Rowlatts Hill
                     Primary School

      ‘Together we will succeed through
          challenge and enjoyment’

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I am very pleased to welcome you as partners in the education of your child.

On behalf of the Governors we hope that this prospectus will give you an
indication of what the school has to offer and I hope you will find it
informative during this vital partnership between home and school. The caring
and professional approach of all staff is strength of the school, as is the
support of the parents and this partnerships working well for the benefit of
all the pupils. Together with your support I am sure the staff‟s commitment
and enthusiasm will ensure that your child makes good progress throughout
his/her time at school.

Rowlatts Hill Governors are continually working with the Head teacher and
staff to improve the educational opportunities and standards still further,

Mary Draycott
Chair of Governors

  “Together we succeed through challenge and enjoyment”.

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                                 About Us

 Rowlatts Hill Primary School is situated in the north east of Leicester in an
 area of Council housing and owner occupied housing. It caters for children
  age 3-11 from a wide variety of backgrounds and celebrates it‟s cultural
  diversity. There are fifteen teaching staff and twelve Learning Support
 Assistants helping meet the needs of children in school. Staff have a wide
    variety of skills which include being bilingual in community languages.
    We are very proud of our school and strive to make it an interesting,
                      stimulating and exciting place to be.

                                                        Our fantastic

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                            Governing Body

Chair of Governors   M. Draycott       Local Authority Governor
Head Teacher         Ms J. Virk        Staff Governor
                     Mr N. Payne       Clerk to the Governors
                     Mr G. Penton      Staff Governor
                     Ms G. Branson     Staff Governor
                     Mr G. Beaumont    Community Governor
                     Mrs S. Hunter     Community Governor
                     Mrs H. Cork       Parent Governor
                     Mrs N. Potten     Parent Governor
                     Mr F. Ahmed       Parent Governor
                     Mrs D. McIntosh   Parent Governor

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                             School Staff

Teaching Staff

Ms J. Virk           Head Teacher
Miss G. Branson      KS2 Assistant Head, Literacy/EAL Leader and Year 6
Mrs D. Swann         KS1 Assistant Head, PSCHE/RE/G&T Leader and Year 2

Miss K. Adams        Year 5/6 teacher and SEN Leader
Mrs S. Audley        Year 1 teacher and Modern Foreign Languages Leader
Mrs S. Blockley      F1 teacher (Covering Z. Dawson on Maternity Leave)
Mr Z. Dawson         F1 teacher (on Maternity Leave)
Mrs V. Haig          Year 2 teacher and Science/Music Leader
Miss N. Jones        Year 3/4 teacher and Numeracy/ICT Leader
Miss A. Karia        Year 5 teacher
Mr N. Overton        Year 3/4 teacher
Mrs L. Paviour       Year 1 teacher and Art Leader
Miss A. Reeves       F2 teacher
Miss R. Smith        F2 teacher and DT Leader
Miss L. Wright       Year 3/4 teacher and Data Leader

Support Staff
Mr G. Penton         Business Manager
Mrs T. Mahomed       Administrator
Mrs R. Summerfield   Premises Officer
Mr H. Williams       Painter/Decorator
Mrs K. Modhawadia    Learning Support Assistant
Mrs A. Isat          SEN Learning Support Assistant
Mrs J. Ayhan         Learning Support Assistant
Mrs M. Evans         Learning Support Assistant
Mrs W. Audley        SEN Learning Support Assistant
Mrs E. Chavda        Learning Support Assistant
Ms T. Venables       SEN Learning Support Assistant
Mrs M. Read          Learning Support Assistant
Ms G. Patel          Learning Support Assistant
Mrs K. Chavda        Learning Support Assistant
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Mrs L. Lee         Learning Support Assistant
Mrs J. Carvell     SEN Learning Support Assistant
Mrs L. Morris      Learning Support Assistant
Mr D. Andrews      Sports Coach
Mr R. Lai          ICT Support
Miss S. Makda      Learning Support Assistant

Lunchtime Staff
Ms T. Finney       Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs J. Nobes       Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs B. Mahomed     Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs S. Wareham     Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs J. Carvell     Lunchtime Supervisor
Miss S. Williams   Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs F. Suleman     Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs F. Dawood      Lunchtime Supervisor

Mr D. Andrews      Sports Coach
Mrs S. Stevens     Cook Supervisor
Mrs L. Barratt     Cook/cleaner
Mrs P. Broderick   Cook
Mrs J. Kaur        Cook
Ms J. Silcott      Cleaner
Mrs M. Mistry      Cleaner
Miss A. Barratt    Cleaner

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                        Organisation of the School

Rowlatts Hill Primary School caters for the needs of children from the age of
3 to eleven. It is organised into „years‟ which refer to the following age

Foundation Stage
Foundation 1 (part time nursery) – children start in the September of the
academic year they are 4.
Foundation 2 – age 4 to 5

    The Foundation stage is housed in a purpose built unit with a separate
     entrance and outside play area. The children play outside every day
  regardless of the weather. We would therefore ask all parents to provide
  their children with Wellington boots and waterproof jackets. These items
  should stay at school in order to be available when needed. The children‟s
 learning experiences often entail taking part in messy activities and we ask
             for parents‟ tolerance and understanding in this issue.

