoulTeR                       Account Executive                Sales Manager, Germany
Group Sales Manager                 mo, nm, ne                       +49 (0)911 939764-42
iA, iD, mT, oR, WA, Wi, Wy          Special Projects (nationwide)
Canada: Alberta, BC                 310/445-3737
310/445-3707                     noRBeRT HufmAnn                                                             Sales Manager, Germany
                                    Southeast                        +49 (0)911 939764-45
niCole WelTeR                       DeSiRee STygAR         
Account Executive, Qmed             Regional Sales Director
310/445-3754                        fl, ny, Ri                       JASon moSS               973/808-9445                     Territory Manager           
                                     uK, ireland, Benelux,
Northeast                                                            Scandinavia
SHAnnon Alo-menDoSA                 RiCK RoSenBeRg                   011 44 2082 740732
Regional Sales Director             Senior Account Executive
mA, new england,                    Al, DC, De, Ky, lA, mS, nJ,
                                                                     JAmeS meiRe
eastern Canada                      Tn, VA                                                       
781/869-7989                        973/808-1221                     Territory Manager           uK, ireland, Benelux,
SHARon mACleoD                      STACey TeiCHeR                   011 44 1622 661363
Sales Manager                       Sales Manager          
mA, new england,
                                    gA, in, nC, SC
eastern Canada                      973/808-9254
                                    RiCHARD WeST
                                    Account Executive
                                    mD, mi, oH, PA                                               

                                                    11444 W. olympic Boulevard
                                                    los Angeles, CA 90064

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