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					Final Fantasy publisher Hunting Game in Indonesia
Square Enix, which is famous through the Final Fantasy game series, apparentlywere
hunting local game in Indonesia. They do it through a competition by
holdingCommunity ICT Creative Industries Indonesia (Mikti). This was conveyed in a written
statement received detikINET on Wednesday (08/03/2011).

"We have a survey to Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam and the Philippines,but we
are actually interested in Indonesia," said Keiji Honda, Executive VicePresident
and Representative Director of Square Enix.

Games that competed is a mobile game. The plan, game results of the competitionwill be
marketed in Indonesia before brought to the international market.

Judging will be held in Jakarta on September 19 to 22, followed in Tokyo (September 23 to
27). The jury will select the 10 best games ideas and the best 3 games for mobile phones based
on Android.

The winner, who finished three games and 10 games the best ideas, will be offered in ICT
Award ceremony in Jakarta, 4-5 October.

Total prizes prepared by Square Enix is Rp 90 million with marketing
and distributioncosts of gaming. Besides the participants, Mikti will also act as a developer.

In the framework of this competition, Mikti will hold a roadshow that
presents TakashiTokita, Producer of Square Enix and Ian Livingstone, producer
of Tomb Raider.

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