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									Protecting against cyber risks
        with tailored solutions
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Are your clients overlooking
their cyber liabilities

                As businesses increasingly rely on technology, their
                vulnerability to cyber risk grows. Breaches in computer
                networks can threaten the security of financial, customer,
                employee and other proprietary data. Hackers can take
                down a website and interrupt a company’s online
                operation. The wrong posting on a company’s website
                can result in copyright infringement.

                Despite the magnitude of these threats and their potential
                for significant revenue losses, far too many companies
                are overlooking their cyber liability risk.
                                                   CYBER LIABILITY SOLUTIONS         3

Statistics show that
few companies are
protecting against
cyber liabilities.
–   Only 28 percent have formal internet security policies
–   Just 35 percent provide any training to employees about internet safety
    and security
    Source: 2009 National Small Business Cyber Security study

–   42 percent of Canadian businesses were not concerned about security
    breaches – despite the fact that more and more businesses are collecting
    and holding more personal information about their customers.
    Survey by EKOS for the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada

Data breaches and
their costs are on the rise.
–   85 percent of 997 survey respondents had at least one data breach
    in the last 12 months
    2009 Annual U.S. Enterprise Encryption Trends Study

–   The average organizational cost of a data breach increased from
    $6.65 million in 2008 to $6.75 million in 2009.
–   The most expensive data breach in this year's study cost a company
    nearly $31 million to resolve.
    2009 Annual Study: Cost of a Data Breach, conducted by Poneman Institute, LLC,
    published January 2010

–   Security breaches have increased over the past year
–   One in five were estimated to have lost $41,000 in sales on average
    due to a security breach
    Survey by McAfee of 900 mid-size businesses
Technology risks are complex.
XL makes it easy to design a
cyber risk program for your client.
                 The Select Professional group of XL Insurance offers
                 flexible coverage options to help protect your clients from
                 these complex and emerging cyber liabilities. We make it
                 easy to choose protection that’s right for your client.

                 Our comprehensive insurance solutions include coverage
                 for technology companies as well as virtually any
                 commercial business that faces the potential for costly
                 losses from tech-related risks.
                                                    CYBER LIABILITY SOLUTIONS   5

                   The XL Eclipse family
                           of coverages
–   Third-Party Coverage: Technology Services, Miscellaneous Professional
    Services, Technology Products Liability, Media Content Services, Network
    Security Liability, Privacy Liability
–   First-Party Coverage: Extortion Threat, Crisis Management Expense,
    Business Interruption

–   Third-Party Coverage: Media Content Services, Network Security
    Liability, Privacy Liability
–   First-Party Coverage: Extortion Threat, Crisis Management Expense,
    Business Interruption

     _   Early Claim Resolution Incentive
     _   60 Day Period of Restoration
     _   No Hard Hammer (50/50)
     _   Regulatory Limit (Optional)
     _   Broad Policy
     _   Privacy Notification Costs (Optional)

Clients who currently enjoy the protection of XL’s MPL coverage can add
cyber coverage to their program. Coverage includes:
–   Third-Party Coverage: Media Content Services,
    Network Security Liability, Privacy Liability
–   First-Party Coverage: Extortion Threat, Crisis Management Expense,
    Business Interruption
–   Coverage enhancements available upon request
    _ Privacy Notification Costs (Optional)
    _ Regulatory Fines and Claims Expenses (Optional)
Technical solutions
tailored by technical

XL’s Select Professional team of talented, nationwide
underwriters has solid experience in the technology
industry. They understand the exposures of your client’s
business and specialize in tailoring the appropriate


XL Insurance’s history as a fundamentally strong
provider of professional liability insurance solutions
underscores our commitment to the technology
insurance market.

_   Non-admitted policies
_   $10 million limit of liability
_   Companies with more than $1 million in revenue
_   Flexibility for unique coverage solutions
_   Cyber Risk management services
_   Local claims handling
_   ‘A’ rated paper (A.M. Best)
                                                                                          CYBER LIABILITY SOLUTIONS         7

            A free service for our policyholders:
                    XL’s Cyber Response Portal
If a breach event occurs, time is of the essence. XL       _   News Center: cyber risk stories, security
offers complimentary access to our Cyber Response              and compliance blogs, security news, risk
Portal eRisk Hub , powered by NetDiligence . Tools®
                                                               management events and helpful industry links
and resources are available to help our insureds           _   Learning Center: best-practice articles, white
understand their exposures, establish a response               papers and webinars from leading technical
plan, and minimize the effects of a breach on their            and legal practitioners
business.                                                  _   Risk Management Tool: assists your client
                                                               in managing their cyber risk including a self-
FEATURES                                                       assessment and state breach notification laws
_   Incident Roadmap: includes suggested steps             _   eRisk Resources: a directory to quickly find
    to take following a network or data breach                 external resources with expertise in pre- and
    incident, free consultation with a breach coach            post-breach disciplines
    and access to a breach response team

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