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The Actuary May 2011

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									                                                Published in London by the Staple Inn Actuarial Society

                           THE MAGAZINE FOR THE ACTUARIAL PROFESSION                                      May 2011

                                                      The big issue
                                                           Measuring the growing
                                                              problem of obesity

                                                          Private equity investment
                                                         Do smoking controls work?

Inside: Text mining • David Flitman Q&A • With-profits regulation • Bob Dylan: past master • Jobs
                         With some partners,
                           it can be hard
                          to see eye to eye.
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E       From this month, the name of Ngwenya that appears under this column
Designer                                officially becomes a pseudonym. Having tied the knot at the start of April,
Nicky Brown                             I am now in the process of changing surnames but, like many women
Sub-editor                              in the workplace, I was faced with the difficult decision of whether to
Sam Robson                              ‘rebrand’ and risk losing some of that hard-fought recognition.
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E          is, in my view, a tough one to outshine. In the end I opted to keep it as
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                                          On the issue of gender equality, the European Court of Justice’s ruling
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Mark Burton                             on insurance provision has certainly got the industry in a spin. Our lead
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              June 2010)                Editor
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After all, seeing is believing!’s advanced technological platform enables users to develop the full range of stochastic
asset and liability models required for Solvency II. Contact us to discover why a growing
number of firms use to replace or supplement their existing modelling systems.

For more information
Darren Richards | +44 (0)20 7278 9500 | |
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                                                                                                                Marjorie Ngwenya asks what’s in a name?
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                                                                                                           6 Letters
E                                                                                     In which actuaries discuss independence
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                                       Features                                                            8 President’s comment
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                                       22     Insurance: Weighing up the gender factor                          Ronnie Bowie looks at the development of the
                                                                                                                global actuarial market
Richard Elliott                               Peter Banthorpe and Eli Friedwald assess the
Scottish Life                                 impact of the ECJ’s gender ruling
E                                                                                  10 Soapbox
T +44 (0)7814 509 081
Puzzles editor                         24     Health: Thank you for not smoking                                 The European Commission’s Omnibus II Directive
Tom Bratcher                                                                                                    leaves a lot to be desired, says Shirley Beglinger
Towers Watson                                 Are tobacco control policies making a difference, asks
E                  Adele Groyer
                                                                                                           43 Book review
Published by the Staple Inn
Actuarial Society.                     26     Investment: Private investigations                                Matthew Edwards retains a clear mind amid
                                              Andre Freiis and Michael Struder consider the optimal             Extreme Events by Malcolm Kemp
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    Letters                    Your view

Letters to the editor
In which actuaries discuss independence and insurers

     The changing face of                                  Letter of the month
     pension schemes
     I recently attended an event sponsored by             Subject to scrutiny — response to Stephen Paines, April 2011
     our profession in which one of the current            As a student who has found certain subjects harder to pass than others, I was amused
     issues highlighted was the tactic of employers        by the student article titled ‘Subject to scrutiny’ in the April 2011 edition. It was not
     incentivising members to leave their pension          the outcome that was amusing but evidence that the classic trap befalling those
     schemes by offering enhanced transfer                 involved with statistics professionally has flummoxed another victim. I speak, of course,
     values, which are then taken into a defined            of independence.
     contribution (DC) environment. While I                  It is a very nice assumption but sadly tends not to hold in the real world. In the
     accept there can be a place for such exercises,       case in point, two exams (CT5 and CT8) would tend to have a very different examinee
     like other attendees I was concerned that             profile: CT5 has prerequisites of CT4 and CT1, so would appear less difficult as students
     some practitioners may be significantly                who would have failed CT4 would often not take CT5; CT8 is reputed to be hard (I can
     understating the risks associated with such           confirm from being oh-so-close-but-no-cigar last April that I think this true) and hence
     exercises, which can be legion.                       left until other exams have been passed, again changing the profile. The end result,
         In the 1980s, our profession sat silently         after taking these into account, would still have CT8 as the most difficult (but by a
     while there was a migration from defined               larger, perhaps significant, margin), CT5 second and CT4 third.
     benefit (DB) to DC, to the detriment of                   James Beardwood
     scheme members. As employers now seek                   6 April 2011
     to offload their DB commitments and avoid
     expensive buyout costs, I believe we now              The writer of the letter of the month receives a £25 Amazon voucher
     face a similar situation. While the Actuaries’
     Code makes clear that we have a general and
     core obligation to serve the public interest,     and then the ferocity of the consequential            game theory to construct Nash equilibria.
     it would be helpful if our profession could       economic disaster.                                    The authors of last month’s article would do
     break its silence in this important area.           Robert Clarkson                                     better to incorporate game theory into their
       Gerry Devenney                                    14 April 2011                                       thinking rather than futile handwringing over
       30 March 2011                                                                                         “unnecessary competition”.
                                                       Running on empty — response to                          Andrew D Smith
     Learning from the past                            G. Maher, A. Staudt and                                 6 April 2011
     I congratulate Richard Fitzherbert for his        R. Warren, April 2011
     excellent article in the April issue of           I was pleased to read that “aggregators cost          Apostrophe catastrophe
     The Actuary on the necessity to make              the industry £1bn last year in unnecessary            I very much enjoyed Sonal Shah’s article,
     financial history studies a compulsory part of     price competition”. This could be more                putting the apostrophe in its rightful place.
     actuarial education. As Sir Winston Churchill     positively stated as “aggregators saved                  By coincidence, I read it on 3 April, which
     so wisely observed: “The further back in          consumers £1bn last year in unnecessary               was Mother’s Day. Or was it Mothers’ Day?
     history you look, the further forward you         insurance premiums”.                                  I note that our retailers now pretty well
     can see.” There are also important lessons           That insurers are losing 15p for every             universally use Mother’s Day. I can see that
     here for all those who either construct or        pound written is not great testimony to               the singular may be justified on the basis
     apply financial models. The unthinking use         the sophisticated pricing software used by            that we each have just one mum. But I rather
     of Black-Scholes, VaR and similar models          most of the market. Were firms so engrossed            favour the latter since the day is there for all
     calibrated over ridiculously short periods        with heteroscedasticity and three-way                 mothers, is it not? Perhaps Sonal would be
     of essentially benign financial conditions         interaction effects in their generalised linear       good enough to enlighten me? As an aside,
     greatly magnified first of all the enormity of      models that they missed the advertisements            my own mother favours Mothering Sunday,
     the sub-prime and other speculative bubbles       for aggregator sites screaming from every             which is how I have personally side-stepped
                                                       billboard in the land?                                this particular apostrophe debate on an
                                                          Nobody is going to un-invent the internet          annual basis.
         YOUR LETTERS                                  or legalise cartels to bring reality into line with     Neville McKay
       The editorial team welcomes readers’            inadequate models. Instead, insurers should             4 April 2011
       letters but reserves the right to edit          pay attention to gaming behaviour at point of
       them for publication. Please e-mail             sale. The Winner’s curse working party,                       MORE LETTERS ONLINE               of which I was a member, reported in 2009
       The deadline for receiving letters for          on the unmodelled impact of competition.                   More letters are available online at
       the June issue is 16 May 2011.                  Their report provides examples using             

6      May 2011                                                                                                                      
From Complexity to Clarity.


At Milliman, we understand that our clients’ businesses are all shapes and sizes, face different challenges,
and want to capture different opportunities. For more than sixty years, our consultants in North America,
Europe, and Asia have helped clients improve their businesses, build market-leading propositions, and
understand their risks. As one of the world’s largest independently owned consulting firms, we can bring
you the best advice - however and wherever you need it.

                                                                             Life Insurance & Financial Services
                                                                                            Property & Casualty
                                                                                             Employee Benefits
    President’s comment             Ronnie Bowie

     Ronnie Bowie looks at how the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries can ease
     the risks generated by the rapid growth of the profession overseas

     Growing pains
     The actuarial profession is often described       ■ A huge enthusiasm for the role they               But success is by no means certain.
     as being small by comparison with many            can play.                                       These fledgling actuarial associations are
     others. Yet we have significant global                I also learned that another common           exposed to several risks. Part of the reason
     coverage with actuaries in over 100               bond is the overwhelming desire to correct      for my trips was to see at first hand what
     countries round the world. As nations enjoy       punctuation and grammar before reviewing        would be the most productive relationship
     increasing prosperity so their citizens look to   any text for quality. What is it about the      for the UK profession to have with these
     manage their changing risks by protecting         actuarial mindset that finds the misuse of       other countries and bodies.
     their health and wealth. Actuaries can and        language so offensive?                              I will not try to set out our emerging

                                                       » In India and China
     do play an important part in that process.                                                        international policy here (it is being
        However, the role which actuaries play                                                         consulted on at
     varies enormously according to the stage          the profession has grown                        content/strategy-review). However, a few
     of development which their country is at.                                                         things are clear:
     This has been brought home to me over             so rapidly that there are                       ■ All other actuarial associations envy the
     the last three months during which I have         few senior role models                          breadth, depth and quality of the CPD we
     met our members in India, China,
     Hong Kong and Australia. In each case the
                                                       for the young actuaries                         offer in the UK. Allowing them access to this
                                                                                                       in some way would make a big difference
     visit coincided with a major conference of        to emulate and to turn                          ■ The UK qualification is highly regarded.
     the home actuarial association but I took
     the opportunity to present diplomas to new
                                                       to for guidance           «                     We may be able to make it more easily
                                                                                                       accessible to those who aspire to its
     qualifiers, to meet with our members to               There were also clear differences between    high standards
     discuss professional matters and to obtain        the challenges in the developed markets         ■ The emerging countries would welcome
     feedback on how we can serve them best.           of the UK and Australia and the less            some access to the wisdom of our
        In each case I met actuaries bound             developed markets of India and China.           experienced UK practitioners. We will try to
     together with their international                 In India and China the profession               find practical ways of delivering this
     counterparts by many common values and            (and the insurance industry) has grown          ■ The more developed countries look with
     behaviours:                                       so rapidly that there are few senior role       admiration to the amount of research done
     ■ A strong pride in their qualification            models for the young actuaries to emulate       in the UK and welcome our efforts to make
     ■ A keen awareness of how rapidly their           and to turn to for guidance when faced          it as widely available as possible.
     world is changing and the importance of           with difficult professional issues. In those         Finally, I was made keenly aware just
     keeping skills up to date                         countries actuaries are often also seen as      how welcome my visits were. Our members
     ■ Concerns about regulatory burdens and           technicians rather than business leaders.       outside the UK have a strong pride in their
     inconsistencies                                   When combined with the relative                 membership of the Institute and Faculty.
     ■ An awareness of the importance of               inexperience of many of the actuaries,          They have not, however, always felt that
     practical business skills alongside               this makes it difficult for them to exercise     their professional body has reciprocated
     technical skills                                  the influence which would be in the              that pride. I was able to reassure them
                                                       interests of all stakeholders.                  that Council is committed to serving all
                                                          Inevitably in India and China the            our members so that membership of the
                                                       numbers are staggering. Competition for         Institute and Faculty of Actuaries adds value
                                                       places in actuarial science undergraduate       wherever our members are practicing, and in
                                                       and postgraduate courses is massive.            whatever field of work they find themselves.
                                                       Those who succeed are both intellectually       Council’s new strategy, due to be published
                                                       gifted and hugely committed. If the             at the beginning of June will set this out in
                                                       profession in these two countries can           clear and deliverable terms.
                                                       build its reputation and influence then our
                                                       global profession will look very different in   Ronnie Bowie is the president of the Institute and
                                                       20 years’ time.                                 Faculty of Actuaries

8      May 2011                                                                                                                     

           ReMetrica for Solvency II
           In this competitive market, Innovation is

           Aon Benfield is redefining capital modeling by
           launching a new Solvency II-focused version 5 of
           ReMetrica, the dynamic financial analysis tool of
           choice for the world’s leading actuaries.

           ReMetrica continues to evolve to enable actuaries
           to meet challenges as they arise, including the
           proposed regulatory requirements under Solvency
           II. The new release helps insurers and reinsurers
           to enhance their internal models and deliver
           accounting reports for the regulator.

           For a demo, visit:

           Redefining Client Value.
           Learn more at
 Soapbox                       Shirley Beglinger

     The European Commission’s Omnibus II Directive leaves a lot to be
     desired, says Shirley Beglinger

     A little progress, slowly
     On 19 January 2011, the European                  Solvency Capital Requirement (SCR)                 supervisors themselves don’t seem to know).
     Commission published its Omnibus II               n Deciding what constitutes an ’exceptional            While these periods seem ridiculously
     Directive. This weighty document waved            fall in the markets‘ (insurers breaching the       long, the transition will likely go forward
     a Eurocratic wand and transformed the             SCR after such a fall may be granted extra         much faster. The Directive merely gives
     Committee of European Insurance and               time to restore their SCR coverage)                insurers breathing space — large swathes
     Occupational Pensions Supervisors (CEIOPS)        n Publishing data on capital add-ons at            of the technical specifications won’t be
     into EIOPA — the European Insurance and           member state and aggregate level.                  published until mid-2012, so they would
     Operational Pensions Authority. EIOPA will           The directive also moves implementation         otherwise struggle to implement in
     oversee national regulators’ implementation       from October 2012 to January 2013. This            time for the 2013 deadline. The gradual
     of Solvency II, combining central oversight       sounds like merely three months, but               phasing in of asset/liability valuation also
     with local expertise, thereby achieving           since implementation won’t be reviewed             minimises the risk of disruption to capital
     consistent implementation across Europe.          until the end of fiscal 2013, it is actually a      markets: the new rules require steep capital
     EIOPA’s main goals are:                           14-month extension.                                underpinning for equities and long-dated
     n To better protect consumers — excuse me,           Further still, Omnibus II goes on to            debt, and capital markets could seize up
     we insurers didn’t require gazillion dollar       propose transition periods for several             if insurers all hastened to rejig their huge
     bail-outs from our governments!                   fundamental pieces of Solvency II, including:      investment portfolios.
     n Ensure consistent and effective                 n Valuation of assets and liabilities — 10 years       Perhaps EIOPA will use some of that time to
     supervision across member states,                 n Ten years to make a choice of methods            design a standard model for non-life insurance
     taking into account the different nature          and assumptions to be applied for technical        that bears some resemblance to the real world
     of financial institutions — yeah, right…           provisions, including the term structure for       in which we conduct our business because
     n Greater harmonisation — wince — and             the relevant risk-free rate                        the current version sets out calibrations and
     coherent application of rules — chuckle           n Ten years for companies to get their             correlations that would require non-life
     n Strengthen oversight of cross-border groups     capital up to the level required under the         insurers to hold substantially more capital
     n Promote co-ordinated European                   standard formula SCR calculation (tacit            than is now the case.
     supervisory response.                             acknowledgement that standard formula SCR              Leaving aside concerns about the
        There is a six-member management board.        numbers are unrealistically high for many          spurious precision of the 99.5% confidence
     The first chairman is Gabriel Bernadino, a         insurers within the EU)                            interval, the treatment of non-proportional
     Portuguese actuary with a strong pensions         n Ten years to figure out how hybrid                reinsurance — which treats risk mitigation
     leaning. He chaired several of the groups         capital will be treated in the capital tiering     as a function of the premium spend rather
     drawing up Solvency II, so that may               n Five years for EIOPA to identify which           than as a function of the protection
     explain the heavy pensions bias in the            non-EU countries’ supervisory regimes are          purchased — is simply unworkable.
     legislation. His colleagues come from:            ‘equivalent’ (meaning that insurers from those         Statistics suggest that only the top 20%
     Austria — proud owner of a budget-busting         jurisdictions may transact business within the     of earners in the EU can afford personal
     government pension scheme and almost no           EU without submitting to the full gamut of         pensions. This contrasts with the 80% who
     private sector pensions or independent non-life   Solvency II)                                       purchase non-life insurance products. If the
     insurers; Denmark — ditto; Ireland — whose        n Five years for insurers to understand            capital rules go forward in their current form,
     financial sector is doing famously well;           what exactly their supervisor will                 the simple cost of capital will push the price
     Poland — no comment; Italy and the UK —           expect in terms of disclosure under Pillar 3       of non-life insurance beyond the financial
     represented by Hector Sants of the FSA, who has   (this is welcome because, right now, the           reach of the 80%. So it is to be hoped that
     never publicly strayed too close to insurance.                                                       EIOPA will use that long transition period to
        To them will be entrusted the tasks of:                                                           design something affordable for the majority
     n Setting binding technical standards                                                                as well as protective of the minority.
     n Mediating differences of opinion within
     colleges of local supervisors                                                                        Shirley Beglinger is a director of Shires Partnership Ltd,
     n Setting stress parameters for the                                                                  a consultancy that specialises in insurance, reinsurance
     standard formula calculation of the                                                                  and risk management.

10      May 2011                                                                                                                          
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 News                            Profession                  View breaking news and register for news alerts at

     Forthcoming events                                Philip Scott to become president-elect for 2011/12
     Life insurer seminar                              The Council of the Institute and Faculty        his roles included chief financial officer
     11 May, Staple Inn, London (registration)         of Actuaries has elected Philip Scott to        of Aviva plc, chairman of Aviva Investors
     09.30-17.15                                       be its president-elect. His term runs for a     and group executive director of both Aviva
     The purpose of this seminar is to cover           year, prior to him becoming president the       International and Norwich Union Life.
     the major areas of UK life insurer taxation.      following year. Mr Scott’s appointment             Philip Scott said: “I’ve been a fellow
     Topics will be covered interactively through      takes effect from 27 June 2011, when            of the Institute of Actuaries since 1979
     a mixture of presentations and case studies.      Jane Curtis will become president,              and I’m honoured to be asked to join the
     This workshop would be suitable for actuaries     Ronnie Bowie becomes past-president and         presidential team. I look forward to playing
     and any other insurance professionals who         Nigel Masters steps down as past-president.     my part in helping to ensure that actuaries
     are involved in life insurance and financial          Mr Scott has extensive financial services    are increasingly recognised for the value
     reporting. For further information, visit         experience and his responsibilities have        they add to society. My ambition is that the                        covered finance, risk and actuarial functions,   profession is seen to be even more relevant
                                                       international operations, investment            in the world of 2020 than it is today.”
     Sessional research event                          management and
     11 May, Royal College of Physicians,              life and pensions
     Edinburgh                                         businesses. He has
     17.00 (registration) for 17.30-19.00              been a non-executive
     The UK Actuarial Profession’s IFRS working        director of Royal Bank
     party paper will be presented. The paper          of Scotland since
     concentrates on issues relevant to life           November 2009 and
     insurers, although much of the content is         is chair of its Board
     also relevant to non-life insurers. For further   Risk Committee.
     information, visit     He has also been a
                                                       non-executive director
     Open forum: Employer covenant                     of Diageo plc since
     12 May, Staple Inn, London                        2006 and is chairman
     Lincoln International, a leading independent      of its Audit Committee.
     provider of employer covenant advice, will        During a distinguished
     share its views on covenant assessment            career with Aviva,
     and look forward to discussing how it
     needs to be better integrated with funding
     and investment advice. This event will be
     of interest to all pension and investment         Successful second SFRA Colloquium
     actuaries, as well as trustees and sponsors       The second Colloquium of the                    He described the processes around
     of defined benefit pension schemes.               Scottish Financial Risk Academy took place      algorithmic trading and focused on the
     For further information, visit                    on 17 March at the Infomatics Forum             flash crash on 6 May 2010 when some                        of Edinburgh University. Following the          $600bn of value was lost and largely
                                                       success of the inaugural colloquium             recovered over a 30-minute period.
     Health and care conference 2011                   on lessons from the banking crisis                 The keynote address was given by
     18-20 May, The Grand Hotel, Brighton              (see The Actuary, November 2010) the            professor Bill Fung, London Business
     The Health and care conference is the leading     subject was absolute returns and                School. He placed doubt on the validity
     market event for insurance practitioners          hedge funds.                                    of some previous research by noting that
     with an interest in the health protection            In the first session professor Eric Zivot,    nearly 60% of hedge fund assets (though
     industry. The conference will take a fresh        from the University of Washington,              only 5% of firms) were excluded from the
     look at topical industry developments and         discussed risk management for funds-of-         major hedge fund performance databases
     outline the wide ranging implications that        hedge-funds using a factor model.               and made some interesting observations
     they will have on the critical illness, income    One of the problems was getting a reliable      on correlation with other asset classes and
     protection, PMI and LTC markets. The sessions     history of data to use for the model.           on hedge fund consolidation.
     will cover a range of technical topics looking    Subhra Tripathy, of Aberdeen Asset                 A Q&A session followed with
     at all aspects such as risk selection, product    presented customising hedge fund                professor Fung joined on the panel by
     design, pricing and claims management and         exposure for institutional portfolios.          Subhra Tripathy, and Paul Hughes of
     Solvency II. The conference is designed to        He highlighted that institutions have been      Martin Currie Investment Management.
     appeal to all professionals who are interested    the largest new investors in hedge funds in     Questions ranged from the degree of systemic
     in the health and care sector and in              recent years whereas originally high-net-       risk caused by hedge funds to the value for
     particular those involved in the control cycle    worth individuals had dominated.                fees charged and the future of the industry.
     including, pricing, product design, monitoring       The final technical session was on               The third colloquium is planned to
     experience and claims management.                 algorithmic trading and flash crashes,           have a Solvency II theme and will take
     For further information, visit                    by Professor Philip Treleaven of the            place in September. Further details on this                        UK Centre for Financial Computing.              and all sessions at

12       May 2011                                                                                                            
    Guide to completing your CPD requirements                                                              CPD categories
    The 30 June deadline is rapidly approaching        are required to comply with the CPD                 Last year, the Actuarial Profession announced
    when the current CPD reporting year                Scheme and an extract of how you can do             changes to the regulations surrounding
    will end.                                          this is shown below.                                continuing professional development
       Meeting your CPD requirement is                    All members are reminded that                    (CPD) requirements for members. Where
    straightforward. Sign up to one of the             unless you hold a practising certificate,            previously there had been four categories of
    Profession’s up-coming events, read one of         have moved out of scope of the CPD                  membership, there are now only two.
    the sessional papers or download and listen        requirements or have applied for exemption             Category 1 members remain those who
    to an MP3 file.                                     from the CPD Scheme, you will be required           hold practising certificates and continue
       If you have already met your requirement        to complete sufficient CPD and record this           to follow a rigorous programme of CPD.
    make sure you log in and list everything           in your online record.                              Category 2 members are defined as all other
    you have done, remembering to tick the                Full details of how you can apply for            members of the Profession who are in paid
    verifiable box.                                     exemption can be found in full at                   work. A limited set of exemptions from
       All fully regulated associates and fellows                          compliance with Category 2 obligations are
                                                                                                           set out in paragraph 2.2.2 of the 2010/2011
     3.2 Category 2 requirements                       learning on a mixture of skills which are           CPD Scheme.
      3.2.1 The CPD year for members in Category 2    technically and professionally relevant to the         One of the effects of these changes is that
     will be 1 July until 30 June.                     member’s particular role. To ensure exposure        some members who are largely retired but
      3.2.2 In each CPD year, members in Category 2   to a wide range of views, some CPD must take        who nevertheless carry out in excess of
     must undertake verifiable CPD activities           the form of attendance at one or more external      20 hours of paid work in the CPD year are
     comprising a mixture of private study and         events. It is for the individual member to assess   now required to complete and record a
     attendance at events in accordance with one       the appropriate mix for their role.                 minimum amount of CPD.
     of the options contained in the table below.       3.2.4 Members in Category 2 may claim                It is intended that carrying out and
     Members must include at least five hours of        up to eight hours for service to the Profession.    recording CPD activities should be a
     attendance at events in their CPD activities.     Those hours shall be counted as attendance          straightforward process. The Profession’s
      3.2.3 The CPD undertaken must comprise          at events.                                          website has a comprehensive guide to help.
            Category 2 requirements                                                                        guide-help-you-complete-your-cpd-requirements-0

    Hours of events            Hours of private study     Total number of hours to be completed
                                                                                                           Council election
              13                          2                                 15                             Members are reminded that nomination
              12                           3                                15                             forms to stand for election to Council
              11                          4                                 15                             must be submitted by 16.00 on 23 May.
              10                           5                                15                             Further details are available from
               9                           7                                16                             Marion Young
                                                                                                           or at
               8                          9                                 17
               7                          11                                18
               6                          13                                19
               5                          15                                20

    Scottish Board update                              recently qualified actuaries. Speakers have
                                                       informally presented the ideas in the sessional
                                                                                                                     Knowledge is power
    The terms of reference for the Scottish            paper to this group in the hour prior.
                                                                                                                           Order books, publications
    Board have now been approved by the                Two have been conducted to date and a
                                                                                                                               and calculators online
    Management Board. They identify the                third is planned for 11 May. Students have
                                                                                                                           from the Profession’s own
    Board’s purpose and key responsibilities,          welcomed this opportunity to listen and
                                                                                                                                   Publications Shop
                                                                                                                                       Discounts on many titles
    and are available at           actively ask questions of the speakers.
    scottishboard. The Board has already been             Historically, there has usually been a
    working within these Terms, meeting these          current topics sessional but this year the
    key responsibilities and will be reporting         Board are intending to widen the session
    in the summer on its first year of activities.      to cover three topics, allowing members
    Of particular interest to the Board will be        normally working in one area to listen
    members’ feedback and ideas on using the           to the issues on two alternative topics.
    endowment fund.                                    A half-day session is being planned for this
       The Board have been experimenting with          event, with three expert speakers. Details will                           

    ‘pre-sessional’ meetings for students and          follow shortly.                                                                                                                               May 2011         13
 News                            Profession

     Open forum: Does diversification exist in
     a global market?
                                                       Ronnie Bowie comments on the resignation
     23 May, Staple Inn, London                        of Louise Pryor
     Many commentators have suggested                  Ronnie Bowie, president of the Institute
     we are now in a new era where global              and Faculty of Actuaries, has offered his
     markets, and to some extent economic              best wishes and thanks to Louise Pryor,
     growth, are so highly linked that                 director of Actuarial Standards at the Board
     diversity is no longer the valuable risk          for Actuarial Standards, who has announced
     mitigant it once was and shorter and more         her resignation from this role.
     correlated market cycles will be the norm.           Mr Bowie said: “The Actuarial Profession
     In contrast, regulation in the financial sector   enjoys a constructive partnership with the
     (for instance Solvency II) is increasingly        Board for Actuarial Standards and the spirit
     incorporating the impact of diversification       of co-operation which exists between our
     in the calculation of risk capital to reduce      two organisations is thanks, in no small
     capital required — but is this assumption still   part, to the efforts of Louise. On behalf of
     valid? This event brings together two of the      the Profession, I wish her well for the
     UK’s most senior practitioners in the field of    future and we look forward to working                                           Louise Pryor
     asset management and finance to present           with her successor.”
     their thoughts on this key topic followed by
     an opportunity for the wider group to join
     the debate on whether diversification exists
     in a global market. For further information,
                                                       Latest Sloan Prize winners announced
     visit                  The Sloan Prize has been awarded to                 The Sloan Prize is in recognition of the
                                                       Nick Forrester of Hymans Robertson for           best spoken contribution at a sessional
     Pensions conference 2011                          what was judged to be the best contribution      meeting or equivalent in Scotland by
     1-3 June, Southport Theatre and Convention        from the floor at the January sessional           a student, an affiliate member (at the
     Centre, Southport                                 research meeting in Edinburgh:                   discretion of the Profession), or an
     The Pensions conference is one of the             ‘Developing a framework for the use of           actuary who has been qualified for less
     premier professional events for                   discount rates in actuarial work’, and also to   than 15 years. It aims to encourage
     pensions actuaries with UK qualifications.        Donald Macleod from Hymans Robertson             actuaries of the future to contribute
     The programme includes a range of                 for his contribution to the Test-Achats Open     to discussion and debate within the
     technical matters, softer skills and              Forum, held in Edinburgh in March.               professional body.
     professionalism topics; it will also cover
     many wider issues affecting pensions.
     The agenda is focused on both the issues          New online resources from the Profession’s libraries
     of today and those that might shape the
     future, covering ideas and insights across        You can now access two new databases via         Risk Management Reference Centre
     most aspects of pensions — all actuaries          the Athens online portal:                        The Risk Management Reference
     working in pensions should find plenty of                                                          Centre (RMRC) is a comprehensive risk
     food for thought and opportunity for lively       Business Source Corporate                        management resource for corporate risk
     debate. For further information, visit            Business Source Corporate, designed to           management professionals and strategic                       meet the information needs of today’s            planners. Content includes hundreds of
                                                       companies, contains full text from more          full text journals and periodicals, hundreds
     Networking: What keeps a CRO awake                than 2,700 quality magazines and journals.       of thousands of selected articles, reports,
     at night?                                         Information in this database dates from          summaries, books, blogs, FAQs and news
     2 June, London                                    1965 onwards. Additional sources include         wires that pertain to all types of risk
     17.30 (registration) for 18.00-19.30              more than 1,400 country economic reports         (including credit, liquidity, operational,
     Known unknowns? Potentially missed                from the Economist Intelligence Unit,            event, and market risk).
     growth opportunities? Competitor threats?         10,150 company profiles and over 5,200 full          Contact for
     Devolving responsibility/accountability for       text industry reports.                           a login.
     risk? Messages misunderstood? Dealing with
     the ever-growing information avalanche?
     Where does the buck stop and with whom?
     For further information, visit
                                                       Prize pupil named                        Lucy Briggs, winner of the International
                                                       Underwriting Association Prize for
                                                       General Insurance for the April 2010
                                                       examination diet, received her certificate at
                                                       the sessional meeting on 23 March.
                                                       The certificate was presented by
                                                       Stuart Shepley.

