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									                                    Spring 2011

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                                                                                                  Delaying your program renewal may mean

                                                        REM                                       certain pests might not be able to be

                                                              our r
                                                                                                  controlled on time. Treatments for some

                                                        R new Y Lawn
                                                                                                  insects and diseases will begin as early as
        his winter sure seems to be longer than          e                                        March. If you have not received a program,
        usual – maybe it was the amount of snow;
        or maybe it was the cold temperatures with
                                                       Shrub anogr ms
                                                                                                  give us a call and we can design a Tree,

                                                         Care Pr a
                                                                                                  Shrub and Lawn Care program to fit your
little “warm up’s” in between. Either way, we                                                     landscape and budget needs.
weren’t able to do as much winter tree work as
we wanted, and are certainly looking forward to
getting started back up (as soon as we lose some
of the snow). So if you have tree work that needs
to be done, give us a call. We’re offering some
excellent discounts at this time.                    SAVE UP TO
During these winter months we continue to look
at client files to review and customize recom-
                                                     20% OFF
mendations for all Lawn, Tree and Shrub Care
Services. If you need help in adding, adjusting
or reducing the treatments for protecting your       PRUNING!
landscape investment, please let us know. Many       There are several advantages to
adjustments need to be addressed in the spring for   pruning during the winter months:
the best full season results.
                                                       Visible Branching Patterns
I strongly believe in continuous education of our        The absence of leaves allows the
staff. So we are engaged in extensive employee           branching patterns of trees to be
training by means of seminars, conferences and           easily seen. Crossing branches and
personal studies. That’s why we are proud to an-         weak crotches are more visible
nounce 8 new Certified Arborists, which makes a          during the
company total of 14 (there are more to come). Of         winter months.
these 14, we have 1 Board Certified Arborist and       Cabling and bracing
1 Registered Forester. No other Tree, Shrub or           Weak branch crotches
Lawn Care Company in the State offers this               are more visible. This can make
many Certified Arborists.                                it easier to install cables or
This fall Gary Eichen our Lawn, Tree and Shrub           braces to help protect the tree’s
Care Manager was recognized with the Michigan            structural integrity and reduce
Green Industry Member of the Year Award. This            future storm damage or splitting branches.
was the 2nd time in 4 years an MTS employee            Less Injury to Flowerbeds & Gardens
was recognized with this award (I was recognized         During the winter months vulnerable
in 2006). Gary teaches many training seminars        	 	 flowerbeds	&	garden	plants	are	much
for industry professionals, and has made his pres-       less likely to be damaged.
ence known as a knowledgable board member              Pest Management Benefits
on many programs (MDA, CPA, see back cover).             Winter pruning can minimize the risk
Congratulations to Gary and my staff, for setting        of spreading disease, such as Oak Wilt
the bar for the industry standard another notch          and Dutch elm disease.
We are looking forward to another season and         **Pending tree work proposals
want to Thank You for your support and               from 2010, or new 2011 tree
business!                                            work proposals approved by
                                                     April 1st, 2011 will value up
                                                     to a 20% discount!!!
Mike Barger

Insect and Disease Management
• The first line of defense against pests
  and disease is plant health. Our
  primary focus is preventive pest
  management through increased
  tree and shrub vigor and heartiness.

• Our Arborists diagnose and treat
  for pests, diseases and nutrient
  deficiency problems that may be                           Apple Scab on Crabapple

  occurring in your landscape.

                                            • We use low-toxicity products in
                                              our treatments whenever we can.
                                              This allows us to be as environ-
                                              mentally friendly as possible.

  Black Vine Weevil Feeding

Shown here are some of the more
visible, common insect and/or
disease problems you may
encounter this spring.
Give us a call so we can help                                 Honeylocust Plant Bug

determine the best treatment
program for your landscape.

