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									                                 Buying an E-Reader?

Are you in the market for an e-reader?
                                                           Some review sites to check:
The choices are becoming more numerous as e-books
gain in popularity. We are often asked by our customers    Reviews from CNET
which reader is the best.                        

While we can’t tell you which reader to buy, we can        Reviews from PC World
suggest some sources of information that might help you
decide.                                                    ml

                                                           The E-book Reader Blog
Compatible E-Readers for OverDrive E-books       
                                                                    is an organized,
Many customers want to take advantage of the                          informative resource for everything about
OverDrive titles that can be downloaded for free from                 the world of digital reading and electronic
the library. You should be aware that not every e-reader              book readers, from dedicated ereaders like
is compatible with the OverDrive titles.                              the Kindle to tablets and smartphones.
Full information about which devices are compatible
with OverDrive titles is available from this link:         Good E-reader          
                                                                    E-reader and tablet pc news

You also might want to read up on what others have said    Digital Book Reader Reviews
about the various readers available.             

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