; Enjoy A Tropical Vanuatu Holiday On Your Next Vacation
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Enjoy A Tropical Vanuatu Holiday On Your Next Vacation


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        <p>When it's time to plan that exotic holiday getaway, there is a
place in the Pacific Ocean that is just waiting for you to come and
explore, and that's the archipelago of Vanuatu. Planning the perfect
Vanuatu holiday is going to be a fun undertaking, as you explore all the
options that are available to choose from for your exciting
holiday.<br><br>Vanuatu is an archipelago located in the South Pacific
Ocean. It consists of seven smaller islands and they include Efate
Island, Espiritu Santo Island, Tanna Island, Malekula Island, Pentecost
and Maewo Island, Ambrym Island, and the Banks and Torres Islands. Each
of these smaller individual islands is more beautiful than the one
mentioned previously.<br><br>Each island has its own places to explore
and adventures to undertake, but before you can do any of that, your
accommodations for the island where you will be staying have to be made
first. There are regular hotels to stay in or if you feel like roughing
it a bit at a local campsite those options are also available to
you.<br><br>The Tranquility Island Resort Camping site is the perfect
place to pitch a tent and enjoy the beauty that surrounds you in an up
close and personal atmosphere. The site is located on the island of Moso,
located just northwest of the Efate Island. This campsite offers plenty
of open space to accommodate your camping family. The campsites include
the main camp area, along with Fred's Beach Retreat, Starfish Beach, and
the Small Island Beach. Each site has a camping area, and since they are
all located close to beach areas, there is always a fun beach adventure
just waiting for the family to become a part of.      <!--INFOLINKS_OFF--

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<br>Other places to stay on your Vanuatu holiday include the City Motel
in Efate, the Bluepango Motel also on Efate, and the Deco Stop Lodge,
located on the Espiritu Santo Island. For those who have a little more
money in their budget allocated for lodging, then you can take a look at
places such as the Holiday Inn Resort Vanuatu, which offers a high end
experience. This resort is built on a lush area of 50 acres and has
beautiful gardens to take in and a beautiful lagoon which you can observe
from the comfort of your room. <br><br>There is also a day spa where you
can get that special treatment to rejuvenate and feel restored. And if
you're looking for that ultimate beach front hotel experience, then
Chantillys on the Bay Hotel is where you want to while away the days. Sit
in your beach chair and just take in the view of the sun as it sets over
the beach, sipping on your favorite frozen drink, with your toes in the
sand and holding hands with your spouse, never wanting to go
home.<br><br>Some of the tourist attractions that are waiting for you
during your Vanuatu holiday include water activities including kayaking
on the waters of the exquisite Mele Bay. Paddle your glass bottom kayak
along the beach area and see some of the beautiful underwater denizens
that are native to the beach,including dolphins and turtles and the
tropical fish and undersea gardens, and when you scuba dive in those
waters, you can get up close and personal with those creatures. It's an
experience that will last a life time.<br><br>And then only for the very
bravest among you is an excursion into the skies, as you go Para sailing
over the waters off the Port Vila harbor. You may be up in the air for a
short ten minutes, but you will get to see some of the most breathtaking
views of the harbor, and when your landing is safe and perfectly dry,
you'll have something to talk about well after your vacation has
ended.<br><br>This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what
you can do when you arrive on the Vanuatu Islands, so begin your vacation
plans now, because before you know it, you'll be on your way to
Vanuatu.</p>        <!--INFOLINKS_OFF-->


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