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jeux anglais


									        Halloween Spiral Game

            7                4

                                          give – or – costume – holidays – knock –
                                                 don’t – October – pumpkins
    2                    5       2
                 1                       Gap fill
                                         Halloween is one of the most famous
                                         ____________ in the U.S., and it is on
                                         ____________ 31st. People carve
3                                        ____________ and make funny faces on
                                         them. These are called “Jack-O-
                                         Lanterns”. On October 31, children wear
                                         a special ____________ such as a witch,
                                         ghost, ____________ clown. They go to
                                         many houses and they ____________ on
                     4               5   the door saying, “Trick or Treat !”. It
                                         means that if people ____________ give
                                         them a treat, they will play some kind of
                                         trick on the household. So, usually people
                                         ____________ candy to them.
                      The 10th
                     month of the
6                                    8
               Guess the message                                Thanksgiving Crossword

                 1       2        3      4
           I     P                       V
                                 Y                      2                3

                         I       K
        III     T       N               A           4

                        H        G      S


                                                    Across                   Down

(IV, 2) (III, 4) (I,1) (I, 1) (I, 3)                        3                   1

(III,1) (IV, 2) (III, 4) (III, 2) (II, 3) (IV, 4)
(IV, 3) (II, 2) (I, 4) (II, 2) (III, 2) (IV, 3)

                                                            4                   2

                             _ _ __ _

                 _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

                                                            5                   3
                                                       Retrouver les NOMS des 7 joueurs
Mons se situe à 70 km au sud-ouest de la capitale    américains faisant partie de l’effectif de
Bruxelles, à environ 240 km au nord-est de Paris                      l’équipe
et à 75 km à l’est de Lille.

Mons is located 70 kms southwest of the capital
                                                     R   U   N   Y   G   J   P   H   K   T   C   Y
Brussels, about 240 kms northeast from Paris and
                                                     N   A   H   A   L   L   A   C   R   R   A   H
75 kms east from Lille.
                                                     J   X   I   N   M   N   Y   E   A   E   G   O
                                                     K   E   O   L   P   E   N   R   A   B   E   U
                                                     P   S   B   X   B   T   L   D   D   R   V   I
                                                     T   S   E   O   S   C   E   O   L   O   G   I
                                                     G   D   C   O   N   L   A   N   C   T   P   G
Mons est depuis 2002 la capitale culturelle de la    U   S   C   N   T   G   T   O   Y   V   U   D
Wallonie tout en ambitionnant également de
                                                     O   H   U   X   Z   Z   B   M   O   V   H   Y
devenir capitale européenne de la culture en 2015.
                                                     Z   K   E   O   M   V   B   R   F   R   V   V
Mons has been the cultural capital of Wallonie       Q   D   G   B   O   V   I   S   A   F   A   U
since 2002 and it may become the European            X   F   J   W   S   V   K   H   J   N   X   G
cultural capital in 2015.

                                                                     Justin CAGE
                                                                   Craig CALLAHAN
                                                                 Dominique COLEMAN
                                                                    Travis CONLAN
      Pays           Belgique        Belgium
                                                                  Brandon COSTNER
     Région         Wallonie         Wallonie
                                                                      Ben EBONG
  Communauté        Française        French
    Province         Hainaut         Hainaut
                                                                   Kelvin TORBERT
   Population         91 152         91,152
              Christmas Code
     A = 1 ; B = 2 ; C = 3…. X = 24 ; Y = 25 ; Z = 26.

Example :

                      100      TURKEY
                                                              Match to find Christmas words

       It’s your turn ! Make other words.

                                   _______                  hol   ▪                    ▪   dles
                                                           fire   ▪                    ▪   igh
                                                             Sa   ▪                    ▪   deer
                                                            chi   ▪                    ▪   sent
                                                            pre   ▪                    ▪   mas
                                   ______                  rein   ▪                    ▪   man
                                                         christ   ▪                    ▪   mney
                                   ________               mist    ▪                    ▪   place
                                                           stoc   ▪                    ▪   nta
                          75                              snow    ▪                    ▪   ly
                                                            sle   ▪                    ▪   letoe
                                                            can   ▪                    ▪   king
              Monday, January 18th                               Rosa Parks : pioneer of civil rights
                                                              Complete with these words :
              Martin Luther King Day
                                                              2005 / 1913 / 92 / bus (2) / was (2) / white /
                                                              14 / Parks / people (3) / boycott /381

