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					Semarang - If you stand on the second floor of Pasar Johar, a gentle breeze swept the face. The
wind was infiltrates on the sidelines of merchandise and visitors menyemut. Though the air
temperature of Semarang about 30 degrees Celsius. This is a luxury that can be obtained at the
largest traditional market in Semarang.
Greetings breeze was not out of the air
conditioner or fan that adorn almost every
stall, but the wind blowing in from the
sidelines of the towering roof of the
building market, dozens of mushroom-
Is the Herman Thomas Karsten, an
architect who also served as Head of
Development Bureau Mclaine Point on the
Dutch colonial government in Semarang,
believed to designing the architecture of traditional central market was built in 1937.
Pasar Johar special feature of the architecture lies in its roof shaped like a mushroom columns.
The roof of one and the other does not converge, but each shade. This construction allows air to
enter from all directions. Although without conditioning engine room, fresh air can be enjoyed
by visitors. "All the work of architect Karsten always cross ventilations. Thus, free entry of air
and light from all directions," said Andi Siswanto, architect of Soegijapranata Catholic
University, Semarang.

                                                              Cross ventilations, Andi went on, in
                                                              addition to making energy-saving
                                                              room, suitable for tropical areas like
                                                              Indonesia. Unfortunately, now the
                                                              density of traders and indiscipline
                                                              maintain spatial market makes no
                                                              sesemilir air once again. "First, let
                                                              the fan, any fan of the paper we
                                                              never use," Soni said Rohani, one
                                                              of the oldest generation trader's
                                                              Another feature of the architecture
of Pasar Johar is empty space (voids) between floors one and two, so there is visual
communication between floors one and two. Since the empty space that also, visitors can see the
unique roof of the fungus.
Not only the ecological aspects are taken into consideration in planning Pasar Johar. Sociological
aspects are also highly considered Karsten. According to Andi, Karsten understand well the
market functions in the tradition of Indonesian society. Unlike in the European market in general,
the only functioning only as a market trader and buyer transactions. In Indonesia, the market is
not just a transaction, but also as an open space to accommodate the traders nonpermanen (tiban)
which sell at a particular event.

For example when market day or at the event held traditions, such as Garebeg and Kucing.
Moreover, Johar Market location opposite the Grand Mosque Kauman always routinely held
tradition ahead of the arrival of the fasting month Bodag. In consideration of that, some market
stall Johar almost without bulkhead. But now it's using the bulkhead open los kiosk merchants.
Karsten also very concerned about the many women who become traders or simply be carrying
laborers. To alleviate mbok-shouldered mbok gendhong bagor, market stall flooring made knee-
high adults. The goal is that workers need not carry too much heavy lifting bagor before being
Health considerations are also very calculated. Perhaps visitors do not realize why los merchants
vegetables and side dishes are placed on the second floor? "Apparently, the flies can not fly high.
Thus, fish and meat is free from the invasion of flies," said Andi.
In terms of building materials, Karsten choose quality marble wall surface as a coating material,
the main table, and some floors. While the steps of andesite. Not surprisingly, with a single
quality building materials, up to age 70 years Johar Market still firm stand.

Pasar Johar fame to the whole of Java. Traders did not just come out of Semarang, but also from
Solo, Klaten, and Ghost. They trade in Johar Market to hereditary. Even traders from outside
Java enliven. First traders from Borneo, Sumatra, and Sulawesi can directly unload the ship in
the Kali Semarang, passing right on the edge of Johar Market. On top of that there are times
Berok Bridge, not far from the Market Johar, who form a hydraulic bridge. When there is
loading and unloading of ships in the market Johar, the bridge could be opened, then closed
again. "Until early 1970, the ship can still get in Kali Semarang. Unfortunately, now it is shallow
and the bridge was not open anymore," said Suparobo, Semarang original military retirees.
Aside from being a place of trade, Johar Market is a large village meeting place for traders from
various regions. Sumanto, 58 years, traders from Klaten, Central Java, told me, after packing up
his wares in the evening, when night came, he was engrossed in chatting with other merchants.
Understandably, some traders also make markets Johar as a residence. Pasar Johar atmosphere at
night is very beautiful. Chandelier lined above los shine. The pole supporting the roof of the
octagon-shaped fungus looks like a lighthouse. Night air that blew from all directions sweeping
tired after a day of work. "Johar not only as a market, but home for us," said Sumanto, recalled.
Lined sleeping atmosphere while enjoying the splendor of a distant memory Pasar Johar. Los
heavy foundation held open stalls where the building is now a permanent stall. Roofs of the stalls
also block the electric light which has been partly lost.

Like other traders, Johar Market Sumanto feel more solid after the local government established
in 1978 Yaik Market, just on the north side of Market Johar. Then followed the construction
                                                                          market in the south of
                                                                          Market Kanjengan Johar.
                                                                          Unfortunately, the hectic
                                                                          Johar Market area is
                                                                          directly proportional to
                                                                          clutter the increasingly
                                                                          severe when the city
                                                                          government allow street
                                                                          vendors pushed into Pasar
                                                                          Johar. Pasar Johar terrace
                                                                          filled with street vendors.
                                                                          "Top of chaos since 1985,"
                                                                          Sony said.
                                                                          Pasar Johar grandeur now
                                                                          could hardly be enjoyed.
                                                                          Besides berjubelnya about
5,000 merchants, overflow of sea water (rob) ankle surround Johar Market every evening since
1990. Even when the full moon, rob reach adult calf. These conditions make the Mayor of
Semarang Sukawi Sutarip catapult the idea of revitalization Johar Market, which is suspected to
dismantle Johar Market. Traders resist Sukawi.
Now the only reason why every day is filled with visitors Pasar Johar as it is available all the
needs of society, from clothing, food, electronic until the price is relatively cheap. Pasar Johar
has always been a destination for retail or wholesale buyers. "It used to be enjoyed Johar Market
(the building), now only to spend," said Sukarman, 65, Boyolali home buyers who are now
settled in Hyderabad
At four pm, Tuesday, Markesi, a fruit merchant at the edge of Jalan Pasar Johar Agus Salim, the
rush to lift boxes containing citrus fruit and peer. Apparently, rob the water began to emerge
from the manhole. He folded his calf-high pants.
Not far from where she sells, her clear voice sounded Walang snicker, Waljinah, who sang the
song legendary Semarang Flood Kaline. "It used to Semarang Kaline's flooding, which flood the
market now," said Markesi.

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Description: Pasar Johar market, Central Java’s biggest traditional market and a historical landmark in the provincial capital Semarang