14      May 2011                                                                                                              
View breaking news and register for news alerts at                                        Education                      News

    Bridging the gaps: Actuarial Teachers’ and                                                    Sessional research
    Researchers’ Conference 2011, Oxford                                                          events — online survey
    The 2011 Actuarial Teachers’ and                UK which is truly cross-practice and open     The volunteers and staff who organise the
    Researchers’ Conference (ATRC) will be          to all.                                       programme of sessional research events
    hosted by The Department of Statistics at                                                     are looking at how the offerings at our
    The University of Oxford on 14 and 15 July.     Who should attend?                            traditional discussion meetings can be
    This annual two-day event provides all          This event is important to all those          strengthened and, where appropriate,
    those interested in actuarial research and      in both academia and industry with            consider some new formats for the session
    education a great opportunity to share          an interest in actuarial research and         beginning in September. Input is welcomed
    their ideas and catch up on the latest          education, including those from outside       from any members interested in this area
    developments. The Actuarial Profession          the actuarial profession. The conference,     and, from 16 May, there will be an online
    has identified ‘bridging the gaps’ between       with its relaxed and informal atmosphere,     survey on the Profession’s website
    silos as one of its key themes for research     has often produced vigorous but open seeking your views.
    and knowledge transfer for 2011/12.             debates, and it is an excellent opportunity   Please take time to complete this.
    The ATRC is the only actuarial conference       for all those interested in influencing the
    with a research and education focus in the      future direction on research and education
                                                    to get involved. With the ‘bridging the
                                                    gaps’ theme, the organising committee
                                                    is especially keen to attract more
                                                    practitioners this year.
                                                       For more information and to register,
                                                       The closing date for abstracts for
                                                    presentations is 6 May. Please contact
                                           for further

            Getting ahead in
            Actuarial Science
            Our expertise in flexible and accessible education and
            your passion to succeed in Actuarial Science will enable
            you to get ahead.

            Study with Top-20 department that provides the support
            you are looking for, on a course that’s accredited by the
            Faculty and the Institute of Actuaries and offers close
            links with industry.

            A world-class research university, Leicester offers flexible,
            innovative courses because we understand that you’ve
            got other responsibilities. In fact, we’re committed to                                   Get ahead,
            making sure that everyone in our vibrant community gets                                   get in touch
            the very best experience at Leicester, whether you’re on
            campus or on the other side of the world.
                                                                                                      +44(0) 116 252 5377

            Distance Learning
            Department of Mathematics
            Postgraduate Diploma/MSc Actuarial Science                                                                                                                 May 2011   15
 News analysis                Industry                    View breaking news and register for news alerts at

     Budget 2011 and the future of pensions
     State pension age came under scrutiny in this year’s budget
     The 2011 Budget announced a                       John Lawson, head of pensions policy
     consultation on possible changes to the        at Standard Life, said that those who
     way state pension age is determined and        retired at age 60 — after 40-year working
     heralded new limits, from 6 April 2011, on     lives — are potentially the most fortunate
     pension contribution tax relief and new        generation. Their parents faced 50-year
     rules on income drawdown.                      working lives and their children are likely
                                                    to also face longer working lives in future.
     State pension age
     The government will manage future              Pension contributions and                      Income drawdown
     changes in the state pension age               income tax                                     The maximum income allowed from a
     automatically due to increasing longevity;     Taxpayers earning above £100,000 will          pension fund will be reduced from
     it will regularly review the implications of   lose the personal income tax allowance         120% to 100% of the equivalent single life
     longevity changes.                             at a rate of £1 for every £2 earned above      pension that could be purchased with
        Over the last 30 years, male life           £100,000. This is in addition to the 40%       the fund. New tables have also been
     expectancy beyond 65 has increased by          income tax paid on earnings in this            issued by the GAD. Under the new
     5.3 years, according to Office for              category, making the effective marginal tax    arrangements, for a fund of £100,000
     National Statistics data. Under the            rate much higher.                              moving into drawdown, the maximum
     new changes, assuming this rate of life           Standard Life points out that, for those    income allowed for a man aged 65 will
     expectancy continues, the state pension        in the affected band of earnings, a pension    fall from £8,160 to £6,600. The tax rate
     qualification age could increase by more        contribution can have an effective rate of     on funds in drawdown is now 55%
     than the planned one-year in 2020.             tax relief of 65% in this band.                upon death.

     First-quarter growth   EIOPA Europe-wide stress test underway
     in UK insurance sector On 23 March, EIOPA launched the is expected to stretch resources within
     Apart from banking and finance houses, the      second Europe-wide stress test for the         participating companies; however, in
     UK financial services sector grew in the first   insurance sector. The selected participating   return it provides further information to
     quarter of 2011 for the third consecutive      companies make up at least 50% of each         the company on its readiness for
     quarter. This is according to a new report     country’s gross premium income. The test       Solvency II. The timescale for the exercise
     from the Confederation of British Industry     will conclude on 31 May.                       is tight, therefore EIOPA has requested that
     and PwC.                                          The purpose of the test is to evaluate      it is performed on a best-efforts basis.
                                                    the stability of the insurance sector;             The test contains three different
     Life insurance                                 additionally, it helps supervisors to          stress scenarios: baseline, adverse and
     In the UK life insurance sector, the first      understand the capital positions of            inflation, with each scenario comprising
     three months of 2011 saw stable costs          insurers and insurance groups in               instantaneous market, credit and
     and increasing business volumes as well        adverse situations.                            insurance shocks. The adverse scenario
     as increasing value of new business and           Whereas the test is conducted on QIS5       contains market and credit shocks at least
     premium income; this led to increased          results recalculated as at the end of 2010,    twice as strong as those that make up the
     profitability and growth for the fifth           the exercise is not another QIS — it looks     baseline scenario, whereas the inflation
     consecutive quarter.                           at the stability of the EU-wide insurance      scenario assumes an increase in inflation
                                                    sector rather than the readiness of each       that forces central banks to rapidly
     General insurance                              participant for Solvency II. The exercise      increase interest rates.
     General insurers reported moderate
     growth in business volumes, with costs
     remaining stable and profitability                 Lloyd’s of London reports £2.2bn profit for 2010
     increasing moderately.
         In both life and general insurance,           Lloyd’s has announced a pre-tax profit of        The challenges facing the market
     competition has increased in the UK.              £2.2bn in 2010, down from £3.9bn on          this year include many catastrophes
     Additionally, insurers’ regulatory spending       the previous year.                           that have already taken place this year as
     is increasing ahead of the introduction of           The 2010 profits come despite              well as the incoming Solvency II. To date
     Solvency II.                                      catastrophes that made 2010 a                in 2011, there have been earthquakes in
                                                       challenging year for Lloyd’s, including      Japan and New Zealand and floods
        INDUSTRY NEWS                                  strong earthquakes in Chile and              in Australia; in addition, there is
                                                       New Zealand, the floods in Australia and      unrest in the Middle East. Meanwhile,
      Please send newsworthy articles to               the loss of the Deepwater Horizon oil rig    Solvency II comes with cost and
      Terren Friend at         in the Gulf of Mexico.                       complexity to Lloyd’s.

16      May 2011                                                                                                        
                                                                                                                   Industry                         News

    From the world of general insurance
    Solvency II                                        number of insurers, particularly small ones,     same principle will be applied to outlaw age
    KPMG has stated that QIS5 demonstrates             did not meet the requirements — these            discrimination
    that many insurers are not yet prepared            amounted to 20% in UK and 15% across             n The impact on competition, given
    for the implementation of Solvency II in           Europe. Additionally, the use of internal        that some insurers who currently
    January 2013, although the industry as             models did not seem to result in a significant    underwrite young drivers may withdraw
    a whole is well capitalised for the new            reduction in required capital, except in         from the market rather than risk being
    regime. The firm has identified four key             relation to group capital requirements.          selected against by young men, or
    consequences likely from QIS5:                                                                      alternatively price themselves out of the
    n Some insurers will seek to reduce their          Gender discrimination                            market by charging young female drivers
    holdings of certain types of asset, such           Following the decision by the                    the same premium as is currently paid by
    as corporate bonds, which will attract             European Court of Justice regarding the          young males
    significantly higher capital charges than           impermissibility of differentiation between      n The possible use of driver-tracking
    government bonds                                   males and females in insurance pricing,          technology to assist in the assessment
    n There will be further consolidation in           there has been much comment from the             of risk
    the industry as companies seek to increase         industry, and the UK government has also         n The cost of the change, which has been
    diversification, which gains benefits under          expressed concerns about the judgement.          estimated at £1bn.
    Solvency II                                        The principal points made include:
    n The use of fair values of assets and             n The fact that this decision forces insurers    Regulatory and legal developments
    liabilities will bring volatility to traditional   to cross-subsidise between men and               At the end of March, the Supreme Court
    measures of financial strength and will             women, and that this requires a stable mix       in the UK ruled on a case involving the
    probably increase the use of hedging and           of policyholders by gender — this is not         immunity of expert witnesses from civil
    reinsurance to manage the capital position         entirely within the control of the insurer,      action. In a five to two majority ruling, in
    n The problems of diversification for               so could seriously threaten profitability         Jones vs Kaney, the Court held that expert
    companies operating multiple subsidiaries          n The lack of clarity as to what happens to      witnesses will no longer be immune from
    across Europe are likely to lead to changes        contracts in force as at the effective date of   civil action relating to their statements —
    in corporate structure, in particular towards      the ruling (21 December 2012)                    previously they have had general immunity.
    a branch structure to optimise capital             n The possibility of finding rating factors          Experts, like other witnesses will, however,
    efficiency and to have to deal with a               which may prove to be a reasonable proxy         continue to be immune from claims in
    smaller number of regulators.                      for gender                                       defamation arising from their evidence. It is
       The firm also noted that a significant            n The risk that, at some later date, the         now likely that experts will need to consider
                                                                                                        securing indemnity cover appropriate to the
    Large losses                                         The nature of the Japanese nuclear             work they undertake, and this may result
    Earthquake, Christchurch, New Zealand —            insurance pool means that none of the            in an increase in the fees they charge.
    22 February                                        international insurance or reinsurance           However, a partner at commercial law firm
    By early March, the New Zealand Earthquake         players should be impacted by the nuclear        Beachcroft said that insurers and experts
    Commission had received over 40,000 claims         problems. Both the Japanese government           alike may take comfort that the abolition of
    from this event, but further losses are likely     and catastrophe modelling firm RMS               advocates’ immunity ten years ago has not
    to continue to be raised until the 23 May          have predicted that the economic                 led to a major rush of civil claims, and it is far
    reporting deadline. Rating agency AM Best          loss from the Japan earthquake, could            from clear that the situation will be greatly
    has stated that they expect all insurers and       exceed US$300bn, although only a small           different with experts.
    reinsurers exposed to this quake to be able        proportion of the losses will be covered
    to meet their commitments.                         by insurers.                                            FOR MORE GENERAL
                                                         The World Bank issued a range of                      INSURANCE NEWS
    Earthquake and tsunami, northern Japan —           US$14-33bn for estimated insured losses,             More news on the following items can be
    11 March                                           while rival risk modelling firms EQECAT and          found on the website:
    The ultimate death toll from these events is       AIR Worldwide produced early predictions             ■ Asbestos and pollution
    now likely to be between 25,000 to 30,000,         of insured losses of between US$12bn                 ■ Solvency II
    although it is taking longer than usual to         and US$25bn and between US$20bn and                  ■ Regulatory and legal
    determine an actual number with many               US$30bn respectively. EQECAT estimated               ■ Lloyd’s
    of the bodies believed to have been                that between US$2bn and US$4bn would                 ■ Employers’ Liability Tracing Office (ELTO)
    washed out to sea. Over 200,000 buildings          be ceded to Japan Earthquake Reinsurance             ■ Deepwater Horizon
    are confirmed as destroyed or seriously            Pool which will reduce the losses to the             ■ Space insurance earned premiums
    damaged. The damage to the nuclear power           non-life property insurers in the country.           ■ Unrest in North Africa and the
    plant at Fukushima resulted in a fairly            They expected losses of US$8-15bn from               Middle East
    significant radioactive leak, which caused         property, up to US$1bn from motor,                   ■ Swiss Re and Munich Re catastrophe 2011
    unacceptably high levels of radioactive            US$1-2bn from personal accident, $1-3bn              ■ Quinn Insurance
    iodine in various farm products and drinking       from marine and US$2-3bn from life.                  ■ More large losses
    water, although the situation tended to            More recent overall estimates tend towards
    fluctuate as repairs were carried out.             the higher end of these ranges.                      Visit                                                                                                                            May 2011       17
 News                          People/Society                                                           For people moves, see page 44

     Full house for SIAS expert witness event                                                           Actuaries cycling
     More than 100 people attended the SIAS
     programme event ‘The Actuary as Expert
                                                        The courtroom experience of the
                                                     authors ensured that the material was              for charity
     Witness’ on 1 February.                         delivered with polish to the audience at
        In what is an ever-more litigious world,     Staple Inn. Drawing on the first-hand               Stephen Wilcox, chief risk officer,
     the role of the actuary as an expert witness    experience present among the authors               and Adam Fysh-Foskett, commercial
     is receiving increasing attention.              and members of the wider audience,                 actuarial analyst at Allianz Insurance,
     Thanks to their analytical skills and ability   the follow-up questions provided the               will cycle from Guildford to Cardiff
     to communicate succinctly complex ideas,        opportunity to highlight the rewards               on 3 to 6 June. They will join a group
     actuaries are very much in demand to            and challenges presented to the actuary            of 25 colleagues, raising money for
     provide reputable and balanced opinions         acting as an expert witness. The role is           Allianz’s corporate charity, Help the
     in what can often be high-profile legal          a demanding one, requiring not only                Hospices. The ride of about 220 miles
     cases of a financial nature. The paper           mastery of the subject matter of a case            takes in the Berkshire Downs, the
     presented provides a well-timed addition        but also the ability to think quickly and          Cotswolds and a corner of
     to the body of knowledge currently              clearly in the adversarial atmosphere              the Brecon Beacons.
     available to anyone seeking general             of a courtroom against the changing                  This event follows a 1150-mile ride
     guidance before accepting an invitation to      background of a developing case.                   the length of France that Stephen did
     act as an expert witness.                          For those prepared to take on the               with his wife Rachel in June 2010.
        Distilling a combined professional           challenges involved, however,                      NAtMed tandem (yes, they were
     career spanning over 400 legal cases,           expert witness work provides the                   both on the same bike) took them
     the authors covered key areas for               opportunity to experience and                      from the North Sea coast in Belgium
     consideration for any actuary considering       influence the judicial process and                  to the Atlantic coast of France to the
     such a role. The paper provides an              strengthen the understanding of the                Mediterranean, arriving at the
     overview of the relevant legal background,      wider public of the contribution made              Spanish border in brilliant sunshine
     addresses the duty of the expert witness        by the actuarial profession.                       and gale-force winds. They raised
     to their client and the court, and discusses       The full paper is available at                  over £1,100 for both Help the Hospices
     the practical issues involved when                             and the University College London
     entering the field.                              Review by Aoife Monaghan                           Hospital charity.

     n Tendai
                                                     Oxford and the Actuarial Profession —
     (Centre for
                                                     supporting actuarial science
     Research,                                       The University of Oxford’s appeal to the        science. It is hoped that this naming for
     University of                                   Actuarial Profession for support of the         the undergraduate common room will
     Cape Town,                                      new Mathematical Institute building             recognise the close relationship
     South Africa) and                               continues to gain momentum. We have             between the actuarial profession and
     Cynthia Gotora                                  been delighted with the positive response       Oxford as course offerings for actuarial
     are delighted to                                that our flyer in The Actuary received and       science continue to increase in popularity
     welcome their                                   we appreciate the support of alumni and         and the programme continues to grow
                                    Maxine Murishe
     first child,                                     non-alumni alike who have contributed           and flourish.
     Maxine Murishe,                                 towards the effort. We are also very grateful      Alumni are offered the opportunity to
     born a bouncy 5lbs and 15oz. (2.7kg)            to those actuarial employers who have           become a multi-billionaire and name a seat
     on the morning of 22 March 2011.                already contributed to the project, whether     in the lecture theatre by donating £10bn in
     n Neil (Prudential) and Donna Watson            through employer matching schemes or            binary notation (or £1,024 to you and me).
     have announced the birth of                     through a corporate donation. Support to        To support this initiative, please visit the
     Penny French, on 25 March 2011.                 date is as shown below and we are hoping        Oxford Giving website at
     She is a little sister for Gregor.              to see the list grow.                 
                                                     n Employers offering a matching scheme          By Paul Thornton
     Deaths                                          Barnett Waddingham, Prudential,
     n Ainslie Ray Taylor died on                    Hymans Robertson and Friends Provident
     3 March 2011, aged 63. He became a              n Employer making a corporate donation
     fellow of the Institute in 1981.                Towers Watson.
                                                        All gifts received are being counted
         PEOPLE/SOCIETY NEWS                         towards a joint naming opportunity for
                                                     the Actuarial Profession within the new
      If you have any newsworthy items for           building, which will provide an enhanced
      these pages, e-mail Kelvin Chamunorwa          student environment and extend the
      at                   provision for teaching in actuarial

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                             Obituary —                      he met Val, to whom he was married for                  that several important issues were
                                                             nearly 50 years. In 1962, the year in which             widely misunderstood.
                             Dick Squires                    he qualified, Dick and Val moved to Toronto                 Dick played a full part in the affairs of the
                            Dick Squires, who died           with Imperial Life.                                     Worshipful Company of Actuaries, serving
                            on 14 January, will                  On returning to the UK in 1965,                     as a trustee of its Charitable Trust for many
                            be remembered by                 Dick moved for a short while to Canada                  years and as the Trust’s chairman for five of
                            many actuaries not just          Life and then to Clifford Hymans and co,                those years.
                            for the considerable             where one of his duties was to light the                   Dick was a gifted raconteur with a fund
                            contribution that he             office coal fire if he should by chance be the            of anecdotes and jokes, the latter almost
    made to the profession, but also for his sense           first member of the junior actuarial staff to            always corny and rarely in the best of taste.
    of humour and enthusiasm for life.                       arrive in the morning. No doubt tiring of this          This made him an ideal neighbour during
       Dick was brought up in Peckham in                     manual labour, in 1967 Dick moved to                    the ennuis of lengthy actuarial meetings
    South London during World War II and                     Save & Prosper and remained there for the               and dinners. Whether he was discussing the
    would occasionally reminisce about the joys              next 25 years. After leaving Save & Prosper,            trip that he and Val made to Lapland with
    of roaming the streets following a previous              he joined Watson Wyatt’s insurance practice             their grandchildren one Christmas, or the
    night’s air raid, returning home with an                 before finally retiring in 1999.                         latest actuarial developments and gossip, his
    impressive haul of shrapnel. As a child, he                  Unit-linked assurance was quite a new               enthusiasm for the topic under discussion
    contracted polio and thereafter walked with              phenomenon in the UK during the ‘60s                    always shone through.
    a slight limp but he did not allow this to               and ‘70s, with very little of any practical                Dick had an active mind and was always
    stand in the way of his becoming captain of              use in contemporary actuarial literature, so            able to offer an original view but was equally
    athletics at Alleyns School.                             it fell to Dick and his peers in other linked           ready to listen to others and take account
       From his earliest schooldays, Dick was                offices to identify the key issues and develop           of their views. There are many within the
    passionately interested in all numerical                 appropriate methodology. Dick then went                 Profession with reason to be grateful for his
    matters and it was no surprise when, on                  on to write a textbook on linked assurance as           advice and encouragement.
    leaving school, he chose to start work as an             well as several Institute papers as either sole            To his wife Val, children Fiona and Paul,
    actuarial student at the then North British              or joint author. In this, he was undoubtedly            and four grandchildren, we offer our
    and Mercantile. From there he moved to the               motivated by the desire to share his expertise          deepest sympathies.
    UK branch of Imperial Life of Canada, where              with other actuaries and by an awareness                By Roger Laker

                Following the success of our
                Bachelors and Masters programmes
                in Actuarial Science, we are delighted
                to announce the launch of our new
                MSc in Actuarial Management.

               THE PROGRAMME                                                              THE ENTRY REQUIREMENTS
                This advanced programme allows a successful student exemption in          Entry requires at least a Bachelors degree of upper-second class
                two of the Core Applications subjects (CA1 and CA3) and a choice of       honours level (or equivalent), with sufficient actuarial or financial
                up to three Specialist Technical (ST) subjects. A student who graduates   content to meet the prerequisites for an acceptable choice of
                with a full set of exemptions has only three more examinations to         courses. It is not necessary to hold exemptions from all of the
                pass, as well as gaining the necessary work experience to qualify as      profession’s CT subjects.
                a Fellow of the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries.