                                                              Rosa Parks ……………………. born in …………………….
                                                              in Alabama. On December 1st, 1955 she
                                                              refused to give up her ……………………. seat to a
                                                              ……………………. passenger. Rosa …………………….
                                                              arrested ……………………. dollars was her fine
                                                              and the police took her to jail. After the
”Let freedom ring from the heightening Alleghenies of         arrest of Rosa ……………………., black
Pennsylvania !
Let freedom ring from the snowcapped Rockies of Colorado !    ……………………. of Montgomery organized a
Let freedom ring from the curvaceous peaks of California !
But not only that ; let freedom ring from Stone Mountain of   ……………………. of the city ……………………. line that
Georgia !
                                                              lasted ……………………. days. Martin Luther King
Let freedom ring from Lookout Mountain of Tennessee !”
                                                              and thousands of courageous …………………….
  In the speech Martin Luther King mentions
                                                  joined to “protest”, to demand equal rights
mountains in some states. List 4 states and their
mountain ranges :                                 for all the ……………………. Rosa Parks died on
                                                              October 24th ……………………. She was
         Mountain                        State
 -                             -                              ……………………. years old.
 -                             -
 -                             -
 -                             -
                                                                    CEVEDITA ZAGREB

La République de Croatie a une population de
4,4 M d’habitants (2001) dont près d’un quart
habite la capitale Zagreb.

The Republic of Croatia has a population of 4.4
millions inhabitants (2001) nearly a quarter live
in the capital Zagreb.                                 1        2           3      4         5

Les autres villes importantes sont Split, Rijeka,    Find the players’ surnames from the anagrams
Osijek, Zadar, Karlovac, Dubrovnik.

The other important towns are Split, Rijeka,        1– Thomas _ _ _ _ _ _        (BLMOYE)
Osijek, Zadar, Karlovac, Dubrovnik.
                                                    2- Andrija _ _ _ _ _          (ZZCII)
Par la route, Zagreb se trouve à 1370 kms de
                                                    3- Jermaine _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ (RDNSNEROA)
Zagreb is 1370 kms from Paris (by car !).
                                                    4- Ivan _ _ _ _ _ _           (KCPAAO)

                                                    5- Barisa _ _ _ _ _ _         (RKSCAI)
    Who am I ?                                      Towns’ game

                                            N                   3
                                            I                   G           4
                                            C                   R           B
                                            O       2           E           E               5
                                            S       N           G           U               C
                                    A   L   I   M   A   S   S   O   L       G               H
                                            E       N           R           N               A
                                                    C                       O               L
                                            B   H   Y   E   R   E   S   -   T   O   U   L   O   N
                                                        R                                   N

        I’m 31 years old           Accross :
           I’m 1.98 m              A- I played there from 2007 to 2008 (Cyprus)
There are 4 vowels in my surname   B- I played there during the 2008-2009 season
         I’m number 20             (France)

                                   Down :
                                   1- I played there during the 2008-2009 season
I’m _ _ _ _ _ _   ________         (Cyprus)
                                   2- I played there from 1997 to 2007 (France)
                                   3- My actual coach’s first name
                                   4- My actual coach’s surname
                                   5- I play there at the moment
Remember…                          Last year

Match each sentence with
the right player :

           He is 24 years old ▪                ▪ He is 32 years old

                He is 2.02 m ▪                 ▪ He was born in Austin (Texas)
                                   ▪       ▪
  He was born in Gonesse (95) ▪                ▪ He is married

                He is 1.83 m ▪                 ▪ He has played in Germany

          He’s got 2 children ▪                ▪ His first name is Thierry

     He’s got a lot of tattoos ▪               ▪ His first name is Zack

   We can read his life on his ▪               ▪ His surname is Rupert
    He has played in Antibes, ▪    ▪       ▪   ▪ His surname is Wright
      Paris, Limoges and Pau

                                   This year              Remember…
                                                                                   Scavolini Spar Pesaro

Les Marches (en italien Marche) sont une région
                                                             Find the players’ surnames in the grid :
d’Italie centrale, qui groupe 1.4 million d’habitants ; sa
capitale est Ancône.

