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Introduction of Spanish Speaking Group


									Spanish Conversation Group

The Spanish Conversation Group is a group dedicated to those students who would like to
improve their learning of Spanish. The format of this group is through conversations and
discussions about certain topics in Spanish. Our idea is that we can share and spread Spanish
and Hispanic culture and bring you fun in the study of Spanish. The group is carried out for

El Grupo Español es un grupo por los estudiantes que quieren mejorar su aprendizaje de
español. La forma de este grupo es por conversaciones y discusiones sobre ciertos temas en
español. Nuestra filosofía es para compartir y difundir la cultura española y hispana
mientras que traemos la diversión del estudio de español. El grupo se ejerce sin necesidad de

Who can join this group?
All students who are motivated to study Spanish can join the group. We welcome participants
from all levels except complete beginners, i.e. you need to have studied the equivalent of 30
hours of Spanish before joining.

What are we going to do in the group?
   Short presentations (about 3 minutes)
   Discussions of a few topics decided by participants
   Appreciation of Spanish and Hispanic movies, poetry, literature etc.
   Sharing of the study experience of Spanish

When and where?
We will hold the group every Thursday in Room.3018D of the Self-Access Center (lift 2, the
3rd floor) from 6:00 P.M. to 7:00 P.M. If there is any change in the schedule, we will inform
you via email two days in advance, i.e. by Tuesday.

What will you get out of the group?
You will know more friends and enlarge your knowledge about Spanish and Hispanic culture.
In addition, your ability to give a presentation will be improved. It is a good chance to get
involved in Spanish activities more actively.

The activity facilitator is called Juan Xing, from the department of Business and
Administration in his second year’s study at HKUST.

Name: Juan (Xing Yanghao)
Email: or
Telephone: (852) 51315134

Name: Mark (Mark Hopkins), SAC Manager
Telephone: (852) 23587873

In addition to Mark, there are 2 more advisers in the SAC who speak good Spanish. They are
available to help you in your study of Spanish when you visit the SAC at other times (see

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