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					Questions about Revelâge

1. Which Revelâge products are most beneficial to lighten acne

Acne scarring addresses the need for quick resolution of acne
inflammatory process and the need to speed up healing. Both
processes are built into Clear Advantage Acne Spot Treatment. Phyto
ingredients are used throughout the entire line for quick efficacy
without irritation. Alfalfa, dandelion, licorice, Rosa/lyceum fruit
calms redness while preventing scarring. The oral supplement
containing Zinc/vitamins/coenzyme Q10 helps tissue repair boosting
topical treatments and promote healing. For existing scars continue
with Clear Advantage Spot Treatment. Revelage Conentrated Age
Spot Minimizer will also help.

2. Can the Revelâge Day Cream be used with the RE9 Day
Cream as the Revelâge Day Cream by itself is not enough

Both Revelâge and NutriminC RE9 are compatible and can be
combined to meet every individual’s anti-aging needs. If age-spots
are a strong concern, we recommend using the Revelâge Day Cream
with SPF30 for sun protection and to prevent new age spots from
forming. If more hydration is needed, use your favorite hydrating
product underneath. Use Revelage with SPF30 last.

3. Can the Revelâge Brightening Hand Therapy be used on the
arms as well to diminish the appearance of age spots?

Yes, Revelâge brightening hand therapy can be used on the arms with
the added benefit of SPF30 protection against UV damage.
4.   How is the Concentrated Age Spot Minimizer to be used?

For best results, use the Revelâge Concentrated Age Spot Minimizer
by applying directly on age spots right after cleansing and toning. The
Age Spot Minimizer can be applied both day and night before RE9 or
Revelâge day or night creams, as an additional, concentrated treatment
for age spot concerns.

5. Do you need to be concerned about the skin becoming too

Revelâge products are formulated to address dark pigmentation spots
on the skin caused by the sun, delivering an even skin tone and a
brightened flawless complexion. The product line does not lighten
your natural skin color, but rather specifically targets melanin
concentrations created by sun damage.

6. Are the lightening affects permanent or do the products need
to be used continuously?

Melanin is the pigment responsible for dark spots on the skin, and is
most commonly a result of sun damage. Revelâge helps to break up
melanin concentrations on the skin’s surface, preventing melanin
formation underneath, and providing SPF to shield the induction of
melanin formation by the sun. Revelâge products need to be used
continuously as melanin is being formed continuously. Even after
existing age spots have been addressed by Revelâge, continued usage
is important to help prevent new spots from forming.

7.   What are the improvements in the Clear Advantage System?

The entire Clear Advantage line was formulated for quicker efficacy
without irritation. The improved formulations address all ten stages of
acne (previous product addresses only a few):
·     Sebum control
·     Comedone white/ blackhead formation
·     Inflammation
·     Infection
·     Skin peeling/dryness
·     Redness
·     Pain
·     Skin darkening
·     Skin scarring
·     Skin healing

Benzoperoxide and/or antibiotics do not provide this holistic
approach. This is why we are more effective and more beneficial.

8. What is SymWhite (the lightening ingredient Arbonne has
licensed) and why was this chosen? Why is it better than other
lightening ingredients on the market? I noticed other companies
have Symwhite (Kerase uses it as well), how is the Arbonne
formulation different?

The Arbonne difference is not the Symwhite but the synergy of
Symwhite with other ingredients acting on additional biological

This is the action of the Revelâge Complex.

While other brands use inhibition of the enzyme Tyrosinase to prevent
melanin formation; we use four other pathways:

·     Inhibition of aggregation/conjugation of melanin molecules
·     Inhibit melanin migration to skin surface

·     Dissolve melanin at skin surface

·     SPF 30 preventing future age spots

This multi-pronged approach creates a synergy that delivers better

9.   Can the spot treatment be used alone without using the other
Revelâge products and will the client still see results?

Yes, the Revelâge Concentrated Age Spot Minimizer is effective
alone. But note that melanin is continuously being produced,
especially after sun exposure. Therefore, SPF protection and sun
avoidance are key preventative measures.

This is why we recommend multiple products. The Concentrated Age
Spot Minimizer should always be applied first, followed by the
Revelâge Age Spot brightening day cream with SPF30 during the day
and Revelâge Pro Brightening night serum at night.

