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					Create Monitor Philips Ergo-Tech Smart Sensor
Although better known in Indonesia as a lighting manufacturer, Philips did have a buzz about
the affairs of a computer monitor technology. Manufacturer Philips monitor, MMD Philips will
market the world's first monitor with the ergonomic sensor technology (ErgoSensor).

What is ErgoSensor? This technology is already long been the prototype of a number of the
world's leading manufacturer of monitors. But until now no one has dared to market
directly. ErgoSensor offers a viewing experience by maximizing the display monitor.

Monitor has advanced detection equipment capable of measuring the distance the pupil-user's
eyes to determine whether the position has been ergonomically correct zone or not. "Monitor to
provide corrections and smart advice to give advice where the seating position and good
posture," said Mayank Christian, Director of Global Product Management, Philips Monitors MMD
Taiwan, the Asia Pacific Launch event of the Lastest Philips Monitor, Bangkok,
Thailand, Wednesday (08/03/2011).

With the ability to detect how long a person sitting in front of the screen, this monitor will provide
information to the users to rest after long use. This call was very useful to avoid fatigue due to
eyestrain are also neck pain and back pain due to the wrong body position for a long time.

Not exaggerating, if the monitor is nuanced green product. In addition to easily recycled and
environmentally friendly, Philips ErgoSensor also can save energy up to 80 percent. "If you
leave the monitor in some time, the monitor can adjust to inactive, then after you come back, the
monitor flashed on and adjust with your work," said Mayank.

Mayank said, Philips ErgoSensor has 3 types. Professional Line (P Line) with screen sizes
ranging from 23 inches to 27 inches. Second, the Business Line to the size of 20 inches and
21.5 inches, the last Standard Line (S Line) 21.5 inches.

"P Line is perfect for architects and designers because it has a combination of high-quality color.
While the B Line business is very need. S Line for small companies that still pay attention to
good quality and reasonable price," he explained.

This product will be officially marketed in mid-August in three countries, namely Hong Kong,
Singapore and Taiwan. How Indonesia? "Immediately, if the demand for these products the
market wants. We can immediately released there (Indonesia)," added the man is ethnic Indian.

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