                You can apply for either the full 12-month MSc or 9-month PG
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       Tuesday 17 May                       Programme event

     Practical challenges for GI          Do you find Solvency II requirements for internal     will talk on the GIRO working party’s continuing
                                          model approval unclear? How high is the hurdle        research into how firms are responding to specific,
     actuaries under Solvency II
                                          firms need to clear? How can you apply the            practical modelling challenges under the internal
     Staple Inn,                          requirements in a way that adds, rather than          model approval process. In particular, they will look
     High Holborn,                        detracts, value from the capital modelling process?   at model validation, use of third-party catastrophe
                                              Melinda Strudwick and Gabriela Chavez-Lopez       models and embedding models in the business.
     5:30pm for 6pm

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 Insurance                    Gender ruling

Weighing up the gender factor
Peter Banthorpe and Eli Friedwald look at recent gender-neutral legislation and the
knock-on effects on the insurance industry

                                                    The judgment
                                                    The final ECJ judgment states that the
                                                    derogation is invalid with effect from
                                                    21 December 2012, the fifth anniversary of
                                                    the date on which the requirements of the
                                                    directive had to be implemented. This means
                                                    that from 21 December 2012 all forms of
                                                    private insurance in the EU will need to be
                                                    provided on gender-neutral terms.
                                                        The ECJ’s decision was based on technical
     Peter Banthorpe is      Eli Friedwald is
                                                    grounds rather than the substantive issues
     head of actuarial       senior research
                                                    discussed in the initial opinion. The ECJ
     research at RGA         actuary at RGA,
                                                    argument was that the 2004 directive
     UK and a member         concentrating on
                                                    was flawed because it could have allowed
     of the Profession’s     European and South
                                                    member states to persist in the unequal
     Life Gender             African markets
                                                    treatment of men and women indefinitely,
                                                    whereas the intention of the derogation
     working party
                                                    was to provide a transition period for
                                                    member states to phase out the practice
     As was reported in the last edition of         of gender differentiation themselves.
     The Actuary, the European Court of Justice     By focusing on a technical legal
     (ECJ) has ruled that the use of gender         argument the ruling leaves many
     in determining prices for, and benefits         practical uncertainties that will need
     from, insurance contracts will not be          to be dealt with as the ECJ’s decision
     permitted from 21 December 2012.               is incorporated into EU and national
     This article provides an overview of current   legislation. These uncertainties are
     issues arising from this ruling on the         considered later in this article.
     UK’s protection and annuity markets,               Interestingly, the judgment
     although many of the issues will be            passes no comment on
     common across other lines of insurance         whether males and females are
     and other EU member states.                    indeed comparable in terms of
                                                    insurance risk and hence whether identical      mortality. Indeed, Richards (2004)
     Background to the case                         treatment is justified under the ECJ’s own       has previously presented some of these
     The European Charter of Fundamental            principles of equal treatment, which are        theories in this magazine.
     Rights states that men and women must be       considerably more practical than the            (
     treated equally. The EU Commission sought      position held by the European Charter of           It is interesting to note
     to incorporate this, regarding the supply of   Fundamental Rights with regards to              that some of these are
     goods and services, from 21 December 2007      gender equality:                                currently allowed separately in the
     through the EU Gender Directive of 2004.           “The court has consistently held that the   underwriting process (they are included
     This directive included a derogation clause,   principle of equal treatment requires that      as rating factors along with gender) for
     Article 5(2), to allow insurance premium       comparable situations must not be treated       protecting a business, the main ones being:
     rates to differ between men and women          differently, and different situations must      ■ Smoking habits — men start smoking
     where differentiation was already used by      not be treated in the same way, unless such     earlier and more heavily than females
     the industry.                                  treatment is objectively justified.”             ■ Women generally drink less than men.
         The Belgian consumers’ association             We consider the actuarial arguments for     And there are those that are not used in the
     (Test-Achats) challenged whether the           separate treatment of men and women in          underwriting process because they are too
     derogation was legal in Belgium.               the next section.                               subjective to be viable rating factors, such as:
     This challenge was passed from the                                                             ■ Men tend to have poorer diets and fitness
     Belgian Constitutional Court to the ECJ.       Is separate treatment of men and                ■ Women tend to access healthcare
     An initial Opinion by Advocate General         women appropriate for protection                more readily.
     Kokott was published on 30 September 2010,     and annuity business?                              Rogers et al (2010) conducted an
     although only the final judgment by the ECJ     There are a number of theories as to why        analysis which tried to control a range of
     is legally binding.                            female mortality is lighter than male           behavioural factors, as well as existing medical

22      May 2011                                                                                                            
                                                        made to ensure that gender is recognised           protection market but also in the growing
                                                        as a socially acceptable and valuable factor       impaired life annuity market. For example,
                                                        necessary for properly managing insurance          it is currently the norm to apply gender-
                                                        risk even in the environment where                 specific loadings in the event of disclosed
                                                        gender cannot be used to determine price           cardio-vascular conditions. Will this practice
                                                        or benefits.                                        be allowed to continue?
                                                                                                           What changes to existing contracts
                                                        Key areas of uncertainty                           would constitute a new contract
                                                        By far the greatest uncertainty for the            and therefore fall under the new
                                                        protection and annuity markets at the time         legislation? In particular, reviewable
                                                        of the ruling was whether the ruling would         premium business is relatively common for
                                                        have any degree of retrospective effect on         critical illness business and it is not clear
                                                        policies written prior to 21 December 2012.        whether a premium review constitutes
                                                        The consensus of legal opinion appears             a new contract. For the annuity market,
                                                        to be that no retrospective action will be         deferred annuity contracts may be deemed
                                                        required and the industry is hopeful that          to become a new contract at the point at
                                                        forthcoming national legislation will reflect       which an annuity is purchased.
                                                        this view. We do not consider retrospection
                                                        in this article given that the risk of this        Next steps
                                                        seems relatively small at the present time.        At present, insurance pricing has remained
                                                            The other main areas of uncertainty are:       unchanged in the UK but insurers will be
                                                        Can insurers still collect the gender of           preparing themselves for the necessary
                                                        an applicant? This may seem trivial given          price and procedural changes in the
                                                        the importance of gender in understanding          lead up to 21 December 2012, while being
                                                           the risk inherent in an insurance book,         mindful of possible market distortion in
                                                              but it will be important to safeguard this   the second half of 2012 as disadvantaged
                                                              right in eventual legislation to protect     groups exercise their last chance to obtain
                                                            against any potential challenge, perhaps       current terms.
                                                        brought under the Data Protection Act.                In particular, insurers’ approach to
                                                        How granular can insurance                         communications will have to be carefully
                                                        companies be in setting a unisex rate?             reviewed to ensure accurate and fair
    conditions, and was still unable to eliminate       For example, in the pricing of group annuity       information is provided over the next
    gender differentials in mortality. This points to   contracts purchased by scheme trustees             two years, as is consistent with ‘Treating
        underlying biological theories as suggested     it is unclear whether annuity providers            Customers Fairly’ principles. In particular,
           by a range of academic studies as to         could price to reflect the gender mix in            pension illustrations for those people
            why females live longer than men,           any one scheme. Even though this would             approaching retirement in the next few
           for example:                                 not constitute gender discrimination               years will need to carefully consider the use
    ■ The main biological causes of death               between members of the scheme, it would            of gender-neutral terms in their projections.
    are gender-specific — prostate and breast            result in different prices for schemes with           In the UK, the insurance industry is
    cancers being the main examples for males           different gender mixes. A similar indirect         working with HM Treasury towards detailed
    and females respectively                            discrimination issue applies to similar            guidance and draft legislation.
    ■ Men have a greater propensity to develop          protection products aimed at different                The EU Commission is also expected
    heart disease in early life                         sectors of the market which may attract            to consider whether to amend the 2004
    ■ The female hormones oestrogen and                 different gender mixes.                            Directive. Indeed, a review of the use of
    progesterone are thought to have positive           To what extent can insurers (and                   gender-specific pricing in insurance to be
    health benefits whereas testosterone is              distribution channels) act to mitigate             published by 21 December 2010 was specified
    thought to be detrimental to health                 the business mix risk without being                in Article 16 of the 2004 directive; this is now
    ■ Having two X chromosomes may                      deemed guilty of indirect discrimination,          overdue but is expected to be completed.
    provide some level of ‘redundancy’ to               even if the price paid by the consumer is             We hope that the industry will be
    females and, in particular, substantially           gender-neutral? For instance, are gender-          effective in gaining clarity through the
    reduce the risk of females developing               distinct commission rates permissible?             appropriate lobbying and consultation
    recessive inherited diseases.                       How sophisticated can medical                      processes to avoid any future uncertainty
       We believe these arguments need to be            underwriting be? This is important in the          and potential for further legal challenge. ■                                                                                                                              May 2011      23
 Health and care              Tobacco

Thank you for not smoking
Adele Groyer considers whether tobacco control policies are making a difference and why it
should matter to actuaries

                                                      rates in different periods. The most              The researchers sent periodic questionnaires to
                                                      significant reductions in prevalence               study subjects and published follow-up reports
                                                      occurred between the mid-1970s and 1980s          every 10 years until 20015. Table 1 shows
                                                      when smoking decreased by around 1% per           some results where risk of death for smokers
                                                      annum. During this time, a large volume of        and ex-smokers is compared with the risk
                                                      evidence of the health risks associated with      presented by a non-smoker.
                                                      smoking was published and the price of               The results consistently show elevated
                                                      cigarettes was rising4.                           risk for ex-smokers and even higher risks
                                                         The pace of the reduction slowed to around     for current smokers. The risk reduces with
                                                      0.5% p.a. between the mid-1980s and 1990s         increasing duration since smoking cessation.
                             Adele Groyer is an
                                                      and then stalled, despite continuing real rises   The relative risks for lung cancer death are
                             actuary on Gen Re
                                                      in the retail price of cigarettes.                particularly pronounced.
                             UK’s technical team
                                                         In the late 1990s there was even an               This is just one study among many.
                                                      increase in smoking initiation, which was         The US Surgeon General’s 1990 report into

               n 31 May each year, the World          reversed at a similar time to the publication     the health benefits of smoking cessation
               Health Organisation (WHO) marks        of ‘Smoking Kills’, the UK Government’s first      provides a comprehensive overview of the
               World No Tobacco Day, highlighting     White Paper on tobacco control in 1998.           evidence available at the time6.

                                                      » The results consistently show elevated risk for
               the health risks associated with
     tobacco use and advocating effective policies
     to reduce consumption1. The theme for 2011
     is The WHO Framework Convention on
                                                      ex-smokers and even higher risks for current smokers                                         «
     Tobacco Control (FCTC).                             The raft of tobacco control legislation           The Actuarial Profession, via the
         The FCTC is a treaty that was negotiated     introduced in the last decade may have            Continuous Mortality Investigation (CMI),
     under the auspices of the WHO.                   renewed the impetus for reductions in             has gathered its own data. Smoker differentials
     Currently, 172 countries are parties to this     smoking prevalence. This reduction may            for different term assurance benefits and
     treaty. The UK ratified the treaty in 2003        be difficult to maintain in light of the           at different ages are shown in Table 2.
     — the same year that it was first open for        apparent increase in smoking initiation           The smoker group consists of current and
     signature2. Some of the obligations arising      since 2006 which, ironically, coincided with      ex-smokers, while the non-smoker group
     out of the treaty are:                           the increase in the minimum legal age for         consists of non- and ex-smokers and possibly
     ■ Adoption of price and tax measures to          tobacco sales.                                    a few current smokers, too.
     reduce consumption                                  The ban on smoking in enclosed public             The smoker differentials for mortality
     ■ Prevention of illicit trade in tobacco         spaces appears to have had limited positive       products are in a similar range to the results
     ■ Regulation and restriction of tobacco          effect on smoking prevalence in addition to       seen in the British doctors study, although
     product disclosures, packaging and advertising   gains that stemmed from earlier measures,         the smoker status classifications are not
     ■ Reduction of exposure to tobacco smoke         however, reduction in exposure to second-         directly comparable. For females the critical
     ■ Provision of support for smoking cessation     hand smoke was one of its primary aims.           illness differentials are lower than those seen
     ■ Prevention of tobacco sales to minors             The observed changes suggest that the          for mortality. This is possibly because breast
     ■ Promotion of public awareness of tobacco-      public has responded to dissemination of          cancer, which does not have a strong link
     related health risks.                            information on the harms associated with          with smoking and has a high survival rate,
                                                      smoking. The introductions of advertising         is a major cause of critical illness claim.
     Timeline of tobacco control measures             restrictions have coincided with the start of        The CMI has not published any income
     Long before the FCTC, the UK introduced          periods of faster reductions in prevalence        protection results by smoker status. On The
     measures aimed at tobacco control and has        and it will be interesting to see whether         Exchange, a premium comparison tool,
     since continued to introduce measures that       the recently announced proposals to ban           insurers’ smoker rates are roughly 40%
     support its treaty commitments. Figure 1         retailers from displaying cigarettes will         higher than non-smoker rates.
     shows some of the noteworthy tobacco             trigger similar changes.
     control initiatives and smoking prevalence                                                         Why actuaries should be interested
     over time. Prevalence for ages 16 to 19 is       Smoking and health risk evidence                  In our role as pricing and valuation actuaries
     shown to indicate the effect of policies on      One of the major epidemiological studies that     working on life and health insurance
     smoking initiation as over 80% of smokers        has shown the link between smoking and            benefits, we have limited immediate
     start before age 203.                            increased health risk is the British doctors      financial interest in changes in smoking
        Smoking prevalence has generally              study. This was a cohort study of physicians      prevalence where smoker-distinct premium
     been falling over time but at different          who were registered in the UK in 1951.            rates have been charged. Increased cessation

24      May 2011                                                                                                               
                                                                                               Figure 1 — Smoking prevalence in England and key events
    rates may temporarily introduce more                                                                                                                                                                 2003: Wider
    recent ex-smokers to the non-smoker pool,                                                                                                                      Packaging                         advertising ban and                                                  Smoking
                                                                                       45%                                                                          warning                           larger packaging                                                    prevalence
    thereby increasing non-smoker claim rates.                                                  1965: TV                                                            wording                               warnings                                                        ages 16 to
                                                                                               advertising                                                       strengthened                                                                                             19
    If ex-smokers continue to pay smoker rates,                                                 banned                                                                                                          2005: Event
    smoker claim rates could reduce.                                                   40%                                                                             1992: Commitment
                                                                                                                                                                                                                  banned                                                  Smoking
                                                                                                                                                                        to 2.5% p.a. real
        An important component for pricing and                                                           1971:                                                          increases in the                             2007: Smoking ban                                    prevalence
                                                                  Smoking prevalence

                                                                                                    Introduction of                                                       retail price of                            in enclosed spaces                                   over age 16
    reserving is allowance for trends. Due to                                          35%
                                                                                                       packaging                                                          cigarettes via                                     and
                                                                                                     warnings and                                                            taxation                                minimum sale age
    low volumes and problems with consistent                                                                                                                                                                           increased to 18
                                                                                                     radio adverts
    contributions, insured lives data is difficult                                                       banned                                                                                                                                                            Estimated
                                                                                       30%                                                                                                                                       2009: Graphic                            target adult
    to use for trend projections. Where                                                                                                                                                                                           packaging
                                                                                                                                                  1986: Cinema
    population trends are used, adjustments                                            25%                                                       advertisements                                                                          Late 2011: Shop display and
    need to be made for improvements resulting                                                                                                       banned                                  1999: Launch of                               vending machine bans
                                                                                                                                                                                            NHS Stop Smoking
    from smoking cessation that will not be seen                                       20%                                                                                                      services
    in smoker-status distinct pools.
        Where premiums are not smoker-
    differentiated, for example on large employer                                            1965      1970           1975         1980            1985            1990             1995            2000             2005            2010             2015
    schemes where a unit rate is charged, reduced                     Townsend J, Price and consumption of tobacco, British Medical Bulletin 1996; 52 (No. 1): 132-142; General Household Survey 1998; General Lifestyle Survey 2009; 6 BBC article “Timeline: Smoking and disease”
                                                            ; HM Government White Paper, “Healthy lives, healthy people: a tobacco control plan for England” published 9 March 2011; Statistics on NHS Stop Smoking Services in England
    smoking prevalence could translate into lower           

    claim rates, possibly creating an incentive for
    insurers to encourage smoking cessation.                                                   Table 1 — Results from the British doctors study
        The cost of annuities has been rising                            Risk                          Age range at death                                 Current smoker relative risk Ex-smoker relative risk
    because of increased proportions of non-
    and ex-smokers in the population. Smoking                                                                          35-44                                                             1.6                                                     Not available
    prevalence changes are believed to have
                                                                                                                       45-54                                                             2.3                                                                 1.4
    been a major driver of past improvements                             Death
    and should continue to have an effect for                                                                          55-64                                                             2.5                                             1.1 if cease age <45,
    some time. Any major changes that happen                                                                                                                                                                                             2.0 if cease age >45
    at younger ages today will have an effect
    many years from now.                                                                                               35-44                                                               2                                                     Not available
        Lastly, as members of society who happen                                                                       45-54                                                              10                                                     Not available
    to have additional access to information on
    the health risks associated with smoking,
                                                                         cancer                                        55-64                                                              14                                                     Not available
    we will each have our own thoughts on how
                                                                                                                      All ages                                                            16                                              2 to 7.5 (cease age
    we wish to respond to the WHO call for a
    reduction in tobacco consumption on
    World No Tobacco Day 2011 and beyond. ■                                                                            30-54                                                             3.5                                        1.3 to 1.9 (depends on
                                                                         heart                                                                                                                                                     duration since cessation)
                                                                         disease                                       55-64                                                             1.7                                        1.3 to 1.9 (depends on
                                                                         death                                                                                                                                                     duration since cessation)
                                                                                               Table 2 — Smoker differentials implied by CMI insured lives data
    3 General Lifestyle Survey 2009                                       Insured benefit                               Calendar                                 Source                             Smoker as ratio of non-smoker rate
    4 Townsend J, Price and consumption of tobacco,
    British Medical Bulletin 1996; 52 (No. 1): 132-142                                                                                                                                                           Males                                       Females

                                                                          Age                                                                                                                         40             50              60             40              50              60
    5 Doll R et al. Mortality in relation to smoking: 50 years’
    observations on male British doctors, BMJ 2004; 328;1519              Mortality                                     1999-2002                        T00 mortality                               1.8             2.0            2.2             1.5             2.1            2.5
                                                                                                                                                         table ultimate
    6 US Department of Health and Human Services, The                                                                                                         rates
    Health Benefits of Smoking Cessation: a report of the
                                                                          Critical illness                              2003-2006                    Working paper 50                                1.5             2.2            1.8             1.4             1.7             1.7
    Surgeon General 1990
                                                                                                                                                      ultimate rates                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             May 2011                   25
 Investment                    Private equity

Private investigations
André Freiis and Michael Studer consider the optimal allocation to private equity in line with
modern portfolio theory

                                                        substantially with just a small move of               Interestingly, public equities do not
                                                        the target risk and the portfolio                  receive any allocation in these two
                                                        composition often neglects entire asset            portfolios and private equity basically takes
                                                        classes. This sensitivity makes portfolio          the place of public equity. For long-term
                                                        optimisation more of an art than a science         investors with corresponding risk profiles
                                                        and the results should often be considered as      and a high tolerance vis-à-vis illiquidity,
                                                        general guidance rather than a strict directive.   such a move may actually make sense.
                                                           The recent financial crisis painfully            As initially discussed, investors will need to
                                                        demonstrated that asset allocation                 base their portfolio allocation not only on
                                                        should not depend solely on quantitative           historical data but also on their outlook of
     André Freiis is the      Dr Michael Studer is
                                                        models and historical time series.                 expected future returns.
     chief risk officer at    head of investment
                                                        Additional parameters such as duration and
     Partners Group           risk management at
                                                        liquidity must be taken into consideration.        It’s not the end of the story
                              Partners Group
                                                        Last but not least, investors need to carefully    As mentioned before, modern portfolio
                                                        analyse the availability and characteristics       theory focuses on volatility, returns and
                                                        of input data.                                     correlations as input parameters. In our
                                                                                                           opinion, there are various dimensions not
                                                        Optimising for private equity                      covered in this framework that are very
     Modern portfolio theory strives to                 Private company valuations typically               important in the actual asset allocation
     optimise an investor’s allocation across           reflect fair asset values rather than actual        decision.
     asset classes and the investor’s risk tolerance.   transaction values. Although similar                   Portfolio optimisation is typically based
     The parameters of risk (measured as                tools are used to value public and private         on long-term, broadly diversified industry
     volatility), returns and correlations are the      companies, the frequency and focus                 data. This does not take into account a
     input variables to optimise the return for a       of valuations varies significantly. As a            potential positive/negative selection bias.
     given risk. Figure 1 illustrates the efficient      consequence of private equity valuation            As a matter of fact, private equity exhibits
     frontier for a traditional portfolio consisting    mechanics, return series exhibit auto-             a large dispersion between top and bottom
     of stocks and bonds. All portfolios along          correlation, which, if not corrected for, may      performers. The data from Thomson Reuters
     the curve are ‘efficient’ in the sense that         distort the results of portfolio optimisation.     illustrated in Figure 2 underlines the
     investors cannot create a non-levered                 The fact that quarterly returns are, to some    importance of this investment selection.
     portfolio with the same return but a lower         extent, dependent on the returns observed              Comparing North American buyout
     risk, or the same risk but a higher return.        in previous quarters, smoothes time series         industry returns with the S&P 500 shows
         Herein we will focus on the minimum            and reduces the measured volatility and the        that the broad buyout market outperforms
     variance portfolio (such as the portfolio          correlation with other asset classes.              the S&P 500 by around 3%. An investor
     with the lowest risk) and the maximum              Since volatility and correlation are the input     that is able to identify and avoid bottom-
     Sharpe portfolio (such as the portfolio that       variables for portfolio optimisation,              quartile investment opportunities is able
     maximises the Sharpe ratio)1. Calculating          auto-correlation in time series would naturally    to increase the outperformance to nearly
     these optimal allocations for portfolios           impact the result of portfolio optimisation.       5%. If such outperformance is factored in,
     containing only public stocks and bonds               There are techniques that allow for the         the investor would naturally increase the
     results in a bond allocation of around 80%         ‘un-smoothing’ of time series (see Conner,         allocation to private equity in a maximum
     (minimum variance portfolio) and 75%               for example3). Using these methods, one            Sharpe portfolio. On the other hand, an
     (maximum Sharpe portfolio) based on                can determine an adjusted volatility and           investor that is not able to identify and
     historical data2.                                  an adjusted correlation of the underlying          access top quartile opportunities is likely to
         While modern portfolio theory is still one     economic process and use these underlying          underperform a public market portfolio.
     of the major tools for portfolio construction,     parameters as input variables for portfolio        If such underperformance is factored in,
     it is hotly debated among both practitioners       optimisation rather than original private          there would consequently be no private
     and researchers. People question to what           market return series.                              equity allocation in the optimal portfolio.
     extent the assumptions of standard                    Even based on adjusted parameters,                  The uncertainty of cash flows of private
     portfolio optimisation are justified or violated.   modern portfolio theory suggests an                market investments adds another
     In addition, the composition of optimal            11% allocation to private equity for the           dimension in our portfolio optimisation
     portfolios might not always seem feasible.         minimum variance portfolio and a 27%               effort. Using sophisticated modelling,
         When moving along an efficient frontier         allocation for the maximum Sharpe                  investors need to estimate their future cash
     (for example, in varying risk tolerances),         portfolio (see table 1) based on adjusted          flows based on their prevailing portfolio and
     the portfolio composition can change               historical data.                                   their unfunded liabilities; actual cash flows

26       May 2011                                                                                                                  
                                                                             Figure 1 — Standard efficient frontier for a simple public market
    will depend on many exogenous factors.
    The input data used for the optimisation
                                                                             8.0%                                                                                                      0% Bonds/
    implicitly assumes that the investor is                                                                                                                                            100% Equities
    always fully invested. Given the
    uncertainty of future cash flows, investors                     Return
    face the difficulty of achieving and                                      7.5%
    maintaining their target investment level
    over time.
        Opportunity costs from being under
    or overinvested can be significant due to
    the illiquidity of the asset class and the
                                                                                                                 100% Bonds/0% Equities
    substantial discounts possible in the case
    of forced secondary sales, which may erase                               6.5%
                                                                                 4%                         8%                            12%                           16%                           20%
    the entire return benefits. It is clear that
    portfolio optimisation of industry data
                                                                Source: Bloomberg (MSCI World Total Return, Citigroup World Government Bond Index) using data for the time period 31/12/1993 – 30/09/2010
    does not take these opportunity costs
    into account.                                                            Table 1 — Optimal allocations for portfolio with traditional and
        Further important factors to be                                      alternative assets
    considered for portfolio optimisation
    include liquidity considerations and                                                                                                          Maximum Sharpe                  Maximum variance
    regulations. Regulators worldwide are                                                                                                            portfolio                        portfolio
    imposing new rules for insurance companies                  Citigroup World Government Bonds                                                           56%                                 64%
    that shift the focus from asset-based
    capital requirements to risk-based capital                  MSCI World Total Return                                                                     0%                                  0%
    requirements. Similarly, banks are facing
                                                                CS/Tremont Hedge Fund Index                                                                17%                                 25%
    additional capital requirements from Basel
    III and the Volcker rule. These regulations                 Private Equity                                                                             27%                                 11%
    will further restrict degrees of freedom in
                                                                Private equity figures denote broad pooled average buyout industry returns with North America and Western Europe being equally weighted.
    asset allocation.                                           Series are corrected for auto-correlation.
                                                                Source: Bloomberg (quarterly returns in local currencies), Thomson Reuters (Cash flow summary report), period 1/1/1994 – 30/06/2010
    What is the optimal allocation to                                        Figure 2 — Industry data does not account for an investment
    private equity? From a standard                                          selection bias
    portfolio optimisation point of view, an                          12%
    unconstrained investor may allocate 10% or                                                                                                               1.9%
    even up to 30% of overall assets to private
    equity. Individual investors’ preferences,
    different levels of investor sophistication
    and regulations will, however, continue to                          8%
    yield very different answers to this question
    in practice.                                 ■
    1 The Sharpe ratio is a measure for risk-adjusted
    performance and is defined as the expected excess                   4%
    return of an asset over the risk-free rate divided by the
    asset’s volatility                                                  2%

    2 Mutual Fund Performance, William F. Sharpe, Journal
    of Business, January 1966, p. 119-138
                                                                                             Public          Average buyout             Private             Positive            Negative
                                                                                             markets            premium                  equity            selection          selection bias
    3 Asset Allocation Effects of Adjusting Alternative                                                           (beta)                                      bias           (negative alpha)

    Assets for Stale Pricing, A. Conner, The Journal of         Positive selection bias refers to the pooled performance of funds that are not in the bottom quartile. Negative selection bias refers to the pooled
                                                                performance of funds that are not in the top quartile.
    Alternative Investments, Winter 2003, p. 42-52
                                                                Source: Thomson Reuters (NAM BO fund performance report as of 30/06/2010) and Bloomberg (S&P 500 TR since 1994) for public markets                                                                                                                                                                             May 2011          27
 Q&A                            David Flitman

Centre of attention
Marjorie Ngwenya talks to Flagstone Re’s chief actuary David Flitman about making the right
move at the right time, which, in his case, took him from New York City to Bermuda

     What events led to you following an                at your job are important in a career, but        now certainly ticks all the boxes. Some of
     actuarial career?                                  making the right move at the right time           the new things I’ve had to learn to do in
     I had heard about the actuarial field               is key. I moved to Flagstone, a start-up          Bermuda have allowed me to do this —
     from my calculus teacher and liked the             formed in the wake of a lack of reinsurance       being exposed to international markets,
     concept of a fusion of maths and business.         capacity following hurricanes Katrina, Rita       going to Lloyd’s of London and meeting
     To be honest, I wasn’t much of a student,          and Wilma in 2005, just as the market             different cedants, working on business in
     but I was good at maths. I come from a             was turning. It was a great opportunity —         Japan and Australia. I’ve been working in
     professional family, mostly of physicians —        serendipity is important in life.                 aviation, marine and energy and satellite,
     my mother, father, brothers, sisters, cousins                                                        which are traditionally lines that are very
     — so maybe becoming an actuary was my              How does working in Bermuda                       common to Lloyd’s of London, and I have
     form of rebellion.                                 compare with working in the US?                   loved all of that. I like to work hard, and if
        I went to the State University of               The pace is very similar in Bermuda to the        you are going to work as hard as we do, you
     New York, Albany, then switched to the             US, but has a really international feel to it.    need to love what you are doing.
     College of Insurance, which is now part of         I work with a combination of Bermudians,
     St John’s University. I had a bit of a misspent    Canadians, British and, of course, people from    What is your top tip for a fruitful
     youth there taking a lot of exams for a life       the US. It may not sound very international       career?
     designation, before I figured out that property     to you, but compared to working in New York       You have to be interested and stay
     casualty was much more interesting. In the         where diversity is New Jersey vs Long Islander,   interested to work in this industry. It is not
     US you have to choose between life and             it feels very international. Bermuda is a         just a processing task until you leave at 5pm.
     property and casualty. In the US there were a      fusion of Caribbean, American, British and        If we treat it like a process — for instance,
     lot of actuaries in casualty, whereas in Lloyd’s   Canadian influences.                               ten steps in order to get an answer —
     there were not as many non-life actuaries.             In terms of work, we have a more              then we lose out on a great deal. Some people
        My first job was with ISO, a US rating           international book of business —                  are very capable and go through all the
     bureau. It was a great place to start as we        my knowledge of geography has certainly           steps, but don’t think abstractly. If all one is
     were using large data sets and I got to see        got a lot stronger since working here.            interested in is getting to the answer, then
     a lot of different lines of business. I then                                                         a more precise field like accounting will be
     moved to WR Berkley Insurance in the               How do you measure your success?                  more gratifying. In our job we have to make
     casualty field.                                     What I personally look for is to stay             assumptions, so we have to rely upon our
                                                        engaged. This involves learning new things        judgment. We are the sum of our experiences,
     What has been your greatest                        and exploring different areas. The job I do       and it is building upon this knowledge base
     professional challenge to date?                                                                      that makes us good at what we do.
     The biggest challenge has been my new role.                                                              Another thing is to be open to new roles
     Flagstone is a global company and I have                                                             and experiences. When I moved to Bermuda,
     to co-ordinate a global team. You need to                                                            I was recently married and it could have been
     make sure that you are using your resources                                                          quite challenging, but we found out it worked
     correctly and connecting with your team.                                                             out well. Doing the safe job and doing what
     My team consists of one third actuaries,                                                             is in front of you is easier. I know it sounds
     one third catastrophe modellers and one third                                                        corny, but taking the proverbial path less well
     claims people. You also have to make sure                                                            travelled has made all the difference.
     that people are engaged and learning while
     they are working.                                                                                    What do you believe are the
                                                                                                          opportunities for actuaries in the risk
     You spent a number of years                                                                          management field?
     working in North America before                                                                      Actuaries have a unique skill-set.
     taking your career offshore into                                                                     Social sciences, economics and many
     Bermuda. How did that come about?                                                                    other fields have large error probabilities, and
     I had a couple of different positions, firstly in
                                                         David Flitman joined Flagstone as chief          you can’t set up a controlled environment in
     primary insurance with WR Berkley and then
                                                         actuary in early 2006. Mr Flitman has            a lab. That is where we come in — you have
     in reinsurance at XL. I then moved to ACE
                                                         worked in the reinsurance industry for over      to use experience and judgment.
     Tempest, and was asked to come to Bermuda
                                                         15 years offering a depth of experience             For underwriting satellite risk, say, there
     as chief actuary. That was in 2004.
                                                         in risk management. He is an associate           is a very small set of data, and you have to
        I then saw a dynamic opportunity at
                                                         of the Society of Actuaries, a member of         make assumptions. You can mitigate the
     Flagstone. Working hard and being good
                                                         the American Academy of Actuaries and a          risk by making demands on product design,
                                                         fellow of the Casualty Actuarial Society.

