ST. Kitts
         TSA Admintration Staff
   Coach/ Trainer Craig Tyrrell, 307-0885
   Assistant Coach Vincent Major,
   General Manager: Theresa Tyrrell, 307-0855
   Marketing Director: Cindy Groff, 507-6665
   Accounting Officer: Phil Groff, 838-9593
   Secretary: Krissy Weaver, 304-7266
    Volunteer Chaperones
   Head Girls Chaperone: Teresa Zeigler

   A. Beth Majors
   B. Frances Henderson
   C.
   D.

   Head Boys Chaperone: Asst. Coach Vincent Major

   A. Davis
   B. Ethan Groff
   C.
   D.

Note: There will be #1 Chaperones
      per group of # 5 Players
We still have openings for Chaperones please call if you are interested. Theresa 307-0855
American Airlines

• Departure From JFK Airport
• Direct Flight to SKB Airport St. Kitts
• Flight Time is 4.5 hours
• Elite bus transportation to and from
  the airport.
• 1 pieces of luggage + 1 Carry on per
American Airlines Ticket cost
   Cost per person $585.00 per person
     includes taxes and processing fees
   We need to collect a $100.00 deposit per passenger to hold the
    airline reservations. Final payment must be 45 days before
    departure to American Airlines. The deposit is not subtracted from
    your ticket price. It is only a deposit that American Airlines
    requires for group tickets. American Airlines will refund your
    deposit after you return from the trip.
   Parents can call 1-800-221-2255, 45 days before our departure
    date on 6/14/09 to pay for your ticket $585.00.
    Please give the Group sales rep the academy name Tyrrell Soccer
    Academy, your first and last name, and your credit card #.
   Our locator ID # is BKBMDN or DTNBCF
American Airlines
          Departure              Flight #
June 14                10:15am
          JFK                    2051

           St. Kitts
Sunday    Departure              Flight #
June 22   St. Kitts              2052
            JFK        8:25pm
Travel Documents and Entry/Departure Requirements

      Citizens of the United States, are required
     to have passports in order to enter ST. Kitts

Information on applying for a United States Passport:
Logging onto the website listed below.
Contact your local post office for an application and
   passport pictures. The wait time can be from 2
   weeks to 6 weeks.
        How to pack for the trip
 Casual Attire, Shorts, Tee shirts, skirts
 Open toe shoes, sandals, boat shoes, sneakers
 One or two short sleeve dress shirts and khaki
  pants for dinner
 Swim suites, sunscreen, Mosquito spray
 Moms leave your heels home and pack your flip-
  flops, Dad trade in your sports coat and ties for a
  Miami palm tree cotton shirt and boat shoes.
 Do not make the mistake I made and over pack .
Stuck family gives St. Kitts 2 thumbs up for great Pools.
 The team is enjoying the ocean breeze and the great
St. Kitts “5 Star” Marriott® Resort & The Royal
                  Beach Casino

                   858 Frigate Bay Road
             Frigate Bay, Saint Kitts and Nevis
                  Phone: 1 869 466 1200
                   Fax: 1 869 466 1201
                  Sales: 1 869 466 1200
Hotel information and Amenities
   5 floor, 513 room
   Check-in 4:00
   Check out 12:00
   Kids and Teen Club
   9 meeting rooms
   Gift shop/news stand
   Three pools
   5 Restaurants
   High speed Internet
   Cable/ Satellite TV
   Hairdryer
   Bathrobe
   In-room safe
   SPA
        The Marriott
 $120.00 per night
  include full buffet
  breakfast for
 Double
 Standard rooms
                 View from the Pool

 3 pools
  located on
  the property
 Swim up
  pool bar for
 Pizza Shack
 Pool side
 Snorkeling
             The Royal Casino

 Must be 21 to
  enter the
 Free drinks
 Open 24 hrs
 Currency

         Calypso Restaurant                    Blue Seafood Restaurant
   Island fare emphasizing local          Capturing the romantic feel of the
    ingredients such as fish, mangos,       West Indies, this terraced
    coconut and papayas. A popular          oceanfront eatery is adorned with
    spot for family dining serving          billowing cloth ceilings, palm trees
    breakfast, lunch, and dinner.           and French doors. Catch of the
                                            day entrees are available for a
                                            casual lunch or elegant dinner.
The Marriot Amenities

   Royal St. Kitts
    Golf Club >>
   18 holes,
    6,900 yards
   Par for course: 71
   Rentals and
   Driving range and
    putting green
   Green fees

Language Spoken: English.

