High Fructose Corn Syrup VS Coconut SYRUP by xiangpeng

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									                       14 DANGERS and DISADVANTAGES OF
                       HIGH FRUCTOSE CORN SYRUP (HFCS)

HIGH FRUCTOSE CORN SYRUP                               COCONUT SYRUP

         CORN SYRUP (HFCS) MADE OF                      MADE OF

         High-fructose corn syrup (HFCS)              Coconut Syrup is made of 100% ,
         is made or produced by milling               pure, all natural, fresh Coconut
         CORN to produce CORN STARCH.                 SAP from cut flower buds of
         Corn Starch is then processed to
                                                      organically-grown coconuts in
         yield GLUCOSE. It then undergoes
          enzymatic processing to convert             the Philippines.
          its glucose into fructose and is
          then mixed with pure corn syrup             There are NO other ingredients
          (100% glucose) to produce a                 added to make the fresh coconut
          desired sweetness.                          SAP into SYRUP. There is very
                                                      minimal processing involved .
         High-fructose corn syrup (HFCS)
         is also called isoglucose, maize              Fresh, raw Coconut SAP is safe
         syrup, or glucose-fructose syrup              to eat when it is raw and fresh
         in the UK, and glucose/fructose in            in its natural , original form
         Canada .                                      without any processing.

         Glucose or dextrose syrup is                  Fresh coconut sap is tapped for
         produced from number 2 yellow                 food and drink and makes an
         dent corn. When wet milled, about             excellent drink when fresh. In
         2.3 litres of corn are required to            the coconut-producing countries
         yield an average of 947 g of starch,          like the Philippines, the fresh,
         to produce 1 kilo of glucose or               raw coconut sap is considered
         dextrose syrup. A bushel (25 kg) of           a health drink for children and
         corn will yield an average of 31.5            adults.
         pounds (14.3 kg) of starch, which
         in turn will yield about 33.3 pounds         Five (5) to Six (6) liters of fresh
         (15.1 kg) of syrup. Thus, it takes           Coconut SAP is equivalent to
         about 2,300 litres of corn to produce        one (1) liter of Coconut SYRUP.
         a tonne of glucose syrup, or 60
         bushels ( 1524 kg ) of corn to
         produce one (1) short ton.
                                          While Coconut Sap SYRUP has
Source:                                   NO STARCH - The principal
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/High-        Constituent of high fructose
fructose_corn_syrup                       corn syrup (HFCS) is starch
                                          (main carbohydrate), similar
                                          to what is found in rice and

                                          Starch is a complex
                                          carbohydrate that takes
                                          longer to break down
                                          in the body and harder
                                          to digest.

                                          The main carbohydrate in
                                          coconut sap is naturally-
                                          occuring simple sugar. The
                                          natural , and unrefined sugar
                                          content of Coconut Syrup is :
                                          74.2 g / 100g.

                                           Sugar as a basic food
                                           carbohydrate is also
                                           found in fruits, honey,maple
                                           syrup, sugar cane, sugar
                                           beet. Sugar carbohydrate is
                                           a simple carbohydrate like
                                           “sugar in fruit” that easily
                                           breaks down in the body
                                           and is easily digested.

      CORN SYRUP (HFCS)                          NO MERCURY and NO
                                               “OTHER” HEAVY METALS.

   Mercury is toxic in ALL its              Please click this link ________
   forms,and it causes a wide range         to see the Dec 2009 laboratory
   of adverse health effects.               test results from the internationally-
                                            accredited Intertek Laboratory
   It is highly volatile and                showing that Coconut Sap
   contamination occurs                     SYRUP is MERCURY-FREE
   throughout the process. It only          and HEAVY METALS-FREE.
   takes a few parts per trillion of
   species like "ethylmercury" to            For organizations , university
   induce neurotoxicity.                     laboratories, institutions and
                                             other advocacy groups who wish
    The Institute for Agriculture and        to do their own independent
    Trade Policy ( IATP ) Study              testing of Coconut Republic’s
    comes on the heels of another            100% Coconut Sap SYRUP –
    study, conducted in 2005 but             please feel free to write to us at:
    press.cfm?refID=105025 ) only            Coconut Republic
    recently published by the scientific     PO Box 456
    journal, Environmental Health            Pasadena, CA 91102
    which revealed that nearly fifty
   (50) percent of commercial                OR you may also email us at:
   high fructose corn syrup (HFCS)
   samples from brand-name food              info@coconutsyrupphilipines.com
   and beverage products tested
   positive for the heavy metal              and we can give you a FREE
   mercury.                                  sample of a small bottle of our
                                             coconut sap syrup which you
   Source: http://www.ehjournal.net/         can subject to a lab test .

    According to the Institute for
    Agriculture and Trade Policy (IATP):
   "we found total mercury across
    the range of foods and beverages
    in which high fructose corn syrup
   (HFCS) is routinely used……
   Everything points to high fructose
   corn syrup (HFCS) as the source of
   mercury..". HFCS was the top or
   second highest ingredient in all
   the products tested.
According to Vulcan Chemical
Company, former operator of
one of these chlor-alkali plants,
the high fructose corn syrup
(HFCS) industry is a primary
user of "mercury - grade"
caustic soda and hydrochloric

How did the heavy metal mercury
get in the high fructose corn syrup
(HFCS) ?

In making HFCS -- that "natural"
sweetener, as the Corn Refiners
Association likes to call it - caustic
soda is one ingredient used to
separate corn starch from the
corn kernel. Apparently most
caustic soda for years has been
produced in industrial chlorine
(chlor-alkali) plants using the
mercury cell Castner - Kellner
process , where it can be
contaminated with mercury that
it passes on to the high fructose
corn syrup (HFCS), and then to

Chemicals made at Chlor-Alkali
Plants are used in the corn wet-
milling process used to create
high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) .

 The Institute for Agriculture and
 Trade Policy (IATP) report on
"mercury" in supermarket food
 and beverages was based on
 samples collected in the fall of
 2008. It is by far the "most
 up-to-date" data, since neither
 the US FDA nor the food industry
 has publicly released results from
 any more recent testing for
 mercury in these products.

     http://www.ehjournal.net/content/8/1/2 ;

hatfield/our-melamine-theres-mercu_b_161334.html ;


       Wikipedia Encyclopedia link below
       stating that mercury was found on
       High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS)


        REBUTTAL : (On Mercury in HFCS)

         Please see link below from the
        (CRA), the National Trade Association
        Representing the Corn Refining (Wet
        Milling Process) Industry of the
        United States of America.
        They are claiming that the results of
        The study by the Institute of
        Agriculture and Trade Policy (IATP)
        is flawed and misleading.

        Source: (Press Release)
        -and-press /press-releases/hfcs-mercury
       The scientific journal “Environmental
       Health” recently published the results
       from a study that found MERCURY in
       50% of the samples tested.

       Separate studies have found levels of
       MERCURY in nearly one third of the
       most popular brand name food and
       beverage products, where HFCS is
       the first or second ingredient on the

       The following below is a chart showing
       foods with the highest (highest to lowest)
       detected amounts of MERCURY.