10. How long will it generally take using the 3 step system to see
an age spot or sun spot disappear?

Lab results show noticeable brightening/lightening in two weeks.
However, this may vary as the intensity of age spots vary. Lighter age
spots may respond more quickly to the product.

11. When will we see the 4 week trial results?

We are currently compiling and analyzing the trial data, and will share
results as soon as possible.
12. Does Arbonne have any before/after pictures available?

We have generated a series of before and after pictures through our
clinical trial studies. We are currently compiling and analyzing the
trial data, and will share before and after photos associated with the
trials as soon as possible.

13. What about the use of self-tanner with the Revelâge?

Self tanners do not involve melanin to create the appearance of darker
skin tone and therefore do not directly conflict with Revelage usage.
However, we recommend spacing usage of Revelage and self-tanners
by at least 2 hours.

14. What happens when you stop using it, do the dark spots

When age spots lighten or disappear through Revelage use, they do
not return unless further sun exposure induces more melanin
production. The Revelâge Day Cream SPF30 is recommended to
prevent new age spots from forming.

15. Is the Revelâge product line considered for all skin types?

Yes, Revelâge addresses age spot intervention for all skin types and
all ethnicities.

16. The trial studies were on an 8 week, any documentation for
long-term use?

Data beyond 8 weeks currently not available. Will share later.

17. Can you use Revelâge everyday instead of RE9 or FC5? Or is
it just a treatment?
Revelâge is a specialty treatment product assortment targeting the
specific concern of age spots and pigmentation. It should be used in
combination with other Arbonne regimen, such as RE9 or FC5.

18. What is the difference between the Acne spot treatment and
the Revelâge Spot treatment?

Clear Advantage Acne Spot Treatment calms acne inflammation,
infection, redness, and prevents and/or reduces acne scarring.

Revelâge Concentrated Age Spot Minimizer treats hyperpigmentation
(dark spots) and works to inhibit melanin formation.

One treats acne, the other addresses age spots.

19. Can cuporous skin and rosacea use the Revelâge?

Revelâge has not been tested specifically on Sensitive/Rosacea
patients. But all of our products have gone through sensitization
safety testing.

20. Does the age spot minimizer work on skin that is discolored
by a burn from a curling iron or oven rack?

Melanin formation due to trauma is more serious and occurs faster
than prolonged sun exposure (over months).

Revelâge has not been designed to address burns.

21. How does the age spot minimize reduce or lighten freckles?

Freckles are a result of hyperpigmentation due to sun exposure, and
can be reduced and lightened through Revelage use.
22. When using the brightening day cream does a client still use
Re9 day serum and lift?

Re9 and Revelâge are compatible. The specific usage regimen
depends on which area of anti-aging is of stronger concern (fine lines
vs age spots).

23. In tests how long did it take on average to see age spots

Refer to question #10.

24. What exactly is SymWhite and why did Arbonne get it from
the German company instead of formulating it on their own?

The lab from which Arbonne is obtaining SymWhite has a strong
reputation and a long history of high quality ingredients. The activity
and testing of ingredients are standardized with every batch they

Their diligence helps to ensure the quality and efficacy of our
Revelâge products.

25. Should I use both the RE9 night cream and the Revelâge night
cream? If so, in what order and why should I use both? Same with
the day cream.

The Revelâge high performance state-of-the-art product assortment
includes the Revelâge Intensive Pro Brightening Night Serum. This
product is targeted to age-spot or hyperpigmentation lightening and is
not a night cream. The RE9 night cream, which delivers more
hydration, collagen support, and diminishes the appearance of fine
lines and wrinkles, can be applied over the Revelâge Night Serum for
maximum combined anti-aging results.
26. Do we have any before and after pictures of results of

Refer to Question #12.

27. Do we clinical results that we can provide to clients?

Refer to Question #12.

Clear Advantage Questions

28. What is the difference between the old and new acne line??
Why is it "better"

Refer to Question #7

29. What are the 10 components of acne it addresses? And

Refer to Question #7

30. What is the difference between the Acne spot treatment and
the Revelâge Spot treatment?

See Question # 18

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