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					                                                                  Ramapo College of New Jersey
                                                                   Revenue Account Code List

                                                       Codes                      Description
                                                        5001      Fall Tuition In State
                                                        5002      Fall Tuition Out of State
                                                        5003      Fall Tuition OCCC/RCC
                                                        5004      Fall Tuition Other
                                                        5011      Spring Tuition In State
                                                        5012      Spring Tuition Out of State
                                                        5013      Spring Tuition OCCC/RCC
                                                        5014      Spring Tuition Other
                                                        5021      Summer Tuition In State
                                                        5022      Summer Tuition Out of State
                                                        5023      Summer Tuition OCCC/RCC
                                                        5024      Summer Tuition Other
                                                        5051      Winter Tuition In State
                                                        5052      Winter Tuition Out of State
                                                        5053      Winter Tuition OCCC/RCC
                                                        5054      Winter Tuition Other
                                                        5056      Pre-College Math Program
                                                        5057      On-Line Tuition Summer
                                                        5058      On-Line Tuition Winter
                                                        5120      GLEX Grad Learning Experience

                                                                  Tuition Waivers & Fees
                                                       Codes                    Description
                                                        5061      Tuition & Fee Waivers
                                                        5063      Awards & Scholarships
                                                        5121      Pre-Service Practicum
                                                        5131      Fee Waivers

                                                                   Fees Tuition Related
                                                       Codes                      Description
                                                        5071      General Service Fee
                                                        5072      Facilities Fee
                                                        5073      Student Activity Fee
                                                        5075      Student Center Fee
                                                        5076      Capital Improvement Fee
                                                        5077      Media & Technology Fee
                                                        5078      Experiential Learning Fee
                                                        5086      Laboratory Fees
                                                        5087      Laboratory Fee Co-Op
                                                        5088      Lab Fee Anisfield School of Business
                                                        5089      Lab Fee Contemp Art
                                                        5090      Lab Fee SSHS
                                                        5091      Lab Fee TAS
                                                        5092      Lab Fee Phys Ed
                                                        5093      Lab Fee AIS
                                                        5094      Lab Fee Career Devl.
                                                        5095      Lab Fee Nursing
                                                        5101      U/G Application Fee
                                                        5102      Graduate Application Fee
                                                        5103      Fees
                                                        5104      Fees Transfered
                                                        5105      Late Fee
                                                        5106      Orientation Fee
                                                        5107      Insurance Fee
                                                        5108      Transcript Fee
                                                        5109      Teacher Certification
                                                        5110      Student Teaching Fee
                                                        5111      Other Non Student Fees
                                                        5112      Parking Fee
                                                        5113      Monthly Payment Fee
                                                        5114      CIEE ID Fee
                                                        5115      Plex Eng I & II
                                                        5117      Nursing Fee
                                                        5118      Testing Fee
                                                        5119      Graduation Processing Fee

Page 1                                                                                                   Office of Budget Fiscal Planning
                                                                  Ramapo College of New Jersey
                                                                   Revenue Account Code List

Page 2                                                                                           Office of Budget Fiscal Planning
                                                                    Ramapo College of New Jersey
                                                                     Revenue Account Code List

                                                                  Miscellaneous Other Income
                                                       Codes                       Description
                                                        5116        Sports and Rec Member Fees
                                                        5141        Library Fines
                                                        5142        Lost Books
                                                        5143        Parking Fines-Studnt
                                                        5144        Damages And Fines
                                                        5145        Bad Check
                                                        5147        Lost Equipment Media
                                                        5148        Lost Equipment-Athletic
                                                        5161        Deposit Forfeited Graduate
                                                        5162        Deposit Forfeited Undergraduate
                                                        5176        MTEL Antenna Rental
                                                        5177        SARM Events Overtime
                                                        5178        Vending Income
                                                        5179        Raised Revenue
                                                        5180        Bookstore Income
                                                        5181        Auxiliary Allocation
                                                        5182        Indirect Cost Recovery
                                                        5183        Administrative Overhead
                                                        5184        Capitalization Contra
                                                        5185        Donations
                                                        5186        In-Kind Donations
                                                        5187        Other Income
                                                        5188        Prior Year Revenue
                                                        5189        Misc Athletic Dept Charge
                                                        5190        FWS Reimbursements
                                                        5191        Chargeback Reimbursements
                                                        5192        Memberships

