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									Title               Participants                         Journal                Date of Publication             Title

        Break in microkeratome oscillating     Balachandran C, Aslanides IM    Cont Lens Anterior Eye   2010 January
        pin during LASIK flap creation
        Orbscan II Anterior Elevation          Kyaw Lin Tu, Ioannis M.         Journal of Refractive    2008 September
        Changes                                Aslanides                       Surgery
 2      Following Corneal Collagen Cross-
        Treatment for Keratoconus
        Airbag induced corneal ectasia         Ali A. Mearza MB BS,            Elsevier, Science        2008 February
                                               FRCOphth, Fedra N. Koufaki,     Direct
 3                                             Ioannis M. Aslanides MD, PhD,

        Uses and Complications of Mitomycin Ali A. Mearza MB BS,               Drug and Safety          2007 January 6
 4      C in Ophthalmology                  FRCOphth, Ioannis M.
                                               Aslanides MD, PhD, MBA
        Wavefront-Guided vs Topography-        Ali A. Mearza MB BS,            Cataract & Refractive    2006 May-June
        Guided. These two procedures are the   FRCOphth, Ioannis M.            Surgery Today
                                               Aslanides MD, PhD, MBA
        main refractive surgery approaches
        used today.

        Six month comparision of visual and    Ali A. Mearza MB BS,            Journal of Refractive
        refractive LASIK outcomes              FRCOphth, Ioannis M.            Surgery
                                               Aslanides MD, PhD, MBA,
        with the Schwind ESIRIS and            Mohammed Muhtaseb
 6      Wavelight Allegretto Wave Eye-Q        FRCOphth
        excimer lasers: A prospective
        contralateral eye study
     LASIK flap characteristics using the Aslanides IM, Tsiklis NS,        Journal of Refractive   2007 January 23
     Moria M2 microkeratome with the 90- Astyrakakis NI, Pallikaris        Surgery
     microm single use head.              IG, Januarykov MR.

