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					                                                Kelly Malloy
                                  Twitter: (@kellys3ps)

Twitter Followers: 2,424                                                           Klout score: 55

Kelly Malloy is the mom of 6 wonderful boys! She and her family live in Fernley, NV. She is a licensed teacher
who also serves on the Fernley City Council. In her “spare time” she actively keeps two blogs. Her blog posts
contain everything a busy mom could need -from parenting advice, teaching ideas, tips for saving a dollar or
two, to product reviews, and giveaways.                                

          Quick Stats                                                                    Quick Stats

Facebook Fans: 286                                                            Facebook Fans: N/A
Monthly Page Views: 18,600                                                    Monthly Page Views: 1,778
Unique Page Views: 7,366                                                      Unique Page Views:430
PR Score: 3/10                                                                PR Score: 3/10
GFC followers: 209                                                           GFC followers: 48
Email subscribers: 390                                                       Email subscribers: 56
Yahoo Subscribers: 453                                                       Alexa Rank US: 519,791
Alexa Rank US: 142,132

Based on internet averages, is visited more frequently by females who are in
the age range 25-34, have children and received some college education.

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