                                                       Codes                       Description
                                                        5166        Interest

                                                                         Residence Life
                                                       Codes                      Description
                                                        5201        R/L Fall Rental
                                                        5202        R/L Winter Rental
                                                        5203        R/L Spring Rental
                                                        5204        R/L Summer Rental
                                                        5205        Housing Rental Other
                                                        5211        Room & Board Waiver
                                                        5216        Meal Plan - Fall
                                                        5217        Meal Plan - Spring
                                                        5218        Meal Plan - Winter
                                                        5219        Meal Plan - Summer

Page 3                                                                                                Office of Budget Fiscal Planning
                                                                  Ramapo College of New Jersey
                                                                   Revenue Account Code List

                                                                         Food Sales
                                                       Codes                   Description
                                                        5226      Food Sales Cash
                                                        5227      Food Sales Flex
                                                        5228      Food Cash Catering
                                                        5231      Food Summer Conference
                                                        5232      Food Cater College
                                                        5233      Board Sales

                                                       Codes                     Description
                                                        5241      Special Events
                                                        5242      Facilities Rental
                                                        5243      Equipment Rental
                                                        5244      Food Service Fee
                                                        5245      Workers Fee
                                                        5246      Admin Processing Fee
                                                        5247      Camp Revenue Clearing

                                                                   State Appropriations
                                                       Codes                    Description
                                                        5301      Net State Appropriation
                                                        5302      Salary Support
                                                        5303      Supplemental Appropriation
                                                        5304      Enrollment Growth Support
                                                        5311      ST Support Fringe
                                                        5312      ST Support FICA
                                                        5313      ST Support ABP
                                                        5314      ST Support PERS
                                                        5315      ST Support SUI/SDI
                                                        5316      ST Support Life Insurance

                                                       Codes                    Description
                                                        5401      Federal Grants & Contract
                                                        5402      State Grants & Contract
                                                        5403      Other Grants & Contract
                                                        5405      Federal ARRA Funds

                                                       Codes                   Description
                                                        5501      Lisence and Royalty Fee
                                                        5502      Corporate Sponsorship
                                                        5503      Ticket Revenue
                                                        5504      Concession Revenue
                                                        5505      Mechadising
                                                        5506      Entry Fees
                                                        5507      Guarantees
                                                        5508      Clinic Fees
                                                        5509      Dinner/Banquet Fees
                                                        5510      Tornament Fees

Page 4                                                                                           Office of Budget Fiscal Planning
                                                                  Ramapo College of New Jersey
                                                                   Account Expense Code List