  MERCURY-LADEN High Fructose Corn Syrup
         (HFCS) Food Products

Product Name                      Total MERCURY
                                  (ppt) (20 ppt is
                                  considered below
                                  the level of detection)
Quaker Oatmeal to Go              350
Jack Daniel’s Barbecue Sauce      300
Hershey’s Chocolate Syrup         257
Kraft Original Barbecue Sauce     200
Nutri-Grain Strawberry Cereal     180
Manwich Bold Sloppy Joe           150
Market Pantry Grape Jelly         130
Smucker’s Strawberry Jelly        100
Pop-Tarts Frosted Blueberry       100
Hunt’s Tomato Ketchup             87
Wish-Bone Western Sweet &         72
Smooth Dressing
Coca-Cola Classic                 62
Yoplait Strawberry Yogurt         60
Minute Maid Berry Punch           40
Yoo-hoo Chocolate Drink           30
Nesquik Chocolate Milk            30
Kemps Fat Free Chocolate Milk     30
            HFCS is found in many processed
            Foods and drinks, including yogurt,
            cookies, salad dressings, bottled
            sauces, jellies, ketchup, many low-fat
            foods, baked goods, and soups, just to
            name a few. Because HFCS is
            cheaper than sugar, is sweeter than
            corn syrup, and extends the shelf life
            of processed foods.

                If you would like to read a complete
                Report regarding MERCURY levels
                in high fructose corn syrup (HFCS)
                visit: http://www.healthobservatory.org/



     III.     High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS)              III.     Coconut SYRUP has NO
               has a TOXIC Substance called:                        TOXIC Substances and
               hydroxymethylfurfural (HMF).                         NO ANTI-NUTRIENTS

                                                                  We have NEVER come across
             Researchers have established the                     any material to date that lists
             conditions that foster the formation                 “coconut” or any part of the
             of potentially dangerous levels of a
                                                                  coconut as “poisonous” or
             toxic substance in the high-fructose
             corn syrup ( HFCS ) called as :                      “ toxic . On the contrary, the
             hydroxymethylfurfural (HMF).                          coconut is always appearing
                                                                   on the honor roll list of
                                                                   healthy foods.
         This toxic substance forms mainly
                                                 The WHOLE Coconut, which
         from heating fructose. High fructose
         corn syrup (HFCS) is often fed          includes its SAP ( the sole
         to honey bees as a " sucrose            ingredient of Coconut SYRUP )
         replacement " to " supposedly "         is considered a SUPERFOOD.
         increase reproduction and honey
         production .                            “ Coconuts grow in tropical
                                                  climates near the seashore.
                                                  Seawater is a rich source of
         When exposed to warm temperatures,
         HFCS can form the TOXIC substance        minerals and actually contains
         hydroxymethylfurfural (HMF) and          a complete mixture of all
         kill honeybees.                          major and trace minerals.
                                                  The 65 different minerals in
                                                  nature are found to some
         In 2009, a study by Leblanc et al.       extent in seawater. These
         found that at temperatures above
                                                  minerals aid the coconut in its
         45 °C (113 °F) HFCS rapidly begins
         to form the hydroxymethylfurfural        growth and development, are
         (HMF) which is TOXIC to the              absorbed into the roots and,
         honeybees being fed HFCS.                by way of the SAP, delivered
                                                  throughout the tree and into
                                                  the fruit – the coconut.”
          Some researchers believe that the
         Toxic HMF may be a factor in the
         Colony Collapse Disorder, a              Source: Page 82, “ Coconut
         mysterious disease that has killed               Water for Health and
         at least one-third of the honeybee               Healing“ by: Bruce Fife
         population in the United States.
         Their study, which appears in a          A Super Food is both a food and
         recent issue of the Journal of           a medicine, it has elements of
         Agricultural and Food Chemistry
                                                  both. It is nutrient - rich that
         is found in this link below :
                                                  contributes to over-all good health.
presspac/full/10.1021/jf9014526?cookieSet=1        In the book entitled : “SUPER
                                                   FOODS” by David Wolfe :
                                                   Coconut was listed as one of
         The scientists measured the levels        the TOP TEN SUPER FOODS.
         of the toxic substance HMF in
         high fructose corn syrup
         (HFCS) products from different
                                                   Corn was not included in the
         manufacturers over a period of
         35 days at different temperatures.        Top 10 list of Super Foods
         As temperatures rose, the levels
         of the toxic HMF increased
           steadily. Levels jumped dramatically
           at about 120 degrees Fahrenheit.
                                                                  In the book entitled: “The 150
                                                                  Healthiest Foods on Earth”
                                                                  by:Jonny Bowden, PhD.,C.N.S.,
                                                                  the Coconut was included as
                                                                  one of the 150 Healthiest
         Because High Fructose Corn Syrup                         Foods on Earth but the Corn
         ( HFCS ) is incorporated as a                            was NOT included , not even
         Sweetener in many processed foods,
                                                                  in the Honorable Mention list.
         the data from this study are
         important not just for honey
         bees but for human health as well,                        Click this link_______ to find
         the report states.                                        out the vitamins, minerals,
                                                                   amino acid content of fresh,
                                                                   raw Coconut Sap before it is
    a)     It adds that studies have linked                        turned into coconut syrup
           the toxic substance :
           hydroxymethylfurfural (HMF)
           to DNA damage in humans.

    b)     In addition, the toxic substance
           HMF breaks down in the body
           to other substances potentially
           more harmful and toxic than
           hydroxymethylfurfural (HMF).

high-fructose-corn-syrup/ )


   IV.       GLYCEMIC INDEX (GI) of                        IV. GLYCEMIC INDEX (GI) of
             High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS)                   COCONUT SYRUP

             According to the official website                       Our Coconut SYRUP has a
             of the CORN REFINERS
                                                                     LOW GI of 39 based on an
             ASSOCIATION (CRA), the                                  actual HUMAN IN VIVO GI
             National Trade Association
   representing the Corn Refining               Study conducted by the
   (Wet Milling Process) Industry               Department of Science and
   of the United States of America              Technology of the Philippines
    in the link below –                         (DOST) .

   They have “NOT YET” specifically             This is in particular a Glycemic
   measured the ACTUAL Glycemic                 Index (GI) study on coconut
   Index (GI) of High Fructose Corn             syrup from Philippine coconuts
   Syrup.                                       to differentiate the coconut syrup
                                                and coconut sugar coming from
Source:                                         other coconut-producing countries
http://www.sweetsurprise.com/                   such as Thailand, Indonesia, India,
myths-and-facts/faqs-high-fructose-corn-syrup   Sri Lanka, etc.

