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					                    8.3mm Laminate Flooring Installation Guidelines
    Before Installation

    Please read all instructions CAREFULLY before you begin installation. Improper installation will
    void warranty.
    Your laminate flooring MUST be allowed to acclimate to the environment of the installation area.
    Leave the closed packages in a horizontal position in the room for 48 hours prior to installation.
    Preferable temperature should be approximately 17-23 C (62-73 F) with a relative humidity of
    45-60 percent. Humidity should never be allowed to drop below 30% as this may cause gapping.

Attention!       Without a documented measurement of residual moisture content, a claim against the
manufacturer for damages cannot be considered. Concrete sub-floors must always be covered with a 6 mil./1/4”
moisture barrier even if linoleum, PVC or resilient vinyl is firmly attached to the concrete.

A moisture test kit, for measuring the moisture content of the subfloor is available in most building supply

                                    1. To start, ensure that no damage has been done to
                                       the flooring during transportation. After cleaning the
                                       floor surface you can roll out the required underlay
                                       material. Use required tape to stick it together. Do
                                       not used masking tape

                                    2. Door frames: saw the doorframe, resting the flat
                                       edge of the saw against a board can fit underneath.

    3. Lay     the    first                                             board’s short-end against
       the left wall, with                                              the tongue-side facing you.
       Make sure you                                                    leave a space of 8 to 10
       mm / 1/3” to 3/8”,                                               to allow for expansion. If
       the      wall     is                                             uneven, the boards should
       be sawn and                                                      adapted to the contour of
the wall.
            4. Insert the end of the second board into the end of
               the first, pressing them together and pushing gently
               down towards the floor. Complete the first row in the
               same manner.

            5. At the end of the row, place the last board face
               down, with the short side (side without the groove)
               facing the wall. Mark the floorboard where it has to
               be cut, making sure to leave a space of 8 to 10 mm /
               1/3” to 3/8” to allow for expansion.

            6. To cut the boards, place them face down against the
                work surface and cut to the desired shape using a
                jigsaw. If using a traditional hand saw, place the
                board face up and use a fine-toothed blade.

            7. Start the second row by using the leftover part of the
                board you have sawn. It should be at least 30 cm /
                10” long. If not, use a new board, cutting it into two.
                Make sure that the end joints are always at least 30
                cm / 10” apart.

            8. Place the sawn board by tilting it against the first row
                board. Exert pressure and, at the same time, press
                down towards the floor.
9. Place the side of the second board against the side of
    the first board and fit them together by pressing
    down towards the floor. Be sure to correctly align the
    boards and leave a 1/4 inch (6mm) gap between the
    short side of the boards.

10. Continue in this way with the whole row. Be sure
   that the strip is driven well into the groove by using
   the required tools, and press the boards strongly
   towards the floor so as to fit them together. Remove
   the wedges after the 5th or 6th row and make sure
   you keep a 1/4inch (6mm) gap between each board.

11. Before laying the final row, measure and saw the
   board accordingly. Leave an 8 to 10 mm / 1/3” to
   3/8” gap between the board and the wall to allow for
   any expansion.

12. Pipes. Measure the diameter of the pipe and allow
   for an extra 10 mm / 3/8” leeway. After cutting the
   board as illustrated in the diagram below, lay the
   board and the part sawn off.

13. Once your row is finished, each board’s short sides
   should be separated from each other by a 1/4inch
   (6mm) gap. Pick the short side of the plank that is
   the last one next to the wall (the end): Then tap the
   panels into each other without lifting. Use the curved
   tapping bar as seen in the illustration to bring your
   entire row together gradually. The panels should not
   be joined having a single tap. To avoid damaging the
   panels, you must tap them together gradually as you
          close the 1/4inch (6mm) gaps.

Keep the boards in room temperature for at least 48 hours in unopened package before you start the installation. The room
temperature must be at least 64°F before and during installation.
    Preparations
                                  is to be installed as a 8.3mm Laminate Flooring, which means: the boards are not to be glued
or tacked to the underlay. Leave an expansion gap around the perimeter of the room of approximately 0.23-0.29 inch. Remove
old mouldings. Measure the room accurately, at the right angles to the direction of the boards. The boards in the final row
should be at least 2 inches wide. If necessary, the boards in the first row can be cut to smaller size on their width. Tools
needed to install                                    are a jig-saw or fine toothed hand saw and spacer blocks.