                                                                       Salaries & Benefits
     Codes                         Description                                                            Descriptions
      6001        Managers                                            Salary paid to Managers
      6002        Faculty/Librarians                                  Salary paid to Faculty and Librarians
      6003        Professional Staff                                  Salary paid to Professional Staff
      6004        Supervisors                                         Salary paid to Supervisors
      6005        Security/Maintenance                                Salary paid to Security & Maintenance
      6006        Secretary/Clerical                                  Salary paid to Secretarial & Clerical
      6007        Technical/Paraprofessional                          Salary paid to Technical/Paraprofessional
      6027        O/T Fire Watch                                      Overtime paid for Fire Watch
      6028        O/T Shift/Absentee Cover                            Overtime paid for shift / absentee cover
      6029        O/T Athletic Events                                 Overtime paid for athletic events
      6030        O/T Emergencies                                     Overtime paid for emergencies
      6031        O/T Special Events                                  Overtime paid for special events
      6032        O/T Foundation Events                               Overtime paid for foundation events
      6033        O/T Student Functions                               Overtime paid for student functions
      6034        O/T Holiday Coverage                                Overtime paid for holiday coverage
      6035        O/T Holiday RDO Coverage                            Overtime paid for holiday RDO coverage
      6036        O/T Special Projects/Other                          Overtime paid for special projects / other
      6038        O/T Training                                        Overtime paid for training
      6039        O/T Snow Supv/Mech/Other/HR                         Overtime paid for snow removal
      6041        Adjuncts Faculty                                    Salary paid to adjunct faculty
      6042        Faculty Overload                                    Salary paid to faculty for overload
      6043        Staff Overload                                      Salary paid to staff for overload
      6044        Release Time                                        Administrative Use
      6061        Overtime                                            Regular overtime paid
      6062        Overtime Shift Differential                         Shift Differential overtime paid
      6066        Blanket Salary Staff                                Salary paid to hourly employees
      6067        Salary Savings Reserve                              Administrative Use
      6068        Salary Special Purpose                              Administrative Use
                                                                      Stipend paid to union employees as an allowance for clothing based on the
       6069       Clothing Allowance                                  contract
       6070       Shift Differential                                  Shift differential time paid
       6071       Cell phone allowance                                Allowance paid to cell phone users
       6074       Paid Leave Bank Payout                              Paid Leave Bank payout
       6076       Lump Sum Sick                                       Sick Leave payout
       6077       Lump Sum Vacation                                   Vacation payout
       6078       Stipends Employees                                  Stipend/Honorarium for College employees (money will appear on W-2)
       6079       Lump Sum Comp Time                                  Comp Time Payout
       6086       Student Aide College                                Salary paid to Student Aides-Non Fed WS
       6087       Graduate Assistant                                  Salary paid to Graduate Assistant
       6088       Resident Assistant                                  Salary paid to Resident Assistant
                                                                      Salary paid to Student working under the Federal Work Study Program
       6096       Student Aide FWS                                    authorized by Financial Aid
       6097       Community Service FWS                               Salary paid to students working under FWSP outside the College
       6101       Fringe Benefits                                     Employee fringe benefits
       6102       Fringe Benefits- Eye care                           Eye care reimbursements
       6103       Compensation Award                                  Worker's Compensation to the state
       6104       Life Ins. Premium                                   Administrative Use
       6111       Unfunded Fringe Benefits                            Employee fringe benefits unfunded by state

8/3/2011                                                                                                                         Office of Budget & Fiscal Planning
                                                                  Ramapo College of New Jersey
                                                                   Account Expense Code List

                                                   Note: Banner Account codes in bold are not pooled accounts.

                                                                          Budget Pool
     Codes               Non-Salary Pool                                                                 Descriptions
      7001  Non-Salary Pool                                           Administrative use

                                                                      Materials & Supplies
     Codes                        Materials & Supplies                                                     Descriptions
                                                                      General office operating supplies (Stationery supplies, paper, photocopy &
       7011       Office Supplies                                     microfilming, reference and repair manuals)
       7012       Storeroom Charges                                   Central storeroom items (used by administrative)
       7014       Photo Copier Charges                                For shared use of photocopier
                                                                      General educational supplies: Stationery supplies, paper, photocopy &
       7015       Educational Supplies                                microfilming, reference and repair manuals
       7016       Medical Supplies                                    Medical supplies: drugs, medicine, first aid supplies, medical gowns
       7017       Clothing Supplies                                   Uniforms, shirts, blouses, safety and protective clothing
       7018       Janitorial Supplies                                 Mops, brooms, gloves, soap, housekeeping supplies
       7019       Signage                                             Posters, banners, displays, signs (and labor)
                                                                      Supplies related to:paint, electric supplies (switches, bulbs), plumbing supplies,
       7020       Building & Ground Supplies                          fertilizer, grass seed, flowers, etc…
       7021       Vehicular Supplies                                  Parts used for vehicles
       7022       Other Materials & Supplies                          Material and labor not included in the categories above
       7023       Furniture <$5,000                                   Purchase of furniture with a unit cost of less than $5,000.00
                                                                      Purchase of equipment (excluding computer and telephone equipment) with a
                                                                      unit cost of less than $5,000 (offices machines, AVA and video equipment,
                                                                      photographic equipment, Security and communication equipment, Scientific
                                                                      equipment, medical and hospital equipment, classroom, library, recreational and
       7024       Equipment <$5,000                                   athletic equipment)
                                                                      Purchase of computer equipment with a unit cost of less than $5,000.00 (lap tops,
                                                                      PC’s, CPU’s, scanners, printers, monitors, modems, tape and hard drives, palms,
       7025       Computer Equip <$5,000                              memory modules or an enhancement to existing computers
       7026       Software <$5,000                                    Purchase of computer software with a unit cost of less than $5,000.00
       7027       Printshop                                           Letterhead and envelopes, flyers, brochures, manuals
       7028       Publications                                        Purchase of magazines
       7029       Graphics                                            Purchase of graphics design
       7030       Library Books & Monographic                         Library books purchased by the Library for its Collection
       7031       Continuations                                       Library standing orders sent as they are published
       7032       Periodicals & Paper                                 Periodicals purchased by the Library for its Collection
       7033       Electronic Subscriptions                            On line subscriptions purchased by the Library
                                                                      Films, video/audio tapes, CD’s, microfiche, film strips, etc. (excluding equipment)
       7034       Film & A/V                                          purchased by the Library.
       7035       Electronic Titles                                   E-Books and other electronic titles
                                                                      Other items purchased by the Library for use in its Collection excluding office
                                                                      supplies, equipment, computer equipment, computer software, rental or lease of
       7036       Library – Other                                     computer equipment/computer software