28      May 2011                                                                                                                  
    but in the end you have to draw on your                           assumption that our view of risk is correct.      relied on investment income, but with the
    experience, and sometimes you have to                             But what about global contagion (what if          global financial crisis of 2008, companies’
    guess. I can’t go and tell an underwriter 3%,                     the mouse eats the wrong piece of cheese)?        investment rates are lower and spreads are
    plus or minus 2%, when he wants to know                           The financial crisis was not factored into         compressing. The economy is still not that
    if he can sell it at 4%.                                          those models. As actuaries we have to look        healthy and already we are seeing people
        There is a scientific aspect to being an                       at other factors, look at more than statistical   taking more investment risk on that side of
    actuary, but judgment is important. It is a                       performance, because we know we never             the balance sheet.
    softer concept, bridging the gap between the                      have everything in front of us. We have to           Another issue is the ‘known unknowns’,
    cold realities of science and having to make                      have our eyes wide open for the things that       such as energy risk and catastrophic risk. We
    a business decision. No matter how precise                        are missing from the model.                       have to evaluate the weather we have seen
    the model, there will be problems with                                                                              — the activity in Australia, Brazil, Pakistan
    it. Think of the riots in Egypt or someone                        What three issues should insurers have            and Russia, and try to see what is happening
    flying a plane into the World Trade Centre,                        in mind for 2011 and beyond?                      with natural catastrophes.
    these kinds of things cannot be factored in                       The soft market is significant. The challenge         Then there are the changes in our world
    to any model. So you have to think about                          is to work out how much a product costs,          with the BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India, China) or
    what else could happen, keep a bag of tricks,                     and work with what is being charged for it.       non-Organisation for Economic Co-operation
    so to speak, when assessing the risk.                             There is a problem in thinking we can             and Development (OECD) countries growing
        Structured financial products are a case                       continue this way, working with constantly        and possible political instability.           n
    in point. Our one-in-10,000 or one-in-                            falling prices. How much longer can prices
    50,000-year events are all based on an                            go down? In years gone by the market has          More questions online at

                     New name. Powerful pedigree.
                     In 2010 Algorithmics, the world’s leading provider of enterprise risk solutions, acquired VIPitech – now renamed
                     Algo Financial Modeler. Algorithmics’ two decades of experience with some of the world’s largest financial firms,
                     and our award-winning pedigree for best risk technology solutions, stand behind Algo Financial Modeler. Our
                     commitment is to ensure it retains its position as the most advanced, flexible and robust software available for
                     insurers to help address their actuarial and financial modeling challenges, now and in the future.

                     Proven Risk Management Solutions                              

             © 2011 Algorithmics Software LLC. All rights reserved.                                                                                                                                              May 2011     29
 Regulation                   With-profits

Keeping the peace
Peter Smith outlines the measures put in place by the FSA to ensure the fair treatment of
with-profits policyholders

                                                     of some of our rules. Arching over all of the   attention to that part of the fund backing
                                                     individual proposals is the need to ensure      asset shares only. The estate is an integral
                                                     that the rules and guidance are applied         part of the fund in which with-profits
                                                     properly and the need to strengthen the         policyholders have a contingent interest.
                                                     governance requirements to make sure            It follows that WPCs or independent
                                                     this happens.                                   persons must also monitor the uses of any
                                                                                                     estate in a fund.
                                                     Governance                                          We propose that, in addition to
                                                     We make several proposals in relation to        monitoring compliance with PPFMs, WPCs
                                                     governance. Our intention here is to make       or independent persons will also have their
                            Peter Smith is the
                                                     sure that firms give appropriate weight to       terms of reference published and that they
                            head of Investments
                                                     the interests of with-profits policyholders      can make reasonable requests for external
                            Policy at the FSA
                                                     during their decision-making processes.         advice if they believe that will help their
                                                     Many funds are consolidating and moving         decision-making. Firms will have to tell us
                                                     into run-off and difficult decisions will        if they do not follow advice given to them
                                                     have to be made about surpluses and             by WPCs or their independent person, and

             ffective governance and management      the way in which they are distributed.          record why they chose not to do so.
             of the conflicts of interest inherent    We want to make firms do more to                     One of the most obvious conflicts of
             in with-profits funds are vital in       ensure their decisions affect with-profits       interest currently allowed within our
             ensuring that all classes of            policyholders in a fair manner.                 exisiting rules on governance is that the
     with-profits policyholders are treated fairly.      The key proposals are to strengthen          with-profits actuary, whose job it is to advise
     This is one of the major themes of the FSA’s    governance in with-profits funds by              firms on the use of discretion and report on
     new consultation paper, ‘CP11/5 Protecting      requiring all funds with assets of more than    this annually to with-profits policyholders,
     with-profits policyholders’.                     £500m to have a with-profits committee           is either a paid employee of the firm or a
        One of the main findings of last year’s       (WPC). Funds under that size can continue       consultant retained by the firm. We propose
     With-Profits Regime Review (the Review)          to have an independent person instead.          that with-profits actuaries do not have
     was that governance of with-profits funds        In requiring this we have set out two           reporting lines, or have their remuneration
     is often weak, and does not ensure that         options in relation to the composition
     all with-profits policyholders’ interests        of WPCs — either all members are
     are always taken into account by firms           independent and completely external to the
     operating with-profits funds. This criticism     with-profits fund or funds they oversee, or
     applies equally to shareholder-owned firms       we allow directors and non-executives of the
     as it does to mutually owned ones.              firm to sit on WPCs, but there must be an
        Actuaries have always been central to        independent majority.

                                                     » Actuaries have
     the operation and decision-making process
     of with-profits funds. Whether it is the
     creation and implementation of an effective     always been central
     smoothing strategy, which allows for the fair
     treatment of all policyholders — or in some     to the operation and
     cases declaring unsustainably high bonuses      decision-making process
     and offering guarantees that have ultimately
     forced a fund to close — actuaries have
                                                     of with-profits funds               «
     always played a leading role.
        CP11/5 contains far more than proposals         A number of WPCs and independent
     for strengthening governance (see boxout).      persons see their remit as being narrowly
     The issues being consulted on here have         confined to considering whether a firm
     been generated primarily from the Review.       has complied with its PPFM (principles
     But they also include matters relating to       and practices of financial management).
     mutuals arising out of Project Chrysalis        We take the view that WPCs or independent
     (which considered the fair treatment of         persons should be taking a much broader
     with-profits policyholders in mutually           view of their responsibilities. So we would
     owned with-profits funds) and to existing        not accept, for example, that WPCs or the
     concerns we have had over the effectiveness     independent person should confine their

30      May 2011                                                                                                            
    determined in a way that may create a                  We propose to amend our rules                   In addition, with-profits funds that
    conflict of interest over the advice he or           relating to distributions to with-profits        closed before the current rules took
    she gives.                                          policyholders so that the required              effect in 2005 will be required to have
                                                        percentage reflects a firm’s established          run-off plans.
    Other issues                                        practice. We expect this will give the             Firms will no longer be able to apply
    We propose that the current guidance on the         clarity that mutually owned firms running        market value reductions (MVRs) if there is a
    need to manage conflicts of interest between         with-profits funds have been seeking.            high volume of surrenders alone. MVRs will
    policyholders and shareholders becomes a               Currently, new business can be written       only be applicable if the market value of
    rule and that we expand it to make it clear         into with-profits funds provided it is           the with-profits assets is lower than the face
    that our rules relate to all types of conflicts of   unlikely to have a material adverse effect      value of the policy and their amount will be
    interest. These can be between with-profits          on existing with-profits policyholders.          limited to the extent of the shortfall.
    and non-profits policyholders, different             We no longer accept that this is appropriate,      We are making it clear that our rule,
    classes of with-profits policyholders,               so we propose to require it to be likely that   which sets a limit on the expenses firms
    with-profits policyholders and managers              there will be no adverse effect on them.        can charge to a with-profits fund, applies
    and with-profits policyholders and other             By ‘likely’ we mean any new business plan       equally to in-house management services
    members of mutually owned firms.                     has to be properly costed and deliver a         arrangements. An arrangement under
       The continuing fall in new with-profits           credible analysis. We are making a similar      which amounts in excess of cost are charged
    business poses particular challenges to             change so that strategic investments can        subverts the stated distribution ratio by a
    mutually owned firms who wish to                     only be made if there is no likely adverse      back-door leakage of value.
    continue to write new non-profit business.           effect on existing with-profits policyholders.      We propose to rectify the position under
    In particular, there can be a tension between          We want to move away from the stark          the existing rules where a reattribution
    the interests of with-profits policyholders in       ‘open or closed’ distinction under the          of any excess surplus might be used as an
    the fund, the desire for firms’ management           current rules. Instead, firms will have          alternative to a distribution. In future, only
    to hold back money to fund new                      to tailor their operational and financial        a distribution can be used for this purpose.
    non-profit business and, in some cases,              planning, including distribution plans, to      We see reattributions and distributions as
    other members who also have an interest in          reflect the level of new business they are       entirely different events that take place for
    the long-term fund.                                 writing and expect to write.                    entirely different reasons.
                                                                                                           Finally, we are tightening our rules
                                                                                                        on reattributions to strengthen the role of
                                                                                                        the policyholder advocate and to speed up
                                                                                                        the process.
                                                                                                           This is a brief overview of the issues we
                                                                                                        are consulting on in CP11/5, all of which
                                                                                                        are of interest to the actuarial profession.
                                                                                                        If you have not already done so then I urge
                                                                                                        you to read the paper and send in your
                                                                                                        response to us. Consultation closes on
                                                                                                        24 May.                                        ■

                                                                                                          Issues consulted on in CP11/5
                                                                                                          ■ Governance
                                                                                                          ■ Conflicts of interest
                                                                                                          ■ The fair treatment of with-profits
                                                                                                          policyholders in with-profits funds
                                                                                                          ■ The terms on which new business
                                                                                                          is written
                                                                                                          ■ Material reductions in new business
                                                                                                          ■ Market value reductions
                                                                                                          ■ Strategic investments
                                                                                                          ■ Charges made to with-profits funds
                                                                                                          ■ Excess surplus
                                                                                                          ■ Reattribution of inherited estates.                                                                                                                          May 2011       31
 Insurance                    Claims management

Moving in the right direction
Bart Patrick explores how insurers are driving operational efficiency across the
claims value chain

                            Bart Patrick is a
                            director of European
                            Insurance at

                nderwriting and claims settlement    step in this direction. However, supporting    which can be applied across products and/
                are the two most important           technology is only one part of a total claim   or lines of business. Applying the best core
                aspects in the functioning of an     improvement initiative. Often overlooked       business practices across the organisation
                insurance company. In the present    are the people and process components          ensures the optimal claim process is available
     highly competitive and economically             of a more holistic improvement initiative,     and can be invoked by any adjuster within
     challenging environment, claims settlement      something that packaged solutions aren’t       any area of an organisation. This model can
     can serve as a market differentiator that       necessarily positioned to address.             be readily specialised and extended based on
     puts insurance companies at the forefront           Business process management (BPM) is       which markets or segments insurers serve.
     of industry leadership and innovation.          an effective option for insurers looking to       Moreover, insurers can use BPM to add
     To be successful, insurers need to improve      advance transformational or improvement        ’specialised’ layers of instruction to baseline
     the operational efficiency of their claim        initiatives. BPM technology goes deeper        processes and rules by specifying just what
     organisations and build an operating            than a package solution by delivering          will be different in specific situations.
     model that can minimise claim costs as          improved claim-processing technology that      Rather than having to build the process
     well as eliminate the unnecessary expenses      automatically aligns adjusters and resources   from scratch every time, insurers can
     associated with claims handling.                under an optimised end-to-end claim process.   focus on those specialised layers alone,
        Many insurers have distinct claim            It also provides a strategic platform that     thereby reducing expenses and dramatically
     operations, personnel and units that focus      enables more efficient claim operations and     improving time to market.
     on the products (non-life and life) they        an enhanced claimant service experience.          This approach greatly enhances agility.
     offer to individuals or on different business                                                  By focusing on opportunities to optimise
     sectors. This model often results in massive    Focus on best practices                        and reuse best practice business processes,
     and siloed claim organisations with unique      There is a common misconception that           insurers can break the manual or exception
     unit configurations, systems infrastructures     all claim processes are unique. While final     claim processing that they have grown
     and processes for each market segment or        execution of the process may be highly         accustomed to supporting. Insurers that
     line of business. Moreover, in high-volume      customised, most process elements — first       do this successfully create competitive
     or highly complex operations, inefficient or     notice of loss (FNOL), segmentation and        advantages. They benefit from increased
     sub-optimal process steps can be replicated,    assignment, adjudication, investigation,       customer satisfaction and higher market
     often with costly implications to insurers.     subrogation and so on — are actually very      share by enforcing best practice processes
     Consequently, insurers struggle to maintain     similar when you break them down to their      that help insurers reduce loss adjustment
     control over these organisations and            core processes.                                expense and claim leakage.
     implement consistent models for managing           With a BPM platform, insurers can reuse
     claim operations.                               this commonality to quickly transform          Automated case management
        So, what options should be considered        claim operations for competitive advantage.    Claim best practices look fantastic when
     to best drive claim transformation?             BPM technology provides insurers with          they’re mapped on whiteboards, but
     Implementing effective supporting               the ability to leverage a core best practice   often fall short when insurers don’t have
     technology to improve claims management         claim process by storing those elements in a   the ability to execute them. Moreover,
     across the organisation is an important         common repository of policy and procedures,    each claim settlement process requires

32      May 2011                                                                                                            
                                                     is able to be routed, managed and                 functions have a direct impact on an
                                                     monitored individually, while still providing     insurer’s expense and combined ratio; they
                                                     insight and control. Adjusters and managers       must balance costs against service carefully
                                                     can leverage real-time analytics to get           and still deliver every time. More and more,
                                                     comprehensive views of claim operations           the strategy to attract and retain customers
                                                     any time. They have the ability to view and       includes tactical plans for tailoring the
                                                     re-route work as needed, enabling a dynamic       claimant’s experience.
                                                     response to complex claims or shifts in work         An effective BPM platform allows claim
                                                     volume. Insurers can use this insight to          operations to control and manage customer
                                                     drill down into specific tasks to understand       interactions and better align customer
                                                     which processes are working well, and             service with business objectives. This is
                                                     which are not.                                    where the application of the best practices
                                                        Insurers can apply these concepts to track,    transitions from theory to a catalyst that
                                                     measure, and report on an infinite number of       insurers can use to differentiate themselves
                                                     subunits under the primary claim event. This      from the competition.
                                                     further drives best practice processes and can       Insurers can eliminate misinterpretation
                                                     be extended to other lines of business; it also   and manual workarounds by using intent-
    a customised approach that takes into            gives insurers the flexibility to systematically   driven service experience that dynamically
    consideration the specific characteristics of     integrate claim processes that are historically   applies best practices at each interaction.
    the claim.                                       segregated or require manual intervention —       This approach can be leveraged to anticipate
        A strong case management platform helps      a must for insurers trying to contain overall     a policyholder’s needs, while addressing
    insurers integrate legacy improvement assets     claim costs or bundle new product offerings.      concerns raised via web, phone or email.
    into claim improvement strategies. Insurers                                                           Imagine the power of being able to
    can use BPM technology to unlock these           Grow through the customer experience              anticipate and respond to a claimant’s
    static tools and achieve functionality that      General insurers rely heavily on claim            needs before they ask the question (or to
    previously was not possible.                     organisations to maintain high customer           dynamically assign work to a glazier
        In addition, an efficient case management     satisfaction, minimise risk and loss              when the customer provides notice of loss).
    platform allows insurers to begin automating     exposure, as well as delivering strong            By automating low-value work activities,
    subsets or entire portions of end-to-end claim   operating results. These are no small             adjusters can focus on claim activities
    processes. To contain costs insurers need to     tasks, especially when one considers the          that they know will help deliver a better
    automate work that is of little value to the     unique challenge                                                          service experience.
    organisation, and let an intelligent system
    manage the claim process steps that require
                                                     that a claim
                                                     organisation faces:     » Let an intelligent                              Insurers are then
                                                                                                                               able to take a more
    little or no human intervention. Insurers can    when customers          system manage the                                 holistic approach and
    realise efficiency, expense and productivity      need its services the   claim process steps that                          focus on high-touch
    gains by using work automation to manage         organisation has                                                          items to differentiate
    simple claims.                                   only one chance         require little or no human                        themselves.
        To do that, insurers should eliminate        to deliver.             intervention. Insurers can                           By combining best
    paper-intensive, inefficient and error-prone
    file processes. Adjusters need intuitive
                                                        One negative
                                                     experience reaches
                                                                             realise efficiency, expense                       practices and efficient
                                                                                                                               case management,
    business tools that can automatically take       well beyond a           and productivity gains by                         insurers will be able to
    action based on claim information. A BPM-        complaint to a          using work automation to                          minimise claims costs,
    enabled case management approach supports
    an optimised claim process by providing a
                                                     neighbour nowadays.
                                                     An insurer can now
                                                                             manage simple claims                     «        improve efficiency
                                                                                                                               and enhance customer
    work engine that can organise and manage         face scrutiny from an                                                     satisfaction. Adopting
    complex pieces of work across operational        entire social network. Increasingly, insurers     a BPM-led approach to claim management
    silos. It also provides end-to-end visibility    are striving to achieve better operational        will provide insurers with the flexibility to
    into a claim event or a claim operation —        efficiencies while simultaneously                  offer tailored solutions to their customers
    something all claim managers love, but are       maintaining or improving claimants’               and better align customer needs with
    often forced to do without.                      experience. While this tenet holds true for       business objectives. These improvements
        The right case management solution can       most insurers, back-office claim units are not     will ultimately boost key performance
    break down claim processes into an infinite       necessarily equipped with systems they need       indicators, which will undoubtedly impact
    number of sub-claim units, each of which         to ensure satisfaction. Claim management          operating results in a positive way.           ■                                                                                                                          May 2011      33
 Made Simple                  Text mining

Text mining made simple
Alan Chalk and Tony Ward show how text mining techniques using R can offer useful insights
for insurance claims and pricing

                                                         Other very useful things can be described   First, import the data and turn it in to
                                                      in simple short categories but often are       something called a Corpus2. Here is the
                                                      not. For example, although the cause of an     R code…
                                                      accident could be described by some simple
                                                      categories, you may have available to you
                                                                                                       txt.csv <- read.csv(“claims_other.csv”)
                                                      only text descriptions of the accident.
                                                                                                       txt <- Corpus(DataframeSource(txt.csv))
                                                         Beyond this, the way to categorise
                                                      how people feel about your company or             Next comes ‘parsing the data’. This means
                                                      key things that cause accidents may not be     tidying up the text and extracting the key
                                                      known to you in advance. In this case,         words that we are going to analyse. Not all
     Alan Chalk is the       Tony Ward is
                                                      you are looking at the data, because it is     words carry the same level of information.
     group pricing           a chartered
                                                      your methodology to look. But you do not       Articles (the, a, this), conjunctions (and, but,
     manager at RSA          statistician,
                                                      know what you are looking for. (Beware of      or) and prepositions (of, from, by) will be
                             specialising in
                                                      the snowman1.)                                 repeated many times in different claims, but
                             general insurance
                                                         In the past we have either ignored such     they don’t really distinguish between claims.
                             pricing and
                                                      information because it is too difficult         We need to remove these words. We can also
                                                      to know what to do with it. Or we have         remove unneeded punctuation.
                                                      manually read through great swathes of text       In R this is easy.
                                                      and somehow categorised it ourselves.            txt <- tm_map(txt, tolower)
                                                         There is a simple solution: text data         for (j in 1:length(txt)) txt[[j]]
                                                      mining. Text mining is the process of            <- gsub(“[|&|-|/|\\|()|\\.-]”, “ “,txt[[j]])

                 arry nodded slowly. “Would you       extracting interesting information from          txt <- tm_map(txt, removeNumbers)
                 mind if I had a look round the       unstructured text. There are various             txt <- tm_map(txt, removePunctuation)
                 house?”                              approaches to this.                              stopwords <-c(“and”, “for”, “the”, “to”,
                    “Why’s that?”                        Let’s have a look at one way this is done     “in”, “when”, ......)
        “Sometimes you don’t know what                in practice. Using, of course, our favourite     txt <- tm_map(txt, removeWords,
     you’re looking for until you find it,”            tool — R.                                        stopwords)
     Harry answered. “It’s a methodology.”              R is a free statistical software package.
        “By all means,” Becker said. “Go ahead.”        It provides free cutting-edge statistical        Part of parsing the data is called
        As actuaries we like to make predictions.       tools for data analysis and visualisation.   ‘stemming’. Our claims descriptions contain
     We often do this by looking at the past and        To get started see         multiple variations on the same noun or
     seeing how things being a certain way in the          You will need to download the ‘tm’        verb, such as ‘damage’ and ‘damaged’. These
     past, lead to certain outcomes. We work out        library. RToolkit                            variations can be due to the use of tense
     a relationship between the past things and                                                      (past, present, future), reference to singular
     the past outcomes. We then make a (rather           In our example we have claims               or plural objects, or in languages such as
     huge) assumption that there will be a similar    information for commercial insurance           French and Spanish, whether the word is
     relationship between how certain things will     sold to shops and hotels. A large number       masculine or feminine. With stemming, we
     be in the future and future outcomes.            of claims have been categorised as ‘Other’     recognise that these words are all related in
        ‘Things being a certain way in the past’      claims. Each claim has a description in        some way, and replace the variations with a
     may include the state of various things          free form text. We’d like to understand the    single root word:
     shortly before insurance was taken out:          key causes of these claims without reading     n REACH: reach, reaches, reached, reaching
     the age of an insured, the colour of their       through them all.                              n PERRO: perro, perra (Spanish, male and
     car or the amount of rainfall in the                                                               female dog)
     previous month.                                    Examples of the claims                           Parsing can be done in R and we leave it
        This is all fairly easy. The problem starts     1 Stolen vehicle crashed into premises       for you to try.
     when we start thinking about data that is          and damaged stock                                Now we need to represent our text data
     more unstructured, such as text data.              2 Insd were laying carpets in tp home        in matrix form, which we can then analyse
        Many of the most interesting things             when they toppled a cabinet over which       using a variety of techniques. This matrix
     about people cannot be described by                damaged a fire surround and glass bowl        is called the ‘document term matrix’. For
     numbers (unless maybe if you are an                                                             our data, the rows represent the individual
     actuary). For instance, the way they feel           And so on… would you fancy reading          claims and the columns (terms) refer to the
     about your company, as described by their        through all of these?                          words used in the claim description.
     comments in a survey you have carried out.          In practice there are a few simple steps.       It is convenient to reduce the size of the

34      May 2011                                                                                                              
                                                                     Table 1 — Dimension reduction of infrequent terms
    matrix — this is called dimension reduction.       Claim description                                                                                                         Damage Impact                          Shop                  Water
    The easiest way to do this is simply to remove
    the infrequently occurring words from the          Impact damage to shop canopy - TP unknown                                                                                          1               1                 1                        0
    document term matrix altogether. Each claim
                                                       Water leak from bath                                                                                                               0               0                 0                        1
    is then represented by a subset of the original
    terms. A simple example is shown in Table 1,       Impact damage                                                                                                                      1               1                 0                        0
    where only four terms are used to represent
    the four claims.
                                                       Leakage of water on laminate floor                                                                                                 0               0                 0                        1
        The code speaks for itself (hopefully).
      dtm <- DocumentTermMatrix(txt)
                                                                  Figure 1 — Frequency of terms
      dtm3 <- removeSparseTerms(dtm, 0.95)                  Damage
       Finally we are ready for analysis.
    Typically, in order to get a first idea of                   Vehicle
    emerging themes, one would now carry out                      Shop
    a frequency analysis of the remaining words.                 Stock
    We leave the coding to the intrepid reader.
       Various analyses can now be carried out.
    Clustering is particularly useful.                               Into
    Clustering will create groups of words                        Loss
    which are often seen together in claims
    descriptions. These are recognised as similar,
    and are grouped together. See Figure 1.                     Freezer
       R gives the output to us in a picture called                         0                                50                             100                                  150                           200                          250
    a dendrogram. The dendrogram allows us
    to visualise those terms that occur together,                 Figure 2 — Cluster dendrogram
    enabling us to understand the common
    themes present in our data.
       The code, as ever, is fairly easy...