    The Sub-Floor
                                     can be installed on most existing floors, e.g. wooden floors, PVC, concrete floors. Soft long-
piled wall-to-wall carpets should be removed. Make sure that the surface is level, dry & even (<0.16 inch per 78 inches). The
supporting floor needs to be thoroughly dried.
 Wooden and wood based materials max 50% relative humidity
 Concrete and light concrete floor max 85% relative humidity (max 2% CM)
 Plaster and plaster based floor max 0.5% CM
All types of concrete floors, light concrete floors or ceramics demand a damp barrier. Use a plastic foil of at least 0.0078 inch
thickness. The foil must be applied with a minimum of 8” overlap, taped and turned up against the walls, and clean-cut once
the floor is installed. You also need an underlay material with a thickness of min 0.04-0.12 inch. Please contact your distributor.

    Floor Heating
Follow the instructions given by your floor heating supplier. As for the installation of    8.3mm Laminate FlooringS, we also
ask you to note: always use 0.0078 inch plastic foil underneath                                      when underfloor heating is
used. The floor heating should have been turned off 2-3 days prior to installation, and have room temperature when starting the
NOTE! Maximum floor surface temperature 83°F. In case of an electrical floor heating system, we recommend the heating
not exceed 60W/m2. There can not be hot and cold areas within the same floor. Please note that if loose carpets/rugs are
used, the temperature underneath may exceed recommended maximum temperature.
Starting-up the floor heating after installation: the first week the heating may be left on low temperature (61-68°F). The
following week the heating may be adjusted according to suppliers recommendations and according to the above mentioned
25 Year Limited
Residential Warranty

This Limited Warranty is made by Manufacturer and is limited to                                               . Manufacturer
warrants to the original purchaser that the surface wear layer on                                       shall not show wear-
through, staining or fading due to sun or artificial light for a period of 25 years from the original date of purchase when
used under normal conditions in a dry, indoor, residential building.
The surface wear must be readily visible from a distance of 6 feet, measuring at least 1 square inch. Wear-
through at the edges of                                  is excluded from the warranty. Gloss fading is not

                                 must be installed following the recommended installation instructions and with
accessories, which have been approved by Manufacturer. All                                      panels must be
inspected for possible, recognizable defects before and during the installation as any right to claim under
warranty becomes invalid after panels with visable defects have been installed.

This warranty applies only to the original purchaser of                                             and is not transferable.
Warranty claims can only be accepted if the goods were delivered by the dealer in the original packaging.
The warranty does not apply if                                   has not been cleaned, maintained or cared for
according to the cleaning and care instructions provided by Manufacturer.

This Manufacturer warranty does not cover: surface wear or damage caused by abusive conditions; misuse of
the product; freight damage; modification, alteration, repair or service of the product by anyone other than the
authorized Manufacturer representative; accidents such as, but not limited to, damage caused by scratching,
severe impact, cutting, negligence, fire, flooding. This warranty is of dimishing value: it takes account of loss of
value resulting from use, i.e. 1/25 per annum.

In the event of a claim meeting the conditions of the Manufacturer 25 Year Limited Residential Warranty,
Manufacturer will provide the dealer with materials free of charge to repair or replace the defective
                     panels. This does not include labor costs. If the product for which a claim is no longer
available, the customer shall be able to choose from Manufacturer’s current product range of equal value.
Manufacturer warrants repaired or replaced products for the remainder of the original warranty period only.

The above are the consumer’s sole and exclusive remediies for claims under this warranty. Manufacturer
reserves the right to inspect the installed                           panels and to remove samples if
needed for analysis.

To make a claim under this warranty, contact your                                       dealer within 30 days
following the date of discovery or detection of wear-through, fade or staining. An original proof of purchase
(including the date of purchase) must be presented when requesting warranty service.

This warranty, dated 01/01/2002, supersedes all Manufacturer warranties previously issued.

Warranty disclaimer
This Limited Warranty is in lieu of all other warranties, both express and implied. MANUFACTURER DISCLAIMS
MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. Manufacturer shall not be liable for any
special, indirect, incidental or consequential damages. Any damage that occurs during shipping is the
responsibility of the shipping company. Somes states do not allow the exclusion or limitation of incidental or
consequential damages, or have limitations on how long an implied warranty lasts, so this exclusion or limitation
may not apply to you. The applicable warranty gives you specific legal rights and you may have other rights that
vary from state to state. The foregoing warranty constitutes the entire agreement of Manufacturer with respect to
the subject matter hereof, and supersedes all prior or contemporaneous agreements and communications
regarding such subject matter, whether oral or written. No modifiaction, amendmentm, waiver or discharge of this
warranty or of any of its terms shall bind Manufacturer unless in writing and signed by a duly authorized
representative of Manufacturer.

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