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Shenzhen Seewor Technology Co., Ltd
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Company Profile
•   To overseas publishers, digital content providers, end-product distributors
    and retailers,

•   Who are we?

•   Shenzhen Seewor Technology Co., Ltd is Special Project Promoter of
    China Great Wall Computer Shenzhen Company Limited. Relying on the
    strong R&D and manufacture capabilities of China Great Wall Computer
    Shenzhen Co., Ltd, we introduce ebook reader, MID and other consumer
    electronic products to oversea customers. We believe that products like
    ebook reader, MID are more than just a hardware product, we know the
    digital content,applications and the value added service is the key.
    Therefore, we position ourselves as a Project Promoter and Manager
    among the end product manufacturer, content service providers, consumers.

•   Amazon "kindle" set off a global e-book reader boom. Great Wall started to
    pay attention to this product since middle 2008, and in 2009 launched its
    own e-book reader products. Currently, Great Wall already become the
    strategic partner of mainstream telecom operators in china, these telecom
    operators also provide e-book and other digital content service.
Company Profile
•   We know that people have a great demand in (OTM) On-The-Move
    information and customized information service, we never stop
    pursuing new technology and new product development, for we
    have our mission to provide more consumers with a better digital life.

•   An ebook reader in each hand is our expectations to the future
    digital world, in this way, we can reduce felling of trees of the earth,
    contribute to the green environment.

•   Why choose us?

•   We have a strong R&D, design, quality control, manufacturing
    strength from our strategic partnership with Great Wall. 40 excellent
    software and hardware engineers, most of them have more than 3
    years working experience in system development of Linux, Windows
    CE and other embedded systems; experienced mold designers and
    good cooperation with Taiwan-funded mould enterprise;
    professional QA, QC to control the product quality of every process
    in the production; ISO9001 and ISO14001 certified production
    systems to ensure a stable delivery and production availability.
Company Profile
•   Unlike other electronic products manufacturers, we are not selling
    products, we sell customized solution and services according to
    customer needs; We not only manufacture products, we create
    hardware and software platform which meet the needs of content
    providers and end consumers.

•   Unlike other companies who followed the trend of e-reading industry,
    many of them had been out of market competition or given up e-
    book reader project, we will adhere in e-reading industry for 30
    years or even 100 years.

•   We are willing to share the experience from our cooperation with
    Great Wall, the cooperation between Great Wall and domestic
    telecom operators in the digital reading projects, we hope to have
    extensive cooperation with overseas publishers, content providers,
    end-product distributors and retailers, and achieve win-win results.

    Chen Wang Song
                    E-ink ebook reader


ebook reader with
  5inch e-ink
  display,4 touch
                        E-ink ebook reader


ebook reader with
  5inch e-ink display
                         E-ink ebook reader


ebook reader with
  6inch e-ink display,
Full QWERT, WiFi or
                        E-ink ebook reader


ebook reader with
  6inch e-ink display
                    TFT ebook reader


ebook reader with
  7inch TFT LCD
  1080P Full HD
  HDMI output
  and OTG
                       Android Tablet


Android Tablet with
  7inch TFT LCD
  Screen, Marvell
  based device,Build
  in 3G
Thank You!
   Shenzhen Seewor Technology Co., Ltd

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