                                                The Human IN VIVO GI Study
 Actual quote from their website                was headed by DOST Filipino
 below - as of Sept 1, 2010:                    Scientist, Dr. Trinidad Trinidad
                                                who took her PhD in Canada
 “ Although it has NOT YET been                 under the tutelage of her professor
   specifically measured (GIycemic              at the University of Toronto, Dr.
   Index) , high fructose corn syrup            Thomas MS Wolever, one of the
   (HFCS) would be EXPECTED to                  Founders of Glycemic Index (GI).
   have a moderate GI because of its
   similarity in composition to honey            Coconut Republic’s Coconut
   and sugar ” .                                 Syrup has a LOW GI of 39 and
                                                 this is based on an actual HUMAN
  Our comments as follows:                        IN VIVO GI test conducted on our
                                                 Coconut Syrup on August 2009 -
  We are wondering WHY to date                   Buyer Beware IF other coconut
  there is actually NO specific                  syrup suppliers are claiming the
  measure yet of the GLYCEMIC                    exact same LOW GI if they cannot
  INDEX of High Fructose                         produce a legitimate HUMAN IN
  Corn Syrup officially coming                   VIVO GI Test on their particular
  from the website of the CRA                    brand of coconut syrup and might
  when the Corn Refiners Association              just be riding on our GI test results
  (CRA) of the USA represents a                   when there is no assurance that
  multi-billion industry to the tune             their particular coconut syrup has
  of more than US$ 92 Billion + ,                in fact a LOW GI. Not all
  as based on the 2003 Sales of the              coconut syrup are created equally .
  Top 3 leading producers (Cargill,
Inc., Archer Daniels Midland                     Coconut Republic is the only
(ADM), Corn Products, Int’l)                     company not only in the
and considering that since                       Philippines but in the world
1980 HFCS has been the                            to date (as of Sept. 2010)
sweetener of choice of major                     that can truly claim to have a
US soft drink manufacturers.                     LOW GI of 39 for its Coconut
                                                 SYRUP as it is the FIRST-
Source of: “ US$92 Billion 2003                   EVER company to have
Corn Milling industry (HFCS                       subjected its coconut syrup to
info” :                                           an actual HUMAN IN VIVO
http://business.highbeam.com/                     GI TEST in August 2009.
                                                 This test can be a little costly
                                                 and takes time to accomplish
                                                 versus an IN VITRO (test tube)
Also, if based on the CRA                        GI Test which is cheaper and
official website quote above                     faster to conduct as compared
that the HFCS has a “similar                     with a HUMAN IN VIVO test .
composition to honey and sugar”
- then most likely and there is                  An IN VITRO (test tube) GI
reason to believe that the actual                Test is NOT as accurate and
GI of HFCS would be in the                       reliable as an IN VIVO (live
“HIGH” GI range and NOT                          humans) GI Test due to the
in the moderate GI range as                      fact that IN VITRO tests
they stated.                                     (test-tube) have the absence
                                                  of physiological conditions ,
                                                  but can merely provide an
                                                 “estimated” GI rating.

                                                   Click this Link for the IN
                                                   VIVO HUMAN GI TEST
                                                   Results of Coconut Republic’s
                                                   Coconut SYRUP
V. HIGH FRUCTOSE CORN SYRUP                                    V. COCONUT SYRUP IS
   (HFCS) IS HEAVILY PROCESSED                                   MINIMALLY PROCESSED

      The actual Manufacturing Process                  Coconut SYRUP is NOT
      of HFCS is discussed in the link                  heavily processed and NOT
      below which is taken from the                     refined unlike High Fructose
      official website of the CORN                      Corn Syrup ( HFCS ) that
      REFINERS ASSOCIATION                              undergoes heavy processing
     (CRA), the National Trade                          which includes in its
      Association representing the                      processing several other
      Corn Refining ( Wet Milling                       laboratory - made enzymes
      Process) Industry of the United                   which are genetically-modified .
      States of America. This source
      is straight from the actual                        We have two (2) methods:
      manufacturers of HFCS.
                                                         I. Traditional Method:
learning-center/hfcs-vs-sugar/manufacturing             The fresh, raw Coconut SAP
                                                        only undergoes slow dehydration
     OTHER ONLINE SOURCES                               for a total of one (1) hour and
     ON THE MANUFACTURING                                30 minutes using open pan
     PROCESS OF HFCS is below                            evaporation which involves
     which is SIMILAR to the process
                                                         boiling the fresh coconut sap .
     outlined in the website link above
     from the Corn Refiners Association
     of the USA.                                        Once boiling point is reached
                                                        the heat is then lowered to
     The entire process involves several                80 degrees Fahrenheit to 100
     steps and three (3) different enzymes              degrees Fahrenheit for the
     - two (2) of which are genetically -
                                                        remaining 40 minutes or so
     modified enzyme materials.
                                                        of the total cooking time of
     High-fructose corn syrup (HFCS)                    one (1) hour and 30 minutes.
     is produced by milling corn to
     produce corn starch:                                I. Our OTHER Modern
                                                            Method used:
a)     processing corn starch to yield
       glucose, and then ;                              A vacuum evaporator that
                                                        involves controlled LOW
b)      processing the glucose to
                                                        HEAT to a maximum
        produce a high percentage of
        fructose. It all sounds rather                  temperature of 115 degrees
       simple – white cornstarch is                     Fahrenheit or LESS.
      turned into crystal clear syrup.
     However, the process is actually
                                                Normally we only reach
     very complicated. Three (3)
     different enzymes are needed to            105 degrees Fahrenheit
     break down corn starch, which is           ( thereabout ) using this
     composed of chains of glucose              method. This will now
     molecules of almost infinite               produce a RAW coconut
     length, into the simple sugars :           syrup quality that is close
     glucose and fructose.                      to the original fresh
                                                coconut sap.
1)    First , corn starch is treated
      with alpha-amylase (a genetically-
       -modified material) to produce           If the coconut sap is heated
      shorter chains of sugars called           at high heat for too long a
      polysaccharides.                          period of time– it will NO
                                                longer be converted into
      Alpha-amylase is industrially             coconut syrup and will have
      produced by a bacterium,
                                                to be rejected.
      usually Bacillus sp. It is
      purified and then shipped to
      High Fructose Corn Syrup                  Unlike the process for making
      (HFCS) manufacturers.                     HFCS we do NOT add any
                                                water or any type of “enzymes”,
                                                natural or artificial; also, for
2) Second, an enzyme called glucoamylase
                                                sure NO genetically-modified
   breaks the sugar chains down even
   further to yield the simple sugar glucose.   ingredients are ever added to
   Unlike alpha-amylase, glucoamylase           our coconut syrup unlike with
   is produced by Aspergillus, a fungus,        HFCS which adds genetically-
   in a fermentation vat where one would        modified materials ; enzymes ,
   likely see little balls of Aspergillus       etc.
   floating on the top.
                                                Our Coconut Sap SYRUP is
3) Third, a 3rd enzyme, glucose-isomerase
   or xylose isomerase (a genetically           made of 100% pure , fresh
   -modified material), which is very           coconut sap from organically
   expensive is added. It converts glucose      -grown coconuts. NO “other
   to a mixture of about 42 percent fructose     ingredients “whether natural
   and 50-52 percent glucose with some           or chemical/ synthetic are ever
   other sugars mixed in. While                  added.
   alpha-amylase and glucoamylase
   are added directly to the slurry,
   the pricey glucose-isomerase is packed
   into columns and the sugar mixture           Note: Coconut Republic’s
   is then passed over it.                      Coconut syrup undergoes
                                                the above - mentioned
                                                process in our facility in
                                            the Philippines but please
     Inexpensive alpha-amylase and
     glucoamylase are used only once,       be aware that NOT all
     glucose-isomerase is reused until      coconut sugar /coconut syrup
     it loses most of its activity.         producers or manufacturers
                                            are doing the same process as
      There are at least four (4) more      ours.
      additional steps involved as
                                            BUYER BEWARE:
4)    Fourth, a liquid chromatography
      step that takes the mixture to 90     Please take note that other
      percent fructose.                     coconut sugar /coconut syrup
                                             producers either in the
5)    Fifth , this is back-blended with      Philippines or in other
      the original mixture to yield a        countries may not be doing
      final concentration of about 55
                                            the exact same thing as we do.
      percent fructose - what the
      industry calls high fructose corn
     syrup (HFCS).                          It has come to our attention
                                            ( as we were given a copy of
6)    Other Steps, such as carbon           their process flowchart with
      absorption is used for impurity        photos) that other facilities
      removal. Numerous filtration ,
                                             located in other countries
      ion-exchange and evaporation
      steps are also part of the over-all    in Asia has a different
      process.                               production process in making
                                             their coconut syrup. They
                                             heat the coconut sap at high
     High Fructose Corn Syrup                temperatures for 5 hours
     (HFCS) has the exact same               plus they add the following
     sweetness and taste as an
                                             three (3) ingredients /
     equal amount of sucrose
     from cane or beet sugar but            preservatives:
     it is obviously much more
     complicated to make,                    1) lime
     involving vats of murky                 2) a small solution (morning)
     fermenting liquid, fungus                  of calcium hydroxide
     and chemical tweaking,                  3) sodium metabisulfite (night).
     all of which take place in one
     of sixteen (16) chemical plants
     located in the Corn Belt in the        Their purpose for adding these
     USA.                                   three (3) ingredients is to prevent
                                                             Coconut Republic’s Coconut
          Yet in spite of ALL the special
          enzymes required , High                            SYRUP is guaranteed to be
          Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS) is                      made of 100% PURE Coconut
          actually cheaper than sugar. It is                 SAP without any preservatives
          also very easy to transport - it's just            ( whether food grade or not)
          piped into tanker trucks. This                     and without any other
          translates into lower costs and                    ingredients, natural , synthetic
          higher profits for food producers.
                                                             or genetically-modified enzymes
                                                             such as those used to produce
 (Sources:                                                    High Fructose Corn Syrup
http://www.menstuff.org/issues/byissue/highfructose.ht       (HFCS).
ml ;
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/High_Fructose_Corn_Syru          We also do NOT add any of
p                                                             these other ingredients (lime,
                                                              sodium metabisulfite, calcium
                                                              hydroxide ) used by other
         So, while high fructose corn syrup                   producers. We do NOT add
         (HFCS) is supposedly made from                       even water , or enzymes or
         "corn", which is a "natural grain"                   lime, etc.
         product. The above-stated reasons
         however makes one realize that
                                                              Our coconut sap also does
         this High Fructose Corn Syrup
         (HFCS) product is NOT a "natural"                    NOT undergo high heat for
         product at all BUT it is in                          5 hours unlike other coconut
         fact - a chemically, man-made,                       sap syrup producers.
         highly processed sweetener that is
         truly toxic , deadly and totally                     Buyers / Consumers should
         harmful to one’s health and well-                    do their own homework and
         being :
                                                              should be aware that NOT
                                                              ALL coconut syrup are
        1) The high-level and heavy                           created the same.
           method of processing of
           high fructose corn syrup                           Be a conscientious consumer.
           (HFCS) as outlined above
           which involves several                         
          "chemical tweaking steps" ;