       The results are shown in Figure 2.

       Cutting the tree at a given height gives
    clusters of various details. For example,
    at the highest level we have a two cluster
    solution — ‘impact damage’ and everything

    else. In fact, there appear to be four

    common themes: impact damage; an event
    such as power failure, which leads to a
    loss of stock; damage to the premises (not
    impact); and those involving a vehicle.           Yet as you have seen it’s easy, highly                                                                hand at exploring this landscape. And when
       Not bad for a few lines of code, and the       beneficial and free.                                                                                   you do succeed — which undoubtedly you
    R code needed is straightforward.                    This article has demonstrated only a tiny                                                          will — let us know. Good luck.           ■
       The greatest setback for pricing actuaries     fraction of the techniques available in text
    in the last decade was the success of the         data mining. And text data mining is only                                                             1 The Snowman by Jo Nesbo
    generalised linear model. This has, until         a small area of the huge vista of statistical
    recently, discouraged us from seeking             analysis now open to us.                                                                              2 The Text Mining Handbook by Louise Francis and
    new, powerful statistical techniques.                We hope you are encouraged to try your                                                             Matt Flynn                                                                                                                                                                                                                  May 2011                35
 Stat Attack                   Obesity

The big issue
Greg Becker and Yunus Piperdy continue their quirky review of statistics vital to actuaries.
This month they look at obesity and its impact on health and life expectancy

                                                      irrelevant for the vast majority of people       points are more appropriate in older age
                                                      classified as ‘overweight’.                       groups. BMI cut-off points should also be
                                                                                                       adjusted to take into account ethnic origin.
                                                      Am I overweight? Am I obese?                     For example, although the WHO uses the
                                                      The Body Mass Index (BMI) is a                   above BMI cut-off limits for international
                                                      simple measure of weight in relation to          classification, they recommend lower
                                                      height, calculated as weight in kilograms        cut-off points for public health action in
                                                      divided by height in metres squared.             Asian populations.
                                                         The World Health Organisation (WHO)
                                                      uses BMI to categorise people, and a BMI         Is shape important?
     Greg Becker is a         Yunus Piperdy
                                                      over 25 implies that one is ‘overweight’,        Probably. Body shape is generally accepted
     product development      is underwriting
                                                      and a BMI over 30 implies one is ‘obese’.        as being relevant. An apple-shaped body —
     actuary at RGA           research and
                                                      See Table 1 and Figure 1.                        where excess weight is around the abdomen
                                                                                                       and chest — is strongly associated with
                              manager at RGA
                                                      What proportion of the English                   hypertension, diabetes and
                                                      population is overweight?                        metabolic syndrome. A pear-shaped body,
                                                      Males 66% and females 57%. Obviously             which ‘carries’ excess weight around the
                                                      the proportion of the population that is         hips, buttocks and thighs, is believed
                                                      overweight varies by age and is different        to be less risky. More and more medical
                                                      in other countries, but being overweight         professionals and insurers use fat
                                                      is undoubtedly prevalent in most parts of        distribution to fine-tune their approach to
                                                      the world.                                       obesity. Body shape is classified in several

                    hether it’s the obesity                                                            way, as shown in Table 2.
                    epidemic, a diabetes              Is BMI 22 the ideal level?
                    time-bomb or a public health      No. Although a BMI of 22 is often quoted         Can size and shape be used together?
                    crisis, there is no shortage of   as ‘the ideal’ by the mass media, there is no    Yes. Risk may be classified using a
     stories and statistics warning us about the      statistical or medical support for the concept   combination of BMI and waist circumference,
     risks of being overweight. But how much          of an ‘ideal’ BMI level.                         with an example detailed in Table 3.
     significance should you attach to build?
     Can we really rely on weight to predict          Is the BMI classification reliable for           Can you be fit and fat?
     health and life expectancy?                      everybody?                                       Yes but obesity is a common sign of a
        The evidence is not as clear-cut as           No. As we age, height diminishes and body        lack of fitness. Cardio-respiratory fitness
     you might think and weight is probably           fat redistributes, so higher BMI cut-off         can reduce the impact of being overweight,
                                                                                                       supporting the importance of shape and
                                                                                                       the ‘fit but fat’ concept.
                                                                                                          Active and fit overweight individuals
                                                                                                       can have lower morbidity and mortality
                                                                                                       rates than their unfit-but-normal-weight
                                                                                                       counterparts. Although, fitness is less
                                                                                                       prevalent with increasing overweight levels.

                                                                                                       What is the mortality risk of being
                                                                                                       A rule of thumb is that for each 5kg/m2
                                                                                                       of BMI, mortality risk is increased by about
                                                                                                       30%. There is a huge volume of data to
                                                                                                       show obesity kills. For those with a BMI of
                                                                                                       30 to 35, median survival reduces by two to
                                                                                                       four years, while a BMI of 40 to 45 reduces
                                                                                                       median survival by eight to ten years (which
                                                                                                       is comparable to the effects of smoking).
                                                                                                          It should be remembered that population
                                                                                                       mortality studies overstate the impact

36      May 2011                                                                                                             
                          Figure 1 — Height/weight map using WHO BMI classifications                                                                                  Table 1 — WHO BMI classification
                                                                Weight (pounds)                                                                                WHO Classification                   BMI (kg/m2)
                                90   110   130   150     170   190    210    230 250          270      290      310     330     350
                          2.0                                                                                                         6’6                      Underweight                                      <18.5

                                 Underweight           Normal range    Overweight                    Obese                                                     Normal range                           18.5 – 24.99
                                 BMI <18.5             BMI 18.5-25     BMI 25-30                     BMI >30
                          1.9                                                                                                         6’3
                                                                                                                                                               Overweight                                         >25

                                                                                                                                                               Obese class I                            30 – 34.99
                          1.8                                                                                                         5’11
        Height (metres)

                                                                                                                                                               Obese class II                           35 – 39.99

                                                                                                                                             Height (feet)
                                                                                                                                                               Obese class III                                    >40
                          1.7                                                                                                         5’7
                                                                                                                                                                      Table 2 — Body shape

                                                                                                                                                               Classification                    ‘Ideal’ range
                          1.6                                                                                                         5’3                      Waist circumference           Male <94cm (37”),
                                                                                                                                                                                           Female <80cm (31”)

                          1.5                                                                                                         4’11                     Waist-to-hip ratio                     Male <0.90,
                                                                                                                                                                                                    Female <0.85
                            40       50    60    70       80    90     100       110      120        130      140       150      160
                                                                   Weight (kilograms)                                                                          Waist-to-height ratio                            <50%

                                                                                       Table 3 — Increasing risk combining BMI and waist circumference
    » Some weight increase is                                                          factors
    due to smoking cessation                                                                                                          Waist circumference
    and improvements in                                                                                     Male                      <94cm           94-102cm                                       >102cm
                                                                             BMI                           Female                     <80cm            80-88cm                                        >88cm
    socio-economic status.                                                   18.5 to <25                                               None             None                                        Increased
    Medical and surgical                                                     25 to <30                                                 None           Increased                                        High
    treatment of obesity also                                                30 to <35                                              Increased            High                                       Very high

    continues to improve                                       «            Source: National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence

    in an insured population. While people                                  be unimportant for risk assessment in the                                        average weight in recent decades, the trend
    with known major illnesses such as heart                                absence of other cardiovascular risk factors.                                    is slowing and the vast majority of those
    disease, stroke and cancer are excluded,                                                                                                                 overweight are still just above the normal
    they do not usually adjust for diabetes,                                At BMI over 35, what is the risk of                                              range for BMI. Some weight increase is due
    hypertension, cholesterol and other                                     developing type 2 diabetes?                                                      to smoking cessation and improvements in
    related risks.                                                          The risk is increased by 20 times. For BMI                                       socio-economic status. Medical and
       Such conditions are common among                                     levels over 30, the hazard ratio for type 2                                      surgical treatment of obesity also continues
    those who are obese, and this is likely to                              diabetes is 4.15 in males and 10.58 in                                           to improve.
    skew mortality data. Many studies                                       females. A BMI over 30 is significantly
    include data from before 1980, and this                                 associated with other medical conditions,                                        So maybe there is cause for optimism?
    analysis should be adjusted to reflect                                   including coronary artery disease, stroke,                                       We leave you to decide if the glass is half
    improved treatments for diabetes and                                    hypertension and digestive disorders.                                            empty or half full, although we suspect it
    cardiovascular diseases.                                                                                                                                 depends on the size and shape of the glass,
       Taking this all into account, mortality                              What is the outlook for obesity?                                                 and whether it was full to start with!
    data is far from definitive, and there is likely                         While the obvious answer is that it is a
    to be a minimal impact on mortality for                                 ‘growing problem’ that is ‘getting bigger’,                                      All sources for this article can be viewed at
    a BMI up to 30. Even a BMI up to 35 may                                 it should be noted that, despite increases in                                                                                                                                                                                                                     May 2011   37
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technology.                                                                                 Richard Elliott                        Arts

(Don’t) look back
Richard Elliott examines a music legend’s increasing preoccupation with the past

          t seems it is difficult to discuss           the pounding ‘When The Night Comes             inspirations, and artistic recession and
          Bob Dylan, who turns 70 later               Falling From The Sky’ could easily have        recovery. In January 2011, he finally signed
          this month, without slipping into           found a place on the Top Gun soundtrack.       a deal with his publisher to write two more
          hyperbole. To many music enthusiasts,       In 1992, however, he changed tack,             volumes. As he enters his eighth decade,
    he is the greatest artist of the 20th century.    recording Good as I Been to You, an acoustic   it appears we can look forward to more of
    To many others, he is the most overrated.         album of traditional songs and covers.         Dylan looking back.
    Last April, in an interview with the              It was well received, with the follow-up
    LA Times, Joni Mitchell provided a strong         World Gone Wrong earning Dylan a Grammy.
    hint as to which group she belonged to            When he eventually returned to writing his
                                                                                                      Seriously, you’ve
    when she claimed that Dylan was a “fake”          own material on Time Out of Mind (1997),        never read…
    and a “plagiarist”.                               he sounded like a man from a distant era,
                                                                                                      Adventures of
                                                                                                      Huckleberry Finn?
       I suspect he might not put it in quite         his ravaged voice belying his then 56 years.
    those terms, but Dylan has previously             On the aforementioned “Love and Theft”
    displayed candour regarding the source of         the music harks back to the pre-rock of the
    much of his material. His last truly great        1930s and ‘40s, the type of thing that Dylan    This month Sasha Lee, actuarial trainee at
    album, released in 2001, was called               might have grown up listening to.               Aegon, looks at Mark Twain’s best-known
    “Love and Theft”. The quotations are                 Just what exactly Dylan did grow up          work, first published in 1884.
    Dylan’s — even the title was stolen.              listening to was soon to be revealed.
    Apparently, it comes from historian               Famously reclusive, he surprised his fans       Did it live up to its reputation?
    Eric Lott’s book Love & Theft: Blackface          in 2006 by making his debut as a radio DJ.      In his praise of Adventures of
    Minstrelsy and the American Working Class.        His Theme Time Radio Hour ran for three         Huckleberry Finn, Ernest Hemingway said:
       Arguably, it was time spent plundering         seasons with Dylan interspersing the songs      “All American writing comes from that.
    the past that helped return Dylan to critical     with anecdotes and wry observations.            There was nothing before. There has been
    favour, a position he presently enjoys.           When a listener emailed him to ask why he       nothing as good since”. I felt the book
    The 1980s — Empire Burlesque (1985),              played so many old songs, he delivered his      certainly justified its reputation as a great
    in particular — found Dylan courting              answer with a straight bat: “There’s a lot      American novel.
    contemporary production techniques;               more old songs than there are new songs”.         The story follows Huck’s escape from
                                                         Dylan’s concept of new songs appeared        the abuse of his drunkard father and the
                                                      to be at odds with that of several critics      Widow Douglas’s well-meaning attempts
                                                      when he released Modern Times (2006).           at ‘sivilizing’ him. He sails down the
                                                      Though all ten songs were credited to           Mississippi on a raft with Jim, a runaway
                                                      Dylan, the musical — and sometimes lyrical      slave, to whom he promises to help
                                                      — similarities to much earlier material were    gain his freedom by reaching the free
                                                      soon pointed out. Most critics, though,         states. Along the way, they meet a pair of
                                                      were satisfied that Dylan’s particular           unscrupulous members of royalty and an
                                                      treatment of these old songs justified the       old friend.
                                                      “theft”. On Together Through Life (2009),
                                                      it was perhaps less clear what the track        Why read it?
                                                      ‘My Wife’s Home Town’ added to the              Twain’s sense of humour translates so
                                                      Muddy Waters version of ‘I Just Want to         well it is hard to believe the book was
                                                      Make Love to You’.                              written over a century ago. He weaves
                                                         If Dylan’s musical output over the last      his trademark satire through a brilliant
                                                      ten years has suggested an eagerness to         narrative in Huck’s Southwestern dialect
                                                      reclaim America’s past, his other activities    in order to highlight the hypocrisy of the
                                                      have often focused on his own history.          white Christian slave-owners.
                                                      Martin Scorsese’s documentary film
                                                      No Direction Home (2005) saw Dylan              Who would you recommend it to?
                                                      reflecting on his most celebrated period:        Absolutely everyone.
                                                      1961-66. The film arrived a year after
                                                      Chronicles: Volume One, the first part of his
                                                                                                            OVER TO YOU
                                                      autobiography. The book delighted fans,
                                                      with the rich lyrical quality of Dylan’s            If you would like to contribute a book
                                                      songwriting transferring to his prose as            review or main article, please email
                                                      he recounted arriving in New York, early            Richard at
                                  © Alberto Cabello                                                                                                                      May 2011      39
 Puzzles                     Coffee break

     May prize puzzle                          The prime of your life
                                                                                         0 1 2 3 4 0 1 2 3 4 0 1 2 3 4 0 1 2 3 4
     Each of these 16 boxes contains every natural number                                5 6 7 8 9 5 6 7 8 9 5 6 7 8 9 5 6 7 8 9
     (0, 1, 2, 3, and so on), although only the numbers from                                 …         …         …         …
     0 to 9 are shown. Aside from the colouring of the zeroes
     there is one consistent rule, covering all of the boxes,                            0 1 2 3 4 0 1 2 3 4 0 1 2 3 4 0 1 2 3 4
     determining which numbers are red and which are black.                              5 6 7 8 9 5 6 7 8 9 5 6 7 8 9 5 6 7 8 9
       What is the highest red number to appear in any of                                    …         …         …         …
     the boxes?
                                                                                         0 1 2 3 4 0 1 2 3 4 0 1 2 3 4 0 1 2 3 4
                                                                                         5 6 7 8 9 5 6 7 8 9 5 6 7 8 9 5 6 7 8 9
                                                                                             …         …         …         …

                                                                                          0 1 2 3 4 0 1 2 3 4 0 1 2 3 4 0 1 2 3 4
                                                                                          5 6 7 8 9 5 6 7 8 9 5 6 7 8 9 5 6 7 8 9
      For a chance to win a £50 Amazon voucher, please send                                   …         …         …         …
      your answer to by 16 May.

     Terms and conditions
     The prize will be awarded to a correct answer received before the closing date picked at random by the puzzles editor. The winner’s name will be
     announced in the next edition. Please note that the puzzles editor’s decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into. We reserve the right
     to feature the winner’s name and a photo (if supplied) in The Actuary. Your details will not be passed to any third party in connection with this draw.

     Puzzle 471                             Light entertainment                 Puzzle 472                                Rational grid
     Retired actuary May Riddle is the proud owner of an                        With what number, and in what colour, should the question mark
     antique traction engine. She is driving it to the village fete             be replaced?
     at a fast walking pace down a long straight road towards a
     busy T-junction controlled by some traffic lights. Her light
     shows green.
       A short time later, May has driven up to the stop line before
                                                                                          3            3             1            1            4
     the junction and the lights are showing solid amber, but she
     continues slowly on through the junction. She is not normally
     a dangerous driver, so what is going on?
                                                                                          2            3             2            3            2

                                                                                          2             1            2            2            4

                                                                                          1             ?            3            1            1

                                                                                          3            4             2            1            2

                                                                                Puzzle 473                               Sequential study
                                                                                What is missing from the sequence below?

                                                                                                                    4 off
                                                                                                                 4 on, 1 off
                                                                                                                 1 on, 1 off
           MORE PUZZLES ONLINE                                                                                       ??
                                                                                                                 2 on, 1 off
     To access the puzzles archive, visit                                                       1 on
     puzzles. The puzzles editor is pleased to receive ideas for                                                 1 on, 4 off
     new puzzles from readers at                                                         4 on
                                                                                                                 1 off, 1 on

40   May 2011                                                                                                                        
     Bridge challenge 15                      How bad can it get?               Please send any
     A useful beginners’ guide to playing bridge can be found at                         comments you have to Tom Bratcher at

                                           (1) Asking for Aces on the ‘Blackwood’
        ♠KQ985           The bidding:      scale — response implies three Aces
        ♥AKQ862          S        N
        ♦4               1♦       1♥
        ♣3               1♠       4NT(1)
                         5♠(1)    7♠
        W       E        Lead K♣
        ♠A632            Holding a reasonable but not exceptional
        ♥7               hand, you, as South, are surprised to find
        ♦AJ932           Partner pushing you to 7♠. All you have to do
        ♣A42             is make it.
                         Two questions:
                         1. After you win with A♣, which card do you
                         play next?
                         2. How bad can the spade and heart breaks
                         be such that you can still make your contract?

    Solutions for April 2011                                                        Puzzle 470 solution                              Gilty pleasure
                                                                                                       1           2     3      4       5     6        7

                                                                                                           T        R     B         T   A         I     H
      April prize winner
                                                                                               8                                9

                                                                                                D          E   R    I   V E         R E C E       N   S U S
                                                                                          10                                                                    11
      Congratulations to this month’s winner,                                              O               E        S     A         I   C         S     M   V
      Christopher Vanston-Rumney of Lloyds Banking Group                            12                             13                         14

                                                                                     P     L   A           N        K   A R A       C H I         U   N P L A T
                                                                                           D               A        R               O   D         R         L
    April prize puzzle                     April fuel                               15                                   16     17
                                                                                                                                    T H E R       E
                                                                                                                                                      A B O U T
                                                                                     E     M       I       G   R    A   T E
    The race finishes at 20 past three.
      Consider the race as observed from the Doughnut van (D) and                          U               E        T     G             N         R     R   E
                                                                                    19                                          20

    suppose it continues at the same speed out of Fife until race                    S     T       A       S   H    I   N G         A T T E       S   T E D
    end. At 10 o’clock the race starts and Arthur initially approaches                     U               U        N     E         N                   A   U
    the van at speed v, Bertie at v-5 and Colin at v-10.                            22

                                                                                     W     A   X           I   N

                                                                                                                          D I
                                                                                                                                    N A R

                                                                                                                                                  F   A K I N G
      If a cyclist reaches D he must then drop back and away
    (otherwise Arthur wins). Therefore the cyclists start distance                         L               C                        O   I         E     N   E
                                                                                               26                  27    28             29

    x behind D in Edinburgh and end up y behind when they                                          W       I   L F U L L            Y   P R       E   S E R V E
    reach Fife, then the race takes x / v + y / (20 –v) for Arthur                     S                   D     R   A                  E         L     C   E
                                                                                    31                                          32      33
    to complete.                                                                     C L U                 E   L E S S L            Y   R E       B   U K I N G
      This is convex as a function of v and so only two of the
    cyclists actually meet D (otherwise the three must take
                                                                                       I                         U   T              I             E     S   E
                                                                                    34                 35                36             37             38

    different times). Setting z = x/y this leaves three equal                        U P W I                   N D   P R            E S E N       T     P A S S
    equations for the race times:                                                      S   B   39
                                                                                                                 I   O              L   N
                                                                                                                                                  T     E   T
    1) 1/v + z/(20-v)                                                                    U N                   L A P S E            D   D I       E   T E R
    2) 1/(v-5) + z/ (25-v)
                                                                                           R                     N   T              S   S         R     D
    3) (1-z) / (v-10) (ie Colin does not actually reach the van and so
    travels at constant speed)
      considering 1) and 3) and multiplying up to remove the
    denominators, and then considering 2) and 3) in a similar
    manner, produces two more tractable equations in z and v.
    These can be combined to leave a quadratic equation 3z2 – 4z
    + 1 = 0: only one solution of this (z = 1/3, implying v=15)
    produces a viable solution.
      Therefore at the end of the race the cyclists are one third
    of the distance behind the van than the distance they started
    behind, ie one third the distance D travels in one hour.
    Therefore they must arrive in Fife 20 minutes behind D.                                                                                                                                          May 2011   41
 Student page                 Matthew Welsh                                                       Follow @TheActuaryMag                                                  Join The Actuary’s
                                                                                                  on Twitter                                                             LinkedIn group

     This month Matthew Welsh looks across the exam room battlefield
     to find an army of unexpected allies

     Know your enemy
     “Can you please check that the last three       study cooperatively. Most people point to                                       reading another indistinct piece of bold
     digits of your registration number match        their preference to study alone, as this has                                    text. Even if you understand something
     the number on your desk?” Words that ring       sufficed through school and, in most cases,                                      well, the simple act of explaining it can
     around the near silent hall in an actuarial     university, or they claim that study styles                                     deepen your own understanding.
     exam sitting. On all sides there are people     are too different to make them compatible.                                         By marking other students’ exam papers
     just like you trying to pass the same exam.        However, there are compelling                                                alongside the examiner’s report you can see
         The Institute and Faculty explain           arguments to work with fellow students                                          where they did things differently (maybe
     that there are no quotas for passing, but       taking the same exam as you as much as                                          even better). It is not so important if
     old pass rates tell us that a certain           possible, casting off the shackles of a                                         answers are right or wrong. Indeed, often
     percentage will fail the exam you are           ‘me or them’ mentality.                                                         top sportsmen will say that a defeat
     sitting. There is a cut-off score somewhere        By discussing topics with other students,                                    (read: the wrong answer) has been more
     between 0 and 100 and this is partly            misconceptions can be suitably challenged.                                      valuable in the long run than a victory, as
     informed by the performance of students         By definition, you don’t know your                                               the lessons learnt are often more clear-cut.
     in that exam. Achieving a better result than    misconceptions until they are pointed                                              The nature of the actuarial exams and
     the people around you vastly improves           out, and the Core Reading is not going to                                       the challenge they offer will make those
     your chance of passing it — it’s them           challenge your preconception of it. It can’t                                    who wish to pass them determined. This is
     or you. They are the enemy!                     talk back. People can.                                                          bound to lead to competitiveness between
         So what gives you the edge? All things         ActEd claims that those who take their                                       students, no matter how well natured their
     being equal, being better prepared than the     tutorials enjoy double the pass rate of those                                   relationship. To overlook the benefit that
     next person offers an immediate advantage.      that don’t. You could infer from this that                                      students offer each other can only make
     Daley Thompson, the legendary decathlete,       there is likely to be a benefit to shared                                        the struggle more difficult.
     claimed to train on Christmas Day, saying       learning in general.                                                               Journeys are always more fun when we
     that this was because he knew that his             It is suggested that memory and accuracy                                     share them with others and having a shared
     rivals would not be.                            of recall is improved through active rather                                     goal makes the feeling of achievement
         Knowing what the typical study package      than passive experience. Discussing a part                                      together at the end all the more sweet.
     is like, it shouldn’t be hard to go the extra   of the notes with another person gives
     mile. Isolate and push yourself beyond the      you a mental hook to hang your learning                                         Matthew Welsh is the incoming student editor and
     norm and you can be sure you go into the        on that is far more effective than simply                                       will take over from Stephen Paines in July
     exam hall with an edge.
         Of course, all things are seldom equal                              Figure 1 — Estimated pass rates for various study methods
     and therein lies the greatest flaw in this
     approach. The scenario is familiar but
     the experience of the individual is always
     different. How you’ve prepared, your
     aptitude for a particular exam, how you
                                                        Proportion passed

     have slept, eaten, how early you turn
     up to the exam room and all the little
     idiosyncrasies that give you ‘your exam
     routine’ — each will dictate how you
     perform on the day.
         I doubt the most successful candidates
     can transplant their recipe for success onto                                    ...Used only ActEd     ...Attended tutorials,     ...Submitted X    ...Attended tutorials
                                                                                      study materials,       but didn’t submit X        Assignments         and submitted X
     others, as this is wrapped up in the kind of                                                              Assignments or         and/or Mock for      Assignments and
                                                                                     with no tutorials or
     person that they are. But fellow students                                            marking             Mock for marking        marking, didn’t      Mock for marking
                                                                                                                                      attend tutorials
     should have a lot to offer one and another.
                                                                    Source: ActEd                                                                                 For the full set of statistics with all caveats,
     In my experience, student actuaries rarely                                                                                                                   please read page 3 of the PDF

