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Date: 7/1/2011
   How to Reconcile Airline Tickets,
  Hotel, Rental Car and/or Agent Fees
             on the DP-EZ
Create the DP-EZ according to FIAP-120
Direct Pay Invoices. When you reach the
Travel/Other tab follow these steps to                c. You will see the vendor name,
reconcile travel related PCard charges.                  amount, transaction date, post date
                                                          and reference number. Drag the
1. Enter Travel Information:                             scroll bar on the bottom to locate the
   a. Departure/Return date & time,                      information you are looking for.
   b. Business purpose,                               d. Cross Reference PCard monthly bank
   c. Additional information: enter the                  statement to the reference number to
      original DPI/DP-EZ number you are                  ensure you reconciling the correct
      cross referencing, this only if the                airfare/agent fee.
      airfare, hotel and/or agent fee was not         e. Once you have identified the airline
      reconciled on the original                         ticket or agent fee double click on the
      reimbursement to the traveler                      transaction to be entered in the DPEZ
2. Click on the down arrow to choose a
   payment category:                               4. The following fields will automatically be
   a. Prepaid PCard Travel - use when                 entered:
       reconciling airfare, hotel, rental car         a. Transaction date
       and agent fees                                 b. Explanation (S document #)
   b. Prepaid PCard Other - use when other            c. **DO NOT CHANGE THE S#**
       expenses were paid on the PCard, i.e.          d. Amount
       conference fee and workshop fees
   c. Prepaid Other - other expenses paid             Note: No signatures are required when
       by the dept                                    processing a zero dollar DP-EZ to
   d. Out of Pocket - expenses incurred by            reconcile the airline ticket, hotel, rental
       the traveler, i.e. taxi, parking and tips      car and/or agent fee, when no other
   e. Manual Recon - not used                         reimbursement to the traveler occurs.
   f. Travel Advance - use when the                   The DP-EZ does not need to go to the
       traveler received a travel advance             Accounting office for review.

3. Once you have selected Prepaid PCard
   Travel, click on the beige button to
   view/reconcile airfare.
   a. The Select a PCard Transaction
      Window will pop up.
   b. Search for your transactions by
      entering the first name or last name of
      the individual who purchased the
      airline ticket/agent fee. The % sign is                        ***END***
      your wild card. i.e. %Chapman.

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