Early Season
Lawn Diseases                                                                                                If your lawn looked like this?
There are a variety of diseases                                                                                      It could be any of these….
that can cause unsightly and
aggravating patches on your lawn.
	 • Some disease symptoms will
    show in early spring, while
    others will wait until mid
    summer to appear.
                                                                                                            • SNOW MOLD • DOLLAR SPOT
	 • However, no matter what                                                                                        • MELTING OUT
    species of pathogen is forming,                                                                            • NECROTIC RING SPOT
    infection begins developing in
    the early spring season.                                                                                • DOG DAMAGE • BENTGRASS

	 • The extent of damage                                                                                      Let us take a look for FREE!
    relies on moisture and
    temperature levels.


                                                                                                      Last year was one of the largest outbreaks of crabgrass
                                                                                                      we have had in years. The weather conditions were ideal:
                                                                                                      early spring with lots of rain, long hot dry summer, long
                                                                                                      warm fall, etc.
                                                                                                      	 • 2011 is a fresh start: and prevention starts now!!
                                                                                                      	 • The seeds dropped in 2010 will germinate upon the
                                                                                                          warmth of spring so pre-emergent weed control needs
                                                                                                          to be applied to get a jump on suppressing the crab
                                                                                                          grass population!!
                                                                                                      	 • Prevention is the most effective means of control!!
                                                                                                      Call for a FREE estimate to improve and
                                                                                                      sustain the health of your lawn.
2 6 3 Pa r k S t . , Tr o y, M I 4 8 0 8 3 ( 2 4 8 ) 5 8 8 - 0 2 0 2 Fa x ( 2 4 8 ) 5 8 8 - 4 8 2 4                                     w w w. m i k e s t r e e . c o m
                                                                                  APPROVE or PAY ONLINE!


263 Park St., Troy, MI 48083-2726

We are proud members of the following organizations:

International Society of Arboriculture (ISA)
Global Releaf of Michigan
Tree Care Industry Association (TCIA)
Michigan Green Industry Association (MGIA)
Arboriculture Society of Michigan (ASM)                                                                                                Printed on recycled paper

             CONGRATULATIONS                                                                              OUR SERVICES INCLUDE
                                     GARY EICHEN – Manager                                                TREE CARE
                                     Michigan Green Industry Association                                  • Pruning            • Cabling
                                     2010 Member of the Year.                                             • Removals           • Lightning Protection
                                     •	Highly	prestigious	award                                           • Stump Grinding     • Storm Damage Repair
                                     •	Due	to	18	years	of	dedicated	service	to	the	green	
                                     industry	and	mentoring	the	advancement	of	others	                    PLANT HEALTH CARE
                                     in	their	professional	careers.                                       • Insect & Disease   • Root Collar Excavation
                                     •	The	2nd	Mike’s	Tree	Surgeons	employee	to	                            Management         • Vertical Mulching
                                     receive	this	award	in	4	years	(Mike	Barger	2006).                    • Fertilization      • Organic Fertilization
                                                                                                          • Injections
                                                                                                          BIO-TURF LAWN CARE
                  CeRTIFIed ARbORISTS                                                                     • Custom Fertilization • Core Aeration
                        ON STAFF                                                                            Programs             • Weed Control
                                                                                                          • Lawn Renovation      • Organic Fertilization
Tree Care Foremen                            PHC Technicians                             Consultants &
Theo	Vestrand                                Brent	Kanthack                              Managers         FORESTRY
Nathen	Macklin                               Ron	Klein                                   Mike	Barger	     • Site Inspections   • Tree Preservation
Joe	Wyderko                                  Slater	Densmore                             Gary	Eichen	                            Programs
Olda	Balek                                   Rachel	Whitmer                              Alvin	Sexton	
                                                                                                          LANDSCAPE SERVICES
                                             Duane	Hyland                                Heidi	Densmore
                                                                                                          • Tree & Shrub       • Mulching
                                                                                         Adam	Budday        Planting

2 6 3 Pa r k S t . , Tr o y, M I 4 8 0 8 3 ( 2 4 8 ) 5 8 8 - 0 2 0 2 Fa x ( 2 4 8 ) 5 8 8 - 4 8 2 4                              w w w. m i k e s t r e e . c o m

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