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									Scrapbooking ideas Thanksgiving

Are you looking for some great scrapbooking ideas for Thanksgiving? The
good news is that you can find all sorts of great ideas online. The bad
news is that there are so many web sites you can go to, you might get
overwhelmed at all the information that is at your fingertips. But as
the saying goes, it is better to have too much information rather than
not enough! You can get some really unique scrapbooking ideas for
Thanksgiving in many places. Here are some that we came across.

This is a great thing that you can do to involve your whole family with
for scrapbooking ideas at Thanksgiving. As they arrive or when you are
sitting around the dinner table, pass out slips of paper and have
everyone write on it something that they are thankful for. Be sure that
they sign their names to their slips of paper and then place them all in
a bowl. You can go around the table and have everyone pick one out and
read one if you like. This is a great way to have a little fun and
remember what is important at Thanksgiving.

Then, take those slips of paper and incorporate them into your
scrapbooking pages. That is what makes these scrapbooking ideas for
Thanksgiving so fun and unique. As you are taking pictures around the
Thanksgiving table or as you are all visiting, be sure and get an
individual picture of everyone. Then you can put the pictures on your
pages and paste their “thankful slips” along with their picture. Use
your imagination for a title such as “We give thanks” or “(person’s name)
is thankful for”.

Another one of the great scrapbooking ideas for Thanksgiving we found was
to find a Thanksgiving poem (or write your own!) and focus your page
around the theme of that poem. It can be a funny poem, a serious poem,
or a classical poem. Most will evoke images and memories that will help
you create your pages. You may surprised at how naturally these ideas
come when you have inspiration that comes from a well written poem. Then
you can center all of your decorations and themes around what you are
feeling when you read the poem.

Scrapbooking ideas for Thanksgiving abound on the Internet, so if you do
not know where you want your pages to go or how you want them to look,
just take the time to look at what other people have done and then take
inspiration from them. It is well known in the scrap booking community
that copying another person’s page is the sincerest form of compliment.
The scrapping community is always proud to share their creations, so take
advantage of that and find tons of scrapbooking ideas for Thanksgiving
pages you can be proud of!

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