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eclipse rcp


Embitel Proiving the eclipse plug in development services like eclipse uml plugin, eclipse ide, eclipse html editor, eclipse c plugin, eclipse software development, eclipse for web development in India, Germany, UK, USA, Sweden and Netherlands.

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									          Eclipse Plug-in Development Services
Embitel has extensive experience in design and development of Eclipse Plug-in’s using Eclipse
framework for our global customers. Our engineers have prior experience of developing plug-in
for Eclipse using JAVA programming language, being involved in all phases of the development
lifecycle starting from requirements up to system testing. We leverage on this experience
together with good embedded system knowledge to provide end to end product solutions to
our clients.



Some of the main service offerings include design, development and testing of Eclipse plug-in’s
using the following areas:

   1. Launching and debugging the embedded application using Eclipse CDT (C/C++
      development tools) Plugin.
   2. Rich Client Platform (RCP) Applications.
   3. Profiling of the embedded applications, using following technologies
          o Draw2D and Graphical Editor Framework (GEF) Programming for charts.
          o Perspectives, Views and Editors.
          o Resources.
   4. Eclipse Modeling Framework (EMF)
   5. Custom update manager and update site

Our team has expertise in Eclipse plug-in development on the following platform and IDE’s.

       OS & Framework                Linux, Windows, Cross-Platform Deployment, Eclipse work
   Integrated Development                                    Eclipse IDE
Contact Us for a more detailed explanation and discussion on the scope of our Eclipse
Plugin Development Services for your organization.

                                     Contact Us
India                Germany             United Kingdom    Sweden             USA

Embitel              Embitel GmbH        Embitel           Embitel            Embitel
Technologies (I)     Rommelstraße        Technologies      Technologies       Technologies
Pvt Ltd              11                  24, Bedford Row   Sergels Torg 12,
Unit No: 208 to      70376 Stuttgart     London WC1R       8 TR               14940 Thatcher
216, 2nd Floor,      Germany             4TQ               111 57             Dr,
Delta Block,         Ph: +49 (0)711-                       Stockholm
Sigma Soft Tech      520 87 378          E-Mail Id:        Sweden             Austin, TX 78717
Park (SSTP),         Cell: +49 (0)172-   sales@embitel.c   e-Mail Id:
Varthur-Hobli ,      7653398             om                sales@embitel.c    USA
Ramagondanahalli,    Fax: +49 711 60                       om
Bangalore, Karnata   17 47-141                                                Phone: (512) -
ka - 560066                                                                   547-0840
India                E-Mail Id:
Ph:                  sales@embitel.c                                          E-Mail Id:
+91 80 41694200      om                                                       sales@embitel.c
Fax: +91 80                                                                   om

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