Key Stage One
Year One – age 5 to 6
Year Two – age 6 to 7

Key Stage Two
Year Three – age 7 to 8
Year Four – age 8 to 9
Year Five – age 9 to 10
Year Six – age 10 to 11

Some children are taught in mixed classes according to age.

On leaving our school at age eleven, children attend a variety of different
secondary schools, including: The City of Leicester College, Crown Hills
Community College, Hamilton Community College, Judgemeadow Community
College and St. Pauls Catholic School. There are regular meetings between all
these schools who work together closely as a group to ensure a smooth
transition for our pupils.
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                             Admissions Policy

At Rowlatts Hill Primary School, we admit children in accordance with the
Leicester City Council admissions policy. Admissions are managed by Leicester
City Education Authority, Marlborough House, 38 Welford Road, Leicester
LE2 7AA. Children are admitted to the Foundation Stage in the Autumn Term
following their 3rd birthday, this means that some children enter school when
only just 3 and some have to wait until they are nearly 4. This admission
procedure follows the Local Education Authority Guidelines. Please note
attendance in our Foundation 1 class does not guarantee admission to our
Foundation 2 class.

Registration times

                     8.45 – 8.55am and 1.15 – 1.20pm

Parents/carers are able to come in every morning and join in with a daily task
with their child. Doors open at 8.35am and class teachers are in their
classrooms ready for children to come in and start their day with a daily 10
mins. task, and their parents/carer can join in with too!

As a school, we are working to improve children‟s attendance. School starts at
8.45am and the register closes at 8.55am. Any child arriving after this will be
given a late mark. School has to record the number of times each child is
away from school and whether their absence is considered legitimate. If your
child is ill or cannot attend school because of a medical appointment, please
telephone school before 9.30am or send us a note on their return to school.
If we do not hear from you, their absence will be „unauthorised‟ and this could
lead to action by the school and Educational Welfare Officer. Please note the
following procedures apply throughout the school from Foundation 1

Every child at Rowlatts Hill should have an attendance above 95%. Low
attendance affects your child‟s academic achievement, as well as impacting on
their ability to develop and maintain friendships within their peer group. As a
school we are monitored by the Education Welfare Office and we are also

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determined that each child has the best educational opportunity we can
provide and attendance is a key part of achieving that. The procedure we
take to make sure all children maintain high attendance:

  1. A letter is sent to parents / carers if their child‟s attendance is below
     95%. The letter highlights the attendance of your child and invites you
     to an informal meeting with the Head Teacher about the efforts that
     can be taken to improve the attendance in the future.
  2. If there is no communication from home or we feel the matter still
     needs referring then an Attendance Panel meeting will be arranged by
     the Education Welfare Officer with the parents / carers to discuss the
     low attendance. This may result in a fine if there is no improvement.

We hope the matter can be resolved at the first stage and in the future we
can work together to improve the attendance of all children, so that we can
avoid the need to send out these letters.

Extended Holidays
We understand that sometimes it is not possible for parents to arrange
family holidays in the school holidays. Because of this, regulations allow that
in exceptional circumstances children can be granted leave of absence for up
to ten days in any one school year.
Requests must be made in writing to the Head who then will contact the
parent after reviewing the child/s attendance to date.
In the interest of your child’s education, please ensure that your child
attends school when they are physically able.

Our percentage attendance for the year 2009 - 10 was:
   Attendances 93.0%
   Authorised Absences 4.2%
   Unauthorised Absences 3.02%

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                             Cultural Diversity

We have a variety of languages spoken, religions and ethnicity at Rowlatts Hill
Primary School:



                                                     White British
                                                     Dual Heritage
                                                     White European
                                                     African Asian
                                                     Other Black African
                                                     Other Asian

                        Day to Day Organisation

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School Hours

                   Morning   Morning LUNCH Afternoon Afternoon
                    Start      End           Start      End
      Foundation   8.35am    11.30am        12:00pm   3:00pm
      Foundation   8.45am    11.55am              1.15pm      3.10pm
      Key Stage    8.45am    12 noon              1.15pm      3.15pm
      Key Stage    8.45am    12 noon              1.15pm      3.15pm

All children have a break in the morning and Key Stage 1 children have a
break in the afternoon as well.

