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									Perfecting The Traveler Experience Worldwide

             Cornell University
             December 2, 2008
    Cornell Univ SHIP Coverage 2008-2009
   Travel Assistance Services are available through On Call
    International to all enrolled CU SHIP members for the 2008-2009

   Additional travel assistance services have been added from the
    prior assistance vendor/program. Additional services include:
     – $1,000 return of personal effects in cases where a student is evacuated
     – $1,000 bail bond benefit by international legal representative
     – $2,500 emergency return home benefit in case of death or extended illness
       of a parent or sibling

   All enrolled CU SHIP members receive a specific travel assistance
    program Identification Card.

   Important Note: All services must be coordinated in advance with
    On Call International. A case should be opened with On Call
    International as soon as possible.                    On Call International 2
Contact Information

      For Medical/Travel Assistance
      » Call toll-free within the U.S.A./Canada: 866-525-1956
      » Call collect outside the U.S.A./Canada: 603-328-1956
      » Or email: mail@oncallinternational.com

      For Medical Benefits/Claims Information
      » Call Aetna Student Health: 877-626-2319

                                                          On Call International   3
    What We Do
   On Call International is a provider of medical and travel assistance
    services for our clients.

   Travelers call On Call International when they need help with a
    trip delay, trip interruption, medical referrals, medical assistance,
    and emergency medical transportation or other concerns/problems
    while traveling.

   As a point of contact for our partners, On Call International strives
    to provide the highest standard of commitment, courtesy, and
    empathy to each and every customer.

                                                             On Call International   4
Emergency Transportation Services
   Emergency Evacuation (transportation from an inadequate
    facility to an adequate facility)

   Medically Necessary Repatriation (transportation home
    following treatment and stabilization)

   Visit by Family Member or Friend (transportation, meals, and
    accommodations to join student hospitalized alone for 7 or more

   Return of Traveling Companion (transportation for the
    student’s traveling companion to return to departure point)

   Emergency Return Home (Transportation home in the event of
    the death or extended illness of a parent or sibling)

   Political Evacuation Assistance (transportation to the nearest
    safe location on a fee for service basis)
Medical Assistance Services
   Worldwide medical information, including required
    inoculations, health advisories, etc.
   Medical, dental, and pharmacy referrals & appointment
   Medical monitoring
   Deposits, advances, and guarantees/Facilitation of hospital
   Dispatch of physician or specialist
   Emergency prescription and medical device replacement
   Replacement of eyeglasses/corrective lenses
   Hotel Convalescence Arrangements
   Medical Insurance Assistance

                                                        On Call International   6
Repatriation of Mortal Remains
   Coordinate with the sending and receiving funeral

   Arrange shipping

   Arrange to get Traveling Companion home

   Make payment for repatriation costs

                                                    On Call International   7
Travel Assistance Services
 24 Hour emergency travel arrangements/reservation
 Emergency message forwarding
 Emergency funds assistance
 Delayed or lost luggage assistance
 Embassy and consular assistance
 Lost document assistance
 Worldwide legal assistance
 Legal and bail bonds assistance
 Credit card replacement
 Assistance with recovering lost or stolen items
 Translator and interpreter referrals
 Pre-Trip information including destination guides, weather
  information, travel restrictions, currency exchange, etc.
                                                     On Call International   8

 On Call International is the U.S. partner of the International
  Assistance Group (IAG), with member offices in more than 40
 The IAG is a global network of independent assistance companies
  specializing in the provision of world-wide medical and travel
  assistance to business and leisure travelers, expatriate workers and
  multinational companies.
 The group provides assistance through Operations Centers in key
  locations, along with hundreds of correspondent centers globally,
  ensuring that multilingual operations staff and doctors are just a
  phone call away, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
 Membership in the IAG means On Call International has access to
  a global network of regional experts, which allows us to provide
  better assistance to travelers all over the world.
                                                          On Call International   9
Capabilities-Assistance Staff
 Highly         trained multi-lingual staff
     French     Mandarin        German        Bulgarian
     Spanish    Italian         Russian       Cantonese
     Portuguese Polish          Japanese

 Staff   is recruited for foreign language capabilities
    or insurance industry experience

 Six-Week          Training Program
    Class Room    Call Monitoring Role-Play

   Promotion from within

                                                          On Call International 10
Capabilities-Medical Staff
 Medical Director
  Dr. Robert Wheeler, ER Physician

 StaffPhysicians
  Dr. Raymond Kao-ER Flight Surgeon (English,
  French, Mandarin)
  Dr. Leigh Wheeler-ER Flight Surgeon (English)
  Dr. Thomas De Boeck-ER Flight Surgeon
  (English, German, French)

                                           On Call International 11
    How We Use Our Doctors
   Medical Director reviews every inpatient and outpatient case on a
    daily basis

   Conducts telephone consultations with treating physicians in
    emergency situations and when necessary on a case by case basis