        2) Plus, consider the addition of
           two (2) genetically-modified
           enzymes which is technically
           needed or required as part of
           its "heavy" manufacturing
      process to make its conversion
      from corn starch to high
      fructose corn syrup (HFCS)

3)     Its TOXIC mercury content
      which is brought about in the
      process of production.
        (Note: The Institute of
       Agriculture and Trade Policy
       ( IATP ) study shows the
       presence of “mercury” in
       HFCS , BUT the Corn
       Refining Association of
       the USA is claiming in
       their official website –
       below is the link , that the
       IATP study is allegedly
       “flawed” and “misleading”)

4)    The formation of yet another
      toxic substance in its heavy
      processing method – which
      is the hydroxymethylfurfural
      (HMF) which was found to
      further break-down into
      “other” substances that are
     potentially even more harmful
      than hydroxymethylfurfural

     While the US FDA would not
     object to the use of the term
     "natural" on High Fructose
      Corn Syrup (HFCS) or on a
      product containing the High
      Fructose Corn Syrup , common
      sense will dictate that ALL of
      the above factors will no
      longer qualify the final product
      of "high fructose corn syrup”
      as a true "natural product ".
          In fact , given all of the
          above information on how
          High Fructose Corn Syrup
          (HFCS) is produced; what
          it is really made of ; what
          becomes of it after all the
          chemical- based, man-made
          manipulation – gives the
          conclusion that high fructose
          corn syrup ( HFCS ) is
          definitely" NOT so natural
          and , NOT so safe" .

          High Fructose Corn Syrup
          (HFCS) is a heavily refined
          man-made substance from
          the laboratory - and several
          health experts , scientists
          researchers , consumers
          nutritionists, health advocates ,
          even say that high fructose
          corn syrup (HFCS) is actually
          POISON !

(Source: Letter to Corn Refiners Association, July 3,
2008 - http://foodlawblog.foodlaw.org/2008/07/fda-

        Quoted from DrBillyHealth.com

        “Fructose: Poison when refined,
        isolated and concentrated. Good
        when naturally occurring in foods
        and eaten in moderation (when it
        is part of the complex of a
        healthful food). Many fruits and
        other plants contain some fructose
        along with other natural sugars.
          High Fructose Corn Syrup is
          Poison with a capital P. Nothing
          good about it, never has been,
          never will be. No redeeming
          qualities what-so-ever. Virtually
          all of it is manufactured by a
         [partially] secret process(s) from
         GMOed (Poison) corn. Please do
         your best to stay away from any
         and all HFCS and boycott
          products containing the crap….”