                                                                         Fuel & Utilities
     Codes                        Fuel and Utilities                                                      Descriptions
      7046        Electric                                            Electricity (provided by suppliers) and related materials
      7047        Water - Utility                                     Water (provided by suppliers) and related materials
      7048        Sewer - Utility                                     Sewer (provided by suppliers) and related materials
      7049        Gas                                                 Gas (heating of buildings) and related materials
      7051        Vehicular Fuel                                      Fuel for vehicles

8/3/2011                                                                                                                            Office of Budget & Fiscal Planning
                                                                  Ramapo College of New Jersey
                                                                   Account Expense Code List

     Codes                    Travel                                                                      Descriptions
      7056  Travel Conference/Workshop Fee                            Cost of the registration for the event
      7057  Travel Lodging                                            Cost of overnight accommodations
      7058  Travel Meals                                              Reimbursement for food not provided as part of the event.
                                                                      Reimbursement of use of one’s own vehicle on official College business at $.50
       7059       Travel Mileage Reimbursement                        per mile
                                                                      Reimbursement for tolls / parking on official College business. Receipts
       7060       Travel Tolls/Parking                                necessary.
                                                                      Rental of car, truck, van or other vehicle while away on official College business
       7061       Travel Automobile Rental
       7062       Travel Airfare                                      Cost of airline tickets
       7063       Travel Bus/Train                                    Cost of train ticket or bus fare
       7064       Travel Taxi/Car Service                             Cost to get to/from home to airport, train station or bus depot or to/from hotel
                                                                      Group package which includes (air, hotel, transfers, conference fee, and or
       7066       Travel Package                                      meals)
       7067       Travel Auth / Encumb                                Administrative use

                                                                      Telephone & Postage
     Codes                  Telephone & Postage                                                           Descriptions
      7071        Telephone-Student Dorm                              Service for students
      7072        Telephone Service Charges                           Monthly connection fee
      7073        Telephone Usage Charges                             Units actual phone costs and monthlly recurring charges
      7074        Telephone Equipment                                 Purchase of phone handset or other equipment
      7075        Telephone Cellular                                  Cost of College approved cellular phone
      7076        Telecom Beeper/Pager                                Cost of College approved beeper/pager
                                                                      Postal fees, postal delivery parcel service, mailings, FEDEX, UPS and other
       7081       Postage                                             carrier fees

     Codes                               Insurance                                                       Descriptions
      7086  Insurance                                                 Fire casualty, surety bonds, boiler and elevator insurance

