hoax (DOC) by boyo12


									Perpetrators Hoax 'Stupid IE Users' Admit Action
A confession from the perpetrator drove a fake news release (hoax) and was quoted by major
media and technology blog. Abal-abal study did mention that IE users have lower
IQs than other browser users.

Tarandeep Gill, a computer programmer admits that he is
the perpetrator behindthese bogus studies and was responsible for a hoax that he
produces. Through the
site AptiQuant.com, Gill helped explain chronological hoax was started and eventually spread.

"At first I was frustrated with IE and emerging ideas for creating literacy issues thatmake IE
users not to use a browser that anymore. There is no intention to attackanyone. This does
not include publication, but attempts to resuscitate all people will be how not kompatibelnya IE,"
said written by Gill in a statement.

The story of this paper itself has spread everywhere and carried by major mediaincluding the
BBC, CBS, CNN, Forbes, and not including any other technology blogs."This is purely a
joke and I apologize if there are parties who feel aggrieved," addedGill.

As reported by the BBC and launched ITGazine on Thursday (04/08/2011), AptiQuantsite has
just been created and it uses materials and staff photographs owned by the
French research company named Central Test. In its website Gill also apologized toIE
users that he called stupid and told Centrat Test for copying their content withoutpermission.

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