        Michael Jacobson, Executive Director
        of the Center for Science in the Public
        Interest states the following:

        "High-fructose corn syrup starts out
         as cornstarch, which is chemically
         or enzymatically degraded to glucose
         and some short polymers of glucose.
         Another enzyme is then used to convert
         varying fractions of glucose into
         fructose...High-fructose corn syrup
        just DOESN’T exist in nature” 
    (HFCS) IS NOT NATURAL                            (NOT Genetically-Modified)

  High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS) is                ALL Coconut Republic products
  a form of sweetener that is processed             specifically our Coconut SYRUP
  from "corn" rather than from "sugar"              as well as our Coconut VINEGAR,
  (ex: cane or beets). Nobody thinks of
                                                    Coconut SEASONING, Coconut
  "sugar" when they see a field of "corn".
   The fructose found in High Fructose              SUGAR , Coconut FLOUR,
   Corn Syrup is genetically-modified.              DESSICATED Coconut, Virgin
                                                    Coconut OIL, and other coconut
  According to Wikipedia Encyclopedia:              -based FOOD products are made
  “ Over 85% of the corn syrup produced             from NON-GMO, organically-
  in the United States is a genetically             grown coconuts in the Philippines.
  modified product” .

  Source:                                           We ensure that our coconut
  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/                     products are NON-GMO.

  Corn syrup is a glucose-heavy syrup
  made from corn starch . There is NO               We do NOT support the concept
 "fructose" in corn syrup - not naturally           of GMO’s and will NOT knowingly
  at least.                                         develop, manufacture, handle and /
                                                    or promote products and ingredients
                                                    that contain GMO’s (Genetically
  Three (3) different enzymes are needed
                                                    Improved and / or Genetically
  to break down corn starch. In 1957
  the process by which high fructose corn           Modified Ingredients ).
  syrup (HFCS) is produced was first
  developed by Richard Off. Marshalle                   We have YET to hear of a GMO
  and Earl P. Kooi when they discovered                 Coconut in the Philippines.
  an enzyme that can convert the “glucose”
  in corn syrup into "fructose".

   In the 1970's the enzymatic process
  was modified, refined and improved          
  by Dr. Y. Takasaki at the Agency of
  Industrial Science and Technology           
  of the Ministry of International Trade
  and Industry of Japan that made it                 
  possible to mass-produce high fructose
       corn syrup ( HFCS ) that is sweet                 
       enough and cheap enough to make.
       Most soda companies jump from
       liquid sugar to high fructose corn
       syrup by the 1980’s.

       Normally corn syrup is not even
       sweet but through complicated
       processing its glucose is converted
       into high-fructose corn syrup that
       is sweeter than refined sugar.

      Two (2) of the enzymes used, alpha
      -amylase and glucose-isomerase,
      are genetically modified (GMO) to
      make them more stable. High fructose
     corn syrup (HFCS) is almost certainly
     made from both:

      1) genetically modified corn and
         then it is processed with:
      2) genetically modified enzymes


        Genetic engineering is a radical
        new technology that forces genetic
        information across the protective
       species barrier in an "unnatural way".

       To find out more about the health
       dangers of genetically modified
       foods click the links below:



    “Seriously….cigarettes are made with
    some "natural" ingredients too (tobacco
    for one) and we all know what damage
    they can do to our bodies! And again,
    while high-fructose corn syrup is indeed
    made from corn - you won’t however get
    the same beneficial nutrients in it that
    you would from eating an ear of corn. “

sweetener/ )

     Please read the exact QUOTE below as
     taken from the official website of the
     (CRA) of the USA – the trade association
     representing the manufacturers of HFCS
     on their reply on the issue of the HFCS
     containing DNA from genetically modified

      “While the corn used to produce high
       fructose corn syrup “may” OR
      “may not” have been produced using
      genetically enhanced corn, existing
       scientific literature and current testing
       results indicate that corn DNA cannot
      be detected in “measurable amounts”
       in high fructose corn syrup (HFCS).


        According to Wikipedia Encyclopedia:
       “ Over 85% of the corn syrup produced
       in the United States is a genetically
       modified product” .

      NUTRITIONAL VALUE                                   THAN HIGH FRUCTOSE
                                                              CORN SYRUP

     CORN SYRUP does not really
     contain any nutritional value in its                       Coconut SYRUP has the
     syrupy confection. Corn syrup is a                         following health benefits:
     mixture of sugar and corn.
                                                                a) Coconut Syrup has a
    One tablespoon of corn syrup,                                  LOW GI of 39 based
    According to the U. S. Department                              on a HUMAN IN VIVO
    of Agriculture (USDA), contains                                GI Test conducted by the
    56 calories. The ingredients consist                           Department of Science
    of : fructose, corn, corn starch,                              and Technology of the
    water and flavorings such as vanillin.                         Philippines.(DOST)
    According to the U. S. Department of
    Agriculture (USDA) here is what is                          b) Coconut Syrup has more
    contained in one tablespoon of corn                            nutritional value, it has
    syrup;                                                         alkalinizing minerals

     0 grams of fat, 2 milligrams of sodium,
     14 grams of carbohydrates, 15 grams of
     sugars, 0 grams of proteins, 0 grams of                    c) Coconut Syrup is a probiotic
     dietary fiber, 0 grams of iron, and 0                         due to the good yeasts
     grams of vitamins A and C.                                    naturally-occuring in the
                                                                   fresh coconut sap ;
     Not only does HFCS lack meaningful
     nutritional value but worse, it will                       d) Coconut Syrup contains
     endanger human health.                                        MORE amino acids and
                                                                   vitamins compared with
                                                                   High Fructose Corn Syrup
     High Fructose Corn Syrup is made                              (HFCS);
     with genetically - modified (GMO)
     corn and enzymes . GMO disrupts                              “Fresh Coconut SAP is a
     the DNA and can create unpredictable                         valuable source of vitamins
     health problems.                                             in places where fresh fruits
                                                                  and vegetables are scarce.
     Sources:                                                     It is likely that human
     http://www.seedsofdeception.com/                             communities could not
     Public/GeneticRoulette/HealthRisks                           survive on isolated atolls
     ofGMFoodsSummaryDebate/index.cfm                             without using fresh
                                                                  Coconut SAP to avoid
      http://www.5minutesforgoinggreen.com /
189/high-fructose-corn-syrup/                 vitamin deficiency”.

                                                  “Coconut Odyssey” by author:
                                                    Mike Foale, pg 95 (Australian
                                                    Center for International
                                                    Agricultural Research)

                                          e) Coconut Syrup is RICH in
                                             INOSITOL :
                                              fresh coconut sap
                                             ( 127.7 mg / dl) and its
                                              by-product coconut syrup
                                              ( 200 mg / 100g)

                                            The word "inositol" comes
                                            from the Greek words meaning
                                            "muscle sugar." This substance
                                            is in almost all living cells in
                                            plants and animals. When it is
                                            extracted from cells, inositol is
                                            a sweet, colorless, water- soluble

                                              Scientists knew about inositol
                                              in 1850, but didn't name it as
                                              a vitamin until 1956. It is
                                              an unofficial member of the
                                              B vitamin family (it is the
                                              cofactor of B vitamins and
                                              hence, required for their
                                              proper utilization or
                                              functioning) , but many
                                              experts argue that it is not a
                                              vitamin per se, mainly due
                                              to the fact that it can be
                                              synthesized by the human
                                              body; it is water-soluble
                                              and also because it has no
                                              nitrogen content but it works
                                              synergistically with several
                                              vitamins and nutrients and is
                                              referred to as a lipotropic
        f)   Coconut SAP which is the
             sole ingredient of coconut
             syrup contains five (5) out
             of the eight (8) essential
             glyconutrients , or what
             they call the “healing sugars”.
             From the Greek term "Glyco"
             which means “sugar” or
             “sweet” the literal translation
              of the “glyconutrients” is
             "sweet nutrients."