« The Marche » are located in the Central area of             J    C   S   M   T   A   I   A   K   T    K   V   G
Italy. Its population is about 1.5 million inhabitants        Q    O   O   M   T   A   M   U   O   F    Z   J   R
and its capital is Ancona.                                    E    B   K   O   A   I   Y   M   W   U    X   C   E
                                                              H    G   K   S   C   I   A   L   P   Y    A   V   E
Pesaro est la seconde grande ville après Ancône dans          S    A   O   I   I   S   L   I   O   G    I   E   N
la région des Marches. C’est une station balnéaire et
                                                              S    A   W   T   S   M   Z   L   Y   R    N   T   X
les Italiens apprécient ses plages de sable fin. Le
centre historique est à quelques minutes à pied du
                                                              L    Q   E   I   E   I   O   L   I   P    I   K   J
front de mer.                                                 K    N   N   Y   B   K   R   V   K   W    M   O   F
                                                              Q    I   G   J   I   N   A   J   I   Y    A   V   R
Pesaro is the second largest town (after Ancona) in           M    O   S   S   O   R   N   A   V   C    L   I   G
the region of The Marche. It’s a popular seaside              G    D   G   W   A   H   S   F   M   O    F   C   A
resort and Italian visitors enjoy its sandy beaches.          D    I   F   U   Y   N   Z   Q   F   P    J   W   M
The historic center is only a few minutes’ walk from
                                                              G    H   R   C   I   N   C   I   A   R    I   N   I
the sea-front.

Gioachimo Rossini est né à Pesaro et sa maison est l’un
des lieux très visités par les touristes. Chaque été
Pesaro accueille « le Rossini opéra festival ».                   AMICI – FLAMINI – JOKSIMOVIC – TAYLOR
                                                                     WILLIAMS – CINCIARINI – GJINAJ
The composer Rossini was born in Pesaro and his home                SAKOTA – TOMASSINI – CVETKOVIC
is one of the town’s tourist sights. Each summer                       GREEN – SHAW – VAN ROSSOM
Pesaro hosts the Rossini Opera Festival.
               L’île de Chypre

                                                                         PROTEAS EKA AEL LIMASSOL

                    ↑ LIMASSOL

Chypre, la plus grande île de l’est de la Méditerranée,
est située au sud de la Turquie.
                                                          Find the players’ surnames in the grid :
Cyprus is the largest island in the Eastern
Mediterranean and is situated south of Turkey.               G O P          K S      L    L     E   F D K M
Chypre fut longtemps un carrefour entre l’Europe,            T   I   U O C           C Q W A O A V
l’Asie et l’Afrique.                                         A O A U X Q F                      V H N Y O
Cyprus has long been a crossing point between                O E T N E
                                                             Y                       V    I     Z O H C N
Europe, Asia and Africa.
                                                             L   W P        O N S V U J J                   Y N
Les principales activités économiques de l’île sont le       O Z     L      U S O S T A                 I   L   A
tourisme, le secteur de la confection et l’artisanat.
                                                             R   P   A N M O U X                    P   T V O
The island’s main economic activities are tourism,           Q G R          I    S Z Y          L   J   I   D   I
clothing and craft exports.
                                                             H Y T S W R                 G      P   I   S H G
Limassol est une ville et un port de la côte sud. C’est      H V B          R A C        E      Y T S C M
le plus important port de la République de Chypre.
                                                             E T Y X E S G Q Z M R H
Limassol is a city and a port on the south coast.            R A N R D Y                 Z Y Q X B              Y
Limassol is the biggest port of the Republic of Cyprus.

                                                           n°4- LIATSOS         n°9- IOANNOV        n°13- MANOUSOS
                                                           n°5– BRACEY          n°11- EVTIMOV       n°14- TAYLOR
                                                           n°7- DAVIS           n°12- FELLS         n°15- GIANNOULIS
                                                           n°8- KOUNOUNIS
                                                                        KK BUDUĆNOST PODGORICA

      Le mot Podgorica signifie littéralement « sous Write the 10 players’ surnames in the criss-
la montagne ». Gorica (littéralement « petite cross :
montagne ») est aussi le nom de la colline qui
surplombe le centre ville.

       The name Podgorica means « under the
gorica ». Gorica / gorista (meaning “little mountain”)
is the name of the hill that overlooks the city center.

      Podgorica est la capitale du Monténégro et                                  S       O     I
sa plus grande ville. En 2009, sa population est           A     O
estimée à 145 200 habitants.

      Podgorica is the capital and the largest city in           I       O
Montenegro. In 2009 its population is about 145,200

      Podgorica est connue pour ses étés très
chauds et est une des villes les plus chaudes de                         I
l’Europe du sud-est. Pendant la Seconde Guerre
mondiale Podgorica a été pratiquement rasée car
bombardée plus de 70 fois.

       Podgorica is known     for its extremely hot
summers and is one of the     hottest cities in south-    Barovic - Dragicevic – Gordic – Jeretin –
east Europe. During the        Second World war            Maras – Otasevic – Popovic - Sehovic –
Podgorica was almost razed    being bombed over 70                  Simonovic - Vitkovac

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