Is Stealing Signs In Baseball Cheating by anamaulida


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        <p>In a recent game between the Detroit Tigers and the Minnesota
Twins, Twin’s catcher Joe Mauer was shown by Fox Sports footage
signaling to the batter what pitch the Tiger’s pitcher was about to
throw. I am not sure why this particular instance of sign-stealing has
gotten so much attention other than the fact that it was so clearly
obvious what was happening.</p> <p>I don’t know about you, but I have
absolutely no problem with this whatsoever. I would even say that Joe
Mauer would not be doing his job if he didn’t signal to the batter what
pitch was coming if he knew. I mean, why wouldn’t you? Every one on
the baseball field knew what was happening. The opposing catcher even
changed the signs several times to mix Mauer up.</p>       <!--

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<p>Sign-stealing in baseball is taught at a very young age and is nothing
more than a basic element of the game. Of course, in baseball there are
some things you just don’t do.</p> <p>1) You don’t reach into the 1st
baseman’s glove and knock the ball out when he is trying to tag you.
(Alex Rodriguez)</p> <p>2) You don’t tip pitches to the opposing
batter just because he is your friend or is from the same country.Â
(Alex Rodriguez)</p> <p>3. And you don’t yell ‘Got it’ as you are
rounding third base and the opposing infielders are trying to catch the
ball. (Alex Rodriguez)</p> <p>Did anyone else notice that Alex Rodriguez
has been accused of all 3 examples that immediately came to my mind when
thinking about things you don’t do in baseball?</p>        <!--

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