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To:      Michael Spangler

From:    Landon Loggins, Traffic Manager

Date:    September 17, 2008

Re:      Trucking Incident Report

This memo identifies the four accidents in the past week
and gives a full detailed summary.

Four of our trucks have been in highway accidents. All of
the accidents occurred in Texas. Only one driver was
injured in the wreck but returned to work the following
day. Also, only one accident involved another vehicle. I
have rescheduled all of the shipments. After examining the
trucks, our maintenance division traced all four of the
accidents to the same brand of faulty tires, Firestone. Our
insurance company is in an on-going lawsuit with the tire

All four accidents occurred in different parts of the
state. The following list contains the date and location of
each incident, and more information about the accident is
listed below:

  1.   Rockwall, TX   (September    2,   2008)
  2.   Forney, TX     (September    3,   2008)
  3.   Dallas, TX     (September    4,   2008)
  4.   Coppell, TX    (September    6,   2008)

Talk about damage to cargo and trucks…(paragraph)

Accident 1

All of the drivers were uninjured with the exception of
one. Senior driver, Mark Adams, was involved in a wreck in
Rockwall, TX. His truck blew a tire, and the blown tire
caused the truck to flip over.

The truck’s cargo contained the clothing for Old Navy, but
none of the shipment was damaged. Some of the clothing fell
out of the boxes and was repackaged the following day.
Another truck finished the delivery on September 4th. The
truck was totaled though. Acme underwriters has covered the
accident, but our company was still liable for the $1,000
deductible. The deductible covered the cost of repairing
the truck and repackaging supplies.

Mr. Adams only had minor bumps and bruises, but
nevertheless, he went to Lakepoint Hospital for a routine
scan. Mr. Adams used his own medical plan to cover his
bills, and the company suffered no extra money damages. He
returned to work the following day.

Accident 2

The second accident occurred in Forney, TX. Jeff Fowler’s

Accident 3

Accident 4

The maintenance division of our company traced all four of
the accidents to the same faulty tires. Fifteen other
trucks were driving on the same brand of tires. I ordered
the maintenance shop to go ahead and replace the rest of
the faulty tires. All of the tires were replaced. The shop
put the tires in our storage until further instructions
have been given.

Replacing the tires is only a small price to pay for future
success of this company.

Total Costs

Deductibles for Acme Underwriters-           $4,000

The company’s insurance company, Acme Underwriters, has
filed suit with Firestone. They company wants full
compensation on their losses. Since all of the trucks
involved in the accident were outfitted with the same brand
of tires, much evidence supports their case. Firestone has
already offered a settlement for $400,000 which covers
about ninety-five percent of the total losses.

I filed suit as well and contacted our lawyer, Johnny
Chang. Mr. Chang contacted the tire company and informed
them of our pending suit. Firestone has acknowledged our
suit and preparing to give a settlement offer by September
19th. The money received from the suit will help the company
recover from its losses.

Sum it up
Make feel good..

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