                                              Aslanides M, Tsiklis NS,     Journal of Refractive
     The effect of topical apraclonidine on   Ozkilic E, Coskunseven E,    Surgery
     subconjunctival hemorrhage and flap      Pallikaris G, Januarykov
     adherence in LASIK patients.             MR.                                                  2006 June
                                              Januarykov MR 2nd,           Journal of Refractive
     Topography-guided treatment of           Panagopoulou SI, Tsiklis     Surgery
     irregular astigmatism with the           NS, Hajitanasis GC,
     wavelight excimer laser.                 Aslanides M, Pallikaris G.                           2006 April
     Phacoemulsification and implantation     Aslanides M, Plainis S,      Journal of Refractive   2006 January-
     of an accommodating IOL after PRK.       Kumar V, Ginis H.            Surgery                 February
                                              Aslanides IM, Tsiklis NS,
                                              Pallikaris IG, Januarykov
                                              MR, Coskunseven E,
     Apraclonidine and LASIK.                 Ozkilic E.                   Ophthalmology           2005 December
                                              Kyrmizakis DE, Lachanas
                                              VA, Benakis AA,
     Bilateral nasolabial cysts associated    Velegrakis GA, Aslanides     Journal of Laryngol
     with recurrent dacryocystitis.           IM.                          Otol                    2005 May
                                              Kymionis GD, Naoumidi
                                              TL, Aslanides IM, Kumar
13                                            V, Astyrakakis NI,           Journal of Refractive
     Intraocular pressure measurements        Tsilimbaris M, Pallikaris    Surgery
     after conductive keratoplasty.           IG.                                                  2005 March-April
     Comparison of keratometric and
     topographic cylinder and axis            Karabatsas CH,
     measurements on normal corneas with      Papaefthymiou I, Aslanides European Journal of       2005 January-
     low astigmatism.                         IM, Chatzoulis DZ.         Ophthalmology             February
                                              Markomanolakis MM,
     Induced videokeratography alterations    Kymionis GD, Aslanides
     in patients with excessive meibomian     IM, Astyrakakis N,
     secretions.                              Pallikaris IG.               Cornea                  2005 January 24
                                              Kymionis GD, Aslanides
     Laser in situ keratomileusis for         IM, Khoury AN,               Journal of Refractive
     residual hyperopic astigmatism after     Markomanolakis MM,           Surgery
     conductive keratoplasty.                 Naoumidi T, Pallikaris G.                            2004 May-June
                                              Kymionis GD,
     Topographically supported                Panagopoulou SI,
17   customized ablation for the              Aslanides IM, Plainis S,
     management of decentered laser in        Astyrakakis N, Pallikaris    American Journal of
     situ keratomileusis.                     IG.                          Ophthalmology           2004 May
                                              Kymionis GD, Aslanides       Journal of Cataract
18   Intacs for early pellucid marginal       IM, Siganos CS, Pallikaris   and Refractive
     degeneration.                            IG.                          Surgery                 2004 January 30
                                              Kymionis GD, Titze P,
     Corneal perforation after conductive     Markomanolakis MM,           Journal of Cataract
     keratoplasty with previous refractive    Aslanides IM, Pallikaris     and Refractive
     surgery.                                 IG.                          Surgery                 2003 December 29
                                              Kymionis GD, Naoumidi
20   Corneal iron ring after conductive       TL, Aslanides IM,            American Journal of
     keratoplasty.                            Pallikaris IG.               Ophthalmology           2003 August
                                              Aslanides IM, De Souza S,
                                              Wong DT, Giavedoni LR,
21                                            Altomare F, Detorakis ET,
     Oral valacyclovir in the treatment of    Kymionis GD, Pallikaris
     acute retinal necrosis syndrome.         IG.                          Retina                  2002 June
     Bilateral optic disc oedema associated                                British Journal of
     with latanoprost.                        Aslanides IM.                Ophthalmology           2000 June
     Outcome of trabeculectomy with         Lanzl IM, Wilson RP,
23   mitomycin-C in the iridocorneal        Dudley D, Augsburger JJ,
     endothelial syndrome.                  Aslanides IM, Spaeth GL.    Ophthalmology.          2000 February
     Hypotonic maculopathy following        Aslanides IM, Pavlin CJ,    British Journal of
     pneumatic retinopathy: a UBM study     Giavedoni LR.               Ophthalmology           1999 September
     Acute posterior multifocal placoid
     pigment epitheliopathy associated
25   with retinal vasculitis,
     neovascularization and subhyaloid      De Souza S, Aslanides IM,   Canadian Journal of
     hemorrhage.                            Altomare F.                 Ophthalmology           1999 October
     Siderosis bulbi with an undetectable   DeAngelis D, Howcroft M,    Canadian Journal of
     intraocular foreign body.              Aslanides I.                Ophthalmology           1999 October
                                            Aslanides IM, Spaeth GL,
27   Autologous patch graft in tube shunt   Schmidt CM, Lanzl IM,
     surgery.                               Gandham SB.                 Journal of Glaucoma     1999 October
                                            Kim DK, Aslanides IM,
     Long-term outcome of aqueous shunt     Schmidt CM Jr, Spaeth
     surgery in ten patients with           GL, Wilson RP,
     iridocorneal endothelial syndrome.     Augsburger JJ.              Ophthalmology           1999 May
                                            Danias J, Aslanides IM,
     Iridoschisis: high frequency           Eichenbaum JW,
     ultrasound imaging. Evidence for a     Silverman RH, Reinstein     British Journal of
     genetic defect?                        DZ, Coleman DJ.             Ophthalmology           1996 December
     Main causes of reduced intraocular
     pressure after excimer laser                                       Journal of Refractive
     photorefractive keratectomy.                                       Surgery                 1996 September-
                                            Patel S, Aslanides IM.                              October
     Excimer laser keratectomy for          Lazzaro DR, Haight DH,
31   astigmatism occurring after            Belmont SC, Gibralter RP,
     penetrating keratoplasty.              Aslanides IM, Odrich MG.    Ophthalmology           1996 March
                                               Aslanides IM, Libre PE,
                                               Silverman RH, Reinstein
32                                             DZ, Lazzaro DR, Rondeau
     High frequency ultrasound imaging in      MJ, Harmon GK, Coleman      British Journal of
     pupillary block glaucoma                  DJ.                         Ophthalmology           1995 November
                                               Aslanides IM, Reinstein
                                               DZ, Silverman RH,
33   High-frequency ultrasound spectral        Lazzaro DR, Rondeau MJ,
     parameter imaging of anterior corneal     Rodriguez HS, Coleman
     scars.                                    DJ.                         CLAO Journal            1995 October
                                               Lazzaro DR, Aslanides IM,
                                               Belmont SC, Silverman
34                                             RH, Reinstein DZ, Muller    Journal of Cataract
     High frequency ultrasound evaluation      JW, Lloyd HO, Coleman       and Refractive
     of radial keratotomy incisions            DJ.                         Surgery                 1995 July
                                               Aslanides IM, Aslanides
                                               MN, Reinstein DZ,           Journal of Refractive
                                               Silverman RH, Coleman       Surgery
     Have you ever seen a pachoderm?           DJ.                                                 1995 May-June
     High-frequency ultrasound corneal         Reinstein DZ, Aslanides
36   pachymetry in the assessment of           IM, Silverman RH, Asbell
     corneal scars for therapeutic planning.   PA, Coleman DJ.             CLAO Journal            1994 July

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