Class Assemblies
Classes get an opportunity to take part in a class assembly on a Friday
morning at 8.55 – 9.15am each half term. Parents are warmly invited to attend
the assembly in which their child is performing. You will be informed by
newsletter when these will be.

School Meals
Children can have a two course school dinner or they may bring sandwiches.
We request that school dinners are paid for in full one full week in advance.
School dinners cost £1.60 per day or £8.00 per week. If you think your child
may be eligible for free school meals please contact the school office.

                      Children in the Foundation Stage and Key Stage One
                      will be offered a free piece of fruit or raw vegetable
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each day. This could be banana, apple, satsuma, carrot or cherry tomato.
Children in Key Stage Two are offered the chance to buy fruit/ healthy snack
each day at the school tuck shop which is run by the School Council.

We aim to promote a school identity and encourage children to wear our
school colours.
Our uniform is: White blouse, shirt or polo shirt, Black or grey trousers or
skirt, Royal blue jumper, cardigan or sweatshirt with (or without) the school
logo. As previously mentioned in the Foundation Stage the children take part
in messy activities every day. The school uniform offers a way of protecting
the children‟s day to day clothes from this type of wear and tear.

             Sweatshirts with the school logo are available from:
            Trendy Schoolwear,113 Uppingham Road, Leicester.
                            Telephone 0116 2767638

                  Please make sure these items are named.
                One blue jumper looks very much like another!

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For safety reasons, children need to be correctly dressed for PE. From
Foundation 2 onwards T-shirt and shorts or tracksuit trousers are ideal.
Children will need plimsolls or a change of trainers for some inside activities.
No jewellery may be worn for PE.
Children in Key Stage Two will need a swimming costume or trunks from time
to time. You will be informed when your child has swimming sessions.

Book bags
When your child starts school, they will be given a blue
book bag. They will use this to protect reading books,
learning logs and any work they bring home. If they loose their book bag, it
will cost £3.50 to replace and are available from the school office.

School Council
Two School Council Representatives are elected from very class from Year 3
to 6. The children meet regularly to discuss school life and how we can
improve it. They have discussed ways we can improve our playground and have
introduced paper recycling. They are a vital way that all children in the school
can feel that their opinions are heard and valued as council members feed
back from meetings to their class and bring class suggestions to meetings.

Charging for School Activities
Educational activities are provided free of charge but from time to time your
child may be invited to take part in a special activity for which we ask you to
make a financial contribution towards costs. Trips where transport is
necessary, events involving visiting theatre groups, writers or actors might
involve a request for a contribution.

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Administration of Medicines
When the school is asked to administer a prescribed medicine or treatment
to a pupil, and the Head Teacher agrees, then appropriate procedures are to
be followed. In exceptional circumstances this might necessitate the
administering of medicine and/or taking action in an emergency. These
requirements should also extend to teachers leading activities such as
educational visits, school outings and field trips. For further detail see
Administration of Medicines Policy.

Clubs and Sport
There are a range of clubs available out of school hours and at lunchtime.
These vary throughout the year.

       AUTUMN TERM 2010
       Football with Y3/4 - Yusuf Saleh 3.30 – 5pm

       Basketball with Y3/4 - Yusuf Saleh 3.30 – 4.30pm

       Football with Y5/6 – Miss Jones 3.30 – 4.30pm
       Media Production Club – Rachel Swann 3.30 – 4.30pm

       Basketball with Y5/6 - Denley Andrews 3.30 – 5pm


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Standards of Behaviour

The staff at Rowlatts Hill follows the Assertive Discipline Policy and remind
the children of the ‘School Values’. Copies of this and all other school policies
are available on request.

School Values
It is each pupil‟s responsibility to:

    Do   be kind and gentle/caring
    Do   listen
    Do   challenge yourself
    Do   show respect

 These responsibilities will be promoted, encouraged and consistently applied
 and enforced by all Staff. A „culture of praise‟ is promoted across the
 The key rewards for each area are:

Foundation Stage
- When your child collects 10 spots on the chart – he /she will be rewarded
  with a small „goodie tin‟ item
Key Stage 1
- When your child collects 1 badge – he /she will be rewarded with a small
  „goodie tin‟ item
- When your child collects 3 badges – he /she will be rewarded with a £5
  book voucher!
Key Stage 2
- When your child collects 1 card – he /she will be rewarded with a small
  „goodie tin‟ item
- When your child collects 3 cards – he /she will be rewarded with a pen!
- When your child collects 10 cards – he /she will be rewarded with a £5
  book voucher!