     The Five (5) Essential Glyconutrients
    found in FRESH Coconut SAP are:

    1. Fucose ( not to be confused with
    2. N-Acetylglucosamine,
    3. N-acetylgalactosamine
    4. Glucose
    5. Galactose

       Glyconutrients are not vitamins,
       minerals, amino acids or enzymes,
       but are in a class of their own as
       nutritional supplements derived
       from plants. Every cell in our body
       - all 600 trillion of them - needs
        glyconutrients. Human breast milk
        contains all eight (8) of the essential


         Coconut Sap has Iduronic acid - one
         of the most important component for
         Glycosaminoglycans (GAGs).
         Our skin is made of dertman sulfate
         which requires Idouronic acid. Also
         any organ requires Idouronic acid ,
         so this is a good thing.

          Our company, COCONUT REPUBLIC
          is the FIRST company in the world to
          have a study conducted to determine
          the GLYCO NUTRIENT content of
          the fresh coconut sap. The Study was
          conducted by the University of
          California San Diego .

          The results of the study showed that
          The above-mentioned five (5)
          Glyconutrients were present in the
           fresh coconut sap.

           The Coconut SYRUP is 100% made
           of the fresh coconut SAP.
        Glyconutrients have been dubbed
       "the next multi-vitamin." Their ability
        to fortify the immune system is now
        widely recognized in scientific circles.
        In fact, more than 20,000 articles and
        research papers are written on these
        positive effects each year.

               “Fresh Coconut SAP is a
               valuable source of vitamins in
              places where fresh fruits and
               vegetables are scarce. It is likely
               that human communities could
               not survive on isolated atolls
               without using fresh Coconut SAP
                                                               to avoid vitamin deficiency”.

                                                              “Coconut Odyssey” by author:
                                                                 Mike Foale, pg 95 (Australian
                                                                 Center for International
                                                                 Agricultural Research)
                                                                  The fresh coconut SAP is naturally
                                                                  rich in vitamins, minerals, amino
                                                                  acids and healthy sugars called the
                                                                   essential glyconutrients. Click here
                                                                    ___________to see the nutrients  
                                                                   Click here ___________to see the
                                                                    Comparison of the Nutritional
                                                                    Composition of Coconut SYRUP
                                                                    vs. High Fructose Corn Syrup .


        AND HIGH FRUCTOSE CORN                                     KIDNEY HEALTH
        SYRUP (HFCS)

                                                            Coconut Syrup is rich in
         Researchers from Loyola University’s
                                                            “inositol” . Inositol in the
        Stritch School of Medicine in Chicago
                                                            diet prevents degenerative
        took a look at the link between kidney
        disease and high fructose corn syrup                changes on the kidneys.
        (HFCS) . Using data from nearly 9,400
        adults in the National Health and                   Source:
        Nutrition Examination Survey from 1999              http://hubpages.com/hub/Health_
        to 2004, they tracked consumption of                        Benefits_of_Inositol
        sugary soft drinks, a major source of
        high-fructose corn syrup (HFCS) in
        the United States, and protein in                    Plant protein sources such as the
        the urine, a sensitive marker for                    coconut contain less sulfurous
        kidney disease.                                      amino acids and phosphorus and
                                                             also minerals such as potassium
        They found that overall, people                      and magnesium that contribute
        who drank two or more sugary sodas                   to an alkaline urine, promoting
         a day were at 40 percent higher risk                kidney health.
        for kidney damage, while the risk for
      women soda drinkers nearly doubled.
                                                                Research has shown that inositol
       (Source: The New York Times-:                            in the diet can help prevent kidney
http://well.blogs.nytimes.com/2008/10/30/still-spooked-         stone formation. It is calcium
by-high-fructose-corn-syrup/ )                                  binding, thus preventing formation
                                                                of the most common type of kidney
                                                                stone (calcium oxibate).



     AND HIGH FRUCTOSE CORN SYRUP                                   FATTY LIVER DISEASE

       In June, the Journal of Hepatology                        Coconut Syrup is rich in “inositol”.
       suggested a link between consumption                      studies show that raising the
       of high-fructose corn syrup (HFCS)                        dietary levels of inositol prevents
       in sodas and fatty liver disease.                         accumulation of fat in the liver,
                                                                 and helps prevent the development
      In a 2007 study, rats were fed a diet
                                                                 of cirrhosis.
      high in fat and high fructose
      corn syrup and kept relatively
      sedentary for 16 weeks in an attempt                       Source:
      to emulate the diet and lifestyle of                       http://hubpages.com/hub/Health_Benefits
      many Americans. The rats were not                          _of_Inositol
      forced to eat, but were able to eat
      as much as they wanted ; they                              Inositol is referred to as a Lipotropic
      consumed a large amount of food,
                                                                 Agent. Lipotropic means acting on fat
      and the researcher, Dr. Tetri stated
      that there is evidence that fructose                       metabolism by hastening removal, or
      suppresses the sensation of fullness.                      decreasing the deposit, of fat in the
      within four weeks, the rats showed                         liver.
      early signs of fatty liver disease
      and type II diabetes.                                      The ability of the liver to resist the
                                                                 infiltration of fatty deposits and to
(Source: The New York Times:
                                                                 recover from accumulated toxin
by-high-fructose-corn-syrup/ ;                                   damage is shown to be improved
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/High_Fructose_Corn_Syru             by doses of inositol.
           Coconut Sap SYRUP is more of
          “sucrose” than “fructose”, while
           high fructose corn syrup is more
           of “fructose”.

           As based on the link below, please
           read the difference between “sucrose”
           and “fructose” and how it relates to
           metabolism, fatty liver disease and

    “ There are several different names and
      forms of sugar, fructose, sucrose, and
       dextrose (glucose) being three (3).
      Here we are focusing on fructose,
      which behaves differently than the
      latter two (2) in regards to our

        Both sucrose and dextrose are broken
        down in our body before they ever
        make it to our liver, however fructose
        does not breakdown and reaches the
        liver “almost completely intact ”.
        This feature of fructose (which in
        HFCS is of an even higher
        concentration) has been named
        “ metabolic shunting ” since the
         fructose is “shunted” or sidetracked
         towards the liver.

