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					  FERC Order
   No. 1000
      Transmission Planning and Cost
            Allocation Bundle

   A New Generation Energy Product Prepared by:

      The Law Offices of Carolyn Elefant
              Washington D.C.

contact: Carolyn@carolynelefant.com, 202-297-6100
                     FERC Order No. 1000
               Transmission Planning and Cost Allocation Bundle

This bundled package contains the following:

    •   Notice of Proposed Rulemaking on Transmission Access and Cost
        Allocation (FERC RM10-23);

    •   Comments and Reply Comments filed by most participants;*

    •   FERC Order No. 1000, with hyperlinks to FERC orders, cases and

This package is intended to facilitate in house review of Order No. 1000 and
to provide a short cut for law firms assisting clients with rehearing by
aggregating the record into a single bundle.          Hyperlinks enable easy
reference to of cited judicial decisions and FERC orders. This package is an
informational tool only and does not constitute legal advice.

Instructions for Use:

    •   To optimize user experience, please open this document in Adobe
        Reader Version 9.0 or higher.

    •   This packet separates the NOPR, Final Rules, Comments and Reply
        Comments as individual folders. You may extract each of these folders
        as separate PDF documents to speed review.

    •   You must have Internet access to activate hyperlinks which connect to
        outside sites for judicial decisions (Google Scholar), statutes (Cornell
        LII) and Commission decisions (FERC website). Note: hyperlinks not
        provided for some multiple mentions; search tool is recommended
        alternative to locate earlier hyperlinked term

    •   To locate other information within the documents, use search bar in
        the upper right hand corner of the menu.

    •   Click on the bookmarks tab in the Comments or Reply Comments
        folder to view indexed listing of comments. In the NOPR and Final
        Rule document, the bookmarks tab allows navigation to each section
        of the rule.

    •   See attached screen shots for additional instructions.

  The bundle contains approximately 185 sets of comments and 32 sets of
reply comments. Some comments contained code that prevented their
incorporation in the file.
             Document appearance when opened in
             Acrobat Reader 10.1

NOPR, Final Rule,
Comments & Reply
ordered in
individual folders
which can be
                      Hyperlink opens to
                      PDF version of
                      official order at
                      FERC website

Click on the
hyperlink (most but
not all are marked)
Statutes open at
Corenll LII USC
Code (and can be
downloaded or
# of instances word
is used in
document (click on
this to find each
use of term in

              Search feature -
              searches terms in
              single document
              (as shown by
              arrow) or offers
              option of full
              portfolio search
Click on bookmark
link to displace
indexed list of
comments and
reply comments, or
to jump to separate
sections of NOPR
or Final Rule

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