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Golden Time
From Year 1 onwards every child will start the week with 30 minutes of
‘Golden time’ which allows them to carry out specific „fun‟ activities at the
end of the week with their class teacher. However, if child/ren are
repeatedly not following the „School Responsibilities‟, then they will initially
be given a warning then they will lose 5 mins. golden time if continue to break
the „School Responsibilities‟. Children who have lost Golden time will be
allowed to earn time back over the week.

   Some of activities offered to children during the year
   Years 1 and 2
   Art and craft
   Indoor games e.g. table tennis
   Biscuit decorating
   Play dough
   Years 3 and 4
   Green club – gardening
   Art and craft
   Outdoor games e.g. basketball, football
   Years 5 and 6
   Outdoor games e.g. basketball, football
   Biscuit decorating
   Play dough
   Board games

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                              The Curriculum

Foundation Stage
Learning opportunities and activities are planned using the Foundation Stage
Curriculum Guidance. Children can access the curriculum through a „free flow‟
system, structured so that children get a variety of hands on activities to
suit their learning needs. Pupils are assessed using the Foundation Stage
Profile areas:
    Knowledge and Understanding of the World
    Personal, Social and Emotional Development
    Communication, Language and Literacy
    Problem Solving Reasoning and Numeracy
    Mathematical Development
    Physical Development
    Creative Development

                          The outside writing area.

Key Stage 1 and 2
English and Maths
Children have daily English and Maths sessions planned following the National
Literacy and Numeracy Framework and tailored to the needs of individual
children. They have access to a wide range of experiences using a variety of
interesting materials to stimulate their interests and link their learning to
everyday life.

Information and Communication Technology
We have a suite of computers in school which are used to teach children how
to use a computer but also used in many other areas of the curriculum, for
example: to research for a project, to present information clearly, to
compose music or take part in virtual science experiments. Each classroom is
fitted with an interactive whiteboard that allows teachers to present all
areas of the curriculum in a vibrant and eye catching way.
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Religious Education
We try to reflect the multicultural society in which we live by teaching the
similarities and differences between different religions and cultures. A
variety of significant festivals are celebrated throughout the year from
different religions and we commemorate special events of national and
international importance.
Parents can withdraw their child from RE lessons and assemblies if they wish,
after discussions with the Head Teacher about alternative provision.

Sex Education
We follow the Leicester City Council guidance for teaching in this area. If you
do not want your child to take part in this area of the curriculum, you have
the right to take your child out of these sessions.

Special Educational Needs
We place a high priority on identifying children with Special Educational
Needs and, in line with Government policies on inclusion, pupils who experience
Special Educational Needs have access to a broad and balanced National
Curriculum through appropriately differentiated lessons or higher levels of
support. Their small steps targets are frequently reviewed and progress is
We work closely with local authority staff from the Special Needs Teaching
Service, Educational Psychology and the Behaviour Support Team. These
agencies provide strategies teachers can use in class to help children with
Special Educational Needs achieve their targets.

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SATs Test Results 2010

KS1             Level 2+         Level 3+
Reading:        68%              14%
Writing:        68%              0%
Maths:          76%              11%

KS2             Level 4+   Level 5+
English:        68%        14%
Maths:          65%        27%
Science:        89%        46%

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Complaints Procedure

If you are in any way concerned or dissatisfied with matters relating to your
child in school, your first port of call is your child‟s class teacher or Key
Stage Leader and then the Head Teacher.

If matters cannot be satisfactorily resolved, formal complaints should be
addressed to the Chair of Governors at the school.

                    Chair of Governors: M. Draycott MBE

                        Rowlatts Hill Primary School
                             Balderstone Close
                                 LE5 4ES
                         Telephone: 0116 276 8812
                           FAX: 0116 276 4346

                 E-mail: office@rowlattshill.leicester.sch.uk

                 Web site: www.rowlattshill.leicester.sch.uk

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                Term and Holiday Dates: 2010/2011

Autumn term
Thursday 2nd September 2010 - School opens
Friday 15th October 2010 - Schools close
Monday 18th - Friday 22nd October 2010 - half term break

Monday 25th October 2010 - School opens
Tuesday 21st December 2010 - Schools close
Wednesday 22nd December 2010 – Wednesday 5th January 2011 - Christmas

Spring term
Friday 7th January 2011 - School opens
Friday 18th February 2011 - Schools close
Monday 21st - Friday 25th February 2011 - Half term

Monday 28th February 2011 - School opens
Friday 15th April 2011 - Schools close
Monday 18th - Friday 29th April 2011 - Easter break

Summer term
Wednesday 4th May 2011 - School opens
Friday 27th May 2011 - Schools close
Monday 30th May - Friday 3rd June 2011 - Half term

Monday 6th June 2011 - School opens
Friday 15th July 2011 - Schools close
Monday 18th July 2011 - Summer Holidays begin

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