QUILT HAWAII 2008 by dfgh4bnmu


									                             QUILT HAWAI’I 2008
                               June 30 -July 6, 2008
                              The Big Island of Hawai’i
                           Sheraton Keauhou Bay Resort & Spa
                                  Kailua-Kona, Hawai’i
                           A quilt conference in a tropical paradise!
               Quilt Show, Classes, Vendors’ Mall, Island Tours, Evening Programs,
                    Luncheons, Lectures and more. All with the spirit of Aloha!
                          Show Opening: Wednesday, July 2, 7- 9 PM
              Show and Vendors’ Mall Hours Daily: Thursday – Saturday 9 AM – 5 PM
                                      Sunday 9 AM – 4 PM
                                       Admission: $3.00

            Welcome to QUILT HAWAI’I ’08                         Our 15th Anniversary Celebration
                                          Sharon Pederson, Canada
                                         Janet Jones Worley, Alabama
                                          Dierdra McElroy, California
                                             Pat Yamin, New York
                                           Gayle Jacobson, Oregon
                                           Sonja Hagemann, Hawai’i
                                             Kathy Tripp, Hawai’i
                                            Myra Forbyn, California
                                         Cathy Van Bruggen, California
                                              Meg Maeda, Japan
                                        Faye Labanaris, New Hampshire
               Join us on the Big Island of Hawai’i for our 15th quilt show and conference.
Celebrate the beauty and excitement in the art of quilt making in a stunning hotel setting on Keauhou Bay,
          Enjoy a great quilt show with many beautiful quilts from traditional Hawaiian designs,
          To contemporary art quilts, as well as timeless traditional quilts with tempting vendors.
           Take classes with teachers from across the USA, the Hawaiian Islands and Japan.
                       Enjoy fun filled island tours with sightseeing and shopping.
            Share ALOHA with fellow quilters, meet old friends and enjoy making new friends.
                 Have a wonderful time and a quilting experience you’ll long remember.
                       All this with the ALOHA spirit in a beautiful tropical setting.
                       American Quilter’s Society    www. AmericanQuilter.com
                       Flynn Quilt Frame Company www.flynnquilt.com
                       Quilters’ Newsletter Magazine www.quiltersvillage.com
                       Keepsake Quilting             www.keepsakequilting.com
                       Superior Threads              www.superiorthreads.com
                       Discount Fabric Warehouse www.gotfabric.com

    QUILT HAWAI’I is produced by Quilt Ventures, LLC            Visit us at www.quiltventures.com
                                                                                to your comfort is the Sheraton Sweet Sleeper bed, with its custom
     WELCOME TO QUILT HAWAI’I ‘08                                               plush top mattress, cloud-like duvet and deluxe pillows.
        The Big Island of Hawai’i
                                                                                Enjoy a famous local attraction from the Crystal Blue Terrace
                                                                                vantage point of watching the magnificent manta rays as they swim
QUILT HAWAI’I is a quilt conference with classes and a quilt show               in to close to the shoreline for their evening feeding after the sun
held each year on a Hawaiian island. Each island, with its own                  sets. Their dance-like antics and their huge size will delight you.
beauty and personality, offers memorable Aloha to QUILT HAWAI’I
participants. Celebrate our 15th conference and the Fourth of July on
the Big Island of HAWAI’I at the beautiful oceanfront hotel the                 QUILT SHOW & VENDORS MALL HOURS
Sheraton Keauhou Bay Resort & Spa, Kailua-Kona.                                 A wonderful quilt show and tempting vendors’ mall will be open
                                                                                Wednesday evening July 2 from 7 to 9 PM,
                                                                                Thursday through Saturday, July 3 to 5 from 9 AM to 5 PM
LOCATION                                                                        Sunday, July 6 from 9 AM – 4PM
Mid-way along the Big Island’s sun-blessed leeward coast, rising on             You’ll enjoy beautiful quilts and be tempted by the many vendors with
a dramatic lava flow on Keauhou Bay, once the domain of Hawaiian                all they have to offer from the latest in fabrics, threads, books,
Ali’i or Royalty, the Sheraton Keauhou Bay Resort & Spa is a world              patterns, Hawaiian crafts, and lots more.
away from the expected – yet a mere 20 minute drive south from the
Kona International Airport and only 10 minutes from the charming
port town of Kailua-Kona. Rental cars, taxi and shuttle services are            REGISTRATION INFORMATION
available at the airport. Speedishuttle can be contacted at toll free           The conference registration form is located on page 19.
1(877)242-5777 (USA and Canada) or visit their website:                         Send in your completed registration form either by mail or fax. You
www.speedishuttle.com for on-line reservations and their fare                   may call the registrar to inquire about class openings. Your
quote system.                                                                   completed registration form and payment must be received in order
                                                                                for you to be registered. Payment may be made by personal check,
                                                                                money order (payable in US dollars) or credit card charge with
DRIVING DIRECTIONS                                                              MasterCard or Visa. A $35 fee will be charged for any returned
From Kona International Airport, turn right on to Queen Ka’ahumanu              checks. No registrations will be taken over the phone.
Highway. Remain on the “Queen K” for approximately 10 miles. As
                                                                                          There is a non-refundable registration fee of $25
you head up a slight incline, get into the right lane, watch for the lava
                                                                                    You may fax your form only if you are paying with a credit card.
rock wall sign for Keauhou Resort and the sign over the traffic light
for Kamehameha III Road where you will turn right. Follow “KAM III
Road” to the 2 nd light which is Ali’I Drive, where you will turn left.                                  CONFERENCE FEES
Follow Ali’I Drive past the Kona Country Club golf course and club
house. Watch for a small green roadway sign on the right hand side                        Half day class / 3 hours                  $30
indicating an upcoming right turn for Keauhou Bay                                         All day class / 6 hours                   $55
where you’ll turn right on to Kaleiopapa Street. Ehukai Street and the
entrance to Sheraton Keauhou are just at the bottom and to your left                      Luncheon Buffet with Speaker              $27
off of Kaleiopapa Street.                                                                 Daily fee

                                                                                          Thursday Evening Buffet w/ lecture $55
ACCOMMODATIONS                                                                            Thursday Evening Lecture Program $10
Stay and play at the Sheraton Keauhou Bay Resort & Spa, the host
hotel for QUILT HAWAI’I ’08 and enjoy a very relaxing experience.                         Saturday Evening Dessert                  $17.50
The spirit of old Hawaii is very much a part of this beautiful hotel.
                                                                                          Tour # 1 – Monday June 30                 $ 120
Where an ancient lava peninsula reaches longingly for the sea…                            Tour # 2 –Tuesday July 1                  $ 149
Where languid days surrender to nights lit by the light of a thousand
stars… Where history & elegance combine in a gentle swirl of trade                         Quilt Show Entry                         $15
winds… Welcome to the Sheraton Keauhou Bay Resort and Spa
                    www.sheratonkeauhou.com                                                      CANCELLATION & REFUND POLICY
                                                                                If you must cancel a workshop or event, the Registrar must receive
A block of rooms has been reserved at a special rate for QUILT                  notification in writing, either by fax or by mail (not E-mail), along with
HAWAI’I ’08 participants. Reserve your room directly with the hotel             a copy of your registration confirmation form.
either by phone, fax or mail. See page 9 for hotel registration form.

The Sheraton Keauhou Bay Resort and Spa is a luxury hotel with                                      QH’08 Registrar Ellen Peters
ravishing waterfront views, Four-Star accommodations and services,                                      27 Tremont Street
includes a fabulous spa where innovative treatments include ancient                                      Laconia NH 03246
Hawaiian rejuvenation techniques. Enjoy your room with space to
unwind and take in the sweeping views of a brilliant landscape. Key                           Phone: 603 524 6956 Fax: 603 524 7282
                                                                                                    E-mail: ebpeters @ LR.net

The Registrar must receive your cancellation notice by the dates                 SCHEDULE OF EVENTS …AT A GLANCE
below in order for you to receive a refund.
The registration fee of $25 is non-refundable                                    Monday June 30 Tour # 1 Hilo & Hamakua Coast Tour
100% of the balance is refunded if notice is received by May 1, 2008.                           7:30 AM – 5 PM
50% is refundable if notice is received by June 1, 2008
No refunds will be given after June 1, 2008                                      Tuesday July 1     Tour # 2 Volcano & Kealakekua Bay Tour
Your registration and signature implies agreement with this policy.                                 7:30 Am – 6:30 PM
                                                                                 Wednesday July 2
                                                                                 10 AM – 4 PM     Registration desk open
                                                                                 9 - 11 AM        Deliver quilts to Keauhou Ballroom
QUESTIONS? Please contact either:                                                1 PM             Hang quilt show
                                                                                 6:15 - 6:45 PM   Meet the Teacher & Book signing
Faye Labanaris       Ph: (603) 742-0211 Fax: (603) 740-9199                      6:45 – 7 PM      Opening Ceremonies
                     E-mail: Fayequilt@comcast.net                               7 – 9 PM         Quilt Show & Vendors Mall open

