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Ken Stewart


									AP® Spanish Language
Syllabus 4
Course Planner
        Objectives            Activities                   Structure,
                                                           and Readings
Aug.    •   Overview of          •   Communicative           •   Vocabulary units
            exam format;             icebreaker                  1–2 (gender of
            become                   (famous pairs, two          nouns,
            familiar with            truths and a lie)           modismos)
            all exam tasks       •   Begin journal           •   Chapter 5 Una
            and                      writing                     vez más (gender
            instructions;        •   Chapter 1                   of nouns)
            course goals             Triángulo               •   Latin American
        •   Diagnostic test      •   Use student                 short stories       C4—
        •   Skill                    samples on AP               selected from AP    materials
            assessment               Central®                    Spanish             authentic
        •   Introduce            •   Students begin              Literature          written texts
                                                                                     that develop
            scoring rubrics          online dialogue at          reading list [C4]   students'

Sept.   •   Informal             •   Journal collection      •   Vocabulary units
            writing                  #1                          3–6 (hogar,
        •   Informal             •   Role-play (Sé mi            universidad,
            speaking                 intérprete)                 salud, medicina)
                                                                                     C5—The course
        •   Use of               •   Chapter 2               •   Demonstratives,     provides
                                                                 comparisons,        students with
            appropriate              Triángulo                                       regular
            register,            •   Timed reading               superlatives, use   opportunities to
                                                                 of “lo”             develop their
            greetings and        •   Simulated phone                                 speaking skills
            closure for              conversation[C5]        •   Gerunds,            in a variety of
                                                                                     settings, types
            informal and         •                 infinitives, and    of discourse,
            formal                   Topic: la eutanasia         participles as      topics, and
            assessments                                          adjectives
        •   Writing                                          •   Short stories
            introductory                                         continued: La
            paragraphs                                           noche boca
                                                                 Continuidad de
                                                                 los parques, El
                                                             •   Poetry: Ajedrez,
                                                            En paz

Oct.   •   Formal Writing    •   Cooperative            •   Vocabulary (1st
       •   Note-taking           learning groups:           quarter review)
           skills                introductory           •   Vocabulary units
       •   Paraphrasing          paragraphs, peer           7–9 (medio
           authentic texts       editing                    ambiente, rasgos
       •   Synthesizing      •   In-class essay and         personales, los
           multiple              revision                   pasatiempos)
           sources           •   Journal collection     •   Relative
                                 #2                         pronouns
                             •   Integration of         •   Perfect tenses       C7—The course
                                 skills: students       •   Selected             frequent
                                 hear a text, write         Márquez short        opportunities for
                                                                                 students to
                                 down the gist,             stories: Baltazar,   integrate the
                                 share the                  Un día de estos      four language
                                                                                 skills through
                                 information orally         (analytical          the use of
                                 with a partner [C7]        comparison with      authentic
                             •   Chapter 3                  Espuma y nada
                                 Triángulo                  más)
                             •   Simulated phone                                 C5—The course
                                 conversation                                    students with
                             •   Debate: animal                                  regular
                                                                                 opportunities to
                                 rights/vegetariani                              develop their
                                 sm                                              speaking skills
                                                                                 in a variety of
                             •                                     settings, types
                                                                                 of discourse,
                                 dialogue topic: La                              topics, and
                                 corrida de toros                                registers.
Nov.   •   Formal            •   Newlywed Game          •   Subjuntive
           speaking          •   Journal collection         review               C3—
       •   Building skills       #3                     •   “si” clauses         materials
           in interpretive   •   Formal oral            •   Sequence of          include a
                                                                                 variety of
           mode: reading         presentation on a          tenses               authentic audio
                                                                                 and/or video
           and listening         prepared topic         •   Verbs that           recordings that
                                 with contrasting           require              develop
                                 opinions        [C5]       prepositions         listening
                             •   Chapter 4              •   Por vs. para         abilities.