     Codes                          Services                                                              Descriptions
      7091        Legal Services                                      Attorney, court costs, expert witness, settlement, notary fees
      7092        Audit Services                                      Annual external audit, specific projects
      7093        Medical Services                                    Dental, psychiatric, nursing, ambulance
      7094        Consulting Services                                 Educational, administrative and professional
      7095        Environmental Services                              Services relating to the environment
      7096        Employment Services                                 Temporary help from an agency
      7097        Other Professional Services                         Other external services not identified above
                                                                      Programs organized for education, training and development of State employees,
       7098       Staff Training                                      including: training conferences or presentations
       7100       Scholarly Publication Fee                           A fee paid for an academic journal with exclusive rights
       7111       Refuge Collection                                   Trash and waste removal
       7112       Pest Control                                        Extermination fees
       7113       Cleaning Service                                    External service to do cleaning
       7114       Bank Charges                                        Credit card usage fees and other bank services
       7115       Contracted Services                                 Microfilming service, maintenance of vendor owned equipment (security)
       7116       Bibliographic Catalog                               Service to maintain the catalog
       7117       Stipend/Honorarium External                         For non-employee lectures, guests, speakers, models, students, students
                                                                      All College policy approved meals and refreshment expenses associated with
       7118       Official Reception                                  commencement, convocation and other all college events.
       7120       Licenses Permits & Inspections                      Boilers, elevators, college events, and etc.
       7123       Ramapo Dollars                                      Charges to a unit giving Ramapo Dollars from its budget to a student.
                                                                      Services relating to landscaping, external musicians, loan service orgn., rides and
       7129       Services Other                                      games.

8/3/2011                                                                                                                              Office of Budget & Fiscal Planning
                                                                  Ramapo College of New Jersey
                                                                   Account Expense Code List

     Codes                          Advertising                                                           Descriptions
      7119        External printing                                   Printing done outside of the print shop
      7131        Advertising Personnel                               Ads seeking to fill open position
      7132        Advertising Newspaper/print                         Ads in the newspaper
      7133        Advertising Radio                                   Ads on the radio
      7134        Advertising Television                              Ads on the television

                                                                      Dues & Memberships
     Codes             Dues & Memberships                                                             Descriptions
      7141  Dues & Memberships                                        Membership fees and dues for the college
      7142  Subscriptions                                             Subscriptions (magazines, newspapers) for the college

                                                                  Maintenance & Fixed Charges
     Codes                Maintenance and Fixed Charges                                                   Descriptions
                                                                      Maintenance contracts on College owned non-computer equipment, repair of
       7146       Maintenance Equipment                               office machines
                                                                      Materials, supplies and labor for repairs of real property; maintenance Contracts
       7147       Maintenance Bldg/gds                                on boilers, elevators
       7148       Maintenance Computer equipment                      Maintenance contracts on College owned computers
       7149       Maintenance License/Software                        Maintenance contracts on College owned licenses/software
       7150       Maintenance & Repairs Vehicles                      Maintenance to provide repair/replace service/parts to College vehicles
       7151       Maintenance Elevator                                Maintenance for Elevator
       7156       Rental Building & Grounds                           Construction, maintenance, safety, traffic, etc.
       7158       Rental Equipment                                    Communications, PA Systems, testing, and diagnostic
       7159       Rental Film                                         Films and Library media
       7160       Rental Charter Bus/Van                              To take groups to an event or on an excursion
                                                                      Rental of car & associated charges for official College business (i.e. Admission
       7161       Rental Vehicle                                      recruiting)
       7162       Rental Cable TV                                     Contract with supplier of service
       7169       Rental Other                                        Rentals not covered by one of the above categories

                                                                        Special Purpose
     Codes                           Special Purpose                                                     Descriptions
                                                                      Reimbursement to employee for tuition (prior approval and conditions must be
       7099       Tuition Reimbursement                               met)
       7143       Testing Fees                                        Payments for assessment study guides and exams
       7171       RCG EOF Continuing                                  Administrative use
       7172       RCG EOF Freshman                                    Administrative use
       7173       RCG Other                                           Administrative use
       7175       Supplemental Financial Aid                          Additional aid to students over and above tuition fees, room or board
       7181       Non Insured Losses                                  Payments for damages from accidents
       7182       Indirect Costs                                      Administrative use
       7183       Payments to Government                              Administrative use
       7184       Payments to Government Agencies                     Administrative use
       7185       Payments to State                                   Administrative use
       7186       Job Locator Cost FCWS                               Administrative use
       7187       Extraordinary                                       Administrative use
       7188       Administrative Costs                                Administrative use
       7189       Payments to College                                 Administrative use
       7191       Operating Reserve                                   Administrative use
       7192       Capital Reserve                                     Administrative use
       7193       Facilities Fee GSF                                  Administrative use