Ellen Peters         Ph: (603) 524-6956 Fax: (603) 524-7282                      Thursday July 3
                     E-mail: ebpeters@LR.net                                     8 AM – 4:30 PM Registration Desk open
                                                                                 8:30 – 11:30 AM Classes
                                                                                 9 AM – 5 PM       Quilt Show / Vendors Mall open
                                                                                 11:30 AM – 1:30 PM Luncheon Break
                                                                                 Noon – 1 PM       Luncheon, 12:30 PM Speaker Program
                                                                                                   Luncheon speaker Heather Purcell
A QUILTER’S TIME IS VALUABLE! With lots to see and do in the
                                                                                 1:30 – 4:30 PM    Classes
quilt show and vendors’ mall during the lunch break, you don’t want
                                                                                 5:45PM            Cash bar for the buffet opens
to waste any time leaving the conference site and waiting for meal
                                                                                 6-8 PM            Evening buffet
service. Enjoy a delicious luncheon, pleasant conversation, quilting
                                                                                 8 PM              Trunk Show &Lecture
camaraderie and a speaker program during your lunch break in a
                                                                                                      w/ Janet Jones Worley
beautiful hotel setting. $27 daily luncheon fee
                                                                                 Friday July 4
                                                                                 8 AM – 4:30 PM Registration Desk open
     The Luncheon Speaker program is sponsored                                   9 AM – 5 PM       Quilt Show / Vendors Mall open
                                   By                                            8:30 – 11:30 AM Classes
           The American Quilter’s Society                                        11:30 AM – 1:30 PM Luncheon Break
                                                                                 Noon – 1 PM       Luncheon, 12:30 PM Speaker Program
               Visit www.AmericanQuilter.com                                                       Luncheon Speaker Dierdra McElroy
                                                                                 1:30 – 4:30 PM    Classes
                                                                                 7:30 – 10 PM      Fabric Bingo – Free to Registrants

VOLUNTEERS           Help Wanted!!                                               Saturday July 5
Just as a quilt is made up of many pieces of fabric, so it is that a quilt       8 AM – 4:30 PM Registration Desk open
show is made up of many people working together doing many jobs.                 9 AM – 5 PM       Quilt Show / Vendors Mall open
Your help is needed as a QUILT HAWAI’I ’08 show volunteer.                       8:30 – 11:30 AM Classes
 Sign up on the registration form or any time at the show.                       11:30 AM – 1:30 PM Luncheon Break
                                                                                 Noon – 1 PM       Luncheon 12:30 PM Speaker Program
                                                                                                   Luncheon Speaker Sharon Pederson
CLASS ANGELS                                                                     1:30 – 4:30 PM    Classes
Assist the teacher in the classroom with clerical and set-up duties              7 – 7:30PM        Dessert program
and l receive a special Quilt Angel pin.                                         7:30 – 8:30 PM    Bob Purcell Thread Lecture – Free to Registrants
Sign up on the Class Registration Form.                                          8:30 PM           Show and Tell, Ugly Fabric contest
You must be registered for the class you wish to be an angel for.                                       – Free to Registrants
                                                                                 Sunday July 6
MEET THE TEACHER & BOOK SIGNING                                                  8 AM – 3 PM       Registration Desk open
Join us Wednesday evening, July, at 6:15 PM in the foyer outside of              9 AM – 4 PM       Quilt Show / Vendors Mall open
Keauhou Ballroom to meet our teachers for QUILT HAWAI’I ’08.                     8:30 – 11:30 AM Classes
Bring your copies of their books for autographs. Books and patterns              11:30 AM – 1:30 PM Luncheon Break
will also be available from the teachers for purchase. Enjoy a tropical          Noon – 1 PM       Luncheon, 12:30 PM Speaker Program
drink from the cash bar.                                                                           Luncheon Speaker Pat Yamin
                                                                                 1:30 – 4:30 PM    Classes
Opening ceremonies will follow at 6:45 PM with the quilt show and                4 PM              Quilt show ends
vendors’ mall opening at 7 PM until 9 PM for your enjoyment.                     5 – 6 PM          Pick-up quilts in Keauhou Ballroom

A Personal Recommendation
To make the most of your trip to the Big Island, a guide book is
always a help. There are many guide books out there and we’ve
bought lots of them. But this one is by far the BEST! It is readable,
enjoyable and trustworthy! This is a great guide book that you will

use and enjoy!

               Hawaii: The Big Island Revealed
              By Andrew Doughty & Harriett Friedman
                       Wizard Publications

Contact www.wizardpub.com

Sewing Machine Rentals                                                                             IN MEMORIAL
We are pleased to announce that Discount Fabrics will have sewing
machines available for your rental at Quilt Hawai’i. Now you can take        It is with heartfelt sadness that we say good bye to two lovely
those great classes that require a sewing machine and not have to            people who were very special to Quilt Hawai’i. They were
bring one from home. This makes travel on plane so much easier.              beautiful examples of the Aloha Spirit and will be sorely missed
See pages 7 and 8 for rental form and machine information. After
                                                                             by all who knew them.
using it in class, you’ll want to take it home with you, too! The
machines are available for sale at a special Quilt Hawai’I ’08 price.

                                                                                        Julie Yukimura, Lihue, Kaua’i
Fifteenth Anniversary Celebration
Every 15th person to register for Quilt Hawai’I classes will receive a       The news of the sudden death of Julie in early November left
coupon good for 15% discount off any logo item at the Quilt Hawai’i
                                                                             everyone who knew her in a state of shock and profound
booth. You will pick up your coupon at the registration desk.
                                                                             sadness. Her store, the Kapaia Stitchery, is a wonderful place
                                                                             to visit and you won’t leave without taking most of it home with
                                                                             you. She was an unwavering supporter of Quilt Hawai’i and
Quilt Ventures Tours
                                                                             invited all who visited her store to attend the show. Julie’s
If you enjoy the fun we have at Quilt Hawai’i and hate to see it end,
then join Faye and Ellen on a Quilt Ventures tour:                           beautiful smile and warm hugs will be missed by all who knew
February: Mid-Atlantic Quilt Festival in Hampton, Virginia
            and the historic Williamsburg Triangle
April: Lancaster County, Quilter’s Heritage Celebration Quilt Show,
             Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
                                                                                        Sue Cary, Orr’s Island, Maine
April: Paducah, Kentucky and the AQS Quilt show,
              St. Louis, Missouri                                            Sue died in early October after a short illness. She attended
October: New England in autumn                                               Quilt Hawai’i 07 in spite of her pain, upon her return home she
August: AQS Expo Quilt Show at the Opryland Hotel                            was diagnosed with liver cancer. Her intense love of Hawai’i
             in Nashville, Tennessee                                         made her Hawaiian at heart. She was a loyal participant and
                                                                             staff member of Quilt Hawai’i. Her enthusiasm, friendship, and
We promise you good fun, good food and lots of fabric guaranteed.
                                                                             annual count-down to the number of days before the show
Visit www.quiltventures.com for tour photos, and tour information
                                                                             leave us with a void hard to fill.

                  Thank you very much
            to our sponsors for their support
    Visit their websites and support their products.

American Quilter’s Society    www.AmericanQuilter.com
Flynn Quilt Frame Company www.flynnquilt.com
Keepsake Quilting             www.keepsakequilting.com
Quilters’ Newsletter Magazine www.quiltersvillage.com
Superior Threads              www.superiorthreads.com
Discount Fabric Warehouse     www.gotfabric.com

            We are pleased to present                                            Sharon Pederson, Black Creek, British Columbia, Canada
       a very talented group of teachers for                                     A quilt teacher for 18 years, Sharon has taught at major conferences
                                                                                 in Canada, England and the United States. She is the author of four
                QUILT HAWAI’I 2008                                               best- selling books. Her classes stress machine skills and all are
           on The Big Island of Hawai’i.                                         relaxed and fun. www.sharonquilts.com

Myra Forbyn, Placerville, California, loves designing patterns for
appliqué and vending with beautiful fabrics at quilt shows. She                  Kathy Tripp, Volcano Village, Hawaii born and raised on the Big
teaches throughout the west coast. Her motto is “there is no right               Island of Hawai’i, is an enthusiastic, passionate quilter. Her love of
way to appliqué”.                                                                quilting inspired her to open Kilauea Kreations, a quilt shop in
 www.auntmyras.com                                                               Volcano and her newest shop, Kilauea Kreation II in Hilo. Her quilts
                                                                                 have gone around the world in many shows. Her love of quilting is a
                                                                                 driving force in teaching and encouraging as many quilters in this
Sonja Hagemann, Haleiwa, Oahu, Hawai’i, is well known for                        special world we call quilting.
her original design work in folk art dolls and quilts, as well as her             www.KilaueaKreations.com
painted flowers and fabrics. She is listed in the Best of Hawaii, Fuji-
88. Her work is collected, commissioned and given as gifts sharing
love of color, cloth and nature.                                                 Cathy Van Bruggen, Garden Grove, California, loves to
                                                                                 appliqué.” Appliqué The Easy Way” ™ was developed in 2003. Cathy
                                                                                 continues to develop unique time saving techniques for needle turn
Gayle Jacobson, The Dalles, Oregon, just plain loves fabrics                     and machine appliqué methods. Her classes feature original designs
and embellishments, has taught quilting and clothing constructions               and patterns.
classes since the early 1980’s and is now exploring the different                www.cathyvb.com
ways a sewing machine can do traditional handwork. She enjoys
embellishing with paints and crayons and her specialty is thread
painting and free-motion embellishments.                                         Janet Jones Worley, Huntsville, Alabama, a talented designer
                                                                                 and quilt teacher, has taught throughout the United States and as far
                                                                                 away as the United Arab Emirates. Her light- hearted approach to
Faye Labanaris, Dover, New Hampshire, brings her love of                         quilting makes her classes fun and exciting. She firmly believes in
teaching, hand appliqué and making flowers from ribbon to her                    “All Quilters Go To Heaven” and that Chocolate is necessary to
classes. Her specialty is hand needle-turn appliqué and landscape                sustain life. She is the author of several books published by the
designs with dimensional ribbon-work blossoms. She is the author of              American Quilter’s Society. www.JanetJonesWorley.com
five books with the American Quilter’s Society. She co-producer with
                                                                                 Pat Yamin, Brooklyn, New York, the owner of Come Quilt with
                                                                                 Me, designs and manufactures templates and is the inventor of the
                                                                                 Brooklyn Revolver Turn tables. She has been teaching for over 25
Meg Maeda, Tokyo, Japan, has two jobs, one as a graphic                          years at major shows across the USA and is the author of several
designer and the other as a quilt artist. She teaches Hawaiian quilting          books with the American Quilter’s Society. Her classes are always
in Tokyo and has over 100 students. Starting in 2004 she has won a               full of fun tips and techniques. www.Comequiltwithme.com
first place ribbon in the Quilt Hawai’i quilt show three times. All of her
quilts are hand appliquéd and hand-quilted and are unparalleled in
design and coloring.