         Fructose is used to build triglycerides
         in the liver, which it does by imitating
         insulin, causing the liver to release fatty
         acids into the bloodstream. The flood of
         fatty acids then causes muscle tissue to
        develop insulin resistance. “


    X. LINK BETWEEN HYPERTENSION                          X .COCONUT SYRUP and
       and HIGH FRUCTOSE CORN                               Maintainance of Normal
       SYRUP (HFCS)                                         Blood Pressure

       A diet high in fructose increases                Fresh Coconut SAP which is the main
       the risk of developing high blood                and sole ingredient of coconut syrup,
       pressure (hypertension), according               has more Potassium (K) at 10,300 mg
       to a paper being presented at the                /L (ppm) and more Magnesium (Mg)
       American Society of Nephrology's
                                                         at 290 mg /L (ppm) compared with
       42nd Annual Meeting and Scientific
       Exposition in San Diego,California.               brown cane sugar [Potassium = 650
                                                         mg/L (ppm); Magnesium = 70 mg/L
       The findings suggest that cutting                 (ppm) ]. We have NO data as to the
       back on processed foods and                       Potassium and Magnesium content
       beverages that contain high fructose              of high fructose corn syrup, if any.
        corn syrup (HFCS) may help
       prevent hypertension. According to
                                                         Potassium has been shown to have a
       Diana Jalal, MD of the University of
        Colorado Denver Health Sciences                  significant role in the maintenance
        Center after her colleagues examined             of normal blood pressure thus
       4,528 adults with no prior history                contributing in the reduction of risk
       of hypertension found that people                 of cardiovascular and coronary heart
        who ate or drank more than 74 grams              disease.
       per day of "fructose" ( 2.5 sugary
        soft drinks per day ) increased their
        risk of developing hypertension.                 Fresh Coconut SAP also contain
                                                         five (5) of the eight (8) essential
                                                         Glyconutrients.Glyconutrients are
(Source:http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2009/10/    excessively promoted these days
091029211521.htm )                                       as an excellent food supplement
                                                         with a wide range of positive
                                                         effects to human health including
                                                         maintaining an optimum blood
                                                          pressure level.

                                                          Preventing high blood pressure
                                                          is just one of the many health
                                                          benefits that proponents of
                                                          Glyconutrients claim. It is noted
                                                          that Glyconutrients are a source
                                                          of soluble fibers that are
                                                          transformed into helpful short
                                                          chain fatty acids. These fibers have
                                                               a wide spectrum of health benefits
                                                               including regulating blood pressure.
                                                            http://ezinearticles.com/? Glyconutrients
                                                           -and -Blood-Pressure&id=408856

XI.   LINK BETWEEN DIABETES AND                   XI.        COCONUT SYRUP and Prevention
       HIGH FRUCTOSE CORN SYRUP                             / Treatment of DIABETES
                                                                Coconut Syrup has a LOW
       Chi-Tang Ho, Ph.D., a Chinese-born                       Glycemic Index (GI) of 39.
       American Food Scientist with a PhD
       in organic chemistry who is the Director                 A LOW GI food means that
       of the Food Science Graduate Program
                                                                it will NOT cause any spikes
       at Rutgers University in New Jersey
       conducted chemical tests among 11                        in the blood sugar.
       different carbonated soft drinks
       containing high fructose corn syrup
      ( HFCS ). He found 'astonishingly high'                   Fresh coconut sap (127.7 mg / dl)
       levels of reactive carbonyls in those                    and its by-product coconut syrup
                                                                 ( 200 mg / 100g) are both RICH
      These undesirable and highly-reactive                     in INOSITOL.
      compounds associated with "unbound"
      fructose and glucose molecules are                 
      believed to cause tissue damage, says                     Inositol and Diabetes:
      Chi-Tang Ho . By contrast, reactive
      carbonyls are not present in table sugar,                 According to the Diabetes Information
      whose fructose and glucose components
                                                               Hub in the link below INOSITOL is
      are "bound" and chemically stable, the
      researcher notes.                                        essential in preventing and controlling /
                                                                treating diabetes.
       Reactive carbonyls also are elevated in
       the blood of individuals with diabetes               Sources:
       and linked to the complications of that              http://diabetesinformationhub.com/
      disease such as foot ulcers and eye
      and nerve damage. Based on the study
      data, Ho estimates that a single can
      of soda sweetened with high fructose                   http://ezinearticles.com/?D-Chiro
                                                             -Inositol-in Treatment-of-type-
    corn syrup (HFCS) contains up to                   People with diabetes will benefit from
    ten times (10 X) richer in harmful
                                                       inositol supplementation. Diabetics
    carbonyl compounds , such as
    methylglyoxal, than a diet soft drink              over-excrete the vitamin inositol, and
    control, and claimed that SUCROSE                  they therefore have a general shortage
    does NOT have the same tendency to                 of this.
    produce these harmful compounds.
                                                       Inositol deficiencies within the cells in
                                                       patients with diabetes (such as altered
                                                       sensations in nerves in hands and feet,
:http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2007/08/070823   cataract and retinal damage and early
094819.htm ;                                           derangements in kidney functions).

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/High_Fructose_Corn_Syru   Dosages of Inositol, ranging from 0.5
p                                                      grams twice daily to 3 grams/day have
                                                       been given to patients with diabetic
                                                       neuropathy*. Results to date support that
                                                       oral supplementation of Inositol may
                                                       benefit in the prevention and treatment
                                                       of neural complications of “diabetes


                                                        Inositol helps reverse nerve
                                                        abnormalities related to diabetes.


                                                        Inositol has been listed as an essential
                                                        element in the nutritional treatment of
                                                        Alcoholism, Cirrhosis of the Liver, and


                                                            Fresh coconut sap ( 127.7 mg / dl) and
       Recent research by Forrest Nielsen,                 its by-product coconut syrup ( 200 mg /
       Ph.D., of the USDA's Human Nutrition                100g) are both RICH in INOSITOL.
       Research Center in Grand Forks, N.D.,
       found that fructose interferes with               
       absorption of copper, an essential
       mineral needed to create hemoglobin                    Inositol is water soluble and not stored
       in red blood cells. Copper is                          very well in the body. Thus an intake
       affected by fructose," Nielsen told                    of inositol is needed daily to support
       Natural Health. "With a high intake                    many functions.
       of high-fructose corn syrup, people
       might show signs of a copper deficiency             Inositol and Cancer:
       and may need to enhance their copper
       intake."                                           The striking anti-cancer effect of inositol
                                                          in experiments done by the Department
        In addition, when five volunteers ate
        a diet with 20 percent fructose, their            of Medical Research Technology and
        total cholesterol and LDL cholesterol             the Department of Pathology University
        shot up. But the combination of                   of Maryland School of Medicine.
        suppressed copper and high fructose
        also increased the number of free                  Source:
        radicals, damaged molecules that                   http://www.inocell.com/about/about.html
        contribute to cancer and aging.

(Source:                                                    Two famous researchers discovered
http://www.thenutritionreporter.com/fructose_dangers.       inositol prevents cancer.
html )

                                                            How inositol prevents formation of
                                                            cancer and even shrink pre-existing
                                                            experimental cancers .

 Inositol in the diet has been reported
 to have in vivo and in vitro anti-cancer
 activity against numerous tumors,
 such as colon cancer, prostate cancer,
 breast cancer, liver cancer, chronic
 myeloid leukemia, pancreatic cancer,
 and rhabdomyosarcomas.


Inositol and Other Health Benefits:

Inositol and its antioxidant, immune-
enhancing , cardiovascular and kidney
supporting activities - see below link.