42      May 2011                                                                                                                                                                
                                                                                                       AOTF/Book review          People/Comment

     Actuary of the future                            Book review
     Meera Rajoo
                                                      Matthew Edwards reviews
                                                      Extreme Events by Malcolm Kemp
      Employer and
      area of work                                    My earliest childhood memory of something            The central
      Grant Thornton                                  conceptually subtle: I was perhaps ten years      chapters cover
      UK LLP — general                                old and my father was explaining what             traditional portfolio
      insurance                                       he was working on. He had been asked, in                                  Extreme Events is
                                                                                                        construction, with
      consulting.                                     his capacity as a geneticist, to estimate the                             published by
                                                                                                        a view to how the
                                                      expected health cost of a nuclear power plant                             John Wiley & Sons.
                                                                                                        classic risk-reward
      How would your best friend                      explosion. He explained how essentially                                   RRP £45
                                                                                                        conundrum posed
      describe you?                                   meaningless the exercise was because it           by extreme events can be quantified.
      I emailed her to ask and she hasn’t             involved estimating an unquantifiable but             Kemp closes the book with more
      replied… hmm.                                   tiny probability of occurrence, estimating        conceptual chapters on stress-testing and
                                                      an unquantifiable but enormous cost, and           ‘really extreme events’. These chapters
      What would be your personal                     multiplying those estimates together. Of what     are fascinating, and bring together themes
      motto?                                          use would such a number be?                       of uncertainty.
      I’m not sure I have one, but a friend has          Some 35 years later, it seems that half of        The author writes about technical and
      one that I quite like: ‘things take time’.      Europe’s insurance actuaries are engaged in       often dry material in a clear and generally
                                                      a somewhat similar exercise: Solvency II.         engaging way. The book is structured so
      What’s your most ‘actuarial’ habit?             The concern about quantifying extreme             that readers who do not want to go
      I really enjoy making a list and then           probabilities and costs is not, of course, the    through every single formula can still derive
      ticking it off as I get things done. Is that    exclusive province of such actuaries — it is      value and understanding from the text.
      actuarial? In fact, I have put completing       an increasing concern of those working in         One negative point was the paucity of
      this Q&A on my list, so I’m looking             investment management. Extreme Events,            examples: even where the theory is clear,
      forward to ticking that off now.                by the actuary Malcolm Kemp, looks at             examples help to put the matter in context.
                                                      the subject of tail modelling from that              Ford Maddox Ford’s approach to
      How do you relax away from the                  perspective. For many insurers, market            deciding on the merit of a book was to
      office?                                         risk is the dominant risk factor and often        judge it by its 99th page: “Open the book
      I work hard in the gym to relax my              the only risk factor that is sufficiently          to page 99 and the quality of the whole
      mind, although I often turn this into a         ‘information rich’ to lend itself to non-         will be revealed to you.” If we apply
      competition with myself, so it becomes          spurious stochastic modelling in the tail; as     that approach to Extreme Events, we find
      less relaxing.                                  such, this book is likely to be of immediate      ourselves treated on the page in question to
                                                      interest to many actuaries working in             a clear tour through principal components
      Alternative career choice?                      the Solvency II field, in addition to the          analysis (PCA) — that simplistic
      Wedding planner — this would involve            investment practitioners for whom it is           perspective of reality that seems to lure
      making lists too so that’s a bonus!             primarily written.                                many actuaries to an overly orthogonalised
                                                         Kemp starts with a discussion of               fate. What book on extreme event
      Greatest risk you have ever taken?              fat tails, prompting consideration of why         modelling would be complete without
      I’m very risk-averse, so this is pretty         fat tails exist at all, for instance, why the     giving us the lowdown on PCA?
      tame, but I’d say skiing without a helmet.      Central Limit Theorem, like central heating
      I am so clumsy, it really is a miracle I        during harsh winters, always breaks down          Matthew Edwards is a former editor of
      haven’t hurt myself yet.                        when we need it most.                             The Actuary
                                                         The chapter identifying factors that
      What’s your most treasured                      significantly influence markets is of great                 CRITICALLY CHALLENGED
      possession?                                     interest to those keen to understand market
      A pair of old jeans that I bought with my       risk. Easier said than done and the tour               We welcome readers’ suggestions of
      sister the Christmas before she passed          through various curve-fitting techniques,               relevant books for our contributors to
      away. They don’t really fit and are a bit        from the basics of component analysis up to            review or, alternatively, if you would like
      ratty, but I still have them. Or my DKNY        regime-switching models, leaves one with               to submit your own reviews, then please
      handbag I bought in celebration of              equal amounts of desire and anxiety.                   email
      passing CT1 and CT3 on my first exam
      sitting — that was a good day!
                                                     Pricing Actuaries in Life & Health                                       •Download now
            WHO WOULD YOU LIKE TO                    Build actuarial models in 20 minutes using Orbit actuarial software.
            SEE FEATURED HERE?                       •Products include •term life •income protection •critical illness •variable annuity
          If you would like to nominate someone      •Easy to use as no programming is required, just actuarial pricing assumptions
          for Actuary of the Future, please email    •Can be used to perform reasonableness checks on existing actuarial models

                                                                                                                                                                                                  May 2011    43
                                                                                                Sponsored by
 Appointments               People moves

                                                       At the Privy Council on 16 March 2011,
                                                       Her Majesty the Queen ‘pricked’ the
                                                                                                  Forward features
                                                       name of Alan J. Frost DL, who has now
                                                       been appointed as the next
                                                                                                  in The Actuary
                                                       High Sheriff of Dorset.                    The Actuary’s team welcomes contributions
                                                         Mr Frost has had long-term               from members or contacts in and around
                                                       involvement in a variety of local          the profession.
                                                       organisations, including roles as            Below is a list of themes for the next
                                                       managing director at Abbey Life            few months along with the deadline for
                                                       Assurance Company, chairman at             submission. If you would like to contribute,
                                                       Bournemouth University,                    please contact Tracey Brown at features@
                                                       chairman at Teachers Building Society with suggestions.
                                                       in Wimborne and as non-executive             For a full list of 2011 issue themes,
                                                       director at Hamworthy. Since 2004,         visit
                                                       he has been chairman at
                                                       Dorset Opera and is also a                 July 2011 (Published 30 June, editorial
                                                       vice-president at Bournemouth              deadline 13 May, advertising deadline
                                                       Chamber Music Society. Mr Frost            14 June)
                                                       has also edited and contributed            ■ Careers: working overseas
                                                       to The Actuary’s arts page over a          ■ General insurance
                                                       number of years.                           ■ Pensions

     Towers Watson has      including several     sector issues and     (financial strategy).      August 2011 (Published 28 July, editorial
     appointed              scheme actuary        represented the       He is currently a         deadline 17 June, advertising deadline
     Oliver Rowlands as     appointments.         FSA in its dealings   Member of Council         12 July)
     a senior consultant    He was formerly a     with external         of the Institute and      ■ Investment
     in its pensions        partner at Clay &     stakeholders          Faculty and is past       ■ Life
     consulting business.   Partners.             including trade       president of the          ■ Careers: work-life balance
        Mr Rowlands                               associations,         Actuarial Society of
     joins after 25 years   RGA has taken         professional bodies   South Africa.             September 2011 (Published 25 August,
     at Aon Hewitt, the     on Ken Hogg as        and international                               editorial deadline 15 July, advertising
     last three years of    chief actuary and     regulators. During    Bluefin Corporate          deadline 9 August)
     which he spent         financial officer for   his career in         Consulting has            ■ Reinsurance
     as a main board        its UK operations,    life insurance,       appointed John            ■ Environment
     director and           with effect from      he has held a         Branford to join its      ■ Modelling and software
     EMEA retirement        1 June.               range of financial     actuarial team.
     practice leader.          Mr Hogg            reporting, strategy   Mr Branford joins
     During this            joins from the        and business          from HamishWilson        Mr Lee is a qualified   Saroop Rooprai
     time, he also had      Financial Services    development roles     where he was a           actuary with seven     and Nivan Reddy
     responsibility         Authority, where      with companies        scheme actuary.          years’ experience      have recently
     for a number of        he led the FSA’s      such as Aegon,                                 across Solvency II,    joined. Saroop
     major clients,         work on insurance     AIG Life and MGM      KPMG has                 variable annuities,    Rooprai has
                                                  Advantage.            welcomed four            modelling and          previously worked
        Have you moved?                                                 employees to its         model validation.      for KPMG in the
        Please send news of moves,                Adrian Baskir has     insurance actuarial      Maynard Kuona is       pensions actuarial
        promotions, retirements and               recently joined       team. In the             a qualified actuary     team, joining this
        appointments to                           Bupa Health and       Edinburgh office,         with experience in     time from Jardine           Wellbeing UK as       Harvard Lee              Moses modelling        Lloyd Thompson.
                                                  head of pricing       (principal adviser)      and validation         Nivan Reddy
                                                  and actuarial.        and Maynard              and financial risk      brings significant
        Change of address                         Mr Baskir joins       Kuona (executive         management.            Prophet modelling
        Please remember to update                 from Old Mutual       adviser) have joined     In its London life     experience and
        your details on the Profession’s          after 25 years,       from Standard Life,      insurance actuarial    joins the team
        website at          where he was most     bringing the size of     team, two executive    from Deloitte in
        members/transactions                      recently manager      the team to 12.          advisers,              South Africa.

44      May 2011                                                                                                      
                                                                             To advertise your vacancies in the magazine and online please contact:
                                                                 Melanie Jacob, Tel: +44 (0)20 7316 9618, E-mail:

                  High Finance Group
                  Specialist Recruiters                                     
      Capital Modelling Actuary                                    General        Property and Space Divisional Actuary                       General
      Salary: £110k + Bonus + Benefits                                            Salary: £100k + Bonus + Benefits
      Location: London                                                            Location: London
      This growing Lloyd’s syndicate is looking for a qualified Actuary with      This syndicate is looking for a qualified Actuary who can manage a
      capital modelling experience to join its capital team. This person will     team of two and take ownership of the property and space division.
      have excellent communication skills and preferably igloo experience         The role will encompass pricing and reserving. Previous managerial
      (although not essential). They will be a pro-active individual able to      experience is not required. This is an excellent opportunity to make a
      drive change and develop new solutions in these times. WG1287               mark on an area and gain managerial experience. WG1288

       Nearly / Newly Qualified Actuary                            General        First Inhouse Actuary                                       General
       Salary: £75k - £95k + Bonus + Benefits                                     Salary: £40k - £60k + Bonus + Benefits
       Location: London                                                           Location: London
       After an aggressive restructure this Global Insurer is looking for a       A unique opportunity for someone with experience in the General
       nearly / newly qualified Actuary to join its team. The role will work      Insurance market to take on a position of responsibility and
       across reserving, pricing and capital modelling. This is a great           management. The successful candidate will report directly to the
       opportunity to expand your experiences and learn new skills.               board of a small Lloyd’s syndicate and run all aspects of the Actuarial
       Any background and skill set will be considered. WG1276                    function to comply with Solvency II. A chance to interact with various
                                                                                  market and company actors and take on a mixture of work. JK1028

        Capital Modelling Analyst                                   General       Senior GI European Pricing Actuary                         General
       Salary: £35k - £60k + Bonus + Benefits                                     Salary: Up to €150k +Bonus + Benefits
       Location: London                                                           Location: Paris, France
        This role is looking for a candidate who has had exposure to either       Based in an English speaking environment with regular travel to
        Igloo or Remetrica modelling tools to join their capital modelling        London, the successful candidate will provide Actuarial pricing
        team. The work will be varied and refreshing and involve exposure to      support to the underwriters in the Continental European part of the
        syndicate modelling. The remit of the role will accomodate for            European Property and Casualty (P&C) business as well as assisting
        someone who is looking for both technical provision or a client           in embedding an Actuarially based pricing approach in the business
        facing “consultantive” approach. JK1029                                   including the assessment of risk-adjusted return targets. DB1948

        European Actuary                                                          Contract Roles                                             General
        Salary: All Levels, from €40k to €200k                                    Salary: £400 - £2,000 per day
        Location: Europe                                                          Location: UK Wide
        Do you speak a second European language? Or do you simply have a          In a rapidly changing market, our clients are looking for contractors
        taste for travel and experiencing new cultures? High Finance Group        with a strong Pricing or Capital Modelling background to assist with
        offers a wide range of opportunities across Europe, for Life and GI       their Solvency II requirements. Modelling experience especially with
        Actuaries at all levels. To find out what opportunities exist for you,    Igloo or ReMetrica is in demand as well as commercial and/or
        contact our Europe Team to discuss your future in an exciting new         personal lines experience. Opportunities for part qualified to
        role. DB1949                                                              qualified Actuaries are available. RP234

      General                                                                    Europe                                Executive Search
      William Gallimore: 020 7337 8826    Damien Bernard: 020 7337 1206         Mark Dainty: 020 7337 8816
      James Kitt: 020 7337 1202      

                  Actuarial l Finance l Risk l Audit l Compliance l IT l Strategy & Consulting l Solvency II l Claims & Underwriting

         020 7337 8800                                                                                                                                                    May 2011     45
A refreshingly different service for contractors

As an award-winning actuarial and financial services consultancy we pride ourselves on being
different to other interim resourcing agencies.

OAC supports its contractors by providing them with PII cover and offering important
supplementary benefits such as paid release for CPD, advice from OAC actuaries at any time,
and free trial access to ® financial modelling software.

As an actuarial firm we fully understand the changing needs and requirements of our
contractors. We are committed to working with them so that they can achieve their personal
and business objectives.

Contractors are quickly realising that OAC is the preferred choice for benefits and winning
contracts. Experience the difference yourself and register your interest on our website today.

 Business Support (Life)                                                               Solvency II Actuarial Analyst

 Experience: Student Actuary.                                                          Experience: Qualified Actuary.
 Location: Manchester (UK).                                                            Location: South East (UK).
 Daily rate: £550-£600.                                                                Daily rate: £900.
 Description: To work in Business Support Team. Needs                                  Duration: Initial contract is for 6 months.
 with-profits, Prophet and claims method experience.                                    Description: Internal model development role.

 Reserving and Capital (Life)                                                          Unit Linked Product Pricing Actuary

 Experience: Student Actuary.                                                          Experience: Qualified Actuary.
 Location: Manchester (UK).                                                            Location: South (UK).
 Daily rate: £550-£600.                                                                Daily rate: £900.
 Description: To work in Reserving and Capital Team. Needs                             Duration: 3 months.
 experience in Excel and Prophet, modelling of dynamic                                 Description: Knowledge of Prophet and investment and savings
 management actions in DFA, Peak 2 valuation or ICA, and                               products.
 regular solvency monitoring.

                                                                                       Investment Team Manager
 Head of Data Governance
                                                                                       Experience: Near Qualified Actuary / Qualified Actuary.
 Experience: Degree level, or equivalent.                                              Location: Basingstoke (UK).
 Location: Bristol (UK).                                                               Daily rate: Excellent, dependent on experience.
 Daily rate: Excellent, market rate.                                                   Description: To manage an investment administration team.
 Description: To establish data governance and monitor data
 quality for Life business.
                                                                                       Opportunities in WP and NP Reporting, Modelling,
                                                                                       Actuarial Systems Development and Actuarial Data
 Prophet Tester
                                                                                       Experience: Newly Qualified Actuary / Qualified Actuary.
 Experience: Senior Student Actuary.                                                   Location: Midlands (UK).
 Location: Bristol (UK).                                                               Daily rate: Market rate.
 Daily rate: £700-£800.                                                                Duration: Initial contract is for 3 months.
 Description: Needs Prophet experience - MoSes desirable.                              Description: Preferably with 1-5 years’ post-qualification
 Useful to have knowledge of testing/baselining actuarial                              experience and with-profits experience.
 models, ICA, SII, and differences between SII and ICA.

For more information
Colette Lurshay | +44 (0)20 7278 9500 |

OAC Actuaries and Consultants, a trading name of OAC plc, is a member of the Recruitment and
Employment Confederation (REC) and offers the services of an Employment Business.

Pensions Fund Investment Strategist                                               Client Investment Analyst
c £80,000 + Bonus & Benefits                                      – London        £ Competitive                                                       – London

This FTSE 100 pension fund is looking to hire an investment specialist to join
                                                                                  This is an excellent opportunity for an analyst to join this niche provider. My
the pension team to work with the board of trustees, management and
                                                                                  client could be best described as a cross between an asset manager and an
investment advisers on the investment strategy looking at both the asset and
                                                                                  investment consultancy, so if you have had at least two years experience of
liability strategy and also the asset allocation across a range of asset
                                                                                  working within one of the larger institutional investment consultancies then
classes. Candidates will either work in another corporate pension fund, an
                                                                                  please call me ASAP. You will either be studying for the FIA/or CFA and
asset management house or an advisory firm with broad asset class
                                                                                  have a sound academic record, complimented by excellent communication
experience. An actuarial or CFA qualification is important.
Contact: – London Office     Ref: AG473384
                                                                                  Contact: – Leeds Office              Ref: SA472784

Policy Manager                                                                    Pensions Student & Actuaries
£45,000 - £60,000 approx                                          – London        £ Excellent Package                                                 – London

A unique position has been created within a governing body that is looking        There are a number of openings for students and qualified pensions
for an actuary of any discipline to inform debate on key issues and topics        actuaries to join an expanding team as it enters a new stage in it’s
facing the profession. Part qualified actuaries who are not convinced by          development. The nature of the work will be a hybrid between an
their career path may also be of interest. For further information on this rare   accountancy practice and an employee benefits consultancy, so really the
opportunity please contact me to arrange a confidential discussion.               best of both worlds. If you have UK pensions consulting experience and you
Contact: – Leeds Office            Ref: SA473454      feel you are ready for something different, then please contact me to discuss
                                                                                  Contact: – Leeds Office          Ref: SA470236

International Analyst                                                             Senior Actuary
£30,000 - £45,000                                                 – London        £ Competitive                                                    – Berkshire

A leading global consulting firm is offering the chance for a part qualified      If you are a pensions actuary (with between three and ten years PQE) who
actuary to take their first step into international benefits. The work will be    can demonstrate an ability to spot opportunities to broaden and develop an
varied and interesting. Please only apply if you are a part qualified actuary     existing client relationship, but feel frustrated at the lack of scope to progress
with at least one years experience in a UK consultancy, obtained a 2:1 or         to an influential level in your current set-up, then this could be the role for
above and have passed a number of actuarial exams. Candidates with                you. For a confidential discussion please call me ASAP.
exposure to corporate defined benefit plans will be of particular interest.       Contact: – Leeds Office                Ref: SA471230
Contact: – Leeds Office             Ref: SA471230

Specialty Line Actuary                                                            Motor Pricing Actuary/Student
RMB500,000-800,000/annum                                       – Shanghai         RMB300,000-600,000/annum                           – Shanghai or Beijing

One of the leading Lloyd’s syndicates is looking for an excellent Specialty       Our client is a leading global actuarial consultancy . Due to their recent
line modeler to assist the syndicate underwriters to quantify risk profiles for   expansion in China, they are looking to recruit experienced pricing
their portfolio. You should be from a statistical background with both            actuaries specialising in Motor products. You should have over 4 years
training and experience in building economic and statistical models.              experience in commercial fleet or domestic portfolio pricing and be familiar
Dynamic Financial Analysis experience in insurance and reinsurance would          with the relevant software package knowledge. Candidates should speak
be useful. Both fluent Chinese Mandarin and English are essential.                Chinese Mandarin fluently, have a confident personality and expect to travel
Contact: - Shanghai Office         Ref: JP470588      throughout Asia frequently.
                                                                                  Contact: - Shanghai Office        Ref: JP472709

                              London Office: IPS Group, Lloyd’s Avenue House, 6 Lloyd’s Avenue, London, EC3N 3ES
                                 Tel: 020 7481 8686 Fax: 020 7481 8660 Email:

                                           Leeds Office: IPS Group, 8 St Paul’s Street, Leeds, LS1 2LE
                                  Tel: 0113 202 1577 Fax: 0113 202 1598 Email:
More jobs online at

          Actuarial Systems – model development opportunities
          £Highly Competitive
                                                                   Hymans Robertson LLP is one of the leading independent providers of actuarial and
                                                                   consultancy services to the occupational pensions market, across both the private
                                                                   and public sectors.
                                                                   People lie at the heart of our business; our unique culture has helped us create a pool
                                                                   of highly talented, experienced and enthusiastic individuals. The result has been
                                                                   strong continued growth with significant investment in both people and technology.
                                                                   As a result, exciting opportunities are available for talented individuals to join our
                                                                   Actuarial Systems team.
                                                                   Actuarial Modeller – Glasgow or London
                                                                   With responsibility for the development of pension liability models and the
                                                                   integration of these with our risk models, the successful candidate will focus on
                                                                   analysis, design and programming models in collaboration with key stakeholders
                                                                   Previous actuarial modelling experience required.
                                                                   Analyst Programmer – Glasgow or London
                                                                   With responsibility to design, develop and support financial modelling applications,
                                                                   the successful candidate will have in-depth experience with the latest Microsoft
                                                                   technologies. Programmers with interest in functional programming techniques
                                                                   particularly welcome.
                                                                   Actuarial Systems Support Analyst – Glasgow or London
                                                  Ronnie Bowie     With responsibility for providing end user support for financial modelling
                                                  Senior Partner
                                                                   applications, the successful candidate will focus on the testing of modelling systems,
                                                                   providing helpdesk support, and documentation.
                             Welcome aboard
                                                                   We are keen to hear from individuals who are highly motivated, proactive and who
                             the Spirit of                         possess excellent communication skills. If you would like to find out more please go
                             Independence                          to

     Derivatives Fund Manager
     Asset Management Company, London
        Managing a portfolio of funds
             with an LDI objective                                                          School of Mathematics

        circa £80k + bonus + benefits                                                       Lectureship/SeniorLectureship/
     Due to increased business resulting from pension scheme                                ReadershipinActuarialMathematics/
     de-risking, a great opportunity has risen for an Actuary to move
     into a Fund Management role.                                                           FinancialMathematics
                                                                                            Ref: 5467-11-J
     In this role you will manage a portfolio of derivative funds whose
                                                                                            We are seeking to appoint an outstanding individual with a track record of
     objectives are designed to manage clients’ ALM risks, with                             research in Actuarial Mathematics or Statistics and/or Financial Mathematics
     particular emphasis on equity derivative overlays.                                     and the ability to deliver excellent teaching in a range of topics in
     You will work with key members of other teams within                                   Actuarial Science, at both undergraduate and postgraduate level.
     Structuring, LDI, Insurance, Risk and Portfolio Management,                            Duties, as determined by the Head of School, will include conducting
     and provide a key input to the design and implementation of                            research of international status in Actuarial Mathematics or Statistics and/or
                                                                                            Financial Mathematics and teaching undergraduate and postgraduate
     complex client mandates. This includes designing and                                   Actuarial Science. As part of the role you will also be expected to support
     expanding the equity overlay offering to the market and                                effective management and administration of the School.
     developing ideas that specifically meet the risk/ return needs                         The position is available from 1 September 2011 or as soon as possible thereafter.
     of pension fund clients.                                                               For an informal discussion about this role please contact
     For this role you need to be familiar with option pricing models,                      Professor Jon Forster, tel: +44 (0)23 8059 5130, email:
     understand how market parameters affect pricing strategies and                         or Dr Gerard Kennedy, tel: +44 (0)23 8059 3656, email:
     have used equity index futures, exchange traded OTC equity                             To apply online visit Alternatively telephone
     options and option strategies.                                                         023 8059 2750. Please quote the reference number 5467-11-J on
                                                                                            all correspondence. The closing date for this position is 24 May 2011 at
                                                                                            12 noon. It is expected that interviews will be held in June 2011. As part of
                                                                                            the interview process, you will be invited to give a research presentation.
                    Parvinder Matharu
                                                                                            At the University of Southampton we promote equality
                 Newton Recruitment                                                         and value diversity.
                  t +44(0)1689 862937



48      May 2011                                                                                                                                
                       The Actuary presents:
   ‘So, you want a career in life consulting?’
                  A live and interactive careers webinar
                     Monday 9 May 2011, 19:00 BST

Life consultancy offers a dynamic, diverse and demanding
environment for actuaries, with the opportunity to
progress and develop quickly and gain invaluable
experience on challenging projects including capital
restructuring, mergers and acquisitions, finance
transformation, ERM and Solvency II.
Through strong relationships
and an ability to solve clients’
most important issues,                                   How to register
consultancy can offer a                                  For further details
varied and highly rewarding                              and to register, visit
career for actuaries at all
So what does it take to
work for a top consultancy?
What sort of work is
available? And how can
you make the most of the

The Actuary’s third live
careers webinar, produced
in association with Deloitte,
will explore the challenging
world of life actuarial
consulting. This is your
chance to find out more and
to put your questions to our
expert panel, chaired by
editor Marjorie Ngwenya.