Dierdra McElroy, Lathrop, California, is an internationally
known quilt artist specializing in technique and hand workmanship.
Her ability to break down tasks into small manageable steps makes
her a highly sought after instructor and earned her two nominations
for the Quilt Teacher of the Year Award.

                         QUILT HAWAI’I ‘08                                                          Tour # 2 Tuesday, July 1
                                                                                                      Volcano & Kealakekua Bay Tour
                          THE BIG ISLAND                                                                   7:30 AM - 6:30 PM
                     Who said quilters just sew!                                 We’ll depart from the Sheraton Keauhou Bay Resort & Spa and our
           Join Faye and Ellen for two exciting fun-filled                       first stop will be H. Kimura’s for Mrs. Kimura’s Fabrics. This store has
                Big Island Quilt Hawaii tours.                                   been in business since 1939 and is a must see with lots of fabrics to
             Each tour is customized especially for us                           choose from in ‘a step back in time’ stetting.
              and will focus on a different side of this                         Then continue sightseeing as we travel past Kona coffee plantations
                       beautiful island.                                         and macadamia nut farms. We’ll stop at Punal’u Black Sand Beach
            Enjoy the spectacular and diverse scenery,                           and maybe we’ll be lucky enough to see turtles on the beach. We’ll
            as you learn about the history of the island                         stop at the southernmost bakery in the United State for malasadas,
             Of course, fabric shopping on each tour!                            delicious breads, jams and jellies.
               We’ll have lots of fun, fabulous views,                           Our visit to the Volcano National Park will be an experience you’ll
              fabric, food stops and good company…                               long remember with the Volcano House, the Steam Bluffs, Crater
                 …what more does a quilter want?                                 Drive, Jagger Museum, Volcano Observatory, Thurston Lava Tube,
                                                                                 Kilauea Iki Crater and more spectacular volcanic scenery.

                                                                                 We’ll have lunch at the Lava Rock Café and shopping at Kilauea
                  Tour # 1 Monday, June 30                                       Kreations and the General Store in the village of Volcano. This quilt
                                                                                 shop is filled with many wonderful fabrics, quilts and unique gift
                    Hilo Town and the Hamakua Coast                              items. We’ll have trouble pulling you away from here.
                               7:30 AM – 6 PM
                                                                                 Our visit to Kealakekua Bay is where Captain Cook first was
                                                                                 worshipped as a god and later killed as mortal. Visit Pu’uhonua o
We’ll depart from the Sheraton Keauhou Bay Resort & Spa and
                                                                                 Honaunau, the Place of Refuge and enjoy its unique beauty and
travel north along the stunning Kohala coast with its many beautiful
                                                                                 calm Polynesian scenery and atmosphere. This is a great place to
hotels. Read the coral graffiti on black lava beds and enjoy the
                                                                                 visit and was designated a National Park in 1961.
glowing bougainvillea growing out of lava. On clear morning you can
see the top of Mauna Kea and the observatories. We’ll start the day
                                                                                 A visit to the world famous Kona coffee country would not be
with shopping at the Topstitch Quilt shop in Waimea, a shop full of
                                                                                 complete without a visit to a coffee plantation.
lots of inspiration, Hawaiian patterns and great fabrics. We’ll be in
Parker Ranch country so be on the lookout for cattle and paniolos.
                                                                                 A great day of sightseeing, shopping, eating, and laughing is
Then we’ll drive down the Hamakua coast to the Waipio Valley
Lookout, one of the most spectacular views on the island. Enjoy the
lush foliage on this side of the island. A must visit spot on this tour is
                                                                                 Cost: $149
Tex’s Drive-In for their famous mouth watering hot malasadas.
                                                                                 Includes luncheon and admissions to Volcano National Park
                                                                                 and Place of Refuge National Park
Then we head over to Hilo Town where you’ll think time has stood
still in a wonderful old Hawaiian way. There is so much to see and do
                                                                                 Depart Sheraton Keauhou 7:30 AM and return 6:30 PM
in this old sugar town. You’ll have time to enjoy exploring the quaint
storefront shops, visit the Lyman House Museum and Mission
House which houses a fine collection of Polynesian artifacts and a
display of Captain Cook’s voyages as well as diaries and books from                        Please note: All departures times are prompt!
the 1800’s. A drive along Banyan Drive features the stately banyan
trees, each planted for a famous person. Queen Lili’okalani’s Garden             Meet us at the front entrance to the Sheraton Keauhou Bay
is just one of the many beautiful gardens in Hilo. Hilo is also home to          resort hotel at least 15 minutes earlier than our scheduled
the original Hilo Hattie! Of course, fabric shopping is a must in this           departure time for group check in. We don’t want you to miss
town and we’ll be sure to visit several shops, including Kilauea                 the bus! Don’t forget to bring along water, sunscreen, a hat and
Kreation II located in a restored plantation house, as well as Discount          a light weight jacket or sweater for your comfort.
                                                                                 Tour itineraries may be subject to last minute changes due to
A great day of sightseeing, shopping, eating, and laughing is                    traffic, time factors, or weather conditions.
guaranteed! Lunch on your own                                                    Tour(s) will be cancelled if a minimum number of participants
                                                                                 for each tour is not met by June 1, 2008.
Cost $120                                                                        An additional fee may be charged if the fuel surcharge by the
Depart Sheraton Keauhou 7:30 M and return 5 PM                                   charter bus company exceeds our estimates.

      DISCOUNT FABRIC                                    Address__________________________________
         WAREHOUSE                                       ________________ (Required)
        74-5605 Luhia Street                             ____________________________________
    Kailua-Kona, Hawaii 96740                            Customer
(808) 326- 7474 Fax: (808)326-1981                       Identification______________________________
                                                         _________________ (Required)
  Store Open Monday – Saturday 9 – 6 &                          Driver’s License, Passport, State ID care,
               Sunday 10 – 4                             etc
                July 4 9-5
                                                         Credit card
   Visit our web site www.gotfarbic.com                  Number__________________________________
                                                         ___ Exp date_______________
    Sewing Machine Rental                                (Credit card or $100 deposit required)
  Agreement for Quilt Hawai’i
                                                         Accessories included: (Customer required to
             2008                                        initial receipt of the following items)
Pick-up date_______________                Return        Manual _____            Tote Bag____
          Date__________________                                  Complete Accessories Set_____
 Cost: $25.00 / day, $75 / week (taxable) paid at        Under this rental agreement, I agree to return
                the time of return.                      the sewing machine before the close of business
  If desired, machine may be purchased for a             on the return date listed above. I further
           special event price of $349                   understand I am responsible to replace any
  And have all rental cost applied towards the           missing bobbins, foot control or spool cap that
                  purchase price                         was provided with this machine. If the sewing
  Reserve your machine no later than June 24,            machine is lost or stolen, I further agree to have
                       2008                              my credit card charged for the replacement
 Note: Sewing machine may be picked up at the Kona
                                                         value of the machine ($349).
     store or at Quilt Hawai’i during show dates
Customer                                                 __ Date___________________
E-                                                       Machine Model Number: Baby Lock
mail______________________________________               BL66XScape!
Cell Phone                                               Machine Serial Number:
number___________________________________                __________________________________________
__________________________                               _________
Local Phone
_______________ (Required)                                  Sewing Machine Rentals for
Local Address/ Hotel or                                         Quilt Hawai’i 2008
_____ (Required)
__________________________________________                        Baby Lock Xscape
____________________________________                       Whether you’re taking a sewing class or
                                                          relaxing on vacation, the Xscape makes it
 easy to take your favorite sewing features         Features:
   with you. This 12.8 pound machine is             *Lightweight – at 12.8 pounds, the Xscape is the
                                                    perfect weight and size for light and easy travel.
 packed full of built-in stitches, accessory
                                                    Take it to classes, sewing retreats, vacations, and
        feet and convenient functions.              more!
Plus, it includes an attractive carrying case
          to make traveling a breeze!               *LED Screen – Easily find and use the stitch you
                                                    want with the LED screen.
Sewing Features                                     *Accessories: there are 17 accessories to help you
        Accessories                                 get the most out of Xscape, including 9 feet and
66 stitches                                         several tools.
        Tote bag for machine
One-step, automatic buttonhole in 8 styles          *Tote Bag: No matter where you’re sewing,
        9 accessory feet:                           carrying the Xscape is a breeze with this
Drop-in Bobbin                                      convenient attractive tote bag.
        ¼” foot
Automatic needle threader                            Any questions contact Mary at Discount
        Free motion/ darning foot                                   Fabrics
Programmable needle up/down
                                                       E-mail: dfwkona@hawaiiantel.net
        Zipper foot
Drop feed                                                    Phone: (808) 326 7474
        Straight stitch foot
Adjustable stitch length: 0.3-4.5mm
        Buttonhole foot
Variable needle positions
        Zigzag/ standard foot (on machine)
Start/stop button
        Blind hem foot
Variable speed control
        Open toe foot
Free Arm
        Overcastting foot