 Inositol has a calming effect on
 the brain and has been used
 successfully at high doses as a
 treatment for psychiatric disorders
 such as depression, bipolar,
 obsessive-compulsive, and panic.

XIII.      LINK BETWEEN OBESITY and                          XIII. COCONUT SYRUP and
           High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS)                         Prevention of OBESITY

     According to The American Journal                       Coconut Syrup is rich in “inositol”.
     of Clinical Nutrition, the way the body                 Inositol in the diet helps prevent
     metabolizes factory made fructose plays                 obesity.
     a role in the epidemic of obesity.
    “The increased use of HFCS in the U.S.                   Source:
    mirrors the rapid increase in obesity."                  http://www.bioalternatives.net/inositol.htm

        Sources of Quotes Below:
                                                             Inositol helps breakdown fats and
        http://www.thefitshack.com/2007/                     helps reduce blood cholesterol
        http://www.5minutesforgoinggreen.com /
                                                            Coconut Syrup was found to contain
        “ The difference between sucrose and                five (5) out of the eight (8) essential
         fructose is that sucrose , when                    glyconutrients .
        consumed in large quantities causes
        the brain to shut down appetite when                      Glyconutrients have been shown
        it senses satiety. Satiety is another                     “to lower cholesterol, increase lean
        word for feeling full. The brain does                     muscle mass, decrease body fat,
        not recognize fructose satiety and                        accelerate wound healing, ease
        therefore humans keep consuming                           allergy symptoms, and allay  
        foods that contain HFCS without                            autoimmune diseases such as
        feeling full and knowing when to                           arthritis, psoriasis, and diabetes.” 
        stop. This causes the obesity epidemic          
        The satiety mechanism in our brain is                  Source:
        a natural response to eating too much.

        Our bodies tend to store fat rather than
        burn it when we eat foods that contain
        HFCS. Caloric number or not, it's how
        the body breaks the sugars down, stores
        it and uses it. It has been shown in studies
        that our metabolism tends toward fat
     storage when consuming high levels of

XIII. High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS) - NOT             XIII. Coconut SYRUP is

    Most corn is grown as a monoculture,                       Coconut Republic’s COCONUT
    meaning that the land is used solely                       Sugar is a sustainable product
    for corn, not rotated among crops.                         and helps protect the environment
    This maximizes yields, but at a price:                     as compared with the production
    It depletes soil nutrients, requiring                      of other commercial sweeteners
    more pesticides and fertilizer while                       or sugars.
    weakening topsoil to keep producing
    corn year after year                                   a)     COCONUT Sugar is the single
                                                                most sustainable sweetener in
    (Source: Michael Pollan, author of                          the world according to the
     "In Defense of Food: An Eater's                            Food and Agriculture
     Manifesto" (Penguin Press,2008)                            Organization (FAO) of the
                                                                World Bank .
    Pollan writes: "The environmental
    footprint of high fructose corn syrup                  b) Periodic burning off of the
    is deep and wide" .                                          sugar cane fields fills the air
                                                                 with smoke is a non-sustainable
     The increased demand for corn based                         land-use practice that is not
     products is taking it's toll on our earth.                  environmental-friendly.
     Manufacturing High Fructose Corn
     Syrup (HFCS) is energy intensive.                     c) COCONUT Sugar produce an
                                                                average of 50-75% more sugar
     On top of this, the "mercury-grade"                        per acre than Sugar Cane and
     caustic soda and hydrochloric acid                         use less than 1/5 th the
     being used in the processing of                            nutrients for that production.
     high fructose corn syrup not only
     contaminates the product, (which                     d) COCONUT is an ecologically
     is the high fructose corn syrup )                         beneficial tree crop that grows in
     with mercury but contaminate                              diverse, wild-life supportive agro-
     its broader environment as well.                          ecosystems, it restores damaged
                                                               soils and require very little water.
      Nothing organic, environmentally
      sustainable and natural about that folks !
                                                           e)  Coconut tree has a deep root
(Source: http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-                       system (up to 15 m), it can be
dyn/content/article/2008/03/06/AR2008030603294.html              used also to control erosion. 
                                                           f)    Coconut trees does not require
                                                                 pesticides as it is rarely
refid=105091 )
                                                                 attacked by pests or diseases.
                                                          g) Greenhouse Gases (CO2)- Coconut
                                                              Trees as an annual crop has a
                                                              HIGH CO2 sequestration efficiency. 


XIV. High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS) is               XIV.     Coconut Syrup is

    In the economic arena , corn is                       Coconut production have traditionally
    buoyed by government subsidies that                   been a major source of livelihood and
    artificially lowers the price of corn                 security for all the coconut farmers in
    and force farmers to grow excess corn –               the Philippines - the Philippines being
    corn that finds its way into meat                     the largest coconut growing country
    and dairy products, processed foods,                  and the largest exporter of coconut -
    and high fructose corn syrup (HFCS).                  based products in the world.
    Clearly not economically sustainable.
                                                          The traditional copra production from
(Source:http://blog.sustainablog.org/high-fructose-       coconuts was yielding only meager
corn-syrup-cut-it-out/ )                                  returns to villages in the outer islands,
                                                          while coconut sap-based products on
     Large corporations, such as Archer                   the other hand could produce a wider
     Daniels Midland (ADM) lobby for                      range of higher-value coconut based
     the continuation of government corn                  food products that will yield better
     subsidies. ADM's receipt of federal                  returns, thereby contributing to the
     agricultural subsidies have come under               sustainable development of such
     criticism. According to a 1995 report by             communities due to its social and
     the Cato Institute, a libertarian think              economic potential.
     tank, " ADM has cost the American
     economy billions of dollars since 1980
     and has indirectly cost Americans                   There are many more uses for a
     tens of billions of dollars in higher               coconut and a coconut tree than as a
     prices and higher taxes over that same              source of copra. Modern small-scale
     period." At least 43 percent (43%) of               and farm-level processing technologies
     ADM's annual profits are from products              that allow for the commercial
     heavily subsidized or protected by the              production of coconut sap-based
     American government.                                products at a farm level offer new
                                                         hope for the coconut growers of
      Moreover, every $1 of profits earned by            the Philippines.
      ADM's corn sweetener operation costs
     consumers $10, and every $1 of profits
     earned by its ethanol operation costs               Community-based production of
     taxpayers US$ 30.                                   coconut sap-based products has
                                                         already made a significant
Source:                                                  contribution to raising the standard
 http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Archer_Daniels_Midland     of living of several villages ,
                                                         communities in the Philippines.

                                                         Coconut Sap by-products such as
       In June 2002 , the US Congress                    the coconut sugar and coconut
       approved a unprecendented US$190                  syrup is highly valued in urban and
       Billion Farm Subsidy Package .                    Export markets .
       One of its largest beneficiaries
       was corn growers - to pay corn                    Development on this basis can
       farmers to produce more corn                      be socially, economically and
       despite the surplus of corn in the                ecologically sustainable.

Source: http://www.csmonitor.com/2002/1031/p17s01-

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