   Doctor on call provides written review of every medical report
    and “Fit to Travel” form received and includes recommendations
    for appropriate transportation arrangements

   24/7 coverage according to schedule

                                                          On Call International 12
Assistance Coordinator and Medical Staff Shifts
 On   Call Assistance Coordinators (ACs)
  – 3 12 hour shifts/2 days and one night
  – Cases are transferred to another AC at the end of each
  – For continuity, Supervisors attempt to assign the same
    cases to ACs who are working 2 consecutive days

 On   Call Medical Director & Medical Staff
  – Medical Director works 5 days per week
  – Additional Staff Physicians are on call during nights
    and weekends
  – Continuous medical staff coverage

                                                     On Call International 13

   24X7 Call Center--3 T-1 lines with redundancy--current
    capacity 30,000 inbound calls per day

   Server is Windows 2003 (latest version)

   Operating System is a Microsoft XP enabled platform

   Case Management System is a customized Microsoft
    FoxPro operating system backed SQL

   On site back-up generator

   Back-up call center 20 minutes away
                                                      On Call International 14
 Quality   Assurance

 99% System Availability
 80% Calls answered in less than 20 seconds
 2 % Abandoned call rate
 95% Satisfaction Rate for Case Handling
 Cases closed within five days
 Billing within three days of receipt of invoice

                                                   On Call International 15
On Call International Medical
 Case Handling Procedures
      Aetna Student Health
Medical Case Handling Process
  Student or representative contacts On Call for assistance
   (*please remember to call right away as all arrangements
   must be made through On Call)
 Information On Call collects during call includes:
  – Name of Insured (patient)
  – Date of Birth of patient
  – Location of patient – including phone number where
      patient can be reached
  – Treating Physician name and contact number
  – Name of any traveling companions with patient

                                                     On Call International 17
Medical Case Handling Process - Continued
 On Call International will:
  Fax or email initial paperwork to student
  Monitor patient’s medical care and progress
  Secure completed necessary paperwork
  Arrange any necessary medical consultations
  Once patient is medically cleared for travel,
    make transportation arrangements based on
    medical recommendations
  Follow up to confirm patient has arrived at
    home/home hospital safely

                                              On Call International 18
Medical Case Communication Process

 Throughout process,  On Call International
  maintains daily contact with the patient

 On Call International updates Aetna Student
  Health with notification of new case and case
  overview when closed

                                               On Call International 19
Frequently Asked Questions

      Aetna Student Health
 Q: What will happen if the student is injured or ill and
 requires hospitalization?

 A: The student should seek emergency care at the nearest
 hospital/clinic or may contact On Call International for a referral if
 needed. On Call will monitor the student’s care and will assess the
 student’s condition, treatment plans, and whether or not an
 evacuation is necessary. On Call will update the student's family,
 friends, and personal physician as appropriate. In addition, On Call
 will coordinate all insurance verifications and admission details,
 including facilitating guarantee of payment so that there is no delay
 or denial of medical treatment. On Call will evaluate the local
 facility, considering such factors as the quality of the blood supply,
 medical technology and specialties available, use of sterile equipment
 and the patient's medical requirements. If the facility is inadequate,
 On Call will coordinate an emergency medical evacuation to the
 nearest appropriate facility, handling all arrangements from one
 hospital to the next, including any medical escorts and treatment
 required during the trip. In addition, once the student is fit to travel
 home, On Call will fully manage the return.
 Q: How does On Call determine whether or not a
 facility is adequate to treat a student?

 A: This is determined on a case by case basis, depending on the
 student’s location and the type of injury or illness. The On Call
 Medical Director will review medical reports from the treating
 hospital and will arrange for a telephone consultation with the
 treating doctor if necessary. On Call may also consult with our
 local IAG affiliates in order to assess the ability of the treating
 hospital to treat the specific condition. If it is determined that the
 facility is not adequate, On Call will arrange for an evacuation to
 the nearest adequate facility.
 Q: Can the student’s parents travel to be with the
 sick/injured student?

 A: If the student is traveling alone and is hospitalized for 7 days,
 there is a benefit for On Call to arrange for family member or
 friend to travel to accompany the student. There is coverage of up
 to $2,500 for the cost of an economy class ticket as well as for
 meals and accommodations for the family member/friend.
 Q: What will happen to all of the student’s belongings
 if he/she has to leave the program due to an illness or

 A: There is a benefit of up to $1,000 to cover the shipping of the
 student’s belongings home if there is an evacuation that prevents
 the student from returning to his/her program. On Call can assist
 with coordinating the shipment.
 Q: How will On Call help the student if he/she is
 arrested or has other legal problems?
 A: On Call will connect the student with an attorney who will
 provide a complimentary initial consultation. The On Call attorney
 can also provide referrals to local affiliates that can provide
 ongoing legal advice. If the On Call attorney arranges it, On Call
 can provide up to $1,000 in bail funds for the student.

   Questions and Answers

   Thank you!

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