       Bobbins (3)

       Needle package

       Seam ripper

       Spool caps (large and small)

25-year limited manufacture’s warranty

2-year electrical
1-year computer circuits
1-year labor

Ask your Baby Lock Retailer about machine
maintenance programs

                                                                      on, feel free to. We will be working with a heart shape so that
        QUILT HAWAI’I 2008                                            might influence your choice of fabric.
                                                                      Sewing Machine Required
                  CLASS SCHEDULE
        Morning session     8:30 – 11:30 AM
        Luncheon Break      11:30 AM – 1:30 PM                        104      Blueberries and White Chocolate
        Afternoon Session   1:30 – 4:30 PM                                                                     Janet Jones Worley
                                                                      Tired of that sinking feeling every time you see the words,
                                                                      Refer to photo for placement? Love those beautiful borders,
                                                                      but have no idea how to get graceful curves with your vines?
             WEDNESDAY, JULY 2                                        This class is for you! The quilt Blueberries and White
                                                                      Chocolate has many techniques that are just plain fun and
6:15 -6:30 PM: Meet the Teachers and Book Signing                     easy. Learn to machine appliqué your flowers and place tiny
           Courtyard outside Sheraton Keauhou Ballroom                paper pieced stars in the center of your blocks. Quilt is from
6:45 PM: Opening Ceremonies                                           my book Quilts for Chocolate Lovers. It looks so hard but is
7 - 9 PM: Quilt Show and Vendors Mall open                            ohhhh so easy. Sewing Machine Required

                                                                      105      Off Set Squares                           Pat Yamin
              THURSDAY, JULY 3                                        Have you tried a tessellated pattern yet? This simple fractured
                                                                      square lets you play with color and design. It’s easy for the
                                                                      beginner and intriguing for the advanced sewer. Kit includes
                      Thursday, July 3
                                                                      fabric and template. Sewing Machine Required Kit fee $75
12– 1 PM       Luncheon $27
12:30 PM       Luncheon lecture with Heather Purcell
                 Lecture Only $7
                                                                                           Thursday, July 3
                     Sponsored by
              The American Quilter’s Society                           Join us as we celebrate our 15th anniversary with a
                                                                                Keauhou Bayside Pizzeria Buffet
                                                                                            6 – 8 PM

                   ALL-DAY CLASSES                                       Enjoy all you can eat salads, antipasto, 2 kinds of
                                                                              pasta, 3 kinds of pizza and 3 desserts.
101      Learn To Embellish With Paintstiks                                     What a delicious way to celebrate!
                                            Gayle Jacobson
Paintstiks are one of the most fun embellishment techniques
I’ve tried in a long time! This class will teach you how to                  Dinner price includes lecture program
embellish fabrics for quilts and garments using a variety of                        Cash bar opens at 5:45 PM
techniques: drawing, masking, rubbing, stenciling, etc. You’ll                _______________________________
go home with lots of samples for use in future projects plus
some tips on further embellishing with threads, embroidery,                          Lecture & Trunk Show 8 PM
beads and buttons.                           Supply Fee: $8
                                                                                 Quilts for Chocolate Lovers
102      Ribbon Treasures from Celia’s Garden                                                      with
                                              Faye Labanaris                             Janet Jones Worley
Be the first to create delightful ribbon projects from Faye’s
newest book. Have fun working with a variety of beautiful             Enjoy this informative but lighthearted look at quilting and
ribbons in a whole new way, as well as in traditional                 ourselves. Learn how to become a true “Quilter with an
techniques. Create a myriad of flowers to adorn special               Attitude”. Get tips on finishing your quilts and banishing
treasures for gifts and keepsakes.               Kit Fee: $25         those UFO’s. Many….very many quilts will be shown at this
Visit www.fayelabanaris.com to see some of the flowers.               lecture along with information on how to keep your quilts “on
                                                                      moving day” from being wrapped around a refrigerator after
                                                                      you are gone. Tips on choosing fabrics for your quilts, quilting
103      Machine Applique for the Terrified Quilter                   patterns, and how to complete those unfinished quilting
                                           Sharon Pederson            projects so you can get on to new projects without guilt!
Applique by machine (either invisible or satin stitch) doesn’t
have to raise your blood pressure. After this class you’ll feel       Tickets: $10    Pre- registered
confident enough to tackle any kind of machine appliqué. This                  $12    Purchased at the door
is a process workshop. You’ll be learning a technique, not
making a project. So if you want to bring ‘scraps’ to practice
                  FRIDAY, JULY 4
                                                                          205       Sensational Sashiko               Sharon Pederson
                                                                          Learn new techniques for making perfectly spaced Sashiko
                                                                          stitches, all with the ease of your sewing machine and heavy
             HALF-DAY CLASSES – Morning
                                                                          weight threads. Visit Sharon’s website www.sharonquilts.com
                                                                          or see her book Sensational Sashiko to view samples.
201       Memories of Hawai’i                    Myra Forbyn              Sewing Machine Required
Learn to do cut as you go appliqué. This technique is perfect
for travel. You enjoy this fun, quick appliqué project. Choose
from 2 original designs created by Myra especially for QH’08,             206      Gecko’s Passion                Cathy Van Bruggen
a monstera leaf or an ocean scene with palm tress and                     A gecko waits patiently for a meal while perched on a passion
shoreline. Class is suitable for the beginning appliqué artist as         flower plant. Cathy will teach you time saving methods for
well as the accomplished appliquer.                Kit fee: $25           needle turn appliqué while making this pictorial project. Kit
                                                                          includes all fabric and embellishments for quilt top and
                                                                          pattern. www.cathyvb.com                         Kit fee: $50
202     Christmas in July                    Faye Labanaris
Have fun making beautiful reversible ribbon snowflakes to
                                                                          207     Beginning Machine Quilting, Trapunto, & Beading
adorn your tree or use as gift tag on presents. Embellish the
                                                                                                                  Janet Jones Worley
centers with beads, pearls and buttons. Make a Suzy
                                                                          Machine Quilting, the Fun Way – for Beginners!
Snowflake clothespin doll as an extra treat.     Kit fee: $15
                                                                          Learn not only how to machine quilt and finish all those tops,
                                                                          but also how to give your quilts something a little extra with
                                                                          Machine Trapunto and Machine Beading! This is a hands-on
                         Friday, July 4                                   workshop that covers the complete basics of outline quilting,
                                                                          free motion motifs and STIPPLE, STIPPLE, STIPPLE.
12 – 1 PM      Luncheon $27                                               Bating, basting and maneuvering your quilts will be covered.
12:30 PM       Luncheon lecture with Dierdra McElroy                      Sewing Machine Required
                 Lecture only $7

                      Sponsored by
               The American Quilter’s Society                             Friday, July 4          7:30 PM        FABRIC BINGO
                                                                                     (FREE and only for QH’08 registrants)

                                                                                  Lots of fun! Lots of prizes! Lots of laughter!
            HALF-DAY CLASSES – Afternoon                                           You’d never expect Bingo could be like this
                                                                                     Unless you have played with us before!
                                                                                       Join us for a fun way to end the day!
203      Tahitian Applique                   Dierdra McElroy                            It gets better and wilder each year!
Students will create a miniature version of a Tahitian quilt.                           Sponsored by Keepsake Quilting
Tahiti has a very unique and original form of appliqué similar
to Hawaii. This class allows students to taste island style, but           This year there will a cash bar available for your enjoyment
more importantly they will learn the technique of needle-turn
appliqué which is the most unencumbered form of appliqué
requiring no pins, spray starch or ironing. It is a very pleasing,
free form and relaxing technique. Dierdra will teach the
principals of fabric and how it moves so that the appliquer
learns to work with the fabric to create beautiful points and
                                                                                         SATURDAY, JULY 5
cures rather than fight it.                          Kit fee: $20
                                                                                       HALF-DAY CLASSES – Morning
                     All DAY CLASSES                                      301      Crypto Block                      Dierdra McElroy
                                                                          This style has a Scherenschnitte-type look at first glance, but
                                                                          the more you look…the more fun you’ll have finding hidden
204       Plumeria                               Meg Maeda
                                                                          words or symbols related to current events or QH. Needle turn
Let’s make a small palm size bag with 3-D plumeria motif and
                                                                          appliqué technique will be reviewed to help you build on your
matching fastener pull. You can learn lots of hand sewing
                                                                          current skills.                                   Kit fee: $12
techniques: appliqué, quilting, binding and fastener setting.
With this basic pattern you can make various shapes and sizes.            302     Hawaiian Watercolor Wreath           Kathy Tripp
What will you use it for? Accessories? Coins? Most likely                 Use Hawaiian fabric and watercolor techniques to create a
you’ll start using it before the day is out.     Kit fee: $20             watercolor wreath wall hanging. Design in class and finish
                                                                          sewing at home.                               Kit fee: $25
                       Saturday, July 5                                 308      Spinning Stars                             Pat Yamin
                                                                        Spinning Stars is the perfect hand piecing project. You will
12 – 1 PM      Luncheon $27                                             learn techniques for concave and convex hand sewing and
12:30 PM       Luncheon lecture with Sharon Pederson                    have no holes in your stars! Kit includes fabric and template.
                Lecture only: $7                                                                                            Kit fee: $75

                     Sponsored by
              The American Quilter’s Society
                                                                                          SATURDAY, July 5
                                                                            DESSERT RECEPTION 7:00 – 7:30PM
            HALF-DAY CLASSES – Afternoon                                Man does not live by bread alone & quilters need chocolate!