                                 Triángulo              •   Vocabulary 10–
                             •   Practice listening         12 (comida,
                                 exercises from             política, los        materials
                                 Authentik and              negocios             authentic
                                 Puerta del Sol [C3]    •   Selected Non-        written texts
                                                                                 that develop
                                 Students record a          fiction readings     students'
                                 two-minute                               [C4]   reading
                                  (political issue,
                                  world event,
                                  ethical issue)
                                  dialogue topic: la
                                  hipocresía en la
Dec.   •   Fill-ins (with     •   Practice exercises    •   Vocabulary 13–
           root word)             with and without          14 (“power”
       •   Informal               root words from           verbs, la vida
           speaking               AP Spanish book           urbana)
       •   Semester exam      •   Journal collection    •   Passive voice
           (previous AP           #4                        with ser and se
           Exam adapted)      •   Informal writing      •   Review of
                                  assessment                gustar-type
                              •   Chapter 5                 verbs, object
                                  Triángulo                 pronouns
                              •   Debate: la vida
                                  urbana vs. la vida
                                  del campo
                                  Dialogue topic:
                                  Árbol de Navidad
                                  o arbusto
Jan.   •   Building           •   “Survivor” debate     •   Vocabulary 13–
           listening skills       (role-play)               15 and 2nd nine-
           (Nuevos            •   Journal collection        week review
           horizontes,            #5                        (profesiones, el
           Español en         •   Chapter 6                 zoológico,
           vivo)                  Triángulo                 problemas
       •   Fill-ins           •   Formal writing            sociales)
           (without root          assessment            •   Review:
           words)             •   Students record a         demonstratives,
                                  two-minute                adverbs,
                                  presentation              comparisons,
                              •               superlatives
                                  dialogue topic: Las   •   Reading: El
                                  pandillas                 delantal blanco
Feb.   •   Formal writing     •   Debate: Sexism in     •   Vocabulary 16–
           and speaking           the press and             20 (Los viajes,
                                  media                     los deportes, la
                              •   Video clips from          moda, la música
                                  Univisión                 y el teatro)
                                  discussing sexism     •   Review:
                                   in advertising              pronouns             C2—The course
                               •   Journal collection      •   Reading:             provides
                                                                                    students with a
                                   #6                          Selections from      learning
                               •   Chapter 7                   Bernarda Alba        equivalent to
                                   Triángulo               •   Poetry: Lorca,       that of a third-
                                                                                    year college
                               •   Formal writing              Machado,             course in
                                   Assessment       [C2]       Espronceda,          Spanish
                               •   Practice National           Bécquer              Instructional
                                   Spanish Exam                                     activities,
                               • topic:                               assignments,
                                   Las estrellas como                               assessments are
                                   modelos para                                     appropriate to
                                                                                    this level.
March   •   Practice           •   Take the NSE            •   Vocabulary 21–
            Multiple           •   Chapter 8                   23 (El consumo,
            choice items           Triángulo                   el comercio,
        •   Synthesis of all   •   Guided practice             rasgos
            skills                 from AP Spanish:            personales)
                                   A Guide To The          •   Third nine-week
                                   Language Course             review
                               •   Journal collection          vocabulary
                                   #7                      •   Perfect tenses
                               •   Formal speaking         •   Shortened forms
                                   assessment                  of adjectives
                               • topic:      •   Commands
                                   la inmigración          •   Reading:
                                                               articles (National
                                                               People en
April   • Review               •   Take adapted AP         •   Idioms with
                                   Exam (scored with           tener, haber, dar
                                   rubrics)                •   Frequently
                               •   Chapter 9                   confused words
                                   Triángulo                   (pedir/preguntar;
                               •   Informal speaking           ahorrar/salvar/
                                   assessment                  guardar;
                               •   Guided practice             libre/gratis)
                                   from AP Spanish:        •   Vocabulary 24–
                                   A Guide To The              25 (El
                                   Language Course             matrimonio, la
                               • topic:          economía y el
                                         el matrimonio               derecho)
                                         entre el mismo          •   Review: accents
                                         sexo                        and
May          • AP Exam               •   Evaluation and          •   Review of high
                                         student feedback            frequency
                                     •   Movies: María Full          vocabulary and
                                         of Grace, Amores            structures
                                         perros, Diarios de
                                         Women on the
                                     •   Minilessons in
                                         French, Italian or
                                         other languages
                                         taught by
                                         students or guest

