North Carolina Salt Dough Map by jizhen1947


									                         North Carolina Salt Dough Map
                             Social Studies Project
                                    Option 2

Due Date: October 28. 2010

Materials: Large piece of cardboard or thin piece of wood (something sturdy)
           Several cups of salt
           Several cups of flour
           Food coloring

   1. On large cardboard or wood, draw an outline of the state of North Carolina.
       Divide the state into the 3 regions we have studied (mountains, piedmont, and
       coastal plains)
   2. Mix salt and flour using 2 parts salt to 1 part flour
   3. Stir in enough water to make a smooth heavy paste
   4. Divide the paste into 3 parts
   5. Add a different food coloring to each part
   6. Place dough onto the outline to form a relief map of North Carolina’s 3 regions
   7. Include a color coded map key of the regions

Details to include:

      Paint and label major rivers and lakes in North Carolina; Paint and label any other
       important features of North Carolina such as the Outer Banks, Mt. Mitchell, the
       Fall Line, Jockey’s Ridge, etc (You can use flags for the labels made from
       toothpicks and paper)
      Paint and label the surrounding states
      Paint and label the Atlantic Ocean

    For a more attractive map, don’t put your map directly on bare cardboard. Paint
       the cardboard or cover it with foil first.
    Give your map a scale of miles
    Print out labels using a computer. Cut them out and glue them down neatly or use
       them to make flags.

Your parents are welcome to help you with your project; however the majority of the
work and responsibility is up to you 
                              North Carolina Paper Map
                               Social Studies Project
                                      Option 1

Due Date: October 28. 2010

Materials: Paper
           Colored Pencils/crayons (Colored Pencils will be neater and easier to use)
           Black fine point pen (to outline and print labels)

1.Fold your paper in half (hotdog style- lengthwise) Draw an outline map of North
  Carolina on the top flap of your paper.

2. Draw and label the major rivers, lakes, and cities in North Carolina (Don’t forget our
capital city!)

3. You should also include the Fall Line, Mt. Mitchell, and any other points of interest
   you’d like to include such as Jockey’s Ridge etc.

4. Cut your top sheet into thirds (representing the mountains, piedmont, and coastal
   plains) Remember the example shown in class!

5. Underneath the flap of each region, give important facts about the area. You may use
   the graphic organizer you completed in class on the three different regions to help you.
   You can print these or type them on a computer, print the information out, and glue it
   on the paper.

Parents are encouraged to help and contribute to the project; however, the majority of the
work and responsibility is up to you.

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