                                                                              Join us for a wonderful Ice Cream Reception
303      Orchid Garland                    Faye Labanaris                              This is too delicious to miss!
Create lush leafy garland from beautiful ribbons and accent              Make your own “original design” ice cream sundae with an
with stemmed ribbon Butterfly orchids for a stunning                     assortment of ice creams, toppings and all the fixings, plus
centerpiece for your table or wreath for your home. So easy                      Jumbo Cookies, Double Fudge Brownies
and so much fun!                                Kit fee: $20                    Enjoy Kona Coffees and a selection of teas

                                                                                    $17.50 Advance ticket purchase only
304     Fun Photo Quilts                    Kathy Tripp
Use your own photos to create a memory quilt. Have fun
experimenting with different photo fabric and the latest in
computer technology.                       Supply fee: $10                                    7:30 – 8:30 PM
                                                                                   THREAD FACTS AND FICTION
                                                                                  With Bob Purcell of Superior Threads
                    ALL DAY CLASSES                                                    Free to QH’08 registrants

                                                                          All fact! No opinion! Whether this is the first time you’ve
305        Hand Painting Ginger Flowers & Fabric                          attended Bob’s lecture or you are returning for a refresher
                                             Sonja Hagemann             course, this is an easy-to-understand presentation that teaches
Learn to paint the lovely ginger flowers on fabric. Learn a bit            you how to distinguish the quality of all types of threads,
about color mixing and techniques to make your own “one of               including regular and decorative. Bob will help you resolve
a kind” yardage that could go with your flower painting. This               and avoid problems sometimes encountered when using
is the sixth in a series of Sonja’s painting classes at Quilt              specialty threads. Learn the pros, cons of all major thread
Hawaii sharing the magic of painting on cloth and observing                  types, needle characteristics, the importance of needle
nature. Drawing skills are not required. The instructor will              selections and properly setting the tension for your sewing
provide paint, samples, inspiration, and share tools to draw out                     successes. Detailed handout included.
the artist in you.                             Supply fee: $20           ________________________________________

306      Reversible Quilts – Two at a Time                                          SHOW AND TELL               8:30 PM
                                          Sharon Pederson                       Free Admittance to QH ’08 registrants only
In this hand -on class you will learn everything you need to            Bring a quilt to show, past Quilt Hawaii projects you’ve
know to create a reversible quilt. This class covers the                finished or this year’s class project.
construction of reversible blocks, how to join them together
and reversible binding. Sewing Machine Required
                                                                                       The Ugly Fabric Contest
                                                                                         ( after Show and Tell)
307      Red Velvet Ice Cream             Janet Jones Worley                        “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”
This is a quilt that can easily be made in any size you desire.
Make one block and add an appliqué border for a wall                              Start looking now for your contribution.
hanging. Enlarge the quilt by adding more blocks. You are                       Bring one fat quarter of your ugliest fabric.
going to be shocked how much sewing you will do in class                       Bring just one ugly fabric per person please!
and the tons of work you will accomplish! Come to class and              We can’t predict what will happen next, when one person’s
learn Janet’s Applique Stitch, Ruching, Hand & Machine                     ugly fabric becomes another person’s heart’s desire!
Beading, invisible Binding, 1/8” stems, Beginner Paper
Piecing, couching Threads and more!
Sewing Machine Required

                                                                         hand quilting should be fairly rapid, completely painless and
                  SUNDAY, JULY 6                                         very rewarding. If it is not all three of these for you, That
                                                                         Perfect Stitch™ can help!                        Kit Fee: $25
             HALF-DAY CLASSES – Morning
                                                                         405      Hawaiian Quilting Contemporary Style
                                                                                                                         Kathy Tripp
401      Kona Sunset                         Faye Labanaris
                                                                         Learn Hawaiian quilt needle turn appliqué as you start as a
There is nothing as memorable as a brilliant Kona sunset. It is
                                                                         pillow. Learn the tradition while using contemporary fabrics to
even more special when sunsets are viewed with friends at the
                                                                         create your Hawaiian quilt pillow.          Optional Kit: $25
Crystal Blue Terrace with a delicious tropical drink in hand.
Capture this wonderful view and memory with a landscape
block designed especially by Faye for QH ’08 using Mickey                406      A Day at the Beach                 Cathy Van Bruggen
Lawler’s beautiful hand painted Skydyes fabrics. Kit fee: $25            Days spent on the beach in Hawaii will always be
                                                                         remembered. Capture these memories in this original wall
                                                                         hanging by Cathy. Fuse in class, ready to stitch at home.
402      Machine Trapunto and Machine Beading                            Kit includes pattern and fabric for quilt top.      Kit fee: $60
                                         Janet Jones Worley
Trapunto and Beading, Beautiful, Fast & easy…by Machine.
Trapunto or raised quilting can be traced back to the sixteenth
century and beyond, but you do not have to do it the old
fashioned way! Today, Trapunto is popular and modern                                              NOTES
techniques do not require you to cut openings in the back of
your quilt. Add some sparkle to your quilts with beads! You
will learn to put them on by machine securely and easily.
Students must know how to operate their machine.
Sewing Machine Required

                        Sunday, July 6

Noon – 1 PM Luncheon $27
12:30 PM    Luncheon lecture with Pat Yamin
             Lecture only: $7

                      Sponsored by
               The American Quilter’s Society

                    ALL DAY CLASSES

403       Pretty Postcards                     Gayle Jacobson
Looking for a special card? Something really different?? This
class will present a number of ways to embellish and stitch a
postcard and also teach some free motion techniques with tips
for satin stitching edges and other edge finishes using all those
built-in stitches for embellishment. Learn the US Postal
regulations regarding fabric postcards. There should be time in
class to finish 3-5 postcards, more if you sew at home,
depending on the amount of embellishments you choose to
add! Sewing machine optional. Optional Kit $20 must be
preordered. E-mail: gayle97058@charter.net

404       That Perfect Stitch                Dierdra McElroy
This is the most in-depth hand quilting class currently offered.
A complete review of all the products used in the quilt-making
process is given. The kinds of products you choose can
directly affect your hand quilting stitches. We will break the
hand quilting stitch down into specific movements. The act of
                                                                          contrasting fabric for satin stitch sample. Be sure your sewing
             CLASS SUPPLY LISTS                                           machine can do zig zag and please know how to change
                                                                          stitches, feet, etc. yourself. Read the manual so you don’t
Please note that the following basic sewing supplies (BSS)                waste precious time in class trying to figure things out. Bring
are identified by number.                                                 all feet and particularly the open toed embroidery foot if you
Bring only the supplies indicated for your classes.                       have one, the manual and extension cord.
Sewing machine classes require you to bring an extension                  Thread: one spool 60/2 cotton (sometimes referred to as
cord. It’s a good idea to bring your own power strip as well.             embroidery thread) to match your appliqué fabrics. One spool
A small portable light, such as an Ott-lite, is optional but              of either invisible nylon or invisible polyester thread in smoke
helpful.                                                                  or clear. Machine Applique for the Terrified Quilter by Sharon
                                                                          Pederson will be available in class for purchase.
     Kit fees are payable in the class directly to the teacher