The panel
Marjorie Ngwenya, Editor, The Actuary (chair)
Roger Simler – Partner, Deloitte
Andrew Smith – Partner, Deloitte
Naomi Burger – Senior Manager, Deloitte

In association with:
More jobs online at

                                                                                                                                                  UK I Europe I Asia Pacific
                   Current assignments include:
                   - Head of UK Analytics, Brokerage, £150,000

                   - Head of Pricing, Insurer, £200,000

                   - Syndicate Actuary, Syndicate, £160,000

                   - Derivatives Portfolio Manager, Asset Manager, £250,000

                   - Director, Investment Consulting, £120,000

                   - Institutional Sales, Asset Manager, £200,000
                                                                                                                          “ of the best recruitment and
                   - Senior Partner, Consultancy, £350,000                                                                search firms I have worked with...”
                                                                                                                                          HR Manager, Amlin
                   - Financial Director, Insurer, £150,000

                                               Rob Bulpitt,                                                                              Dennis Ball,
                                                Manager                                                                               Senior Consultant
                                         Tel +44 (0)20 7092 3237                                                                   Tel +44 (0)20 7092 3286
                                            Rupert Rickard,                                                                              Mansi Koshy,
                                         Managing Consultant                                                                          Senior Consultant
                                        Tel +44 (0)20 7092 3219                                                                     Tel +44 (0)20 7092 3283

                                               Zoe Campbell,                                                                               Alistair Allan,
                                            Senior Consultant                                                                            Senior Consultant
                                          Tel +44 (0)20 7092 3208                                                                    Tel +44 (0)20 7092 3262

 Investment Consultancy roles

 Location: Leeds preferred, but any of our 5 office locations possible.

 Remuneration: Dependent upon experience.

 Hours of work: 37.5 hours per week, flexible workingwith core hours 10am to 4pm,
                minimum 7.5 hours per day

 Senior Investment Consultant (applications invited to practice leader level)

 We are looking for a senior consultant, ideally with leadership skills and proven ALM expertise. This role
 carries the possibility of partnership, depending on the attributes of the applicant.

 The final details of the role will depend to some extent on the experience and the skills of the individual
 concerned, but will be expected to focus on the following:

 •       To further develop First Actuarial’s investment consulting proposition, with the emphasis on ALM and
         “flightpath” based dynamic derisking strategies;

 •       Overseeing the delivery of investment advice to First Actuarial’s clients (typical client is DB with assets
         of £5m to £50m, some smaller, some larger) and working directly with key clients, supported by more
         junior team members;

 •       Developing new business opportunities;

 •       Recruiting additional investment consultancy team members in line with growing demand for services.

 Overall, we are looking for an individual with the ambition to drive the development of our investment
 consulting business in a manner commensurate with our wider business growth, which has seen First
 Actuarial grow from 23 people and revenues of £1.4m in 2004 to 130 people and revenues of £10m.

 Investment consultant

 We are looking for an experienced investment consultant, proficient in dealing directly with clients in
 meeting situations, to help deliver First Actuarial’s investment services. This role will involve:

 •       Supporting the practice leader in further developing First Actuarial’s investment consultancy services,
         with the opportunity for real input;

 •       Delivering services to new and existing clients in First Actuarial’s portfolio of over 200 schemes, including:

                                •     Strategic investment advice via traditional and LDI models
                                •     Manager structure and fund recommendations
                                •     Dynamic derisking plans
                                •     Asset transition
                                •     Ongoing monitoring and governance work

 •       Supporting new business initiatives, including participation in pitches.

     If you are interested in hearing more about either of these opportunities, please send your CV to michael.
 or contact Michael for a confidential discussion on 0113 393 3002.

50           May 2011                                                                                                                                    
                              Latest jobs from The Actuary are now on Twitter

                                                                                                          T:       020 8420 1818

                                 Actual Search
                                          SEEKING       THE    EXCEPTIONAL

     Pensions - Your Intro to Investments                                              Financial Risk Manager
     London & home counties                                      £30-85K + bens        Surrey                                               £65-100K + exc bens
     Pensions students & actuaries. Great chance to learn the investment sector.       Successful life insurance business seek an experienced actuary to work
     Major consulting firm needs p/q & qual pensions actuaries for key roles in        closely with the Head of Financial Risk. A pivotal role managing key elements
     pensions / investment dept. Team has varied duties incl liaison with              within the Financial Risk area including capital & investment proposals & the
     investment mgrs, pensions valuations, client meetings, some ALM. Ref:1413         annual ICA process. Also involvement in Solvency 2. Ref:1416

     An unusual role                                                                   Pensions Consultants
     London                                                 £40-85K+ exc bens          N West or S West                                  £45-95K + study + bens
     Stuck in a rut? Global business information provider seeks both p/q & qual life   Niche team. Dynamic role. Get involved in multi faceted projects, corporate &
     reporting actuaries to join dynamic European insurance team. Strong Excel,        trustee work. Projects range from M&A to investment strategy & consulting
     good communication skills & exp of EV needed for this different reporting role.   advice. Brilliant rewards & career opportunities for part quals through to
     You’ll analyse performance & provide crucial data to clients. Ref:1414            qualifieds with strong technical ability & ambition to reach the top. Ref:1417

     Change Sector to Non life                                                         Move into Life Consultancy
     London / Home counties (South)                                    up to £50K      London                                                           £50-100K+
     Chance to move out of pensions or life. Due to expansion this major GI            Stimulating role where you’ll present to clients. Cutting edge work where
     insurer needs pricing & reserving analysts with min 2 yrs UK actuarial exp. in    projects typically are a mix of M & A, risk management, modelling & research
     any sector. Duties are personal lines pricing & reserving for motor, travel &     work. Suit a team player with exc. academic background & people skills +
     health. Strong Excel + exam progress essential. Full training given. Ref:1415     abilities in financial reporting, ALM, capital management or technical
                                                                                       modelling in MoSes, Prophet, SAS or Excel. Ref:1418

               To apply for any of these vacancies please phone 020 8420 1818, and speak to Peter or Norma
                        or apply online at or email

                  w w w. a c t u a l s e a r c h . c o . u k                       

           Blue skies…
                                                                                         ...and new horizons

           Current interim assignments include (across life & non-life):
           •    SII model implementation, development                                    •    Financial reporting/valuations/ICA
                and validation
                                                                                         •    Internal audit
           •    SII documentation of processes and
                developing policies                                                      •    Reserving (P&C/home/motor)

           •    Cash flow and capital modeling                                           •    MoSes/Prophet/Igloo modelers

           Are you a contractor seeking new opportunities?                               Broaden your horizons with one of the UK’s
                                                                                         leading providers of actuarial contractors.
           Do you have the skills and qualities to move
           into the consulting world?                                                    To register with Mazars PGC Interims or
                                                                                         for more information please contact:
                                                                                         Joanne Young
                                                                                         T: +44 (0)20 7063 4162 M: +44 (0)7794 031 485
          MAZARS PGC INTERIMS                                                            E:                                                                                                                              May 2011       51
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     Assistant Actuary
     Dorking, Surrey
     £35,000 - £50,000 depending on experience Plus benefits, including 29 days holiday.
     Actuarial assistance to chief actuary to study towards qualification.
     Seeking an Assistant Actuary to provide and assist with all aspects of the work of the Actuarial Services Department. In this
     challenging and varied role, you will work across varied areas including Pricing Analysis, Profitability Modelling, Relativity
     Rating and Modelling. An excellent opportunity to work within a dynamic environment with frequent opportunities to learn
     new skills and widen experience.
     Key Responsibilities
     ●                                                                       ●
       Market Pricing Analysis                                                   Interpreting results of statistical analyses in order to
       Profitability Modelling                                                    determine premium rate
     ●                                                                       ●
       Relativity Rating                                                         Undertaking     specific     actuarial/statistical/analytical
       Reserving Techniques                                                      projects to deadlines as directed.
     ●                                                                       ●
       Assisting in the development and maintenance                              Reporting progress and problems to the Chief Actuary
        of effective statistical models and analyses of the                      and seeking direction and guidance where necessary.
        Company’s underwriting performance and pricing strength
       Assisting in the development and maintenance of                       Qualifications:
        effective analyses of competitors’ results and activities,           Mathematics degree
        market trends etc                                                    Part Qualification of CT examinations
       Modelling, extrapolating, interpreting and monitoring
        statistical data to identify and confirm market trends,               Skills / Knowledge:
        business/niche opportunities, new/changing rating factors,           Actuarial content in degree
        recommending appropriate strategies and actions.                     High level of accuracy and attention to detail and figures
                                                                             Logical approach to work methods and ability to work to
                                                                             strict deadlines.

     To apply for this role please go to:

            Accountancy and Actuarial Discipline Board
     The AADB seeks to appoint five actuaries to join its Tribunal Panel from which members of Disciplinary and Appeal Tribunals are drawn.

     The AADB is the independent investigative and disciplinary body for accountants and actuaries in the UK. Since 2007 the AADB, which is
     an operating body of the Financial Reporting Council, has been responsible for the disciplinary scheme of the actuarial profession in relation
     to important issues of public interest.

     AADB Tribunals are lay-dominated and consist of a legal chair, at least one actuary and at least one lay person. They are appointed from a
     Tribunal Panel by an independent Convener. They consider complaints of alleged misconduct and, where the allegations are proved, decide
     what sanctions should be imposed. Where leave to appeal is given, an Appeal Tribunal is convened.

     Skills and experience
     Actuary members of the Tribunal Panel must have current or recent experience of practice in the UK and be Fellows of the Institute and
     Faculty of Actuaries.

     The AADB is seeking a mix of skills and would like to appoint two actuaries with a life insurance background.

     Panel members will be appointed for a minimum of three years, renewable upon mutual agreement. The work of the Tribunals is demand
     led. A daily attendance fee and daily reading fees of £400 plus expenses are paid to actuarial members. Hearings usually take place in
     London but may take place outside London if required.

     Further information about the AADB can be found on its website at Interested candidates should e-mail their CV and a
     covering letter to Human Resources at For specific questions about the role please call the Convener, Ann Darling,
     on 0191 536 2089.

     The FRC values diversity in all appointments and welcomes applicants of any age or from any background.

     The closing date for applications is Friday 27th May 2011.
     Interviews will take place early July.

52      May 2011                                                                                                         
                                Latest jobs from The Actuary are now on Twitter

       Join a winning team
       If you're a talented professional and
       you're looking for an environment
       where you can apply and develop
       your skills, then why not join
       Mercer's winning team?

       We're looking for smart, talented
       people in pensions consulting at
       all levels to join Mercer’s expert
       Retirement, Risk and Finance
       teams across the UK.

       If you want to be part of a team                                                                                               Exceeding our clients' needs is high on our
       that applies integrated thinking                                                                                               agenda, so we're looking to recruit the best
       to solving retirement challenges                                                                                               talent in the market and give our clients the
       and provides value through                                                                                                     best we’ve got.
       innovation and quality driven
       solutions, then you've found the                                                                                               If you want to join the world's leading
       right place at Mercer.                                                                                                         pensions consultancy, then look no further.

                      To find out more about these excellent opportunities visit:
                                              or contact:

             ONCE IN A LIFETIME
                        Following substantial new investment in our company and the development of several business
                        initiatives, BDO Investment Management is entering an exciting phase of growth in London and
                        across our UK offices.
                        Our Corporate Pensions and Benefits team is looking for:
                                                     to help develop, refine and deliver our strategy. The successful applicant
                              will have a proven track record in business development and previously held a senior actuarial
                              position. This position is based in London.
                                                                       to lead our fast growing investment consulting
                              practice in London supported by our actuarial and asset management teams.
                                                              to help drive forward our business development plans and to
                              support our senior team of corporate and trustee advisers. You will need top class technical
                              skills and be confident to work with minimal supervision. Candidates from accounting firms or
                              commercially minded actuaries from traditional EBCs are likely to be suited to this role. We have
                              National vacancies.
                                                                       part way through the exams and looking for high levels of
                              client responsibility at an early stage. This position is based in London.

                        To apply please contact us direct, either by email to                                                            or call         .
                        BDO Investment Management Ltd is authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority to conduct investment business.                                                                                                                                                   May 2011   53
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       Policy Manager
       The Actuarial Profession represents the Institute and Faculty of      The Policy Manager role will require technical knowledge and
       Actuaries, the UK based chartered body for actuaries. Our             some public affairs experience or aptitude. The Policy Manager
       members work in insurance, pensions, healthcare, investment,          will ideally hold an actuarial qualification or another professional
       banking and, indeed, all sectors where risk management plays an       qualification in finance. He or she will be required to use this
       important role. As the chartered professional body for actuaries,     expertise in liaising with senior members of the Profession to
       we provide a rigorous examination system supported by a               gain technical input on policy and research questions and to work
       programme of continuous professional development.            Our      with this material to create effective policy communication
       professional code of conduct supports high standards, reflecting      programmes aimed at wider public audiences.
       the significant role of the Profession in society.
                                                                             The successful applicant will be able to demonstrate strong
       In the public affairs arena, we aim to speak out and facilitate       communications skills and an active interest in the public affairs
       debate on relevant matters of public interest where our expertise     environment affecting the actuarial market place.
       can add value. We hope to inform public policy development, with
       contributions based on evidence and our expertise, working in a       The Profession is an Investor in People. We are committed to
       collaborative approach with Government and other stakeholders.        supporting the learning and development needs of our
                                                                             employees and we offer a competitive range of benefits and
       The Role                                                              flexible working arrangements. Our offices are based in London,
                                                                             Oxford and Edinburgh.
       To support an increased focus on public affairs, the Profession is
       looking to recruit a Policy Manager who will be a key member of an    To apply, or to discuss this further, please contact Miranda on
       expanded public affairs executive team. In this newly created role,   0207 337 8815 or email
       the job holder will provide dedicated support to the Profession’s
       members in this area by monitoring key policy areas and               The closing date for applications is Wednesday 18th May.
       contributing to the development of the Profession’s public
       statements and consultation responses, ensuring that they are
                                                                                                             High Finance Group is working in partnership with The Actuarial
       based on research, clear analysis and cogent arguments.                      High Finance Group Profession for this role. Any CV’s sent directly to The Actuarial
                                                                                    Specialist Recruiters    Profession will be forwarded to HFG for initial assessment.

     Tesco Bank – General Insurance
     Head of Finance and Actuarial
     Attractive compensation package

     This is an important new position , for a highly qualified Actuary– this role will sit within the Bank Finance
     function. The individual should be an established reserving actuary within a General Insurance business, with
     strong first hand experience of UK personal lines insurance markets. The successful individual will play a key
     role in the management of the Bank’s insurance business working closely with the Bank’s commercial team to
     ensure the successful performance of this business.

     A keen business acumen able to influence others and convey all aspects of financial risk management this
     individual will also play a key role in the short and long term planning for the business and, working with
     underwriting partners, will support the process to optimise the use of the Bank’s capital in this business.

     A strong character with proven leadership skills, consultative approach, able to challenge, probe and analyse.

                     Replies please to quoting reference 1S13

54    May 2011                                                                                                                                  
                              Latest jobs from The Actuary are now on Twitter

                                              A name you can trust
                                              Pensions Investment                                                Non-Life
                                              ALM Actuary, Investment Bank                                       Senior Actuary, Provider
                                              London £Negotiable                                                 South East to £80,000
                                              Ref: 4605064                                                       Ref: 4480945
                                              Our client’s prestigious ALM team provides cutting-edge            This is your opportunity to shine in a small team and
                                              LDI solutions to a European client base. This is an                help to grow the department. You will need a diverse
                                              ideal role for an ambitious FIA/FFA, and requires                  actuarial background, including pricing, reserving and
                                              either investment knowledge or hands-on ALM skills.                team-management experience, along with the gravitas
                                              You’ll need to be prepared to roll your sleeves up on the          to support the Chief Actuary in running the department.
                                              model building.                                                    t: 020 7220 4774
                                              t: 020 7220 4774                                                   e:
                                                                                                                 General Insurance
                                              Contract                                                           Reserving Actuary, Lloyds Syndicate
                                              UK-Wide Vacancies                                                  London to £130,000
                                              Ref: 4577546                                                       Ref: 4603914
                                              GI Capital roles, Wales, 6+ months, daily rate flexible.            Our client, who deals with marine, non-marine and
                                              You must have GI experience.                                       aviation, is seeking an FIA/FFA, with previous Lloyds
                                              Prophet Developer/Coder, Bristol, 6-month contract,                reserving experience, from a consultancy or syndicate
                                              up to £1,000 per day. You must have relevant experience.           environment. This international organisation is based in the
                                              t: 020 7220 4774                                                   heart of the City.
                                              e:                                    t: 020 7220 4774

                                              Reed Specialist Recruitment Ltd is an employment agency and employment business.


        ALM Actuary – Investment Bank, London                                                  Internal Model Actuary – Solvency II, London
        £Excellent plus Bonus                                  Ref: MJB48050                   Up to £1200/day (12-month contract)                        Ref: MP8046
        A top tier investment bank is looking for a nearly / newly qualified                    This is an opportunity to shape and develop the delivery of the
        actuary to join the ALM team. Key duties will include building                         actuarial aspects of my client’s Solvency II Project, implementing the
        top down liability models particularly in the pensions and life                        internal model and standard formula capability across its European
        insurance fields, with a focus on liability linkage to capital markets                  insurance operations. Suitable candidates must have Solvency II
        variables. This team is a client facing group who also interact with                   and internal model experience as well as capital modelling skills.
        many parts of the bank. Candidates will need very strong ALM                           Exposure to MCEV and ICA would be beneficial and any knowledge
        and programming skills including VBA and Matlab or similar.                            of variable annuities would be extremely advantageous.
        E: T: +44 (0)20 7324 0505                               E: T: +44 (0)20 7019 8842

        International Pensions Consultant, London                                              Project Actuary, Edinburgh or Glasgow
        £35,000 - £45,000                                          Ref: JT43194                £Competitive                                           Ref: MP21449
        This ‘Big 3’ consultancy is recruiting for an actuarial student                        This award-winning mutual is looking for a qualified Projects
        to provide consulting services to multinational companies on                           Actuary to join its Edinburgh or Glasgow office. You will take a
        international pensions and benefit programs. The work will                              lead role on proposition developments, assessing the commercial
        include international accounting, benefit audits, M&A work and                          aspect of ideas with a view to enhancing the profitability and
        managing international retirement plans. The position will suit                        other key drivers of the business. You will also provide actuarial
        someone who is currently specialising in UK pensions consulting                        advice to other areas, ultimately making key business decisions.
        but who would like to do something different. You will have                            Applicants should have strong communication skills and a wider
        experience of communicating directly with clients, and being                           commercial understanding. A Life background is advantageous
        fluent in a second language would be an advantage.                                      and reinsurance and Prophet exposure are beneficial.
        E: T: +44 (0)20 7019 8861                               E: T: +44 (0)20 7019 8842

           Please contact us on 020 7336 7711 or visit
           Goodman Masson is an equal opportunities employer. Goodman Masson offers the services of an agency for permanent work and an employment business for temporary work.                                                                                                                                           May 2011    55
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                         iWorks Prophet are recruiting actuaries like you
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                            or its subsidiaries in the U.S. and other countries. All other trade names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respected holders.

       AVP - P&C Actuary (Bermuda)
       (Recently Qualified or Part Qualified)

     Up to $175,000 tax free salary + full benefits package                                                             Insurance

     Our client is a BERMUDA based, Class 4 multi-line reinsurance company writing a global book of insurance and reinsurance business.
     In order to support continued growth our client seeks applicants for the position of Assistant Vice President, Actuary. Working within
     the Actuarial department (mainly on individual account pricing and quarterly reinsurance company reserving work) this is a dynamic
     opportunity to work in a truly collegiate environment within a successful reinsurance operation. The role will report to the senior Actuary.

     Our Client utilises all the latest available technology and recent global catastrophes have demonstrated how well the team of
     underwriting, actuarial and risk experts have worked together, with results showing they have outperformed many of their peers. The
     successful candidate will need at least 5 years experience working in a property/casualty reinsurance company, preferably in individual
     account pricing and with exposure to lines of business, such as Property Catastrophe and Marine & Energy.

     Other requirements include having an undergraduate or graduate degree in Mathematics or Statistics and successful completion of at
     least 5 CAS exams (or a similar exam level in a recognized actuarial professional body such as the Institute of Actuaries) with a strong
     commitment towards attaining the Fellowship qualification. A working knowledge and some experience of property catastrophe
     modeling software (such as AIR and RMS) is also required.

     If you are interested to review the full job description or would like to confidentially discuss this opportunity, please
     contact Colum Lovett at enclosing your latest cv and covering letter.

56      May 2011                                                                                                                                              
                                                      High Finance Group is a specialist consultancy, providing Finance, Actuarial, Audit, Risk
                                                      Management, Compliance and IT Recruitment solutions to major Insurers and Asset Managers,
          High Finance Group                          professional services firms and SMEs. We aim to provide a market leading recruitment service,
          Specialist Recruiters
                                                      bridging the gap between large agencies and executive search.

 Commercial Actuary                                        Life              Insurance Risk Manager                                  Life
 Salary: £90k + Bonus + Profit Share                                         Salary: £75k - £95k + Bonus + Benefits
 Location: South West                                                        Location: London
 A fantastic opportunity has arisen for a Life Actuary to be the             Great opportunity to move from a traditional Actuarial role into a Risk
 Commercial lead for this high profile global insurer. Managing a team       based role. Join the European Risk team of this global insurer in their
 of Actuaries & product specialists you will take ownership from the         London headquarters. Working with the Head of Insurance Risk, the
 start, liaising with teams across Europe to deliver profitability on a      role requires a qualified Actuary with an understanding of Life
 range of Life Assurance products. This role will offer long term career     Insurance risk, looking to transition their economic capital and/or
 progression, clear visibility with senior decision makers in the Group      financial reporting background into managing & embedding the risk
 and shape the proposition going forward. CB7591                             framework for their European operations. CB7565

 Business Start Up Actuary                               Life                Pricing Manager                                         Life
 Salary: £60k - £85k + Bonus + Benefits                                      Salary: £55k - £85k + Bonus + Benefits
 Location: London                                                            Location: Londond or South West
 Opportunity to join a financial services firm providing innovative          A fantastic role within the International Wealth Management division
 capital markets and insurance / reinsurance de-risking solutions.           of a leading UK based Life Insurer. You will oversee the pricing and
 You will join a growing team, working alongside market leading              development of new products, ensure products lines are market
 professionals to develop, grow and diversify the business in a highly       consistent and communicate across the proposition and business
 supportive and collegic environment. You will be nearly / newly             development teams. The right candidate will have an in depth
 qualified with a proven track record of delivery and well rounded           product knowledge as well as understanding the broader
 Actuarial experience from a Life office or consultancy. GB1611              implications of existing and future product lines. GB1612

 International Pricing Opportunity                       Life                Senior Life Reinsurance Analyst Life
 Salary: £30k - £40k + Bonus +Benefits                                       Salary: Up to £130k + Bonus + Benefits
 Location: London                                                            Location: Zurich, Switzerland
 An excellent opportunity at a leading global life insurer seeking a         In this role you will be responsible for the reporting requirements to
 dynamic part qualified student Actuary to join their product pricing        Group Finance, Global Life, Group Re Management and other
 team. The role involves planning strategic approaches to developing         Stakeholders. You will be accountable for delivery of EV, IFRS, local
 and pricing new product lines working directly with senior                  Swiss stat, and for actual closing as well as Plan/Forecast for internal
 management. You will be offered responsibility quickly, and be              Life re’s. This is a challenging position for a senior Life Actuary
 expected to use your own initiative. JE1002                                 looking to enhance their international career. DB6416

 Contract Role                                            Life               Switch to Life
 Salary: Up to £1250 per day                                                 Salary: £35k - £65k + Bonus + Benefits
 Location: South Coast                                                       Location: UK Wide
 A great opportunity to lead the development of the Internal Model for       Looking to move in to Life Insurance? A number of opportunities have
 S2 at this leading insurer. This is a high level role, with significant     arisen for trainee and qualified Pensions Actuaries within leading
 leadership and people management exposure. You will drive the               insurers across the UK. Roles include risk management, reserving,
 project from start to finish; coordinating, designing, and providing        financial reporting and modelling. You will be able to demonstrate
 advice on the model development. You must be a qualified Actuary            good understanding of the issues facing the Life Insurance industry
 with significant S2 experience and a proven record in this area. RP101      and commitment to retraining in this area. MW5592

 Pensions Buyout                                         Pensions            Pensions Consulting                                      Pensions
 Salary: £45k - £70k + Bonus + Benefits                                      Salary: £40k - £60k + Bonus + Benefits
 Location: UK Wide                                                           Location: London
 This global organisation is seeking nearly / newly qualified Pensions       This highly regarded global consultancy requires forward-thinking,
 Actuaries to join their Pensions Buyout practice. You will play an          commercially focused, part-qualified Pensions Consultants. You will
 active role, creating effective and tailored de-risking solutions. This     benefit from their exceptional client base, gain exposure to a broad
 is a client facing role, working in a non-traditional area of Pensions      range of projects from audit support to innovative de-risking
 providing exposure to investment and insurance markets. MW1658              solutions and expereince multi-disciplinary assignments. MW1659

Life                                                                        Pensions                               Contract
Clare Bethell: 020 7337 8829                Miranda Wilkinson: 020 7337 8815       Rupa Pithiya: 020 7337 1200
Graeme Braidwood: 020 7337 8820     
Jack Eccles: 020 7337 1207

 Actuarial l Finance l Risk l Audit l Compliance l IT l Strategy & Consulting l Solvency II l Claims & Underwriting

020 7337 8800                                   
More jobs online at

                                                                     MOVING FORWARD
                                                                     Head of Group Capital Management
                                                                     £competitive | Bournemouth
                                                                     As the UK’s largest friendly society, with more than 2.5 million customers and
                                                                     a 4,500 strong team, we have ambitious plans for the future and we’re now
                                                                     looking for the sharpest of minds to help us build on our success.
                                                                     In this senior role, you’ll work alongside the Chief Actuary and Group Financial
                                                                     Director on Capital Management and enjoy excellent opportunities to
                                                                     consolidate your expertise and influence change. Leading a team of Actuaries,
                                                                     your particular focus will be to inform effective and efficient decision making
                                                                     regarding the management and optimisation of the Group’s capital. A Fellow of
                                                                     the UK Institute or Faculty of Actuaries, you’ll bring a thorough understanding
                                                                     of in force and prospective financial risks and a good understanding of relevant,
                                                                     leading-edge industry practice. A holder of or eligible to hold Life Practise
                                                                     Certificate (including With Profits), you’ll also bring the soft skills essential to
                                                                     drive change positively.
     Chris, HR Change Manager

                                                                     For your chance to be part of a flourishing organisation, please visit
                                                            searching under ref: FI000113.
                                                                     Closing date: 28 May 2011.
                                                                     Here at LV= we always love to hear from great people. So, don’t
                                                                     forget to follow LV= on Twitter and become a fan on Facebook.
                                                                     LV= is an equal opportunities employer.