Teaching Strategies                                                     [C2]
                                                                                   C2—The course
                                                                                   provides students
All formal and informal class communications take place completely in Spanish,     with a learning
in order to build students’ speaking and listening abilities.           [C1]       equivalent to that of a
                                                                                   third-year college
                                                                                   course in Spanish
To address informal writing, students keep dialogue journals. These are            language.
graded periodically on a rotating basis. Scoring considerations focus on           materials, activities,
improvement, word choice (dictionaries are allowed), and control of grammatical    assignments, and
                                                                                   assessments are
structures. Students choose their topic for each entry from a long list of         appropriate to this
suggested topics. See AP Central for the complete list or go to                    level.
 Some of the suggested topics include:                                             C1—The teacher
                                                                                   uses Spanish almost
             El estrés y sus efectos en los jóvenes hoy día                        exclusively in class
             Debe de haber cuotas de admisión en las universidades                 and encourages
                                                                                   students to do
             El impacto del latinoamericano como la minoría más grande en los      likewise.
             El concepto de la familia latina vs. la familia norteamericana        C6—The course
             Los beneficios de ser vegetariano                                     provides instruction
                                                                                   and frequent
             Los OVNIs: ¿realidad o fantasía?[                              [C6]   opportunities to write
                                                                                   a variety of
                                                                                   compositions in
Of course, many of these topics will never appear on an AP Exam since they are     Spanish.
sensitive issues. Nonetheless, many students will have a lot to say about
controversial topics that are a part of today’s teen culture.
One effective strategy to encourage the integration of skills is to have
                                                                                      C7—The course
students write for 10 minutes about one of the topics and then turn to their          provides frequent
partner in class and compare notes and ideas. Another layer can be added to           opportunities for
                                                                                      students to integrate
this assignment by having students research popular opinion in the press (such        the four language
as from and verbally compare their own opinions to               skills through the use
                                                                                      of authentic
those expressed in a written text. This mirrors what students will do on the          materials.
exam itself in the formal speaking task                                      [C7]

                                                                                      C6—The course
Formal writing assignments are done in class to simulate the exam                     provides instruction
conditions. That is, the topic is unannounced and no outside resources can be         and frequent
                                                                                      opportunities to write
consulted. I often choose an essay prompt that requires recently acquired             a variety of
vocabulary. For example, if the class has recently studied medical vocabulary, I      compositions in
may choose a topic that deals with the importance of diet and exercise. This
allows students to showcase high-level vocabulary and reinforces vocabulary
retention. The essays are peer-reviewed, revisions are made based on feedback,        C2—The course
and the final version is scored using the AP scoring guidelines.           [C6]       provides students
                                                                                      with a learning
                                                                                      equivalent to that of a
Student Activities                                                          [C2]
                                                                                      third-year college
Debates are an engaging activity to get AP students to use Spanish in the             course in Spanish
classroom. Controversial topics usually spark conversation. While most of the         Instructional
more interesting topics will not appear on the AP exam due to their sensitive         materials, activities,
                                                                                      assignments, and
nature, students enjoy discussing issues related to world events, politics, social    assessments are
problems, and teen culture.                                                           appropriate to this
To begin, students start in groups of four or five in which they discuss different
                                                                                      C5—The course
facets related to a more global debate topic. After 10 minutes, each group            provides students
reports to the class the opinions expressed in the small groups, inviting others to   with regular
                                                                                      opportunities to
share the ideas by agreeing, disagreeing, or asking questions.               [C5]     develop their
                                                                                      speaking skills in a
                                                                                      variety of settings,
                                                                                      types of discourse,
                            Workbooks for Exam Prep                                   topics, and registers.
                                                                                      C2—The course
Triángulo                                                                             provides students                                                             with a learning
                                                                                      equivalent to that of a
                                                                                      third-year college
AP Spanish: A Guide to the Language Course                                            course in Spanish                   language.
                                                                                      materials, activities,
Abriendo puertas: Lenguaje                                                            assignments, and
                                                                                      assessments are                [C2]       appropriate to this

                     Authentic Listening Resources                         [C3]       materials include a
                                                                                      variety of authentic
                                                                                      audio and/or video
                                                                                      recordings that
                                                                                      develop students’
Nuevos horizontes                                                                     listening abilities.

Español en vivo

Think Spanish

Las voces de las mujeres de Xelajú

Authentik en español

Puerta del Sol

BBC en español

Radio Nederland

Radio Naciones Unidas

CNN en español


Podcasts Notes in Spanish
Radio Exterior de Espana

WFHB: Hola Bloomington

Ecos Magazine

University of Toronto

Voice of America News


ABC News

Resources to Develop Speaking Skills
Spanish Q-Cards (Level 1–Set 1) 40 sheets on card stock

Over 1000 Conversation Starters
ISBN 0-9667418-1-1

Let’s Talk Conversational Cards
Scott Foresman

Situations and Guided Conversations for Language Proficiency

Everyday Situations in Spanish (Transparencies)

Español en pareja and Español en pareja Júnior
Langenscheidt; ISBN # 3-468-96704-7
Spanish Oral Communication Activities Book
Teacher’s Discovery; ISBN 1-884473-01-6

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