                                                                          104       Blueberries and White Chocolate
BSS: Basic Sewing Supplies                                                BSS: 1, 2, 4 – as large as possible, 6 – one sheet, 7, 9, 12,
1. Sewing machine in good working order                                   13-optional,15, 16. Fabric: 1 ¼ yard Blue/white print (I used a
2. Sewing needles                13. Iron (optional)                      light blue / cream toile), 2 ½ yard White tone-on-tone.
3. Quilting needles              14. Sharp pencils                        Note: white borders in this quilt are not pieced and are cut on
4. Ruler,                        15. Masking tape                         lengthwise grain.
most specify see-thru 3” x18”    16. Batting or flannel for               22” x 22” square Dark blue for bias stems,¼ yard medium
5. Rotary cutter, mat and ruler   design wall                             blue for appliqué leaves, 2 ½ yards total of assorted Blues (10
6. Template material             17. Note, sketch paper                   minimum blues) for appliqué petals, inner border, blocks,
7. Thread: sewing                18. Glue sticks                          paper pieced squares and binding.
8. Thread: quilting              19. Graph paper                          ¼” foot for sewing machine – Very Important!
9. Pins                          20. Tracing paper                        The foot your machine requires for zig zag stitch and
10. Thimble                      21. Eraser                               buttonhole stitch. 1 pkg Steam-a-Seam 2, Applique pressing
11. Fabric cutting scissors      22. Colored pencils                      sheet or Parchment Paper, Celtic Design Company metal Bias
12. Paper cutting scissors                                                Bars #1 set, ¼” bar. Note: metal bars are the best to use.
                                                                          Ordinary kitchen freezer paper - 2 lengths 6 ½” x 60” long.
                                                                          Various blue threads to match fabric of petals, leaves and
101       Learn To Embellish With Paintstiks                              vines. Other materials: Book: Quilts for Chocolate Lovers by
BSS: 12, 15 – more than one width is a plus.                              Janet Jones Worley. If you cannot find it at a local shop pre-
2 to 4 yards of prewashed cotton fabrics: plain, softly                   order from Janet. Contact jjworley@aol.com
patterned, lights and darks for experimentation, cut into
project size pieces about fat quarter size. 2 to 4 stencil brushes        HOMEWORK: Cut 4 white tone-on-tone strips 6 ½” x 65”
or toothbrushes, any stencils and dimensional materials you               for borders on LENGTH OF GRAIN. This is the only fabric
may have, such as corrugated cardboard, textured rubbing                  you will cut on the length of grain. Cut 2 strips from
sheets, plastic canvas, etc., a piece of plastic to cover your            Blue/white Toile print 4 ¾” x WOF (width of fabric), cut into
work space, and old clothes to wear while painting.                       12 squares: 4 ¾” x 4 ¾” and draw a diagonal line on the
Optional if you have them: small cutting mat, Exacto Knife or             wrong side. Also cut from Blue/white print 5 strip 4” WOF
paring knife, tweezers, freezer paper. Paintstiks will be                  (width of Fabric) and cut into 48 – 4” squares.
available for purchase in class. Supply Fee: $8 includes one
                                                                          105      Off Set Squares
                                                                          BSS: 1, 2, 3, 4 – 6” x 12”, 5, 7, 15, 16.
102      Ribbon Treasures from Celia’s Garden                             Kit fee: $75 includes fabric and template
BSS: 4- 12” or tape measure, 7 & 8 – neutral color, 9, 10, 11,
12 Kit fee: $25
                                                                          201      Memories of Hawaii
                                                                          BSS: 9, 10, 11. Small sharp pointed embroidery-type scissors
103       Machine Applique for the Terrified Quilter                      Fabric to bring if not purchasing kit: 2 fat quarters with the top
BSS: 1 – zig zag, 2 – 60/8 Universal, 5, 7, 9, 11,12, 14. Small           fabric being light in color and in contrast to the underneath
sharp trimming scissors; a bottle of rubber cement (from                  fabric. The top fabric should be tightly woven for narrow turn
stationary store), small disposable bristle brush (1/8” or                under allowances. Kit fee: $25
smaller), round toothpicks, scotch tape and regular sewing
supplies. Bring a 12” square each of freezer paper, Stitch and
Tear or whatever foundation paper you prefer, Steam A Seam                202      Christmas in July
2, or your favorite fusible. If you bring a fusible other than            BSS: 4- 12” or tape measure, 7 & 8 – white or creme color, 9,
Steam A Seam 2, please bring manufacture’s instructions for               10, 11, 12 Kit fee: $15
its use.
Fabric: one square 10” x 10” for background; two squares 6” x
6” contrasting fabric for invisible appliqué; one square 7” x 7”

203       Tahitian Applique                                               Seed or crow. 5” (or any size close to this) Spring Hoop –
BSS: 10. A small pair of sharp tipped scissors, your favorite             plastic ring with metal inner ring that springs open to hold
thimble, portable light (optional). Kit Fee: $20                          fabric in tension, found in Wal-Mart. Blue washout pen or
                                                                          fabric marker of your choice. Quilter safety pins – the one-
                                                                          inch size or sometimes called the #1 size…. No larger!
204      Plumeria                                                         Be sure your machine is in good working order, with a new
BSS: 2, 3, 9, 10, 11, 12,14, 21. Basting needle, basting thread,          needle 70/10 or 80/12
small scissors to cut thread. Kit fee: $20                                Book suggested: Quilts for Chocolate Lovers by Janet Jones
                                                                          Worley. If you cannot find it at a local shop pre-order from
                                                                          Janet. Contact jjworley@aol.com
205       Sensational Sashiko
BSS: 1, 2, 4 – 6” x 12”, 5, 7, 9, 11,15, 21 – fabric, safety pins,
stitch ripper, regular sewing supplies. A small lamp is useful.           301       Cryptoblock
Sewing machine with walking foot (essential) and, if you have             Permanent ink pen, such as a Pigma, masking tape, small pair
one, an open toed embroidery foot. Your machine manual,                   of sharp tipped scissors, one fat quarter of appliqué fabric*,
accessories box, an extension cord, and an extra bobbin case if           one fat quarter of background fabric*, appliqué thread to
you have one.                                                             match both fabrics (YLI select is highly recommended), #11
Fabric: 4 pieces each 9” square of the following:                         sharps appliqué needles (also available from the instructor),
1. navy blue cotton, 2. cotton/ poly batting (such as Hobbs               portable light source (optional). *Needle turn appliqué success
Heirloom Cotton), 3. backing fabric.                                      can often depend on thread count of the fabric you select. It is
Also you’ll need to ‘sandwich’ at least 6”square of the same              important to select a 78/78 thread count or better. The only
fabrics as above to test your stitches on. Do not pin three               way to know your thread count is to use a tool known as the
layers together until you get to class. We have to mark a grid            R.O.S.E. This tool will tell you the exact thread count ratio in
on them first.                                                            order to select one with optimal thread count for this particular
 One 9” square of navy blue cotton, spray glued to a layer of             technique. Please feel free to choose prints or solids as long as
muslin or plain (no prints please) light colored fabric. We will          the two fabrics are highly contrasting so as to make the design
be marking our patterns on the muslin / plain side so prints can          visible. Kit Fee: $12
be distracting.
Thread: A heavy weight White thread such as Mettler
Metrosene Cordonnet or white YLI Jeanstitch (these are both               302      Hawaiian Watercolor Wreath
polyester threads), and 50/3 navy blue cotton thread for the              BSS: 5, 18. Kit fee: $25
bobbin. If you have any other heavy weight threads, bring
them to play with. YLI Variegated Jeanstitch is a fun one.
Needles: one 100/16 Topstitching and one 80/12 Jeans/Denim                303     Orchid Garland
Pens/Pencils: Silver or white marking pencil and pencil                   BSS: 4- 12” or tape measure, 7 & 8 – white or creme color and
sharpener, washable blue marker or a 4H or 2H pencil, a fine              medium green , 9, 10, 11, 12 Kit fee: $20
tip permanent marker for the template plastic.
Template Plastic: one sheet see through template plastic (try
and find plastic that is clear, not opaque) and something to cut          304     Fun Photo Quilts
it with. Or, you can purchase a stencil from me in class for              Photos and matching fabric for borders Supply fee: $10
$4.00. My book Sensational Sashiko: Japanese Applique &
Quilting by Machine will be available in class. To see                    305      Hand Painting Ginger Flowers & Fabric
examples of Sashiko by Machine please visit my website at                 BSS: 11,17, 21. Dull #2 pencil, Sharpie Ultra fine point pen,
www.sharonquilts.com                                                      4 yards freezer paper, 3 yards unbleached muslin -leave 1/2
                                                                          yard unwashed, 2 small water containers, like yogurt with lids,
206      Gecko’s Passion                                                  small 1 or 2 spritz water bottles, paper towels, masking tape,
BSS: 7, 9,10, 11, 12, 14. Freezer paper. Kit Fee: $50                     12 clothes pins. Bring an apron or funky clothes as art is
                                                                          messy and fun in my classes! Medium size rotary mat is
                                                                          useful. Gallon size zip lock plastic bags for work in progress.
207      Beginning Machine Quilting, Trapunto & Beading                   Brushes: 1” chip brush, from hardware store, assorted acrylic
BSS: 1, 2 – size 60/8, 4 – any size, 9, 12 – small size, 15, 16.          brushes: 3/8” angle shader, ½” flat wash, #3 & #5 rounds. I
Fourteen 15” squares muslin or white /off –white fabric, cut              found Robert Simmons’ brushes in the fine art section of Wal-
before class. Batting: seven 15” squares Warm & Natural                   Mart are good. Questions? E-mail: sonjasew@hawaii.rr.com
cotton batting or low loft cotton batting, cut before class.              Supply fee: $20
Batting for Trapunto: Two 10” squares Polyester batting the
course rough cheap batting works best. 1 batik square, block
or just a square of pretty fabric to bead. Free motion foot ,             306     Reversible Quilts
walking foot. Thread: 1 spool each: -Neutral color thread,                Complete supply list and cutting directions will be sent with
100% cotton (50 wt. recommended); Wash-A-Way water-                       confirmation
soluble thread. Superior Thread is the best! Invisible Thread –
Superior Thread’s Mono-Poly is my personal choice. Beads:
307       Red Velvet Ice Cream                                          thread for stitching on muslin, Superior Threads: Vanish-extra
BSS: 1, 2- small hand sewing, 4 – as large as possible, 5, 6, 7,        water soluble thread or the brand you prefer. Blue washout
9, 11, 12, 13 optional , 14, 15, 16, 21. Free motion foot for           fabric pen. Quilter safety pins – the one-inch size or
your machine … a must for Janet’s Free Motion Applique                  sometimes called the #1 size…. No larger!
Stitch, cotton piecing thread, extra empty bobbin, machine              Needles: Universal sewing machine needles size 80/12 for
needles: Top Stitch 90/14 and regular machine needles for               Trapunto and 60/8 for beading.
piecing, 1 pkg. paper—backed Fusible Web, clear invisible               Book suggested: Quilts for Chocolate Lovers by Janet Jones
thread, threads in colors that will look good on your appliqué          Worley. If you cannot find it at a local shop pre-order from
fabrics for Janet’s Free Motion Applique Stitch, small spring           Janet. Contact jjworley@aol.com
hoop- machine beading, 1 ½ yard Light weight Tear-Away
stabilizer, 1/8” or ¼” metal bias bar for stems, fabric marker
that will show on pink/red fabric used for Ruche center.                403       Pretty Postcards
Plastic template material.                                              BSS: 1- optional, 5, 18.
Fabric: My quilt is done in various reds thru pinks, but you            Fast-to Fuse OR Fusible Timtex OR regular TIMTEX – each
can use any color that you love. I also added additional                postcard will be 6” x 4” so bring enough to do how many
red/pink fabrics for more variety. This supply list uses a              postcards you want. Fusible web – 1 yard.
minimum of fabrics. Bring extra and I will be happy to help             Fabrics: your choice of theme fabrics ( holidays, birthdays)
you. Chose no red/pink fabrics that have any of your                    background fabrics, scraps for crazy patch, ground and sky
background color in them.                                               fabrics if you want to do a mini-landscape, animals or people,
#1 Red/Pink fabric: 1 ¼ yard Appliqué Templates & P. Pieced             some plain backgrounds are also useful and 1/3 yard muslin
#2 Red/Pink fabric: 5/8 yard Appliqué Templates & P. Pieced             for address side.
#3 Red/Pink fabric: 3/8 yard Appliqué Templates & P. Pieced             Ribbons, laces, trims – whatever fits your theme idea or scraps
#4 Red/Pink fabric: 1/4 yard Stems & Pieced blocks                      you want to use up. Black Pigma pen. Teflon pressing sheet.
#5 Red/Pink fabric: 5/8 yard Ruche, Templates & P. Pieced               If carrying your machine to class is not a good option, it is fun
#6 Red/Pink fabric: 1/2 yard Inner border & Pieced blocks               to come and just assemble the postcards and do the finish
#7 Crème background fabric: 2 3/8 yard Mine is a mixture of             sewing at home. If you want to bring a machine then you’ll
beige & white. You will use this fabric for Applique blocks,            need to bring foot for satin stitch, darning foot or free-motion
Pieced blocks and borders.                                              embroidery foot if you have it. Threads: regular sewing thread
Book: Quilts for Ice Cream Lovers by Janet Jones Worley. If             to match or contrast with our fabrics; Decorative thread: 40
you cannot find it at a local shop pre-order from Janet.                wt. embroidery, metallics, variegated. Yarns for couching adds
Contact jjworley@aol.com                                                design interest. Machine needles: size 12 or 14, universal is ok
Homework: Cut from Crème background: 5 squares 13” x                    but Topstitch is better. Bring n empty bobbin or two. Rubber-
13” for appliqué block. 16 squares 4 ½” x 4 ½” for paper                tipper quilting gloves are rubber finger tips very useful.
piecing. 3 strips 2 1/2” x WOF (width of fabric) for pieced             Optional: Preordered kit$20 from Gayle97058@charter.net
blocks, cut each strip into 2 ½” x 20”                                  Please call or write Gayle if you’ve any question or concerns:
                                                                        541 296 6268 Gayle97058@charter.net

