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									Thanksgiving arts and crafts

Just as with any other holiday, Thanksgiving is a great time to make
decorations for your home, and finding Thanksgiving arts and crafts to
make is easy when you use your imagination. Of course, we are big on
looking on the Internet to find Thanksgiving arts and crafts that even
children can make. There are tons of web sites that are dedicated to
crafting for the holidays. Here are some ideas you may want to try for
your Thanksgiving arts and crafts projects.

This project is easy for even young children and it looks great when it
is hung on a window where sun can shine through it. We present to you
stained glass turkeys for your first Thanksgiving arts and crafts
project. You will need brown paint, a paper plate, brown, orange, and
red construction paper, tissue paper or cellophane, and glue. Cut five
or six large feathers from the brown construction paper and about one
inch from the edge, cut out the inside of the feather. Apply glue around
the edge of the feather and then lay on top of the tissue paper or
cellophane. Trim around the edges. Paint the paper plate brown and
attach the turkey feathers. You can either draw on a face or cut out the
face parts from construction paper.

While we are big fans of turkey crafts, the holiday is meant to celebrate
the first Thanksgiving when the Pilgrims and the Indians got together for
a feast. So, here is another idea for Thanksgiving arts and crafts that
you can do to commemorate them. All you need is some paper and some
paint for this project.

For the Native American paint the palm of the hand with a med brown paint
(or any color you want.) and paint each finger a different color. Press
on the paper. The use a paint brush and any color paint to ad the head
band just below the feathers. For the Pilgrim paint the palm of the hand
light brown and the middle three fingers black. Use a paint brush to add
a black line of paint for the hat brim. After the paint is dry, have
your child add the facial features. These make great placemats for
Thanksgiving dinner too!

Our final Thanksgiving arts and crafts project we have to offer you is
another creative turkey. Have your child trace their hands onto a piece
of construction paper or white paper that they can later color. Cut out
the shape and cut off the thumbs. Take a paper tube (toilet paper or
paper towel) and cover it with brown construction paper. Glue the hands
to the back of the tube. Cut a peanut shape out of construction paper
for the turkey head and glue to the front. Use some red construction
paper or red felt for the wattle and glue into place along with some
wiggly eyes, and you are done!

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