Currency: Eastern Caribbean Dollar (ECD). U.S. bills are accepted by
most stores and businesses and change is given in E.C. currency. U.S.
coins are not accepted.
Exchange Rate: $1.00 USD = $2.70 ECD

Local Banks:
Credit Union
Bank of Nova Scotia
First Caribbean International Bank
Royal Bank of Canada
St. Kitts Nevis-Anguilla National Bank
Development Bank of St. Kitts & Nevis
Sun 14          Mon 15         Tue 16        Wed 17          Thur 18          Fri 19         Sat 20             Sun 21
Arrival at      Buffet         Buffet        Buffet          Buffet           Buffet         Buffet              Breakfast
JFK airport     breakfast at   breakfast     Breakfast at    breakfast at     breakfast at   breakfast at the   Free at the Hotel
8:00am          Hotel Free     Hotel Free    hotel Free      the hotel Free   the hotel      hotel Free         7:00-8:00
                7:00-8:00am    7:00-8:00     7:00-8:00am     7:00-8:00am      Free           7:00-8:00          Enjoy Hotel beach
Flight leaves                                                ************     7:00-8:00                         and activities
at 10:55am      10:00-         Banana        Ferry departs   Atv                             Catamaran          Checklist
                11:30am        tour bus:     for the game    adventures       Horse back     Cruise &           1. Passports
Arrive in St.   Beach          Island tour   at 9:00am       9:00-11:00       ride           snorkeling
                Soccer         9:00am-       sharp                                                              2. Packing complete
Kitts at                                                     $60.00           9:00-          Lunch on the
                Players vs.    1:00                                           11:00pm        beach              3. Currency
                Parents        $25.00        Game #2 @                        $40.00         9-3:00pm              Exchanged
                                             Nevis                            ************   $50.00             4. Check carry-on
                12:00-1:30     ********      Game starts                      Lunch                             Make sure it doesn’t
pick-up                                                      Lunch                                              have any do not
3:30-4:00pm     Lunch Swim     Lunch         at 11:00-1:00                    $10.00
                up pool bar                                  $10.00                                             carry items
                               $10.00                                         Chicken
                $20.00                                       BBQ/Corn-cob                                       Lunch on your own
                               Fish/chips                                     sandwich
Check-in        Game #1 @                    Lunch at four   Shopping in      Game #3 @      Shopping and       Pack for the airport
Hotel           Cayon Field    Free time     seasons Hotel   Basseterre       Newtown        Sight              and meet in the
Get             4:00-7:30      at the        in Nevis        At the cruise    playing        Seeing in town     lobby for a head
unpacked                       Hotel or      #5 star Hotel   ship docks       field          Basseterre         count with
4:30-5:00                      Jet skiing    $25.00                           3:00-7:00                         chaperones
                               at Frigate                    Lunch in town                   Lunch in town
                               Bay                           $10.00                                             Depart Hotel for the
                                                                                             $10.00             Airport 1:30pm
                                                                                                                Flight at 4:30pm

Group Buffet     Group         Dinner at                                      Dinner at      Group party at     Arrival at JFK
Dinner at the   BBQ in         Shiggidy      Group Dinner    Dinner at        OTI            the Marriott for   8:55pm
Marriott        Cayon          Shack         at Sprat Net    Shiggidy         Restaurant     Players and        Bus Pick-up
6:30-9:30pm     8:00pm         beach         Restaurant      Shack beach      8:00-10:00     parents            9:00pm
$30.00          $20.00         Buffet 7:30   7:30-9:30       Buffet 7:30      $30.00         $45.00             Arrival at High School
                               $25.00        $25.00          $25.00                                             1:00am
Banana Bus Island Tour

   Brimstone Hill
   Shopping
 Prime history sightseeing spots

                                                             Ethan, Andy,
The Center of town Basseterre
                                                             Matthew, Jonathan
     Capital of St. Kitts                                    Brimstone Hill

                            Cindy Groff at Brimstone Hill Fortress
Catamaran Coastline Cruise

  • Sightseeing Tour along the coastline of the island and
    a stop on the island of Nevis for shopping
Horseback Riding

   Ride free into the mountains of St. Kitts and enjoy the Birds and
   fruit of the land. Guided 1 hour tour groups of 10 riders
                           Everlasting Memories

                                                     Joel is getting help from a local
Chris and Mrs. Tyrrell on the                        grandma
ferryboat to Nevis

                                Left Stuck catching
                                some ZZZZZZZ.

                                St. Kitts National
                                team and TSA in

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