308      Spinning Stars
BSS: 2, 4: 6” x 12”, 5, 7, 9, 10, 11, 15, 16.                           404       That Perfect Stitch™
Kit $75 includes fabric and template                                    14” quilt hoop (hoops on stands are nice), small pair of
                                                                        scissors, basting thread, portable light source (optional), note-
                                                                        taking materials or That Perfect Stitch ™ book by Roxanne
401      Kona Sunset                                                    McElroy (optional)                                  Kit fee: $25
BSS: 4- 12” or tape measure, 9, 10, 11, 12.
1 yard freezer paper Kit fee: $25
                                                                        405      Hawaiian Quilting Contemporary Style
                                                                        BSS: 3, 11, 12, 14, 17, 20. 2/3 yard cotton for pillow top, 2/3
402       Machine Trapunto and Machine Beading                          yard cotton for appliqué for pillow top, matching thread for
BSS: 1, 2, 7, 11,12 – small size.                                       appliqué fabric, appliqué needle. Optional pillow kit $25
Fabric: cut before class eight– 15” squares of muslin.
Batting: four 15” squares of cotton batting.
Batting for Trapunto: Two 10” squares Polyester batting the             406     A Day At The Beach
course rough cheap batting works best.                                  BSS: 2, 7, 11, 12, 13, 14, 17, 18. One yard of freezer paper.
Free-motion Foot – a must for this class (foot will bounce up           The Applique Pressing Sheet™ optional Kit Fee: $60
and down when you press on the bottom). Walking foot is
optional. 12” square of a fun print, a block or batik panel you
would like to bead. Mono *Poly (polyester) in clear or brand
you prefer in invisible threads. Bobbin with thread the color of
your fabric. 5” spring hoop (Plastic ring with metal inner ring
that springs open to hold the fabric in tension) usually easily
found in a Wal-Mart. Small assortment of glass beads ( I will
have some in class if you need them). Neutral color cotton
                 QUILT HAWAI’I ’08 QUILT SHOW                                                      sewn on the lower right corner of the back of the quilt (as you face the back
                                                                                                   of the quilt).
                Sheraton Keauhou Bay Resort & Spa                                                  All quilts smaller than bed quilt size need to have a 2” sleeve sew on the
                        Keauhou Ballroom                                                           back of the quilt for display purposes. Bed quilts and very large wall hangings
                          July 2-6, 2008                                                           do not require a sleeve.

                        Show and Vendor Mall Hours                                                 5. An Amateur is defined as a one who has never taught quilting, published
      Wednesday, July 2 Show Opening 7 PM - 9 PM                                                   books or magazine articles on the subject of quilting, made money from their
      Thursday, July 3 –Saturday, July 5 9 AM – 5 PM                                               quilts through selling, designing, or stitching or won prize money at quilt
                         Sunday, July 6 9 AM – 4 PM                                                competitions.
                          Daily Admission $3.00
                                                                                                   6. Delivery of quilts: Hand deliver to the quilt show site, the Sheraton
                     GENERAL EXHIBITION QUILTS                                                     Keauhou Resort and Spa Keauhou Ballroom Wednesday morning July 2
Enjoy a quilt show with quilts made and shown with much Aloha by quilters                          between 9 and 11 AM. Quilts may be shipped ahead to arrive between June
from around the world in a wide variety of styles, techniques and traditions.                      10- 22, 2008. Shipping information will be included with entry
We encourage you to enter a quilt or group quilts to share in this exhibit at                      confirmation.
                                                                                                   7. Shipping costs to and from the exhibit will be the responsibility of the quilt
                                 TEACHER QUILT EXHIBIT                                             maker. Your return shipment fee will be charged to your credit card
Be inspired by an exciting display of quilts by our talented faculty.                              (MasterCard or Visa)
                                   COMPETITION QUILTS                                              8. Entries must be received by May 31, 2008.
                                                                                                      Mail entry forms with check (payable to QUILT HAWAI’I in US funds) or
                                     Merit Hand Quilting                                                completed credit card information form and a long Self- Addressed
                                                                                                   Stamped business envelope to:
                  Sponsored by Flynn Quilt Frame Company                                                             QH ‘08 Quilt Show c/o Faye Labanaris,
                                 First Prize $100                                                                     80 Mt. Vernon St., Dover, NH 03820
            To encourage and perpetuate the fine art of hand quilting.
        All hand quilted entries will be automatically eligible for this prize.
                               www.flynnquilt.com                                                                         QUILT SHOW ’08 CALENDAR

                 Machine Pieced / Appliquéd & Machine Quilted                                      February 1 - May 31          Quilt entries received
                       Sponsored by Superior Threads                                                                                   & confirmations sent
         First Prize: $100 each Amateur and Professional winners
The quilt must be a minimum size of 45 inches square or 180 square inches                          June 10 - 22                      Acceptance of mailed quilts / Hawaii
total perimeter. It must be pieced or appliquéd predominantly by machine as
well as machine quilted.                                                                           July 2 9 – 11 AM                 Acceptance of hand delivered quilts
                          www.superiorthreads.com                                                                                   Sheraton Keauhou Resort & Spa
                                                                                                                                  Keauhou Ballroom
                                Quilt Show Entry Rules
                                                                                                   July 2 1 PM                       Hanging of the quilts.
1. Exhibit entries are limited to 2 quilts per person or group and must have                                                          Helpers are always needed!
been finished in the last three years. Quilts must be constructed & quilted by
the person(s) named on the entry blank. Entry must be quilted either by hand                       July 2                            Quilt Show Opening 7:00 – 9:00 PM
or machine, not tied.
                                                                                                   July 3-5                          Quilt Exhibition        9 AM -5PM
              Enter Early! Don’t wait until deadline dates.
Quilt show entries will be accepted based on space available.                                      July 6                          Quilt Exhibition     9 AM -4 PM
                                                                                                                                 Quilt Show closes 4PM
2. A non-refundable entry fee for each entry is $15. This fee includes                                                                 Quilt pickup Keauhou Ballroom
insurance coverage of $300 per wall hanging and $500 bed quilt while in                                                                              5 – 6 PM
possession of Quilt Hawai’i until returned (either directly to the owner or a                                                     Enter Early!
shipper).                                                                                                             Don’t wait until the deadline date.
Please note that quilts valued at more than $500 must be accompanied                               Quilt show entries will be accepted based on space available.
by a certified appraisal with your entry form to be insured for more than
$500 by Quilt Hawai’i.