8/3/2011                                                                                                                            Office of Budget & Fiscal Planning
                                                                  Ramapo College of New Jersey
                                                                   Account Expense Code List

     Codes                                                                                             Descriptions
      7301        Depreciation Infrastructure                         Administrative use
      7302        Depreciation Land Improvement                       Administrative use
      7303        Depreciation Buildings                              Administrative use
      7304        Depreciation Building Improvement                   Administrative use
      7305        Depreciation Equipment                              Administrative use
      7306        Depreciation Library Collection                     Administrative use

                                                                       Capital Purchases
     Codes                  Additions and Improvements                                                      Descriptions
                                                                      Purchase of furniture with a unit cost equal to or greater than $5,000 (Desks,
       7201       Furniture=> $5,000                                  tables, chairs, beds, etc)
                                                                      Purchase of equipment (excluding computer and telephone) with a unit cost equal
                                                                      to or greater than $5,000 (Office, educational, machines, video, photographic,
       7202       Equipment=> $5,000                                  security, scientific, medical, athletic, etc)
                                                                      Purchase of computer equipment with a unit cost equal to or greater than $5,000
                                                                      (PC’s, laptops, CPU’s, scanners, printers, monitors, tape & hard drives, main
       7203       Computer Equipment=> $5,000                         frames, etc)
                                                                      Purchase of computer software with a unit cost equal to or greater than $5,000.
       7204       Computer Software=> $5,000
       7205       Vehicles=> $5,000                                   Purchase of cars, trucks, vans, buses, trailers, tractors, etc.
       7206       Purchase - Land                                     Purchase of land
       7207       Purchase - Building                                 Purchase of building
       7208       Purchase - Wiring                                   Wiring for Voice, Video & Data
       7209       Equipment Lease Purchase-Principal                  Principal portion of lease payments for non-computer equipment
       7210       Equipment Lease Purchase-Interest                   Interest portion of lease payments for non-computer equipment
                                                                      Principal portion of lease payments for computer equipment
       7211       Computer Equip. Lease Purchase-Principal
       7212       Computer Equip. Lease Purchase-Interest             Interest portion of lease payments for computer equipment
       7213       Software Lease Purchase-Principal                   Principal portion of lease payments for software
       7214       Software Lease Purchase-Interest                    Interest portion of lease payments for software

                                                                     Capital Purchase Costs
     Codes               Additions and Improvements                                                        Descriptions
      7401        Improvement Buildings                               Major renovation to an existing building
      7402        General Contractor Construction                     Building of a new structure
      7403        Construction Architect/Engineer                     Planning for new construction or major renovation
      7404        Construction Management                             Oversight of construction and supervision
      7405        Construction Permits/Fees                           Local and State licenses and charges associated with building
      7406        Construction Minority Job Training                  Expenses to meet State requirements
      7407        Construction Furniture & Equipment                  Furnishings for new or renovated buildings, as a result of construction
      7409        Construction Print/Advertisement                    Ads associated with construction projects
      7410        Construction Bid Printing                           Printing of bid documents for construction projects
      7411        Construction Trailer Rental                         Rental of trailers for construction projects
                                                                      Other expenses associated with construction. Projects not covered by above
       7412       Construction Miscellaneous                          categories.
       7413       Construction Contingency                            Administrative use

                                                                          Debt Service
     Codes                        Debt Service                                                         Descriptions
      7501        Debt Service Mandatory                              Administrative use
      7502        Debt Service Principal                              Principal payment of annual debt service
      7503        Debt Service R & R                                  Replenishment of R & R to meet Bond Agreement
      7504        Debt Service Interest                               Interest payment of annual debt service
      7505        Debt Service Fees & Other                           Other expenses as part of the annual debt service
      7721        Paid to RCNJ
      7722        Paid to Vendor

8/3/2011                                                                                                                          Office of Budget & Fiscal Planning

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