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									Fremont 2121 RV Club
January 6, 2010 Meeting Minutes

Opening           The meeting was called to order at 7:35 pm by Pat McLean, the new 2010 RV Club President. Forty
                  Club members signed in as attending.

Guests/New        Sheila Spangler, Elks 2121 PER, was introduced as a prospective member. Two guests were present,
Members           Bill Coleman, current Elks 2121 ER & PER, and Don Mello.

Meeting Minutes Minutes for the December 2 meeting were read. As no errors or omissions were identified, the minutes
                were accepted as read.

Treasurer’s       Our new 2010 Treasurer, Dave Garrison, read the December report.
Report            Dec 1, 2009 Balance Forward                             $ 6,609.34
                                   Income                       $1,988.62

                                   Disbursements                   $2,568.59
                  Dec 31, 2009    New Balance                                  $ 6,029.37

                  The Treasurer’s report was accepted as read.

                  Dave also advised that the required audit (due to the change in Treasurer) was completed and the
                  books are in great condition.

Unfinished        None

New Business      Bill Coleman addressed the Club clarifying that he acts as liaison between the Elks Lodge and the RV
                  Club. He wanted to let the RV Club know that he and the House Committee will be glad to help the
                  new officers in any way.

                  President Pat McLean announced that she was checking into having dinners before our Club meetings
                  as had been done in the past. She talked with someone who may be interested in preparing dinners for
                  us again as many members come to the meetings directly from work and would like to have dinner
                  before the meeting. We would need at least 30 diners each meeting in order to support it as an
                  ongoing effort.

                  Pat also asked if members had received her email regarding this meeting. Pat advised that she had
                  called those who don’t have access to email. She reminded that any changes in email, address or rig
                  size should be made on the roster as it is routed for attendance.

2009 Outings      The December rally was our annual Christmas Party. Pat reported that the decorations were gorgeous,
                  the dinner was fantastic and everyone really enjoyed the music of DJ Gary Clark and those attending
                  danced the night away

2010 Outings      Feb 18-21, Skyline Wilderness Park, Napa, Edie & Ed Nielsen, Rally Masters E& Edie Neilsen asked
                  if there was any interested golfer who might like to take charge of setting up golf arrangements. Lots
                  of things to do, shopping, wine tasting, archery range. Ed said the RV club usually visits the Napa
                  Elks Lodge & joins their Friday night dinner. He will make reservations for those who want to go to
                  the Elks. He advised that not many have signed up for this outing, so urged all to invite others. The
                  January meeting will be the last opportunity to sign up. Pricing is $29 per night, so will be $87 for 3
                  nights plus $10 rig fee for a total of $97 and he needs to provide a headcount by 2/12. The Neilsens
                  can be reached at 797-7267 or cell 364-1609.

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Fremont 2121 RV Club
January 6, 2010 Meeting Minutes

                   March 6, Annual Elks Benefit Crab Feed at the Fremont Lodge: Pat McLean and Margaret Jean Mikel
                   are now the Co-Chairs for the 2010 Crab Feed. MJ announced tickets are ready to sell this night. The
                   tickets are $40 each. Tickets are not refundable, but can be re-sold to others. Members can buy up to
                   10 tickets (full table.) 330 tickets are available. Remaining tickets will be sold at the Elks Lodge at
                   the Friday night dinner. She won’t know how many will be available on Friday until after tonight.

                   Signup sheets were being routed around the room for helper assignments. MJ clarified that if you sign
                   up for a work assignment, you need to be here to work until that job assignment is complete. We can’t
                   afford to have people decide that they need to leave early.

                   MJ said that the pasta cook is unknown at this time. She mentioned that Dan Bega had a recipe but it
                   is not the same as Corrigan’s. Apparently, Tom Costa had the original recipe which Corrigan changed
                   a bit. Per Al Martinez, Bill Randa worked with John Corrigan to make the pasta sauce. MJ also
                   asked if anyone has lots of lemons or a lemon tree. When she asked if anyone had knowledge of how
                   the prawns were prepared, Al Martinez’s name was given.

                   MJ said that she & Pat want to have a committee with a single person in charge of each thing – tickets,
                   kitchen, cooking, pasta, raffle, etc. Then they will meet as a committee and bring information back to
                   the Club at the next meeting.

                   This is our one big function for the year and the Co-Chairs are very pleased to get help because they
                   thought they were going to have to cancel the event.

                   April, No rally established yet, but there is still time for someone to set something up

                   May, Yosemite Lakes, May 20 to 23 at 1000 Trails/Naco members are free. 20 rigs are already signed
                   up. The sign up list was not available at this meeting, but will be at the February meeting as the
                   deposit is due the next month. Food& happenings will be on a lower key than last Yosemite outing to
                   enable the attendees to get the most out of visiting Yosemite, itself.

                   June & July, 2010 are still open and available for an outing to be arranged.

                   August, Olema, August 19 to 20 needs Rally Master still, but is a little early to talk about yet.

                   September, Sugar Barge, Sept 10-12 needs Rally Master

                   December, Annual Christmas Party, Dec. 4

Did Ya Know        Per Rich Patterson: For trailer towers, if the flap gets stuck, spray it with lubricant to loosen
(new ideas,
helpful hints)     Per Al Kenney: He reminded all of his previous mention of the Driving Training Course and the high
                   occurrence of “backing up” accidents with rigs. He has a handout of standardized hand signals from
                   FMCA which he will make copies of & bring to the next meeting. This should avoid getting two
                   people helping you back up but using signals that tell you to do different things.

                   Per Jerry Janke Check your propane tank for leaks by spraying with a bottle of detergent every time
                   you fill up to avoid arriving at your destination only to find that your tank is empty due to a leak.

No Badges                  $ 1 collected,
50/50                      $59.00 won by Janet Moss

Adjourn          Meeting was adjourned at approximately 8:20

Recorded & submitted by Mary Peters, Secretary________________________________

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