Insurance on entries in transit is the responsibility of quilt maker.

3. A photograph of the quilt is required with maker’s name, address and quilt
title on the back of the photograph. Quilts need not be finished in the
photograph. Photographs become the property of Quilt Ventures LLC. and
can not be returned. Faxed entries must mail or e-mail a photograph of
the quilt for insurance purposes

4. All quilts must have a cloth label with the title of the quilt, maker’s name,
address and telephone number sewn to the back of the quilt. Label must be

                       QUILT HAWAI’I 2008
                    QUILT SHOW ENTRY FORM

            Please complete a SEPARATE ENTRY FORM
                  For each entry being submitted.
    Form may be photocopied. Please keep a copy for your records

Quilter’s name__________________________________________                                                              Attach Photo Here
City _____________________________State ________Zip______
Day phone________________Home phone___________________


Title of entry: _________________________________________________                     QUILT HAWAI’I ’08 has my permission to photograph my work for
Size in inches: Length___________________Width___________________                     publicity purposes and possible inclusion on Quilt Ventures’ website. I
                                                                                      agree to all provisions of this exhibition. Submission of entries implies
Date quilt was completed: ______________________________________                      agreement to and understanding of all conditions set forth above.

Quilted by: __________________________________________________                           Signature: ___________________________________ Date_______

Designed by:_________________________________________________
Adapted from a pattern published by_____________________________                      Mailing Checklist:
                                                                                      ___ Have you read the rules?
Does the photograph show the finished quilt _______yes           _______no            ___ Include a photograph of the entry for insurance purpose
                                                                                      ___ Entry form completely filled out? (Entry rejected if form is incomplete.)
Please check all applicable items:                                                    ___ Check or money order in US funds / $15 per Entry
___ Hand pieced        ___Hand appliquéd       ___ Hand quilted                           Make payable to QUILT HAWAII.
___ Machine pieced ___Machine appliquéd ___Machine quilted                            ___ Payment by credit card to Visa or Master Card:
___ Two person quilt (made by and quilted by two people)                              ___ Enclose one legal size (long) self-addressed stamped envelope.
QUILTMAKER’S RANKING: ___Amateur                 ___Professional                      Please fill out the following if paying with credit card:
Type of quilt: ___Wall,     ___Bed,      ___Miniature,      ___Group
                                                                                      Check card type: ___Master card ___VISA
Competition Category:
                                                                                      Name on Card_________________________________________________
                          ___Machine-made          ___ ____Hand-Quilted
                                                                                      Card Number_______________________________
Quilt’s history or brief description (50 words or less):
                                                                                      Exp. Date ___________
This will be included in the show booklet. Include why the piece was made,
its significance, importance, method of construction, etc.
_____________________________________________________________                         ___ Mail completed entry form, photo, a long SASE and entry fee
                                                                                         All to arrive no later than May 31, 2008 to:
                                                                                                          QH ’08 Quilt Show c/o F. Labanaris
Quilt Delivery: _____Hand deliver to Sheraton Keauhou Ballroom                                                    80 Mt.Vernon Street
                     Wednesday July 2 between 9 – 11 AM                                                            Dover, NH 03820
                _____UPS / Fed Ex, ______US Mail
                                                                                      Note: You may your fax entry form with a credit card as
Quilt Return: ____ Pick up at show’s close, ___ Mail back to me,                      payment, but actual hard copy and photo must be received for
                                                                                      insurance purposes.
Quilt is For Sale: ___ yes ___no. If yes: Price $____________                                                 Send Fax to: 603 740 – 9199
If quilt is sold at QH ’08, a 15 % commission will be deducted from the asking
price by QUILT HAWAI’I. Hawai’i State Sales tax will be added.                                             E-mail to: fayequilt@comcast.net

                                                                                                         Any questions call Faye: 603 742 - 0211
                                                                                                            E-mail: fayequilt@comcast.net
For office use only: Date rec’d________        Entry # _________________

Confirmation Mailed__________________
                                                         QUILT HAWAI’I 2008 REGISTRATION
 PLEASE PRINT: Name_______________________________________ Phone (Home)______________________Work______________________
 City, State ______________________________________Zip Code________________ Print E-mail_____________________________________
 To register for classes, please indicate FIRST choice and SECOND choice for each day. TOTAL ACROSS, THEN DOWN
         Tours                     THURSDAY                 FRIDAY              SATURDAY              SUNDAY                                 TOTALS
Mon. June 30
___ Tour # 1 $ 120               Morning @ $30        Morning @ $30            Morning @ $30       Morning @ $30                        $
                                                      ___201 Forbyn        ___301 McElroy       ___401 Labanaris                        $
                                                         ___202 Labanaris        ___ 302 Tripp              ___402 Worley               $

                             ___ Luncheon $27            ___ Luncheon $27        ___ Luncheon $27           ___Luncheon $27             $
                             ___ Speaker only $7         ___ Speaker only $7     ___ Speaker only $7        ___ Speaker only $7         $

                             Afternoon @ $30             Afternoon @ $30         Afternoon @ $30
                                                         ___203 McElroy          ___303 Labanaris                                       $
                                                                                 ___304 Tripp
Tues. July 1
___Tour # 2     $ 149             All Day @ $55             All Day @ $55            All Day @ $55              All Day @ $55           $
                             ___101 Jacobson             ___204 Maeda            ___305 Hagemann            ___403 Jacobson             $
                             ___102 Labanaris            ___205 Pederson         ___306 Pederson            ___404 McElroy              $
                             ___103 Pederson             ___206 Van Bruggen      ___307 Worley              ___405 Tripp                $
                             ___104 Worley               ___207 Worley           ___308 Yamin               ___406 Van Bruggen          $
                             ___105 Yamin                                                                                               $
                             ___ Evening buffet                                                                                         $
                             $55 (includes lecture)
                             ___Evening Lecture                                                                                         $
                             $10 w/ Worley                                       ___ Dessert Buffet                                     $
                                                                                     $17.50                 Registration Fee $25
                                                                                                            (non-refundable)            $ 25

                                                                                                            TOTAL                       $


 ___ I would like to be a teacher angel in my class. ___ I would like to help hang the quilt show on Wednesday July 2, 1 PM – 4 PM
 ___ I would like to help with the Quilt Show: Wed AM___, PM___. Thurs. AM___, PM___, Fri. AM___, PM___. Sat.. AM __, PM___             Sun. AM___, PM____

 MAIL completed form along w/ a long Self Addressed Stamped envelope w/ 41 cents postage (90 cents international postage) to:
                                      Quilt Hawaii ’08, c/o Ellen Peters, 27 Tremont St, Laconia, NH 03246
 OR FAX completed form with credit card charge information to Ellen Peters (603) 524 7282

 Method of Payment:      ___ Master Card       ___Visa              ___Checks made payable to QUILT HAWAII in US funds

 Card Holder’s Name (Print Please) _________________________________ Signature______________________________________________

 Card number___________________________________________                         Expiration Date________________________________________

  If you have questions, please contact Ellen Peters (603) 524 – 6956 or E-mail: ebpeters@LR.net

 PLEASE NOTE: Class fees are 100% refundable (less registration fee) up to May 1, 2008; 50% refundable (less registration fee) up to June 1, 2008
 After that date, they are NON-REFUNDABLE. Your refund request must be in writing and received by the registrar by the indicated dates.

 WAIVER-SIGNATURE REQUIRED: Your attendance and participation in all QUILT HAWAI’I 2008 classes and events, whether paid for or not, is strictly conditional
 upon your agreement never to assert or make bodily claim to Quilt Hawai’i teachers, staff and producers and Quilt Ventures LLC. for bodily injury, loss, or property
 damage as a result of any injury, loss, or damage suffered or incurred by you in attending or participating in such QUILT HAWAI’I activities.
 Quilt Ventures reserves the right to use any photographs for publicity purposes on its’ website.
 All registrants for QUILT HAWAI’I 2008 MUST sign below indicating acceptance of all terms and conditions of the conference.
                                              REGISTRATION CANNOT BE PROCESSED WITHOUT THIS SIGNATURE.

 Waiver Signature___________________________________________Date___________________________________

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