                                                                     INSURANCE       INVESTMENTS        RETIREMENT

                                  Fast-track your future
                                  There’s never been a better time to advance your actuarial

                                  Demand from employers is intense and the right candidates
                                  can take their pick of challenging, prestigious roles and
                                  excellent rewards.

                                  Our online jobs board,, is now carrying
                                  over hundreds actuarial vacancies across all levels and sectors,
                                  giving you a wealth of opportunities.

                                  It’s easy to search, select and apply, plus you can register for
                                  alerts to ensure you get the latest, most relevant job details.

                                  Minimum effort, maximum result. It’s time to make your move.

                                 Make your next move at:

58                              May 2011                                                                                                    

                                                              Contract - Life Insurance
Subject Matter Expert                                        Rob Bentham            Internal Model Actuary                                      Gary Rushton
London                                                           £1500/day          London                                                          £1250/day
A market leading life insurer is looking for a Solvency II expert to design and     The development and maintenance of Capital models, including:
validate the board level training materials on a 6 month contract.                  Solvency II, Standard Formula and Internal Model. 12 month contract.

Solvency II Actuary                                          Gary Rushton           Review Actuary                                              Rob Bentham
South East                                                       £1200/day          Midlands                                                        £1000/day
A number of roles are currently available within my client’s SII programme.         A closed book life insurer is looking for reporting actuaries to join their busy
SII, MCEV and Modelling exp are all of interest. 9 month contract.                  Review team for 6-12 month contracts.

Peak 2 Actuary                                               Rob Bentham            Methodology Actuary                                               Ik Onyiah
South West                                                       £1000/day          South West                                                      £1000/day
Our client is looking for a qualified actuary for an initial 6 month contract, to   You will be tasked with developing and proposing methodology for
work on their Peak 2 valuations project.                                            Solvency II technical provision and capital calculations – 6 month contract.

Reporting Actuary                                            Rob Bentham            Documentation Actuary                                             Ik Onyiah
South West                                                       £1000/day          South East                                                        £900/day
A major life insurer is looking for reporting actuaries to join their busy          Our client is seeking an actuary with Solvency II documentation experience
Solvency II programme for 6-12 month contracts.                                     to work within the IMAP workstream - 6 month contract.

Solvency II Technical Author                                       Ik Onyiah        Annuities Reporting Actuary                                 Gary Rushton
Edinburgh                                                          £850/day         South East                                                        £850/day
Technical Author in our client’s Modelling Methods workstream, producing            An outstanding 12 month contract opportunity to lead the financial
high quality, technically complex modelling methodology docs – 6 months             management of a deferred annuities business for a leading UK Life Insurer.

Prophet Developers                                           Gary Rushton           Actuarial Contractor (ALS)                                        Ik Onyiah
South East                                                        £800/day          South West                                                        £800/day
My client is seeking experienced Prophet developers to deliver changes to           You will support the work of the methodology workstream of the Solvency II
the existing stochastic Prophet models for Solvency II requirements.                project within the Life & Pensions business. Must have DFA/ALS experience.

                                                          Contract - General Insurance

Capital Actuary                                            Stewart Cherry           Solvency II Actuary                                       Stewart Cherry
London                                                             £900/day         London                                                            £900/day
An international London Market insurer is looking for a Capital Actuary (2-5        London Market insurer seeks a Solvency II actuary (nearly or recently
years PQE) to undertake a 9 month contract.                                         qualified). Must have up to date SII exp. 9 month contract.

Reserving Actuary                                          Stewart Cherry                 i     d ll
                                                                                    Remetrica Modeller                                        S
                                                                                                                                              Stewart Ch
London                                                             £800/day         London                                                            £800/day
My client, a leading Lloyd’s Market insurer, is currently looking for an experi-    Experienced Remetrica capital modelling actuary required for a 9 month
enced reserving actuary for an initial 6 month contract.                            contract focusing on the internal model development for SII.

Syndicate Actuary                                          Stewart Cherry           Pricing Actuary                                           Stewart Cherry
London                                                             £700/day         London                                                            £650/day
Part/fully qualified actuary required for a 6 month contract with a broad           Commercial/personal lines pricing actuary required for a 6 month contract
range of experience in Pricing, Reserving and Capital.                              working within the Lloyd’s Market.

                        Contact                                                                            Contact
Gary Rushton                                               0207 310 8793            Stewart Cherry                                            0207 310 8651                                             
Ik Onyiah                                                  0207 310 8785            Rob Bentham                                                0207 649 9351                                                
“, integrity and a long term perspective.”
More jobs online at

          MAKE A
           Continental European Pricing Actuary,                             Manager/Senior Manager, London
           Paris/London                                                      £60,000-£95,000 + car allowance + benefits
           To £150,000 + bonus + benefits
                                                                             An excellent opportunity has arisen for an experienced life
           One of the top five global insurers is looking to appoint a        actuary to support the implementation and delivery of this
           qualified pricing actuary. Reporting to the European head          company’s European risk strategy. Reporting to the head
           of insurance, you will assist in managing insurance pricing       of ERM as part of the recently restructured European risk
           across these businesses. You will provide actuarial pricing       function, you will provide second-line support and challenge
           support to the property and casualty underwriters including       the first-line financial and actuarial functions as well as
           commercial casualty, financial lines, property and marine          offering technical support and guidance to the risk functions
           business, as well as assisting the president of continental       in the local markets. No previous ERM experience is required,
           Europe in actuarial pricing. European CE P&C is one of four       although knowledge of ERM principles and practice is
           main divisions of the European group together with UKI,           advantageous. Ref: 1393110
           P&C, accident and health and global markets. Ref: 1393439 or 020 7481 9984
  or 020 7481 9984
                                                                             Manager/Senior Manager, London
           Actuary Client Team Leader, London                                £60,000-£95,000 + car allowance + benefits
           £80,000-£100,000 + car allowance + bonus
                                                                             Reporting to the head of insurance risk, you will assist in
           Based in the City, this top 25 insurer is looking to appoint      managing insurance risks across the European businesses.
           an actuarial client team leader to work within its property       This function operates as a second line of defence with the
           division. The incumbent will manage a team of four                region exposed to a wide range of insurance risks from
           actuaries, lead the quarterly reserving, process the analysis     life business, including persistency, mortality, morbidity, GI
           statistics and write reports. There will be a strong emphasis     claims, reinsurance, product development, product pricing
           on engaging portfolio managers, underwriters and claims           and unit pricing. This global insurer is therefore seeking a life
           staff. Development and dissemination of performance               actuary, with experience in a variety of insurance functions
           statistics and the analysis of trends will be key to the role.    coupled with an understanding of life insurance risk and its
           Ref:138547                                                        management. Ref: 1393113
  or 020 7481 9984                   or 020 7481 9984

           For further information or to apply for any of these vacancies,
           visit and enter the relevant job reference number.


62   May 2011                                                                                                                
                                                                                                             T:        020 8420 1818

                             Actual Search
                                        SEEKING THE             EXCEPTIONAL

Fed up with consultancy?                                                             Pricing Wealth Management Products
London                                                  £65-150K + exc bens          S West / Surrey / Hants / Wilts                                £50-90K + bens
Life & GI solvency roles for nearly & qual actuaries at this prominent,              New opportunity for a talented pricing or product development actuary with strong
influential firm. Conduct technical risk assessments, advise teams, analyse          modelling skills. Manage a small motivated pricing team and price an international
data, direct future solvency policy. Capital or reserving / reporting skills         range of products. Suit nearly/newly qualified life actuaries with good organisation
needed. Suit consultants seeking shorter hours & better life style. Ref:1401         & planning skills keen to step into management. Ref:1407

Pensions – South Midlands                                                            Exams behind you!
Warks / Worcs                                              £30-85K + bonus           City                                                                     £40-55K
Part & newly qual pensions roles available in a small team of highly respected       Corporate position with this successful life reinsurer. Varied role - experience
consultants. Varied duties. Technical & advisory work with direct client             analysis, developing Terms of Trade for all lines of business, support a variety
contact. Corporate and trustee clients. Exposure to investment issues. Great         of research & development projects & assist pricing team to deliver quotes.
working environment in friendly & hospitable team. Min 2 yrs exp. Ref:1402           Suit part qualified life actuary with pricing/valuations & good Excel. Ref:1408

Life Pricing                                                                         Senior Life Actuary
Middx / Berks                                                          £30-50K       London                                                       £75-100K + bens
P/q students with life skills needed for this global, award winning insurer          Ideal role for well organised life actuary to be an expert resource in the Pricing
based near London. Duties inc pricing, product development, profitability            Analytics team. Wide scope for personal autonomy whilst performing complex
analysis & some reinsurance work. Terrific career opportunity with future            analysis leading to pricing recommendations. Drive key developments from
option to rotate depts. Min 1 yrs exp. needed in any life discipline. Ref:1403       design to implementation, oversee & develop others. Ref:1409

Reserving with Solvency II                                                           Actuarial Analyst – Pricing
London                                                     £50-85K + bonus           Southern Home Counties                                     £30-45K + benefits
Renowned for creative solutions this global property & casualty insurer              Do you have advanced Excel skills with either a valuations, pricing or product
continues to expand by employing the best in the sector. Their solvency &            development background? This niche insurer with strong customer ethos
reserving teams need dedicated & experienced non life candidates with either         offers training & good career prospects to part qual actuaries with 2 yrs+ exp
personal or commercial lines exp. Exam progress not essential. Ref:1404              wanting high quality support to advance their careers. Ref:1410

Dull It Isn’t                                                                        Life Actuary, Developing Markets
London                                                              £Excellent       Channel Islands                                                       £Excellent
Roles at all levels with prestigious & award winning international life              Newly created role at this international financial services company expanding
consultancy. Projects vary from valuation & reporting to capital & solvency II       into new markets. They seek a qualified actuary with life reporting experience
and from pricing & profitability to asset & liability modelling. Meet your clients   looking for increased responsibility. Initiate changes to reporting processes in
& solve their problems. Learn new skills. Dull it isn’t. Ref:1405                    reserving, MCEV & capital assessment. Ref:1411

Challenging Reinsurance                                                              Systems / IT - Solvency 2
London                                                     £55-120K + bens           London, South East                                        £45-100K + benefits
Develop your business risk skills with this innovative & client focused              Exciting prospects at this successful expanding life assurance co. for part quals &
reinsurance firm. Dynamic, exciting & varied role at the cutting edge of deal        qualified's to work on a mix of systems design, tools, regulatory requirements,
making. Solve complex actuarial problems & liaise with clients & brokers alike.      valuations & pricing functions. Fast-moving role with a dynamic team that
GI skills in pricing, reserving or capital modelling needed. Ref:1406                manages pricing engines, reporting engines & end-to-end processes. Great
                                                                                     variety of work with new platforms to be developed. Ref:1412

         To apply for any of these vacancies please phone 020 8420 1818, and speak to Peter or Norma
                  or apply online at or email

             w w w. a c t u a l s e a r c h . c o . u k                           
The Actuarial Recruitment Company

 Consultant                                                  Life           Actuarial Head                                              Life
 UK Choice                                      to £80K + benefits          London                                        To £150K + Benefits
 A different and exciting role exists for qualified and part qualified      An excellent opportunity to join a large life / non life insurer in a
 actuaries who are interested in working in a consultancy capacity on       Solvency II related role. Ideally you will have some experience
 S2 finance transformation assignments with major life and pensions         across both non life and life sectors with some significant years
 providers in the UK. You will have a background in the life insurance      post qualification experience. This role will span both areas of the
 sector and be looking for a role that is less to do with traditional       business and drive the implementation of Solvency II requirements
 technical actuarial work and more to do with business actuarial            and planning. Excellent communication skills and senior management
 process change. Ref: ARC25360                                              experience required. Ref: ARC25365

 Solutions Consultant                                             Life      Actuary                                                    Life
 South                                                        to £60K       London                              £Significant Base + Benefits
 This is an opportunity to join a leading actuarial solutions provider      A different opportunity for a life actuary to join a small actuarial
 who deals with a large variety of insurance providers. It will suit part   team in this established financial services provider. The successful
 qualified candidates or candidates who have stopped the exams and          candidate will report to the Chief Actuary with delivery responsibility
 have good experience of Prophet project work. Retraining may also          for all aspects of valuation, EV and capital modelling from ICA
 be possible for candidates of the right quality who are interested         through to Solvency II. Good technical skills gained within the life
 in client facing assignments. Good communication skills required.          sector is a requirement together with strong communication skills.
 Ref: ARC25364                                                              Ref: ARC25363

 Senior Manager                                             Life            Actuarial Analyst                                            Life
 London                                       to £150K + Benefits           Midlands                                        to £50K + Benefits
 This is a senior level consulting role in a major global consultancy.      Excellent opportunities exist for part qualified actuaries with strong
 You will help win new business through marketing and sales activities      technical actuarial, analytical and software skills. Varied work on
 and also be involved in leading the delivery of subsequent client life     financial investigations and reporting projects including Solvency II, as
 actuarial consultancy projects. You will have excellent communication      well as interaction with the actuarial managers playing a key part in the
 skills, a strong commercial focus as well as technical experience in the   review of results and development of processes. Existing knowledge
 capital, risk and governance fields. Ref: ARC25366                         of life insurance products would be an advantage but good candidates
                                                                            from other disciplines will be considered. Ref: ARC25362

 Capital Actuary                                             Life           Contract                                                      Life
 South                                          to £100K Package            Various                                   Significant £££ per day
 This is a role for a qualified Actuary to lead the Capital Management      There are opportunities for part qualified and qualified actuaries with
 team of a global insurer. The successful candidate will have a strong      experience in any of financial reporting, capital assessment, financial
 technical background particularly in the area of ICA work but will also    modelling and all aspects of product development and pricing
 demonstrate managerial ability and be comfortable in dealing at senior     methodology for life products. Initial 3 / 6 month contracts are available
 management levels. This represents an excellent career opportunity         and experience of actuarial modelling software may be an advantage.
 and an excellent overall package is on offer for a suitable applicant.     Part qualified candidates who have stopped exams will be considered
 Ref: ARC25361                                                              and very competitive daily rates are offered. Ref: ARCCON

Call us anytime including evenings and weekends on 020 7717 9705 or
                                                                                   A fresh approach

Global opportunities and trusted advice from experienced actuaries

 Head of Actuarial                 General Insurance                         Chief Pricing Actuary                              General Insurance
 London            Circa £150K, high bonus potential                         London                                                 Circa £180K
 An established London Market operation writing multiple lines of             Managing an international team of actuaries with responsibility across a
 business is looking for an experienced actuary to play a key part in         significant property and casualty book of business, this role will involve
 managing and in the continuing development of the business. The              implementation of pricing methodologies, validation of rating models,
 role would involve leading an actuarial team across pricing, reserving       monitoring rate changes, profit tracking, business planning and support
 and capital modelling functions as well as involvement in the business       for wider strategies across the business. Proven management ability and
 planning and implementation of the Solvency II programme. First class        significant previous pricing experience will be required. Some travel
 management and communication skills will be needed. Ref: ARC25242            with the role will be expected. Ref: ARC25342

 Pricing Actuary                                General Insurance            Reinsurance Analyst                                General Insurance
 London                                               Circa £80K             London                                                   Circa £65K
 Working for this international (re)insurance business this role will         Working for the head of reinsurance pricing of this London Market
 work on the insurance side supporting underwriters in pricing                company, this position for a senior student or nearly qualified actuary will
 individual accounts, development of pricing tools, portfolio analysis,       have responsibility across the international casualty book of business.
 business planning, improving the pricing process, and working with           The role will involve case pricing of business as well as development
 reserving and capital actuaries to supply relevant information and           and maintenance of pricing tools. Close interaction with underwriters
 parameterisation. Familiarity with financial and professional lines and      and management of workflows will be expected. Those without
 political risk insurance an advantage. Ref: ARC25320                         previous pricing experience will be considered. Ref: ARC25341

                                                                                                                                                             The Actuarial Recruitment Company is an employment agency
 Risk Analyst                              General Insurance                 Actuarial Analyst                                  General Insurance
 London                            To £70K plus good benefits                London                                                   circa £50K
 This specialist P&C (re)insurer is looking for a self motivated student      This varied role within the small London based actuarial team of a
 with London Market or commercial lines experience to build, maintain,        large international insurance group will have an initial focus on the
 modify and document portfolio risk models. Also develop tools for            reserving, developing and improving the quarterly process, but the
 monitoring risk accumulations, modelling of outwards reinsurance             role will soon have a wider scope to be involved in pricing and capital
 programs and development of stress and scenario testing. Excellent           work. Ideally candidates will have previous reserving experience from
 communication skills and an innovative and pragmatic approach to             a company or consulting background. Excellent IT skills are important
 problem solving required. Ref: ARC25260                                      and knowledge of ResQ and Igloo is desirable. Ref: ARC25340

 Class Actuary                                  General Insurance            Contractors                                     General Insurance
 London                                               circa £85K             London                                      £500 - £1,200 per day
 This mixed pricing and reserving position will provide actuarial             New contract roles are coming through constantly and we
 support across a number of casualty product lines. Working for this          currently have positions from 3mth to 12mths in all areas of the
 major London Market business the role will have significant career           capital, pricing and reserving. Ref: ARCContractors
 potential within the operations in London as well as abroad. A
 proactive individual is required with very strong interpersonal skills
 and good technical ability. Ref: ARC

GI                                                              Andy Clark BSc FIA                 0781 333 7891      
Life, Pensions, Investment and Graduate                         Chris Cannon BA                    0771 122 8449      
All other enquiries                                             Roger Massey BSc MBA FIA           0781 398 9016     

                                                                General Insurance - UK

Head of Pricing                                                   Rick Davis       Head of Actuarial                                    Paul Francis
London                                      £180,000 + Bonus + Bens                London                                   £180,000 + Bonus + Bens
EXCLUSIVE OPPORTUNITY - A leading London Market business requires a                London market client seeking a senior actuary to lead a small and highly
Head of Pricing to form part of the senior management team and                     experienced team. You must have excellent knowledge of building the
strategically influence all pricing policies across their business. A very high    capital model and excellent pricing knowledge. You must be a superb man
profile role in which strong technical pricing skills are essential.               manager and comfortable in a visible and highly responsible role.

Actuarial Director                                     Paul Francis                Head of Reserving                                      Rick Davis
London                                     £150,000 + Bonus + Bens                 London                                   £150,000 + Bonus + Bens
My client is seeking a senior actuarial resource to lead the development and       A unique opportunity to build and lead a new Reserving team for an
improvements of their internal and external service offerings. You must be         expanding London Market business. Working with the Group Chief Actuary,
an excellent communicator, have a broad range of technical skills, and             you will design and implement innovative new reserving solutions, lead
ideally have good knowledge of key issues in the market.                           various strategic projects with other senior managers and manage a team.

Actuarial Students                                           Ben Pitt              Senior Pricing Actuary               Jamie Howard
UK Wide                                           £Highly Competitive              London or North of England £110,000 + Bonus + Bens
As a student actuary you will have just finished the April exams and may be        Superb Pricing Manager opportunities for experienced actuaries looking for
thinking ‘what next?’. There is currently a wide variety of very interesting       responsibility of a high GWP portfolio and manage a team of actuaries. Must
opportunities for actuarial students in General Insurance, both in the             be from a general insurance background and be a qualified actuary or
London market and with top multinationals. Whether you are just starting           statistical specialist. Flexible location and great financial incentive.
your actuarial career or are nearing qualification there will be a role for you,
such as:
  Lloyds Syndicate – Pricing Actuary – up to £65,000 + bens                        Pricing Actuaries x 5                                   Jamie Howard
  Lloyds Syndicate – Reserving/Capital/Pricing - £45,000 + bens
  London Market Leader – Capital Analyst - £40,000 + bens                          South East                                 £75,000 + Bonus + Bens
  Lloyds Syndicate – Reserving & Capital (grad+) – up to £35,000                   Multinational insurance business requires a number of actuarial students
                                                                                   and qualified actuaries to work in personal lines pricing. The business is
For more information on the above or for friendly, impartial and                   currently restructuring and these exciting roles all offer responsibility,
confidential career advice, please contact Ben Pitt on the number below.           autonomy and a fantastic personal development program.

                                                      Ireland, Continental Europe & Asia

Head of European Actuarial - GI        Emma Gilbert                                Head of / Director - GI                              Phu Le-Ngoc
Zürich, Switzerland       CHF200,000 + Bonus + Bens                                Germany                                  €120,000 + Bonus + Bens
Exceptional opportunity to lead and develop an actuarial team, having              Exciting senior role that requires strong leadership and management skills.
responsibilities across Europe. This role at a Lloyd's market insurer offers       Experience in any of the following topics is highly desirable: Risk
genuine longevity in the Swiss market, overseeing both Reinsurance and             Management, Solvency II, Capital Modelling, Reserving, Economic Steering
direct commercial lines teams. Additional language skills not needed.              Principles.

Actuary - Life                                          Phu Le-Ngoc                Actuarial Analyst - Life                               Paul Cook
Germany                                      €80,000 + Bonus + Bens                Dublin                                    €75,000 + Bonus + Bens
Great opportunities for PQ or qualified actuaries in Cologne. An                   A rare opportunity for a nearly/newly qualified actuary with strong
international insurance company offers various positions for life actuaries.       reporting skills to join a global insurance company at the start of exciting
Good knowledge of at least one of the following is expected: MCEV, ALM,            growth plans. Experience of USGAAP, IFRS and Solvency II exposure
Solvency II, IFRS, Prophet and QIS. International candidates welcome.              advantageous. Excellent prospects for career development!

                 General Insurance - UK                                                                Life Insurance - UK
Rick Davis                                                0207 649 9353            Clare Nash                                              0207 649 9350                                              
Paul Francis                                              0207 649 9469            Patrick Flanagan                                       0207 649 9355                                            
Jamie Howard                                              0207 310 8725            Harriet Hall                                           0207 310 8783
Ben Pitt                                                  0207 310 8719            Paul Cook                                              0131 278 0133                                                
                                                                  Life Insurance - UK

Chief Actuary                                                   Clare Nash         Head of Financial Risk                                        Harriet Hall
City / South                               £180,000 + Bonus + Bens                 South                                     £120,000 + Bonus + Bens
Are you considering your next move? Do you want an autonomous position             This leading insurance group is looking to bolster its Group Risk function.
where you can really make things happen? My client seeks an experienced            Acting in an oversight capacity, reporting to the CRO, you will challenge
actuary to guide and mentor their expanding team. This is an exceptional           current practice and be at the forefront of framework and policy
opportunity which will really fast track your career.                              development, covering market, credit and insurance risks.

Head of Reporting Actuary                               Patrick Flanagan           Development Actuary                                           Harriet Hall
South East                                 £120,000 + Bonus + Bens                 London                                    £100,000 + Bonus + Bens
Would you enjoy leading and developing a sizeable actuarial team? Have             My client, a leading global brand, is looking for an accomplished commercial
you the interpersonal flair and management capability? If so, this unique          actuary to manage client relationships and be responsible for the
position offers a very high profile in a prestigious employer. This will lead to   development of profitable new business. An exciting career opportunity for
unlimited career opportunities with a very real work / life balance.               those looking to gain strategic input from their next role.

Commercial Actuary                                 Patrick Flanagan                Finance Actuary                                                Clare Nash
South West / M4 Corridor                     £85,000 + Bonus + Bens                London                                      £85,000 + Bonus + Bens
Are you looking for a highly commercial role with an international Life            A global player seeks a talented actuary to join their market leading team.
Insurer? A newly created role due to the growth and success of the business.       You will be qualified and enjoy working in a projects based environment.
You will lead a mid sized team and be able to be hands on when required. An        This role requires a solid technical background coupled with sound business
exciting and unique opportunity in this location.                                  acumen. Unrivalled career progression for the right individual.

Senior Corporate Actuary                                  Paul Cook                Actuarial Analyst                                     Patrick Flanagan
Scotland                                  £Excellent + Bonus + Bens                London                                      £60,000 + Bonus + Bens
My client is seeking a qualified actuary to join their life office and provide     A unique role with an entrepreneurial Life Insurer that has been growing
leadership in various projects, including Solvency II implementation. You will     exponentially year on year. The role will cover all facets of actuarial across
enjoy working in a varied role that requires financial and commercial              Reporting, Capital, Pricing, Solvency II with exposure to Risk and
awareness. Please call for further details.                                        Investments. Please apply now for immediate consideration.

                                                     Ireland, Continental Europe & Asia

Reinsurance Pricing Actuary - GI       Emma Gilbert                                Financial Reporting Actuary - Life          Paul Cook
Zürich, Switzerland       CHF150,000 + Bonus + Bens                                Dublin                        €110,000 + Bonus + Bens
Several exceptional opportunities have arisen within prestigious Reinsurers        A leading worldwide insurer requires a Financial Reporting Actuary. This is a
based in Zurich. Strong experience of Pricing or commercial lines business is      high profile position offering close interaction with the CFO and Head of
essential. These roles are a great chance to develop your skills in one of the     Actuarial. An ideal role for those wanting to play a key role in the
most sought-after areas of GI actuarial.                                           development of the corporate Actuarial function.

Team Leader Valuation - Life                           Julien Fabius               Product Manager - Life                                Julien Fabius
Brussels                                     €65,000 + Bonus + Bens                Brussels                                    €60,000 + Bonus + Bens
We are looking for a Team Leader Valuation for a life insurer in Brussels. This    Belgium’s largest life insurance group seeks an experienced Product
well respected insurer is specialized in life insurance, backed by a global plc    Manager to work within the Product Management department for the
and a real ‘challenger’ on today’s market. Technical Valuation experience          Protecting & Annuities line of business. You will report into the Product Head
required for this role.                                                            so strong technical experience and product knowledge is required.

                       International                                                      Asian Opportunities - Life / GI / Investments
Paul Cook                          +353 (0)1 685 2413                                                         Jonny Plews                                            0207 649 9467
Julien Fabius                      +32 2-88 860 51                              0207 649 9466
Emma Gilbert                       +41 (0)43 508 0509        0207 310 8782
Phu Le Ngoc                        +49 (0)89 2206 1068         0207 310 8643
    of th rces.comy, London
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